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Needle Provider
Thread Acceptance
Occupation None, currently
Template Changeling
Seeming Elemental
Kith Snowskin
Court Winter


(OOC Note - Please read this before asking me to RP. Thanks!)

A former Sweden-native, Maggie was taken fairly early into her adulthood and spirited away to what seemed like a Winter Wonderland, at first. Over the years that dream land became a nightmare, and she fled.

RP Hooks

  • Swedish: She is from Sweden, although she hasn't been home since the early 1900s. Still speaks the language, doesn't remember much of where she's from outside of that, though.</br>
  • Strange: Do strange things catch your eye? She might gain your notice.</br>
  • Maker Of 'Things': Maggie can make things. What kind of things. Little things. Not helpful, she knows, but that's the only way to explain it.

(More to come soon)


  • Jacob: Employer. Landlord. Friend? Don't know him well enough to know if he is the latter, but the seeds of friendship have been planted.
  • Ashton: Someone safe. Kind. Introducer of new experiences, including brownies.