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The Other Mardi Gras

Characters: Fawn, Axle, Ramsey, Jeanie
Date: 2020-02-25
Summary: Chicken chasing and good-time-having at a cajun Courir de Mardi Gras.
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It ain't the carnival atmosphere, nobody's diving under motor vehicles for beads or waving their stuff, or at least not that way exactly. The route's longer and it's more of a moveable party on its way to the feast. The courir de mardi gras is buck wild in its own way though, horses ridden by drunken trick riders or folks who think they're trick riders when they're drunk, arrayed as clowns and almost totemic looking shaggy costumes with the faces of different creatures, birds, wolves, all that kind of thing. Ramsey has his once-a-year werewolf costume on and is schlepping a massive sack of rice from one of the cars that parked up alongside the road with provisions to throw on one of the floats, contributing to dinner tonight. Several others are in a mad dash, chasing down a chicken, trying to catch it, but maybe not trying to catch it too fast so as to prolong that element. There's horns and rub boards and an accordion here and there playing. No coordinated krewe doing a performance, pretty much anyone can drop in or out at any time, though the pitch is getting higher as it gets toward evening.

Axle is decked out for the event in her own contribution, which consists of a pair of bright purple leg warmers with exactly 150 Hobby Lobby jingle bells hot-glued to each one, and a purple tank top someone talked her into wearing that simply says 'MARDI GRAS VIRGIN IN NEED OF BEADS'. So far she has no beads, but she is enjoying following Ramsey around like a puppy, asking him ten million questions though trying not to get in his way too much as he's moving his giant sized sack of rice from one place to another. All while jingling 300 times over with every step she takes. "What kind of horse is that?" is her latest query, pointing at one of the trick riders, hopping up and down on the balls of sneaker-clad feet. She may have ripped a fat rail of cocaine or simply drank three full bottles of Grapico earlier today.

Peter may have pecked a peck of peppers, but Jeanie just bought them from the grocery store, little UPC stickers still on and everything. Her arms are full as she blinks at the crowd but the festive fringe she's got going on at least imply she's not fully lost as she spots the costumed werewolf with all the rice and homes in on him as someone that probably knows what to do. "Be a shame if the chicken out smarted them." Her head nods to the chaotic chase. And while she might not have been the one Axle directed the question at, she does at least venture a guess. "You mean the pinto?"

"You never want a chicken that's too easy to catch for gumbo. I don't think that's a saying for real, but maybe I'll just say it enough that it will catch on." Ramsey gets the rice sack on the back of the float, which is the bed of a pickup truck, tucking it under the superstructure along with some other goods. "Heh, looks like we're cutting across that way," he nods as the riders start across a field, the floats going around. "Yeah, that's the one. I think. Though I sometimes mix up pintos and paints. What up, Race Car? This is Axle. And vice-a-versa."

"Pinto? I wonder if they named the car after the horse or the beans," Axle muses out of left field, sharing the random thought with both Jeanie and Ramsey. To the former, she waves and grins cheerfully. "Hey!" is her short and sweet return greeting -- and then takes off running as a little kid belonging to one of the other revelers toddles a little too close to the road where all the action is going. She sweeps the kid up with a cheerful, "Whee!" swinging the little boy around and offering him to the arms of a relieved-looking parent, offering a wave bye bye to the kid.

Jeanie's nose wrinkles as she's doubtful about wanting any chicken, ever. Some things are just better not thought about like the fate of that poor fowl. At the truck, she'll carefully tuck her peppers away so they don't roll (or bounce) off in search of their own freedom. "If I recall right, Paint is a specific breed, Pinto is just the coloring. So a Paint can be a Pinto but not all Pintos are Paints. Or they might be beans or cars." There's a grin for Axle at the left-field addition and a nod for the introductions. "Road House. And nice to meet ya." The last is for Axle and then Jeanie's also busy waving good bye to the almost squashed kid.

Ramsey grins "Hey, they're working hard for those chickens," Ramsey says to the nose wrinkle with a grin, then says "I mean, Ford had a horse naming thing, but it's pretty funny to think of it as the bean car. "How you been?" he asks but isn't given time to wait for an answer, pulling his mask down when he hears "Ramsey! Get over there and help your brother!" shouted by a portly man on a horse with a big purple cape, and directed to where another chicken has been thrown and a group is running after it. And he's off to the races, leaving Axle and Jeanie for the moment.

Axle makes a soft whew sound as she returns to Ram and Jeanie, saying, "Nice to meet you, too, dude." In spite of the fact Jeanie isn't a dude. But that's beside the point. Suddenly she perks up when the portly fellow says the word 'brother' in relation to Ramsey, and that's when she trots over after the horse and rider. "Hey! Are you related to Ramsey?" she cheerfully asks amongst cavorting horse-side and jingling bells -- and hopefully not annoying the poor horse enough to get stomped on -- flashing an excited grin at the opportunity to meet another member of the Rambo family.

Jeanie can be an honorary dude. Or a dudette if anybody really rathers. She's more distracted by watching the chicken-catching attempts and luckily doesn't have time for any retort before Road Ho- errr... Ramsey is being directed to the chicken-jump-squad and Axle trots off after. Left momentarily alone, the girl pulls out a half finished pack of sunflower seeds and heads towards where the first chicken is running. While others might be chasing, she stands still and just pours some of the seeds into her hand and the ground. "Here chick, chick, chick...."

The Capitanne turns his head, taking off his cockaded hat and looks down to Axle, before saying "He's my nephew! Runnofft to the big city." He nods toward one of the groups, "There's a lot of Legers runnin' around here today, more of us when we get to town and the party gets started." Ramsey himself is using his skills to barrel along after the chicken with his brother and cousins, a bit of jockeying happening as is wont to do, while the other chased chicken looks mournfully at the sunflower seeds as it is pursued, a yakkety sax rendition being played on fiddle and accordion.

"Uncle Rambo, no shit. Your nephew's good people. I'll try to keep him in line in the big city," Axle cheerfully offers, before explaining, "I'm a friend of his; Sofia's the name. Damn glad to meet you," she burbles. She might be wearing a 'VIRGIN' tank top, but the Capitanne is dressed much more boisterously, so she doesn't feel ill at ease in the slightest. In the wake of the introduction she makes no further attempt to hold up the horseman, as there are surely lots of things for him to do. If he moves onward, she goes over to watch Jeanie with her seeds, grinning.

Mournful looks is at least some attention and Jeanie perks up a bit as if her not-at-all-thought-out-plan might actually be working. She beckons Axle closer once the other girl comes over and holds out another handful of seeds to her. "Do you like freedom?" There's no grin at all on Jeanie's face as this is a very serious and important question to be asking RIGHT NOW. The chicken is still running but at least manages a peck in passing at one of those sunflower seeds.

Chicken chasing! Ramsey and his kin seem to have tackled the one they were chasing, while Axle and Jeanie are almost run over by a crowd of capped and masked clowns and costumed sorts, clamboring after the bird in a crash of sprints, dives, attempted tackles, all interspersed with whoops and hollars and the music is kept up, the people from the farm that released the chickens joining in with the riders once at least one is caught, dancing and celebration happening, though the other clearly must not get away.

Axle watches the crowd zoom by and freaks out a little bit -- and sun flower seeds go flying with her hands as she ducks back out of the way of the clowns and such. Way too much sugar flowing through her veins at the moment. She can't help but blurt out a cackle of laughter, covering her mouth with both hands, shaking her head and saying, "I don't think you're going to be able to save any of them. They're going to get et by somebody," the wolf-blood gently tells Jeanie, giving her shoulder a little pat.

Likely or not, Jeanie is at least going to try. As the horde and chicken approaches, she attempts to run and scoop up the bird which just panics it more. Her hand does make contact, but then a wing hits her in the face and she stumbles back in surprise. The clowns run past and she just barely makes it out without getting stampeded down herself. The woman grumbles as she rubs at her jaw where the chicken hit. "It's just cruel. Like they're playing with their food."

Fawn eventually gets her ass out here, and as she makes her way through those gathered she finds a few faces she knows not too far off. She stops at the edge of the crowd and lifts to her toes, glancing over the person next to her so she can check around. Hah! There they are.. and chasing the chicken(s?). She watches for now. Don't need a hurt chicken on her conscience, too!

Ramsey and some others who are fairly close to his size and appearance, so are probably his relatives of approzimate age. Beers are in hand and hollering as made as the chicken is handed to El Capitanne, who hoists it aloft and cheering comes up. Ramsey comes back over by Axle and sees Jeanie take a dive at the chicken, shouting "Git it!" encouragingly, even when defeat occurs. Never give up! The gumbo demands sacrifice. Snackrifice. He turns his head, spotting Fawn and lifting a hand in a wave.

"Aww, they're just chasing it. They probably won't be cruel when they butcher if. Just crrrk!" She mimics breaking a bird's neck with those weird, long-fingered hands of hers. Axle can't hepp it if she's a diehard carnivore! Ramsey keeps feeding her shit like deer haunches and emu jerky. Seeing Ram wave, she spies Fawn, next, and waves both hands in her direction, before looking back to Jeanie and asking, "So how do you know ol' Rambone?" in a conversational tone. Maybe trying to make up for the crrrk!

"Chasing it is cruel!" Jeanie protests even as she's wincing at the crack. And the thought of butchering it. But considering this far in the country she'd probably have better luck convincing a rock to be soft than people to abandon their seafood and sausage she'll stick to just staring grumpily at the direction of El Capitanne and the eventual stew pot until she gets distracted by conversation. "You mean Road House? He needed help to save Mardi Gras apparently."

Fawn spies Ramsey and sends a wave in return, and soon she's making her way over to Axle to stand near her and Jeanie, who gets a quick once over. Chasing is cruel? Maybe she isn't the only softie around! Fawn doesn't jump right in to the conversation, but she lingers close and looks as if she'll speak should a space open up. Till then she's happy to sip on her beer and watch.

Ramsey has already taken a run at getting Fawn to predate on cute animals, it's Axle's turn. One of his cousins gives him a curious look, perhaps sensing the wolfblooded present, and then Ramsey takes off his mask and hands it to Axle. "Okay, Axe. I need you to get me the ball." He nods toward the scramble meaningfully.

Axle winces a bit at Jeanie's reaction, and screws up her face at this business about 'saving' Mardi Gras. After a moment of thought, she asks, "Did he tell you he was probably the reason it was endangered?" Just in time for Road House to come up and thrust his mask at her, and she blinks, asking, "Moi? Chase the chicken? I thought you'd never ask!" she chirps, pulling the mask down over her head without concern for head lice or pot smoke or any old thing like that. She gives Fawn a playful, "Rawr!" before she takes off running after clowns and chickens and what-not.

"No, but I'm beginning to think he should have," Jeanie's got her doubts on Mr. Road House's innocence in the whole cursed float knowledge. But what better way to address concerns than head on and so she'll turn to Ramsey directly. "So were you?" She tilts her head inquisitvely. "Or do you just endanger chickens?" Never mind that he isn't the only one responsible for the whole chicken-run.

Fawn gives a grin at Axle's playfulness and she even jumps a little. Cause it's scary, ya know? She grins a little more and watches the other wolfblooded, eyes drawn down to all the damn bells. Wow. That's impressive. Fawn sips her beer again and does a little eavesdropping.

Ramsey cracks open the can of cheap beer in his hand and takes a drink, then gives Jeanie an indignant look. "I mean, I endanger more than chickens, but in this case, no, I was not responsible for that. Only for coordinating an expert strike team to take out the threat. But mostly I am accused of putting people in danger... of having a good time! GOOOO AXLE!" He seems very excited that Axle is displaying super hunter skills. "Oh, hey, Fawn, this is Race Car. She helped save Mardi Gras. Just so you know, I threw your friend through a window, but it was in a good way, and I just want to get ahead of that."

Axle is far from the most athletic person in the world; however, she did drink three 12 ounce bottles of Grapico at some point between New Orleans and right this moment. She's so hopped up on sugar and bead-related adrenaline that she kind of turns into a hyper-competitive bitch once amongst Ramsey's poor relatives. She practically clotheslines one of his cousins, grunting as she dives over the fallen -- at which point she hits the ground with her shoulder, knocking the wind out of herself and possibly landing with the flapping chicken in her arms if someone else doesn't grab it away from her.

Jeanie's judgey look gives way to a simple eye roll as Ramsey is supposedly innocent of only good times. And while she can't exactly join in cheering on the chicken-hunt, she will snag a beer of her own as one of the safest things she can probably consume out here. As Fawn is introduced, she gives a smile. "Oh, so you know Wolverine?" Does ANYBODY use normal names around here? Axle's fall is noticed and she gives a wince. Maybe as much for the girl as for the now-caught chicken.

Shifting her gaze to Ramsey and Jeanie, Fawn almost chokes on her beer. "What?" she asks, starting to laugh. "You threw my friend through a window? C'mon, with as many friends as I have, you gotta narrow it down for me. We talkin' Axle, Fen or Gretchen?" She smirks afterwards. "Fen, huh? Poor thing. Can't catch a break." As she laughs a little more she looks to Jeanie and says, "Hey. Race Car.. Interesting choice, Rams," she notes, snickering lightly. "Nice to meet you," she offers before hearing the 'OUuuuuUUUuU" a few give as Axle hits the ground. Fawn looks that way and winces. "Damn.. That woman."

Ramsey throws his arms in the air, beer splashing a bit, but never mind! "YEAAAH!" Axle's catching of the chicken brings great pride to the tribe. "Ahem. Good job! And, yeah, Fen. We had to steal a cursed float or it would have ruined Mardi Gras. Race Car helped. Was like a well-oiled machine."

Axle hands off the chicken to the closest pair of hands, reaching to tug the werewolf mask off her head, holding still for a brief period until she catches her breath with a little croak, giving a thumbs up and a watery grin to one of the clowns. Once she's been helped back up to her feet, she watches them tote the chicken off to join the other one, soon to become gumbo with the rice and some of the peppers Jeanie brought! Rubbing her shoulder, Ax heads back toward the trio, letting the mask dangle from her hand before she gently tosses it in Ramsey's direction when he looks like he might be paying attention.

Poor, poor chicken. Jeanie gives a tiny sniffle as she watches it be handed off towards its DOOM, but then she's back to the conversation, nodding. "Yeah, Fen. She did at least look pretty excited when she was driving the float off. I was just the distraction." As Axle comes over and is still rubbing that shoulder, Jeanie turns her attention that way. "I hear beer can help with that. Or at least not make you care if it hurts."

"Wait.." Fawn's brows furrow slightly. "Fen drove off with the float? FEN fen? Can't -drive- Fen? Who trusted her with that?" Fawn asks while laughing, eyes wide. "Man.. I wish I could have been there to see that.. Where did she take it?" she wonders, one brow arched.

Ramsey takes the mask back and says "You'd be surprised what people are capable of in the heat of the moment. She managed it. Though... Now that I think of it I.. Don't know the answer to that. We were supposed to rendezvous at the lake but I got kinda sleepy." Ramsey was.... Incredibly stoned on this operation. "I'm sure we'll get it all sorted out, as long as it wasn't in the parade." He yoiks a four pack from a cousin, holding onto one of the empty rings and holds it out to the hero if she wants one, also offering to the others. "That was the last farm, we're gonna be moving into town, doing the food thing, the bands'll be set up, should be good."

Axle waves away the offer of a beer, nose wrinkling a little bit. "I'm still off alcohol since I had a bad sick after a binge. Besides, I think I peed a little when I hit the ground. They need a toilet float," she complains, shifting her weight from one foot to another as if performing a little anti rain-dance. "So why do they call you race care?" she asks Jeanie, finding something to distract her.

"I don't think she had mentioned she couldn't drive..." Jeanie at least doesn't remember that fact being mentioned before she gave such a stellar pep talk for the mission, but then... she was a bit stoned as well. Some people are bad influences. As for the nickname origins, she shrugs. "Ask him." A beer holding hand points to Ramsey. "He was assigning everybody monopoly pieces. Surprised I didn't get something boring like the iron. And you might find a portapotty when we get into town."

"Now I'm going to just picture her driving a float around, freaking out and not knowing what to do next.. At this rate we'll need someone to drive around a banana car or wiener mobile. Make it really interesting," Fawn says with a smirk. When she notices Axle's dance she says, "Or just go behind a bush or something." Shrug!

Ramsey muses, "I know a guy with a replica one. Was for a job, but he kept it after." WHAT JOB RAMSEY? No elaboration. "We could add it to the fleet, with Sera's party hearse. Oop! Looks like we're moving!" He puts the mask back on after chugging the rest of his beer and then follows the pack. He trusts that they'll keep up!

"I'm not going behind a bush in this place. I'll end up getting kidnapped to be a skunk ape's wife," Axle predicts, grinning as she starts to follow after the herd of Legers and Legerkins, taking her time about it. Not like with the floats and everybody they'll be left behind. "Anyway. If Rambo says it was cursed, he probably knows what he's talking about. He's pretty good with... spirit fu."

Jeanie gives a shrug as she takes another gulp of her beer. She's got a lot of catching up to do if she hopes to reach the inebriation levels of some of the other revelers. "Once we got out of the warehouse not like you can drive very fast during New Orleans during Mardi Gras..." Honestly, it's a wonder the cursed float didn't spontaneously generate a parade of its own. Maybe it did and that's why nobody has seen Fen again. And off she starts walking, in the direction of everybody else. "Right, or he just wanted to pull a prank on his buddies?" Silly mortal thinking curses aren't real. "And in a town as small as this, you're probably safer. Anybody goes missing, they notice, you know?"

"Yeah, but then several of them might be in on it together.. You know.. To cover it up and keep secrets hidden," Fawn whispers as spookily as she is able. She sips her beer again and starts trudging along beside the two, and she casually mentions to Axle, "I met Stevie." Her eyes widen as if that says it all. A big gulp of beer is taken at that, and she leaves it alone. "You're good at catching chickens."

"Wayfarer's more likely to pull a prank on people than Ramsey is, at this point," Axle replies to Jeanie. "He's another one of our extended family," she adds, in case J-dude has not met Way. Glancing to Fawn and can't help but laugh a bit, walking on with the other two as Ramsey disappears in the distance in a cloud of cousins and gumbo ingredients. "I'm sorry. Did she beat you up like she did me?"

"Most murders are between folks that know each other. And crimes of passion," Jeanie's pretty calmly stating this as if reading of an ingredient label from a can of soup. "So just don't get in any arguments on the way to the bush and she'll be fine!" She'll give both girls a big smile as she tries to sell it. Then she blinks in surprise as Axle fills in a little bit more. "You're all related sort of? I was supposed to be meeting one of my cousins and her boyfriend here but haven't seen them yet..."

Fawn side-eyes to Jeanie at the murder talk, but it's true, so she leaves it at that. "Ah.." Fawn squints slightly and finishes her beer, then says to Axle, "Not exactly. She has some interesting conversation starters, that's for sure. She," Fawn thinks about it. "Well, she asked me some pretty personal stuff, and then we talked and I feel like it was pretty much a show-and-tell of her cleavage after that. I'm kinda glad she just preened in front of me and didn't fight me. I feel like she could snap me like a dry twig. I don't think I ever want to get into a fight with her." Fawn would die.

"Huh. I hope me peeing doesn't stir someone to a crime of passion," Axle muses. "Cause I think I better find a bush." She doesn't run right off, pausing to tell Fawn, "You let me know if she gives you any shit. She might've beat me up, but I'm not afraid of her. I'll cut a bitch if she bugs you," the wolf-blood offers, faking some sick karate poses that look more like a five-year-old emulating a Power Ranger. "Ok. I gotta go. I'll catch up!" And she trots off to find a bush, never to be seen again... until the next scene.

"Just pee on them if it does!" Jeanie calls out oh so helpfully with a grin, oblivious to the side eye and then she catches the sound of a rather familiar whistle followed by a very loud call of "JEEEEEEEANIEEEEEEEE!!!!" In the distance there's another blonde woman waving and jumping up and down and Jeanie returns the wave. "Gotta go!" She salutes the two with her beer before running off to meet said cousin.