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You Son of a

Characters: Lilium, Peter, and Sheena
Date: 2019-12-07
Summary: Big coffee, maybe the start of a heist.
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Sitting at one end of the bar on the left, Lilium is propped on one elbow and pretending to read, while quietly sort of feeding off the competitive air of a pair of gamers, each wanting the win. Her long pale hair is in a pair of fishtail braids, one hanging down before either shoulder. Dark leggings, slouchy boots, and and oversized sweater the same color as her eyes. She has a cup of coffee half the size of her head held precariously in slender fingers.

Peter returns from the bathroom, still combing his hair into place with his fingers as he stops just outside of the room to survey it. His expensive suit seems a tad wrinkled, as if it's been worn a couple days in a row. His glossy black shoes click across the floor as he returns to Lilium's side, taking a seat at the bar. He picks up his briefcase from beside his chair and sets it on the bar-tip, glancing briefly from Lilium to the pair of gamers.

Sheena on the other hand is making good use of the wi-fi, phone in hand, the other used to tap and swipe the screen. To human eyes the blonde rock chick is dressed in way too tight, faded, and ripped Levi's and a beat up AC/DC tee with the midriff cut away. A black denim jacket left open with a studded belt and old dock marten boots laced up to her knees matching the jacket. When her own coffee is served about as large as Lilium's the Metal chick grins wide and just starts loading it up with more and more sugar. "Finally!" she beams once she has enough sweetness added to give a rhino diabetes and begins stirring. "If I was meaner I'd totally shut their fun down." she says softly, and wickedly.

Blinking, Lilium laughs as she looks from Sheena to the players and back again. "Would that be fun for you?" she asks of the other woman. She tells Peter when he retakes his seat, "I met someone strange and terrifying earlier today, and they mentioned the ins and outs of what they could make with my skin." She's jittery. My god, that grin isn't pleasure. It's pure sugar. She takes a huge swig of the coffee and says, "Oh, I /like/ this."

Peter opens his briefcase and pulls out a few sheets of paper and a handful of pens, black, red, blue, green, God just too many pens really. While arranging them alongside the paper, he glances from Sheena to the players, brow arched and smiling a little. "With your... finger magic?" There's a soft chuckle, but his mirth fades dramatically at Lilium's remark.

"I'm sorry, what?" He blinks at his elven companion, tone growing pre-emptively chastising, "You weren't wandering gangsville were you?"

"If I was meaner. But I'm not, and I got no reason to." Sheena answers before taking a big long sip of her coffee, the head of foam hinting at it being a stonking huge cappucino. The real challenge is in not getting any on ther pierced nose. The ring in her lower lip clinking against the porcelain just audible. "I know right, this is that good shit!" she beams in agreement. "This person sounds fun. I think your skin would be much better off staying attached to it's owner." she adds switching from sarcasm about the use of skin to sounding more complimentary about it's current state on elfin girls. "Peter, it'd probably get us kicked out. And these coffees are too good for me to never be allowed to have them again." she says playfully. She does grasp her cup a little moore protectively though.

Lilium nods enthusiastically at Sheena, eyes crinkling at the corners when she laughs delightedly, a hint of pink touching her cheeks at the compliment. "No, you," she says, beaming at the pierced coppery dancer. Her brows tug together as she asks Peter earnestly, "Is... that a real place? It seems like calling it that would be counter productive." She takes another long swig of whatever chocolate and coffee monstrosity she has before telling Peter, "They were wearing dragon skin." As if that explained everything.

Peter snorts a little, shaking his head and obviously experiencing a mixture of emotions: pleasure at the company, amusement at Lilium's naivety, and sudden anxiety at the mention of dragon skin. "Some of us, I presume? Yes, that'd make the most sense. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I have read in books that it's a thing that exists." His hand pucks up a black pen and hovers over the blank page before him, as if ready to take notes, his attention divided between Lilium and Sheena.

Softly, Peter narrates to himself, "Peter wanted to explain to Sheena his mixed feelings on dragons. How he both feared and hated them, while some other part of his psyche was distinctly altered by his time There, quintessentially Draconic himself. He was a man divided, but he didn't want to dominate the conversation. He liked Sheena's air too much, and was too curious about her own Durance, life, and goals... He'd merely wait and see how the conversation developed while straining his mind for ideas to put to paper."

In a slightly louder voice, Peter calls to the worker behind the bar and points to Sheena's cup with his pen, "Can I have one of those?"

The Metal Dancer keeps that grin of her's wide. "There's some very low income areas Lil. Socioeconomic differences can be wide as the Mississipi. Make paying rent fun. Oh so much for a dingy studio apartment. No bedrooms, barely a bathroom." she almost rants. "Life of crime can be lucrative and bridge those gaps but mostly it's a flooded market." she adds with a shrug. There's another clink of silver against porcelain as Sheena drinks again. "I'd think wearing dragon skin might chafe a bit." says someone who hasn't worn more leather than a jacket or boots.

Nodding, Lilium acknowledges Sheena's point. She does! Seems legit, really. She lifts a finger though, "I... I understand /that/ much," she prefaces with, and a nod. "But," she tacks on, "Wouldn't calling it that just about ensure a whole lot of trouble and stupidity happening there?" Her eyes search Sheena's face for one, two, no three beats. Finally, she suggests, "You should have gotten some piece of candy to bust up, into the coffee, or something good to make it extra special.

Peter shakes his head, informing Lilium, "No, uh, Gangsville, that's just a slang term for dangerous areas. I suppose it's not really what people say now, but my parents definitely did." Peter shifts his to the paper and then back to Lilium, broaching the subject more directly, "Okay, I give Lily Anne. Who was wearing the dragon armor? Where'd you meet them?" He's only briefly distracted by the sound of the odd 'coffee machine's making foam for his large mug of sweetened coffee. A man who has only ever had it black is about to get a real treat.

"Sugar disolves better." Sheena explains and poked her tongue out at Lilium playfully when the elfin girl's eyes roam. The tongue has a stud in it as well. When it retracts she just giggles softly herself. "Most crime areas are usually just known by their actual names Nicknaming. It's a circle thing. Trouble and silliness happen, names get earned. More silly things happen because it's a good spot But anywhere can become Gangsville, or just Gangland."

"Someone called Robin? Robin is terrifying, but Ian was okay. A dragon who sings, with wings like mine, only I accidentally embarassed him. But yeah, Robin is covered in fire and wears dragonhide, it's extremely concerning."

Peter arches a brow, briefly patting his pocket, "Robin, that sounds familiar." His brow furrows as he tells Lilium, "I'll do what I can to suss them out. Please let me know if they give you any trouble or threaten you, hmm? I'll take care of it." He glances to Sheena, adding quickly, "That goes for you too. I feel confident you could take care of yourself better than most, but please let me know if you ever need a hand with anything. Police trouble, or what have you." He offers a reassuring smile, teeth reptilian and sharp.

He takes a quick sip of his coffee and is immediately distracted, "Heavens, this is coffee?! This is divine." He takes another deep sip that leaves him with a mustache of foam.

"I'm sure you were probably just being messed with by this Robin." Sheena points out reassuringly to the other blonde. "That's pretty much a two way street dude." Sheena offers back towards Peter and raises her own coffee mug, large as it is, making already slender hands look positively tiny.

Peter nods to Lilium, gesturing to Sheena, "Yeah, I'm sure it was ultimately innocent." He reaches out to pat her shoulder. In response to the metal Dancer, the Fairest Draconic asks, curiously, "Truly? I do have a few problems I've been trying to work out, but I've been hesitant to ask anyone for help. Most seem as if, they've uh... You know, got their hands full with just existing." He shrugs, smirking.

A small hand tugs on Lilium's arm, and the young child it belongs to asks her, "Um, elf Lady? Would you play Dragonwood with us?" She gestures back towards a table of preteens playing a dice and card game, supervised by a couple of distracted dad's discussing the virtues of flight versus invisibility. The name itself is enough to intrigue Lilium, and after an excited glance to Sheena and Peter, she's whisked away to be the featured guest at the children's table.

There's a big grin as Lilium is tapped to join the game and goes to play. Which leaves Sheena with Peter for now. "Well for a lot of us we're still getting settled and finding a place. Tall order so I can kinda understand. Still, ain't like I got much going on. So if my skillset can be handy, sure." the Dancer reiterates a willingness to help. "Hopefully I don't get swamped. Luckily most of us probably still think being completely legit is the way to go. So I should still have plenty of time."

Peter reaches into his back pocket and plucks out his wallet, and (what might be a first for Sheena) simply hands it to her. Easily revealed is the fact that it's completely empty, save a few scattered business cards from local restaurants and a spare button for his blazer. The Fairest spreads his clawed hands, palms up, "I'm out of league. My fetch has my name, Lilium and I have no kind of records or identification whatsoever, she's got a bulk of cash from selling jewels but..." He sighs, "Our luck won't last like this. I need to find someone who can make licenses and stuff, but I've been told it's more complicated than that. It involves computers somehow. And lo, there's more." He Huff's out a mildly frustrated sigh, "There's no actual protection here for any of us. I'm lucky enough to have a place I can abscond to, but it's cramped and not a permanent solution. As far as weaponry goes, I have the equivalent of a nuclear bomb. So I'd be good at protecting her from the Others, but in a street fight? I'd probably do more damage than good."

"I'm not even certain where to start. Could you... steal me a sword?"

"Fake ID's I think I can point you at someone." Sheena has been living as a criminal long enough to build some contacts. "My fetch went into the tech industry, and being fifty, while looking barely into my twenties. It's the same problem you have. I just haven't given much care about my own ID. Still I can ask around. My place is pretty cramped but I'm working on making it something a little more secure. Upscale, pfft. I'm lucky the hot water works." she adds between sips while she looks in the empty wallet and then hands it back. "Swiping a sword. I expect it's a specific one? Or it'd just be a matter of scouring pawn shops. I keep some brass, copper, knuckle dusters but I can do a lot with that." she says. She does keep her volume down to just be betrween herself and the Draconic man. "So what is so special about this sword?"

Peter's eyes soften, that Arcadian Blue almost glowing as he begins to speak, "It's a piece of art. When I first saw it, I was drawn to it, like a spell had been put on me." He fixes his gaze on Sheena, though he keeps his voice low for privacy's sake, "It was in my mortal years, when I was fifteen, a year before I was taken. Our school had went to the museum in Pennsylvania, and among some of the weaponry, in this display case was a sword." His nostrils flare, tone dreamy, "A long, fine blade, forged by the French, the same who gave us the statue of liberty. It's pommel was a beautiful aged golden color with a depiction of a pelican feeding it's young, and it's grip was a luxuriant sharkskin. Sharkskin, woman!" He laughs, "The blade is long and fine, with a scabbard of silver. It seemed a thing of legend, and apparently, only two exist in all the world." He sighs, looking suddenly forlorn, as if his hopes had been dashed. "The one there in the museum, states away...."

A sly grin curls his lips into the epitome of deviousness, "And the one here, in New Orleans, at a local auction house."

The tale is woven, and yes Sheena pays attention between sips of her coffee. The greenish toned woman's eyebrows raised together as she mulls things over in her head. "Okay, so one of two in the world. So rare enough it's going to be expensive. You probably won't be able to use it in a fight, too ornamental sounding. You won't be able to fence it for money. So it's pretty much a mantle piece. Still cool though." she points out and drains more coffee as it cools enough to drink more and more. "If I can find the auction house I can probably give it a good look over first. Find out what else they have, maybe swipe something worth while. And above all isn't going to get us in the shit with folks managing the accords. We need to avoid serious heat. And the best way to do that is make sure we can see where it comes from before we step in it." she explains softly and surprisingly seriously.

Peter nods in understanding, listening to Sheena's explanation, "I don't actually know a lot about swords, but it sounds like you might. I do need a weapon for actual fighting eventually, but my hands my suffice." He curls his clawed fingers, studying them for a moment. "I know there are others who can shape and reinforce materials, so maybe one day it'll be useful against the Gentry." He glances to his stack of paper, then informs his conspirator, "Okay, so, we need locale info, scope the area and spot extra materials we could use." He makes a small note, 'Location, Extras'. Lines adorn his brow as he furrows it in thought, lifting his pen to lightly chew on it. "Investigate to make sure we don't violate the Accords." Another note goes on the paper, 'Serious heat = bad'. His attention sweeps back to Sheena, "And we need to check on it's background, find out it's history." He grins, nodding in conclusion, "Okay, I think this is doable."

"When it comes to social infiltration, I'm quite adept. If I liked, I could probably walk right into a police station and sit down at a desk, fit right in. So, if you think of a way that can be useful, let me know. I'd be willing to help in most any capacity, as long as none of us are hurt in the process, you know." He looks back down at his notes, summarizing again, "Scope it out, spot goods, research background, avoid serious heat."

"I know when swiping something is gonna be a problem. I know enough to know when something is useful or just for show. Also just enough about weaponsw to know which end to stick in someone." Sheena points out and goes back to that playful grin. Looking almost like she's about to do something mean. She refrains though. "Well if we could it'd be best to just win the auction but getting that kind of money. I'm assuming it'll be a lot to do things legit, isn't gonna be feasible. Again, heat. Law mostly." she explains.

With Peter rattling off mental notes she nods her head. "We'll start small, find out what we can about the place, the sword. Any security. Expect shooty stuff. I may be metral but I ain't actually bulletproof."

Peter looks over Sheena thoughtfully at that last remark, his interest piqued beyond suppression. He sets his chewed on pen aside and turns to fully face her. A sip of coffee in silence, a napkin removes his foam-stache, and he leans forward, elbow on the bar. "Lady Sheena, could I, perchance, inquire if you about your Durance? I know it is a sensitive topic for us all, but I've nothing but Lilium's to compare to. And I've always felt that knowledge was power. I'd be willing to reciprocate in kind of course."

"My time? My keeper was The Bastard Administrator. Loved to try and keep track of everything, or have a record. I got taken from all I can really remember is from Jersey. Got forged into something made to obtain whatever the Administrator wanted. Metal to better work through security, dancing to better move in general. Got caught a lot, got away clean a lot. Got beaten a lot, fought my way free a lot. And pissed a lot of other gentry off enough." the copper tinged woman goes on. She's clearly not speaking with fondness, as expected.

"Enough someone decided to retaliate. I made it 'home'..." She air quotes that last word. "To find I had none. Was free, liked it, managed to eventually make my way back to well, out of the hedge. Barely a year ago. Been trying to catch up on everything I missed. Found my skills had use here. Then moved to this town." she further goes on. Not the greatest storyteller but at least she is telling something. A shrug of her shoulders and then more coffee is being drank. Good thing the cup was massive.

Peter nods in understanding, "I can relate to a bit of your return." He smirks, "My fetch is sixty-nine years old. I lived in Wisconsin, and had pretty much a normal life. The kind of thing you'd see on television. Catholic school, football, my father was in politics, my mother stayed at home. Almost all of them did back then." He scratched his head with a slim claw, "I cannot recall what I was reading, but I was taken in the woods. The Pen Dragon, Jeweled Prince." Peter rolls his eyes, "I suppose at some point he became King, but that's neither here nor there."

"I was to be a source of entertainment. I wrote plays, and helped enact them, all to terrifying realism. I didn't know with my first one what the stakes would be, but I tried my best not to punish my characters unduly, since someone in the castle would invariably play the part. I had a deadline for each take, and a general guideline. Punishment for bad reviews, and... A kind of reward for good ones." He touches the side of his cheek, expression pensive for a moment. "My reality was a bit fluid, and when I was given a prop in my final play that allowed me to escape, I wasn't entirely certain I was free. Some forgotten chapter, perhaps, or an addition from my Editor?" He mimics Sheena's shrug, then looks to Lilium, "Maybe something is wrong with us. I get the feeling we aren't quite seeing reality correctly. Certainly Lily Anne hallucinates from time to time. Maybe I do too, how would I know?"

Peter adds, oblivious to his volume, "Peter wanted to mention the Crown, and how he desired to be King, but he was uncertain how it would come off. What if the narrative of him rising to the Throne was merely a construct if his Keeper? What if his time portraying his Keeper had simply given him a lust for power? The Crown practically hummed in his pocket, begging to be worn." He sips from his

"Your inner monologue is rolling outside again." Sheena points out with a smile and a shrug of her shoulders. "Well reality messed with us. I remember being less green and squishy. Like clean copper. Like one of those award statues. Think most of the hedge's bramble scraped that away. The escape changes us as much as the captivity." she reassures. "And someone's gotta be in charge. It's winter so they get a turn on the throne. Autumn would have just handed the spot over if we actually had a throne. So that's probably on the collective to do list."

Peter blinks at Sheena, nonplussed, "My inner monologue ..." His mouth almost falls open, "'Again'?! How long have I been doing that?" He puts a hand over his breast pocket, "So you know about my Crown, hmm.'m" He shakes his head, coming to grips with this new information, "Fuck. I can't imagine what people have heard, or what I've said." A frown captures his expression and lingers for a moment, before he tells Sheena, "Thank you."

"The Courts.. " he begins, changing the subject again, "I'm not sure what they matter in a place with no Freehold. I've heard three people mention it's passing to Winter. In my own understanding of Freeholds, it's better to start at the ground up and focus first on a collective place of freedom and safety.m, typically near a Trod. Do we have that, at least?"

The blonde turns her head to lookm around then waves a hand reassuringly. "Off and on. But not that loud. Good thing about places like this is no one is paying attention to anything except their own shit. So you can chill." Sheena explains and again gestures with a wide sway of her armws across the cafe. "I ain't got a clue what's happening on that front. Think we do need to get the ball rolling though. Maybe something a bit more democratic. I'm just a chick that swipes stuff so not like my opinion has much sway." again, shrug from the pierced punk chick.

Peter nods in agreement, "Democracy would be my preferred option. Since I'm already running around and engaging people on that front, I do want your input." He picks up that pen again, "Do you have a vote for Winter? Someone you'd like to see take charge, even if only to prevent someone else from rising? Also, are there any laws or traditions you'd like to see in play?" He grins a little at Sheena, "Some Freeholds try to keep their own from seeing any mortal imprisonment, and thus help shelter each other from punishment from law enforcement." Why ever would he think that would interest -her-?

"I don't know enough of my own Autumn. Let alone other courts. Not gonna form an opinion on leadership. We're all equally unqualified at the moment. We're the little fish. And this is a pond that might have grenade fishing I think the term is. I'm all about getting as far as we can, and not attracting heat." Sheena says and again, those shoulders rise and fall. "Avoiding jail. I'd like that. That's gonna take some money and clout among normies. I don't know if we got that yet."

Peter lifts a palm, "Lilium, among others, is rich. And I'm considering trying to insert myself into mortal politics. I mean, it'd be the best place for me to help us." He can't help but be amused, "Imagine having a police commissioner on our side, hmm?" Peter slips out his smartphone to check the time and begins returning his papers and pens to his briefcase, "Little fish in a big pond. You've got a point there. We could do with actually meeting each other, as well as our... uh... You know, the other Accorded beings. That should be arranged.' His briefcase clicks closed and he smiles at the Metal Dancer, "This was a good 'coffee' Sheena. I'm glad we could talk. Do you have my number?"

The last bits of her own coffee are sweeter for the sugar that didn't quite get disolved so it just lingers and gets stronger as she sips. "Yeah I got numbers. From back at the Salome. Still too classy for my tastes but then I don't think starting a mosh pit would go down." she says with a grin and a wave of her own phone. Which she then thumbs at the screen to disconnect from the local wireless network. No point in staying online now. "Lil should be done with her game if you wanna extricate her." she says and nods towards where the elf girl is playing.

Peter flashes Sheena another smile, testament to how optimistic he currently he is, before he rises, "You name the place next time and we'll meet you there. I'd like to see a mosh pit in person." He plucks up his suitcase and leaves his coffee/sugar attack half drunk before starting towards Lilium, who shouts 'I Stomp the fire ants!'. "Fare thee well and safe travels."