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Marshall Healy
Date of Birth April 22, 1985
Apparent Age Early 30s
Needle Protector
Thread Honor
Occupation Bouncer, Strong man
Template Changeling
Seeming Ogre
Kith Gristlegrinder
Court Summer
Motley None


The man isn't from around here. Somewhere up north. From New Orleans that means almost anywhere else. Judging by the size of him, he must have done something physical in his previous life. Weightlifter? Olympic wrestler? Mob enforcer? Marshall doesn't talk about it. Suffice to say he was taken by the Fae and endured his time in Arcadia. That was six years ago. When he came out six months ago, he was damaged like the rest of the Lost. At least he had someone to adjust with, a fellow Lost he rescued on his way out. They joined the Summer court. No hiding, no running away, no fear, no denial. Sometimes you have to stand your ground.

RP Hooks

  • Lost - One of the Lost, newly arrived to New Orleans. An Ogre, which only requires a quick glance.
  • Summer Courtier - a member of the Court of Wrath
  • Big Dude - easily noticeable. Probably needs a job as a bouncer or something like that.


  • Serena - fellow escapee, friend. Bank?
  • Charity - Autumn. British.
  • Gert - uh...
  • Tony - fellow ogre and big man. Top notch conversationalist.


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