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Your Duplex Is On Fire

Characters: Bishop, Charlotte, Naiche, Mingzhu as ST
Date: 2020-04-27
Summary: Some keen noses smell the acrid scent of gasoline coming from a nearby house. Investigation happens, then everything is on fire.

<OOC> Mingzhu says, "The playlist for this session is: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/03OzqumTotNVAz4Sq0eSSv?si=D5EL-VA3SyaCiiL2BuTaTA"

<OOC> Mingzhu says, "Location: https://www.google.com/maps/@29.9082566,-90.0211691,3a,75y,323.94h,74.22t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sTKw3Sla6GoaFags8zntiYg!2e0!7i16384!8i8192"

Just west of Bretchtel park is Holmes Boulevard, home to such delights as Cajunland Seafood, Double "M" pet supplies, and a Shell garage, as well as assorted homes and apartment blocks. It isn't the most affluent area, but the sun is shining - it's a little past 2pm - and the roads are quiet.

Charlotte has no shortage of things to do. Right now, though, her 'to do' list consists of exploring the city a bit. She doesn't know where anything is, and so she wanders. Wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, with a pair of light running shoes on her feet, she simply walks along with a cold drink in hand. It gets slurped from time to time as she pauses to look around, glancing down at her phone to make a mental note on the map displayed on the screen before she moves on.

When Naiche arrives on the scene, it is with little fanfare and intrest, the man is dressed down in a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt, that has seen a tad few many washings, the fabric fraying at the ends. Of course, given the current weather, he's probably off trying to make a few quick bucks.. or really, a few misbegotten gains at the expense of the local stores of course.

For now though at least, Naiche will make his way down the sidewalk, stepping along with his cheap winter boots- becuase dressing oneself is hard- not at all trying to make a scene. Not yet anyway. A quick glance aside will be given to Charlotte eventually though, an overly long look actually. No wait, he is looking at her phone.

It's a curious thing that Bishop's shown up in this area, so near Charlotte yet separate from her. After all, if she's wandering to explore the city, he could have volunteered to show her around -- yet, there she is, and there he is, the other side of the street, dealing with a store clerk in a pet shop.

"Sir, we don't sell tigerfish," the clerk explains, a thirty-something woman whose nameplate designates her as today's KAREN. She's wearing a simple employee's uniform, blouse and shorts for the heat, with a little paw-print medal on her breast.

"Alright, but what about..."

"Sir, we don't sell any meat-eating fish," she interrupts, with a tone as if she's explained this already. "Would you like a goldfish?"

"... No."

Inside the pet store, Karen tries her best. "How about a cory catfish, sir? They're really pretty." She flicks through the catalogue she has on the counter, holding up a picture of a small silvery fish with zebra-like markings . She's just trying to do her job!

Outside the store, it's still a beautiful sunny day, a car rolling past now and then, everything seems fine. It's a great day to be alive!

Except to the keen of nose; Naiche can smell something a little odd coming from the duplex he's just walking past. A whiff of.. gasoline? He's too far from the Shell for it to be from there - a moment of concentration would suggest the smell is coming from the drains of that property.

Charlotte smells nothing. Which should be shameful for a wolf, but she's not really trying to sniff things out right now. No, she's just making a point to find various landmarks, which she's entering on her smartphone. Corner store, grocery store, gas station, deli... places she's likely to return to at some point. Does she know Bishop is there? Well, if she does, she's not hanging out with him as he searches for a specific kind of fish. Everything is going well for her right now!

There is a pause as Naiche's nose twitches ever so slightly, he'll take a deep beath, pehaps standing close enough to Charlotte to overhear his wonderings- "IS that Gasoline?" He'll turn his head ever so slightly and begin very, very obviously meandering his way towards the drain nearby the property to smell. "Weird! Very unusual!" He'll mutter then aloud, glancing aside towards the assorted stores nearby, taking a whiff to see if he can detect gasoline elsewhere.. but to no avail.

"If I wanted a cat anything I'd get a cat," Bishop replies, staring down at the woman. It isn't that he's frustrated with her, of course -- for all the man naturally gravitates toward stern looks and an intimidating physical prowess, she means nothing to him. A mere prop as he stalks his preliminary pack-mate, seeing what behaviors she conspires in when she believes she's on her own. "Thanks, though. You've been a doll." He offers her a five dollar tip for her time, slams the bill on the counter, slips his wallet back into the pocket of his slightly-too-tight jeans (he's dummy thicc), and makes his way toward the shop's exit. There he'll stand on the threshold, watching some unknown man talk about things being unusual, and keeping Charlotte in his peripheral.

It is a lovely day, after all. A perfectly lovely day to soak in the sun on the sidewalk.

Karen flinches back as Bishop slaps the bill down, squeaking faintly. She doesn't take it until he walks to the door, his back to her and the shop. Well, she's not going to be the one to shoo him on out, anyway.

As Naiche mutters and those comments are heard - yes, the female werewolf can now also smell the slightly sour note of gasoline. With both of them now focused on it, it appears to be mixed with a few other scents, primarily soap and shampoo. Horribly cloying MANLY scented toiletries, probably with names like ICE DAGGER and TSUNAMI.

Straw in her mouth as she sips her drink, Charlotte turns towards Naiche as she hears him speak of gasoline. She squints a bit at him, a little bit incredulous and bobs her head towards the gas station. "Well yeah, there's a gas station right there. It SHOULD smell like gasoline." And then he's walking towards the property that's nowhere near the gas station and her head tilts curiously. Her phone is shoved into her pocket and she turns to follow him over to the drain.

Chin lifts slightly as she sniffs the air, soon catching the scent that's not actually at the gas station. "Oh. Okay, yes, that's weird. Should we like... call someone? This is a fire risk. Maybe whoever lives there had a spill and doesn't know it. Or does and is being stupid."

Naiche glances up from his spot nearby the front of the duplex to offer aloud, "What? Why? No! I mean uh, we don't even know if anything is wrong! Don't want to do a false call or nothing.." Naiche trails off then as he tries to giraffe his neck a bit to see into a window or the like as he approachs the building. "ANd if they did have a bad spill, we should totally go look at it!" He'll call out then, "Be uh, GOOD citizens!" He'll point to Bishop then, "LIke you sir, You look like a good citizen! Help us break down this door to uh.. help the people inside!" It isn't beaking and entering if someone else does the breaking right?

Once Bishop's called out by Naiche's wandering attentions, he scowls for a moment -- the jig is up, barring a profound moment of stupidity on Charlotte's end. That stern-browed look fades and the giant shrugs, lumbering forward, each step of his heavy boots thudding pavement and concrete, until he looms at the pair's side. "You're a regular good Samaritan," Bishop tells him, flashing a smile to Charlotte and reaching out to muss her hair with casual affection, as if she has not just learned she's been being stalked. "Break a door down? Yeah, sure. Whatever. Did you even check if it was locked, though?"

From the right side of the duplex, the half with the smelly drains, the group can hear an irritated male voice from one of the upstairs rooms. "God damnit, Lucy! I told you I wanted it well done!" There's a less distinct female reply, then the slam of a door.

"If someone is pouring GASOLINE down the drain, that's not exactly safe!" Charlotte gives Naiche a skeptical look, a bit surprised that he's being resistant. "Just knock on the door, for crying out loud. Maybe they just don't know there's been a spill. It could be a basement drain or something. It doesn't necessarily mean things are nefarious."

Her eyes follow Naiche's pointing and settle on Bishop. She blinks once and stares at him. This time, he gets a Look from her. Yeah, he's busted. One hand rises to bat at his hands as her already-messy hair is messed up further, and she just shakes her head. "Not yet, I haven't. And even if it was, I have... nimble fingers. Which are a lot quieter than smashing a door down." That last sentence turns the Look over to Naiche. "Seriously dude." And so she reaches over to just open the door. Assuming it's unlocked.

There is a slight lift of his shoulder then. "What? Me check a door? I mean.. I assumed it would be locked..." He trails off thn as he looks aside then to Bishop. "But our companion here seems more than ready to help us gt inside and uh..." Then hears the voices and frowns slightly. "I think someone might be having a problem with their gas.. we should go inside and warn them!" Maiche will move then to approach the door and motion aside. "After you, fiends!" Totall straighfaced.

The door is in fact unlocked! It opens into a dingy hallway with carpet that is probably older than any of the people trying to enter, and wallpaper stained with cigarette smoke and some poorly-cleaned areas where a budding child Picasso has gone to town with crayons. A stairway leads up on the left, while on the right is a closed door. At the end of the hallway the door is open, looking into an equally dingy - but clean - combination kitchen/dining room area.

Utterly irreverent in the face of Charlotte's look, Bishop flashes another broad smile and leans in to cheekily steal a kiss. "You're looking awful pretty, baby girl," he tells her, expression smug and unapologetic. "Yeah, just.. try to open it. What are you two so curious for, anyway?" The arguing couple above is heard, but discarded from the wolf's thoughts -- couples argue, some wives get beat, who knows, maybe she'll stab him with the cutlery. He rolls his broad shoulders back and steps into the duplex, staring down the walls lined with masterwork crayons. "So.. what's the plan here, you two? Sightseeing?"

"Of course I am. I'm me." Charlotte's answer comes fairly simply, and she doesn't shy away from the kiss, despite the undisguised annoyance on her features. No anger, but definite annoyance. One hand gestures over towards the drain. "Gasoline in the drain and yelling upstairs. I suggested calling the cops or something because that's a fire risk and I'd rather not see explosions in the city."

She leans over, tipping her head into the building to shout into the building. No attempt at stealth right now. Not in the middle of the day. "HEY! Why does your house smell like gas, guys?! Do you need me to call for hazmat or something?"

<OOC> Mingzhu says, "https://ibb.co/8grxvDS"

<OOC> Mingzhu says, "There's the house layout"

Naiche just blinks in response to the question then before he snaps his finger once, "Right, the authorites, could call them.. but if the explosion happens.. like now! It'll be to late.. we should uh, go get evreryone outside and check, first." He'll quickly rattle off before looking aside to Bishp again, "I mean, otherwise, yah, Isn't it like, weird to look at someones elses house? I'm a bit excited." To steal. "So let's head inside and make sure everyone is alright?"

"Who the fuck is in my house? Lucy, go get 'rid of 'em," the male voice hollars from upstairs, still irritated. There is the sound of cutlery clinking on crockery in an aggravated fashion.

A somewhat frazzled-looking Caucasian woman in her late thirties comes down the stairs, after admonishing someone, "No, you stay here baby. Play with your toys, like a good boy." She stops halfway down the stairs upon seeing three strangers, one of whom is some kind of giant, in her hallway. "I-.. uh, it's fine, uh- he's just.. been cleaning the grill," she stutters, one hand clenching the handrail tightly, clearly afraid that she's about to have her house burgled or something.

Bishop stares down at Naiche in dead silence, sullen-eyed and analytical. That stare draws on for one beat, two beats, and then..

"Christ, of all the places to burgle, you want lower class central? Come on, man. These aren't well-to-do suburbanites. Whatever you take, solid odds they can't replace it." The wolf shakes his head, giving Charlotte an exasperated look. "We've got phones, if you're worried, call it in. But I'm not--"

Then he looks at that frazzled woman, and hears her talking to what sounds like a child, and the yell of an aggravated man, and Bishop, for all his talk..

Well, Bishop leans forward and starts to walk, his expression darkened, first toward the woman and then past her. He's bee-lining the staircase. "Yeah, look, we're with social services," he lies, and he doesn't try to make it convincing. "You're not getting robbed. Talk to them."

Charlotte flashes the woman a smile. It's meant to be reassuring, but werewolves aren't the most reassuring people, even when they're trying to be non-threatening. "It's not fine if we can smell the gasoline from the street," she counters, looking at the woman steadily. When Bishop calls Naiche out for thoughts of burgling, she whips her head over to shoot the other man a disapproving look. Her voice drops, soft words spoken to him before she just shakes her head.

And then Bishop is walking past her to the stairs. And the woman. And the kid, and the man upstairs. With THAT look. Ah shit. She turns her gaze back to the woman and gestures for her to come down the stairs. "Hey, why don't you go get your kiddo and come step outside. If there's a gas leak or something that went down the drain, outside is probably safer until this gets sorted out. Really, I'm not here to rob you." And her hands lift, one still holding her drink, the other empty.

"Nope, not getting robbed at all." Naiche responds then as he moves to step inside, following along, not even responding to Bishop except with the biggest grin one can imagine! "Plan? I'm impovising, friends, improvising heroics, ya'll are just like.. terrible judges of character." Naiche responds then with a smirk as he moves along, lifting his shoulders as he steps inside. "Yup, social services, most of us are all judgemental! Not me, I'm th cool agent." He'll snicker, moving along to take a look about the house for anything odd.. or valuable.

Eyes wide as Bishop starts for the stairs, the woman - we'll call her Lucy - tries to stand her ground, resolving to stand firm. But that look on Bishop's face seems to promise violence, so she turns and dashes upstairs, grabbing her child and putting herself between the boy and anyone who might be coming upstairs along with the giant. There are just three rooms upstairs; one door open shows a mildew-damaed bathroom, another shows a tiny boxroom with a child's bed in, which is where Lucy has retreated to. Behind the child is an oily-looking shadow with cable-like limbs and a sickly green glow about it, seeming like it is toying with the boy's hair and whispering fun ideas for playtime.

The third door, also open, has an unmade double bed in, and a guy - who for now we'll call 'Guy' - sat on the end of the bed with a lap tray, just finishing his meal. His skin is blackened in places, flaking off like he's a piece of meat that has been under the grill far too long, while his short black hair is waving in an in unfelt wind, flickers and sparks dancing through it.

Guy lurches up to his feet, spilling the tray and the remains of his lunch, his expression furious as he sees someone coming into /his/ house, walking on /his/ carpet, invading /his/ peace. "HEY! GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY HOUSE!" he yells.

Downstairs, should one care to open the only closed door whilst looking for things to steal, it reveals a lounge with a beat-up sofa, a decent widescreen TV with a few dents and scratches, an X-Box and a few old games, along with a stack of matchbooks which have had all their matches pulled out and used.

Still yelling, his skin beginning to smoke and peel more, Guy leans forward to spit a spray of gasoline at this beast of a man who has so rudely broken into his home and interrupted his lunch. A thick, viscous plume of oily gasoline hits Bishop in the face, slightly off to the side of centre so only one eye gets caught in the stinging nastiness.. but now he's covered in flammable stuff.

Meanwhile, Lucy is tucking herself and her child between the kid's wardrobe and the wall, cuddling her baby and trying to calm him, while Jakey is screaming his head off.

The viscous gasoline taints Bishop's right eye, drawing a snarl from his primitive mouth, his thickened vocal chords and extended jaw making it more animalistic than normal. He stares at the highly combustible man, face twisted in a cold fury. "Spirit," he announces, and his words are in the ancient language, the First Tongue of the Shadow. "You have violated the law of Urfarah. Your vessel will be destroyed, and Siskur-Dah called upon you. I declare this."

One is not technically required to issue explicit challenges and warnings, especially when they've already been attacked, but Bishop is very much a stickler on some matters.

That doesn't mean he waits for a reply, though. The big man leaps forward, and his fluid flesh shifts, bursting in size as he becomes a monstrous black wolf the size of a Clydesdale, near breaking the doorway he comes through and leaping upon the Claimed. His teeth, dripping spit like venom, rip out chunks of spirit-meat flesh, scattering gore across the entire room.

Ugh, he tastes awful.

Naiche for his part is just going to watch with such a curious expression at htis point at the fight unfolding before him, humming softly as his hand movs to tap at his elbow. "Goodness! Never seen something like this before! Wild dog attacks.." He'll muse out even as he moves to stand by th stair's landing then, his head tilted to the side, watching with such a odd, amused expression. Better to let the wolf take the glory.

"Fuck." Charlotte can hear the chaos as it explodes. The screaming child, the angry man, and that SMELL. Now things are going really sideways. "Watch the door," she says to Naiche, giving him a sideways look and shoving her drink at him. Unless it isn't claimed, in which case, she just puts it down on the nearest surface.

And then she's running up the stairs, two at a time. Bishop is dealing with the claimed man, and the rough words cause her to glance sideways towards the scene before returning her gaze to the room. And while she can't really get specifics at the moment, there is DEFINITELY a spirit involved over here, too. Her fingers flex slightly at her sides and she crosses the room towards Lucy and the child. There WAS going to be conversation and commands, but this woman is hysterical. So instead, she just grabs Lucy by the arm to begin bodily dragging her out of the house. She's going to try to, anyway. Charlotte is not the biggest creature in the house right now.

Having spat gasoline at the big guy in his landing, Guy does _not_ expect to be pounced by a giant wolf-thing, to be bitten such that his torso is basically one big mess of innards-that-shouldn't-be-outards. His breathing is laboured, but a manic gleam in his eyes promises he's not going to go out with a fight. He whispers something hoarsely at Bishop, oil-slick blood bubbling from his lips and wounds, and just as that word reaches the wolf's ears - 'Boom!' - the body he's mauling bursts into flame, tongues of fire licking all along the double bed that they're sprawled on, the curtains, the walls.. and the wolf.

Lucy is screaming at Charlotte, resisting, afraid for herself and her boy. She tries shoving at the strange woman, kicking and flailing as much as she can while putting Jakey down and keeping him behind her.

Naiche continues to observe at the bottom of th stairs, his bones shifting, snapping and reshapping, even as he gains a bit of hair.. and his clothes seem to end up missing. Yet at the bottom of the stairs now, is instead of a man, a great big hulking beast of black and brown fur, patchy all along, staring up with a curious expression at the explosiv firing. Of course, as he looks around, he'll notice the odd urging spirit, sniffing in the air as he wonders aloud, <<Curious! Curious floating gasoline things, Where do they come from I wonder?>> He'll continu to muse, looking around, even as a battle to the death rages on upstais, still. His priorties are clearly in order... wait where is his shinies?!

The Claimed burns in a holocaust of fire, and the ignited gasoline spreads across Bishop's body. He snarls, his fur and flesh burning, his vision obscured by the flicker-dance of the fire. As his fur chars, and his skin bubbles, the immense black wolf begins to throb, his body twisting and sweling. The wolf's back becomes dense with muscle, as he rises up on his hind legs, bones breaking and extending, claws ripping their way further from the body, snout widening as teeth like butcher's knives come out. The flesh, even as it burns and breaks itself, mends in horrific fashion before one's very eyes.

Gauru. The killing form. Bishop pins down the Claimed, and with one clean bite, severs the head and makes ribbons of the meat with his claws, spitting it out upon the ground.

Of course, the gauru is still very much on fire..

Charlotte flinches a bit as she hears the sound of fire, moving her body between the door and the pair. SHE can heal from this moderately easily. She's not sure they can. The Irraka turns and grabs at Lucy's arms, trying to shake some sense into her. "LADY. YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE." She speaks loudly, shouting above the screaming if needed. "GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! NOW!" She points at the door, stepping away to give Lucy a bit of breathing room to hopefully figure out the threat on her own. Her house is literally ON FIRE.

She steps out into the landing, blinking once and pausing to turn and look at Naiche. "Can you like... not...? Right now? People...?" One hand lifts, thumb hooking over her shoulder towards the room she just vacated. "If you're gonna do that pick something a bit smaller so they can get out of the burning building." And then she's turning her gaze towards the room on fire, squinting through the worst of it and stepping around the fire as it begins to spread, looking for Bishop. Who is very hard to miss in that large form.

The house is on fire?! The house is on fire! The danger to herself and her kid has become more immediate, and Lucy finally takes action. Albeit, probably not the action that Charlotte expected. She grabs Jakey and opens the front-facing window from the kid's bedroom. There is a fire escape roll-down ladder, and she begins to try and climb out, with him in one arm. And she's managing! Just about. When was that fire ladder last checked anyway? It doesn't look like the most robust thing..

Meanwhile, the spirit abandons the child it has been urging (for now), and moves forward to coax the fire out from the master bedroom to the landing, though it gains perhaps only a foot or so of distance, only disturbing the movement of people across the landing in a small way. It mutters to itself about inconvenient wolves.

Naiche steps out of the way and aside, humming as he looks up at the cieling then and then aside to the spirit from afar, head cocked to the side, nostrils flaring then as his exprssion remains rather.. frustrated now, more insulting. <<Spirit, your presence.. is unwelcome!>> It'll exclaim aloud, <<Return, or risk the hunt.>> He'll snort then even as he glances aside to Charolotte then, just ruffling his fur.

The killing rage floods Bishop's every movement -- he snarls, snaps his jaws, his flesh burning from the gasoline fire and defying death by healing even faster. The fire burns, and new skin heals beneath, again and again -- all of it merely agitating the giant monster. The beast roars a howl, and smashes his claws down upon the burning bed, shattering the frame. The pain and the anger alike churn, and then the wolf is attacking..

The wall. Urged to attack, needing the violence, the wolf has begun to shatter the very building around him.

The Gauru is still very much on fire. But the target is dead. Well. Charlotte thinks for a moment, looking around for things NOT on fire. Options are limited upstairs, so she runs down the stairs, half-dancing past Naiche as she goes. "'scuse-me-need-to-get-something" Rapidfire words as she darts into the kitchen. It isn't hard to find a fire extinguisher in there. It's expired, and it might not work, but it's something! She grabs the device and heads back to the stairs, leaping up them two at a time again, yanking the pin out as she goes.

"We might want to make sure no one is living next door and call for emergency services!" The words are shouted back towards Naiche as she goes, still very much on task. The GAURU is on FIRE. While a bucket of cold water might be better, this is the best he's going to get on short notice, and she pulls the trigger to try and douse the flaming werewolf. Hopefully the expired extinguisher still works.

Naiche for his part, now certain people are distacted, goes about his origonal business, still in Urshul form, for some reason, nosing about, sniffing and investigating the apartment for anything of interest and note, even as the flames lick above and nearby.. and the sounds of a great big beast distract from his efforts. <<Spirits, Spiiiiris>> He'll chuff out as he walks, nosing along the edges of the the table, eyeing things for anything suspicious before eventually determining there isn't much of value or worth to take...

With some sputtering and a trickle of powder at the beginning, the fire extinguisher then comes to life! CO2 powder sprays over the burning room and the burning Gauru within it. Fortunately for both Charlotte and Bishop, the gasoline spirit has lost interest in /them/ and is more interested in making the rest of the house burn, so it continues to coax the flames out onto the landing.

The examination of the house contents by Naiche serves to confirm there isn't much of value; the x-box is outdated as are the games (I mean, who still plays FIFA 2010?!) and the kitchen equipment is basic at best.

The fire on him dies, and the respite from pain provides Bishop clarity enough to shift downward, moments before the terrible throes of the death rage take him. Human once more, and (other than ash and blood) no worse for the wear, he looks toward Charlotte and quickly drinks in the spreading flames. "We're leaving. Now."

It's an order, not a recommendation. He grabs her and begins to run. They don't have the tools to handle this situation right now -- the pair simply needs to escape, before the building burns and mortal attention is drawn en masse. Besides.. he has two mortals to track down.

"Yup." Charlotte doesn't need to be ordered out of the building. As soon as it's clear that Bishop is back to himself and NOT on fire anymore, she is perfectly happy to get the hell out of the burning house. She heads down the stairs, and out the front door. No arguing. No debate.

Stepping outside, she clears her throat and coughs a bit to get the worst of the ash and smoke out of her lungs to look around. "Well that was... fun."

As Naiche looks around the home for a bit longer.. he'll have to make a new exit- preferably by opening a window, and slipping out, dusting himself off in Hishu.. but then the victims of this horrible Arson had done all the work for him! So even as he moves to escape, he'll grab a peice of clothing, shift to Hishu and slip outside. After that, he'll soon be walking out front to look over the home then. "See? Very heroic, ya'll did a great job." Naiche offers then with a thumbs up to the pair as he chuckles. "And ya'll wanted to call th cops, clearly they wouldn't of been able to deal with that eh?" He'll muse even as he wanders off a bit, nostrils twiching as he moves, glancing up and down the street.

In the distance is the sound of a fire truck's siren.

Outside the building are some concerned neighbours who have clearly called it in - one of them damn near faints away as people come out of the burning building - covered in ash and smoke but apparently unharmed?! And one of them via the fire escape ladder!

An older woman in her sixties calls over, "Hey, who the hell are you? You ain't the Archers." She reaches for her phone, clearly to take a photo of these potential arsonists!

Back onto the street, coughing a bit from the smoke, Bishop looks to Charlotte. He grabs her by the collar and pulls her in close, growling down into her ear, "If she remembers, kill her." He then turns, gun-metal eyes burning with anger at the spirits, and gives a look to the older woman. There's a crowd around, and Bishop..

Bishop smiles, and steps forward, putting himself directly in front of the woman's phone. If she takes pictures, they will be of him. He lifts his arms. "Everyone! Please, step back. There's been some sort of gas leak, and the air might not be safe! Emergency services are on their way!" He has the natural gravitas of a man who knows he's a big shot, a deep voice, and solid body language. He was an actor, after all, a famous one.

"My friends and I heard screams, and rushed in to help. Has anyone seen Mrs. Archer and her son? Did they make it out okay?"

Charlotte squeaks a bit as she's grabbed by the collar, not entirely expecting that. She doesn't look afraid, but she does look surprised. She tilts her head, turning her ear closer to Bishop as she listens to him speak. Her nose wrinkles a little bit distastefully, but she understands, giving him a nod of acknowledgement.

While Bishop turns to deal with the crowd, she straightens out her shirt and steps away to begin looking for the woman and her son. One hand rubs at her nose, trying to banish the smell of smoke as she looks over the crowd. She steps away from the burning building, instead heading in the general direction of the neighbor's houses. Maybe she's taking shelter in there.

"Yup, I saw three folks make a run from this place out a window ovr there.." Naiche observs as he juts with his thumb behind him over his should, "Eveyrthing should be just fine.." He'll mention, even as he casually walks off, with an odd bit of fabric in toe, looking it over curiously bfore humming then, glancing back to look at Charolotte and Bishop then, pausing to consider before humming again, "Up for going off and geting a celebatoy drink for a job well done and all that? I'll buy, not everyday I get to meet a hero!"

There's some muttering, but the spectators/neighbours are pacified by Bishop's explanation. The older lady still takes a photo - of him, specifically! It's not every day you see a hero, as the other guy said.

There is no sign of Lucy or Jakey nearby, clearly they've gone further than just these couple of houses.

Bishop maintains that smile. He's got that aura of confidence that comes from rock stars, millionaires, and sex gods, bare-chestd and straddling the world. He smiles for the cameras, playing to the crowd -- demographic information always told him he had a particular appeal to a certain female age bracket -- and conversing to keep them calm and occupied. "Listen, folks," he says at the end of it, as sirens begin, sounding apologetic -- but also vulnerable, trusting, like he's letting them in on a secret. "I'm not a hero; I'm just some guy trying to do the right thing. The real heroes are all of you -- the good neighbors and citizens who knew something was wrong, and came to help. The Archers are going to need to get back on their feet after, so.. let's all give them some space, and support them when the time comes, alright?"

He winks as a camera flashes. That one's probably going to be on the news soon, swarming social media. At least he's hella photogenic.

Charlotte frowns a bit as she doesn't spot the pair. Her lips purse slightly and she breathes deeply, arms rising to fold loosely over her chest. She considers her options for a few moments before shaking her head a bit and simply heading to approach one of the neighbors that's standing around watching. "Excuse me," she starts. "Sorry to bother, but I'm wondering if you know where Mrs Archer went. Emergency services are almost here, and I'm sure they'll want her to give a statement."

When in doubt, just ask.

"Oh? Yes honey, she went over to the dance studio," the older woman with the phone tells Charlotte, pointing across the way to the building called the Dari Pennino Dance A_ademy, according to the partially missing sign on it.

It is at about this time that the fire truck rolls up, with brawny firemen doing their fire-fighting thing, taking the attention away from the three wolves. It doesn't take long before they have the deck gun pointed at the building, hosing it down from outside, while suited-up firefighters head into the building.

Naiche will make his way down the block, cross at the crosswalk, and wander along, sniffing at the clothes, and just following the scent- the sensations that his nose have him following.. all the way.. to a dance studio. If only he had thought to ask about that! Damnation! Regardless, he'll make his way out front the dance studio, still behaving rather discrently, walking along calmly, even as he moves to open the door to the dance studio..

Bishop will, at this point, slide away from the area. He's drawn enough attention, and being caught doing anything else odd would simply cast suspicion on all of them. With the spotlight split between him and the firefighters, he begins to walk down the street -- and not in the same way Naiche or Charlotte go.

Charlotte flashes the woman a smile, nodding slightly. "Thank you. I'll go let her know that emergency services are on their way and make sure she has a bit of time to breathe and compose herself," she says, stepping back and blending into the crowd of people. And then she simply turns to head towards that dance studio, footsteps moving quickly enough. She wants to go home. Quickly, and as soon as possible. "Hello again," she says to Naiche as she arrives, slipping in through the door and giving him a small smirk. "I have to ask her a question, and then you can do what you want."

The dance studio fortunately doesn't have a class running right now. A young man is on reception and he looks up as the door opens.

Naiche walks in afte Charlotte then as he flashes a slight wave of his hand then as he steps inside, "Morning, here to show my friend here around the studio, she's thinking of taking some lesosns here, we'll be right back.." Naiche will offer, and without even to bother further elaboration, walk striagh past and into the dance studio to look things over.. and find the quarry.

"Hi," Charlotte greets pleasantly enough, smiling at the man at the desk. She gives Naiche an odd sort of look at his story, thinking for a moment before just shrugging and turning to follow him. She's going to find this woman, after all. And she... COULD be a dancer. Maybe.

"I- uh, wait!" the guy calls, but doesn't follow them through, sounding confused.

The scent leads through to the changing area of the studio. Fortunately nobody is changing! Lucy and Jakey are there in a changing cubicle, hunched against the wall and cuddling her baby boy in her lap, soothing him by stroking his hair and whispering that everything will be fine.

Everything will /totally/ be fine. Except there's another of those spirits, and this time it's muttering things to Lucy. Probably not even noticing she's doing it, one of her hands has a lighter in, which she's fiddling with.

There is a soft chuckle then as he moves to approach then, "Oh thank god, I saw you running from that burning building..." Naiche observes then with a glance aside to Charlotte, "Do you know what happened? Is there anything we can do to make you feel safer? Do you need protection? Help? If you let me know what happened, maybe I can help you eh?" Naiche rattles off then, smiling softly.

Naiche seems to have this well in hand for the moment. While he speaks to Lucy, she leans gently against the wall and waits patiently. She doesn't want to crowd them, instead just letting them speak and listening for the information she seeks.

And if further action is going to be necessary.

Hearing a friendly voice offering help, Lucy bursts into ugly tears. Through sobbing gasps she manages to convey that someone broke into her house and then set it on fire and where is she gonna live and where is her husband and, and, and, WAH.

"There was an older woman.. ah uh, out front.. offering to help you and you child make it there.." Naiche then offers in consolation then, "She was all worrid about you, I am sure you can stay with her for ab it eh?" He'll trail off then before he glances then, pulling out his phone. "S-sorry.. I have to take this, I'll be right back.." And with that, he'll never come back.

Charlotte nods slowly as she listens, pursing her lips slightly. Thoughtfully. Her eyes shift between Naiche and Lucy, considering. As Naiche departs, she steps over towards the woman and crouches down. "Hey," she says quietly. "I want to let you know that emergency services have gotten here. They're going to ask you a few questions about what happened. Take the time you need to breathe and compose yourself, take a shower and drink some water. I'll let them know you're here, okay?"

Emergency services do indeed come across when Charlotte alerts them to where Lucy and Jakey are. There is a bustle of activity in which the remaining werewolf can slip away, assured that the casualties of this particular incident are being taken care of.