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The Crown Joules: Prologue

Characters: Essie, Agatha
Date: 2020-07-21
Summary: Essie finds the source of the "want ads" in accorded places.

Agatha's message was put up far and wide across the city in those Accorded places. Mostly places that served alcohol; and without a shadow of doubt at every pub, tavern, and bar that welcomed in the weird and Wyrd. The Werewolf himself was at one of said establishments, a pitcher of beer in one hand and his phone in the other. He was hastily tapping away at the screen while trying to keep at least one eye on the television currently blaring something about the current basketball season - or lack thereof.

Essie likes alcohol, is Accorded and also always on the lookout for another potential job and so it's probably not surprising that she managed to catch a glance of one of the notices. A few texts had been sent before hand to arrange time and place and at the designated meeting time, a young woman in a motorcycle jacket and sunglasses slides into the booth across from the werewolf, wincing ever so slightly as the closest television apparently had some reason for folks to cheer. "Hear you need some help?"

Agatha looks to have avoided the rain outside, although it also looks as if he hasn't left this place since the morning. He looks over to the woman that's sidled into the seat in front of him; his brown-eyed, bloodshot gaze narrowing a touch. "Something like that," he responds when sitting back in his seat. His nose twitches as he sniffs at the air, and rexlases some. "You up for the job, though? Last gal that came through got herself caught, and I'll tell you the same thing I told her. If you get caught I don't know you from Adam or Eve."

Essie calmly stares back at the wolf's gaze, now that the noise from whatever rerun of a game has at least died down to more normal levels. She raises her shoulders in a little shrug. "Think I need a bit more details to be sure, but know one thing is for damn sure... I'm definitely good at not getting caught." Left unsaid is that the whole 'not getting caught' thing might also involve ditching the job if it comes down to it, but girl's gotta survive.

The reserved reaction elicits a smile from the Elodoth. Agatha clears his throat, lifts a hand to ask for a moment, and takes a few sips from the pitcher before speaking. "You haven't run away yet so that's good enough for me, and I've said the most important piece." He clears his throat before continuing. "You ever heard of a Mr. Johannes Becker? He was a thief, or that's as far as I could be told. Keyword there is 'was.' He retired, started living the good life, and all that other stuff. Problem is that I need what he's stolen. Let's just say-" His voice trails off and he steals one a quick sip of beer. "It's important, and something I need before the third of August."

There's a quick shake of the woman's head as Agatha mentions the other thief. "If he retired and still kept some of the stuff... doesn't sound like too good of a theif. Or at least not very professional." Essie's profession might not be 'traditional' but she does have some standards. The mention of a very specific date gets a raise of her eyebrows. "So just what is it that's so important and needed so soon? Can't really reclaim something if I don't know what I'm looking for."

"Can't say I know or give much a damn for professionalism. Thief or otherwise." Another sip, and he leans forward to rest his forearm on the table. "It's something you can't miss. Looks like a red hunk of of a gem, but it'll feel like it's alive. Singing and all, and even if you want to that song won't get out your head. Think of it like a needy little baby about the size of your head." He smiles, adding, "Giev or take a centimetre or two."

"A singing hunk of gem?" Essie seems a little bit dubious at this fact, keeping her arms crossed as she watches the werewolf across from her, peering as if trying to guess just what his deal might be. "Not something that's gonna bewitch me or try to steal my life force or anything dramatic like that aside from constant earworms? And the singing... will it be all in my head or actual noise?"

"I did say like a baby. Far as I've been able to find out it won't take over your mind, but the singing?" He simply shrugs, clearly unsure himself. "Don't know if it's in your head or out loud. I guess if it's the latter some earplugs might help, but if the former." Another shrug comes. "Worst case it's like hearing 'Dem Bones' a million times or something like, 'The Song That Doesn't End.'"

Essie shakes her head a little. "Not necessarily the song itself I'm worried about. More the volume of it." She points a finger up to her own ear. "But I got some earplugs." Will make it pretty hard to be stealthy if she's got a giant singing gem in her arms though, but she can figure out those problems later. "So, you know where this Becker lived or hung out? Anything else you know that I should know so I don't end up like your last girl?"

"Lives," the Werewolf corrects. "Fucker's still kicking it at Ninety-seven. He ain't what he used to be, but he's no slouch either. By normal standards." The last said with a bit of disdain, and he takes a long sip of his beer. "If you can get it, I guess you don't need to be stealthy. Just fast. Really fast since the place he lives at has a few guards and some dogs."

Essie takes the correction easy enough with a nod. "Noted." Former thieves probably the best one to design anti-thief security measures after all. The mention of being fast gets a bit of a grin from the woman. "Really fast shouldn't be a problem. As long as they aren't like... vampire guards or something." Super legs can outrun a lot of things... vampire with celerity might not be one of them.

"Can't say I scoped out the place like that. Not my expertise, but I'm the one paying." He looks down at his phone, now set on the table, and his gaze flits back to her. "He lives on in an old plantation home, not too far out from the city. As for your payment, cash and in my trunk. The question is, are you prepared to hold up your end of the bargain and bring me the jewel back?"

Essie has to ask although she nods as if the not knowing was kind of what she expected. "I'm not gonna double cross you or nothing. I'll get the gem if I'm able, in exchange for the cash on delivery. If the security does have something unexpected like vampire guards though... like you said you wouldn't know me if I got caught, I'll risk normal security measures but too much supernatural stuff and you're gonna need to find yourself another thief."