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TSO-NOLA - The Blood-Eating Jello Angel Baby

Characters: Seth, Seven, Nikola, Rafael, Band of Savages, Nia as ST
Date: 2020-06-20
Summary: The dream team sit down to try and figure out what the hell it is they recovered from the angel

The Regas Riverboat, moored in New Aurora. A well-furnished two-level cruise suite.

Normally, guests would stay in this expansive, apartment-esque cabin on board the Regas, but tonight it's been commandeered by the Band of Savages for a much more somber business than partying. Seth, dressed in a dark and fitted dress shirt with silver buttons and blue jeans over dark shoes, was waiting for the others near the ship boarding ramp before leading them to the cabin that he'd picked out.

The chosen room is two stories and looks more like a rity apartment thrown into a blender with a fancy hotel and then this bourgeoisie abomination rolled out of the wreckage. It's extremely nice and well-kept, but most of the 'fancy' furnishings have been pushed to the side and a heavy fold-out table has been brought in. Plastic wrap covers most of the floor (a nice hardwood patterning) and a few 'spare' (but still nice) chairs have been brought in from outside and arranged around the table.

There's a pot of coffee percolating on top of a cabinet nearby, and the lights are pleasantly comfortable. Seth himself goes to sit down on a nearby couch, and then reclines back. "So, what have we got?" He pitches the question to the others, briefly looking out the river view of the Mississippi at night offered through the window. A breeze gusts in through the open patio door.

"Honestly? I have no idea..."

Rafael steps forward to carefully lay down the bundle in his arms down upon the table. The mutations earlier in evidence seem to have faded, but there's still some unpleasant, strangely-patterned rash down the side of his face and neck, and several fingertips have lost their fingernails - jagged bits of glass emerging there instead, blood-crusted where they pushed through the flesh.

He gingerly unwraps the bundle, revealing a blue, gelatinous mass shot through with faint, pulsing veins. One finger pokes at it and sinks in, though when he pulls back it closes up swiftly. "No idea what the fuck this is or why that thing was so protective of it."

Nikola emerges from the upper floor, stepping down the stairs as he buttons up the coat of his suit. Here aboard the Regas, the Ventrue is dressed professionally. A slim-fitted Italian suit, complete with a grey vest, is worn over a lavender shirt and a pale pink tie. Nikola gazes down at the others for a moment before completing his descent.

Stepping over to the table, he gazes curiously at the veined, yoga-mat object. When Rafael pokes at it, the Privateer's eyebrows rise slightly. "Could it be its child?" His Eastern European accent is stronger tonight, in the relative privacy of the luxurious quarters. He looks over at Rafael for a few moments, studying the other man's injuries with a curiosity that is, frankly, as intense as the one directed at the strange object.

Leaning forward to regard the... blue bundle... thing, Seth blinks a few times, sniffing the air briefly before slowly getting to his feet and approaching the table at a strolling pace. "Is it... food? Do those things eat? Or... reproduce?" A nod in Nikola's direction as he descends the stairs at the suggestion of a child. "It seems to be alive. Is that... embryonic, or something else?" Upper lip curling in disgust, Seth refrains from touching the... stuff, leaving that to the guy who is clearly diseased by something way worse than whatever Angel juju this could inflict on him. With a glance in Rafael's direction, the Vampire nods.

"Well, to summarize what we've got for sure, from that night... it's that she was killing a boatload of people ritualistically, that she can inflict passions on people the way she messed up Muse's mind, and she seems to have some kind of powers or... killing habits related to passion. Feeding habits? Are they the same, or does she also need to get sustenance for her powers from somewhere else? I thought she was a Vampire because the killing /was/ her sustenance, but if it's not..." A pause. "We might have to put out 'Help Wanted: Need To Kill An Angel' ads among the Accorded, this isn't exactly my area of expertise."

Seven eventually wanders in, not quite apologetic about her lateness but not oblivious to it either. She's dressed in her casual hoodie, leggings, and sneakers, hair groomed into loose waves. Peering at the strange... well, she's not even quite sure what to call it. A glance is given to Rafael before she offers, "If I can study it a little more... I have a specialty in discovering weaknesses in strange creatures."

"I could help you do some research," Rafael nods over to Seven, "And we can go through the Constable armory to try and find whatever's useful for killin' this thing." He looks back down at the blobby thing, brow furrowing, "It does seem somewhat-- embryonic."

The yoga-mat shaped thing, some five feet long and two feet wide, with a depth of about three inches, seems to shudder faintly every now and again. Not a huge motion, more like somebody flicked a finger against it, ripples travelling across the surface and then back again before fading out. The veins which run throughout all of it, albeit sparsely, are a deep brown and seem to swell and contract ever-so slightly over the period of an hour or so.

Angels. Nikola glances aside at Seth, raising a brow subtly. When Seven enters the room, he gives her a subtle up-nod, studying her appearance for a few moments with an impassive expression. He pulls out his cellphone and glances at the time, pockets it, then edges closer to the creature. "I can try to help as well," he offers. "I have never encountered anything quite like this, but I have certainly seen a few things." He pauses as it shudders, leaning forward slightly. "Interesting. I do think that the creature's protectiveness, its urge to feed it blood, even its singing... I think that this was its child." He pauses for a moment, glancing at the others. "Do we believe we killed Mother entirely?"

Turning around, Seth takes a few steps back into the room. Picking up a black military-style backpack that had been leaning against the couch, he brings it back over to the table and sets it down in one of the empty chairs, unzipping it. "I've got most of the elements of a CSI kit in here, if that'll help anyone. Can we process where the blanket that it was wrapped in came from, perhaps? We might not be able to figure out where..." A side-eye is cast at the blue jello thing, "that, came from."

Seth pauses, eyes shifting to the blanket portion of the bundle, "But if we can figure out if someone left hair or other clues on the blanket, we might be able to figure out something. Even if it's just to eliminate that the blanket's origins aren't important or it was snatched up from the convenet or something. I'll sleep better during the day knowing that she found or... made... this blue thing on her own and it wasn't given to her, by someone." At Nikola's final question about the creature's death, Seth glances aside and shakes his head. "No, if only we were so lucky. I need to find someone to ward the House."

Seven kneels down besides the ... thing. Bright green eyes slowly study it, contemplating what they've gathered about its possible mother already. Then she moves over to Seth's kit, looking through the tools before settling on one. She starts to very carefully poke and prod at the thing.

"Yeah, I think Seth's right there. Not much chance that thing is dead, if 'dead' is even a state that means anything to an angel," Rafael agrees, regarding the heavenly gelatin with a furrowed brow, one jagged glass fingernail tapping rhythmically against the table's surface. "The-- embryonic state of it definitely suggests it may be something growing, or at least symbolic of it, but we could be reading the whole thing wrong..."

He moves over to assist Seven, pausing as he gets an idea. "I could feed it a drop of my blood and see how it reacts? If she was feeding it blood..."

Nikola walks over to the CSI kit and grabs a pair of goggles, turning on the bright LED lights when he leans over the item. He squints down at it thoughtfully, returns to the CSI kit, grabs a pair of gloves, snaps them on. "I'm not sure I like the idea of feeding it any more blood," he remarks to Rafael. He does not say, but it can be read on his expression, how reluctant he is to see Rafael feed anyone blood. He begins to massage the yoga mat lightly, starting at one end and working his way up.

Rafael's suggestion about feeding the Angel Jello a drop of blood gets a side-eyed look from Seth... and then he turns over the idea in his head, and nods once as he starts walking over to the couch again to sit on it. He's pulling out a gun from a holster near the small of his back, and slipping out a fitted cylindrical suppressor to the barrel, screwing it on.

Subtly, the irises of Seth's eyes have turned from green to pure, inky black and he looks over the room and the gelatin once before leaning back against the cushions. "Sure," he agrees with Rafael, briefly sliding out the gun's magazine and checking the bullets before putting it back into the weapon. "If this is what she needed enough blood to feed two Vampire elders for, things would make a lot of sense." He's not pointing the gun anywhere, it's just resting casually across his lap as he sits on the couch.

The young woman is very methodical in the way that she examines the creature. Seven's focus is unwavering as she occasionally pauses to further study something. Eventually, a brow raises as she leans in closer to get a better look of something that catches her attention. "It's hard to see with how deeply it's embedded into it's... skin..." She's obviously unsure if she should technically call it that, "... but I see some wavy circuits?" A brow raises and she takes a moment to look at the others, seeing what they might have gleaned from the thing in their possession.

"It might give us some clarity as to what's happening," Rafael suggests, bringing a finger tipped in jagged glass to his other hand but not cutting it yet. A single brow lifts a little as he looks around the table, and then Seven's words have him leaning in with brow furrowed, "...circuits? Is it-- biomechanical? We could try and cut through to get to it."

Nikola continues to massage his way down the thing, but suddenly -- forgetting to gasp in surprise, or imitate mortality so much as a blink -- he rips his hand free and steps back. The bearded Ventrue stares down at the thing. "Do not," he says flatly, "Touch it. Not with gloves, not with bare hands. It can draw blood from the skin." Nikola glances aside at Seth, apologetically, and adds "I believe I have just done what I advised Raphael not to do, Seth. I have fed it."

A dark patch stains the blue surface where Nikola's gloved hand was, on the yoga mat. That patch is quickly absorbed by the jello, little rivulets of vitae travelling down through the substance to coat and then be absorbed by the veins.

The mat shudders again. A biomechanical burp, maybe?

There's a blink at Nikola's statement, and then a gradual smirk passes across Seth's features. "Well, does that make you a father then, Niko?" Once it's apparent that his coterie-mate hasn't been injured, the Mekhet turns his attention back to the table and the hemophagic jello. "It's not food, then. Prepared food doesn't eat people. Or... blood, in this case." A beat. "Does that mean we can give it... whatever Lovecraftian cancer that our esteemed Constable has? Poison it? As a last resort, if we can't hold onto it." While the others are poking and prodding the Angel-thing, Seth has been sitting and thinking. He can see it from here, and he's quite content to stay well away from it, thank you. The implications of a blood-eating Angel jello baby begin to dawn upon him, however, and he reaches a hand up to pinch the bridge of his nose between forefinger and thumb wearily. "I think I preferred not knowing what it was," he mutters to himself.

Seven's attention had been quickly pulled away from the unknown thing when Nikola suddenly jerks away from it. Brows furrow, concern briefly flickering in those bright green eyes of hers. The vampire doesn't get her attention very long though as she returns her focus to the possibly mechincal thing. The tool is used to observe something for a few moments longer as she litens to the others, her head tilting to the side as she considers something. Eventually, she rises to her feet, staring at their strange possession for a few moments longer. Then she turns away, returning the tool to Seth's kit and quickly shooting him an appreciative look. "I don't think this thing is alive," she tells the group, looking over toward them. Her arms fold loosely over her chest before she continues on. "I think this might have been the tool the angel was using to drain it's victims," she says as she glances to Nikola again. "It fed upon you, like I'm sure it fed upon the angel's victims."

At the mention of what it did to Nikola, Rafael's hand moves further away from the other. Well, that explains a lot. At the mention of his affliction he briefly glances over to Seth sourly before looking back down to the gelatinous mat, "Normally I'm not infectious like that, no, but I wouldn't want to risk it... oh." He looks back to Seven, eyebrows going up, "That explains the lack of markings on the victims. It feeds through the skin."

Back to it, "Should we destroy it?"

Nikola stares down at the thing, considering for a few moments. At Seth's comment, he turns and grins at the Mekhet, shaking his head faintly. "Here's hoping not," he tells the other man. And then, growing more solemnly, the Ventrue considers for a few moments. "I'm rather glad we do, as well." When Seven looks over at him, he meets her gaze and inclines his head faintly, acknowledging that moment of concern. "I think we destroy it," he says flatly. "If this thing is going to come back, we might as well deprive it of something it cherished."

The blue jello yoga mat of +5 blood-drinking remains still and quiet, aside from the occasional ripple.

"Even if it isn't a living child," Seth glances in Nikola's direction and nods briefly, "I agree that our killer was treating it like a baby... and frankly, she would know what it is better than us." There's a compress of Seth's lips at Rafael's question, an unpleasant taste. He's been sitting there and strategizing while the others were poking and prodding at their grotesque discovery, and he's come up with a few things. "So, regardless of what it is, we can agree it's extremely important to the Angel. As long as we /have/ it, the Angel's behavior is predictable. She will try to come and retrieve... whatever this thing is. Her child, let's call it, for simplicity's sake. Infant swaddling, lullabyes, spree killing and all."

Then Seth turns his head to look at Rafael. "If we destroy it, we will be dealing with an enraged mother who cannot permanently die, or at least, we don't have a method to kill her yet. But, if you haven't noticed, she's much stronger, faster, and tougher than any of us individually... and fast enough to get the drop on us when we're alone." It's not like this exact topic has been bothering Seth for weeks or anything, nah.

"If she dropped... twenty five, thirty bodies while just calmly feeding her child, what would she do once we've driven her absolutely insane?" He grins, darkly amused, eyes moving to each of the other three in turn. "Well, besides come after us where we sleep and kill us one at a time. Obviously." Seth cants his head, snorting lightly through his nostrils. "And on that note, Seven, Rafael, do either of you know any other skilled occultists we could hire or work with to create some wardings around our dwellings? I don't really fancy Momma Bear dropping in on me for a house call. I can cover the costs, such as they are. Weapons would be good too, but defenses first. And we'll need to figure out a place to store it. The... mansion we have in the Bayou is probably the most defensible spot, as much as I hate to say it. Assuming we can get the warding sorted."

Seth pauses. "I vote we hold onto it as leverage, if we're doing the voting thing."

Seven posts up against a nearby wall, arms still folded over her chest. She remains silent as each of the others give their opinion, her focused attention resting on them when they speak. When it comes to Seth, her brows furrows as she listens to him. A hand reaches up, fingers curling slightly to rest under her chin as her expression turns thoughtful. Her gaze drifts to the floor, thinking over the Mekhet's suggestion. There's a few moments of silence before she realizes it's her turn to share her thoughts. Looking back up at the others, she lets her attention rest first on Seth, then Nikola, then Seth once more. "I agree it should be held onto until we can figure out how to fully destroy the angel. That thing could even be a key in doing so. But... I think a better place to stash it would be Nikola's ship. There's more security there and the ability for myself and Rafael to watch over it during the day," she points out.

"Good points. If nothing else, we might be able to use it to lure the angel out-- or even as a connection to summon it up," Rafael agrees with the others, drawing back from the table and the Jello-Mat of Jesus, "We'll have to do some in-depth research to find out how to end it once'n for all. If you're looking for a good occultist-- I think I've got a few names I can send your way, Seth."

Canting his head to the side, Seth considers the prospect of using the Regas to stash the angel jello baby after Seven proposes it. He presses his lips together, before exhaling a sigh and sitting back on the couch. "It would work, although I don't like it. If she shows up and kills half a dozen random people on her way to finding her child, we not only have a PR situation, we also have a breach of secrecy if a supernatural battle breaks out on board while there's mortals around. We got lucky that there wasn't anyone filming our thirty seconds of exposure at the Ursuline Convent. The hired security is entirely mundane, paid through a subsidiary company that I have... significant influence over: they're not cut out for battles among monsters, and they wouldn't keep their mouths shut either."

Seth 'tchs' quietly, shaking his head. "But it could also work if we keep it here on the Regas, in a pinch. We'd just need to get some kind of supernatural protection laid down on the place, and hope she's not in a killing mood when she shows up. We can't afford to shutter all of the Regas's operations for weeks while waiting for her to make her return from death. She's a goddamn Sword of Damocles in lipstick."

Seth gives an appreciative nod to Rafael at the mention of occultist names. "I'll get in touch with whoever you send me. Thanks."

"I'm unsure it would expose itself to so many people that could turn against it," Seven points out, though her furrowed brows give away that it's a theory she's not completely sure of. Looking over to Seth, she gives him a curious look. "If I was allowed onto your property to ensure it's not taken from your mansion during the day... I can concede to letting it be taken there for safe keeping," she suggests, raising a brow slightly at the vampire.

Nikola stands in silence for awhile, looking over at Seven consideringly as she speaks her piece. His expression is neutral. Turning away for awhile as Rafael and Seth talk, the big Ventrue might give the impression of inattentiveness -- even rudeness -- but when he turns back, his eyes are glittering, rock-hard. His mouth turns downward slightly as he clears his throat, a faint cough.

"Seth." His voice, contrary to his expression, is gentle. Almost regretful. Nikola walks to one of the walls of the apartment, laying his hand lightly on the paneling. "I love the Regas more than I love anything else in this world. But I believe Seven's first idea was correct. This may be the best place. I do not wish to risk the House." He strokes the side of the wall, considering for a moment. "Let's keep it on my baby until we can open up negotiations."

"Seven makes a new point. These sorts of entities rarely want to make themselves public," Rafael agrees, fingers scratching under his jawline - the glass edge drawing a brief scratch. There's only a brief welling of crimson to the scratch before it stops bleeding on its own. "Also, as much as I'm sure we're getting along well, I'm not so sure that you want us with unrestricted access to your home."

A brief, wry smile curls up at the corner of his mouth at the comment.

And as if on cue, Nikola's cellphone buzzes. He draws it out, glances down at the screen. "Very sorry, everyone," he says after a beat. "I have to go and handle this." He looks over at Seth for a moment, inclining his head gravely to the other Vampire. And then, catching Seven's eye, he shades a brief wink. He walks out of the room tapping on his phone.

Considering a few moments after Nikola speaks, Seth nods slowly and raises his eyebrows, looking at the jello-thing. "Alright. Well. I think 'Sunk by an Angel' probably falls under the Force Majeure clause of our insurance contract, and we're covered for that, so..." The man rakes a hand through his lightly curled brown hair.

"At least we have a good insurance policy on the boat." He finally begins unscrewing the silencer from the pistol in his lap and slides it back into a nearby backpack, before standing up and returning the pistol in his lap to its holster. "We can put it in a secured cargo room that nobody's allowed to enter, for now. I've got the keys, I'll have copies made for you both. Unless we want to do a forensic examination of that blanket, though... I think all that's left is extended research and networking."