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The Pig and Pony Caper

Characters: Alabama, Kinsey and Prosper, with Prosper as Plot Referee/demi-ST. Coterie: Roses on the Table
Date: 2020-07-13
Summary: Alabama and Kinsey begin their extreme larceny shopping list with Prosper along to assist. A horse is liberated.
Disclaimers: Strong Language and Horse Theft.

Lower Garden District

It's on everyone's minds. People are talking about it in the streets. They're whispering on the subject in crowded elevators. Cursing it in their cars during rush hour stop and go traffic and Henry Jacob Prosper is even bringing it up now. "I know I said it before but it is hotter than the Devil's thong on date night out here." He says, fanning himself with a baseball cap as he sits in good company. An outside table belonging to 'Burney's Bar and Cigar', a laid back scotch and cigar bar.

Prosper, after little demand, convinced Alabama and Kinsey to accompany him for a drink and something to eat before the restless dead rose from their king sized beds and gardens. "Anyway, like I was saying, if we can just blackmail the guy, he might just open the door to that auto museum." Taking a drink off his tall, taaaaall mimosa, Prosper leans back in his white painted on steel backed chair. A waist high iron fence separating the bars outside seating from the sidewalk traffic that always fills up around these times. "We did, after all, catch him plowing the mechanic after hours. Not sure the wife is gonna like that one bit." Prosper says with a wry smirk before looking between the two. "What? A Ferrari would be cheaper than a divorce, is all I'm saying."

Next to Alabama Kinsey is probably the most prolific eighteen year old at getting into establishments she probably shouldn't be in, although an argument could be made that she wasn't in one at all. Just seated outside of it. The pixie-haired skate punk was watching people as the streets filled up and the night life began to take shape. Her feet are shifted back and hooked around the front legs of the chair. Both arms are crossed on the table and there is a whiskey sour in front of her. Does it sometimes draw a look from passer by? Yeah. Kinsey has also probably flipped off one or two of them that stared too hard. While Prosper explains his idea for getting the car she pulls her glass forward, lifts it up and takes a sip. "Bet he can get another, too," she says, peering from over top of the glass. She dangles the glass over the table, cupped by her thumb and index finger. The drink is given a little shake to make it swirl around the ice. "If there is another I guess. What are we going to do with it once we have it? Sell it?"

Pretty faces and heavy tippers tend to float under that legal radar all too easily in a city like New Orleans. It's honestly not even something that crosses Prosper's mind when he dragged the two trouble magnets along before sundown. Pulling his Atlanta Braves cap on front first so as not to upset his hair(they had an agreement, okay?), Prosper leans forward with elbows on the table. Black wasn't the best choice for colors to wear in the Louisiana sun but here he was in. Short, short sleeved t-shirt the color of old tires. Sleeves wrinkled back at the beginnings of his biceps. Cheap shirt but they can bet easy money the jeans are designer label.

Sluuuuurping his drink down to the ice, Prosper lifts the empty to signal his next round. He's been drinking -hard- the last two days. "Precisely, Kinsey. One thing about me you need to know," He begins with a tone checked low just for their table. "I never steal from anybody who can't cover losses. I'm a thief, not an asshole. Okay, I'm an asshole but I'm a thief with principals." Brows furrow low. He hasn't smiled once all day. Big Mood. "Or I used to be." When another drink comes along, he's quick to tip and send the waitress off. No time to ask for ID's. "We have them dead to rights on thermal. Once we have it? Well, I know a guy." Of course he does. "But tonight we're lookin' for iron, not rubber. Right?"

The way his brow furrows makes Kinsey frown with concern. In the time that she'd known Prosper it was rare for him not to be smiling. She didn't exactly have a large sample size to go on though. Kinsey? She's not dressed bad for the heat. High-top Converse, baggy jeans and the same neon blue t-shirt she'd had on the evening before when Pan had surprised her with cupcakes and a special gift. One she was wearing right now. Prominent around her short neck is a slender black collar made from supple leather. There are four D-rings at the cardinal positions and on either side of the one sitting snugly at the hollow of her throat are the words "LIL" on the left and "BIT" on the right. It doesn't at all look out of place on her and every so often she'll raise her right hand and trace her thumb along the front of her collar in thought. "Yeah, the.. you know," she says, not elaborating since the crowds were beginning to grow. "You okay? You seem.. kinda upset," Kinsey asks, watching him as he settles with his second drink

"God the traffic down here is ridiculous!" Alabama throws all her stuff down with a huff and sits next to Prosper and Kinsey, immediately looking for a drink. If the server asks for ID, she says 'fuck it, I don't need fucking ID' and promptly dominates them into forgetting the ID. Turns out Bam has been running a little rampant with the dominate lately -- she uses it to get everything she wants - like some mind-dominating, spoiled brat. "Yeah... ha ha -- he was totally ploughing that mechanic. His wife is not gonna be too happy bout that. So... what is the plan? Are we stealing a Ferrari tonight? Or a horse? Because I rather had it in my mind that I'd like to see Prosper show off his mad riding skillz." She laughs and then smiles sweetly at Prosper. "Where do they keep those horses anyway? I know New Orleans always has them out for Mardi Gras in the Quarter... they must have stables in the quarter somewhere... or very near otherwise?"

Prosper's mood wasn't aggressively impolite, he still held fast to his sense of respect and good manners. Gentlemen, even if the criminal variety, are in ever short order. Something was eating the man but in classic, old timey machismo fashion, he's bottling it up and drowning it in alcohol. Making his Momma proud to this day. He'd noticed the new collar on Kinsey but oddly didn't even make a light tease about it. "I'm fine." He said, reassuringly and not at all flat or abrasive. Prosper lights the thin Honduran blend cigar he'd been loitering over.

After taking a cherry building puff or three, he always exhales upwards and away from his company. "The horse." Prosper confirms with a slow blink. Coffee black eyes drift, following the sidewalk off into the distance. Brows knit low, eyes squinting. Does he see something? It was Alabama's dealings with the service staff that brought his attention back. There's a -look- from Prosper to the pale haired and colorful Alabama. He just sighed and shook his head. He smoothly transitioned to the topic of theft without chiding his still fresh Ghouly cohort. He forces the ghost of a smile to the corner of his lips. It doesn't reach those sharklike eyes. "Horse. I did a little digging, they stable them in the Quarter but... they still run the old girls around events. Just like the one tomorrow night...." Leaning to the side, Prosper peers down the street at the mounted officer two blocks down on the corner, talking to tourists and taking pictures. "I like your smash and grab idea. No need to be fancy about this when quick and dirty will be just as good, right?"

Kinsey stares at Prosper for a few moments more as he lights up the cigar before she decides to take his reassurances at face value. Her eyes turn upward and watch smoke drift away into the night sky as he blows it upward. It seemed that Prosper was not the only one in a mood because when 'Bam dominated the server into just doing what she asked Kinsey gave her an odd look. Not because she /knew/ what had happened but because it was rather abrupt and demanding. "Hey," Kinsey chides her, the expression on her face turning some mix of concerned but annoyed. "You're hot an' all, and I like you, but if you wanna bully some girl working her ass off? Don't do it around me, okay?" With all three of them now in a mood Kinsey's brow has furrowed to match Prosper's mere moments ago. She lifts her drink and starts to take a sip but then she frowns and sits it back down, pushing it away like she's no longer in the mood. As Prosper stares down the street and explains about the horses being in use for events and how the smash and grab might be the best way to go Kinsey has pulled a slim wallet out of her pocket and is going through a small amount of cash she's carrying. From amongst the bills she plucks her last $20 and tucks it under the glass and half-blocked by a napkin as a tip for the server Bam dominated. It leaves her with about four dollar bills that she folds back into her wallet before stuffing it back in her pocket. "I'm good with that if you guys wanna do it that way.. just gotta get him off of his horse.."

Great. Just what she needs. Alabama gives Kinsey a look of her own and then rolls her eyes exasperated. "Kinsey, dollface, I love you but you need to not jump to conclusions. Does the server look upset? Is she not coming back and forth to our table to help us? She's /not/ upset. I didn't bully her. I assured her everything is cool and she doesn't need to see my ID today. No. Big. Deal. And probably just about what /you/ did to get served. Also? I already tipped her -- on the bill. And generously so. So if you're tipping for me you're duplicating my effort and it's not necessary. Now. Could we put this behind us and go find a horse to steal?" She looks over at Prosper and smirks. "I know 'I' am ready! Let's get this road on the show!"

It doesn't take a world class detective for Henry to see that his dour mood is infecting the two young women. Taking a pensive pull off his cigar, Prosper mulls it over as Alabama defends her case and the conclusion he comes to is... lie his ass off to them. So Prosper, cigar between his teeth and smiling just as cheery and bright as he ever had, lay's one hand over Kinsey's. The other on Alabama's forearm.

A dramatic sigh then. "Girls. C'mon. Don't have me make y'all kiss and make up. We have some work to do." A squeeze to both, gentle but stern. "C'mon." He says, leaning down to purse his lips around a plain white straw and finish his drink. Cigar still between his lips as well. "We got work to do." He exhales smokily before getting to his feet. Both arms offered to walk the duo out of the bar and to the streets. Leaning into Alabama, he whispers against her ear for only the Daeva Blood Addict. "Class is in session this week, sugar. Careful on the gas pedal." A playful bite to her ear, one for Kinsey too. "I'm good, darlin'. Eyes on the prize."

The sidewalk wasn't crowded but the night time foot traffic was starting to pick up. Ahead of them, a portly cop with the beginnings of sunburn pink on his ears and neck. Sitting pretty and joking with tourists on a tan coated Tennessee Walker.

There is a flicker of something across her face at Albama's response. Hurt? She's about to explain that Prosper's tipping and sweet talking to her a drink but then she feels Prosper's hand upon her own as he gently redirects their attention elsewhere. When the gentleman thief offers his arms Kinsey scoots her chair back and then nudges it into place with her foot making a metal-on-concrete scraping sound as she does. Kinsey doesn't take the bill back, however, instead leaving it where it was. She steps close enough for his arm to be able to slip around her and she hooks her right arm up and behind his back. The bite he gives to her ear makes a slight shiver run down her back. Kinsey was not the most perceptive little thing and as she nuzzles her head against him there's this moment she looks like she might say something to refute that. She doesn't though. Kinsey seems to accept his reassurance that he was good. As they walk she takes a moment to rise up on tip-toe and press a kiss to his bearded jaw, then she settles her eyes forward on the mounted officer.

Alabama gets Prosper's vibe and understands, She gives him a sweet kiss, then gives Kinsey one too if she'll let her. She totally misses the fact if Kinsey is hurt or Prosper is lying... she just apparently is clueless. But shedoesn't miss outon the target up ahead at 1o'clock. They'd be hard to miss -- the officer and his Tennesee Walker-- gorgeous. Well, at least one of them is. And then? THEN itoccurs to her. She can't use magic to make this happen, or Kinsey will be suspicious. Shelooks over at Prosper, as she worries. He must have thought about this too?

Maybe it's the company. Maybe it's the oncoming thrill of impending theft. Maybe it's Maybeline. No, no. Prosper is just relatively good at lying and hiding his sometimes all too consuming emotions. The company does help though. Arms laced around Alabama and Kinsey and theirs around him, the trio look like any other happy go lucky group on the prowl for misdeeds in the Big Easy. Yeah, right.

With feels checked at the bar, Prosper offers a crooked if false and still somehow charming smile. A front but a handsome one. A little reaffirming smooch here and there, everyone is cuddled up for a stroll. The worry in Alabama's eyes gets a little wink in return. 'Don't sweat it' he mouths before he offers his master plan. Quietly. Careful. "Here's how we're gonna pull your smash and grab. We need to draw him away from that crowd. A block closer or further from where that fat blue piece of crap is right now." Boy does Prosper hate anything with a badge. "I'm going to get rid of your road blocks. The biggest being his radio. I need one of you to keep his attention once you've got it. The other? Can either hop up bare back and ride or I can."

A conspiratorial look around as they near. "Ride up caddy corner to Coliseum street. Straight up to the park and double back. Left a horse trailer behind a chapel. Easy to miss so don't. Got it?"

Alabama was given a soft kiss back on her cheek and all was right in the world. Prosper was whispering instructions to them and Kinsey had an idea. She'd given a damn good performance the night before, no not like that get your heads out of the gutter, and it just left her feeling.. really good about herself. She gives Prosper's back a squeeze and slips her arm out from around them. Kinsey's short legs start to walk faster and faster to pull ahead of them and before long she's broken into a run. A run that takes the pint-sized punk brushing past the mounted police officer, shoulder hitting his thigh as she works up a good bit of emotion in her head to get some tears flowing while screaming at the top of her lungs. "COME BACK! PLEASE! MY MOM'S MEDS ARE IN THERE!" Kinsey squalled. She did her best to look out of breath, pausing at the street corner and bending over slightly with her hands on her thighs. She shoots the mounted cop a frantic look. "That guy stole my purse! Please, officer, you gotta help me get it back! My mom's insulin is in there! She's out and I just picked up an emergency script for her! PLEASE!!" Large crocodile tears roll down her cheeks, her eyes bright and watery as she straightens up, half-pacing, fingers dragging back through her hair before she continues bolting around the corner. "COME BACK! PLEASE! YOU CAN HAVE THE MONEY!"

Impressive! Alabama watches Kinsey ham it up with the tears and the big insulin story andall, and even SHE is believing it. Damn -- she's going to have to watch this little one! Bam follows Kinsey up to the cop and the horse and panics a little bit. Because riding terrifies her. she will end up on the pavement with her head smashed open for sure. So she whispers. "Get him off the horse, I'll grab the bridle so you can jump on, okay? Then I"ll deal with the cop.." Hopefully she whispered that quietly enough as she can't risk Kinsey and telepathy.

As the trio nears the mounted officer in their sights, Prosper lazily slips free from them as they too start to make the first steps toward the planned series of capers. The pint sized punk building up steam and charging ahead before turning on the water works, Prosper pulls his cap down lower and starts a direct path toward them. It's easy for this man to simply vanish in a crowd. Even Kinsey and Alabama lose track of him as he simply fades into the mix. Nothing supernatural but some would argue.

Officer Davies, startled out of his poor pick up lines being thrown like a net to young tourists, looks down at Kinsey with a blink of surprise. It takes him a moment to switch gears. "Hold on, Miss! It's okay! It's okay, which way did he go?" His vantage point above the masses, the officer looks down the street this way and that as Kinsey begs and pleads with tears in her eyes. The man is too wrapped up in the pixie punks performance to hear the ever colorful enabler called 'Bam.

That's When Prosper slid past, unseen by all. Just a face in the crowd. One that was now walking away with Officer Davies' radio. Turned off and silent as Prosper drops it into a trash can and continues on. Once past, he gives them the target Kinsey's performance needed... he bolts up the street and into an alley. "There!" The horse nickers as he pulls the reigns to try and get the horse moving through the throng of people.

Kinsey jogs to a stop just outside of a narrow alleyway. "PLEASE! HER INSULIN!" She shouts frantically down the alley, leaning over in a classic tripod position.. hands on her thighs.. pretending to wheeze. When the cop gets the horse moving through the crowd of people and Kinsey sees him coming around the corner she points down the alley. "Down there! He's going up the fire escape!" She calls out. Kinsey doesn't know what Bama has planned but she's prepared to jump onto that horse the minute she takes over..

Prosper made quick time. Those two days a week at the gym are starting to pay off and not just around the pool. A narrow alley to be sure, the two shotgun houses framing it make for colorful walls in shades of lavender and pink. The fire escapes leading to second story rooftop gardens and patios. Prosper hears Kinsey shouting and climbs the ladder quickly... but not too fast. He needs to be spotted ever so briefly.

Officer Davies gets the rust tan horse moving as the crowd parts. Steel shoes clip clopping and clacking as the horse -wants- to run. "Whoa, girl, whoa!" He near begs as they get to the mouth of the alleyway. Even without his glasses on(they slide off when he sweats), he sees the retreating shape of a man making it to the roof and goes to call it in. Grabbing his radio, he tags the key and... silence. "Shit, things broken! FREEZE! FREEZE, DAMMIT!"

"There he is! I see him! Get off -- get up there - get him!" She is play acting an innocent bystander that just happened to spot Kinsey's assailant. Because she can feel the magic so dangerously powerful in her at this particular moment, Alabama worries taht the cop might continue until he actually 'gets' Prosper!! She's going tohave to stay back to monitor that. So, once the cop is off and scrambling up the fire entrance, Bam is hissing at Kinsey. "Get on! Go to the trailer. We'll meet you back there!" She doesn't want Kinsey sticking around and risking not getting the horse if back ups show up. If there is one cop around, there will be more.

With radio in hand, Officer Davies is about to follow the loose cable down to an empty belt holster when Alabama saves the day. The Ghoul positively -powerbombs- the mounted police officer's brain into the ground, his expression shifts to dreamy obedience but his movements are all flurry and hurry. Dismounting in a flash for the older gentleman, he hikes up his belt and sprints all wobbly and awkward to the fire escape and starts climbing his way up. Up. Up while Prosper ducks down around the other side.

Kinsey was short and light. Had she been a rich girl? She totally could have been a jockey. But she wasn't. She was just a girl with tomboyish tendencies and apparently natural skill when it came to feats of physical dexterity. When Officer Davies dismounted the horse and began making his way toward the fire escape Kinsey was tagged in by 'Bama. The punky skater plants her foot in the stirrup and takes hold of the reins. No. She's never ridden a horse before, but she's SEEN people ride horses and apparently that's all that matters. Her feet thump the sides and she gives the reins a slight tug to nudge the horse away from that alley and in the direction Prosper had instructed them. "Giddyup! ... or some shit.. c'mon, horsey!"

The horse looks a tad bit worried when the officer runs off without them. No hitching to the dumpster, not even a pat or sugar cube goodbye. When Kinsey hoists herself up and over the beasts back and settles into the saddle, it nickers in confused annoyance. She wasn't her normal rider. All that is dashed away when Kinsey kicks her heels back and the horse positively -launches- forward. Someone is going for a wild ride tonight!

Alabama had intended to grab the reins to hold the horse as Kinsey mounted, but the girl has a foot in the stirrup and is already mounted faster than an Olympic level jumper. And, she may be doing some jumping too if she doesn't ease up on the controls!! With Kinsey on her way to the trailer, Alabama can now work on cleaning up the mess... She runs after the cop who is running after Prosper and shouts "Hey! Stop! He gone! **Stop chasing that man**" She offers clear and concise instructions that must be obeyed.

It wasn't difficult giving that out of shape, near elderly officer the slip. Though he did almost catch a glimpse. He could feel it. When Officer Davies reaches the roof, Prosper was slipping off the other side to land in the alley below. Brushing himself off, the sneaky bastard makes his way around the front of the house to speak up possibly unexpectedly behind Alabama as Kinsey rides off down the alley and around the corner like a punk rock cowgirl. "Tell me. Did it go how you expected, darlin'?" He asks with a now genuine smile on his face.

Kinsey was born to ride skateboards. And maybe horses. Horses and skateboards. Pretty similar, right? She hunkered down against the horse's back because that's what she's seen riders do on TV and in Red Dead Redemption 2, both to hide her face and hopefully reassure the animal that she maybe knew what she was doing. Her feet dig in a little more for the first part of the journey, spurring the horse on (figuratively) and weaving the thoroughbred Walker around obstacles. Once she's far enough away Kinsey slowly sits up, patting the horse's neck reassuringly as she pulls back on the reins and gently shushes the animal. Soothingly cooing to her as Prosper greets her at the horse trailer. "..That was fucking amazing," Kinsey says in answer to Prosper. Her fingers stroke through the horse's mane and she continues gently patting her neck with this excited look on her face. Her heart was racing and Kinsey is very clearly on an adrenaline high. "We can keep her, right? Please?"

Alabama watches the cop run the wrong direction and starts to snicker to herself, just as Prosper catches up with her, surprising her from behind. "Yeah! Yeah it did go as planned. Except a WHOLE lot better than plannedd. Now come one - lets go find Kinz and get the hell out of here!! The pair wind their way around and find the trailer, the horse and Kinsey! "Oh my god, we did it! Load that pony up and lets get out of here!"

"You don't supposed they'd put lojack or some shit on a horse, do you?" Kinsey muses out loud as she swings down from the saddle. The truth? Kinsey wanted to stay up there and ride some more. Her heart was beating wildly and she has a rush of excitement still burning in her eyes. While stroking the horse's neck gently she grasps the bridle and starts guiding her into the trailer. "Shhh. Shh. There you go, girl. No more lazy pigs on your back, no more being forced to trample innocent protestors." She looks over her shoulder at Bama and Prosper, grinning slightly. "That was fun," she says first to Bam, then her eyes settle on Prosper. "We can keep her, right? Please?"

So maybe the way to Prosper's heart was grand theft larceny, kidnapping and the mental assault of a police officer. In any case, the mans mood had picked up wonderfully. That or he's lying again. They'll never know! With a contented sigh, the old horse thief and highwayman has a proud smile on his face and both hands on his hips as he watches Kinsey load the horse onto the single stall trailer. "In the saddle. Unbuckle 'er from the bottom and I'll toss it." A glance back over shoulder, just to make sure... that cop was long, long gone. No radio. No report. He chuckles at that and claps a hand to Alabama's shoulder with a squeeze. "First leg done, you two are naturals and I couldn't be any happier to see it work." A laugh then as he looks to Kinsey and rolls his eyes at her request. "Of course we're keepin' her. C'mon and close the trailer. We got some celebration cocktails waitin'."

As instructed Kinsey wiggles herself around and manages to get that saddle unstrapped. It's almost as big as she is but thankfully lightweight as she drags it off of the horse's back and hands it off to Prosper. Maybe stripping a piece of equipment or two off in the process as souvenirs; unless those souvenirs have lojack on them and Prosper knocks them out of her hands, that is. Kinsey is all huge grins as she closes up the trailer and latches it. The skater high-fives both Prosper and Bama then gives them each a squeeze before moving to climb into the vehicle and go celebrate.

Kinsey gets a hug from Bam as the load up in the truck to get the hell out of there before they get busted stealing a cop-horse. "I wonder if there /is/ lojack on their horses..." She looks to Prosper. "Maybe we better check into that -- I can do some research but sooner rather than later." Alabama offers with a little wince.