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Michelle Madison
Date of Birth April 4, 1993
Apparent Age 27
Virtue Honest
Vice Impulsive
Occupation Photographer


Michelle is a long way from home. California has a lot to offer, but maybe that's just it. Inland life is boring - city life is too messy. From horse country to six lane freeways, Michelle found herself stuck between tradition (family farm and horses. lots of horses.) and avoiding responsibility by avidly running the streets of the city of angels. One never seemed appealing to begin with, the other was a whirlwind ride she just needed to get off of. So...Job? Quit. Friends? He's back in rehab, anways... She thinks. Car? Yeah man, with the best music. Savings? Sure, fuck it. You can always make more money. The spontaneous road trip has led her to arrive in numerous places along the way, and most very, very recently in New Orleans.

RP Hooks

Photographer - Camera at the ready! People are her favorite. But it will probably be when you're not looking.

Always a Rainbow - Everything has a flare. Her hair? Multicolored. Clothes? At least one bright, pretty piece. Everything is better with a pop of 'bright'.

Right now! - Michelle doesn't know how to plan things. Living in the moment is what she lives for. Finishing things? Well that's a different story.

Oblivious Human - They're just stories. Right?



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