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Summer Crowning

Characters: Ian, Stasya, Way, Hawthorne, Ashton, Eva, Gilles, Simin, Mingzhu, Roz, Robin, Natalya, Maggie
Date: 2020-06-20
Summary: Spring departs and Summer arrives.
Disclaimers: Fire. Roast pig. Threats of smiting but no actual smiting.

Crown of fire.jpg

It's definitely almost Summer. Ian is looking more relaxed than normal, which is odd given he's also dressed more formally than he usually manages. The Spring King is wearing silk, white and watered, a long slit in the back sweeping down to free his wings, buttons done up the front all the way to his throat despite the heat. The pants are black leather and they do make his backside look like a million bucks, but that's not the point; the point is he's in /pants/ and they're /leather/ and it's /hot/. For shoes he's got some kind of sandal thing, formal and laced and disappearing under the pants. He's actually wearing the Spring Crown for once, the massive head-gear a heavy weight tangled and twined with his horns, fitting a little too well in that the only way to get it off at this point will be for Spring to take it back. There's a smile on his face, a drink of sangria in his hand, and he lounges at the nearest picnic table with his legs crossed, waiting for the clock to tick noon while the staff serves food and drinks to everyone. T minus a bunch of minutes until... freedom.

Summer is indeed almost here and so where else would Stasya be? The Quartermaster has donned a golden sundress for the occassion, long enough but shoulders bare to soak up more of the sun's rays. For now however, she's checking on supplies of refreshments although this is supposed to be a Summer party and there's probably a basket of knives and a target hidden around somewhere or other...

It's definitely almost summer. As everybody starts filtering in, Robin's actually perched on the edge of the roof of the Center, crouched down with a spear made of molten sunlight in hand, the butt of it slowly charring a little hole in a roof tile that Ian will have to pay someone to fix, later. They're watching the goins-on, but not actually participating.

Hawthorne strolls into the back yard, having decided to wear something appropriate to the turning of the seasons. The ordinarily monochromatic autumn is wearing a pair of khaki cargo shorts and a red polo shirt on, practically screaming with color compared to usual, and has his hair pulled back a bit neater, to make a counterpoint from his thematic casualness. He does have like, a spear handy but propped up against the building somewhere, so that he can stand at attention or something if the scenario calls for it.

Into the backyard area comes Mingzhu, dressed in bright geometric prints that contrast the (currently) deep charcoal hue of her skin, the flicker of silver light around her barely visible in the warm summer sun. She hasn't brought anything food or drink related, figuring there are plenty of members of the Freehold who do such things better than she does, but she has brought a little pair of gifts. One for the new Summer monarch, and one for Ian. She drifts over towards him, offering a slightly amused smile. "Ian. Not long now." She offers over a small box, about the size of a book, wrapped in green and yellow paper.

Roz slips in with no fanfare. She's wearing a tank top and shorts, both black, short socks and trainers, also black, and a face mask...also black. She gives an upnod greeting to everyone, even though they might not even recognize her. Because Winters move in silence. Her focus is admittedly on Ian, wondering what's going to happen next.

You know who knows how to make an entrance? The Gremlin, that's who!

Despite it being noon and not dark out, fireworks burst overhead. They look somewhat like an idealized sun with rays spinning out from the center, then it sparkles as it falls. In the midst of that comes a parachute. If there was a radio, surely Flight of the Valkyries would be blaring.

But there isn't a radio, and the parachute catches on fire as the sparks hit it. The last ten feet are more of a drop than a glide, making Wayfater tuck and roll out of the way as he hurries to get the parachute disconnected as it goes up in flames. "NO NO NO!!!" he shouts, looking around for a fire extinguisher. "That did NOT go a splanned!"

Natalya is a face only rarely seen in some months since Winter. The professor's more starkly drawn these days, only adding to the sense that she was penciled into being by a creator on absinthe and no sleep. The Autumn wears a red sundress and vintage sunglasses to match, and stays on periphery at first as if to survey a field of battle.

"Pardon me while I get ready to sing hosannas," Ian quips to Mingzhu. "And then a belated party of some kind." He's grinning at the environment with reckless abandon. "Thank you though." His attention swivels towards the entrance of... "Is Way on fire?" Mild concern. He ought to be more worried, but Ian is a little sauced. That sangria in his hand is not for show. Fear not, the staff do have fire extinguishers, one of which will be passed to Way. "Ohhh boy." This is the reason Ian drinks, see.

As Robin looks out over the crowd, their gaze keeps slipping over one person in particular. It's -weird-. They just can't focus on this ONE PERSON. It takes effort, but eventually Robin -stares- at Minzhu. Eyes narrow. They stay up on the roof.

Curious enough, Stasya tilts her head to watch the daytime fireworks and then the parachuting Wayfarer. "Did the Gremlin learn to fly?" Or find a plane? A door from the Hedge that opens in the sky? The possiblities might be endless! Luckily enough though the staff seems well prepared for fire for SOME REASON and extinguishers are brought out. "There's beer if you need it, after that."

Hawthorne goes about, peering at a table with various party foods, and manages to find himself a cup, pouring something that he thinks is tea, but who knows really. He then peers around at the other changelings, most of whom he doesn't know, and he observes the Bonfire of the Parachutes going on over there. "Huh," he says to himself, perhaps mild concern in his expression. He then lifts his cup in hello to Stasya, and then his eyes briefly try to focus on Natalya's sketchiness, making sure it's not his glasses and rubbing them on his shirttail.

Oh thank god, the staff has fire extinguishers. As soon as one is handed off, Way pulls the pin and squeezes the handle, making sweeping motions with it to get the fire put out. He leaves it smouldering and secures his backpack to head over to the beer. "That went very different in my mind." he notes, reaching up to grab a beer and pop the top so he can take a long long drink. He almost downs the whole thing before stopping for a breath. "I just learned how to pack a chute. I watched a YouTube video on it, so when the Air Ship is done we have parachutes on board...at least I got that part right."

Nodding to Ian, Mingzhu moves away so she's not monopolizing his time, heading for wherever she can get a drink from. The flickering glow of red and gold draws her gaze up to the rooftops however, white eyes widening as she sees Robin up there, in all their burning glory. There's a strange something in her expression, a hint of wistfulness, then she looks away and gets back to the important business of getting refreshments.

Roz looks up as the pyrotechnics commence. Sort of. Once the gremlin lands safely and the fire extinguishers are used, she gives a few slow 80s claps. Then she slips over to grab a drink, then back to a place in a corner, well away from the crowds.

Natalya takes in the fire hazards first before landing on safer ground to head toward. A fellow courtier, looking her way,and blessed refreshment. She edges neatly in Hawthorne's direction, and remarks of Way: "He survived that. I'm going to call it a good party omen. What's to drink?"

A figure's exiting from one of the cottages at the edges of the property. Ashton's late for the event, even though it's hard to miss all the activity going on outside where he's living at the moment. The young man's in his standard dark colored assembly of grays and blacks, but scaled up a bit from normal casualness. This really just means he threw on a button-up black shirt, a pair of slacks and some dark gray dress boots. He's also wearing a pair of smart, black-rimmed glasses... which doesn't hit the fact that his face is like a raccoon's today. His nose is badly swollen, the pale-gray skin around his right eye is one big bruise and there's a scabbed over cut on his upper lip. None of this prevents him from looking cheerfully around the area and brightening at the sight of all the food. Nevermind anything that's burning. It's Summer.

Simin is a little late, which might have had something to do with his new motorcycle. Or maybe the insistence on stopping and straightening his hair after the helmet messed it all up. Yes, that's probably it. Either way, he steps out into the back yard right about the time people are looking up at pretty pretty lights, causing the Winter to slow down mid step and lookup with an 'oh shit, what did I miss' expression on his face, getting his bearings before trying to head further into the party.

The box Mingzhu brought is finally picked up, now that Way is safe and no longer on fire, and Ian opens it up, a look of curiosity and then delight spreading across his features. The grin he develops afterwards is blinding. "Thank you Mingzhu!" he calls, and settles the little booklet back into the box to be set beside him. There's another box right there next to him already, incidentally; that one is already unwrapped, but sits closed. Ian follows up with a deep drink of his sangria, then fishes out a golden pocketwatch to stare at it critically. "It's almost time," he calls out. "Brace yourselves!" And then, to his right, to the nearest staffer, "More sangria?" Mmm, alcohol.

Hawthorne lifts his free hand in greeting to Natalya as she approaches and he sniffs his cup a little, then tastes it. "Yep. Sweet tea. I can feel the crunch even if it isn't real. I think there's booze somewhere too. Might have to combine things eventually." Looking at the whole productin of extinguishment and the gremlin surviving, his eyes unfocus just slightly, "Yeah, that could have gone a lot of interesting ways. Fortunately.." He trails off a bit when the Spring King calls out that it's about that time.

As the sun rises higher finally reaching it's height and true solstice, the heat radiating from Stasya's summer mantle seems to solidify as she stares up, watching the progress in the sky and waiting for something... She might be one of the last to see as it's probably clear enough to anybody else looking that the pastel wisps of her cotton candy hair seem to have vines of mahogony and emerald braids wrapping through. Summer is HERE!

Lifting her glass of bourbon in Ian's direction as he calls out his thanks, Mingzhu smiles briefly, then finds somewhere out of the way to sit and watch the proceedings.

Roz gets a cup of sangria, with extra ice, and notices the bruised Ashton. She walks over to him and mutters through her mask, "Has someone taken care of that?" She is clearly glaring at his injuries.

There is a Winter here, standing off to the side. Maggie probably doesn't really fit in, what with her iciness and everything that points her as being... not a Summer. Add to it the fact that she's dressed up like it should be ski season and she really standing out like a sore thumb. There attempts made to smile if she catches anyone else doing so in her direction, but otherwise she seems to stay to herself, perhaps shy.

Awwww damn, check out all that royalness! Hawthorne is looking in the wrong direction when he feels that the Big Wyrd Energy is getting stronger and then looks down from shielding his face a bit against the sun, and notices some headwear changes. "Oh. Oh! Congratulations Lieutennant! Err.. Majesty." Hawthorne's kind of blended autumn-summer mantle is showing its summer solidarity at present and he is shedding fewer leaves than normal in some kind of mystical sympathy.

Simin has enough time to catch sight of Ashton and lift a hand up to wiggle fingers at him when Ian announces Impending Shiny Hat Movement. There's that pregnant pause of glancing around to look for Designation of the Doomed that settles when things seem to focus on Stasya. Does he cheer? Of course not. The Winter just...stares. Though Maggie coming in somewhere behind him is probably enough to get him to sidestep a little and keep out of her way.

Ashton normally would have gone for the food first, but he sees Simin and ends up making a detour instead. "Wasn't sure you'd make it," he murmurs upon reaching the Winter, trying to angle his face to downplay the amount of bruising on it. His buddy already knows how it got that way, but the series of events leading to it is still embarrassing. "Food's over there!" Because of course that's what Ashton's going to focus on. The Spring Darkling is about to grab one of Simin's sleeves and try to drag him over to the table loaded with goodies when he hears Ian's pronouncement.

All thoughts about food flees again for the second time. Ashton's translucent brows lift, are quickly lowered when a pained wince, and he starts scanning the area intently. He instantly starts applauding loudly when Stasya's Mantle flares with the formation of Summer's Crown, unconcerned about whether he'll be the sole person clapping. "Woo! Congratulations to the new Summer Queen!"

"Eh?" Ashton's clapping slows down as he turns, clearly not expecting Roz to approach and ask so bluntly about his face. "Uhh... I put some ice on it and took some painkillers. And wiped up the blood?" he replies tentatively, unsure if this is the right answer considering the intensity of the other Lost's glare. "Ashton Choi, of Spring. Hello."

Ian shouts, "Hey Stasya!" to get the Summer's attention, and grins enormously. The crown of moss and horns is fading from his head, leaving him lighter-looking than he's been in a while. "Tag, you're it!" And then he raises his glass in toast. Choirs of angels are probably singing in his head. Freeeeee!

Roz glances over at Stasya as the Crown appears on her head. She offers up a thumb's up and a "Congrats!" Then her attention is back to Ashton. "Ice. Painkillers. Okay, that should work." Then she moves away from him and over to the food table.

Natalya skips the sweet tea and goes straight for what's stronger; she pours it out while watching Summer power coalesce around Stasya and has her glass lifted when it's clear whose rule has begun. She asides to Hawthorne quietly, "I never met her before, but I'll take your reaction as optimistic. Good. I'm Taly, by the by." She can't quash a small snicker when Ian rejoices at being freed at last.

Gilles emerges from the common area with one of the Community Center staffers. The two carry a roasted wild boar between them suspended on a decorative spit made to resemble a flaming iron spear. They carry it over to a couple of prongs set in the ground over some low coals to help keep it warm where other staff can begin to cut and serve the food to anyone who wants it.

Maggie drifts closer, almost bumping into Simin and Ashton as they greet each other. "Oh. I am sorry. Hello, Simin. Ashton." Looking around herself, now, she drops her voice as she asks quietly, "A Crowning, hmmm? I've heard of such events but never witnessed one before." Not really surprising, considering she's newly out of the Hedge. "Should we... give our congradulations?" Is that even done? Who knows, but eh. It'll be polite, if nothing else.

Stasya's hand reaches up when the crown has solidified enough that there is a definitive weight she can't miss. Even if she couldn't feel it, the cheers and congratulations she turns to blink at would certainly clue her in. "Uhhh... thank you?" That's the right words when the Wyrd decides it's your turn to have the Big Shiny Hat, right? Although it doesn't take long before her eyes widen a bit. "Blyat... I'm going to need a new Quartermaster..." First of many things on her soon to be ever growing to-do list.

When Ashton gets closer to Simin, he finally clues in how the Darkling looks and frowns, murmuring, "The hell did you do? Is that what the goat was screaming about last night?" What? He glances at Roz at her concern but doesn't offer commentary to her suggestions, instead allowing his sleeve to be caught by the Darkling with a murmured, "Yes, booze. Something to drink would be very very good right now." Maggie's question gains a curious look, which causes him to glance at Ashton, then back to her, "I'm sure they are going to get swamped, but we can offer our condolences before we go. After getting a drink."

Hawthorne grins a little bit at the confused reaction that the Summer Queen gets her realization moment, and then he glances to Natalya, saying "Nice to meet you, I'm Ash Hawthorne. Hawthorne is fine, since there's another Ash. It gets confusing. I once knew like six Chrises at one time. Nobody needs that."

Ashton gives Ian two thumbs up with the fading of the Spring Crown, pumping his fists up and down until the former Monarch takes notice. "Damn, now I can't tease him so much anymore," he groans light-heartedly at Simin. He turns to smile at Maggie. Wince. Smiling is apparently not comfortable either. "Hey, Maggie. Nice to see you again! I hope we didn't scare you off yesterday with the guns and motorcycle and stuff. You ended up missing Jacob by like 5 minutes, but it sounds like he's still interested in talking to you." Partway through the explanation, he gives Simin a slightly betrayed look. "Shhhh. I encountered a dire beast of horn and hoof. And yeah, let's go knock glasses with the Lieutenant... uhhh... Queen before she's swamped."

As Ashton moves to get a drink Gilles notices the bruised Darkling and goes to fill a mug from one of the casks he brought along and set up earlier, a wheat ale with a slight hint of orange added to it. He passes the mug over to Ashton and says, "Drink, it should make you feel a bit better."

"Yeah, one more 'your majesty' out of you at me, and Stasya will smite you!" Ian calls cheerfully to Ashton. Time to get merrily drunk! "Oops. I mean Queen Stasya." The grin he flashes in Stasya's direction is unrepentant. "Your Majesty." The respect is there, even if Ian himself didn't enjoy the title. "Oaths!" he calls to remind her. Maybe control might be hard to give up after all. He leans over to snag some barbecue from the bountiful feast laid out nearby, his wings flexing behind him. Ian tends to stay in one place when it's crowded - those wings make moving around difficult.

Roz puts a few treats on a plate and then realizes she forgot something. She walks back over to Ashton. "I'm Roz Wells. Winter. Nice to meet you." And then she wanders off again.

Simin starts to say more to Maggie but damn if the girl isn't vaporized into thin air before he can get the words out. Instead his attention shifts back to Ashton, then the two addressing him (Roz and Gilles), falling quiet but offering the other Winter a little wiggle of his fingers. He's looking a LITTLE overwhelmed as he finally murmurs to the Darkling with a nod of his head, "Yes. Booze, then 'we're sorry' and then maybe more drinking."

Stasya raises an eyebrow at that tease from the now former Spring King. "Don't make me smite you, dragon." The Witchy Wizened could do it, even if she would prefer to keep her smiting strictly to their enemies. But then there is the call to duty and she nods before stepping over to where it looks like the ever thoughtful staff had set up a sort of platform so the woman can be seen over the crowd (or most of them anyways). "Yes, Oaths. One of our greatest assets. The Oath for summer shall be: Until Summer gives way to Autumn, I swear not to support the Gentry in any way, not to bring harm deliberately to the Freehold, and to defend the Freehold to the best of my knowledge and abilities." She speaks slowly to make sure the words are clear despite the heavy accent, and dang if she can't project loud enough to carry througout the yard. "For those that aren't present now, I will be available for future swearings. Or the Chamberlain."

Roz tilts her head, considering the new Queen's Summer Oath. She looks as thoughtful as one can with a cup of sangria in one hand and a plate full of hors d'oeurves in another. Then she shrugs and repeats the oath, her voice loud and strong but a little muffled through the face mask.

From where she's sat, out of the way, Mingzhu repeats the oath quietly. Not whispering, but not loud enough to surmount the noise of talking and drinking and merry-making going on around her. Still, it's enough, and the whisper of cold wind around her ankle as her mantle briefly asserts itself is the full stop at the end of her oath.

Eva slips in from one of the tiny houses - or maybe she's been here all along? Who knows! - smiling warmly as she catches the tail end of that transition of the crown from Spring to Summer. She winks cheerfully at Stasya, then waits for her to finish speaking before she chimes in with the group repeating the Oath, hands clasped before her.

"Thanks, man!" Ashton accepts the mug from Gilles and brings it up to his nose to take a gentle sniff. Oh right. He takes a sip instead and perks up at the taste. "Wow, this is really good stuff. I hope you'll be serving this at your new place when it opens. Bet you'll get tons of customers from this alone." Then, the Darkling leans sideways to murmur to Simin. "Don't worry, we don't have to stay for the whole thing. I know it's a bit overwhelming with all these new faces, people appear and disappearing and all that." He nods towards the platform and starts moving closer. Once, he's close enough to be heard clearly, he adds his voice to the crowd in repeating the words for Summer's Freehold Oath.

"Hawthorne. I'll remember that name." Natalya quiets to listen to the queen, and enforces that silence through the brew she's drinking. She finishes that glass before joining in with the others and reciting the words for Summer's oath to the Freehold.

Hawthorne doesn't do any of those half-measures and doesn't mumble the pledge of allegiance, he gets that out there and gives a little fist thump against his chest while he still can remember it and doesn't get the end of it mixed up with the start. He then simmers down a little, and smiles a bit as that's all taken care of now. "Good times," he observes. "Nothing like a good crowning and.. I guess it's a pig roast now?"

Simin nods once at Ashton and steps over to grab himself a mug, gulping down a good swallow or two while he listens to the new Oath being recited. Trailing a little after the Spring, he clears his throat and repeats the Oath along with some of the others they pass by, a thought finally occurring to him as he shoots a look of revelation back to Ashton, "Is that why Jacob asked for roast tonight? The goat?"

Gilles claps a hand briefly to Ashton's shoulder as the Darkling takes a sip of the ale. The fact that Ashton is drinking something the wizened made enables him to use the loophole for Gift of Warm Breath, banishing Ashton's fatigue and minor injuries. "Thank you," he says in response to the compliment. "I am glad you enjoy it.".

Along with everyone else, Ian recites the oath, pouring his glamour into it and for once feeling like part of the crowd. One hand rests on his pile of gifts - a small pile but two boxes make a pile! - protectively; the other raises the drink to toast the end of it... and then he groans in relief and slumps, setting aside his drink to start unbuttoning his shirt. Time to get out of the formalwear, and apparently he's going to do that right here.

That Wizened efficiency, Stasya gives a bit of a nod as she observes the group swearing of the oath, glamour being exchanged and the Wyrd doing it's thing. Once the words are said by all, she gives a nod of her head. "Thank you. Now, I know some of you have already found them, but we do have plenty of refreshments available. And I'm sure we'll find more entertainments..." They are a creative group after all.

When the oathing is done, Eva smiles again at the suggestion of refreshments, and helps her herself to a bottle of some sort of cider before making her way over to Ashton, giving him a wry look. "It looks like I missed something. What trouble did you manage to get into, Ashton?" she asks him, eyes twinkling with amusement.

"Always down for some roast pig," murmurs Roz, as she heads over to the spit to get a few pieces of pork. A few swirls of slushy cold glamour fade away as she moves, the leftover from her oathing.

Ashton makes a surprised noise when the warm energy of Spring settles into his veins. The bruising on his face fades noticeably after Gille's touch, leaving only his swollen and injured nose looking out of the ordinary. "You're a stand-up guy, you know that?" the Darkling says to Gilles, clapping a hand to his own chest in emphasis to the statement. "Let me know if you ever need help with anything and I'll do what I can." Thumbs up for the brewer and a smile that doesn't hurt quite as much anymore.

Of course, Ashton has to lean into Simin and make hushing sounds again immediately afterwards. Except Eva's approaching and directly asking him. "Awww..." he wavers, taking a moment to decide if he should elaborate. "Well... I might involve a rifle, and shooting things, and..." Ashton's silver eyes flick sideways towards Simin. "...a vile beast of hoof and horn jumping out and convincing my own rifle to attack me and... well, at least there's dinner resulting from it?"

Ian slings off the silk outer shirt, wings flexing as they work through free of the fabric, then unbuttons the tight leather pants he decided fitted this formal occasion. Beneath is a bright green, blue, red, and yellow sunburst pair of board shorts, the fabric clinging enough that the leather didn't show it bunching earlier. The glass man begins kicking the legs of his pants off, pausing only to lean down and undo his sandals. Formality is now done with, and he can go swimming in a moment!

Gilles nods to Ashton and gives a faint, crooked smile. "We all do what he can," he says, giving a very small dip of his head. "My own talents tend to run more towards providing a place for us to relax and unwind rather than the more martial aspects that many of us possess."

Simin takes another good drink from his mug while he watches Ashton's reaction and how he improves from Gilles' drink, which of course draws his attention to Gilles in the process, along with a small nod to his commentary, "We need those that can heal as well as those that can fight. I, ah, thank you." He's not really smiling, but at least is SOUNDING friendly as he introduces himself, "Simin."

Eva tilts her head as she considers Ashton, the gesture almost birdlike. "Exciting. Remind me /not/ to get involved in that sort of thing," she says cheerfully, eyes twinkling. "What sort of dinner?" she asks curiously. Gilles and Simin are given a pleasant nod, along with a warm smile of greeting. "Hello, I don't think we've met, either. I'm Eva."

Gilles extends a hand to Simin. "Gilles," he replies, giving his name. "It is good to meet you." He then nods to Eva as well and smiles warmly to her. "Enchante," he says before giving his name once more. "I am Gilles." He then nods his head in Ashton's direction and says, "It is not a very strong glamour, but good for aches and pains, and it works well with what I do."

There is a ringing noise. Roz fumbles and gets her phone out. There is a minor curse when she looks at the screen, and she heads out of the room, still toting her drink and food.

Ian sets his clothes and boxes over next to one of the staffers to be watched, then starts for the pool. This time he does not sount 'CANNONBALL!' The ex-King simply slams into the water with an enormous splash and a flapping of glassy wings, and saves his yell for once he's underwater because he can be /loud/.

"Gilles here is an amazing brewer, chef and crafter. He's planning to open a pub at some point, which will definitely be a great boon to whichever neighborhood is lucky enough to host it. And Miss Eva's haberdashery has some of the finest fashions you'll find around town, all reasonably prices too. I show you the blue dress shirt I bought from the shop later. The fabric's just beautiful," Ashton tells Simin. He takes another sip of Gille's brew and makes a pleased sound deep in his throat.

Hawthorne grins slightly at the excitement and the conversation, but after getting some food, his feet are feeling a bit like wandering. He goes to collect the spear that he brought with him and gives a wave to Stasya for extra congratulating, managing a grin in place of his usually fairly staid expression. He looks around for the other Autumn he was talking to earlier, then ducks back inside the center.

Simin shifts his attention to look at Eva when she introduces herself, and Ashton offers more information offering the woman a tight-lipped 'Im being polite, no really!' smile as he keeps his voice down, "Hello...Simin Rashde." Gilles' offer of his hand has the Winter hesitating for a moment, then finally accepting the offer with a light grasp of his own hand and a murmur to both Lost, "Is good to meet both of you. I am new out at Jacob's place." The mention of Eva making things draws his attention back toher, "I was...looking for some cooler things to wear in this weather. Do you have a time I could come see what you do?"

Stasya may have had a minute of breathing room after the collective oaths were sworn, but not much more than that. Pretty soon, the freshly minted Queen (Or Tzarina?) finds herself surrounded by a horde of folks all needing SOMETHING and right away please, even if it is to just offer congratulations or pieces of advice or what not. With a resigned sigh, she manages to flag one of the staffers down for a drink and settle in to deal with the first of the stream of officialness, maybe giving Ian's watery frolicking a bit of an envious look.

White-traced violet eyes twinkle at Gilles' greeting. "A pleasure to meet you," Eva says. At Ashton's elaboration, she ahs. "I will have to stop by at some point, Mister Gilles, when you do so. And perhaps we can chat at some point about your crafting." Her attention shifts to Simin and she smiles warmly again. "And a pleasure to meet you as well." A tilt of her head accompanies a considering look at that question. "You are welcome to the shop any time that it's open, of course. If you're interested in something custom, we can also find a time." Reaching into a hidden pocket in her dress, she pulls out a cellphone; opening a compartment in the back, she pulls out a card, which is offered to the Lost.

Gilles gives a slight nod to Eva as Ashton introduces them. "I am still trying to locate the best place for it. Somewhere close to the Community Center, I think, but perhaps not too close, for those who feel the need for a little distance. I will have to stop in to your shop at some point," he says with a smile. "I have been living out of my knapsack for a bit and could do with some new clothes, but for now if you will excuse me I need to get back to the kitchen for a bit."

When Ian comes up out of the water, he laughs, free and unrestrained and joyful. Whatever yelling he did in the pool was definitely loud, but no one else was in the water to hear it, and that's good. He splashes his way back to the edge to settle down, facing the party, and watch with a massive grin on his face. Three months of responsibility: done. The Spring sighs in contentment and settles his head on his arm, basking in Summer.