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TSO-NOLA - Tears of an Angel pt 1

Characters: Seven, Rafael, Jeanie, Ramsey, Way, Mingzhu as ST
Date: 2020-07-30
Summary: In which there are chips a-flying.

Well, it's showtime on the Regas tonight, or close enough to it. No, not the next latest and greatest Rock act from Baton Rogue (or at least what their promoter would have you believe), although the folks streaming on to the showboat certainly provide cover for the Fixers to make their way onto the boat and further into the more private quarters looking for the warded room Jeanie has come to know all too well. She's got a duffle bag filled with what would be way too much wedding gear under normal circumstances, the tulle not even attempting to be contained with the zipper any more as she walks past the guard with a nod and looks about for the Constables. "Should be starting any minute..." As long as there hasn't been any unexpected surprises since the last text message.

Sometimes you live your dreams, and Ramsey is wearing a Jimmy Buffett branded tropical shirt over a white undershirt, a pair of slightly oversized sunglasses with a bright red 80s style rim, and a pair of board shorts. He's blending. The true urban predator in a seamless disguise. He's traveling light except for the equipment he's helping carry, and glances around the boat and the guards and all that goes with it. "Just.. Let me know what I need to be on my toes for."

Along with Jeanie is the half-pint Gremlin. As usual, he has the backpack securely attached, but tonight he also carries a bag, which he handles with extreme care. Sure, they probably won't explode from a little jostle, but better safe than sorry when it comes to these things, especially when a Gremlin is involved. He sets down the black duffle and looks around, "Oh good, a clean wall." he remarks as Way reaches into his pack for three sharpie markers, red, black, and green. He grabs a chair to stand on, dragging it over to the pristine white wall and goes to town. "Just to be clear, this plan is going have to be seriously on point. Lets to the best we can to stick to it, right?"

"Alright..." Rafael cracks his neck from one side, then the other, "...time to earn our pay and get this thing out of the vampires' hair, I guess. Once we get out of public sight, though, no telling when this bitch is going to drop out of nowhere and try to get it back, so make sure she doesn't succeed." A serious look is swept to Seven, "Burn the damn thing rather than let it go if it comes down to that."

Then the small fellow is starting to write on the wall, his eyebrows going up. "I am not cleaning that up afterwards," he mutters.

Seven is there inside the warded captain's quarters, ever watching over the yoga mat of doom. Currently, she's dressed in a dark green military jacket with a snug-fitting white tank top underneath, black leggings, and sneakers. Once everyone's arrived, she straightens her posture, giving a nod to each in greeting. Ramsey gets a nod of recognition, hoping this mission goes better for her than their last. Way is offered a nod of greeting, formal introductions can be had later. Looking over toward her fellow Constable, Seven assures Rafael with an expression that shows she has no qualms with burning the strange device. Scooping the wrapped mat up in her slender arms, she takes a glance around. "How long will it take to get to the cabin?" she questions of Jeanie. There's a moment of consideration. "How fast is your vehicle?"

"Speaking of sight," Jeanie begins digging through that mountain of tulle she's carrying. A beaten up, but oversized ballgown of a wedding dress is brought out and tossed over to Seven. "Hopefully wrapping the mat in that should help? Maybe? And I also got these," She brings out the wedding veils she had made in the workshop. There's only three, but they have been modified with some fancy borrowed buttons and occult symbols embroidered on in blue thread. "I only have three, but they should help us hide. From the angel at least. Hopefully anybody on the boat will think we're just some weird new age group or something playing in one of the private rooms." She gives a little shrug, but what people might think is the least of her concerns at the moment. As Way starts his drawing, she gives a nod. "Right, so everybody's got the wedding rings on? I'll bless whatever I can when we get there. Rafael, the bag Ramsey's carrying has a net that's designed particularly for holding the angel. We've fought a lot of ghosts and spirits and don't think we've ever collected such a variety of banes and things. If anybody can ever be prepared to take on an angel, we are. Let's do this!" She doesn't quite bust out the pompoms, but she does give everyone a very serious nod before she tosses on her Anti-Angel Veil. It's definitely a look when combined with the serious shoulder pads of her blazer. As for how fast the vehicle is, she glances towards Ramsey. "Fast enough? And about 40 mins from here, but have to go out that far if you wanna get out of the city anyways."

"Figure at most an hour for traffic... hopefully it's not that fast on the draw," Rafael says hopefully, scratching under his jawline with thick nails. The veils are regarded bemusedly, but he reaches out to take one, "Huh. Clever work here, good idea..." A glance at the bag, and he nods, even as he awkwardly works to affix the veil to his hat. This is a vampire-run casino, a bunch of people in bridal veils is surely the least strange thing they've seen in this place...

Ramsey lifts up his sunglasses -his disguise-, and looks toward Seven, saying "Oh, hey," with a wave of greeting, and a friendly nod to Rafael. He seems to be taking this in stride, and he looks at Way's insane scribblings and scratches at his beard. "Hmm. It's unorthodox. But I like it. Did you really make sure we have a goose and a bottle of 151 though? Hm." Then he considers, glances at Jeanie, "Am I going to regret it if I don't change?" He does check the rings he's been given, and the way they festoon his fingers like some sort of horrible Jersey Shore version of the Mandarin.

"Don't worry. I got cleanup. If that is what you want to call it." he replies to the comment from Raf. Drawing out the battle plan on that white wall, he talks it over as well, detailing where they will transport the ma, set the traps and how they will murder an Angel. "The 151 is the most important part of the plan, Rambo. You know this." When he finishes up, the Gremlin stops to listen to Jeanie's inspiring speech and grins a little. "Well damn. I'm pumped. Lets go rip the wings off an Angel." He grabs up his spavce duffle full of things that go boom and looks around at the others, ready to go. As if an afterthought, the 'trash panda' gives a wave to Seven and Raf, "Hey there. Don't mind me."

Taking the wedding gown, Seven doesn't bother to give it a second glance over before starting to wrap it around the angel's device. Sure, she has a natural curiosity that would normally be interested in the dress but she's focused on the dangerous mission at hand. No matter how well prepared they could be, she knows how south things can turn. Still, she's not nervous. Instead there's a confidence in herself and her team, that sort of calm before the storm but knowing they'll see it through. Especially once Jeanie speaks up. Once she's finished, she looks toward the offered veils, taking one if no one else grabs it before putting it on. There's a moment where she's unsure how to properly put it on, but she watches someone else before mimicking. Seven takes a moment, eyes closing as she concentrates and gives herself one last moment of preparation. Once she reopens her eyes? It's go time. "Let's go," she states, giving a nod to Ramsey to head out first before she follows.

Jeanie gives a look to the other mortals present before glancing back to Ramsey with a shrug. "It's not like angels are your typical prey? Your claws probably wouldn't do as much damage as the rings on your hand would do. Plus... not everybody is really used to seeing that." Polite way of saying: Please don't terrify the pyrokinetic, that'd be great. "Oh, and Seven, I think you've met Ramsey before? And this is Way. He's also part of our pack. And y'all both know Rafael." Introductions handled, mat wrapped and veils and rings donned, she gives a nod. "Yep, Let's go." She'll take a lead on the way out the door and towards where they left the truck. When they get to the more crowded Dome of Sins, she gives a sniff of the air. There's something there, but with so many people, not really that surprising and so she continues not running, but definitely walking with a purpose.

The veil drifts down from the brim of Rafael's fedora, casting its pale shadows over his face as he moves with the group; keeping in close beside Seven and the package in question, his shoulders squared back and his stride that of a man who both knows where he's going and shouldn't be stopped on his way there. As they move out into the Dome, he hesitates, head turning. "...she's here," he says, voice low, guarded, "Keep moving."

Ramsey rolls his head on his neck with a small series of pops and says "No problemo. Keeping it on the Dee Elll-lllooooo what is.." His nose catches something, and then his eyes dart around as they step out into the main dome, and his eyebrows go down, his gaze hunting until he says "Yeah she is. She sees us. We got a distraction in place?" He starts to move along with Raf but moves a little to the side so that he can wheel if he has to, reaching into his pocket for the keys and tossing them to Jeanie or Rafael, whoever seems most ready to catch them.

"OH...yeah clean up." he comments and pauses to grab a spray can from his backpack. "Everybody got this, right?" Way asks while shaking the spray can, then he takes several swipes across the wall in wide swaths to cover up the plan with black paint. When they leave, he follows right along, but hurries up to tug on Jeanie's arm a moment, "Hey....did you see that? I'm sure you did...but I just some some lady and she disappeared...Smelled good."

Seven is already on high alert. The scent of perfume causes her to take an instinctive glance around. When the others start catching signs of and even spotting her, a frown touches her lips. Things are already not off to a smooth start. While continuing to follow the others, she holds the wrapped mat a little tighter in her grip. "Vanished from sight or into the crowd?" she questions of Way, raising a brow at the Lost. Giving a glance to Ramsey, she says, "No... but working up the crowd somehow could create some chaos... which could equally be our advantage or disadvantage." Brows furrow, looking around once more. She drifts a little closer to a passerby, attempting to 'top off' before the angel meets them.

Jeanie grimaces as the others also smell that and Rafael confirms the floral smelling lady was definitely the angel. "Great... and I think we were hoping the crowd would be distraction enough. Splitting up will just slow us down...?" As for the keys, they're all Rafael's to catch. If anybody's seen the dings on her poor SUV, probably knows she shouldn't be driving in stressful situations unless there's no other choice. When Seven suggests using the crowd for chaos, she frowns a little before focusing on one of the electric chandelers in the dome until a few sparks start flying and she calls out: "Is that... is that an electric fire?"

"I'll drive." Rafael reaches out to catch the keys deftly, spinning them briefly on a finger before clasping them back in one hand firmly. He's on the move, heading beside Seven in the direction of the exit and the parking lot. They need to get out of here before all these people end up endangered.

Ramsey takes a deep breath and looks behind his shoulder before saying "Yeah, she's following us and starting to move faster. We need to book it." Ramsey notes the sparking of the chandelier, then as he walks, he reaches out, finding the edge of one of the gaming tables with the chips and the cards and all that, and he grips the edge. Noticing it is bolted to the floor, he takes maybe a few seconds longer than he otherwise would and with a heave, tips it, ripping the mountings from the floor and spilling loot all over the floor in their wake. Some people won't run from a fire on a roll. But they sure will scramble for filthy lucre, right? Since that seems improbably for someone to have done, he then just keeps on moving like he didn't, and is soon hustling to get out of there with the crew.

Way is just kind of caught up in this. Jeanie asked him to help, so of course he did. She's part of the Mackley. She is family. So he needs to protect her. But, the Gremlin really is pretty out of the loop on things here, so he just follows along, hoping the plan goes....as planned. "So, on a scale of 1 to Freddy, how bad is this thing?" he wonders, Wayfarer holding on to the black duffle tightly. It almost looks like he is hugging it. When Ramsey tips the table, he ALMOST stops to grab up some chips, but then realizes it was a distraction. Hell it nearly worked on him!

Between the electric sparks and the shower of loot, the formerly fairly controlled crowd breaks into mayhem. Some are headed for the doors, more are piling into the middle to try and grab a few chips for themselves. It's pretty messy, leaving the gang with plenty of cover. The angel is a little stuck behind some of the chip-grabbers, her frustration clear to Ramsey. They've bought a few precious seconds.

"/Very,/" is Seven's blunt and simple answer for Way. Although the mortal already seems stoic, the serious tone of her answer relays the danger they're all in. Her pace quickens amongst the chaos, slinking and swerving through the crowd to take advantage of it all. Seven doesn't get caught up in it herself, focused. Swiftly she moves, hopefully unaccosted as they make their way toward the designated exit. "Once we're outside we should run," she suggests to the group, not wanting to waste even a second of the time their distractions have afforded them.

"Way, you know I'm not a violent person," Jeanie reminds in case he forgot about the whole peacemaking vegetarian streak she's got going on. "But this angel has got to die or a lot of folks are going to get hurt." Or they could be the ones getting hurt. Or all of the above! There are so many options. She doesn't even seem surprised as Ramsey smashes that table over like it was no big thing, instead she keeps her eyes straight ahead and tries to help weave their way through the crowd, waving Rafael and Seven on towards where she remembers they parked the currently unlocked truck. "Let's hurry..." As if anybody needed a reminder. Once they make it to the closest door, she's going to take Seven's advice and start flat out running. Good thing she wore her good sneakers.

"I'd put her at a pretty solid 'Creeper' if we're using that scal-- oh, that's going to come out of our pay," Rafael visibly grimaces behind the veil as the gaming table gets overturned, and in the chaos he moves faster as well, keeping up just beside and behind Seven. "Fuck it. Yeah, get to the truck, we need to get out of here and fast."

Was it necessary? Who knows. But it bought them some time so they'd best use it. As the sprint starts, Ramsey reaches down and picks up Way by the handle on the top of his backpack, with a frankly upsetting lack of effort, and like he's been waiting months to do this in a tactical setting, but does betray his cajun roots by giving a lout whoop as they make their break, and takes a jump to clear the tailgate with the gremlin and the net bag.

Several of them answer and he gives a bit of a nod at that. "Gotcha. Dangerous. Understood." he mutters as they head for the door. Then something grabs him! At first he freaks out a bit, "SHE HAS ME! DON'T LET HER DRAG ME TO HELL!" But then he notices it's Ramsey and the Gremlin gives a sheepish smile. "Oh, whoa...coulda just told me to move it." he remarks to the big bruiser boy. Way makes sure he has the duffle held tight, not letting it go as Ramsey 'transports' him.

The group head for their vehicle, pedal to the metal. Part two is at: http://nola.orcpie.fun/wiki/index.php/Logs:TSO-NOLA_-_Tears_of_an_Angel_pt_2