Logs:TSO-NOLA - Four(ty) Thieves Part 1

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TSO-NOLA - Four(ty) Thieves Part 1

Characters: Prism, Mingzhu as ST
Date: 2020-06-23
Summary: Prism gets an unnusual job offer.

Prism was in the process of walking through the park now that she just casually walking out of the boutique wearing her now new pretty dress. It wasn't super fancy but Prism liked it so she just wore it out with no one the wiser, a lovely light pink ruffled short sundress ( https://imgur.com/E0OEYmN ) Softly humming a Romani circus tune as she makes her way further into the park.

There are a few people around in the park, taking in the sun or playing with frisbees or such. Most minding their own business. A woman comes up alongside Prism; not close enough to touch, but within conversational range. She is of average height with dark brown hair, dark eyes and pale skin, a little makeup adding pink to her cheeks and red to her lips. Her clothing is reasonably conservative; a scoop-necked blouse and an ankle-length skirt, with a wide belt to cinch it in.

It might seem that she is just passing, that it is a process of overtaking, but then she says something soft - quiet enough that it will not be heard beyond the two of them. What's more, she says it in perfect Russian. "Are you for hire, little thief?"

Prism's mismatched eyes visibly light up as she hears her native tongue. A bright smile curling her lips as she responds back in Russian, "I am for hire yes. What is you need acquired?" She continues to move along with the strange woman, matching her pace and keeping her voice down as well. Her mismatched eyes carefully scanning around them to see if anyone is watching to two of the walk and talk.

"An item which was stolen from me," the stranger replies, keeping pace with Prism, her body-language quite relaxed. Nobody seems to be paying them any particular attention. "It is being held in a place I cannot access. I am looking to hire one or two people who might be able to re-acquire it for me."

Prism offers a slightly nod before she responds, "I normally work alone but, I am not opposed to working with others. I just keep to a code. And may need to know what sort of equipment I will need to acquire for myself to ensure my success."

There is a nod from the woman. "What is this code that you keep to?" she asks politely. "I would not want to hire you for this job if it goes against your code." She wanders over to a bench and motions for Prism to sit with her. They're far enough away from the other park-visitors that they're fairly safe to keep talking, but not so out of sight that Prism might fear for her wellbeing.

Prism easily responds, "I won't steal from others in my organization, but I do doubt they did this, I don't snitch, I won't abandon someone in need if they are in my organization and I won't get caught." A smile given at the last part. That was key, to indulge and not get caught. She easily moves to take a seat on the bench, taking a seat with her hands resting folded in her lap and her legs crossing at her ankles.

The stranger mmn's quietly. "You doubt that they did this? That would be hard to say, not knowing who they are. But I find myself concerned that if I explain the job, and it does turn out to be one of your associates, that you will warn them," she murmurs, sounding thoughtful.

Prism shakes her head before she responds, "No. If they got themselves caught. That is on them. Not me. I won't warn them. One won't get better if they aren't called out on their mistakes." She offers a gentle smile, "I tend to care more about self perservation. And you just want what is yours back." Her hand reaches up to moves some of the stray hairs from her own face as she inquires, "Still concerned?"

The woman nods slowly, thinking through what Prism has said. "Alright. Do you have a number that I can contact you on?" she enquires, pulling a small smartphone from a pocket in her skirt and opening a new contact, passing it over to let Prism put in her details. "Once I have spoken to a few more people of similar inclination, I will bring you together to discuss."

Prism offers a nod and puts her number into the phone and types out the name Prism in Russian. She offers to phone back to the woman as she responds, "I will look out for message. I warn. MY English reading is not the best so if message could be in Russian in text, would be easier. Or just call. I will answer." A smile given as she offers, "Please be safe until then."

The woman smiles and nods, taking the phone back and tucking it into her pocket once more. "I will," she confirms quietly. "Good afternoon to you." With that, she rises and nods to the Russian woman, before beginning to make her way back through the park.