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TSO-NOLA - Crafting to Plan

Characters: Way, Jeanie and Ramsey (Mingzhu as ST)
Date: 2020-07-27
Summary: The Fixers get to fixing how to trap an Angel

Jeanie's been on her phone pretty much constantly this afternoon, a flurry of text messages going back and forth with Seven and Rafael about What to Do With The World's Meanest Yoga Mat after their discussion on the Regas. The plan has definitely been made... and they have a time and place. Now to get all the other pieces gathered. A few thrift store and discount bridal shop runs later and Jeanie's carrying a whole giant box full of pretty much every type of white wedding material imaginable into the Warehouse and hastily setting it down next to one of the couches before yelling out. "GUYS!!!! WHO WANTS TO KILL AN ANGEL?"

"What?" calls out the Gremlin when Jeanie comes in yelling about killing Angels. "Wow, you really did go dark. Should we murder god while we are at it?" Wayfarer asks with a big smirk at her as he lifts a hand to raise the welding goggles off his eyes to settle on his forehead. "You got the rings?" he notes, stopping what he is working on to set down the machine he was welding on to walk over and peek into the box. "Will this be enough?"

Ramsey looks up from where he's painting a D&D miniature with a tiny brush at the kitchen counter, his eyes squinted and then he looks at the box. "Is this that thing you've been talking about for a while now? I mean... I'm game."

Jeanie laughs as Way appears from wherever it was he was welding. "Figured that would get your attention as fast as anything, without raising hopes about false pizza promises. And I'm not gonna pick a fight with any gods. But this angel has really pissed me off. Keeps trying to murder folks around here and what not. Now sending in other folks to try and do her dirty work instead of just packing it up and going somewhere else." Presumably Seven and Rafael are also equally offended by the angel's unwillingness to admit defeat so far. For the question of rings, she digs into the box and pulls out a jingly little sack of rings that had been compiled for using for wardings on the Regas, and future showdown needs. "Hopefully it'll be enough." Ramsey's question gets a big nod of confirmation. "Yep. Been talking long enough. Time to actually do stuff. And like... the whole warding and weaknesses is similiar enough to spirits? Figure we can set up some traps and things out near my family's cabin. Remote enough, shouldn't have any bystanders in the way. And not inviting an angry angel into our actual territory."

"Yeah well...you shoulda brought pizza too." he responds, giving Jeanie the evil eye for a few seconds. Turning his attention then on the box off rings again, Way reaches down to rake his hand through it, picking up a small handful and letting them fall through his fingers. "We can't let it go after any innocent bystanders." he agrees with a tip of his head. A glance goes to Ramsey when he chimes in and the Wizened grins a little bit. "So what are we using as bait?" the Gremlin wonders aloud, looking back to Jeanie. "You?"

"You'll get pizza after you make the nets," Jeanie promises even as she's digging in the box and coming up with a couple of veils, a little skein of blue embroidery floss and a sewing needle. She settles down on the couch, scrolling through her phone until she gets to the right picture of some symbols she had saved previously and begins trying to sew on a few occult symbols onto the veils while continuing to talk. She really meant business on the 'let's start doing' front. "I mean... I'd prefer not to be bait. We got the tool thing it was using to suck blood out of its victims. It seems to still be a little active. She knows where it is since she's been trying to steal it. Figure if we move it and start trying to destroy it... that should work as bait. Hopefully." There's a lot of hoping going on with this plan by there isn't any Angel Killing For Dummies guide book to go by.

Blinking at Jeanie, you would think she just stomped on his puppy or something from the expression on his features. "After? As in later? Not now?" he responds, staring at her even longer before giving a huff. "Yeah okay, fine then." Then the Lost grabs the box of rings and pauses to peer at Jeanie. "Hey, did we have some kind of a bargain going on?" Wayfarer wonders, but then he clarifies a bit more, "I mean, can you see the doorway? Into the workshop? Have you been down there yet?"

Jeanie nods. "After as in later. But it'll be a pretty freaking fantastic pizza. Maybe even figure out how to stuff a pizza into another pizza. A double decked pizza." It's her turn to blink at the question, although confusion and not in pizza-related-betrayal as her embroidering stops for a moment. "Depends on if the 'I'll give you pizza if you help get ready to fight an angel' counts as a bargain? You and Mac keep mentioning going down there some time, but things keep coming up. I know where it is... roughly. But haven't actually been down there. Things keep coming up."

"Oh...huh, well, I suppose we could make that bargain. It would end as soon as you delivered on the pizza though." Way responds as he considers for a short time. "Usually we do longer bargains, but I guess that could just work for now." he says with a nod of his head at Jeanie. "So lets strike a bargain. I make your traps...and you get me fantastic pizza. Do we have a deal?" the Gremlin asks, stepping closer to extend his hand to the human with a big smile. "Oh wait..." he says, spitting on his hand, then offering it up to shake again.

"I'm not gonna like keep you waiting too long on the pizza," Jeanie's pretty strict on that own personal code of ethics thing after all. She doesn't make any motion to stand up as Way comes over so they can be more at eye-level for the handshaking. She tilts her head a little cautiously at the spit, but does the same and completes the handshake. "I thought spit-sealing went out of style in like... fifth grade."

"Awesome." he remarks after the bargain is struck and BOOP! Jeanie can see Way for exactly what he is, the three foot tall Gremlin with an uncanny resemblance of a trash panda. "Spit-sealing never goes out of style." Wayfarer answers with a chuckle, then motions for her to follow. "Come on. Lets do this stuff in the workshop. Should have all the tools and stuff you'll need down there to make some awesome stuff." and with that he picks up the box of wedding rings to head for the metal door in the floor. Way opens it and waits to see if Jeanie is following.

Even with Jeanie knowing that everybody jokes about Way being a trash-panda, that didn't quite prepare her for his true face. She blinks and rubs her eyes a bit as her mind adjusts to the new information. But then there's suggestion of moving to where there are more supplies and Way's taking the box so she'll pick up her own project and follow him on down. She pauses a little on the threshold, shivers put steels herself and steps on through. "Do you always get a kind of weird static-y feeling passing through or just me?" Could just be the electrokinesis, right?

"Nope. Sure don't." he answers, descending into the 'basement' of the warehouse, even though there should not be a basement in NOLA. Now the thing is, once they descend the steps and move through the corridor, they come into an open area. This place is the size of a small city, with workshops, growing houses, small dwellings, and even an air ship dock with a ship in progress of being built. "This is it..." he claims, motioning over to a big Ogre, "That is Mog. He's my buddy. Over there is Dzzzt, he helps me with making things." Way points to what appears to be a flying 'bug'? hanging around one of the workshops. "Anything you need should be down here, if not I can make it."

"Good thing my internship is over..." Jeanie mutters as she wanders into practically a whole new world. It's clearly going to be a busy week getting everything prepared. "Mog was... he was the one that was there helping with the net cannons the other day?" She peers as he also looks a whole lot different than she remembered from seeing him mortal-side. "Just let me know if you need any help. These veils should be pretty simple at least. Just a little bit of sewing." And one of those workshop tables looks just right for her own project which she'll focus on whole heartedly. If she keeps her head down, that's less stuff to get overwhelmed at looking at.

Mog gives Jeanie a little wave, the massive Ogre not quire as shy down here, in his element. "Awesome, but to be honest, I work better alone. I mean...well I definately work quicker." Wayfarer explains to her and leads Jeanie over to her little 'shop' to work in. "Okay so you do you think here and I'll do mine over there. If you need anything, just let me or Mog know...but try not to bother me too much while I'm getting things done." the Gremlin says, giving her a tip of his head. "Cool?" It's good she can look down and focus on her own work, because Way has tricks...and if she isn't watching him, he can get things done in insane speeds. Brownie's Boon rocks.

While Jeanie is off doing her thing, the Gremlin tinker gets to work. He is like a little machine, busting out the gadgets quickly. With the help of his assistant, the flying bug, Wayfarer hammers on the metal, mixes up some gunpowder...a lot of gunpowder, and adds that. Then he fills the rest of the canisters with rings, creating makeshift claymore bombs. The nets are quick and easy, but then he has to build the mechanism for deploying those nets. It doesn't take too long to rig something up and finally Wayfarer dusts his hands off and looks over his bounty. "Okay...I think this should work."

Jeanie isn't nearly as quick, but then what she's making isn't nearly as complicated. The veils are simple enough and would make her elementary 4H teacher super happy that she still remembered all those sewing skills (if the teacher could overlook the blasphemy of trying to kill an angel). Once the veils are done, the psychic still has a bit more time while Way's working on mixxing up his contraptions and so she starts on modifying her own net... a few veils there. A couple rings there. Add in some dove feathers just for good measure and tada. "That should hold, I think. Now we just gotta get these all placed and everybody ready."

Looking around, Way finds an empty box and carefully places the mines inside. Then he settles the net traps over those. "Thanks Dzzzt." he tells the hob who assisted him, then grabs up the box to head over to where Jeanie is working. "Okay....be very careful with these. In fact, it might be better if -I- place them. You can show me where you want them if that is what you like." the Gremlin tells her with arched brows, peering at what she was working on in her little part of the workshop.

Look, feathers and tulle being everywhere can't have been the weirdest thing to happen in the workshop and Jeanie is completely unashamed as Way arrives to peer at her creations. She even spreads it out a little further so he can see better. "Made another net. For manual netting. In case she manages to sprint past the first two or something. And uhhh... sure." She'll eye those boxes very cautiously but all for letting the Gremlin handle and set them up. As long as she knows where they're at.