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Baak Mingzhu

Born in New York and raised as a hard-working, studious youngest child of a Chinese-American family, Mingzhu's life was on course to be prosperous and full, one that would make her parents proud. Unfortunately, a once-in-a-lifetime holiday to China saw her in just the wrong place at the wrong time, walking through the wrong gate under the wrong stars and out again into a completely different world.

She returned to the 'real' world about two years ago, promptly dealt with her Fetch and settled back into her life. Fortunately it didn't mess things up too much. But now, omens have lead her to New Orleans..

Celestial Body
Date of Birth: 22nd December, year unspecified
Apparent Age: 30-ish
Occupation: Financier

Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Telluric
Court: Winter

RP Hooks

Financier: She plays with other peoples' money. Need someone to invest for you, or to find an invester for your project?
Changeling: Telluric, of the Moon. But there's nothing ethereal or flight-of-fancy about her.
New Yorker: Born and raised, time is money! Particularly her time.
Fortune Favours The...: She has a way with fortune and fate. Sometimes she can be kind. Others, less so.


Mingzhu-1.jpg Mingzhu-2.jpg Mingzhu-3.jpg Mingzhu-Mien.png

High Fashion

Black shirt and pants, colourful geometric coat
Yellow dress and black leggings
Pink pantsuit