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Three Blind Mice

Characters: Seven, Rafael, Nicola, Saulot
Date: 2020-08-22
Summary: The additional leads found by a werewolf have pointed the Black Constable to a smaller nest of Beshilu that's taken root somewhere in the sewers. Worst of all is that what leads them isn't one of those shards of The Plague King.


Getting into the sewers is easy enough when nightfall comes. A few pedestrians might catch a glimpse of them going to visit the ninja turtles, but nothing too major. Down there they'll need some source of light because there ain't a hint of brilliance underground. Even worse is the smell. That dank, wet funk that smells like a dumpster fire drowning in its own filth. A few critters skitter around here and there, but for now they don't sense much that might send them running.

Rafael is not wearing a suit tonight.

No, he's in coveralls and a set of waders, in point of fact, a duffle bag slung up over one shoulder and a crowbar held in hand. The crowbar was used for prying open the sewer entrance, but he's still got it on hand anyway in case anything else comes up that needs to be crowbarred. Like an evil clown. "Alright," he says quietly, motioning with the bar, "Fixers said that there were some more of those - rat things, ah, Bishounen, down here. So we find the evil rats, burn 'em out, get paid."

Dressed from head to toe in black leather, Nicola hesitates when she is informed they are heading into the sewers. Bright turquoise eyes turn to Rafael and narrow, "Seriously, cher? You ain't gonna tell a girl you takin her in the sewers?", a shake of her head and muttering under her breath about the worst date ever. A pair of brass knuckles have replaced the usual silver and gold rings on her fingers, and she carries a dented metal bat, which she points at Rafael and shoots him another look before she heads down into the sewer. "Oh holy fuck.", she covers her nose and mouth with one hand, "Oh my god, something took a shit, ate it, puked it up, and then died on top of it down here.", she gags. "Oh god, I am gonna hurl.", she grumbles.

Trying to compose herself, Nicola takes shallow breaths through her mouth rather than her nose, still gagging now and then. "Bisho..what now? Rat things? We're huntin rat things? Lunch, we need to have a long talk about your communucation skills after this."

Seven is dressed for the 'occasion' wearing a hoodie, some leggings, and rubber boots that already seems to have dirt and grime on them. Once they're down in the sewers, she pulls out a simple flashlight. Something cheap that'll do decently enough for the mission. The smell of the sewer doesn't seem to bother her. Sure, she smells it but it's just a distraction. Not wasting a moment, she turns the beam of the light to their current surroundings as she listens to the others, taking in everything around them. There's a glance stolen toward the unfamiliar face of Nicola, a brow raising at her. Her eyes go between her fellow Constable, then back toward the other woman. A glint of amusement flashes in her gaze. "Sometimes you're thrown into situations unaware. Important to learn how to adapt," she comments. Then her attention shifts back to Rafael. "Know how to track them? Or... signs of their presence?" she questions, not wanting to be wandering too long in the sewers.

"I told you to dress to get messy, cher."

A grin widens across Rafael's lips almost shark-like as he looks over to Nicola, a single brow lifting a little. "You wanted to see the job, after all. I wasn't kidding when I said it wasn't exactly pretty work that we do..." The crowbar's brought down from his shoulder, and he points it down the tunnel, "Unnatural rodent behavior, hive mind clustering, uh, bodies filled with rats moving around? You know. The usual."

The usual indeed. If it weren't for Seven's flashlight it might have been unusual because she narrowly avoids taking a tumble in a hole in the pope. That's gonna be a problem if the city floods again. That's future New Orleans problem as they continue in the sewers. Directions were simple above ground, but not as simple when below. They can hear chittering as they make their way through the twists and turns down here, and it sounds like they're on the right track. They know they're on the right track when the sight of rats seems to disappear, but they can still hear things crawlinga round them.

Pulling a sequin covered hot pink scrunchy from her pocket, Nicola pulls back all that wild blonde hair into a ponytail, she bobs her head at Seven. "Yeah, but usually it doesn't smell this bad, or is the stench normal for y'all? Oh and hey, I'm Nic, in case Lunch didn't tell ya." A glance over Rafael and a sigh, "Get messy does not equate to crawling in the sewers looking for evil rat things. At least if I hurl no one has to clean it up, it will just blend in." While she doesn't have a flashlight, Nicola's eyes shine in the dark like an animal and she appears to see pretty well. "Gawd, like seriously....we should have done this during the day when my senses aren't in overdrive. The smell is...", she puts a hand over her mouth and gags as she begins leading the way down the tunnels with a wave of her hand like she knows where she is going.

As the rats skittering around start to thin out, she pauses, "I need to buy a gun.", she bounces the bat in her hands, "So um, fire? I didn't bring my bic."

"Seven," she introduces herself in return to the other psychic. Although she's not too helpful in finding their way through the sewers, the young woman remains vigilant nonetheless. She does her best to memorize the path taken, though with it being dark it's not too easy to keep track. Mostly quiet, she keeps herself focused on the mission. Her head tilts this way and that, eyes glancing when she ears some random chittering. When the rodents themselves start to fade from sight, her brows narrow slightly. "I have fire," she assures the other woman with a glance their way. "When we find the nest or whatever... I'll burn it."

The slow retreat of the sound of rodents absolutely puts Rafael on edge, and he keeps close beside Nicola as they make their way through the revolting tunnels that stretch beneath New Orleans to carry effluvia onward to treatment plants and eventually the ocean. The crowbar's held but not as a weapon - that instead is the purview of the antique brass knuckles gripped in his right hand, curving over his knuckles. The rubber soles of his waders make unpleasant sucking sounds now and then as they walk, not making efforts to try and be too terribly stealthy. He's pretty sure he can't out-sneak a bunch of rats.

"Hey, you wanted to glorify the job," he notes with a thread of teasing to his tone, "I wanted to show you the shit we really do..."

They can see things as they traverse the sewers. Things no human should see, at least. Small holes dug into the pipes, but not into the earth or whatever may surround them in the world of skin and bone. They see mishappen things into a world completely unlike the one they're used to. Shiftend shapes and things as small as the rats and roaches, but wholly ephemeral. These spirits take note of the humans, watching them through the hole in reality from their side of thinsg. They can hear things as they move. Whispers and wants, but none of it is easy enough to parse with their mundane senses.

Nicola is vigilant, her eyes darting around at every little shuffle or skitter, "OH? So did you really eat 9?", she asks and snorts in amusement at her own joke, followed by a dry heave and another gag. A hand shoots out to slap Rafael's arms, "You said hunting serial killin angels and killin assholes, nothing about sewers and rats." Every word is choked out as the smell continues to overwhelm her heightened senses. Her gaze sweeps back toward Seven, "You hiding a flamethrower in that hoodie? Are these like small normal rats or we talking the size of a capybara and they eat dogs and cats in the neighborhood?" Head bouncing back and forth between them waiting for an answer to any one of her questions, until she pauses, her eyes shifting around.

All that bouncy energy seems to drain out of Nicola and she tenses up as she hears the spirits, those glowing blue-green eyes scan the area, "Raf, ya said rats, we gonna need to worry about the ghosties hangin about? I mean I am a little hungry, but..."

At the joke, Seven gives Nicola a bit of a confused look. Her attention momentarily drifts to Rafael in a sort of questioning manner, but it's nothing to get into at the moment. There's actual business to attend to. "I've never faced any spirit-possessed rats, that I can recall. But, in my experience, things that are possessed tend to be more powerful than whatever vessel they chose," she explains, though her tone gives away that spiritual matters aren't exactly her specialty. Still, most things are weak against fire.

"I'm given to understand that they're rat spirits that like to chew through the walls of reality so they can be cannibalistic little bitches in our neighborhood," is Rafael's quiet explanation as that hand smacks against his arm, slanting a look her way, "You didn't think we were just going after normal rats, did you? You can always back off and head back out, if you aren't up for it."

He lifts an eyebrow. "No shame if you do."

"Apparently they also like to crawl into people and puppet them around, so try and avoid getting into that situation."

The spirits of filth, grime, and the little critters. They can hear them scuttling, floating, and moving around. Some of them even reach through the holes sundered through the gauntlet, but save a few of them the spirits are just a bit too large. Those were made for and by something a bit smaller. The few that get few run immediately away from the humans, content to go away from the humans with their freedom to go in and out of the skin world.

As they continue along something else changes in the air. The musky funk isn't as bad. Not so bad at all really. Rafael isn't so lucky, and that hair-burning stench is still hitting him square in teh face. For Seven and Nicola they can finally hear what those creatures are saying. At least partially. This place isn't so bad. It's almost like hjome. Enough so that they might just bring a few souvenirs with them. What might be the harm.

A cutting glare is turned toward Rafael and Nicola scoffs when he offers that she can turn back. A roll of her eyes and she trudges on through the muck muttering under her breath and continuing to cautiously watch everything happening around them. Now and then she side-steps, picks her feet up further than necessary, but as they move and it becomes easier to breathe, she pauses. A glance at Rafael and then at Seven, "Why doesn't it smell as bad anymore?", she murmurs to neither of them in particular as she cants her head listening to the whispers going on around her, "Ah hell naw, this ain't no gift shop."

When things start to feel a bit more homely, Seven takes a moment to close her eyes. A few seconds pass as she indulges in her senses. It reminds her of when she first arrived to the city, with the singular mission of survival. Hiding in sewers such as this one. Simpler times. Hearing Nicola, her bright green eyes slowly blink open. Her focus shifts back to the present. There's a small shake of her head, like she might be shaking off whatever distracting feeling was tugging at her mind. "A hivemind," she states, looking around, attempting to get a glance at one of the rats. "Something linking them together, keeping their minds on their purpose." She eventually glances back to the others, a brow raising slightly. "Maybe it's trying to draw us in."

"Oh yeah. This... this is bad," Rafael says in low, dark tones as the gaps in reality become more common; fingers tightening around the grip of his crowbar, dark eyes sweeping the tunnels where the flashlight held in Seven's hand illuminates things, "Even if it weren't for these Bishys, there's no telling what might start crawlin' through all these holes if this keeps up. We've got enough bullshit out here in the Big Easy without more things comin'... through..."

His head turns to regard the two, lips pursing in a tight line. "It still smells like shit down here, and I'm not hearing anything."

For a moment Nicola closes her eyes, those faintly glowing turquoise orbs disappear for a moment as she steadies herself, and listens more closely. She reaches out to try and connect to that other world, to the spirits, maybe for a snack, but she wasn't really prepared. The smells, the whispers and moans, the skittering of creatures and spirits back and forth distracts her and all that energy snaps back into her. Those eyes fly open and she bites her bottom lip as she glances around, "Um, can we just set the whole place on fire and get out of here? I feel like this is a good time to run."

The spirits keep trying to sink their tendrils of control into the mortals. The whispers don't stop for either woman, though. Always at the back of their ear, tickling their brain with thoughts of this place being home. Further along, and Seven's light shines on something that's different. Obviously so. A mangy rat nearly the size of a dog. Where is missing puslating pustules and boils can be seen with something green and red swirling around in those ooze-filled flesh sacks seemingly pushing out of its body. Its not alone, and they aren't either. Four more are with it, crawling along the wall and they stop cold when the light flashes on them.

It isn't just those disgusting rats. There's something else here with them. It's currently unseen, but that feeling is unmistakable. Something that sets the hackles on edges as a coppery scent fills the mouth. No matter which way one looks that sensation is there, as if it's all around them.

"There's the little bastards..." Rafael's voice drops to a growl in the back of his throat as the flashlight's beam falls upon the giant mangy rodent, the groteqsque splotches of red and green showing through distended flesh identifying them as something that's absolutely not natural. "Don't let 'em get away," he barks out before dropping into a jog, rubber soles slurping against the wet, slimy flood underfoot. Closer, closer - and then he literally pounces, one knee coming down on the thing's side as he grabs hold of it. "Alright, you little infiltrating bastard--" One of the boils swells, and he twists the rodent just enough that its expulsion splatters on the ground instead of on him.

"No one is going to run away then?", Nicola asks noncommitally and sighs, "Fine.", she grumbles as she watches as Rafael rushes after the disguting creatures. "This is gonna be so gross.", she bemoans as the black leather she is wearing seems to coat her body as it lengthens, widens, and then drops with a splash into the muck as a large alligator. Rushing forward toward the creatures, that maw filled with teeth open ready to snap shut on one of them, but the creature manages to dart out of the way and NicolaGator snaps those jaws shut in time to see the wall of the tunnel she runs headfirst into with a tremendous *THUD* before she spins around, tail thrashing and throwing funk everywhere.

There's a resounding warmth felt all around the trio as Seven brought out her fire. The actions of the others are followed and she turns her attention toward one of the untouched rat creatures. Her gaze focuses on her target... but something keeps tugging at the back of her mind. Those whispers and thoughts pulling at her focus, her sense of loyalty and desire to feel at home. Although she still manages to set one of the rats ablaze, the burn is hardly as good as her normal potential. A frown touches her lips, doing her best to concentrate and push away those fleeting distractions.

Things didn't look so bad all things considered. However, thinsg were quickly turning bad. Something makes its presence known with a maddening cackle. "I don't know who sent-" Then there's fire. A whiole lotta fire quickly as one of the misbegotten abominations explodes in gory display of acid, meat, bone, and blood. "Fuck!" comes the shrill screaming. A voice just outside of the light shrieks. "Stop them! Stop them!"

It cam all at onec. So sudden and fast that there's little time to immediately react. It sounded like a stampede of school letting out on the last day of May. The pitter-patter of little footsteps is loud enough that the sound of water is completely drowned out as a flood of vermin, rats, and roaches starts flooding the sewers. So large is the tsunami of creatures that the ground is no longer seen, and the wee things even cover up their feet. The little creatues bite, nip, and scratch at whatever flesh they can get their hands on until the stench and the Beshilu aren't the biggest problem anymore.

"Alright, you little--" The literal tide of vermin that washes over them cuts off Rafael's snarled words, and pushes him back from his attempts to break the giant rat's neck; it's struggling too much, and with all the bugs and rats and worse trying to bite through his skin it's difficult to get a good grip upon it. He's half buried at this point, and it's difficult to even see him.

Once bitten, twice shy. Except Raf ain't getting away that easily. The thing sinks its claws into his armored chest, and sinks its jacked up teeth right into that bit of exposed flesh on his face. However, even after biting down it looks utterly confused by the fact that it's not enjoying a tasty snack of skin.

Shaking off that headbutt to a dirty sewer tunnel wall, Nicola swings back around, jaws snapping and finally she feels the satisfying crunch as that maw closes on its intended victim. Chomp Chomp Chomp, she chews on it for a moment to get a good grip.

The appearance of a vampire, the sudden attack of a flood of rats... okay, now Seven is angry. Brows narrow momentarily before the heat is on. The intensity of her gaze rises with the temperature of the air around her. Flames suddenly appear around her, starting to burn all the rats that are immediately attacking her. The blaze grows from just her, expanding out and setting the ground around her on fire. Foe and friend are in danger at the moment, her temper and natural affinity for destruction getting the better of her. The fire pushes out from her, her palms spreading as she attempts to focus the fury of the flames toward the vampire.

As the rats flood the humans that wretched cackling returns. "You stupuid pigs in human-" And it's cut off again in almost the same fashion. That shrieking turns to blood-curdling screaming as they get at least a sight of what's in there with them. Humanoid, obviously, and butt ass naked. The pale, wrinkled, boil-covered person is gone as quickly as it was a seen, a stark white candle in the night that is moving so fast that it's gone before they can blink.

The same is true for the creepies and crawlies. Rafael likely lost his clothing in the process and it might smell just a bit like gator steak. Their own smells are overpowered by the instant cooking of every roach, rat, and fly that's seared under Seven's fiery display. It smells like victory, and victory smells like week old shit that's burning in a pond of even older piss.

"You get back here you cowardly piece of shit!" A roar from Rafael as he pushes himself up to his feet, heaving off the scorched carcasses of vermin in a grotesque tide; he's mostly naked at this point, and large swathes of his skin seems to just be gone; stripped away by teeth or burned away by fire, a hideous fusion of steel mesh and calcified muscle tissue visible where the skin should be. The half of his lips visible twists in a snarl as he glares after the departing vampire.

Despite his current state of being, he doesn't seem to be hindered at all.

Fire, so much fire, the NicGator dances from one side to the other and once it is pulled back, that Gator begins to shrink. Soon enough it's just Nicola on her hands and knees in the filth, coughing, spitting, "That is so fucking gross.", she growls hoarsely. As she tries to get to her feet she stumbles, hand against the wall, she pushes to her feet. "Who was that cackling Rake lookin asshole? Anyone get a good look? We goin after him?" As she looks up to check on everyone and gets a good look at Rafael she stumbles back a step, "Holy shit, dude! You...um you got something..", she uses a finger to signify basically all of him. Turning away she turns around and all of her dinner comes back up. "yeah, Seven? You cool?", she turns around looking for the Firestarter.

"I'm aware. You two alright...?" Rafael looks between the pair, eyebrows raising a little. No shame, nor worry about his current state; just shreds of his clothes left on him, most of which he's shrugging off. Just swingin' in the wind now. "I think we got the Beshilu, at least, but that little rat-licking motherfucker... no, I didn't get a good look," he scowls, turning to look in the direction that the boil-covered man just ran off in, jaw setting, "We weren't hired to hunt *him* down, though."

There's a wild look in Seven's gaze as her powers get the better of her. Everything is on fire, her teammates, the vampire, all the rats... everything destroyed by the growth of her flames. Everything settles eventually, though. The ashes falling around them from her extreme efforts. All the same, Seven seems to be a bit... out of it. Rafael has seen a few different sides of Seven by now and everything that he's seen spells out that she's not the most stable of people. There's a glance at her hands, then briefly the others, before she just sort of... wanders off with a dazed, far off look in her bright green eyes. The very obvious reponse to Nicola's question is, no, she's not alright.

Brows furrow with concern as Nicola looks over at Seven, wiping her mouth with the back of one hand and smearing ash and funk across her cheek. "Seven, hey, Seven...", she attempts a soothing tone as the woman turns and wanders off. A glance back at Rafael, "Um, shouldn't we go after her? I don't think I can handle the nest right now, I need to heal and then will need to feed." Without waiting for a reply from Rafael, Nicola is off chasing after Seven, "Hey, sister, hol'up, it's okay! You saved us!"

"Alright..." Rafael steps over, reaching for Seven's shoulder, "...let's get out of here, we can come back to clear the nest after recovering a bit. Seven's fried, I'm fuckin' naked."

Nicola, as a note, has won her bet.

"Let's come back tomorrow."