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The Wonder of Nature

Characters: Way, MacKenzie, Jeanie, Ramsey
Date: 2020-06-02
Summary: The Fixers' Trip to the Aquarium doesn't go exactly as planned when Bedlam breaks out.
Disclaimers: Mild Wanton-ness


Who actually drove Ramsey's beast of a truck may never truly be known, but somehow the quartet of Fixers end up making it to the destination alive and unscathed. For now. Where is this destination you ask? THE AQUARIUM! Wayfarer is SUPER excited to see the NOLA aquiarium as he has never been before, so the entire drive over the Gremlin is asking questions about the various marine creatures.

They pull into the parking lot, kinda sparse and people wearing their masks, all of that Covid-19 crap. Way doesn't care, he makes a B-line for the entrance, all but dragging Mack along with him as if she can't go fast enough. "Do they have sharks here? I want to see the sharks..." he tells her and gives the attendee a stack of money he got from SOMEWHERE, for them all to get in.

MacKenzie is padding along, adding an extra step every third foot as she tries to keep up with the Wayfayer. "I'm sure they have sharks, but we will find them. I hear they have penguins too, can we see those...should we wait for everyone?" She looks back, a little concerned but keeps up with him. "Maybe we can do like a group tour...oh they let you feed stingrays. What do they eat? Jeanie would know, we should...Way? Jeanie's gunno know like all the scientific names to all these things. And Ram can tell us how to cook them...."

You know who might have the entire Aquarium inhabitants and layout memorized? Probably Jeanie seeing as Coastal studies was really her jam. She was more than willing to pile into the truck for the ride over and do her best to answer all of Way's questions except for the ones about attaching lasers to shark heads. "If we're lucky, they might have the new shark tank they're building opened up. Not sure if it was delayed with the whole... you know." Hand waved towards the nearest face masked evidence of pandemic around them. "But they definitely DO have a ray petting pool, but you don't feed 'em. Just touch. Lightly. And penguins, which you can't touch." Sadly. So sad, but she still looks pretty chipper as she's grinning on the way in with the rest.

Strolling along behind, Ramsey is looking at a poster and then realizes he has fallen behind and steps lively, his hands in the pocket of his jeans. There is gonna be a point in this day where that man is going to say "I'ma pet that penguin" and he's going to do it and not be dissuaded. He catches up and says "Olive oil, capers, wood burning oven works pretty good for skate wing? I imagine it'd hold true for ray." He then squints, "I know more about animals than how to eat them. I wonder if the sharks will recognize me as a kindred spirit, or if we will have to deal with a Jaws 3D situation."

"OH yeah I bet she does. Jeanie is the smart one of our group, isn't she?" he responds with a chuckle and a glance back at her. "Oooh we can feed the Manta rays or pet the penguins? Can we pet the sharks? that would be amazing." he claims as Way gets them all set up for the day and the big tour of the aquarium with his hard stole..ehem earned money. Once the bracelet is on, he is heading inside, but pauses to wait for the others after a few yards. "We have time before the tour, what do we want to see first?"

MacKenzie looks down at the plastic bracelet, tugging at it. The Keeper of the Aquarium has her now. Tug...tug. Ok, calm down its just an admission bracelet...tugtugtugh. Panting, she looks around and is once more pulled off by Way. "Um...lion fish. I wanna see some lionfish, with the spines and the stripes....why arnt they called tiger fish?"

Jeanie hangs back a step as she waits for Ramsey, holding out her hand expectantly for his own once he catches up, wrinkling her nose a bit at the discussion of ray-cooking. "But aren't they like all cartlidge or whatever? That really chewy stuff most people don't really eat?" As for Mac's lionfish question, she laughs. "Cause when they raise up the spines it looks like a mane I guess?" She gives a little shrug. "And it's the little rays they have in the pools. The big rays can kill a person with their barb. Like the Crocodile Hunter."

As they get inside, Ramsey's hand swinging with Jeanie's as they walk and she explains the vagaries of all of the sea life, he does give Mac a little sidelong look, asking "You.. Okay?" He doesn't know about all the things that make the Lost twitchy. He didn't think it was fish, but you never know. "It's amazing that nobody's tried to hunt the stingrays to extinction for that strike against our morale, really. Do they have otters here?"

"No...well they can't be ALL cartlidge, right? There has to be muscle to move the cartlidge and muscle is meat." Wayfarer reasons out with a grin at Jeanie. "But how much meat can be on a thin little skate, right?" Glancing at Mack, the Gremlin arches his brows and hmms, "Everything okay? You are looking a little green around the gills." Smirking he adds, "See what I did there? gills? Aquarium?" Then he glances back to Jeanie, "No way...they can kill a person?" At mention of otters he hmms, "Sea Otters maybe?" But then they are headed for the sea lions, or where Way guesses they might be. Who knows?

MacKenzie is listening to Way with a semi smile as she tugs on that bracelet. Why won't it come off? Why are they all okee with it? "Gills..hah , yeah funny. You'd be good at helping that advertising here." Pausing by a sign about how fish oxygenate their blood, this ripple pours out of her. Not planned, not initiated, but its this warbling Wanton emotion , starting to snag as it expands out from the small Lost.

"They can, it was a real tragedy," Jeanie gives a big nod of confirmation. "And down in Florida sometimes, I hear that there are rays that can jump out of the water and sometimes they'll end up hitting folks passing in a motorboat in the face if they're super unlucky. Funny, but deadly." Death by flying stingray isn't a glorious way to go out. As Mackenzie seems to be having a moment, Jeanie takes a step closer, completely unaware of any wild emotions that might be literally flying through the air. "Mac? If you need some air, we can step out to the courtyard? Or... we can find the sea otters. They have two of them and they're real cute, if smelly."

Ramsey pauses as some... Thing kinda hits him and he watches where Way heads off to try to find the sea lions and he follows with the group, saying "I mean, the wings are thin.. Anyway, like.. There's some horrible squid out on the west coast that will fly out of the water and literally try to eat your face off. This is why the ocean is actual nightmares. Is it.. Hmm.." His brow furrows and he tugs at the collar of his T-shirt, eyes starting to glaze over juuuust slightly.

If anybody knows a wave off pure emotion when he feels it, Wayfarer does. The fact it just came off Mack, causes him to stop suddenly and look back at her. "Umm...Mackenzie?" comes his voice, wary of the results from such an outward blast of raw emotion. "You aren't okay, are you?" he adds, stepping back closer. Luckily he wasn't affected by it so he can think clearly. "We should go."

MacKenzie holds up her wrist as if to blame the band. "I should be..I just....this shackle." Its plastic, Mac, its plastic. "I feel funny, like drained." At that moment, a man behind her has pushed his wife up against the glass, moving her skirt and.... Another man pulls his children away. Another pair down the way have made it to a bench. "Way, why is Rambo taking his shirt off?" Two divers in one of the tanks start twisting around each other. Bad movie turn worse.

Jeanie glances between her fellow fixers and eyes widen as she notices some of the crowd around them definitely starting to feel the effects of whatever and her eyes widen a bit. While the crowd showing some signs of summer loving, she glances back to Ramsey and the fidgeting at his shirt. "Rams... this isn't going to turn into a papaya situation, is it?" One papaya a week is more than enough, really it is! As Way mentions going, she gives an enthusiastic nod. "That sounds like a great idea. Back to the truck and uhhh... we'll go find some tidal pools somewhere if we really need to see fish. No bracelets required. Way, can you help her snap her's off now? No need to wait really..." Any security guards will be more than distracted by the very handsy crowd after all.

Ramsey is having a little bit of a hard time processing, because it's usually, you know, anger that's the thing that he has to fight down, he's not really equipped to self edit for magical horn dog energy. "Sweet baby Jesus," he says, looking down, and then at everyone else around and the crowd starting to succumb. "This is different from papaya. Uhhh.. I," his hand on Jeanie's tightens and he starts to pull her more toward him, "Uh, what's th.. Leaving? I.. Sure?"

"Yes. Good idea." he claims at her mention of taking the wrist band off. "Hold still, Mack." he tells her as he leans his head down to bite it off. The wristband, not her hand. "Papaya? What does that have to do with this?" he wonders as the Gremlin begins pulling Mackenzie along, dodging people on the back from whence they came. "Damn that was a lot of money. Do you have any idea how many nudes of Ramsey that just cost?" he questions with a sigh. He may or may not be kidding about that. "Lets get to the truck before the pants come off. Nobody needs to see that. It's like a baby arm holding an apple...." And he is pulling them along to the exit as quick as possible.

MacKenzie is being pulled along, "I'm soorrrrry Way...." She's is getting emotional herself now but its the cost, ruining Way's time. She wanted this to be nice for him. "...I'll pay you back..I'm sorry....." By the time she reaches the gatem her makeup would be smeared, if she wore any. "...its ok..I'll explain it to them, can we go see the penguins? Way, please?"

Jeanie is pulled in closer to Ramsey and probably doesn't help matters any by reaching her other hand to rest on his shoulder. "It'll be okay." Just keep walking, just keep walking, or trying to as they have to dodge through a few other couples that don't seem to even be trying to fight the bedlam's effects. "Mac, it was a joke. And we've got the projector set up at the Warehouse. You want penguins? We'll set up The Blue Planet or one of those other documentaries. Whichever one has an episode all about penguins. Larger than life that way even."

Keep walking, okay, he can do that. They weren't very far into the aquarium to begin with but was Way and MacKenzie move faster, he does too. Chase instinct? Oh god no, don't chase things, Ramsey, it's bad enough you are trying to navigate the wonders of the aquatic world with just the weirdest boner in your life. "We didn't even get to steal a penguin," he says, in kind of a mild fugue, maybe he can go back and get one or.. Fortunately Jeanie is there to steer him clear so he doesn't get distracted by... Basically everything, and they get back out into the sunlight causing him to squint.

Now Way feels terrible when the emotions hit Mack and she begins to get upset. Taking precious moments to stop and take her hands, he says, "Hey no, don't worry about it. It really was a joke. Mostly. But it isn't your fault, so don't worry about that. We can always come back another time, maybe after hours when we don't need braclets." Then he is headed again for the exit, glancing back to make sure Jeanie is handling Ramsey okay, and not in the wrong way. "Come on Rambodon...almost to the truck. The Gremlin pops the door open and gets behind Ramsey to 'assist' him inside with a shove.

MacKenzie is still not entirely sure what she caused, a bit drained. "I...know Way, I just wanted it nice for you..and.. " Some guy slides up and kisses her ear. The Clockwork girl turns and kicks his shin. "Ewww gross? What is -wrong with you-....you work here?" The man in the aquarium shirt looks shocked and runs off. Reaching the truck, Mac hops in and starts crawling across to the drivers side, on hands and knees, looking back over her shoulder at the others. "You able to get him in?"

"Where would we even keep a penguin? We need the freezers for all the pizza..." Jeanie is going to point out the very real problems with that plan right as they also conveniently pass by the outside of the giftshop where one of the baskets of stuffed animals has been knocked over in the chaos and she scoops up the first penguin she can find which just happens to be a hand puppet. "Look, Penguin!" And it's coming with them. A little theft was clearly the least of the museum's worries this day all things considered. She'll do her best to try and keep guiding Ramsey out towards the truck and relative safety while also keeping an eye on the two changelings as well. It's a sigh of relief as they actually do make it and she hops right in, tugging the werewolf in after her. Not like much encouragement needed there...

Ford Ranger, your front row bench seating it an important feature these days, thankfully able to accomodate two smaller people and two more regular sized ones. As Ramsey is pushed and pulled into the cab of the truck, not really fighting it, but also distracted by the penguin plush which he has begun to look at mildly like it might be food, he says "We could get him one of those kiddie pools like you keep baby aligators in." He then closes the truck door after but does pull Jeanie toward that side of the truck and up onto his lap afterward, his attention diverted from the topic of penguins somewhat as he coughs slightly "Oh, uhhh.. Yeah.." as he shifts around a little and says "This is... What is happening cause.." His eyes don't quite cross but Jeanie's ear does look like a good thing to chew on. Fortunately this level of compliance makes escape from aquarium orgies. Somewhere a clownfish and his son look out and one asks "What's it like out there in the air, dad?" "Filthy, son. People fuck in it."

"You know...not all penguins live in the arctic right?" Way comments, oh so helpful. Once they get Ramsey in the truck and all others are inside, he climbs in as well. "I am NOT sitting on his lap." the Gremlin exclaims difinitively. So he finds a place to scrunch up and lets Jeanie or Mack drive since they can see over the dash. "That was...interesting." he adds, glancing at the others with a bit of a grin.

MacKenzie has found herself in the drivers seat. People are now literally running around. It looks like bedlam. Oh....wait. Starting the truck, she clears her voice and calmly backs up then turns to head out. "Jeanie, is he going to be okee?" A hand flashes out and grabs ahold of the Wizened and pulls him to her side, arm around him. "Sorry...I guess you didn't get any pictures of fish?"

"Yeah, but even the African penguins don't really live places that get much hotter than 70 degrees...." Jeanie is quickly distracted from arguing about Why Not To Kidnap Penguins when she's pulled into Ramsey's lap. No need for Way to worry, she doesn't seem to object to the seat although once in his lap she glances down and shifts a little as well. "That is... something..." she blushes a little when he starts chewing on her ear, in front of others and shoots a kind of apologetic look towards Mac and Way. "How uhh... how long does this usually last?"

Ramsey has at least enough self-awareness to be kind of embarrassed about what he's doing, giving an apologetic look up to Jeanie, and then casting a glance toward the changelings as he lets Jeanie's ear go and he struggles to sit still, but bumps in the road tend to distract him from this mission of self control and he gets a little handsy before reaching for the radio, turning it on to....

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