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"I cannot imagine how the clockwork of the universe cannot exist without a clockmaker."- Voltaire

Operating Parameters

Fullname:MacKenzie Crackelpenny
Apparent Age: Early Twenties
Height: 4'8"
Hair & Eyes: Copper Red / Green
Mackley: The Fixers
Kiths: Maker & Metalflesh
Court: Autumn


MacKenzie was born and raised in Maine in the 1980's. A fairly happy kid, she helped her Uncle in his automotive shop, often sitting there as he fixed things. After a while she even was able to change out sparkplugs, change oil and various other things he taught her. Her grandfather on her mother's side, Granda Jack, has an orchard, the family would often go to on holidays. On Thanksgiving, he brought her to the cart shed and there sold her to an emisarry of the Gentry, the Prince of Tears, in trade for helping his orchard prosper.
She was cast into service of the True Fae for what felt was eternity. She tended to the boilers and mechanical steam equipment in His estate. After many years, she and several others managed to pull off a plot. She was given a potion that she placed in the Prince's bath water that brought him slumber for 13 hours. In these hours, she and several others managed to escape. Coming out of the Hedge, she landed in Macon Georgia in 2019. The world was much different, and while she recovered she worked in a Honda dealership in the service department. After a bit of research, she found her brother had moved to New Orleans. In hopes of connecting with him again, she has moved here.

RP Hooks

o Mechanic : With a wrench, some elbow grease and know-how, Mac can fix or build anything powered.
o Inventor: Mac is handy with just about every tool. Inovation is the child of creativity....or something like that. Lets build something interesting!
o Hedgespun Beast : Mac is good friends with Mr. Baxter Cogsworth, a mechanical dog that she hedgespun while wandering out Hedge side one day ..and night. He often can be seen with her, though usually under his Mask as a beagle. - ActorMask Faemount
o Ambassador : Currently the Freehold Ambassador to Mortal Affairs -...who most dont even know what Lings are. This should be interesting.
o Computers: Though recently having learned, she has a knack for getting into these things, finding them easier to listen to than she thought.
o Gardening: This is something she is truly awful at, but she does love them. So far the only thing that continues to bloom for her is a metal flower she made. It does not dissuade her from trying.
o 80's Girl: She was taken back in the 80's, but time has only been like 10 years for her. She still finds stuff from that era to be rad, catching up to the world that has changed as she has been gone.


Seraphine - True friend/Attended same 'boarding school'
Way - Furry chaos and good friend with tub from HELL
Fawn - BFF, cool bus, Dreamer
Axle - Shopmaster
Jeanie - Smart on smart with a dash of fun and tacos
Ramsey - Perfect specimen of Lupus Marijanus
Stevie - The Hidden Wolf

Kiera - Gotz tha cookieez
Brent - Bossman & sweet guy.
Chastity - Moon on the rise. Blonde intensity....and British
Charity - Kind ear and good insight....and also British
Jacob - Gent with a broken plantation....and again, British
Darrow You Believe In Magic?'
Prism - Color explosion of dexterity. Sweet girl
Wesson - The best mix of metal and gunpowder
Queenie - Mysterious Chessboard genius
Bina - Dancer Extraordinaire




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