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TSO-NOLA - Warnings and Wardings

Characters: Seth, Seven, Rafael, Jeanie, Nia as ST
Date: 2020-06-27
Summary: The nerds share what they know and a ward is drawn up to protect the magical yoga mat.

.oO( Vip Lounge - The Dome of Sins - The Regas - New Aurora )Oo.............o.
  Overlooking the entire Dome of Sins is a smaller, spherical room made of 
  tinted one-way glass: the ceiling, the floor, and the walls are all made 
  of it, bullet-proof and thick enough to comfortably support any amount of
  weight necessary. From this room, it's possible to overlook the entire   
  Dome: a few throw rugs are tossed underneath the seating to mitigate some
  of the immediate disorientation of standing on a see-through surface, but
  otherwise, that's part of the lounge's appeal. And seating there is.     
  Plush red velvet couches, comfortable tall-backed chairs with companion  
  coffee tables, and extravagant crimson-and-gold chaises are scattered    
  throughout this area in moderately sized seating arrangements, with the  
  occasional large central table. A full service bar, of course, is set up 
  to one side of the lounge, but it's far enough away from the booths and  
  tables that conversations cannot be gainfully overheard by barflies      
  sitting at the stools there (at least with mortal senses). A very large  
  wide-screen TV sits centered over the bar, usually off or tuned to       
  sports, at the request of the patrons.                                   
  Speaking of the bar, there is only a bartender or other service staff    
  here at the specific request of any VIP patrons; otherwise, the room is  
  empty, though a camera with a general view of the room sits over-top the

With all of the focus on the Elysium within the Regas, it's not often that Seth gets an opportunity to trot out the VIP Lounge. Strictly speaking, this meeting of the occult-minded could have taken place in one of the many private rooms in the Regas... but Seth gets a kick out of this glass sphere, overlooking the Casino at the heart of the riverboat. Tonight the Lounge has been cleared out and a few chairs, couches, and an antique French loveseat in pale blues and gilded trim have been trotted out to the center of the room, along with a large circular Persian rug to make the see-through floor and abrupt drop a bit less... distracting for those seated among the arrangement.

Seth himself is dressed simply tonight: a clean, short-sleeved dark purple dress shirt with silver buttons, long black jeans, and black leather dress shoes. A step up from his normally very casual attire, but still nothing like tailored suits. He's skimming through the glowing rectangle of a black smartphone while he waits to buzz in the new arrivals.

Seven has been pretty much exclusively staying on the ship. Before they had the angel's strange artifact, she would come and go, but now? It's rare to see her anywhere away from the ship. But, this evening she's needing a brief break from the captain's quarters it's being kept in. Stepping into the room, the young woman took a quick glance around before her gaze settles on Seth. A small nod in greeting is given to the vampire. "Evening finding you well enough?" she questions, attempting to be a little more social. The Mekhet might have noticed a small shift in demeanor with the mortal over the past week. Although she wanders near the loveseat, she remains standing for now. She's dressed in a black leather jacket with a dark red shirt underneath, black denim shorts with black sneakers.

Rafael whistles long and low as he walks into the lounge, turning his head to the left and the right as he admires the tinted glass around, "Damn. You really didn't spare any expense when you were setting this place up, didn't you...?" He moves carefully as he walks in, the see-through glass floor a touch disorienting until he finally reaches the rug so he can't see what's below. "This place must bring in the tourists like whoa."

There's tailoring enough for everybody in Jeanie's Maker-made blazer though she has rolled up the sleeves and paired with jeans and a t-shirt to make it a little less formal. She's fidgetting with the peace charm on her bracelet as she follows Rafael into the rather swanky lounge area looking a little bit like she might be afraid to touch anything but at least getting a little less visibly on-edge when she steps onto the rug that blocks directly under her. She can pretend it's not glass as she gives a smile and nod to Seven and the man she hasn't yet met, giving a cough and a nudge to Rafael for introductions.

"Hey Seven," Seth remarks with a half-smile as he looks up from his distraction, muting out the phone and sliding it into a pocket of his jeans. "You clean up well," he notes an approving nod, having not really seen much of her in the busy recent nights. "Could be worse," he remarks about his wellness, the half-smile turning into an amused grin. "Could be in Texas getting shot at. Tried that this week, not a fan." He leans back against the chair, uncrossing his legs as Rafael and Jeanie walk in. "It definitely makes an impression, yeah. Tourists are always happy to be parted with their money, 'specially when the place is fancy." Then he's getting up to his feet to greet the arrivals. The nudge from Jeanie to Rafael is noticed, and the green-eyed man gives a short wave before extending one long-fingered hand towards Jeanie. "Hey there, I'm Seth. Glad you could make it." He's amiable and polished, but he does seem genuinely relieved at the presence of back-up, given the circumstances.

The young mortal perks up at the compliment, but it's easily dashed at potential bad news. "Someone took a shot at you?" Seven questions, a flicker of concern in her gaze. There's a moment of pause though, consideration. She shoots him a look, talk about it later if necessary. Lifting her head up, her body turns enough to better face the other mortals. Slender hands slid into the pockets of her jacket as she gives each of them a quick look over. A brow raises at Jeanie's fidgeting. "You're safe enough with us around," she attempts to reassure her, though her brows furrow lightly. "I relayed some of the information found to Nikola already, but never hurts to continue share what was found," she says, back to business.

"Seth, this is Jeanie... Jeanie, Seth. You asked for someone with experience in building wards, this is her," Rafael says with a motion of one hand between the two, post-nudge, an easy smile crossing his expression, "She was helping us with the research, too. We've learned a lot about this angelic bitch that's been leaving corpses all over town."

Jeanie gives a nod at Seven's attempted reassurance. "True, there's just some feelings that are harder to shake than others." But she'll give it a damn good shot as she puts on her best smile and reaches to shake Seth's hand, with the professional and practiced grasp suitable for the aspiring lawyer. "Jeanie Fontaine. And I'm more familiar with spirits and ghosts, I'll be honest. First time running into anybody with an angel problem, but everything ephemeral shares a lot of similarities."

Seth's grip is definitely softened from how strong it could be, to a regular mortal's politely firm handshake. He maintains it for a moment before releasing Jeanie's hand. "Well, I appreciate your help so far, and anything you can do, Miss Fontaine," Seth offers up by way of response, offering up a brief smile. "Obviously with a place this large, warding the entire thing just isn't practical. But we've got a relatively small, fortified area that the Captain, Nikola, sleeps in... I'll text him and let him know I'm using my key to get us in there so we can get the place looked at, and see what you can do and if there's any compensation you would like. I'm happy to pay for professional services." He pauses, dark green eyes flicking sideward to belatedly respond in Seven's direction, "It wasn't anybody local, nothing to worry about for our security here. Just one of my hobby projects. Shoulda clarified." Whatever kind of hobby project, Seth doesn't seem perturbed about it at all, anyway.

Seth's attentive gaze towards Rafael is very interested. "Really? You've learned more? Music to my ears. Anything useful?"

Seven finally moves to take up the loveseat. She slides onto it with a fluid motion, making herself comfortable as she leans back against it. "We confirmed some of the strengths it's displayed," she replies glancing over at the other mortals. "The speed, it's resilience... what it did to Muse," she notes with a look back over toward Seth.

"Yeah." Now that Rafael has his bearings, he carefully settles down on one of the couches, hands clasping between his knees as he slouches forward, "It's got a long history, we tracked it to at least one other colonial settlement; it's called the Spurned Wife. Aside from its strengths and all-- " A motion of his hand to Seven's words, "-- we discovered its bane, as well. It's vulnerable to symbols of marital fidelity."

Handshake completed, Jeanie clasps her hands in front of her, but no crossed arms and mostly just to keep from the fidgeting and follows to the couch. As Rafael mentions the bane, she nods. "Speaking of, did you manage to find some rings from any pawn shops? We're going to need those if we're going to be doing any warding. Without a bane, the angel could step on through like nothing, paint won't mean a darn thing."

"Marital fidelity?" This actually gets a laugh out of Seth, who rakes a hand through his tied-back brown curls. "Seriously? So.. what, we make a knuckle-duster of wedding rings?" His head cants to the side, the amusement fading his mouth as a more contemplative expression overtakes him. "That's not too bad, though. It could be something weird like a virgin witch's blood harvested beneath a blood moon, I suppose. Is it the symbol itself that's the threat, specifically, or can I... melt wedding rings down to make bullets? Knives?" He shrugs, shelving that train of thought for now. A nod is also directed at Seven. "Yeah, her capacity for mind control is what makes fighting her individually so tricky. She could neutralize any given one of us and then have the jump."

Seven nods at Seth. "Perhaps each of us just wearing one of these symbols can help ward us against it's more mental based abilities," she suggests, though gives a glance to resident spirit expert Jeanie. "I know each of us can be... dangerous when turning to our vices." Brows furrow, some concern there.

"That actually'd work just fine," says Rafael quite seriously at Seth's joke about the knuckle-duster of wedding rings. "I'm not sure about the melting down, although we could try it. Wedding rings, bridal dresses might work as armor against her attacks and her abilities - maybe groom tuxedos? Honestly, I do theorize we might be able to destroy her entirely if we got her into a wedding ceremony, but that's just a -- theory."

"Oh, I can make amulets that can protect from full on possession, like this one," Jeanie raises her right hand, showing off that little peace symbol she had been fidgeting with earlier. "Might not help with her other abilities, like that rapture one but at least you won't have to worry about an angel wearing you or one of your friends skins for a joyride. Wearing the bane might not completely prevent her from being able to attack you, but will make it a lot harder. And no need to even make brass knuckles. Reports from Jamestown were that people just wearing wedding rings seemed to be much more effective at hurting her, but even if you destroy her materialized form, unless she's out of essence, she can probably reform later. Melting down the rings probably won't work because then you're just left with a pile of gold and when it was the ring itself that was the symbol and the bane, not the material. But I do know how to bless a weapon to be temporarily effective against the ephemeral. Rafael's been kind enough to test it out before, although there were also werewolves fighting that spirit too..."

Taking in what's been said quietly, Seth gives a low whistle at the end. "A knuckle duster of wedding rings. I'll be twice-Damned." He laughs briefly, pressing his lips together. "Alright. That works. Shame about the bullets." He nods appreciatively towards Jeanie at her thorough explanation, taking a few steps over to lean against the side of one of the tall-backed chairs arranged in the VIP Lounge, resting on his elbow. He nods slightly in Jeanie's direction.

"A blessing sounds like a practical solution, if you're willing to be on the front lines. I don't intend to get close if I can help it, but that largely depends on how this plays out. If we can keep a hold of the... bundle," Seth resists his instincts to wax poetic with the name, "then we'll have the advantage. That being said, just holding it this long has given us enough time to research our adversary and get this far, so it's already been a net gain. I'll see about buying up a bunch of wedding rings just so that we have some... on-hand," he skates over the pun with only a slight flicker of expression, "besides any we've already stocked up on." He pauses. "Alright, so we've confirmed its name, powers... even the creepy baby thing fits the marital symbols. I suppose the next step is to prepare as best we can, and then take the fight to her."

When being on the front lines is mentioned, Seven gives a light signal that that's where she plans to be. She may not be the most resilient, but she knows she can dish out a lot of damage. "I'm sure it's desperate to get it's... posession back," Seven notes, a brief glance in the general direction of the captain's quarters. Brows furrow with a pensive expression, a hand reaching up to thoughtfully tap her chin. "Marriages usually happen in... churches, correct?" Seven's knowledge of such things has been gained over all the recent research into the angel. She gives a glance to Rafael, bouncing off his idea. "We could bring it to a church to draw her out. One known for marriage ceremonies," she suggests.

Jeanie gives a rather solemn nod at the mention of being on the front lines. "It won't be the first time I've been on the front lines of a fight, though normally I do have a werewolf with me." At Seven's suggestion, she gives a small shake of her head. "If it is symbols of marital fidelity, probably couldn't get it to go close to such a church. However... warding does work both ways. If you get her in a small area, I can try and ward her in and trap her so we can fight her where she can't run. Risky though, cause caged things do fight fiercer." As for the creepy baby thing, she turns to Seth. "I'd really like to see that. I'm not sure, but if she was so protective of it, it may actually be something called infrastructure which she needs. And we could destroy."

Both Seven's and Jeanie's suggestions do merit serious consideration from Seth, and he's quiet for a time as a result. "We might have to either trap it or injure one of its legs to prevent it from fleeing so quickly. Though, if it comes to a fight, the further away from the Regas... the better." He exhales wearily, nodding slowly as he considers the topic. "Yeah, you can see it," he glances towards Jeanie. "If you think destroying it is the best course of action, I'm willing to consider it. My primary concern was that before, we didn't have any way of hunting or permanently hurting her, and she'd... well, go insane and come for us. And she would essentially, under those circumstances, be a suicide bomber who could keep standing back up after each attempt and trying again with no regard to her life. She's still dangerous to us one-on-one, but if we can pose a real threat to her, that changes the calculus significantly."

He nods slightly in the direction of the entrance to the VIP Lounge. "If you want to see the thing and get started, I can walk us over there. It's not far."

"Probably good to keep on to it in case we need it? But I know I'd feel a hell of a lot better know we CAN destroy it if needed," Jeanie can wait on the actual destroying. She's a patient soul, usually. When he suggests seeing the place and getting started she nods and pats her bag. "I got everything I need I think. Hope you don't mind a little paint. Seems best to be a bit more permanent than just chalk."

"We'll need to destroy it likely, but yeah... for right now, it's /bait/. We need to use it to lure her out," Rafael's opinion is offered, "Although at least she's not coming after the boat, our gamble that she didn't want to risk mass mortal homicides was proven correct."

"Yeah, do your thing, I can cover the touching up afterwards." Seth agrees in Jeanie's direction on the topic of destroying the angel baby. Looking towards Rafael, he nods as he opens up the door to the lounge to lead the way. "As far as the gamble... I mean, I think the main concern there is that if she attacks us and misses, we could potentially move or destroy the baby. Otherwise she could just sink the boat, for that matter." Seth's distaste about the idea is obvious, but... well, if their positions were reversed, it's the first thing he would do. Y'know, if he were a nigh-immortal respawning angel serial killer. Not too far removed from his current Vampirism, anyway.

Jeanie stares at Rafael for a moment, pausing in the mixing of her paint. "Did you really intend on using a couple hundred innocent people as human shields?" Someone's gotta have a moral compass but also, that does help her power up her Keep Angels Out powers, so at least the morals are sometimes useful. She does at least give a little nod when she sees Seth's distaste with the whole idea, even if he might be more concerned with the boat than the people. As she's mixing up the paint, she'll explain to Seven just exactly what they need to do. There's some chants and a bit of meditation like activity but once the rings are securely placed and boundary drawn, Jeanie gives a satisfied nod. "That should hold, at least for a couple days. Buy you some more time anyways."

"Hey..." Rafael gives Jeanie a hurt look, hands spreading, "It's not like that, it's the same reason you meet with someone you don't trust in public. You assume they're not going to murder you in public, and you assume the angel isn't going to expose themselves to a couple hundred people. They must know things would go to shit for them if people became aware they were real." Seth's words bring a nod, "There's that, too."

"I don't particularly agree with the plan at all, but democracy's a bitch sometimes," Seth rolls his shoulders in a shrug, very curiously watching Jeanie work once he lets them all into Nikola's Captain's cabin. "My initial plan was to put it in a fortified safehouse I've got in the Bayou so that we could at least fight it without a huge crowd of mortals around to be collateral damage. We might still end up doing that as Plan B," the Vampire brings Jeanie up to speed. He laughs briefly. "The problem with trying to assume the rationality of a serial killer is that, well, they're a serial killer. But, so far, so good."

Jeanie tilts her head to just give Rafael a look in exchange for the hurt look she's not buying. "You say that like angels don't have millenia of painting themselves out as the good guys. While vampires, no offense," She gives a hasty, apologetic glance towards Seth, "Have only really been painting as good guys recently in things like Anne Rice and Twilight. As far as PR campaigns go, I think the Angels would be way ahead on that one." But she gives a shrug. "But it's here... and things haven't been attacked yet. Hopefully the warding will at least make that even less likely to happen. I can work on some more of the amulets as well. And when you're ready to actually confront her, let me know."

"It's worked so far, however it's been working," says Rafael with a shrug of both shoulders, letting them fall afterwards, "It'll probably make a move as soon as we try to take that thing off the ship, once she's corporeal again. We probably shouldn't risk that she'll stay away forever, though, so... yeah. Confrontation'll have to happen, somewhere that we can deal with her speed..."

"No offense taken. I'm not going to be apologizing for Vampires in general, myself." Seth offers a briefly amused grin in Jeanie's direction at the thought of Vampire PR as an institution. "Yeah. Whatever reason, if it's working... then it's working. That'll have to be good enough." He produces a matte black business card with his contact information and offers it in Jeanie's direction. "Shoot me a text at the first number listed there, and I'll get ahold of you for anything else. You can also bill me there, if you like. Once I've got some wedding rings, I think our next steps will be to start collecting CCTV and see if we can begin to track her down to where she's moving around in the city now... or else be vigilant if she attacks us here." An alert pings Seth's phone. "I should get going, though. Thanks again, Rafael, for the help. Pleasure to meet you, Miss Fontaine. Let me know if either of you need anything else."

"There could be some spirits or stuff that might be able to track her down..." Jeanie's just beginning to formulate that theory as she slips the business card into her back pocket and packs her paint back up. "For speed, we can at least trap her like this... if someone is a big enough distraction..." She gives a shrug. "But warding done, think it's stime for me to head home and research some more." About how to track an angel!