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Wolves of Various Kinds

Characters: Louis Elias Rose
Date: 2019-11-09
Summary: Two kids being stalked in the woods find unexpected, and unusual, defenders.
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Night fell several hours ago, and a chill has settled in. It's colder than usual, and the knife-like wind carries the dark scents of the bayou, especially in this part of the Park. The trails here are still well-maintained, but after dark they're almost abandoned, especially in this strolling-unfriendly weather. The skies are clear, although the stars are muted by the lights of the city. All is quiet.

Until it isn't. There's the sound of two pairs of running feet, crashing through the brush from somewhere deeper in the wilderness. A cry and the sound of a body hitting the earth. One figure, a smaller one, clearly more child than adult, is sprawled over dark soil, roots, and discarded trash by the side of one of the paths. He's gasping and crying, even as the larger figure bends down and tries to haul him to his feet. Her voice is barely older than the younger looks, as she hisses. "C'mon, Jake! We gotta go! They're coming!"

"I can't," Jake whimpers. "I'm too tired."

"You have to!" She grabs him and tries to drag him, but kids are good at becoming dead weight, and that's what he's doing right now.

Meanwhile, further down the path, Louis is frowning and walking, a little too far to pick up anything except that last: //you have to//. His head comes up, and he starts moving with caution towards the disturbance.

Off the path and secluded from view, sits Elias. Cloth and leather are hung up on poles and nailed down to make a very impressive tent. Inside of it is a makeshift bed, piled high with pillows and blankets, and a backpack that contains his belongings. A vintage motorcycle is -also- parked inside, keeping it out of view of anyone stumbling on the site.

The man leans over his small cmapfire, peering into the can of beans as it cooks over the heat. It isn't much, but it's something. The Courser's stomach snarls as he catches the scent of the cooking food. He blinks when he catches the sound of distress beyond the briars and branches. He rises to his feet and furrows his brow. The man leans down and scoops up the 1990's French Army jacket, and he slings it on. Of course, to those who can See...it is a resplendent coat of moonsilver chain and dark leather. He then moves, quickly heading from his camp to the source of the sound.

It ain't the nicest place to sleep, but sometimes you have to make do. Just off the path, some blankets, a layer of plastic bags on top. It's not fancy, but it does the job of protecting her from the worst of the elements. Rose is trying to sleep but failing when she hears the kids, and though she doesn't act yet; it could be anything, she look up from her spot to try to see what's going on.

The two by the path fit in with the general fashion thrust of the group - they're clearly a couple of the homeless youth of New Orleans, probably trying to do exactly what Elias and Rose are doing: camping out in the wilderness so they don't get hassled by gangs, pimps, or police. They're both half-buried in layers of ratty sweaters and jackets...except that the older's has one half of her sleeve torn wide open, and a long, raking wound in the skin underneath. The blood glistens black. It would probably be worse, except for all the clothes.

Louis steps around the corner. He does not fit in, what with the three piece suit and general air of genteel grooming. "Hello? Are you--"

He comes to an abrupt halt as the girl lifts a dinky little switchblade and screams, "Stay away!" She looks from him to back the way they came, and back to him, clearly torn between threats. "You just...you just stay away!"

Louis' hands come up. "Okay," he says, pitching his voice low and calm. "I'm not coming any closer." But he's not leaving, either, and he looks more curious than threatened.

Elias emerges from the brush about ten feet -behind- the fleeing youths, putting them between him and Louis...and putting Elias between the kids and whatever might be following them. He eyes the exchange that is currently going on before he sniffs the air and glances back down the path. "You're scared," he grunts. "So, what're you scared of?" His voice is deep, with a notable growl to the edges of his words. The older homeless man opens and closes a hand, and Louis can see his sharp 'nails' catch the moonlight, along with his moonsilver mail, as if waiting for trouble.

Rose stays put for the time being, but she's not going back to trying to sleep. She's keeping a close eye on the enveloping situation, ready to act if she feels like she needs to, but unwilling to draw unnecessary attention if this looks like it'll end up working out fine without her stepping in.

"Aaaa!" It's another little shriek from the girl as Elias emerges from the direction of the things they had been fleeing from, and she whirls to thrust the knife at him - although it's clearly an empty, defensive reflex. "They're coming for us! Stay back!" She grabs the little boy, and yanks at his sleeve, hissing, "C'mon, we gotta GOOOOOO." This time, he staggers to his feet, and they start to limp away from Elias, trying to skirt the woods between him and Louis.

In the woods, beyond Elias, a soft sound is carried on the wind. A couple of snickering bouts of laughter, with a lot of growl in them, but also too much...human to just be dogs or wolves. Louis doesn't seem to hear it, although both Rose and Elias do. His attention is instead fixed on the two homeless children, although there's a flicker of surprise - and relief - when Elias emerges into vision. "Who's coming for you?"

"The wolfmen!" This is the kid, Jake, finding his voice at last. "The wolfmen wrecked our tent!"

Elias steps back when the girl makes the defensive jab, and he growls. "I'm here to help, kid. Wolves?" Is this werewolf territory? Or did something Else come hunting? Either way, the man turns his back on the children and Louis, and he steps carefully between them and the growling and laughing. He lowers his form a bit, dropping into a ready stance for violence.

He clenches and unclenches one of his fists, his tongue darting over a pronounced canine tooth. He doesn't make a sound, though. He waits and watches, his body a coiled spring.

Rose also hears mention of wolves, and finally gets up. She doesn't have like... a proper weapon, but she had a crowbar, and she holds it like it is a weapon as she approaches, "Run." She tells the kids, "Now." There's something about those eyes of her, glinting yellow in the night light, almost like wolf eyes, looking to the others. "You should, too."

Scruffy, dirty. Thin-limbed, short. The brown-skinned woman looks like someone who's had a rough life. A handful of scars on her face, a recognizable pattern of lines on her wrists. Emaciated and dressed in clothes that are both worn and dirty. She carries herself like someone life has beaten down, too; but her amber eyes show remarkable intelligence; and at night they catch the light.

Louis starts as yet another person emerges out of the darkness. "Goodness, it's like a Hooverville in there," he mutters to himself. "And, miss, I'm not saying that you're not wrong--" But whatever he was going to say to finish it off as there's a sight over head. Two figures that look VERY much like humanoid wolves barrel down from the sky. From the SKY? Yes. It appears that they've leaped over the tree line in a way that shouldn't even be possible, to land right in the middle of the path, in the clear space between everyone. They grin with human mouths filled with sharp, canine teeth and say, quietly and in unison, "BOO."

The kids, not to put too fine a word on it, flip the fuck out and scrabble to run, flailing and insensible with terror, down the path.

Rose knows right away: these are not werewolves, although they do qualify as 'wolfmen', being overall lupine in form, although standing on two legs, with long clawed fingers, and all-too-human faces.

"Right. Not werewolves, then," Elias snarls to himself as the figures drop into view. He glances back at Rose and shakes his head. "I've killed these things before. Louis, keep the kids back." He seems to know the other man. He turns back towards the two then, letting out a snarl that does not, in any way, sound human.

"Stumble through the thorns, fools? Come on, then. I'll remind you this is -our- world." With that, he lunges to kill, trying to keep himself between them and the innocents.

Elias snarls and lashes out. He's a bit rusty, however. His sharp claws catch the light (To those who can see, anyways), but he only catches one of the lunging beasts' shoulders.

The attacked wolf...thing is quick to attack back, with a snarl of pain as a shallow gash is ripped open in its shoulder. It tries to return the favor, sweeping with a long, clawed hand at Elias' face, but he's able to easily avoid the blow.

His packmate is having better luck. It turns and leaps for the escaping kids, and bears Jake to the ground. "Got you," it snarls over the little boy, while his older companion turns and tries to uselessly stab him with her knife, screaming, "Let him go! Let him go!"

"Goddamnit," Louis says as the wolf races by him and tackles the kid to the ground. He moves in that direction, but doesn't try to attack it. Instead, he mutters something under his breath and gestures dramatically.

Nothing happens. It looks kind of silly.

Rose takes a good look at the wolf-like being attacking the kids and decides; look they're kids, so she does the reckless thing and tosses her crowbar at it, hoping she'll be able to pick it back up later.

Clonk! The wolf-thing's ears go back on its head as the crowbar strikes a glancing blow off the top of its skull. "Burns!" it growls, and rolls away from the child, its human eyes reorienting on Rose. It shows many teeth when it snarls at her. "You will pay for that, food."

Elias snarls and lunges again. However, it's been awhile, and he gets ahead of himself. He overextends when he swings his arm, and he trips, landing face first on the ground with a howl.

The wolves are quick to take advantage - when Elias goes down, his opponent howls with laughter, then reaches out to rake claws down Elias' back. His armor stops most of it, but it's enough to sting, for certain. Meanwhile, the second wolf launches itself at Rose, teeth bared and claws out. Although it's able to rake her lightly with one claw, Rose proves too alert and graceful to knock down.

Louis continues to sort of...stand there. He's definitely not trying to /hit/ anyone, but as the wolf-thing lunges at Rose, he mutters something under his breath, and for a moment, there's a sound almost like clattering dice in the air. It passes, barely a whisper on the air.

Rose gets hit hart, winces and that force would've been enough to knock her down, if she didn't know to handle this. Sure, she's knocked back some, but she manages to keep standing, and makes it look ease.

Elias snarls as he pushes himself to his feet. He can smell his own blood, and it brings out the Beast in him, his hackles rising. "STOP," he snarls. He moves swiftly, leaping in front of the Briarwolf to try and intercept.

The wolves back up as Elias moves to his feet and Rose avoids the knockdown. They're pack hunters, at heart, and when the Beast imposes himself between them and their pray, they both focus in on him and his command. Identical, sharp-toothed grins. "Or WHAT?" the one with Elias' blood on his claws asks. He lifts a claw to lick the blood off. And then they attack as one, finely-coordinated pack instrument.

It's clear that Elias has got this! Two on one? Not a problem. He doesn't need help. So Louis skitters around the edges of the fight, and says, softly, to the kids, "Get up, but //don't// run. Running attracts a hunter's attention. Walk the path, make no noise, seek out light and other people." His voice, despite its softness, has calm confidence in it, and it seems to soothe the kids enough that their white faces nonetheless nod, and they carefully pick themselves up and begin to walk, not run, away. It's a FAST walk, but still a walk.

Rose rushes over to where her crowbar fell after the last time she tossed it, and she tosses it again. The resolve she got from being able to resist them just a moment ago helps her aim.

CLONK. It's a more solid this time, fetching up against the side of the first wolf's head, and opening a nasty gash. Turns out iron is pretty awesome. The wolf howls in rage and (is that a little fear?) his packmate starts to look...worried. This isn't fun anymore.

Elias is furious, and not thinking straight. Hardly odd for a Beast. He snarls and takes another swing...and he swings wide in his animal fury, opening himself for their retaliation!

The wolves fan out around Elias, each darting in together. This time, there's no confusion - the first goes high, getting his attention, his attack going wide...but laying him open for the second wolf, coming in low and slashing at Elias' thigh. "Stooooop," it mocks him, grinning hungrily.

Louis reaches out a hand to the healthy wolf, muttering under his breath, "Come on, come on, /remember/." Something slips out of him, something like light in impossible colors. But it bends backwards on itself and wraps around Louis' head, instead, and his eyes go wide and unseeing, his expression slack as he staggers.

Rose seeing the kids are almost out of trouble, and that those two follows seem to have things handled... Rose picks up her crowbar, then runs in a different direction, into the foliage near to where her other stuff is, and dives down, trying to pay some more attention while getting out of there.

The Courser glances over his shoulder long enough to see that the children are retreating, and that the young woman is also fleeing. Good. He can't feel his left arm too well now, though. Blood trickles down from the multiple wounds along it, staining his fingers red and spattering the path below. Still, the wolf needs to buy the others a little time. He snarls again and lashes out, catching the one who hit him across the collarbone. "Back to the brambles with you! Back, or I'll wear your fucking fur!" His claws dig deep and tear furrows as he tries not to show how badly he is hurt to them.

There's a high pitched yelp from the briarwolf as those claws rake across its collarbone, laying it bare to its black bone. It retreats back, the tails of it and its packmate going low. It sniffs after the retreating children, but it's hurting from multiple wounds, ichor flowing sluggishly from it, and after a moment, it snarls with too many teeth at Elias, then grabs the other wolf. The two turn and run back towards the shelter of the forest, one supporting the other as it limps and staggers.

Meanwhile, Louis is sort of...swaying in place. He moves a little, and staggers. "Wait. There was a woman here, wasn't there? Is she okay?" He wobbles in a circle, trying to find her.

As the briarwolves are gone, Rose peeks back up and out, clearly curious about those. "What were those?" She asks, looking between the two. Crowbar still in hand, and those eyes staring at the two.

Elias watches the wolves flee, and then he fights not to fall over. He puts his hand against one of the wounds on his arm, growling to himself. He turns towards Louis and makes his way over at a pained pace. "The Briarwolves are gone." He looks over to Rose and nods. "There...she is," he grunts. He doesn't answer her question immediatly. He reaches out to place a bloodied hand on Louis' shoulder, giving him a slight shake. "

Elias watches the wolves flee, and then he fights not to fall over. He puts his hand against one of the wounds on his arm, growling to himself. He turns towards Louis and makes his way over at a pained pace. "The Briarwolves are gone." He looks over to Rose and nods. "There...she is," he grunts. He doesn't answer her question immediatly. He reaches out to place a bloodied hand on Louis' shoulder, giving him a slight shake. "Snap out of it, man. Kids are safe."

Louis extends a dramatic hand in Rose's direction. "There she is! I found her." Then he almost falls forward on his face, until Elias' hand comes down on his shoulder and gives him a shake. He blinks a couple of times, the sense returning to his eyes as he looks at the hand. His eyes widen. "...is that blood on my suit, Mr. Elias?"

He clears his throat. "Never mind." A quick adjustment of the jacket. "Thank you. For intervening. I'm glad the children are...gone. And safe." His attention comes to rest on Rose for a long, thoughtful moment. "I can't say that I can identify them /specifically/, but 'something that doesn't belong here' probably covers the gist. You were very brave. And useful with a crowbar, Miss...?" A flash of a warm, practiced smile, there.

"Rose." The young woman answers Louis. "And it was nothing special, just didn't want those kids to get more hurt." She shrugs, approaching Elias. "You said 'not werewolves then'" She says softly, keeping her voice down, "And you were right, that was something else." She doesn't clarify how she knows.

"Briarwolves," Elias growls after another moment. He looks between them. "They were Briarwolves. Nobody knows where they came from originally, but most believe they're wolves who got lost in the Hedge. THe thorns tore at them and transformed them...then they bred and...made more. Others believe they were made by the Others as hunting hounds. I lean towards the former," the homeless man says. He's quite well-worded for a homeless dude. He doesn't say what the Hedge is, or what the Others are, though. His gaze lands on Rose again. "...So, as he said...things that don't belong here. They devour people, but only after soaking their flesh in their own fear." He then looks back to Louis and chuckles softly. "Yes. Yes, that is blood on your suit, Louis. It's mine, though, don't worry." He winks and turns away, glancing about the area and sniffing the air. "I'm Elias," he finally offers to Rose. He glances down at his blood-soaked arm. Louis can see the faerie armor restitching over the armor, but the actual wound remains.

"Good evening, Rose. A pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm Louis." He's not from around here - not only does he lack any accent at all, but he pronounces the S in his name, rather than the French pronunciation. He falls silent for the explanation, fussing with the bloody handprint that does NOT go with the dark blue of his suit at all. There's a sad little sigh, but as he looks Elias over, he says, gently, "You need a doctor. Some of that looks nasty. I know a gentleman who can offer some discreet aid."

"You're saying words that I'm pretty sure you don't mean anything to me." Rose answers Elias with a frown, "Is every guy who thinks he knows more than I do like that? Because it's getting bloody annoying." She glares at Elias, and glances towards Louis, "Your doc handle broke, homeless people?"

Elias sighs and shakes his head. "I'm not trying to act superior. Just...otherworldy creatures. You don't have a frame of reference. There's a barrier between this reality and another one. These bastards live in that barrier. That's about as much as I can break it down, I'm sorry." He glances at Louis and frowns. After a moment the homeless man nods. "Fine. I don't have anything to pay the guy, though. Guessing I'm going to owe you for it?"

Louis gestures to Elias. "As he says. The details are a little particular, although if you're interested in knowing more, I'm sure something could be arranged, depending on what you'd like to trade in return." He smiles at the homeless man, pleasure lighting up his dark features. "You know me so well, and we've only just met! But under the circumstances, I suspect a very small favor will suffice." A glance back for Rose. "And you as well, of course. I don't mind fronting the cash for the bill, and we can call it a small favor owed. Nothing you can't do, or don't want to do. Are you local? Information on the lay of the land would be enough."

"They sure weren't from the Hisil." Now Rose is throwing terms about, but hypocritical maybe. She glares to Louis. "I don't like owing people. If you've got questions about the city I'll answer them on the way there, and after we're done. But when we part ways, I owe you nothing."

"I don't know what the Hisil is, so no. They're from the Hedge, which grows between us and Arcadia...or Faerie...or The Other Place...or Hell. Tons of terms for the place." He glances over at Louis and nods. "Sure. Sure, I owe you a small favor. I swear I will repay a -small- favor when you call on me for it." The thrum of power ringsa through the words, and Louis can tell he instilled the Wyrd into the promise, sealing himself into it. A good man. <Pose Order> It is your turn to pose. Beep!

"Hisil?" Louis' eyebrows go up. "Hm." He considers Rose for a moment, then extends his hand. "I'm fine with that deal. You don't look like you need more than a stitch or two and some antisceptic, anyway. So, questions answered on the way there, and then we're square." He waits for her to shake on it, if she chooses to, before offering Elias a nod. "Well then. That seems acceptable on all fronts. I'll call the doctor. I've got a car, back at the lot."

"The other world, across the Gauntlet." Rose clarifies what that means, helpfully. "Let me grab my stuff." She tells Louis, shakes his hand, then goes to grab her stuff, it only takes a moment, so she's back quickly, stuffing her things inside a backpack that seems to contain everything she owns.

The bleeding man watches Rose leave before he limps over to Louis. "That went well, all considering. If we hadn't have been here..." The wolf trails off, shaking his head.

"And what is the Gauntlet?" Louis asks, with bright-eyed interest. "There appear to be many other worlds. Must drive cartographers quite mad," he adds, light and teasing as she walks away. He watches for a moment longer, before Elias' quiet words draw his attention. He nods. "Well. If /you/ hadn't been here, and possibly that young woman. I mostly just watched." A rueful sort of self-mockery in the statement. "But it worries me that they were here at all. Means someone opened a door somewhere back there." A nod at the dark forest. "Nasty things will keep coming through, especially if they think no one's here to stop them."

"In between." Rose answers Louis. "I've given you as much as you've given me on that." She seems firm on that, like it's a rule of sorts, "If they weren't kids I'd just have hidden. I'm no hero, I just don't like seeing kids get hurt."

Elias nods to Louis with a sigh. "We'll need to look for it when we have the chance. Close it up. Too many people in this park who could be taken or hurt." He glances back over at Rose and grunts. "Makes you more of a hero then you'd like to think."

Louis's smile widens, fractionally, at Rose's answer. "Fair enough." He reaches into his jacket and produces a bleeding edge smartphone. Which he proceeds to stare at like he might make it do things just through sheer WILL. This? Does not work. So he slowly, slowly, unlocks it, and then pecks his way through dialing a number. Before hitting dial, he nods to Elias. "A solid idea. Can't just have things /wandering/, dragging people over there." A glance at Rose. "Heroism isn't very useful. Usually ends up with dead heroes. But someone smart who doesn't like to see kids get hurt? That's not a bad thing." Then he starts walking back down the path like a man who expects to be followed, raising the phone to his ear.

"Yes, Doctor, it's Louis." A pause. "Yes, yes. Can you be at your office in thirty minutes? Just some cleaning and stitching. No, nothing like that. Unfortunate encounter with wild animals." A longer pause. "Good, good. See you then."

While Louis makes his call, Rose suddenly stares in another direction for a few moments, just glaring at empty space before she shakes her head and shrugs. "Are we going?" She asks the others, entirely ignoring the heroism related commentary, as well as the commentary about closing something.

Elias shakes his head a bit at Louis' comment about heroism, clearly disagreeing. He's in too much pain to really argue at the moment, though. He follows after the man as he glances over at Rose. After a moment of considering, he says, "There's another world. We don't remember it explicitly but...we remember enough. It's another place of dreams and nightmares, kings and monsters. People from here get taken there and...things happen. Some escape. Most don't. In between this place and that one is an in-between world called the Hedge. Those beasts are from there."

"I'm walking," Louis points out, mildly, as he puts the phone away and is, indeed, walking. Although he slows as Elias follows after, and - after studying the man's limp for a moment - offers an arm for support, if he needs it. This jacket is already stained after all.

A bit cautiously, he adds to the explanation, "The other world is ruled by things that shape humans into...whatever they want, really. Imagine being a tree, and ending up a chair. Not a pleasant experience." He smiles a little bleakly at her. "Are you a student of the occult and arcane, then?"

Rose considers her answer, "I haven't heard of anyone going to the Hisil, but things come here sometimes. Some dangerous, some reasonable. It's like a funhouse mirror of the world. The Shadow." There's a moment's pause as she follows along, "The Gauntlet is what keeps them out, but it isn't as strong in all places." She leaves out that it's weaker around her. "Most people wouldn't see them even if they came here, though. They are a bit like ghosts, invisible to most people unless they show themselves." A pause, "Not to me, though."

Elias nods a bit to that as they move. He shakes his head at Louis, though. "Thanks, but...I need to carry myself. It's important to me." He turns his eyes to Rose as they move along. "Things from the Other Place that come here tend to...well, it depends. Some look like they really are, others have an illusion over themselves to look like something else, but they always look like -something- at least."

"Interesting," Louis murmurs. "The Hedge...it sometimes reflects features of the world here. I wouldn't go so far as to say a mirror, even a dark mirror, but there's enough. New York's Hedge was an urban thing, of thorn-choked buildings and dark tunnels with monsters dwelling therein." He drops his arm with a nod to Elias, not looking at all offended. "It's difficult. To see what other people cannot. Often ends badly, if you don't have friends and associates to help remind you that you're not mad." A sidelong glance at Rose. "Is that why you're out here, then?"

"No, that's not why." Rose answers Louis. In a tone that makes it clear that is not a topic for discussion, instead she answers Elias. "Oh, they look like something alright. Just, you can't see them unless you can." Like that makes sense, to Rose it does at least.

Elias nods a bit to Rose, if that makes sense to him. "Well, definatly different places and beings, then." He follows along silently for now, trying to keep his mind off of his wounded arm.

Louis falls silent at the abrupt answer. His lips thin for a moment, although he doesn't turn to look at either of his companions to give a better look at his expression than that. As they walk the path, it's clear they're returning to more traveled areas, more 'park' and less 'preserve'. There's no sign of the kids - they've clearly gone to ground somewhere and are busy trying to forget that anything ever happened.

As they make their way around a curve, the flat wound of a parking lot can be seen up ahead, and among the few cars, Louis gestures at a black BMW. It's not a flashy car, and the windows are tinted just slightly. "Do you like jazz, Rose? I know Elias is developing a fondness for it." His voice is light and even, although there seems to be genuine interest there, as well.

"It's music, it doesn't make my head hurt. So it's nice." Rose answers, taking a look at the car before heading for the front passenger seat. "Bit old, though. There's stuff that came out more recently than before I was born."

Elias chuckles softly as he follows along. "Well, jazz came out after I was born, so there's that. It's fancy and new to me...and doesn't give me a headache," the wolf growls. He brushes his fingers back through his long, tangled hair, smearing some blood.

Louis rolls his eyes. "You're both heathens," he says, without rancor. "And new jazz is still being produced, you know. Some of it is probably younger than you are." He gives Rose a skeptical look. "Maybe." He takes out the keyfob and - after a moment of staring at it - hits the button to unlock the doors. "Pile in, you two, and try not to bleed too egregiously on the leather." He opens the driver's side and slides in. "So. What /do/ you two do for fun? Or is it all camping and whacking monsters with crowbars and claws?"

Rose snorts at Louis' comment about her age. "I beg for food, I shoplift if I need to. And if I've had a good day I might even play chess against some of the geezers." She answers, shrugging about the music as she claims the front passenger seat.

Elias climbs into the back of the car. "...No promises on the bleeding." He consider the question for a few minutes, and then he shrugs. "Not a lot of opportunity to do much for fun at the moment. Before I came back to New Orleans, though, I spent some time working on my cooking and making clothes. I quite enjoy both."

"I do enjoy a good game of chess. We should play sometime," Louis says, with a flash of a smile towards Rose as she slides in. Then he turns in his seat to give a similar grin back to Elias. "Look, just keep MOST of your blood in your body, all right? And those are quite interesting hobbies." He turns back to start the car and pull out, driving carefully. "It's not far." His expression abruptly shifts, losing the smile as he grows thoughtful. Luckily, the streets aren't too crowded.

"Maybe." Rose answers non-committedly; clearly not trusting these two enough to commit to anything beyond the immediate future. "You take wounded people on a car to doctors who don't answer questions often? Weird hobby if you ask me."

"I like making sure people have what they want, or need," Louis says, with a shrug. "I find that it's profitable in the long run, too. Which means I get what I want, other people get what they want, and in the end, everyone is happier. It's not my hobby, though. My hobby is cards. Card games are quite fun. I always carry a deck on me. Just in case." A wink at her. "So. You said you'd answer a few questions. I hope you intend to honor that. What do you know about the local...supernatural situation around the city? I'm new here, and would appreciate whatever you know."

"Nothing much. Until last week, even less." Rose answers with a shrug, "There's at least two 'werewolves' and then there's you two, and some ghosts with the occasional spirit, but they're pretty much everywhere. Especially ghosts. If you want more, I don't have your answers."

"Werewolves?" Louis makes a thoughtful sound. "Are they reasonable sorts, in your interaction with them? I understand they tend to be territorial." He turns them down a few streets to a small, well-appointed series of commercial buildings. "Any particularly angry ghosts? I managed to find a /non/ haunted building for my club, I think, but it's always nice to know if a building is going to start throwing bricks at your head or something."

"Varies, but I haven't like; seen much of them." Rose shrugs again, "So I haven't got much beyond a first impression, as for angry ghosts. Haven't seen any yet, can't say I've scoured the city for them, though."

"Mm. I see." Louis falls silent, then, turning his attention to his driving. It's only a little farther before he pulls into a small parking lot. He pulls out his phone and laborously texts something. A light comes on to illuminate the porch and a door, and he climbs out. "All right, everyone out who plans to get stitched, disinfected, or otherwise medically treated." A concerned look to the back of the car, but he stops himself from offering Elias any aid out of the car.