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The Value of Preparation

Characters: Seth and Seven: (Band of Savages)
Date: 2020-06-08
Summary: Seven gets a job working Accorded security on the Regas (the Savages' steamboat casino Elysium) after an interview with Seth.

.oO( French Parlor - The Regas - New Aurora )Oo

Half past nine o'clock on a balmy New Orleans evening interspersed with heavy rain...

The Regas has mostly disembarked its guests for the evening. The patter of rain on the hull is audible in most places on board, though it is only a quiet staccato beneath the ambient sounds of the boat.

Among Accorded circles, a set of job postings has been quietly circulating for positions on board the Regas Strabuloj, specifically for security, maintenance, and other sensitive positions that would only be suited to individuals who have signed the Shadow Accords. The meeting site is a parlor on board the Regas, the Enchanted Room, which is a gregariously French design that is somehow both lavish and intimate simultaneously.

The parlor has been entirely cleared of people tonight, the room's mounted speakers playing a vibrant, mostly instrumental jazz melody that permeates the area. The only person in the chamber is a seated silhouette, a man in surprisingly fine clothes for this evening.

Seth is wearing a longcoat made of black velvet over a dark blue dress shirt with a pale cravat, tailored black slacks, and shined black leather dress shoes. He looks remarkably different than his street clothes, though his physical appearance is unchanged. He's still going over paperwork, on a writing table set out in front of him on top of the long cherry-wood bar that dominates one side of the parlor, as he waits for the evening's arrivals.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Seven isn't usually the one to be looking for a mundane job. The various cases and missions from the Black Constables is good enough for her. Hearing about a possible security job doesn't exactly catch her attention. That is until she hears about who and where it's for. Although her contact with the coterie hadn't been too in-depth yet, she figured it might be a good way to earn some extra cash between cases.

The rain is hardly a deterrent for the young woman. Showing up to the interview process, she's dressed in her usual attire. Hoodie, jeans, and sneakers, colors all muted and dark. As she is currently not in possession of an umbrella, her hoodie is a bit on the soaked side. Oddly enough, she doesn't seem to put off by such. Although Seth is given a polite nod, her bright green eyes take a moment to look over the room. It's apparent that the luxurious life isn't one that she leads by the way she explores around the area, taking in the various decorations and art. Eventually, she makes her way over to where Seth is seated. "I am here for a job," she states with a practiced tone. There's a moment of consideration before she pulls her hoodie down, a hand reaching out to brush some of the wet hair from her face. This maaaaaay be her first job she's officially applying for ever.

"Oh, Seven!" Seth looks back up and over his shoulder with a flicker of surprise across his composed features, dropping down the antique fountain pen that he's holding onto the writing desk and spinning around on the barstool to face the new arrival. He tilts his head and regards her with a brief smile. "What kind of position were you looking for? Hospitality? Security? Investigation? We could always use more Accorded security personnel to help with managing the ship." He withdraws a more modern, silver ballpoint pen from the front chest pocket of his jacket, clicks out the point, and then picks up a small but formal contract of employment (in very vague terms, as befitting Accorded legalities) that bears the official letterhead of the corporation that manages the Regas Strabuloj - Ladon Industries.

Then Seth gestures with his free hand, encompassing the nearby barstools and also a few of the scattered and nearby chairs that could be brought to join the conversation. "Please, we know each other already. Take a seat, relax. Tell me what kind of skills you'd be comfortable with using, and we can find something for you. There's certainly no shortage of spots for people who are members of the Shadow Accords, and I have the means to make it worth your while."

The casual tone that Seth takes in greeting her helps Seven to settle down, slightly. Some of the tension leaves her shoulders but the way she carries herself, the constant glancing around or over her shoulders might lead one to believe she's the type to rarely completely relax. The young woman starts to step over toward one chairs but pauses in thought. Visual demonstrations are best. A hand reaches out in a subtle but still visible manner, a brief look of concentration flickering in her eyes. One of the more comfortable chairs wiggles slightly in place before sliding over to Seven. Once it's in place behind her, she sits and scoots in. "I have many skills," she tells him with a glint of pride in her voice.

Leaning back in her seat, she takes another quick glance around before settling her attention on Seth. Similarly to their first meeting, she doesn't ever quite look him in the eye. It's almost instinctive rather than deliberate. "Security job would be best," she replies as she lightly folds her hands into her lap. Fingers quietly tap occasionally. She's a bit nervous but for different reasons than the night on the rooftop. "Good in a fight. Good at watching things. Good at being unseen."

Hmmm. Seth's listening thoughtfully to Seven's short description of her abilities, before inclining his chin in a shallow nod. "Alright. Security it is. We have an Elysium on board, and a lot of money and secrets change hands in this place... so our security team is an important concern to me. We'll start you at... Eighty thousand a year, plus benefits? Scaling to 120 thousand if you serve a full year competently. More if you're promoted to a management position." Seth mulls it over for a moment, and nods to himself tapping the pen in his hand against the tip of his nose in an unconsciously thoughtful gesture. "Oh, speaking of benefits. The Regas has a lot of functional year-round quarters for crew and other hands, since we often go out on days-long cruises, occasionally weeks for big events like holding Elysium. Safer that way, if we're not actually in the city and a stationary target. If you'd like, I can set you up with permanent crew quarters for you to live in while you're aboard, on-shift or off."

Seth hasn't written anything down on the employment contract that he's holding, waiting to hear Seven's opinion before he sets anything to ink. His eyebrows raise slightly. "Was there anything in particular that you wanted? The crew gets some passive benefits, like free access to the kitchens twice a day and unlimited credits at our video game arcade on Deck Two, but I can throw in something extra if you have ideas."

The promise of money was certainly enticing, though it gets a much more mild response than what one might expect from a homeless oddball being offered a potentially six-figure salary. Free room and board? That's a bit more intriguing. Access to food that was free? Consider her very interested! That causes her to sit up a bit more, a bit more excited now. She's probably easier to please in terms of financial benefit than most other applicants. "That is all very... generous," she tells him with an appreciative expression. "Can't think of anything currently. Might require more equipment after assessing the current security situation," she admits with a small shrug. Something tells Seth that whatever else she might demand wouldn't be unreasonable.

"The room and board..." Although she's definitely looking to step up from the current hovel she considers a 'home', there's some clear hesitation there. She looks over toward the vampire, green eyes roaming him over in a manner that might be slightly predatory. It's brief, gone before even Seven might've realized she was doing it. "Would never use it against you and yours but... I do have fire," she admits, furrowing her brows slightly and frowning.

"We have state of the art fire suppression systems, of course, and if you are enough to defeat them, how can we possibly hope to survive a coordinated fire attack by our enemies? I'm not concerned about it. If you need help in learning to control them, I suppose I could see about finding... learning resources on that topic. I've never had much need of them myself, but it doesn't mean that I can't acquire them from my network." Seth responds with the beginnings of a smirk forming, a measure of amusement that similarly alights in his dark green eyes as he looks back at Seven. "You having fire is actually quite... helpful. So long as it's not pointed at my people, I'll feel a damn sight better about our ability to handle unexpected fangers without my coterie being on board."

Leaning back against the bar, Seth's expression seems to have changed to a languidly amused half-smile that alights on the left corner of his mouth. "We can fire-proof the room, if you're concerned about setting it alight accidentally. It's a relatively small expenditure, in the grand scheme of things. At least until you're comfortable." It doesn't seem to bother him, like signing the reciept for a cup of coffee. "Equipment is easy. If you need guns or armor, I can acquire those effortlessly, package deal with the job. A decent kevlar vest or flak jacket is easy. Silenced assault rifles are also within my range. Grenades and explosives... a bit trickier, but I could pull them out for special occasions."

While he's talking, Seth has been writing out the terms of the employment agreement, which are identical to what they had verbally agreed upon. "I'm also going to include a clause for hazard pay and that the Regas will cover any medical expenses you incur, on-site or off. We have a very good coverage policy that is all-inclusive which I'll have extended to you. I'm not actually drawing any financial benefit from the ship, myself," Seth confides, "I don't actually need the money, and there's no outstanding debts on her." His foot lightly taps the floor, indicating the hull of the Regas as 'her'. "This is mostly just my little project to help the Carthian Movement in New Orleans." Hell of a hobby, that.

A huge weight is lifted from Seven's shoulders as the vampire doesn't react as adversely to her main talents as she thought he might. Even though she seems to relax some more, there's still that lingering tension that never seems to fully fade from her. The mortal occasionally glances toward the paper as it's being written on, curious of how their casual conservation is translating into legalese. Most of what she glimpses makes sense but there's an occasional word or sentence structure that causes her brow to raise just slightly.

It's not a distraction though, as most of her attention still rests on Seth himself. "I can control it. Mostly. Some... circumstances are beyond my control," she assures him. The young woman is clearly confident in her powers and her ability to control them. Some past occurrences though, she knows that fire is never completely tamable. "Fire proofing is appreciated." There's a pause, manners are something that come second nature to her. "Thank you." A hand reaches up to brush through some of her hair, slowly drying into loose waves. "Questions for you. What would be my parameters for a typical evening? Or when you are hosting... Elysium?" The word isn't natural on her tongue but one she's familiar with nonetheless. "Do you and the other live here too? Any day-time requirements?"

Seth 'hmms' again softly as he considers the questions poised, studying Seven with his piercing eyes before looking over the rest of the lounge with a sweeping gaze that seems to consider the whole of the ship at once. "Typical evening, you'll be either in the security hub near our casino, or the Manager's Office, which is a fortified secondary command post that's also attached to my coterie's armory and panic room. You can do floor patrols or investigate any suspicious personages if you like. We have mortal staff to take care of your standard brand of assholes: you won't be bouncing drunks or dealing with card cheats. If everything goes well, you'll barely have to use your powers at all. The main thing is, when we have supernatural guests, you'll be keeping an eye on them. Mostly through cameras, but if you feel like making your presence known to prevent trouble from happening... feel free. With luck, we'll have more Accorded security staff soon, so you won't be the only one. Nikola, the captain of this vessel and my coterie-mate, is often on board, as am I. The mortal security folk will back you up if required, and of course we can arrive to deal with any issues that we are present for."

Seth leans one of his elbows back against the bar behind him, eventually turning the written paper and the pen over onto the lap-sized writing table that he's been using before offering it to Seven. "As for your other questions... no, my coterie does not sleep here most nights. Nikola does have dedicated quarters and occasionally does sleep on the boat, but he is the exception. We also have a base of operations that is much more heavily fortified, out in the bayou to the northwest of New Orleans. My coterie typically rests there. Less of a target, harder to find, easier to use firearms and explosives on intruders without being charged for crimes." A sardonic grin crosses Seth's lips for a moment, and then it's gone, leaving behind a tranquil expression. "Ideally, you can work shifts in three or four day groupings. Three or four days on, three or four days off. This will also help with the fact that we typically do river cruises so the boat might be on the water for days at a time in some cases with only a few stops. If you want overtime or just like spending time on the ship, of course, you're welcome to work as much as you like. We can afford the extra pay."

A pause. "In the daytime, you and the other Accorded folk will be much more important. If you have any others you know that you think would be a good fit to run security here, please do feel free to recommend them. We won't be able to support you with muscle during the day, but you will still have full access to the rest of the Regas's security team for any needs that arise. We are still a large mortal establishment, so maintaining secrecy is paramount even to our enemies. I don't anticipate any problems, but it never hurts to be prepared. And in this case, preparation will be in having more numbers."

Seven is completely silent as she listens to the various instructions laid out before her. Full attention is given to the vampire and she watches Seth with as close to direct eye contact as he's currently afforded. Every detail is memorized, her mind occasionally making a note here or there. Although some ideas were already starting to form in her mind, she concluded that she'd need a good look around before finalizing anything. The gears are grinding but she doesn't want to get too ahead of herself. She's still most comfortable living in the moment.

A nod is offered to Seth as she leans back in her seat, there's a quick flicker of amusement that touches her eyes. "You seem very prepared," she observes, her tone somewhat complimentary. "Schedule should be easy to fit to. No immediate observations of interfere with Black Constable business," she states, mulling things over in her mind. "Not that any situation should be viewed as 'easy' but... I agree. I don't foresee any problems that can't be handled," she says with a small nod of confidence. "Always unseen threats. But... seems like a usual day will be manageable without stress."

"I've always lived by the philosophy, 'the most successful day is the one that passes by quietly,' and preparation is the way to make sure things go smoothly without needing to exert undue effort," Seth offers a nod of the head in acceptance of Seven's compliment about preparation. "My primary desire is to make the Regas so difficult to attack that nobody even wants to try it. If the place has only my coterie around to handle Accorded security, who knows what mischief our enterprising population of bastards and ne'er-do-wells will get up to, around here. But with more of us..." He shrugs, leaning forward to lightly tap the employment contract and pen that's been offered to Seven on the nearby standing side-table with a finger.

"I'm confident that we can keep things moving along gainfully. What will sink us is the appearance of weakness, more than anything else. Being vulnerable to the greed of others is often a death sentence, in our world. It's a despicable state of affairs, one that I'm striving to correct." The empty parlor is given an idle glance as Seth surveys, belatedly, the fruits of his handiwork in developing the ship.

"I have a few other talents that I'm scouting to work on board, but you're the first official Accorded hire, Seven. Once there's a few of you, I plan on putting you in touch with each other so that you can present a stronger, united front against any threats or problems that arise. I'll keep you posted on that." A tilt of the head, and Seth's distant eyes refocus on Seven. "Oh, do you need a phone? I can get you a burner, if you need to contact me."