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Full Name: Luna Yesenia Ortiz de Dominguez
Template: Atariya
Occupation: Entrepeneur
Apparent Age: Maybe 20
Hometown’’’ LA


  • Reckless

Luna is a million impulses in a doll-faced skin suit. She does as she likes in the heat of the moment, capricious and thinking mostly about her next thrill. As an adrenaline junkie and terminally bored bundle of energy with no productive place to aim it, she gets into some serious shenanigans.

  • Lucky

One of the reasons for her recklessness is, perhaps, her willingness to balance on the thread of fate. The energy of luck is a cruel mistress who gives and takes. Luna has suffered for both Lady Luck’s cruelty and fortune and despite her recklessness, tries to play the balance game.


Luna has tossed various graffiti pieces up in Los Angeles. They’re not the best because she does them illegally and in pretty precarious places. They tend to be pretty abstract shapes with bright colors with a political message like “fuck the police” or memorials to people lost to gun violence with their name. She’s yet to be caught.

  • Boosting

Luna had to flee Los Angeles after hopping in a bit too deep to the car boosting game under a false identity. She is an excellent driver with the skills to break into almost any car so you should probably watch your high-end vehicles out there. JK. Mostly.

  • Dustin
    Scary. Mysterious. Mean right hook. Nicer than he seems. Confidant?


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