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TSO-NOLA - Tears of an Angel pt 2

Characters: Seven, Rafael, Jeanie, Ramsey, Way, Mingzhu as ST
Date: 2020-07-30
Summary: In which there are tears and explosions.

We resume at the cabin, after the car journey

The lack of a visible angel chasing them down the road has Seven even more on alert than usual, perhaps even turning toward the slightly more paranoid side. She's quiet most of the trip there, but her eyes constantly move along the sides of the road, searching for any hint of the creature after them. When they finally reach the cabin, she barely waits for the vehicle to stop before she jumps out. Her feet hit the ground and she quickly moves toward the cabin, only pausing long enough for the door to be locked. Inside she goes, bright green eyes quickly scanning around. Her gaze settles upon a camp stove and she's immediately on it, placing the wrapped mat upon it. Sure, she doesn't /need/ a source of heat to burn the thing, but it doesn't hurt. Although she frees her arms of the wrapped yoga mat of doom, she doesn't stray far from it. "Any sign of her?" she calls out to the others, brows furrowing.

Jeanie is shortly on Seven's heels into the cabin and making some touchups to some previously applied circle around the perimeter of the cabin with gold paint. It's not completed yet since they do need the angel to get in... and a bane should be applied as well for any warding to actually be effective and more than just a decorative object but that's what the veils and rings are for later, she has an extra veil wrapped around her hand waiting for the time when it might be needed. "She's gotta know we're up to something... but clearly she wants that." And so she'll keep peeking through the little window near the front door trying to get any hint she can from the activity of the guys outside.

Ramsey stomps on a stake to anchor one part of the net thing into the ground and then gets his shirt buttoned up except for the cuffs and then stashes the bag that the equipment was in. He's sniffing the air, searching for that particular floral scent on the air and moving downwind as well, keeping an eye open and walking the perimeter.

Way continues to mutter to himself as he works, "I've never even seen an Angel before...and now I got to help murder one. I really would like to talk to one first." He moves around, making sure everything is set properly and aimed for the best possible area of damage when they explode, spreading wedding rings as shrapnel in an arc. "I trust Jeanie, but I don't even know these other people. What if the Angel isn't even evil. Maybe she's just misunderstood. I mean they said she was an Angel, not a Demon, right? Aren't Angels good and Demons bad?" the Gremlin continues to grumble until he is finished, completed with setting up all of the traps. Then he goes to the cabin door and informs them, "All set out here."

Crack. Crack. A twist of Rafael's head to one side and the next pops his spine, and he stretches slightly... and then grimaces, veins darkening up along his neck like blood infection spreading rapidly, a rash following in its wake that worsens by the moment, finally bursting into swelling, rapid-fire tumors embedded with glistening chunks of glass, twisted wires pushed to the surface as if straining to contain his cancerous armor-flesh. Fingers stretch away from one another and then twist, coming separate from one another as his right arm unspools into tendrils of tendon and wire studded with sharp bits of glass dangling like a hungry wind-chime beside him.

He looks to the stove where the bundle is set down, then towards the door past the veil that mercifully conceals his face at the moment. "Probably soon," he says, voice raspy as if spoken through a raw throat.

When her fellow Constable starts his transformation, Seven can't help but momentarily look his way, the glass in particular catching her attention. But she doesn't let herself become too distracted, simply giving Rafael a small nod of her head once he's done. It's go time, the mission finally ending, one way or another. Glancing briefly toward the mat, a small frown touches her lips. "If things get rough enough that this place has to burn... I'll warn you," she tells Jeanie as she looks over her way, brows furrowing slightly. It's not something she hopes happens, but who knows how their plan will actually work out. Then she's shifting her gaze out the door, readying herself for what's to come.

At first, there is no sight of the angel. No vision of a demure French woman, nor the supposed dozen wings and thousand eyes of biblical repute. But there is a sound. A song. A voice singing, though there are no words, just the heart-wrenching sound of somebody giving voice to such utter sadness.

Like a mother mourning a child, or perhaps a child mourning the loss of a friend, there is a certain broken quality that one might associate with crying, staccato breaths and awkward pauses as if the singer were overwhelmed by emotion. It comes from the bayou, the still waters carrying it well and making it difficult to pinpoint the exact source.

"Right, I'm pretty good at running," Jeanie nods at Seven's warning. And once out of the cabin, there's several directions to go in. Way's sudden desire to speak with an angel gets her attention though. "Way... this thing has a body count going back to Jamestown. It's not your hallmark card, chubby wing little angel!" Right about then is when she hears the song and shivers and looks to the Constables. "That the clue she's coming? Should we go ahead and try and start destroying the mat?"

Ramsey reaches into his pocket, producing a pre-rolled joint and a lighter, sheltering them close to his mouth when he hears the sounds start up, being further out than those talking, watching the perimeter and facing the bayou not unlike if he were standing on the beach, lighting up in the path of an incoming hurricane. He doesn't really know what to expect, so smoke if you got 'em.

That was -NOT- something Wayfarer was expecting, and observing the transformation of Raf causes his eyes to go wide. "What in the holy hell is he doing? Is that? Oh my god are those? Does he have tentacles?" he questions, staring at Raf with a wrinkle of his nose. "Is he from Japan?" the Wizened questions, just before Jeanie speaks to him and gives her a nod. The song gets his attention, turning to look toward the swamp, even starting to walk slowly in that direction. "She sounds so sad..." He calls out, "Hey! Why are you so upset? Do you need a big hug?! Okay so a little one?"

"There are more things under Heaven and Earth, as the Bard wrote. I'm one of them. Sorry that I'm not that pretty," Rafael replied to Wayfarer's shock in rough tones, "Not all of us were that lucky with the hand we were dealt." The biomechanical tendrils of his right arm reach over towards the bag of gear to pull out the 'grappling net' even as that mournful song begins to drift through the swamp.

It's enough to make him shiver.

"She might still try and talk. But I wouldn't trust anything she said."

When she starts to hear the angel's mournful tune, Seven narrows her brows and frowns a bit more. A few steps are taken in the direction of the door, just enough to get a better angle of the view outside. The mortal's attention momentarily rests on Way as he moves toward the source of the sad song. "Careful," she calls out to him. "Don't be tempted by the siren's song," she warns him. Whether or not the angel's cry is genuine doesn't matter to Seven. To her, it's a manipulation tactic either way. Then she glances to Jeanie, then the mat, then back to Jeanie. "When she gets into view," she says quietly, a soft whisper. "Let her see it first."

That sad song continues to spill out over the water, there's a flicker of movement from the direction Ramsey is looking, though then again there's also movement from a few degrees left and right of there. Could be cypress branches in the wind, could be some bayou creature wandering around. Could be a homicidal angel. Who knows.

"WAY!" Jeanie calls after the Gremlin as soon as he starts mentioning things about hugs and angels and reaches for the shotgun she had stored near the door. "Don't get in the water!" Even if there isn't an angel luring him on, could be a hungry gator that would think the trash-panda looking lost would make a good snack. She begins to mutter-chant a bit of Latin under her breath, focusing on the shotgun and once the piece is said, is definitely keeping an eye for wherever the angel might be coming from now.

Standing out nearer to the water, Ramsey turns his head to look back at Way, doing work and resisting that angel baby music or whatever that Gwen Stefani thing was, and then he takes a long drag on his joint and lets out a hazy cloud of smoke. Looking up at the moon, he closes his eyes for a moment and even those who can not see the spirit world can see in the moonlight the silvery brands that mark him, shining through his clothes, spirit-tattoos of pure silver that tell some kind of story that they can't know, but probably means something to someone, and in the case of the invisible world is more than a chest-thumping challenge, it's opening himself up and lifting his chin spiritually: He lives his Oath. Come get it.

"Shh...I have an idea." he remarks to Jeanie under his breath. Way takes a few steps, but moves very slowly, not getting to the water as the Gremlin calls out to the Angel, "Why are you so sad? You seem so lonely and misunderstood! I want to comfort you. Come here to me! I will give you comfort!" At the moment the Gremlin seems out of it. He ignores the others as he calls out to the Angel, but carefully he positions himself right in front of a tripwire for one of the net traps...

The rings woven into the grappling net rattle against one another as Rafael gathers it in his more-- human hand, his veiled head turning in the direction of the door. He remains silent, though, keeping close to Seven and the mat inside the cabin. He's not going to be lured out.

Seven keeps a careful eye on Way as best as she can from inside the cabin, though her gaze occasionally darts out to the swamps that surround them. A few steps are taken back, moving her closer to the wrapped yoga mat of doom once more. Although her fingers twitch a little with the anticipation of the angel's appearance, Seven remains still and focused on the task at hand. She's patient, not minding waiting out the angel.

Finally, the angel comes into view. A slender brunette with pale skin and dark hair and eyes, red lips and demure clothing. She seems to be walking atop the water, unbothered by such things as gravity or gators. The song winds down into a sad sigh, tears on her cheeks glinting in the moonlight. She is looking at Way, reaching a hand out towards him, though she's still a good 10 meters away from the cabin and those around it.

"At least he can't get himself possessed..." Jeanie's going to take comfort in the fact that she made sure to supply Way and the rest with those blessed amulets just in case anything ghost, spirit or angel got the bright idea to try and possess a Fixer. Her eyes widen though as the angel appears, gripping tight to her gun as the woman reaches out towards her mackley mate. "Seven! She's here! Burn it!!!" There's a nod towards Rafael as she sees the net he's been jangling at the ready.

Ramsey gets out his own net and starts edging around to try to cut off the angel's retreat, whatever happens with Way's ploy. Outflank! Tactics! Go!

There he waits, his gaze now able to find the Angel as Way stands there, stretching out his own arms toward her. "Yes. Come here to me." he says to her, keeping attention focused on the demure 'lady'. There he waits, either the Angel will go to him or it won't. Either way he lets things play out.

"Not too much of it," Rafael mutters low as Jeanie calls that out, "Just enough to get her attention for now. Let's find out just how linked she is to that... fucking vampire jello."

Seven doesn't have to be told twice to set something on fire, especially on such a dangerous mission. A slender hand reaches out, fingers spreading out as it hovers over the mat. There's a look of concentration, the area around her starting to warm as she draws on the power of her fire. The wrapped mat sits for only a moment before small flames start to flicker along the fabric surface, easily burning through the material and to the angel's device itself. There's a nod at Rafael, the flames remaining mild in comparison to their full potential. Then her gaze briefly darts out the door toward the angel, brows narrowing at the creature responsible for so many death.

You paged Ramsey with 'The angel has taken hold of your desire to hunt, and turned it up to eleven. Tactics? What are tactics? What is personal safety? None of those things matter. The urge to hunt is dominant and for the next hour, that is what you _need_ to do.'

The angel does not seem inclined to close the gap between herself and Way - she turns her attention instead to Ramsey, her eyes widening a little and a little smile crossing her lips as she reaches out her influence in his direction. There is a brief cry of grief from her as Seven sets fire to the meanest yoga mat however, and she blurs into a barely-visible burst of motion, shifting around to the other side of the cabin, then back, trying to perhaps see if there is a way in.

The angel uses her Desire influence on Ramsey

You paged Ramsey with 'The angel has taken hold of your desire to hunt, and turned it up to eleven. Tactics? What are tactics? What is personal safety? None of those things matter. The urge to hunt is dominant and for the next hour, that is what you _need_ to do.

There is indeed a way in, although being a tiny cabin the only door is the one Rafael's stationed himself by and Jeanie with her shotgun. As the angel cries at Seven's flames lick at the mat, Jeanie turns her exorcistic attention towards also focusing will at the mat, keeping a tight grip on the temporary holy shotgun as she continues to mutter and attempt to exorcise whatever the connection between Angel and Mat might be.

Something gets switched in Ramsey's brain. Not a hard switch to turn, but it's a -visible- swing. There's a difference between fighting and hunting, and both involve a certain canniness, but whatever this is isn't the 'careful, lie in wait' kind of hunt. He -has- to run, chase, tear something with his teeth and he's feeling like this might be a Pringles kind of situation. Hard work, discipline, conditioning and scent triggers have rendered Jeanie and Way exempt from any thoughts of being prey to his brain but that psychic and the Akira dude over there are most definitely not, and when he starts seeing both of them looking like animate cooked turkey versions of themselves, even if the Angel is looking the same, he shakes his head and says a real quick "Papaya situation," and starts to run. There's the scent of a spirit on the breeze and rather than stay, he goes. And goes hard. He's not angel fast, but he's booking it into the swamp, soon disappearing and the wailing sound of a red wolf heard in the trees.

Okay well, that didn't go as planned. No big deal, really, but Way watches the Angel turn her attention elsewhere. Adapt and overcome, right? The Gremlin takes a glance at Rambo, and then does a double take as he suddenly runs off into the swamp. "That can't be good..." he mutters to himself, then he scampers toward the cabin to run inside and remarks, "I think Rambo just went streaking through the swamp."

There's a howl off through the woods outside, and Rafael twitches involuntarily; head snapping in that direction, foot scuffing the flood slightly in a draw back. The part of his mind that's experienced Lunacy before thrashes in his psyche in fear of seeing a werewolf again, but after a moment with nothing pushing back through the door - he relaxes again. Or as relaxed as he can be given the current situation.

"Fuck," he swears as Way reports what happened to Ramsey, and then he turns back to Seven, "Fuck it, if she won't come in, give her a reason to."

The howl catches the psychic's attention, catching a glimpse of Ramsey running off into the woods. She assumes it's due to something beyond his control, and supposes that makes them 'even' for their previous mission together. Seven makes eye contact with her fellow Constable as he makes his suggestion. Turning her gaze back toward the mat, her full focus and attention rests on the strange device. That stare becomes more intense, the flames on the mat reflecting in her eyes. She turns on the heat, both figuratively and literally. The flames grow more dense, wider, completely consuming the mat in a matter of moments. Too fast to properly cremate the thing so BOOM! it goes! She moves out the way of any debris before returning her sights to the angel. A challenging stare.

The mat begins to curl at the edges, blackening and giving off a thick smoke - and then without warning as Seven amps up the flame, it explodes into a bajillion spots of lava-like goop. This is met with a throaty, pained cry from the Angel - and those who are outside see her stumble onto the ground. Sure, into a claymore mine, her body pelted with wedding rings as a final insult. Even before that she's already beginning to degrade, crumbling like Thanos just snapped, dissolving into what looks like a pile of very tiny, very finely made pieces of clockwork.

The codeword Papaya has Jeanie's head whipping over to the window, just in time to catch the werewolf bolting off. "Shit... she must have done something to his rage..." It's more of a whisper than anything, but enough to distract her from Seven's fireworks show until some of the jello mat ashes are coming her way and she tries to dodge but a few do singe her cheek and neck. She winces as she brushes that off but the cry of the Angel gets more attention and her bolting to the door. "Quick! The Nets! Before she de-manifests and then we won't be able to see her!"

Holy Burning Goop Batman! Just as he was about to step inside and wait with them there for the Angel...Seven decides to burn them all up instead! Way's eyes go wide for the blink of an eye and when the mat goes supernova, he jumps out of the way, which pretty much means OUTSIDE of the cabin.

Rafael watches through the pale lace as his fellow Constable calls up what are virtually the very fires of hell to consume the unusual, amorphous... device. As it explodes from the heat, he doesn't even flinch, smoldering bits of ooze hitting him and dripping down his outfit and staining the veil, though he seems untouched by the bubbling slime's heat.

"Good," he grunts-- and then Jeanie's call gets him moving, and he turns to run for the door, bringing the net up in his hand. Hopefully they can get it before it dematerializes!

If Rafael needs help, Seven's on it! Even if he doesn't, she's still moving out of the cabin with the other Constable. There's a brief look to Way to ensure he's okay, but she doesn't let it slow her down. She's ready to continue her assault if need be, like a dog at the ready to attack, just waiting for that signal. The young woman moves in near to the 'crumbling' angel, a frown still lingering on her lips admist it all for one reason or another.

The plan was to Destroy The Angel. Corpus might be destroyed, but what about the more ephemeral parts? Jeanie fully believes in taking no chances and she already went through the trouble of holying the shotgun so once she skids to a stop not too far away from that pile of cogs and springs, she'll quickly aim and fire, tilting her head listening in case those Medium ears can hear anything in the twilight.

What? A pile of cogs and gears? Angel spare parts?? This is, well, just too much of a temptation for the Gremlin. As one who is always on the lookout for spare parts to use in his gadgets, he really is tempted. As the others are catching, and shooting, and burning the pile of angel parts...he heads over closer in order to get a better look and if he can maybe snatch a piece or two.

"It's..." Rafael's brow furrows as he catches sight of the angel crumbling into cogs and gears, springs unspooling and rolling off into the water beside the pile rapidly losing any cohesion. "That's not-- that's an angel? That's a-- it was a machine, not..." His tumor-swollen brow twisting oddly beneath the bridal veil as he watches the decomposition of the thing, the net loose by his side. "Is that what angels are?"

Although Seven doesn't try to take anything too important looking from Way to scavenge, she /does/ pick up a small piece that formerly made up the angel. It's examined, curiously and carefully, bringing it near her face for a close inspection. Eventually, she wraps her palm fully around the piece as her arm falls back to her side. "I have heard that truth is stranger than fiction," she replies to Rafael as she glances to him. "This seems... more believable than creatures looking out for mankind." Slowly she moves closer to the netted pieces, tilting her head to the side. "A machine on a mission... I hope others do not try to take her place."

After getting that one pretty solid shot into the pile of angel parts, Jeanie pokes it with her toe as she listens and... doesn't hear whatever she might have been expecting and lets out a bit of a breath of releif. "I think... that's actually it. Sometimes people refer to angels working for 'the god-machine'. Seems like that was even more literal than I had imagined." She rubs at the back of her head a bit bashfully, but the fact that people are actually taking parts of the fallen angel has her eyes widening. "We should probably destroy all this. Wouldn't want anything else using it as an anchor."

Oh yes, Way is grabbing handfulls of the pieces and dumping them into his backpack. Surely he has no idea what they will do in any of his gadgets, but he sure does want to find out. Pausing for a moment he hmms, "So, how do these parts make up the whole of that Angel...as you guys called it." He considers that for a moment before adding, "If it was a machine, then it had to be programmed for a purpose. What was that purpose? Why was it doing what it was doing?"

When Jeanie mentions destroying it all, Way gives her big plaintive puppy dog eyes.

"A 'god-machine'...?" Rafael still seems shocked that the so-called angel was some sort of spiritual mechanism, staring down at the remains of the thing. A ragged, sucking breath is drawn in, and then he rasps out, "I doubt that we destroyed it, but we've probably bought the city a few decades while it rebuilds its weapon. It might crop up in another city next time, like when it moved from Jamestown to here..."

Tendrils squirm and writhe together like someone spinning a fork in angel's hair spaghetti, copper and steel wires rasping together and braiding, and then with a final spasm of flesh his arm becomes whole again. He stretches out his fingers, flexing them, then lets his hand drop down to his side. The calcified tumors are already receding as well, as if the wire cutting into them was pulling them back beneath the surface, vanishing in twisting ripples beneath flesh.

"I'll record the details in the Black Constables' archive, in case it shows up in the future."

At Jeanie's suggestion to destroy it all, Seven nods in agreement. Taking a quick glance around, she spots the cinderblock fire pit and steps toward it, easily tossing her piece of angel into it. Although she seems sympathetic toward Way's desire to keep the bits and scraps, her brows furrow at the look he gives his Mackley mate. "Do you want the murderous taint of this creature in whatever you might create with it?" she questions the Changeling. She makes a gesture for him to toss whatever he scavenged into the pit. "Whatever it's mission was... we couldn't allow it to continue. Perhaps it was attempting to create another soldier for the God Machine, perhaps it was feeding the Machine somehow through the device... My curiosity is there but, the mission comes first."

And so ends TSO-NOLA: The Strength of New Orleans