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TSO-NOLA - Four(ty) Thieves Meetup

Characters: Prism, Prosper, Tristesse, Jacob, Mingzhu as ST
Date: 2020-07-05
Summary: The thieves meet up and discuss the heist - one ducks out, the others plot.

A suite in one of New Orleans' many hotels, neither too basic nor too opulent. The sitting area has couches and a coffee table, with a dining table and set of hardwood chairs beyond. The hostess - the same stranger each thief was approached by - is in residence, her appearance much the same as when she met her potential employees. Pale skin, dark brown hair, dark eyes and red lips, her attire a modest blouse and ankle-length skirt.

Each thief received a text; this time and this place, with a reminder that this is the preliminary stage before anything is agreed. And now, she waits.

The small, dark shape that is Tristesse has found her way here, greeted their hostess-slash-employer politely but quietly and found a seat. She doesn't seem nervous, exactly; she's a professional, after all. But there's that everpresent alertness about her, like a bird about to take flight. She looks around curiously, but keeps an eye on the employer as well as the door.

It's not about being late. That would be poor manners. It's about -not- being too early. Getting a location and a time, Prosper arrived fairly early anyway. Not exactly staking the hotel parking lot out but he just had to see. Professional curiosity demanded he just see if any familiar faces took the front door. Just long enough to have a smoke outside the camera angles. That said... he wasn't going to be late. Prosper, in his business casual best, makes his appearance. A polite, simple nod in greeting to... the stranger with the score. The collection of others.

Having received the message on when and where to meet, Jacob figures why not? Nothing shady, nope. And so he shows up at said time, after casting a contract on himself to protect him from any security. He's dressed in a dark charcoal suit, silken and well tailored, with a pale purple shirt to offset it. As usual, he's somewhat hard to look at - he seems to blur slightly, constantly out of focus. Except for those dark, depthless, rather alien eyes - those are perfectly focused. There's something new, as well. A hint of crispness, a faint whiff of decaying leaves.

Once he arrives, he glances around at the others, lifting an eyebrow in curiosity, then moves to look for a mini bar.

Prism makes sure to bring her disguise and gear in a large black purse. On her form currently is a lovely black dress with the back midback exposed ( https://imgur.com/dlStGGt ). Her blonde tresses already drawn up into a ponytail. As she arrives a smile is given to those present as she makes her way to sit down in one of the chairs within the suite, resting her large purse beside her.

"Welcome, thank you for coming," the hostess greets each person as they arrive, offering drinks and refreshments. Both alcoholic and soft drinks are set out on the coffee table, along with some French pastries and sliced fruit. "Please make yourselves comfortable." And once the fourth person has arrived and settled herself, the stranger smiles.

"Lovely. Now, all of you are here for the same reason. Something has been stolen from me, a family heirloom, that I require your assistance to retrieve. I know where it is being held, and to a reasonable degree the kind of obstacles you might face," the young woman begins. "Each of you have certain skills, and it is up to the four of you to agree an approach to this, which may or may not include all of you participating. Once I have set out what challenges may present themselves, that discussion can begin. Before that; do any of you have questions?"

In the dark leather that's hardly appropriate for the warm summer weather, the winter darkling looks a little out of place in the elite suite with the poshly dressed team their hostess has assembled. But it doesn't seem to faze Tristesse as she watches the others out of her curious eyes. Jacob's given a nod, since she recognizes him. When their hostess commands their attention, she looks that way, lips curving up somewhat at the mention of 'certain skills,' before she looks to each of the others to see if they'll voice any questions. She herself does not. Yet.

Prosper watches in shared quiet as the room populates. A fifty fifty split of new faces and recognized. Prism being familiar but not much more than their mysterious middleman. Woman. He frowns a bit as he stumbles on the thought before shaking his head and renewing focus. A blue polo shirt, light and breezy khakis and a pair of loafers. He could blend in to the weekend hotel conference crowd with a snap. Dark brown eyes flick to each would be thief in turn as he makes himself comfortable at the table. "None so far, ma'am." A lone eyebrow perks high, a faintly smug smirk on his scruffy mug. "Unless y'all are done bein' stone quiet still."

Jacob offers a little smirk as he sees Prism enter. "Oh, ho ho. Fancy meeting you here." A glance to Tristesse and the smirk becomes a grin, "And you as well." Prosper, the only one he doesn't recognize, gets a curious look. Then he's moving to help himself to a pastry and a drink before settling down onto a couch. He listens to the hostess as he eats the pastry. Very neatly, as Fairest do. His gaze alternates between the hostess and the rest of the team, taking in their demeanors and reactions. As she asks if they have questions, he shakes his head and smiles, "Still curious about what's in it for us, but otherwise I'm ready to go get this thing."

Prism happily helps herself to some of the pastries, she LOVES pastries. After getting her drink and snack, she sits back down in her seat and begins to quietly nibble at the pastries in her hand. She grins to Jacob as she respond in English with her heavy Russian accent, "As if should be surprise?" Her attention then flitting to Prosper as she looks curious about that frown for a mere moment but it slips away for the time being. A curious look over Tristesse is given with a kind smile before her attention looks back to the mysterious figure and responds in English, "I may have questions at end."

There's a nod from the stranger. "Good. For the purposes of this conversation, you may call me Michelle. Or, if you prefer, 'boss'." Taking a glass of water for herself and sipping, she begins to set out the challenges. "The object in question is held aboard a ship which doubles as a pleasure-cruise vessel. There are public areas you will need to pass through with the attendant staff, cameras and tourists. The item itself is being held in the captain's cabin, which I believe to be secured with both mechanical and electrical locks. It is also warded against the ephemeral." After another sip of water she notes, "It is up to you whether you attempt to take the item while the ship is docked or sailing along the Mississippi."

Prosper's words 'stone quiet still' get a small huff of a laugh from Tristesse and she lifts a shoulder. "Sort of my brand," she quips. Once 'Michelle' explains the location of the item, she lifts a brow. "I can go unnoticed by people and cameras," she says quietly. "Maybe sneak a peek at someone using any passwords for the electrical locks. Is there a time when it's not as busy -- between cruises, maybe? Though if it's busy, that can work as well. Those of us who can't just fade into the shadows can pose as guests."

"Nothin' wrong with proper branding, ma'am." Prosper says to Tristesse before considering breakfast. There's a moment where Prosper leans forward in his seat a little, almost getting up for one of those pastries the other veritable strangers had. Eyes flick left, right. Nah, he even mouths the word before settling back in. Arms crossed over his chest, Prosper listens to what 'The Boss' puts down. "Who are we reacquiring this heirloom from, Michelle?" Prosper asks with that easy baritone and faint Georgian accent. A gesture to Tristesse now following her curiosity in suit. "Do you have solid intel for us or are we doing the homework ourselves?"

Jacob laughs at Prism's words. "Perhaps it isn't." Then, he's listening to Michelle. He lifts an eyebrow when she mentions the location, his lips twisting into an amused smirk. "Oh. Now this should be fun. Let's not get caught or I'll never hear the end of it from my girlfriend." He glances towards the others, "Locks and cameras aren't an issue. I can take care of those. At least the mundane variety. Magic, that's trickier." He considers, then, taking a sip of his drink. Lemonade, if it was available. "As for docked or moving... it depends on who's on it. I'd rather not attempt it when the owners or their friends are on board. We could scout a time when they're away on other business. We should also be on the lookout for... those who are living challenged. Who could be quite a bit more dangerous than mortals."

Prism beams a bright smile at Jacob. She looks intrigued at the response from Tristesse before she offers, "I can always help with illusion upon one or few. Or provide distraction. And do agree, would be better if not many there when try." She pauses to consider something before she asks, "You have map of vessel? Marks for where cameras are? Also Michelle, what is item we seek in captain's cabin?"

Finding a spot to sit on the arm of one of the couches, Michelle sets her glass of water down. "I hope you all understand when I say that I am reluctant to confirm the actual target until I know who is going to be involved and an agreement has been drawn up. I am well aware that complex loyalties draw many lines across this city, and I would hate for those who stole from me to be pre-warned by one of you here." She rests her hands on her lap and considers the four people here thoughtfully. "With the general description given, is that enough for you to decide who needs to be involved?"

"Understandable," Tristesse says to Michelle with a nod. Her gaze moves to Jacob and she nods. "Magic is trickier. I might be able to figure out what the wards are, maybe how to break them, but..." she lifts her shoulders. Nothing's a sure thing, after all. She looks back to Michelle, tipping her head curiously. "A general idea of the sort of people -- or not people -- we're dealing with might be good. Just so we know what we're getting ourselves into, any complications we might have with that particular sort. Avoid any conflicts of interest, so to speak."

Holding up a long fingered hand, the other draped lightly atop his knee, Prosper offers to Jacob with an even tone. "Not trying to be an asshole here but cameras and locks should be the least of any our worries, assuming we're all professionals here. It's the wards, timing and current ownership that gives me pause."

Prosper clucks his tongue and leans forward in the seat. Dark eyes -pointedly- on Jacob again at the mention of the pulse challenged. A sigh then, the old Ghoul looks to each thief in turn. "Blind loyalty and no concrete pay out. Accept the mark and the consequences. High risk." Brows quirk, a thoughtful purse of the lips as he regards Michelle again. "Askin' for a whole lot of trust from folks that aren't well known for it. This your first score, darlin'?"

Jacob nods thoughtfully as he listens to Michelle's words. "And with good reason, if it is indeed the ship I'm thinking it is." He swirls his drink, taking another sip. "If we stay within line of sight, cameras and locks won't hinder us. I can make sure of that. I can also... ask Lady Luck if she'd like to favor us in this endeavour, which would help us avoid notice." He doesn't seem to care what the object is, nor does he seem to mind stealing something from that particular boat. If anything, he seems to embrace the challenge.

He catches sight of Prosper's look and shrugs, then grins. When Tris speaks, he looks over at her, nodding. "If we can interupt the wards, I could simply step in as an ethereal and grab it. But not while the wards are up."

Prism simply sits quietly as everyone else voices their concerns. All the points made were good ones. Her mismatched eyes then looking to Michelle, curious to her response as her hands rest on her lap.

"As discussed, Mr. Prosper, the pay is I believe fair. Fifteen thousand dollars for each person undertaking this task, upon successful delivery of the heirloom into my hands." Michelle finally puts concrete numbers to the task, in terms of remuneration. "While I'm sure some of you do this for the thrill rather than because you need the money, I've never believed in short-changing those I hire." She reclaims her glass, taking another sip of water. "It is up to each of you if you wish to commit. If the information at this time is too light, then you may feel free to depart."

"Is the item smaller or bigger than a breadbox?" quips Tristesse, lips curving up at the corners. It's a little bit of a joke, but it also fits in the relevant category. "I don't want to find out only once we're engaged that it's a taxidermied black rhinoceros or something. I haven't figured out pocket dimensions yet." She doesn't react to the mention of dollar amounts with either surprise or disappointment.

Jacob wasn't the only one connecting dots in the room. Career criminals one and all, he expects much the same across the board. It's when the lines are drawn that Prosper stands up from his seat. "The pay is... " Prosper laughs then, quick to wave it off with an apology. "Sorry, sorry. I was about to say I wasn't a greedy man as a defense. That's a lie." To the counter he goes, Prosper takes on of the pastries in hand.

"I appreciate your offer, Michelle. The challenge is tempting. Goddamn, you have me dead to rights there... but I'm afraid the numbers don't add up for me." Prosper, knowing full well when a job is best in other hands, lifts his newfound breakfast in thanks to Michelle. "Ma'am, I wish you the best and thank you for the consideration. Good luck to y'all." That said, Henry Jacob Prosper makes for the door to excuse himself.

There's a faint smirk as Michelle mentions some of them doing it for the thrill, then Jacob's nodding at the amount. He doesn't seem particularly impressed, but he also doesn't balk at it. Money is money, after all. And maybe he's doing it for the thrill after all. He chuckles at Tris' question, then glances at Michelle to hear the answer. Prospers words have him lifting an eyebrow, and then he's smirking and looking back at the others. "I'm in, assuming it /isn't/ a taxidermied rhinoceros or something similar, as she," he nods to Tris, "makes a good point."

Prism smiles at the dollar amount, though as Prosper takes his leave, she offers a nod of farewell to him before she looks back to Michelle as she responds, "As long as can easily move item, am in as well." Perhaps that meant more money per head given being a thief down. Soon finishing off her pastry and sipping on her drink.

"Slightly larger than a breadbox, but only a little, and it is fairly light in terms of weight," Michelle affirms, moving to open the door for Prosper to take his leave and thanking him for his time. Closing the door again, she turns her gaze on the remaining three. "So. If the three of you are happy to commit, I'll go into a little more detail. There will be a document to sign that will bind you to secrecy for the duration of the job, which will also act as a contract for the payment."

Tristesse's eyes track Prosper as he exits, but she smirks at Jacob's repeating of the theoretical rhinoceros. The talk of signing documents and contracts makes her brows dip a little, but she nods.

Jacob watches as Prosper exits, then shifts his attention to Michelle. "What are the chances that he will rat us out? Should we take measures to ensure that he won't?" As he talks, he gets up for a fresh drink. As he does, he moves over to the door and cracks it. Then, realizing what he's done, he leans against the wall as if he's playing lookout or something. Or simply covering up his irrational need to open the door. "Let's hear the details, then. I'll sign the form, after I read through it of course and make sure it's only about secrecy and there are no other hidden tricks, but assuming it is, you can consider me commited."

Prism lightly taps on her lips before she responds, "Indeed. How not know he not snitch. But will sign form." She assumes her copy is in Russian, else she'll have to break out her phone to translate it. "But yes, do want more details please."

Frowning slightly as Jacob moves to the door, Michelle doesn't comment on it beyond that brief look. She fetches three copies of a document - yes, one is in Russian for Prism's benefit - and sets them out on the coffee table. They are written plainly; an agreement to do this job and to speak about it only to those involved with it for the duration, and payment as mentioned upon delivery of the object. There are also three pens set down for people to sign with, plain balltips. "As far as Mr. Prosper goes, I have nothing to add. If you feel it best then of course you may do so."

"If he's a professional, then he won't," says Tristesse. "Unless you feel he is close to the target," she adds, with a glance to Jacob, who seems to know more about the job than she does -- of course, she's only been in the city a couple of months. "I think though that taking measures might draw more trouble than it's worth, given his affiliations." She picks up the pen and skims the contract, before signing it in a loopy, illegible scrawl that might have a T and some S's in it. If one uses their imagination.

Jacob moves away from the door, leaving it open just a crack. He seems to forget about it after that. He nods at Michelle's words, then moves to take a seat and read over the forms. Finding everything in good order, he picks up a pin and signs his name. His legal name, at least. Jake Ramses. That done, he leans back and takes a sip of his drink. He nods to Tris' words. "I don't know him well. I can look around, though. If I can find some dirt, we can have a back-up in case he /does/ cause trouble. And otherwise let it be." He looks back to Michelle then and smiles. "Alright, lay it on us. I want to know if it's the boat I think it is." He grins.

Prism has gotten a bit use to this habit of door when it comes to Jacob. It really doesn't phase her anymore, that much. As she sees the contract in Russian, a sigh of relief emits from her lips as she begins to read over the document before signing it at the bottom as Prism Tacit. Excitement echoing in her eyes as she awaits for more details.

There's a nod from Michelle as she gathers up the signed documents, inspecting each one and then folding them, tucking them into a pocket in her skirt. "Very well. The object is best described as a translucent blue yoga mat, wrapped in a thick blanket. I advise you do not touch the blue surface it directly, it can be harmful. It is being held in the Captain's cabin of the Regas Casino ship, the owners of which I believe to be other than human." She sets it out plainly now that she has ink on paper, returning to her seat.

A dark brow lifts at the description of the 'yoga mat,' but then Tristesse looks to Jacob. "Is it who you thought? Share with the class?" she asks.

Jacob nods as he listens to Michelle. He lifts an eyebrow at the description given of the item. "Hmmm. It will be difficult to slip that out in our pocket. We'll have to get creative. If we can get past those wards... if they're weakened I might be able to squeeze by them, but there's a chance they will sense the intrusion. Otherwise, we'll have to find a way to disguise it." He glances at Michelle, "Do you think it could fit into a briefcase?" At Tris' words, he smirks slightly. "Indeed, it is. And she's right, it is run by others. I can't say more than that, but I can say that they are potentially dangerous. And wily. We'll have to be extra cautious, as I belief they have a chance to see past some illusions, and might have resistence to some of our magics. We should learn more about their schedules, and find a time when they aren't on board."

Prism blinks a bit at the name, she's been on the casino ship herself, once upon a time. They know her face. She rolls her shoulders as she mentions, "Will need to be extra cautious. Unsure if they would be on during the day. But might need better disguise for self." Her index finger pointing to herself then before lightly tapping on her lips once more.

"Or while they sleep," Michelle muses to Jacob, but mostly sits quiet at this point to allow the thieves to plan their approach.

"I can sometimes figure out how to make something work. Magical locks." Her eyes slide to Jacob. "Like the Barracks door." He knows the one. "That needed some more research to get the full key though. Still, if I go in light-shy, I can maybe see if I can manage it before you try to slip past." Her eyes fall on Prism. "Illusionist? How many can you mask?"

Jacob nods at Michelle's words, chuckling. "Or while they sleep. During the day it is, then." Jacob kicks himself a bit for overthinking things, then turns his attention to Prism, lifting an eyebrow. As Tris speaks, he nods, "Remember, though, they might be able to see through masks. And their minions might not be asleep. I can also mask, myself, although I wonder if more mundane disguises might be prudent. I can also ensure that cameras don't pick us up, although we'll still have to worry about the minions."

Prism looks to Tristesse as she responds, "Never try more than four but am sure can do more if. It more make them think see something else than masking us and walking around. If make sense." She looks to Jacob as she responds, "is good point. Minions may not sleep. And can hope illusions work on them. But know I will need better disguise."

"Ah." Tristesse nods her understanding of the sort of group they're dealing with. "I don't think a disguise will hide what we are truly, even if they can't quite see our faces, so best to avoid them if we can." She glances at Prism. "Wig, contacts will do wonders. Just try not to talk, I think. If you think they'll pick up on illusions it might be best not to use it unless we have to. I can fly under the radar myself easily enough."

Jacob nods at the two of them. "Disguises aside, I think we need to scout it out. Do they sleep on the boat? How many minions do they have? Which ones should we be concerned about? How well guarded /is/ the captain's cabin? How strong are the wards? Mundane locks are not an issue, but do they have any /other/ magical ones? We need to get more information before we go in."

Prism nods in agreeance as she responds, "Indeed, do need to learn many things before going in." Her index and middle fingertips then lightly drumming on her lips before she asks, "How long might we do scouting for? I am working on ways to get better at disguising in other ways. Want to help just need to know can."

"I'll hit it up, stay under the radar, do some recon," Tris says, standing silently. "Let us know our time frame, and we'll get it done." She pulls a couple of business cards from her back pocket, handing them to Jacob and Prism -- they're blank but for Tristesse's name and phone number. "Text me your numbers and I'll let you know when I find something out. If you do the same, do the same." Her gaze flits to Michelle's. "I have another appointment. My apologies."