Logs:TSO-NOLA - Searching for Angles on Angels part 2

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TSO-NOLA - Searching for Angles on Angels part 2

Characters: Jeanie, Rafael, Seven, Gabriel was present for rolls but did not pose due to time constraints, Mingzhu as ST
Date: 2020-06-25
Summary: Books and computers at the ready, researchers dig deeper into the bans, banes and powers of the Spurned Wife.

Books and coffee and laptops and snacks are a plenty in the Fixer's Reinovated Warehouse tonight and while most of the Pack might be gone, Jeanie's currently sitting in the middle of the couch diving deep into the depths of the occult side of the internet hoping for some little tidbit of information while others tackle the books. How long have they been at this? Long enough that the sun definitely isn't where it was when they first started and it's well past time for the law student to stretch her neck out which gets a bit of a crack as she does so.

"Oh, here we go," says Rafael as he rustles through some printouts, "I was digging into the Jamestown incident... apparently they had 'tobacco brides' there, like the casket girls here in New Orleans." He looks up, eyebrows raised a little, "And instead of the little coffin drawing, they had three tobacco leaves stacked together. Sounds like a constant M.O. to me."

Jeanie hmms as she digs peruses a particular page. "Looks like men didn't consistently start wearing wedding rings until sometime in the twentieth century, that's common enough to find out. Turns out though... some of the women in the Jamestown mission were women, and they were the ones that seemed to have more luck with damaging the Spurned Wife than anybody else. There definitely seems to be something about the whole wedding band thing..." She picks up her coffee and takes a sip, wincing only slightly when it turns out it's gotten cold, but she's still drinking it. She tilts her head at Rafael's enws. "So it changes the symbol to match whatever the 'prey' or whatever it's after matches?"

Seven is peering in her chosen book, not the most studious of people but she has a laser focus when she wants or needs to. A brow raises as she listens to the others, her head tilting a moment at Jeanie. "It might not be so specific," she replies, furrowing her brows. "Some things I came across makes me think wedding bands may be one of a number of things. Since the angel is so powerful." She gives another glance at the book, resting her finger on a particular passage. "The different ways that the angel feeds, I believe it's related what it wishes to... feed. Do." Angels and spirits are definitely not her specialty. "Desired outcome. It had it's reasons to destroy things back in Jamestown and has other reasons for draining things here."

"So..." Rafael's fingertips drum a bit over the table he's sitting at, "...it's wreaking 'vengeance' upon natives of the areas that these women were sent to, but is vulnerable to symbols of marital fidelity?" His eyebrows raise a little, "That makes sense given its title, I suppose."

"Let's just hope it can be any wedding ring and doesn't have to be the wearer's own ring," Jeanie hasn't noticed any rings on any of their fingers. "Speaking of powerful, seems like this thing has some super enhanced speed. Maybe faster than the human eye according to some of the records. And it also is able to hunt out it's prey with a sort of magical sense. Those both aren't particularly unusual powers for a spirit or ghost. Makes sense angels could have them too?"

Listening to Jeanie, she gives a small nod. "We've seen a sample of that speed," Seven affirms, giving a quick glance to Rafael. Then she looks briefly at the book, though her attention seems to be elsewhere. "I recall something else. When I saw one of the victims for the first time." Tilting her head up, she returns her gaze toward the gathered group. "I didn't know why then, especially since the theory then was still a possible vampire... but the victim had a pleasured look on it's face." She taps the book. "Previously read that a woman touched by the angel being seen with a similar expression. Perhaps some sort of... hypnotic touch?"

"Oh, I can confirm that one. It is absolutely that fast," says Rafael in a disgruntled tone, "It's blindingly quick. The only reason we were able to run it down was the vampires we had with us - they weren't able to keep up, but they were able to keep it from getting away." He taps one of the books, "I found a reference here that makes something else I saw make sense too. It can enflame the desires and hungers of others..."

"Rapture, or ecstasy. Not the fun kind," Jeanie shoots a look over towards Gabriel just in case he was getting any not-so-bright ideas. "It's common thing with angels. So common there's a pretty famous scultpure called the Ecstasy of St. Theresa... and enflaming passion and hunger... that sounds like an influence to me if I've ever heard it."