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The Fall of Sexy Dan

Characters: Axle, Seraphine, Steven/Stephanie
Date: 2019-12-13
Summary: Axle, Stevie, and Seraphine, officially known as Girls Night!, head out to rescue a dog from an abandoned community center.
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It's night time in the city and Girls Night!, the official name of your trio, arrives at the abandoned community center. There's no signs of any guards about but the sturdy lock that keeps everything secured is definitely in place. A cold wind blows in from the north, chilling the air.

<shift> Shaggy Wolf changes to his wolf (urhan) form.

<spend> Seraphine spends 1 (-1 points) of their Glamour pool. <spend> Seraphine spends 1 (-1 points) of their Glamour pool, for 2 for Hostile takeover.

<OOC> Seraphine says, "this makes the building acknowledges we are there rightfully. So doors unlock for us, security cameras cant see us, ANDDDDDD animals and hobgoblins stay out of our way."

"It's this way guys!" Seraphine is in all black as befits a bunch of crappy young adults busting into a community center building that doesn't belong to them. "I just threw some magic over both of you and I that should make the door open for us, and the dog chill out. I doubt there are security cameras but who knows! If there are they won't see us. That's it, that old door with the big padlock on it." Seraphine motions them all over and kicks at the lock a few times to see if it will really open, testing the magic she just contracted.

Stevie has taken the form of a wolf right now, the form best suited for tracking prey. Though in this form they can't communicate with humans or manage more than a few simple First Tongue words, it's great for sniffing things, chasing things down, tracking prey. It looks, more or less like a normal wolf. It's definitely bigger and wilder looking than a dog, and would not be mistaken for a dog by anyone but the drunk or inattentive, but for all that, it appears to be a perfectly nonrmal member rof the species, sniffing along behind the girls and letting them lead the way for now. Stevie's really just here to be the muscle if needed.

<spend> Shaggy Wolf spends 1 (-1 points) of his Essence pool, for Primal Strength. <spend> Shaggy Wolf spends 1 (-1 points) of his Essence pool, for Killer Instinct.

Since her wardrobe is a bit limited, Axle grabbed a tank top after her shower and then stole Johnny's black hoodie to put on over it, to go with the usual blue jeans and motorcycle boots. She at least wears the hood up as they take off on their journey, the billy bat flashlight tucked down her pants with the strap through one of her belt loops to keep it from disappearing down her pant leg. "Shh!" she shushes as Seraphine exclaims the first bit, unable to suppress the urge to grin at the goth's Changeling's excitement. As she kicks at the lock, the wolf-blood can't help but shake her head, palming her face.

The lock falls right off, somehow. It seems it wasn't secured properly to begin with. Or maybe it was and the contract shifted reality just a little bit. Either way it falls free with a loud -clang-. It bounces off the pavement noisily, but there doesn't seem to be any alarm going off right now. As the trio prepare to enter they'll hear the sounds of music inside. Voices. It sounds muted though, faraway. Staticy.

"Whoa!" Seraphine whispers in a hush at Stevie in his wolf suit. "Ohhh my god! You're really a wolf!" She speaks in a hushed tone, but she can't help being a quite startled at his appearance. "You're beautiful..." She whispers again then falls back and lets the big guns go in ahead of her, if that's what they're going to do. "Do you hear something? I think there is someone inside." That makes Seraphine nervous.

Shaggy moves up, sniffing around the door, the edges of the building. When those voices, far-away and staticy start drifting through the now open door they cock their head as if they're listening, maybe trying to figure out what the voices are saying, or maybe trying to sort out just how many voices there are, who knows? They do move through the door first, but slowly, padding cautiously along and doing their best to be stealthy while they sniff and listen, listen and sniff as they lead the way furrther into the building.

Axle winces when the padlock clatters on the pavement, and she reaches down to pick it up, wrapping the chain around her fist a couple of times; it'll make a good secondary weapon if push comes to shove. Stevie starts to creep inside, and the wolf-blood glances toward Seraphine, touching a finger to her lips to encourage quiet, before she edges to follow the wolf, stepping carefully so she doesn't make a ton of noise in her boots.

.oO( Shaggy Wolf rolls 10 Dice )Oo..........................................o.

 Roll: Perception +4
 Result: Success (3) -- (10 7 3 4 4 2 4 1 7 8 9)

.o...................................................oO( success (public) )Oo.

As you all enter you'll notice that the place does have security cameras. There's one beeping in the corner of the large main room. This room seems to be empty, however. Discarded furniture. Old boxes full of who knows what. There's even half a car frame in here and who knows how that came to be. Tetanus seems to be the main problem people might have to deal with. Or electrocution as the wiring of the place seems exposed. The sound of a generator running can be heard as well, likely humming behind the building.

There are two doors that you can go to. The one on the left is where the dog was scene, and the main loot. There's one on the right side wall as well. A small hallway is visible to one side as well... but the piles of junk make it impassable. It's doubtful the villain stored -anything- in there.

Coming from the right door is the sound of voices, though. And soft music. Staticy.

At Axle's urging, Seraphine STFU and keeps quiet behind her packmates. She can hear the sounds from the door to the right, making her more nervous, but she sucks it up and keeps following, going wherever the other two take the trio.

Shaggy Wolf looks up to Seraphine and stares at her for a long moment before making na slow purposeful wink. Then they stop in the middle of the hall and look overr to Axle. Left, right, left, right. To be honest, Shaggy still is only half sure why they're here, and seems content to let the other two decide which way to go first.

.oO( Axle rolls 5 Dice )Oo..................................................o.

 Roll: Intelligence +Composure
 Result: Success (1) -- (4 8 7 7 3)

.o...................................................oO( success (public) )Oo.

<spend> Seraphine spends 1 point of their Willpower pool.

<OOC> Seraphine says, "(for the first contract -- i forgot to spend it)"

Axle creeps along behind Shaggy at first, pausing to let Seraphine catch up, reaching over to give her a reassuring squeeze around her shoulders, spying the nervous look on her face. She mouths the word, 'Relax,' and grins in her direction, before coming up to where the room opens up, fixing her eyes on the piles of stuff, looking a little ill-at-ease about something, rubbing the back of her neck with the hand not wrapped up in the chain.

The room is still as you guys first found it. There's junk everywhere, but with enough of a footpath through the middle that you have a clear path to either door. They both look about the same. Unmarked doors. If they're locked, doubtlessly they'll prove no deterrent to Seraphine's powers. The longer you stay in the room, however, the more you notice the mess. A rat skitters across the floor, disappearing into a pile.

The room is dark and smells musty and mouldy to her. She is actually starting to get PTSD flashbacks and she doesn't even know why. It takes all of Seraphine's focus and resolve to keep her shit together in here. Axle gives her shoulder a squeeze which is completely reassuring and helps calm her considerably. She wonders where the dog is and fingers the handful of treats she put in her pocket before they headed out. Now she wonders why they didn't agree to a plan before they came in. Nothing they can do now without giving themselves away. Helplessly she just follows after the other two, hoping this all comes out okay.

Shaggy Wolf leads the way! Because you know, everyone's just sorrt of standing in the hall paralyzed about what door to pick. So Shaggy whines quietly, a low growl under their breath and nudges, pushing both Axle and Seraphine with their nose and pushing them towards the door where the voices and TV sounds are coming from.

Axle takes point after the wolf chooses a door to move toward. Shrugging off the ill-at-ease feeling, she heads forward the tries the handle of the right-hand door with her free hand, keeping the chain at the ready should she need to assault the shit out of someone with either that fist or the dangling length of metal links. If the handle opens, she shoves the door open and barges on inside, taking the offensive.

Inside the room on the far wall is a flatscreen TV with four camera screens visible on it. Next to it is where the voices and music were coming from. It's a softcore porn, the kind they used to show late at night on cable channels... not that this narrator would know anything about that. Also in the room is a large, beaten up lazyboy chair that has been patched repeatedly. A small table, with some chinese food and couple beer cans. Oh. And in that chair? A sweaty, balding man of expansive girth. He leaps out of the chair and turns to face you, his dick bobbing in the air, pants on the floor beside him as he reaches for his baseball bat. It seems he was caught in a private moment!

.oO( Initiative Roster )Oo................................................o.

13) Seraphine 12) Shaggy Wolf

7) Axle                                                                      
5) Sexy Dan (npc)                                                            
.o......................................................oO( initiatives )Oo.

<OOC> Johnny says, "Alright, Seraphine. You're up first. What do you do?" <OOC> Seraphine says, "I think i'll try to give him a Blind Tilt" <OOC> Johnny says, "How?" <OOC> Seraphine says, "Murkblur" <OOC> Seraphine says, "roll his wits and wyrd if he has it" <OOC> Johnny says, "Roll me manipulation + subterfuge + wyrd."

<spend> Seraphine spends 1 (-1 points) of their Glamour pool.

.oO( Johnny rolls 3 Dice )Oo................................................o.

 Roll: 3
 Result: Failure -- (7 3 1)

.o...................................................oO( failure (public) )Oo.

.oO( Seraphine rolls 13 Dice )Oo............................................o.

 Roll: Manipulation +Subterfuge +Wyrd
 Result: Exceptional Success! (5) -- (3 1 5 7 9 5 2 4 8 10 4 10 8 3 1)

.o......................................oO( exceptional success! (public) )Oo.

Seraphine sees the bat and figures that's hostile. She closes her eyes for just a moment and her magic encompasses the man, ripping his sight and his hearing from him all in one simple effort. "That won't last long she whispers.

<spend> Shaggy Wolf spends 1 (-1 points) of their Essence pool, for Urshul.

Shaggy is thinking, is this the bad guy? This has to be the bad guy right? He's grabbing a weapon, he's watching softcore porn on an old tv instead of the internet, and they came here to beat a guy up right? Shaggy changes in a flash, their form seeming to shimmer and meld like quicksilver, a fascinating process of flesh melting together, reshaping like putty into somemthing that is a beast of legend. It's a Dire Wolf now, standing a few hairs over 5 feet tall from paw to shoulder haunches, weighing 300-400 lbs easy, and it pounces, harrying the prey with a snarling growl, attacking the human's legs.....

.oO( Shaggy Wolf rolls 9 Dice - 8-Again )Oo.................................o.

 Roll: Strength +Brawl +Purity
 Result: Exceptional Success! (5) -- (9 8 3 3 8 1 1 3 1 4 10 4 9 4)

.o......................................oO( exceptional success! (public) )Oo.

The man was blinded, he was deafened. And before he knew it? He was dead. He never even got a chance to swing his bat and, mercifully, he died quickly from the shock of having his leg bitten off cleanly. His body flops to the ground, blood oozing out of his stump.

<OOC> Johnny says, "Axle, you're up."

She opened the door, but Axle doesn't even have a chance to enter the room as Shaggy lunges forward -- and grows enormously in the same motion -- her fist still raised in the air. Her jaw drops and she stands there for a few ticks of the second hand, before she darts her eyes toward the porn on the television, back to the now legless bat-wielding hooligan. "Uh, there's no dog in here," she points out, turning to look toward Seraphine, the hand with the chain on it twitching. Dude's dead. That's not good.

Shaggy Wolf ripped a leg clean off the guy. That's the kind of thing that people are going to be sitting around drinking, asking each other 'dude, did you see when Stevie ripped a leg clean off that guy'? They shake it around back and forth like a chew toy, which probably has the undesirable result of sending blood splatters around everywhere. But he gnaws and worries at it, growling before tossing it to the side and looking over the man rapidly bleeding to death on the floor. Sure hope that was a bad guy. Maybe Axle understands First Tongue, maybe not, but Stevie complains, <<That was not worthy prey.....>>

<OOC> Seraphine says, "is it cool to roll like, res/comp to make sure she doesn't hurl?" <OOC> Johnny says, "Sure."

.oO( Seraphine rolls 3 Dice )Oo.............................................o.

 Roll: Resolve +Composure
 Result: Success (1) -- (10 2 1 1)

.o...................................................oO( success (public) )Oo.

Seraphine says, "Ooooh my god!" Seraphine just manages to prevent herself from hurling in the corner as she witnesses the man's leg being ripped off. She figured this was going to be bad, but she didn't figure quite that bad. Now she's looking around for more people that might be back there with him, and in fact turns back toward the door they just entered to make sure nobody heard them and is coming for them. "I don't know where the dog is. He was in here somewhere!""

"You're cleaning up that mess," Axle declares to Stevie after the leg is tossed aside. She leaves them to deal with this room; there's something about the mess and that stack of stuff in the other room that still has her attention -- and her spidey senses tingling. So she slinks away to investigate the stacks of junk preventing people from getting down that hallway.

Shaggy starts poking around the body. They don't have opposable thumbs in this form so it's not a 'search' really. But they're smelling, sniffing, even licking a few drops of blood. They pad around the body in a slow circle, trying to learn more about their prey, but hey, maybe it was just an ordinary dude. The wolfen haunches give a sort of approximation of a shrugging motion, but then head tilts, and growls a bit, sort of jerking its head in the direction of the room where all the junk is piled up blocking the door, as if to say there might be something through there.

The body is a normal human, from the smell of it. Flabby. A bit greasy. There's a wallet laying near the body that doesn't look like it's got too much blood on it. Leather. Well broken in.

Seraphine watches the wolf nose at the body some and that's when she notices the wallet. "Hey, you want me to get that? You without the thumbs?" She tries to make light of the situation and walks over to pick up the wallet. She then paws through it, as it were, looking to see what the ID says, whether there is money in it, any notes or cards or anything worth saving out.

The wallet has pretty standard fare in it. A little cash. A credit card with the name Daniel Goodman. Driver's license with the same. A folded piece of paper that has a picture of a stick figure man with a stick figure girl that says 'I <3 Daddy'. There's no cellphone on the body though, so it must be somewhere else.

Axle moves deeper in the room after swallowing hard to avoid barfing on the floor. She has the billy bat flashlight, the chain, but she avoids the bulk of the blood puddle to retrieve the naked dead guy's baseball bat. Who knows what other dangers lurk inside the place? She takes a moment to poke around, avoiding the TV tray with its Chinese food and beer cans. The easiest way to turn off the porn is to unplug the television, which is what she does next.

<shift> Stevie changes to her wolf (urhan) form. <shift> Stevie changes to her near-wolf (urshul) form.

Shaggy makes their way over towards the blocked door, sniffing it, cocking her ears, pacing back and forth. They lift their paw then and sort of idly push at some of the junk, as if seeing how hard it would be to dislodge and get their way into the next room, or whether it's just solid junk stacked up all the way in.

Seraphine frowns at the child's art in the man's wallet. "Jesus." She sighs and then without thinking twice takes the money and the credit card. "Maybe it will seem more legit if we rob him, then there is a motive I guess. We're going to have to take this guy and dump him in the river or something." After thinking about it a moment, she takes the child's drawing as well. Then she heads over to the wolf to see if she can help move junk. "Wonder what is back there..."

Axle and Seraphine, in the other room from Stevie, don't seem to be having any more problems from the dead guy. There's still a closed door with a dog likely behind it nearby but again, no sign of a cellphone anywhere. However, messing with the pile of shiny junk seems draw the attention of other... things in the room. There's chittering from under the other piles. Vicious little eyes peering at the group from the darkness. The more the piles are jostled, the angrier the noises sound.

<OOC> Stevie says, "Oh btw breraking point towards spirit for killing a human"

.oO( Stevie rolls 5 Dice )Oo................................................o.

 Roll: Resolve + Composure
 Result: Success (3) -- (6 10 3 9 9 7)

.o...................................................oO( success (public) )Oo.

Axle moves over to join the others who're poking around in the items blocking access to the other area. While they're doing that, she decides to check out the other door, lest someone else come from behind it. But first, she picks up one of the containers of Chinese food from the TV tray; if there is a hungry dog in the other room, she plans to meet it with food in her hand, so as to attempt to avoid being mauled to death.

<OOC> Johnny says, "Did you open the door to the dog's room?" <OOC> Axle says, "Not yet. Grabbed the Chinese food from the TV tray and approached the door."

Steven watches as Axle comes over, and moves to check the other door. It doesn't two to fight on two fronts at once, and besides, Stevie wants to think about those vicious chitterings. She slowly backs up away from the junk pile, growling lowly in her throat as if to warn the rodents, and snuffling at the air with those big nostrils....

The chittering and hissing from the piles gets louder the more you rustle the junk pile. When Stevie steps away it begins to die down a bit but it might be from the growl. Meanwhile, there's the sound of whining from the other room. The room without a body in it. A dog's plaintive sound.

Seraphine can hear the sounds of both the dog and.. whatever the hell is on the other side. "Hey, guys? You gotta stick with me so I can chill these things out." She can see Axle, she can see the wolf, now she concentrates and casts the magic over all three of them once more. Then she waits as Axle will presumably open the door and Stevie will paw through the trash. If she is gaging this right.

Axle sinks to a crouch in front of the door, putting the box of chinese food down, carefully flattening the sides of the container so it spreads out into a plastic-lined plate, a few dribbles of juices spilling over the edges. She keeps the door between her and the room on the other side, softly saying, "Imma open the door. See if the dog will take this food," in the direction of the others, without raising her voice too much. Now that one hand is free, she reaches for the door handle, opening it up a little bit, at least room enough for the dog's head to poke out -- unless it muscles it open and comes all the way out.

The door creaks open slowly and... whimpering. Axle will smell it first; urine. There's a shape huddled in the back corner of the room that seems to be the source of the terrified sounds, hunkered down in a puddle of its own pee. There's no chains on it, or anywhere in the room. Just an empty food and water bowl. Piled on the middle of the table is the prize, though. Shinies. So many. Cellphones. A few guns. Knives. A pogo stick. A fancy gilded mirror. The main prize, however, are a small pile of gold coins on one edge of the table, glinting in the light. The room itself has a door that exits to the back but it is triple padlocked from the inside with a refrigerator in front of it for good measure.

The sharp acrid scent of urine hits Stevie's sensitive nose and makes them wriggle it, snuffling and brushing their paw back and forth across the noise. See Seraphine, that guy deserved what was coming to him, animal cruelty, ugh. Stevie turns and moves towards the door, nosing it open the rest of the way and looking over the various prizes. This... should this seem familiar? For now, Stevie will move to stand just inside the room, giving others room to come in if they want. Meanwhile, she racks her brain, trying to figure out if this matches any spirit behavior she should know.

Seraphine moves so that now they're all in front of the door and she can keep an eye on everyone. She waits to see if Axle will approach him with the food.

Axle lowers her voice to use a baby talk tone as she pushes the food ahead of her, opening the door enough for Stevie to slip past. She doesn't care about any shinies at the moment. She does reach to set the bat and then the chain aside, leaving only the billy bat tucked down inside the waistband of her jeans. "Hey little guy. You hungry? It's okay," she tells the cowering dog, ignoring the stink of pee as she crouch-walks in closer, pushing the food ahead of herself, avoiding any obvious pee puddles.

Uhhh, Shaggy doesn't think that's a dog, and slowly starts circling to the outside of the room, keeping a wary eye on things. Why would something not chained up stay in its own pee like that. Stevie in First Tongue offerss out, even though she doesn't know whether Axle or Seraphine speak it or not, <<Be careful, there's something about this I don't like.>> But she won't make the first attack...

The dog sniffs at the air when the food is offered but doesn't take any. It just cowers further into the corner, belly all the way on the floor as it soaks in its own pee. It is a dog. A rottweiler. And it is -fucking terrified-. It shows no fear of Axle directly, no sign that it might attack. In fact it looks like if she gives the dog a chance it'll likely bolt from the way it's moving. Meanwhile... you don't see anything directly. Nothing head on. But there's that feeling of eyes on you. Of movement just out of your vision. The chain Axle just put down has vanished into the shadows when nobody was looking.

"Do you feel that? Or see that?" I think there is something..." She turns to look and make sure there is nothing behind them.

"Come on, honey," Axle coos, trying to coax the dog to come closer, abandoning the bat -- and obviously the chain, too, since it has already disappeared into the dark. "How the hell are we going to get rid of that body? We came here on foot. Do you want me to go grab a car?" she offers, though without taking her eyes off the dog. She straightens up some, still bent over, reaching both hands out, palms up, in the direction of the dog as she moves closer to it.

<<Why do we have to get rid of the body?>> Shaggy wonders idly to no one. Just look at this place, no one's been in here in weeks other then the guy they just killed. Maybe months. Non-verbally, they only make a non-committal shrug, turning circles a round the room, hackles raised at the feeling of being watched. She grrrrs and pads back to the door, looking both ways up and down the hallway, is someone sneaking up on them? A whine and a point towards the hallway, what's in the hallway?! They gotta get through that junk.

The dog doesn't resist Axle's attempts to wrangle it. It doesn't even fight her aside from pulling away whenever she tries to draw into towards the main room. There's something -wrong- in there. Stevie will feel it just from approaching that hallway. Even brushing against the junk causes an unsettling feeling that grows stronger the longer you remain.

Seraphine addresses Axle. "Is there a leash or rope or anything you can see? We gotta get him on leash if we want to get him out of here. Plus I've got to follow Shaggy to the other room, and you two have to come with. Otherwise the dog might start losing his shit on you. Does he have a collar? What about that chain you had?" She offers, trying to be helpful. "Unless you think the contract is scaring him more? If so I'll follow the wolf and we can experiment?"

"What're you talking about? I thought we came here to get the dog and beat up some dude. What do we need in the other room?" Axle asks, her expression confused. "Was the guy in the other room the one you saw earlier?" she clarifies, gesturing in the direction of the place where the legless jerker was abandoned. She straightens up, momentarily leaving off trying to convince the Rottweiler to come with her.

<shift> Stevie changes to her near-man (dalu) form.

Stevie shifts, shaking with frustration, turning back into that muscle-bound body-builder barbie form from earlier. Stretching back up to two legs, groaning and grunting, hulking in the space near the door, fingernails sharp as talons, "You guys have to learn First Speech. I think we're being watched by spirits, there's probably a locus here and if we can clean it up and claim it, it'd give the pack a space." She shrugs and offers, "But if you wanna wait and just save the dog, come back with some more wolves, that'd make sense too." Stevie seems eager for a fight, but that doesn't mean she's stupid and will let the others decide the risk they wanna place.

The dog isn't impossible to drag; it just happens that the more the room gets riled up the more it resists. There's no collar or leash present but the dog also seems well-behaved enough and healthy. If a bit terrified.

Seraphine shrugs at Axle. "I don't know if he's the same guy. It was dark and we were only here a short time, plus I was just worried about the dog.... And then Stevie is back and talking about spirits and stuff and Sera's eyes go wide. "Whoa. We gotta have more help." She looks around the place in dismay, now realising they probably /are/ being watched. "Let's figure out what to do with the body, let's get the dog out of here, and let's come back when we have Becky and Cosmo and even Johnny if he can. Any ideas on the body?"

Stevie interjects, "Leave it. The rats will eat it."

Well, Christ. This is all kinds of fucked up. Axle is started to look pissed off the longer things go on, but at who or what is difficult to discern. She might not be the strongest person in the world, but she's going to try to pick up the rottweiler and haul it out of this place, past the scary hallway full of rats. She'll drag it if she has to. "C'mon, baby. Let's get you out of here." As much as the common sense and sane half of her wants to yell at people, that's not going to accomplish anything. "Let's get the fuck out of here and find Johnny."

"I'll take up the rear." Stevie steps out into the hallway, holding the door open for Seraphine, Axle, the dog. She's facing the pile of junk, and waits for them to start towards the front door before backing up. She moves along with them, but always facing the blocked off hallway... time to get the fuck out of here.

As the group prepares to leave there's the sound of a buzzing coming from the hallway. A cellphone begins to play a custom song ringtone. It's a children's song. "Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate... First one said oh..." The voice sings out cheerily before it warps, fading into an awkward silence.