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Troubling Toads

Characters: Adrienne, Agatha, Ash, Kiki, Lita, Simin and Stasya
Date: 2020-08-04
Summary: Who could resist following a very strange flood of even stranger amphibians into the Sewers? Certainly not this intrepid group of Werewolves and Changelings

All Hail the Hypnotoad... Until he is squashed (expand for flashing gif)

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Troubling times in town tonight, at least if you're someone with a fear of toads. Stasya isn't exactly afraid of toads, but she does find the one the size of a medium dog pretty curious and so she's been trailing the critter from somewhere near the French Quarter if the Cafe du Mond bag in her hand is any hint. Along the way, the amphibian has seemed to pick up some more friends in various different sizes. It's not until they get to a very large drainage pipe that the toad seems to come to it's first real obstacle... a grate. And a pile of smaller toads and frogs that are all seeming desperate to wedge themselves through the pipe and into the sewers or wherever it is that leads, regardless of the fact that so many can't get through such a space all at once. This just leads the cotton candy colored Wizened to take a step back and tilt her head. "Huh... that's weird..."

Any odd amphibious activity is sure to catch the eye of the always-on-the-prowl Adrienne. Spotting a plague of the creatures traveling to meet the big toad had made the Full Moon drop everything to investigate. Wearing a pair of jeans and a hoodie, she keeps her head down as she accompanies the katamari-like group of creatures from toad to frog. Her path of toads leads her to intersect with Stasya at the drainage gate, eyes widening at the sight of the Wizened. It isn't unkind in the least; it's just a surprise to the gruff Full Moon. Adrienne looks over her shoulder as if to look for someone, then back at Stasya. "Oh, someone's already on it," she says with a little grin. "We about to open that drainage pipe and find the pied frog piper?"

Toads? So many toads and big ones. Even with the full moon in the sky making her ansty as all get out. The six foot muntain of muscle has been itching to get out and put something down. Instead she's mostly had to occupy herself with lifting but even then not every gym stays open twenty four seven so out the door she goes. Old jeans in dark blue denim and a leather jacket padded enough to take the brunt of a fall from her bike, the blonde Iron Master finds herself following the toads as they seem to increase in numbers. Motorcycleboots the same black as her belt and probably as many buckles and studs clunk against paved ground while she sates her curiosity. Spotting Stasya, Andrienne and anyone else turning up she hmms. "No biting or licking them. Maybe." she suggests and makes herself known.

Simin isnt entirely sure how the hell he got roped into toads, of all things. There was just a text message. Maybe a few text messages. A couple 'WTFs'? And now the dragon's here peering over Stasya's shoulder, narrowly avoiding bumping into her when she bakcs up, "No, you werent kidding. Those are big fuckers." He offers a more sagelike nod of agreement at the idea of 'lets not lick them', however.’

Trailing not far behind Adrienne is a tall, dark haired man. Both hands rest in the pockets of the black zippered hoodie he wears. With his face hidden in the shadows of his hood and with dark jeans and a pair of black sneakers he is a tall, heavily muscled, dark figure within the group. A smile is given to Adrienne as he moves in beside her, an up nod of his head given to each of the others as he studies them in silence with his amber, wolf like eyes. Only a moment is taken to study the scene and the others before Ash slips his hands free from the pocket of his hoodie to tug lightly on the grate, testing its strength. "You guys cool if I open this up?" The rahu is in dalu, his voice a low, deep rumble of a growl that can be felt almost as much as it can be heard.

"I should hope not. The last Pied Piper I met was rather... carnivorous," Stasya breaks her suspicious staring at the frog clogged pipe to glance at the approaching werewolves. The arrival of one of her fellow Changeling's gets more of a greeting with a nod towards Simin. "I'm pretty sure they're not hobs, but these... are not normal, are they?" That thick Russian accent is clear she's not from around here. As for Ash's request to open it up, the dainty woman gives a shrug. "Let me know if you need some help."

"I'm gonna lick one," Agatha chimes in. The Elodoth dressed in just a tank top, jeans, and flip-flop looks around the gathering of others; sniffing at the air as he does so. "I thought I smelled something funky, but this is a whole new level of weird." He rubs his hands together excitedly, seemingly chomping at the bit to see what the amphibians are up to. To the Rahu he smiles and nods along with Stasya. "Please do!"

Simin peers a little closer when Sastya asks if the toads are normal, and chuckles softly, "Yeah, I, no, those are the size of rottwielers. Thats not normal." But then they're asking about moving the grate and the Persian's only too happy to take a step back and give them room to do so, while clasping his hands behind his back and shooting another curious look at Stasya, "Remind me to ask you later why you decided to start following rather large Toads Of Unusual Size."

Lita gives Ash a thumbs up and a nod. "MIght as well knock. Don't let me stop you flexing." she says playfully and bounces on the spot and adds a few arm stretches of her own as much as the jacket allows. "Hope everyone got a good drycleaner." she adds with a smirk. Agatha gets another nod and a chuckle. "Well okay, if they mess you up too much then maybe we don't. Ball tripping is totally not messed up."

Adrienne grins toothily at Ash when she spots him, a dimple denting her cheek. Her eyes dart toward the dragon man and widen a little bit; again, there's always this surprise and wonder at the Lost from the Rahu with no pokerface. She clears her throat, eyes darting toward the frog horde. "Is it really that bad to trip balls while you're vanquishing toads?" Asks Adrienne to nobody in particular, her jaw muscles flexing a little bit as she watches Ash move to pull the pipe cover off, filled to the brim with anticipatory energy. "Also if these are frog hosts I'm going to be pissed," Adrienne says as an aside to Agatha.

With his face still mostly hidden in the shadows of his hood, Ash breaths in deeply then grabs the gate in his strong hands. With a soft grunt he rips the gate from its hinges, breaking the lock and tearing out some of the wall around the gate before its easily tossed aside with loud clang as it falls and then slides away from the group. Motioning for the others to lead the way he bows his head lightly to let them pass.

Stasya just blinks blankly back at Simin. "Why wouldn't I follow such large frogs?" Spoken like the true Summer that she is, always on the lookout for a fight. Ash's rather impressive show of force on the gate is met with an appreciative bobble of her head when it succeeds even if she did wince a little bit at all that groaning metal in the process of tearing it off. She glances at the rather dark tunnel and the frogs and toads of all shapes and sizes that are now flooding in. "I think we're going to need a light." Which isn't really a problem for her as she reaches her hand up towards the moon, a golden ring glinting and from around around the horizon a bolt of sunlight coalesces in her hand in the shape of a really, really large sword of pure sunlight. "Who wants to go first?" The light at least does cast a good bit down the tunnel.

"On a night like tonight." That whole moon in the sky beeing full. A thumb aimed upwards. "Kinda helps if we don't just yet." she states while letting essence flow and help guide her instincts and further empower her. With the entrance to the underground open she smiles and makes her way in. "So glad I came from a gym first. Manky ass sweaty lummoxes are a good warm up for this kind of funk."

Simin watches Ash neatly tear the grate off of it's hinges and lob it aside, blinking a few times, then shooting Stasya a look and murmurs, "Beteen your friends and Charity's friends, One might start feeling woefully inadequate." He does, however, sound like that idea amuses the hell out of him, not something that actually has him upset. Instead he just needs a moment to unlimber the rapier from his backpack. She asks who's going first and he pauses for a moment to look at the other faces before addressing her again, "Not that you need any protection at all, but you'll understand if I hang back and step in when you do, right?"

Kiki's steps reach the group of people at the grate, probably missing the actual gate opening, but obviously noticing the gang. A smile, and she holds up her hands disarmingly, asking, "You guys chasing frogs too? Those are some humongous frogs!" She doesn't look armed, although, she does have a backpack. "You guys mind a tagalong? I need to see where they're coming from!" There's a distance, that she's left before getting in personal space, and she's holding herself a bit tensely, as if expecting argument.

"I don't think there's any kinda warmup for going into a sewer. Especially for us, and this shit has me wondering if it'd be good to go on all fours." Agatha waits until the Rahu are all in like a good Elodoth, and then goes in after them. He shifts up and out, and but remains on two legs along with a foot in height and a noticeable gain in muscle. Down into the dank, dark abyss he goes, and he's already wrinkling his nose up in disgust.

Adrienne shifts then -- it's a bigger, beefier version of herself. She stretches a little bit after that shift, feeling the points of her teeth with her tongue. When Ash gives that show of brute strength, her bright eyes widen and she wolf-whistles playfully as the metal grate slides by. "I'll go first," she says with a little snort -- pondering shifting again after she slips into the filth. "This smells like a thousand rotten assholes," Adrienne says like every other poor bastard here can't smell it.

Lita grins at the sword with a very approving expression. "Badass!" Though she doesn't quite try to lok directly at it or the moon that the light came from. "Shift if ya want but it is a sewer, you might not have that much room down there." the muscled woman states to the Elodoth. "And at least with hands you can cover your nose." she adds with a chuckle as she moves along the pipes with everyone else, twitching her ears while keeping her own senses as honed as they can with sewern stank. Though unlike some of the other wolves she's staying in her Hishu form for now as she trudges about.

Ash gives a soft laugh and a nod of his head, letting the group move forward before following in and letting Agatha pick up the rear. A soft whistle of appreciation is given for the wizened show of power, calling in the sword of light. "I think most of us agree, this may be a job best left for us on four legs instead of two..." Trailing off he looks to the other wolves and then Adrienne last as if speaking silently with her. A nod follows and then he shifts, dropping to all fours with sounds of popping bone and stretching sinew and muscle. Where once stood a tall biker, now is instead a huge black dire wolf.

Stasya raises a pastel pink eyebrow dubiously at Simin's claims of protection. "I believe I should be the one protecting you. I seem to remember an incident with a troll not too long ago... and ripping it's heart out with my hand." She flexes the non-sword holding hand it some claw action. There's a glance around to the suddenly beefier than usually beefy werewolves around them. "And I do not know any of these people. Although if there happens to be anything like the fire-bear I fought with another werewolf once... this should be interesting." And right before she's about to follow Adrienne into the sewer, there's an arrival of an unfamiliar changeling that gets her attention. "I don't mind, but be prepared to trouble. And you may want to stay behind Simin and myself."

Simin smiles brightly at Stasya's comment about the troll and rumbles, "One troll gets a lucky shot in and...." There's a long, amused sigh from Simin, that morphs into a bright smile at Kiki and a bob of his head, wiggling the fingers of his free hand at the new Lost, "Hi. Sure. Come on in. Mind the first step. Apparently we have toads." He's quite content to wait and follow the Summer in, once he's sure Kiki is indeed all good with heading in with them.

Kiki's smile is faint as she watches the quick shifting, but her attention is drawn to Stasya when she speaks. "I'm Kiki, and sure, I'll behind. I'm not very good at poking things with sharp sticks, but I can fix holes..." It's stated with a happy excitement, as if she's looking forward to the pokey sticks. There's a nod to Simin, and she still keeps a respectful distance, not stepping on any tails or anything on the way in.

Agatha listens to the warriors and tacticians of his ilk, and nods. "I get what you're saying, but hear me out. War form's also on two legs. Sometimes." He shakes his head before he starts rambling and getting in his own head, and continues on after the lot of them. "We sure these are toads, and not frogs by the way? Not stopping anyone from stompin' 'em. Just making sure after some past 'agreements,'" the Elodoth adds with air-quotes tacked on.

Adrienne feels toads pouring down and sees them as well-- walking with a pushing shuffle to avoid stomping on the little critters and getting her only good pair of shoes gross. When she hears that low, ominous toad warble, she grunts softly and keeps going that way. "If anyone has any reservations about what sounds like a giant fucking frog-toad?" She looks over at Agatha, clearly waffling on which. "Amphibian.. thing?"

"I suppose it is an important distinction." Sheridan agrees. "Frogs and toads do different things. Like good trips and bad trips. Maybe not Exciting trips but still fun." she sayd and looks down to where she can hear the possibly large critter croaking. While lots of smaller ones, for a relative level of smaller since she's seen them already bigger than they should be at rottweiler proportions. "The only reservation I have is under standard dibs rules." she adds with a grin as she moves about. Occasionally looking down at some of the amphibians still streaming in.

"What's the difference?" Stasya grimaces a little as a particularly large toad hops into her knee and she shakes it away with her foot. "They have weird legs and go hop, hop, hop." Minute differences in amphibians were not taught in whatever English classes she found. As for reservations on it, she gives a shrug. "If it turns out to talk and any of you wish to negotiate with the... thing," There's a dubious glance down the tunnel where the frog-behemoth seems to be singing for his minions. "I can make you better at it."

Ash, known by the deed name Red-Harvest smashes a few of the amphibians under his massive paw, raking his claws through the bloody mess before leaning in to sniff lightly at the bloody mess. A huff of exhaled breath through his nose follows along with a shake of his head as he looks in the direction of the sounds, nose lifted up a bit to sniff at the air. A soft rumble of a growl follows that testing of the air before the dire wolf speaks in first-tongue <"We should move, see what draws them and end it if need be. If we are buried in the bodies of the smaller ones they won't tell tales of our cunning or wisdom."> A wolfish grin follows, large tongue hanging from the corner of his mouth. Nodding in the direction of the noise he pushes through the group, urging the others on to move forward. <"We should let one that likes /these things/ talk if there is talk."> The last is said in the first tongue as well.

Simin waggles the point of his blade at a toad that bounds past, pausing a moment to shoot Stasya an oadd look, then after some consideration, shifts his feet and lines up a kick to *punt* one down the pipe past Adrienne, "Playing through..." Apparently choosing to hold off on committing more carnage when he can play a little soccer with one of them instead, "Still not going to lick one, even if it'll make them understandable."

Kiki's voice pipes in after Sheridan, there's a hint of joking not joking to it, as she states, "If they do cause trips, I might want a few samples of that. Medicinal. Really! Or I suppose..." Her voice trails off, and she seems lost in thought a moment, before adding, "Maybe for a beer or something too?" Every time one of the toads touches her leg roughly, hopping by, she twitches a little, frowning down at the ground. A little snort escapes her, and she just watches how far the little amphibian goes.

There's a chuckle from Lita and a nod as she listsns to Ash wuffing in his large Urshul form. "All else fails we sell the carcasses to a restaurant that does Creole. I could do with a good Jambalaya." she states. "Lets find the big one and see if talking is an option. Not everything is hostile. No need to be cruel they're just trying to find somewhere safe and soggy. That even extends to culling." she states with a frown as one amphibian is punted. "Dude, not cool." she admonishes with a growl. "They could be accorded for all we know."

"I honestly don't know the difference, but push come to shove I can work something out. I usually do. If I don't it won't be the first time I've pissed somebody off because I found some kinda loophole." The Elodoth chuckles at that, and looks over to Ash.

Agatha's gaze narrows after starting at the thing a bit too long at the frog. Something snaps him out of his scrutiny then as his eyes suddenly go wide. "Hey, Lord!" In the next berath he's on all fours in the shape of a massive, shaggy, horned red wolf. ~Go home!~ he howls, and right as the words leave his fanged maw he hawks a massive, green glob from his mouth that splatters on the frogs skin.

When Lita says that the frogs might be accorded, Adrienne cannot help but to snort-and-snerk -- she's clearly amused by that idea. "I didn't see any frogs on the member rolls," Adrienne says to Lita over her shoulder, her black clawed hands flexing a few times. The Full Moon is itching for a fight as she slinks along -- but then Agatha is yelling and howling. When he then goes full Dilophosaurus, Adrienne stays in her current near-(wo)man form -- a little too claustrophobic to hulk out in the sewer, not that she'd ever admit it.

One might think a glob of whatever that was Agatha hacked up would do a bit more damage, but it seems to barely roll off the massive bullfrog's skin, blending in with a protective layer of slime. The frog had somehow found a wide cavern in the sewer system to claim as a sort of throne room and had been calling up to the ceiling. Their path wasn't the only one that the amphibians were flowing through, as there are three other tunnels feeding in, all equally congested. The Lord of the Frogs lowers his head from the manhole cover he had been yodelling to (which does allow a little glimpse of the moon at just the right angle) and croaks out something to his minions. A hand full of what would be the biggest frogs ever seen (if it weren't for the Frog-Lord over there), each easily hip height on a man, circling around the much larger frog as if they're a layer of protection.

Stasya frowns a little as Simin sends a frog flying down the hall. "That seemed... unnecessary." She'll do nothing more to stop it though, just raise her sword a little higher to cast light further down the tunnel. "Accorded seems unlikely. They all seem like they're under the influence of well... something." There's another very loud croaking and the even more toads flood down the stream. It's like wall to wall carpeting but the room is a sewer tunnel and the floor is moving and frogs and she follows after Agatha's dire charge. "That... pretty sure they're under the influence of that."

Sensing that the chances of ending this all with talk has passed, Ash looks to Adrienne before bumping her lightly with his large head. Growling softly in the first tongue he adds, <"Time to fight."> With that the large wolf streaks forward, clawed feet tearing up and rending smaller toads and frogs to leave a bloody path in his wake. Launching himself at the larger toad he bites into its slimy hide, rending and tearing and shaking his head hard from side to side before letting it go. Blood and slime drip from his maw as he shakes his head, fighting off the effects of the slime before growling, prowling in a small circle around the creature.

Lita sees Ash go for the bigger wolf and take a bite. Whether that will bite back will be something to find out but she's just going to put her hands to work as she rushes one of the slightly smaller amphibians and wraps it up in her arms, crunching and kneeing it while she has a hold on it still.

The horned wolf that is Agatha watches the two Rahu go into the fray. He isn't some new cub, but the savage fury of the full moon's still leaves him in awe. It takes him a second to shake that feeling, and then he charges headlong alongside the other wolves, and leaps maw first right at the largest of the bunch. He doesn't let go initially, and when he pulls his jaws off the frog his tongue lolls out.

Agatha might have flipped the frog king, but he's not down and out. He doesn't need to be on his feet to work his magic. Literal magic. Look into his eyes! Those hypnotic eyes! The massive bullfrog croaks and at least some of the fighters seem entranced by him. And as for his smaller hoards... they jump forward... and quite a few of them manage to land hits with their little poison jaws. Vicious, vicious not-so-little frogs.

"I mean, were the frogs even hurting anyone?" It's all mumbled as the fighting starts, and Kiki starts to move off to the side, then one of the little beasts attacks her! Those frog teeth hurt, and she jumps, staring at her leg for a moment. When she speaks again, it's to ask the frog, "What the hell dude? I wasn't hurting you!" The red-head shakes her leg, but it's too late, the toxicity's starting to affect her, but she's still smart enough to know that now, it's time to hide. Stasya offered earlier, so Kiki starts heading to get behind her, pulling her bag around to the front of her body to peer into it's contents. "Stupid frogs."

Adrienne is accosted pretty badly by poison-jawed frogs. There's a definite moment where Adrienne looks down and has a 'nobody makes me bleed my own blood, NOBODY' moment as she reviews the gross frog bite wounds. She explodes into an impressively hulking direwolf without second thought. There's this moment of anticipation where the King Frog is glowered at, a low snarl sounding as she goes after the biggest threat. She lunges for the frog and somehow jerks its leg out of the socket before her crushing jaws slip off of the mucousy hide of the Lord of the Toads pretty comically. There's an almost comical WAUGH WAAAAUGH sound as Adrienne tries to spit and hack the taste of toad out of her mouth. Slippery indeed.

Stasya said she would protect her fellow changeling and the Summer Queen is a woman of her word. The frog that managed to get a bit of a bite on her leg quickly realizes the mistake as the Wizened whips her sword around and cleanly cuts clear through him with the sun-blade. She steps up to put more of a shield of herself between the little Spring and the crazy frog hordes. "Are you alright?"

Lita keeps herself in her hishu form. Biting frogs was probably a bad idea like she guessed so hands and thumbs are pretty handy. There's another crunch as that thigh of Lita's flexes and drives a knee into the frog before it's planted down to step over to another frog and with her arms raising the dead one in her arms brings it down on the next target with a very hard and wet sound of bones being crunched from solid impact. And she hasn't even shifted yet.

Someone had to go a flip the toad kingdom all upside down. Or maybe it's just the toad king. As Lita is grapples through not one, but two frogs and Stasya cuts through another like it's some sort of horrible piece of cake, things are not going well for the frogs. Not well at all. Attacks miss left and right from all but one of the frogs who miraculously manages to land a bite on Lita's leg.

Kiki's reaction when the frog attacks her again is a bit over-exaggerated, as she leaps into the air, and behind Stasya, landing on both feet but almost falling over anyways. Her arms wave in the air for a second, until she realizes she's not actually unbalanced, at which point, she just drops them to her side. And she managed to avoid getting bitten. "Little shits," she mutters, glaring at the attacking frog. "Shoo!"

Simin manages to at least snap himself out of the daze the first one got him in with its litle ribbity biting. With a softly hissed 'ow, goddamnit!", he practically stumbles back a step, slashing ineffectually at the toad that's still trying to take his foot off. Or at least some toes. Toeds? Something.

Adrienne is a blur of blonde fur and terrible jaws. The King of the Frogs is slippery and tastes like ass so Adrienne turns her full moon ire to the likes of the frog that was an immediate threat to Simin at least. She swings her hulking frame around wide and lunges toward the frog after Simin misses. In some sort of instant karma and retribution, she uses her jaws to crush and tear the creature's leg -- snapping at it and shaking her head with a low, rattling snarl that warbles when she whips her head back and forth. Adrienne tastes blood and gore, relishing the feeling of those horrible jaws finding the object of her hunt and killing it.

You know what Stasya really doesn't like? Anybody trying to eat her Freehold members. So that frog that was trying to take a chomp at the surprisingly nimble Kiki very quickly meets the same fate as the frog that had biten her early. Very few things find a sun-sword to the face as a pleasant thing. Freakishly larger sewer toads are no exception. "Simin, are you alright?" She would go check on him... but there's kind of a bunch of werewolves and toads in the way, but she heard that ow, even if she didn't see the swing and the miss.

Kiki's reaction when the frog attacks her again is a bit over-exaggerated, as she leaps into the air, and behind Stasya, landing on both feet but almost falling over anyways. Her arms wave in the air for a second, until she realizes she's not actually unbalanced, at which point, she just drops them to her side. And she managed to avoid getting bitten. "Little shits," she mutters, glaring at the attacking frog. "Shoo!"

Ash shakes out of the strange awe that kept him out of the fight. The huge dire wolf prowls around the field as the fight continues. Channeling essence into his form causing his flesh to buckle, warp and spasm as his muscles bulge with power.

Lita while the other wolves are focused on the large frog. Lita in what tactical wisdom she can manage just keeps her focus on keeping the other little frogs off people, charging to the next one she focuses her essence and scoops up another frog in her arms and gives it a big old strike of her boots along it's body. Ouch!

Agatha must've lost his goddamned nut. After that first lick his eyes are bugged out. It might have had something to do with whatever he licked the first time. Well, goddamned he's here for it, and is ready for round two. He jumps, and midway to the giant frog he explodes into the massive rippling mass of fur and muscle that is the werewolf's warform. The giant red wolf immediately takes a bite of the frog. He's probably trying to study more of whatever's the crap covering the frog because he doesn't let go.

Simin does not sound like he's in such a good mood. The little Winter dragon sounds kinda pissed, to be honest, 'You little croaking SHIT..." as he lunges and manages to stab at the little bastard that keeps nipping at his foot. Yeah. Fox girl is going to be giving him a hard time about this later. Just wait.

Frog killing in sewers hasn't been her most heroic showing. She hunkers down and lunges at the last uninjured frog, skidding a little bit on her way -- managing to snap at its leg -- trying to take a bite out of it. Adrienne gets a little bite of it but comes away unsatisfied, snorting.

Kiki stares at Simin, as her protector Stasya checks on him. Of course, she doesn't move from behind the other woman, she just mumbles to no one, "It's like the gladiator fights, where dinner was on the losers, and no one actually won." She smiles slightly, it's not a pleasant smile, just a hint of satisfaction in the air as she feels a shift in the fortune of her fellow Lost and he actually hits the little croaker.

"Oh, we're winning," Stasya is sure of that even as she dodges yet another ravenous frog. There's not many left, and she goes for one of the least injured ones still roaming, the one that Adrienne just took a bite of, however maybe not wanting to accidentally hit the nearby wolf makes her pull her swing back just a little bit as this one's not quite as clean, although that frog won't be leaping anywhere anytime soon. It's still breathing though. Barely.

As combat unfolds, Ash paces and prowls while trying to find the right time to strike. His flesh buckles, warps, and spasms as it twists into a primal form of destruction but its on his teeth and claws where that power comes to rest. When the opening is seen he pounces on the large King frog and knocks it over, teeth and claws rending and tearing the creature apart to spray its blood and flesh, muscle and bone flying as he seeks its total destruction.

Lita shakes a leg, not just the one that got frog bit. The creature in her hands is practically folded in half and squished in the middle like a water ballon before the Rahu in hom sees one last little frog that with with a very satisfactory grin has the frog in her arms beaten over it's head like she was playing frog tee-ball. The carcass dropped and there's one last look too see what's still about which appears to be changelings and werewolves. "So much for talking but it's probably for the best they get culled. Last thing we want is humans kicking up a stink about mutant frogs." she says flatly.

Kiki pulls a thick plastic shopping bag out of her leather courier bag, pulling it inside out over hand as if she's picking up dog poop or something. "I'll just take one of these... if no one cares?" Reduce, reuse, recycle, something like that. Then she peers around the group, asking seriously, "Is anyone hurt enough to need healing?"

When the melee finally dies down so too dows the Elodoth's rage. He shrings back on down to that normal, human shape to start wiping some of the slime off of him. Agatha runs a hand over his horned head, trying to get some of the slime off of his scalp. Without thinking twice about it he reaches down to grab one of the still odd frogs, and clutches it close. "Kermit is mine," he mutters before slowly walking away - still a slimy mess.