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When The Zeds Come Marching In

Characters: Axle, Fawn, Jeanie, Ramsey, Way
Date: 2020-09-06
Summary: In the words of Uncle Ben, with Great Power comes Great Responsibility. And seems like the Fixers find themselves responsible for cleaning up a little zombie problem on their way to Karaoke.

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What better way to celebrate Saturday night of a long weekend than with beer and fried foods and karaoke? Sadly, the Fixers probably haven't had much of that yet aside from what might have been pre-gamed at the Warehouse because this is the point of the evening where folks are still merrily in transit to find said drinking and singing. The truck is surely parked somewhere as the mackley travels on foot. At least they were until reaching a high walled section of Canal street where Jeanie pauses and turns a little white. "Guys... did you hear that?" For anybody that talks to Ghosts, the That in question would be a murmuring of voices from the oven crypts on the other side of cemetery wall.

Waning gibbous moon tonight. Motherfucking ninety-three percent humidity. This is some bullshit. Axle has been somewhat busy this week studying a spiral notebook -- with by-God Lightning McQueen on the cover -- full of symbols from a recent quest in the Hisil to powwow with a knowledge spirit about a rite. But she is taking the whole weekend off from all that business to spend time with the fambly; the Fixers, of course. Not the blood relatives in Chicago. She's still breaking in a new pair of medium blue stone-washed overalls from Dickies, and is wearing them with her new motorcycle boots and a pale purple tank top. "Huh?" she asks at Jeanie's utterance, looking toward her. She was preoccupied by watching a classic car drive by on Canal street.

Ramsey is in his dark blue button-up, top few buttons undone and a pair of nice jeans, doing his Swayze impression tonighr, and is pausing to look at a bit of ironwork and taking a drink from the bottle that is certainly just gatorade when Jeanie poses the question. "I think that's the storm drain. Some of 'em are still all clogged after the storm."

Well lucky for all involved a certain tinkerer ( is that even a word? ), whom shall remain nameless, has constructed a frier from old parts laying around. It may include an old basin, a propane grill, and other various things. He has ALSO built a swamp cooler, that looks dangerously close to frying all of the power in the warehouse, but somehow it manages NOT to do just that.

Way is sweating from places nobody should sweat. Cause he has fur. DAMN FUR! Right now he has the look of a drowned rat with a mask. "This shit is for the parakeets. What are we doing out here?" He is grumpy right now, and for good reason perhaps? "Hear what? All I hear is the drip drip dripping of my own sweat."

Fawn is wandering along behind the others, more towards the back of the group as she pauses against the cemetery wall about the time Jeanie asks if others hear things. "Oy Jeanie.. Every time you say that.. We're going to karaoke, dammit!" she growls in a playful way at the blonde just before she's leaning over against the wall and flipping her head over so she can pour some of the ice-cold water from her bottle of water over her neck and let it drip down into her hair. She stands up afterwards and drips a bit over the back of her shoulders to let the water cool some of her skin. Tonight she's in a simple grey tanktop and some short shorts. Cause it's hot.

Jeanie's feet might as well be rooted to that particular section of cracked sidewalk as she stares at the cemetary wall. "Storm drains don't normally talk. It's hard to make out clearly but... something about 'they rise'?" Unfortantely for Wayfarer, looks like hopes of finding the Booze That Was Promised and Blessed Air Condition may just have been delayed. For Fawn, gives a sheepish shrug. "I really wanted to go to karaoke..." That is more of a whisper as she turns attention back to the direction of Creepy Probably Dead Things since only she can hear them.

Oh lord. Why do these people keep listening to the voices? Axle hears way more than them since the first change and ... OK, well, she does this shit, too. Never mind. On another note, how she is surviving in overalls in this humidity remains to be seen, unless she has been practicing fetish making by attaching some ice spirits to her arm pits. She's all about the creepy dead things, though, if it means she doesn't have to try to sing in front of people. Singing out loud is reserved for when the radio is really loud and she is laying under a vehicle where no one can hear her. She moves closer to the wall and then notices the gates further down, flashing a grin and starting to jog down there.

"What? Are you hearing something in there, Jeanie Beanie? Like ... something not of this world?" Wayfarer asks with a glance at the blonde and then back at the cemetary they are now standing next to. "So isn't there somebody we call to take care of stuff like this?" But then Axle starts jogging for the gate. "Seriously? Are we going in there? Cause I thought we were going for Kareoke, booze, and a metric ton of wings. Axle where are you going?" Still ... he starts to follow, cause he can't let her go in alone, right?

"Well, I mean, talking storm drains are a thing but it's not the kind of thing that's any better than.. Any other talking thing, usually worse. And that sounds... Yep." When Axle is headding to check it out, Ramsey gives a little side to side crack of his neck. "At least it's not a pawn shop this time. Maybe it'll be quick, and we can make it." He starts to follow.

While Jeanie makes things get creepier and Axle runs off to.. check something, maybe, Fawn is chugging some of her water before she takes the less serious route and says, "Okay, how about this. For Halloween we can be power rangers. Yeah?" She's been trying to figure it out lately and gives random ideas at least three times a day. Earlier it was killer clowns from outer space or muppets. As she watches Way run off after Axle and then Ramsey, the brunette puts her hands on her hips and shifts her weight to her left foot. "Well, shit." And she's in on it, too! Fawn falls in line and hurries off.

"If it was not of this world, Axle and Ramsey would be hearing it too?" Jeanie points out that at least the voices she's currently hearing (though not in her head! They're real... she promises. Maybe?) are most likely not of the spirit variety. "And life just never goes as we plan. But if there's a ghost uprising, someone needs to stop it." It's a tragedy really that they have the power and so they also seem to have the responsiblity. She'll trail after the rest of the crew towards the cemetary gates. "You all got your bracelets on, right?" Might as well double check that nobody's accidentally walking into a possession situation.

It isn't as if Axle barges right into the cemetery... She just isn't tall enough to see over the wall, so she looks inside the closed graveyard through the gate. There're locks and signs and all that jazz to tell people the place isn't open to the public -- especially not after dark. She curls her long-fingered hands in the bars on the ironwork gate, squinting as she looks around, then gives the gates a little in-and-out shake to test the strength of the locks.

"Helloooo?" she calls out through the bars, in a sing-song voice.

A few moments later there's an answering noise in the distance. A kind of wet, throaty gargling of a growl off amongst the crypts and headstones.

Not far behind Axle, the Gremlin is grumbling the entire time. He doesn't like this and it shows. "Yeah well...we can't be saving the galaxy all the time. Somebody else needs to step up and do it once in a while." he jokes, but it is still expressed with attitude. Axle wants in? So Axle gets in, cause she gets what she wants. Wayfarer hmms and looks at the lock a moment. "Oh this is a piece of crap. It doesn't even lock anymore. Look..." With a little Gremlin dust (yeah like pixie dust but not.) He breaks the lock and pushes the gates open. "There you go. Knock yourself out."

Don't ask where Gremlin dust comes from. You don't want to know...

"Now the barrier is broken so we kind of -have- to, right?" Those are kind of the rules, as Ramsey remembers them. "Power Rangers costumes sound uncomfortable, but if I get to wear the cool gold shoulders thing then maybe..." He sets his drink up on top of the wall for safe keeping and moves to back Axle up, but gives her and Jeanie the lead on this one. Insubstantial things are not his direct area of focus.

Fawn catches up and slows her jog to a stop as she finds herself a spot against the gate, and as she watches it so conveniently come unlocked she grins a little and looks over to Ramsey, saying, "I'll find you some." She turns back to the graveyard and looks about, peering through the darkness and looking over the tombstones until she's backtracking to focus off in the distance. She gives a low sound almost like a grunt, and she murmurs, "Yeahhhh... Something's back there. Something's moving.." But it needs a better look! That gurgling sound doesn't help, though.

Jeanie might be the one who alerted everybody to this whole mess, but she's still looking just a little bit spooked and not her usual peppy self. Not even mustering up an attempt at a Go Get 'Em Tigers motivational speech. She definitely doesn't look like she's about to lead the charge even as she tilts her head this way and that. "I don't think it's the ghosts that are the problem... ghosts fettered into their graves, you expect that. They're mostly just whispering. But there's something up there..." She points a finger into the darkness towards where Fawn pointed. Where there's the gurgling. And is that a trombone playing near the front of the shambling shadows?

Well, great. Now there's no lock to keep whatever's inside of the place inside. So it's inevitable that they have to take care of it. Thanks a lot, Way! Hehe.

Axle pushes the gates inward slowly, which just means that the shrieking whine of the squeaky hinges takes even longer and attracts even more attention. She winces and looks back at the others with a sheepish expression. "I think we should go as the Scooby Doo characters," she tells Fawn with a burgeoning grin. This before the smart ass turns back to the cemetery and steps over the threshold to look where people are pointing. The shadows are plentiful what with the city lights joining with the fat gibbous moon. And they're moving in that vicinity, in spite of the relative lack of wind tonight.

"Helloooo," she repeats as she moves a little closer still. This time there's several of the gargling growling noises at the same time. A chorus!

Once he pops the lock, Way decides to be brave from BEHIND the others. "I'll make sure nothing sneaks up on us." he remarks, giving them a chance to go ahead and then falling in step. Hearing the gurgling and trombone, and then MORE gurgling, the Lost mutters to himself, "What the hell are we even doing here? I can't do anything with ghosts. Unless it's old Mister Jenkins dressed up as one."

"Well, it's probably not true that the dead don't dance, but ghosts don't gurgle. Need a throat for that. That... Sounds like it's got some meat. So I am gonna put my five dollars on some kind of unpleasant decomposing thing in there. Maybe more than one. Did we bring any of the gear for dealing with that with us?" Ramsey. #1 tactician.

Fawn is slowly moving into the cemetery, and for a moment she looks to Axle and says, "Yesss! Oh yeah! That'd be perfect.. Oh gee, Rams, how do you feel about being Scooby?" She hears that gurgling again and turns to look towards those sounds, which somehow puts a chill down her spine despite it being so humid out! Fawn continues to slowly move forward, and would ya lookie there? The groundskeeper forgot his rake. It's a nice metal one. She takes it.

That's a great big gulp from Jeanie at the gurgles and as folks start moving in towards the noises. It was supposed to be a fun night, so she didn't even bring the Blazer of Awesomeness and rubs at her arms that are feeling just a bit too exposed at the moment. There's a head shake for Ramsey's tactical question and she tries to focus on summoning up some of her electricity as a shield but what sparks she can gather just flicker out as quickly as she summons them. "Uhhh... that's not good." Very not good.

What the hell? Why is she the one out front? Not like she's the fighter of this outfit. But at least Axle still carries the billy bat flashlight with her for occasions like this, the strap of it clipped to her hammer loop with a caribiner. As she creeps forward, she unclips it and actually turns it on to get a better look at what's up ahead, shining it right into the waiting faces...

...of a knot of graveyard ghouls, a couple of which are dressed in flipping red and blue striped jackets and boater hats.

"What in the fuck?" is Axle's first uttered response.

Odd fellows band.jpg

Peeking from around Fawn, cause she is likely in the back with him, the Gremlin is trying to get a look at what is up ahead. When Axle flips on the flashlight and shines it, he asks, "What is it? What do you guys see?" But then Way gets a better look and just stares, "Is this for real? No way..." He clings to the back of Fawn's dress as he gawks at what they have found.

"It's like a second line fell way too far behind and stayed for a snack." Ramsey's voice is deadpan and he just shakes his head at thos e jackets, and the entities wearing them. Stepping up alongside Axle, he asks "Did... They all get buried at the same time in the same thing? Like, what makes that sort of thing happen? Or did someone dress them? I don't know which is worse."

"No way.." Fawn murmurs as she slows her steps to a halt while holding that rake and propping it up against her right shoulder. She stares at the strange creatures that have risen and she shifts back slightly, moving her free hand back so she can press her fingertips to Way's shoulder. She glances towards Ramsey at what he says and she can't help but laugh. "Yeah.. Fucking sweet and also terrible. Shit.. Can we please make some monster bingo cards for everything we encounter? This takes the cake.." She laughs again. "They died on their way to a performance and were buried together with their uniforms." Facts.

Jeanie has been trying to stick to the middle of the group, cause middle is safest, right? But these walking dead seem to defy all logic, not just in fashion and instrument having, but also in the fact that apparently they weren't all risen! The smell of tasty human so close nearby seems to be just the cue for a straggling jacketed zombie to burst from a tomb behind Jeanie. She didn't see it coming at all and lets out a shriek of surprise as she feels arms wrapping for her. She's not quick enough to avoid it and definitely not strong enough to break free though she does manage to bap at the zombie's shoulder though it doesn't seem to do any damage at all.

At the moment the zed comes out of the mausoleum to attack Jeanie, Axle is still preoccupied with critiquing the boater band bogies in all their glory, telling Ramsey, "Maybe the tuba player was like their pharoah and they all had to go with him." Though there is no sign of a tuba in evidence. It would never fit into a coffin. At least it wasn't her that attacked Jeanie this time!

She's about to turn toward the ruckus behind her when one of the zeds looms closer out of the spotlight of the billy bat's glow, and she has to employ it as a weapon instead of as a flashlight, winging it around in an attempt to bap the gnarly creature in the face with it. "Back off, ugly!" she grunts out.

That is a good question. In Way's mind, and he is thinking it over, it seems like something he would do. So finally he chimes in, "So a Necromancer raised them from the dead and dressed them up in those. Then gave them instruments. I'm sure they are around here somewhere. Probably got bored of playing them." But then the one comes out of the tomb and grabs Jeanie. "OH MY GOD! Don't let it bite her or she'll turn!" Way shouts, looking around for a rock or broken tombstone to grab and throw at it. You know, to get it's attention? "Guys, maybe we should back up and regroup..." he tells them, his voice raised to be sure he is heard. If he finds a nice rock or chunk, he wings it at the walker on Jeanie.

ZING! Despite the walker grappling Jeanie, and the less than aerodynmicness of the rock, the wind factor, the humidity, the curve of the earth...He manages to smack the Zombie with the rock and shouts, "Hey! Come on you rotting pus bag! Your momma was a compost heap!"

Ramsey is in the middle of saying "Funerary rites areyyyyaaaaahhh!" startled when the thing busts out and grabs Jeanie and says "No bueno," and attempts to grab it and execute the counter maneuver known in parts of the south as 'gitmondown', where you grab it, and throw it on the floor. Preferably without Jeanie.

Fawn is still watching the coolest zombies ever when she hears that sound and turns to see Jeanie being taken by a surprise zombie, and then Axle's whacking at one?! Fawn grabs that rake up off her shoulder and wields it like a baseball bat, doing a quick assessment of who is where, and she moves on through the darkness closer to Axle to move up beside her to prepare for a fight! The rake is prepped for a swing, and if that asshat zombie comes back for Axle? She'll be ready!

Jeanie may have seen her life flash before her eyes in the brief seconds where she was waaaay too close for comfort to the zombie's looming mouth. Luckily, it was just some scratches as it tried to drag her down before Ramsey managed to fling the zombie to the ground. Empty handed, Jeanie will turn back to her psychokinesis giving it another shot. The sparks don't fail her this time as she sends a bolt of electricity straight for the zombie's chest which doesn't really do much more than Way's rock, but she does have a moment of inspiration in it. "Headshots! Go for the head!"

Billy bat flashlight? Check. Any idea how to use it? Bzzt. Nope.

Axle goes for the face of the zed who has lurched out at her, and she misses it entirely. The zed as a whole, not just the head. It's like she does this shit on purpose with the poor choreography. But in the end, it just makes her mad that she's so bad using an actual touchstone to defend herself. In the end she should quit using it to fight things with, anyway, since breaking it would be bad.

"Stupid fucker!" she yells. Either at herself or the zed, but regardless, she focus on trying to shapeshift herself into something bigger and badder while the zombie and its friends start to surround her and grab at her.

Okay well, this looks like it might be getting out of hand. they are getting swarmed by zombies and if somebody gets bit, well ... then they turn into a zombie, at least according to the movies, right? While Way would likely still be their friend, it sure would make things difficult and that worries the Lost. So he calls on a contract he hasn't used yet. At all. Side stepping away from the others, for reasons to be seen...it might almost look like he is about to flee, but instead something else happens. Something fucking insane. The Gremlin transforms quite quickly into a MASSIVE black dragon, easily the size of a bus.

The dragon bares it's teeth at the zombies and roars...

When the call goes out Ramsey converts his tactics. Grappling isn't gonna work. Of course, that is interrupted by the arrival of GRAVEYARD DRAGON. That's an album cover right there. He kind of stares for just a minute, but his body has all those good reflexes built in. The muscle memory of a punch is as good as a Gallagher act as he just lets the nearest jazz zambo gaze into the fist of Dredd and it gets real gross.

Fawn's gaze is soon on Stupid Fucker when he won't leave Axle alone, which gets the brunette's brows furrowing and her upper lip snarling, grip tightening on that rake that's soon swinging down with the points aimed for the top of the skull. If it's anything like the movies, it should puncture easily and kill the thing dead again, right?! As she swings down with all her might she hears that roar.. wtf! And she gets so distracted that the rake does nothing. The movies.. all lies! The rake rests on the zombie's shoulder as Fawn looks with wide eyes at the dragon.

Tonight is a weird night. A very, very weird night indeed. Jeanie's brain just sort of... fizzles out a little bit as she watches Way step back and turn into a MASSIVE DRAGON with no warning which almost makes her miss Ramsey shifting and so casually punching practically through the zombie that had attacked her. Now is not the time to remain short circuited though and she gives a bit of a shake as she pulls herself together, moonlight reflecting off her eyes in a pretty odd way that probably nobody has time to notice as she focuses on one of the horde of zombies. First Order of business: Take out the one that keeps taking swipes at Axle since the other girls seem like they could use some help. Jeanie focuses for the head and it actually seems to work! The zombie's still standing, but he's got a sizable chunk sizzling from where the bolt hit squarely on the skull.

Axle's not about to go down under a squad of bitey band geeks. She shapeshifts into a dire wolf -- her version of which isn't as large as others, unfortunately. But a couple of the zombies are bowled over by the mere fact that she got to much bigger in the middle of the circle of them. It'll just add zest to the fact that Jeanie's about to have the mother of all nervous breakdowns. Or perhaps she'll roll with it with her usual aplomb. At any rate, since Fawn's now so close to the action, the bristle-furred Ithaeur insinuates herself between the more vulnerable Wolf-Blood and the zeds, snarling in one of their faces.

BIG DRAGON! RAWR! Way-dragon makes an attempt at biting the head of the walker that is attacking Axle, hoping he can get it off her before it's too late and he never gets blowjobs again without fear of becoming a zombie himself. He reaches in with his head to snap at it and, well he is still not used to this whole thing. So his teeth come together with a CHOMP, but only bite air.

After the dragon's jaws snap shut just short of the Zombie, Ramsey steps up behind it and does a little shoulder tap to get its attention before just punching it in the head like it's pal. But dead guys with no heads are nobody's friends, and can't wear their fucking straw boater hats, CAN THEY ASSHOLE?!

"Fucking shit fuck piece of shit!" Fawn shouts when she looks back to see that the rake did nothing, which apparently pisses her off even more. Her brow furrows even more and she angry stomps a bit back from the action, but not before raking the rake head against Stupid Fucker's shoulder as she yanks it back. Now she's pissed. Fawn stomps around Axle as it seems Ramsey has it covered, and she moves out to stalk a zombo. Who's the hunter now?!

Jeanie is fine. She's really, suspiciously fine for someone that was a bit freaked out by unexpected ghosts earlier, then attacked by a zombie, plus saw a surprise dragon and the werewolves werewolfing is really the least strange of the evening. The zombie she previously zapped however? He's very soon not fine as she aims and gets a second headshot with one of her psychic lightning bolts. Double tapped and that's one less zombie to worry about! 3 down, only two more to go!

The Ithaeur isn't about to have that! She's probably immune to any germs that might be in a zombie bite, even if she's not immune to the bites and scratches themselves. She'll heal up from that crap in a few minutes compared to her friend. Fawn tries to go around her and Axle keeps moving to put her body in between the zeds and the Wolf-Blood. She turns her big head toward the other female and growls a low warning at her, as if to say 'quit it'.

Only two of them left? Damn, Way wants to try getting better at using this strange new form. Which means practice. What better to practice on, but flesh eating zombies?! Side-stepping a little to get the room, Dragon-Way reaches out to grab hold of one of the last remaining walkers, his strength phenominal, but his skill is seriously lacking. Still, he gets a hold on it! AMAZING! the dragon even looks surprised.

Ramsey sees Fawn about to sneak up on one of the remaining Jambies, and he does a quick analysis of lines of attack before rushing out in front of it to create both a distraction and a wall, stance wide and shuffling side to side like a goalie, herding it into position and not giving it anywhere to go.

When Axle woof turns around to give that look to Fawn, she's not there. The brunette has slipped off into.. somewhere. There are lots of tombstones about, and it's dark, so who really knows. Ramsey may have an inkling, though, for sure enough when that zombie is distracted she pops up behind him, rake over her head as she puts all her rage into it and begins to bash the shit out of it.. and something that skull won't break! "Fuck! You! Fucking! Fuck!" She says as she tries to bash it to death. Not like her rake is going to kill it anyway! That zombie is her pinata. Indestructible pinata.

Teamwork is dreamwork and since Ramsey and Fawn seem to have the other zombie cornered, Jeanie turns to lend a helping hand (or psychic beam of energy) to Way and his grappled foe and she manages to find her target yet again. The zombie might not be down for the count yet, but she's whittling away at him.

The Wolf-Blood disappears while she's not looking, leaving Axle to growl at no one. She turns back to the melee with what passes for a scowl on a wolf-muzzle. Well, fine! She leans down and closes her teeth into the clothing along the back of one of the downed zeds and starts to drag it off to where it can be disposed of later with the rest of this riff raff. She'll just be clean-up crew.

Now that he has the walker, Way isn't even sure what to do with it! It's like if a dog who chases cars actually ever caught one. Then he figures, now that he has it...might as well just try to hold on to it. Yeah, so this is kind of overkill at this point, but until he learns how to fight properly, the considerable strength of the dragon form is all he has. So he keeps a good hold on the thing so the others can finish it off. Done deal.

When Fawn attempts to batter the zombie with the rake, Ramsey executes a leg sweep, classic Cobra Kai, to help facilitate this, opening it up to rakely aggression, and says solemly, "Put him back in a body bag."

Fawn is there and ready for it, and as she holds the rake above her head she starts to jab down at the zombie's head with the stick end, trying to get it into an eye socket... and it finally works! Who knew she was just using the wrong end!? Fawn gives it another few squishy jabs into the socket as she snarls down at it, and only when it's dead-dead does she release a very frustrated yell? Scream? Growl? Something of the sort, and then she's throwing the rake to the ground and kicking it hard before stomping off into the darkness.

Who knew that stationary targets were a lot easier to hit than moving ones? Well, Way and Ramsey clearly and Jeanie takes advantage of the dragon's pin to launch one more lightning bolt at a zombie and it sizzles right on target. And the gurgling is no more even as she looks around the cemetery. "Was that the last of them?" Her arm has a little bit of claw marks, but at least it wasn't a bite. Really, barely more than a scratch. "And I'm guessing we should burn them. Just in case." it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Ramsey slowly sniffs the air for the sign of any more animate jazzmen, but seems to decide the risk is minimal and slowly shifts back down into his more distinctly human form and shakes his head. "We can load them back into that crypt and build a fire in there. Should keep it from spreading too much. Since we don't want to burn the whole cemetary. And nobody's going to look inside." Yeah, that's how that works! "Good job, everyone. uhh.. Nice dragoning, dude. And excellent zaps and rakes. I'm proud of everyone."

Fawn is somewhere around, and like a ping on a gps tracker, there comes the occasional 'fuck' or other random curse as she makes her walk through the graveyard. She'll come around eventually. There's karaoke to be had, after all!

"I feel like there should be a joke about oven crypts..." But Jeanie just can't find it and gives a shrug. She might be a little bit jumpy as they go about cleaning up the mess, but who wouldn't be thinking they might be seeing something over their shoulder at that unexpected fight? And maybe she'll pass on any more karaoke, at least for tonight.