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Tales of a Sister Gone Wrong

Characters: Tomas, Dolce as ST
Date: 2019-11-04
Summary: Dolce confesses she has a sister who may cause her potential problems when she comes around.
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Soundtrack: Queens Of The Stone Age - The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret

Tomas was sitting down in the shotgun house relaxing a bit as he read a book. He was not in his normal suit instead in what looked to be greaser gear. With the leather coat and jeans and even a pack of smokes rolled up into the sleeve of his t-shirt. Which was a very odd look for him.

Dolce has just come back from the Church, feeling safe enough to do so on her own without Tomas -- it's a rare moment of autonomy, but somewhere during the evening she spent alone, she realised how badly she missed Tomas. So when she comes through the door and into their little shotgun house, she is so relieved to see her guard there, she can't hardly believe it. Somehow though, she manages to hold it together. "Ciao." She says quietly. "Mi dispiace di aver lasciato senza di te. Stavo cercando di vedere se potevo farlo da solo, ma non voglio / voglio / farlo da solo ... Mi sono reso conto che mi mancavi." She confesses. And then Dolce realises... something is quite different. "Your clothes... you don't look normal. And what's with the cigarettes?" She laughs and then teases him. "You know that shit will give you cancer." And then she collapses into the couch next to him in a fit of giggles. Which is very unlike the Inquisitor.

Tomas looked up from his book when Dolce walked in and was speaking in her native tongue he knew she meant it before he looked down at himself "Ah it is one of the ways I find people to feed off of. Since I know how to drive I pretend to be a greaser like person or someone that likes the look. In my case I know a few thanks to a few Kindred I met. People think it is fun or interesting and talk to me. From there I go." He explained before ne went on to what she said "I missed you to."

Dolce quickly crushes the laughter as she realises they are having a sort of serious moment. "Tomás, Longinus teaches you must impart lessons to the mortals, so they might stay on their path to righteousness and God. You... you need not cater to them. For you have the treasures from Hell." She closes her eyes and the recites from rote.

"I no longer lusted after women; I no longer desired wine; I no longer hungered after fine foods. I had no wish for wealth, for I did not need treasures on Earth, when I had treasures in Hell. But I did not know what I should do, and would have lost my mind, if I had not decided that God wished more of me." The tiny inquisitor pauses. "Maledition 13:3. Don't ever forget why you walk the face of the earth. You have responsibilities as a Monster." She nods encouragingly. This isn't meant to be a lecture, but rather inspiration.

"That is for mortals that have lose their way. Not all have or were on the way in the first place. And we have to see if they need to be shown the way in the first place. I have my way of doing things as you do yours." Tomas explained. "Besides if I always show up in a suit cannot help those far from the path. Some will not appear so I can know. I do not deal with people to force them to speak to them as other daeva do I more scare them."

"All mortals have lost their way at one time or another. They're all sinners Tomás, every last one of them. They can't help it -- they just are." It is obvious, when Dolce speaks, she must feel very far removed from the human race, as she should be in her mind. "Sure, you deal with people differently than I do. That's what makes you, you and me, me." She smiles at him. "You do such good work for the Church, tesoro, your intentions and fidelity will never be called into question. And I always have your back. Just like you have mine." She smiles playfully. It's hard to imagine Dolce actually doing the work of an inquisitor. She's just so sweet and mild-mannered. "So? How did your hunting go tonight? Did you find what you needed?"

Tomas nodded "I did. Was not that diffcult the trick was more to get someone so out of it that they do not remember. Since I would rather not kill for no reason. Makes things diffcult for others and gets the humans up on a rise. But managed it without to much trouble."

"Fortunately, if you do it right, they never remember anyway. God has designed us to be the perfect predators, and he didn't leave much to chance. I'm glad you found what you needed tonight though. Now what? You sit at home reading? What are you reading that is so engrossing?" She looks over at the book's jacket, trying to determine what it is. "You know, we could be reading the Testament of Longinus together." She grins. "Or maybe we should play a game of truth or dare. Did you ever play that when you were younger? I didn't, at least not exactly. But we had similar games at the convent that would keep us occupied well into the early morning hours -- the hours we should have been sleeping. Mother Agnella would walk the halls, trying to catch us in some misdemeanor. She was a menace." Dolce laughs.

Tomas the book had a red cover to it did not seem to have a name on the cover but did on the spine. Seemed to be some kind of fantasy book. "I read this to see what imagingtion the humans have. What way they change the nightmares that go about the night into dreams. Or what dreams have turned into nightmares. We could be readling the Testament. But I read that other days. Right now it more just picturing. As for truth or dare no. I was busy with training while I was going up. Did not have time for it."

"Of course you didn't have time for such games. And look at you now, so pious and devout. I imagine you were as serious about your training as you are about your other endeavours in life. Tell me Tomás, were you ever in love? Were you ever with someone that meant everything to you?" She pauses now, pressing her index finger to her lips in deep thought. "You know, you never really have told me about your childhood, or how you were drafted into a life of servitude to our God and Longinus. How did it all come about?"

Tomas gave a grin "Love? No. Was I ever with someone that meant everything to me? Yes. I know that sounds odd but just the way it is for me. As for my childhood I use to have special powers given to me by God. The Church knew them to be a blessing and sought to use them againist the heretics and witches of the Moors. That is when I was taken in to be a knight. I am even part of an Holy Order though I doubt they would believe I am still walking the Earth. As for how came to my current state after a battle I was hurt my sire found me. Made me a ghoul and I served him for a long time before he embraced me. I am now here."

Dolce sits riveted, on the edge of the couch now, listening to Tomás' stories. "So? Don't leave me hanging! Who is this mystery woman? Or is it a man?" She grins diabolically as she conjures up images of her bodyguard engaged with some other woman. "Was she as amazing as I am?" Dolce laughs. "I'm teasing. But tell me about her. What is it that attracted you to her. And how did you lose her. I'm assuming you lost her somewhere along the line as I've never scene you with anyone else. Not that I've noticed, anyway." She confesses. "And, what blessings did God bestow upon you that made you so desirable?"

"It is a woman and will not get that information that easy out of me. But I can say that she died in my arms." Tomas looked off into nothing for a moment before going on again. "My blessing? I could control light and fire." He explained to Dolce "It was a very interesting power."

"Oh my goodness. She died in your arms? How on earth did you have the capacity and discipline not to change her so you could bring her into eternity with you? You're a better Kindred than me, I believe. I don't think I could have stopped myself from saving someone I loved so much. And I can just feel how much you loved her. It's quite charming really." Dolce sits back deeper in the couch and crosses her long, coltish legs before beginning again. "I have a confession to make, speaking of people who have long been missing from our lives. It's my sister. I have a twin that I never told you about because, well, she's dangerous to me. She contacted me and is making her way here, but that news couldn't be any worse for me." She shakes her head slowly.

Tomas paused looked at Dolce serious for a moment. Took in a deep breath that he did not need before speaking. "I did not wish for her to live the way I do and I knew if I did she would hate me for it. So would you make an enemy of the one you love?" He asked as a serious question to Dolce. Now on to the sister "A sister? I thought keeping one of you safe was a job so how is this sister dangerous to you?"

Dolce nods, serious too about his question. "No. You're right. I would never bring someone into this world that didn't want it, and had no clue what it would mean for them. I had a choice, be it a poorly explained choice, but I'm at peace with what I am. I have a purpose and a responsibility to God, and being now, what I've become, is to honour God and Longinus. I'm right where I should be." She finally decides, as if there were an internal struggle and inner monolog that she had to overcome. "Promise me... Tomás, PROMISE ME you will say not a word to anybody about this. My enemies will use it against me, no doubt. In our society, there is always some upstart, on their way up the food chain, looking for any angle possible."

Tomas raised an eyebrow "It is my duty to protect you. I would not do or say anything that would go against my duty."

"When I got sent to the convent, Marea was married off to some ancient, old man and she was miserable. It was a loveless coupling. Eventually she fell into a group of Acolytes who embraced her and indoctrinated her into their heretical, pagan ways. Disgusting." Dolce's muscles contract in a sort of shiver, though she is definitely not cold. "My sister. My /twin/. A member of the Circle. Do you know how dangerous that is? Or what it looks like? If you had a close relative that was Acolyte, I'd be investigating you. Despite my love for you, my deep faith in you, my ultimate trust in you... I'd /still/ have to investigate and punish you for potentially fraternising with pagan scum. But she is my sorella, my famiglia. I cannot turn my back on her, and yet my enemies will make sure it looks like I am a pagan sympathiser. If any of my enemies get a hold of this information, well, let's just say it would make my 'life' very difficult."

"Your sister is a Crone? I swear." Tomas said with a shake of his head. "I thought you were going to say she was an Ordo not a heretic this can end badly for you. Do not worry will not tell anyone."

"The last I heard, yes, she was. Or is. In any event..." Dolce stands up, quickly reaching her 4'9" height that she wears so well. "...thank you Tomás. For keeping my secrets and doing everything you do for me, Tresoro. For now though, the night grows weary and the sun will soon show it's face. I must be to bed. Good evening, my friend."