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Summer BBQ!

Characters: Kai, Gert, Savannah, Tony, Marshall, Simin, Charity, Serena, Kiki, Stasya, Marshall, Juniper, Marek, Lambert, Agatha
Date: 2020-08-07
Summary: It's time for a summer soiree, and what better way to celebrate the hottest time of the year, dedicated to the hottest-blooded of our kind, than with a BBQ! There will be a pig in a pit roast, some chickens on the grill, and all the sides, plus an unwise amount of alcohol! There will also be carnival games and prizes, a softball game, and when evening sets in, a bonfire.


Just a little ways out of town, a field has been claimed for the Changeling Summer BBQ. It's a big field surrounded by Louisiana swamp, ancient moss-covered trees, and thick underbrush. The field has been cordoned off into four sections.

The first section is for food, with picnic tables set up under a pavillion to provide shade in the summer heat. There are grills set up and long tables for an astonishing number of sides. There's the traditional baked beans, pasta and potato salads, grilled corn, and so forth. There are also a number of vegetarian sides that could pass for a main course. The meats on offer are pit-roasted pork and barbecued chickens. The scent of roasted meat fills the air. There are also coolers with a variety of soft drinks, as well as a couple kegs of beer and a table filled with bottles of hard liquor. Red Solo cups abound.

Another section of the field has been turned into a softball mound. The softballs, bats, and mitts have been provided. Beside the mound is a pile of firewood and a stone-ringed pit for a bonfire after the sun goes down.

Another section of the field has been turned into a miniature carnival, with balloon darts, ring toss, and a few other games where one can win silly prizes, like little stuffed animals, mood rings, and other toys. There is a popcorn machine, a sno-cone machine, and a cotton candy macine. The area is decorated with colorful flags on white cords.

The final section of the field has a sprinkler going in one area for cooling off. It has muddied up the ground a bit, all the better for the tug-o-war rope coiled and ready for a game. There's a dry area where people can spar and engage in feats of strength. Rumor has it that there are ribbons for the winners. There's also a hose for washing off after playing in the mud.

There's a PA system with speakers in all areas so the host can make whatever announcements need made. There are also porta-potties and camp chairs for people to sit in.

The barbecue started at noon, but the prep started much earlier. In the food area is a pit wherein a pig has been slow-roasted for hours. Now it has been dug up, and there's pulled pork to go around. It fall right off the bone. There are also grilled chicken halves slathered in sauce. It has been serve-yourself, more or less, and there's food and booze aplenty.

Kai has been handing out goodie bags to people as they arrive. He's in shorts and a tank-top, wearing sunglasses, and he's slathered on sunscreen, even on his little forked antlers, which have been polished to gleam. He's very proud of them. There's music playing over the PA, not very loud, just ambient noise. "Once we get everyone fed," he says, "we might play softball or have a little friendly sparring," he tells people in passing.

Sparring? As if that's her cue, Stasya manages to pop up exactly when one of the Summer's favorite words are mentioned, along with a plate of chicken that she's been picking at with her fingers like some sort of heathen (or good BBQ attendee). "I'm sure someone had a bet on how long before the first sparring would start, sanctioned or otherwise."

Gert has been a busy clown, for the past few days. Carnival arrangements are her area of expertise, and like all the best clowns, she takes her work very seriously. And, as a result, the game booths are running like a well-oiled machine.

She herself now has little to do, for the moment, save stand back and watch with pride. The fact that she chooses to stand back in shadows that seem far deeper than they should be, and that her satisfied grin occasionally exposes far too many teeth, is surely unintentional.

She snags a passing game-worker, a small hob carrying prizes towards one of the dart-toss booths, with the crook of her cane over her shoulder, whispers something into its ear, and, with a maternal grin, watches it wander off towards another booth that needs its assistance more. Then, satisfied, she nods to herself and begins to amble over towards the grills. Stasya and Kai both get a bright little wave and a nod. "Oh, I'm sure it'll be the highlight of the night," she says as she passes. Even in the crowd, that cheerful, wicked-witch voice carries. "Everyone loves a bit of a show. All the better if somebody they know is the one on stage."

And she ambles off towards the grills, a determined expression on her face.

Thumping along the yard, so to speak, Tony is meandering around the outskirts without getting involved or even really talking to anyone just yet. Observing. He does not make a good spy though. Not one iota. To big. To noisy. To standout. Even amongst a herd or a gaggle or a flock or a swarm of others whom are Lost and trying to be found. One large hand reaches up and rubs at the center of his small forehead, between his horns, just like another might rub at a frown or something.

Clomp Clomp Clomp goes his hooves as he continues to pace in a circular fashion around the whole area, not entering into any specific section yet.

A BBQ? Yes please. The lure of food and more food and maybe some chances to fight people or compete against them is too strong to resist. Dressed in shorts, a tank top, and a pair of giant flip flops, Marshall lumbers along to the location of the shindig. He's not here alone, the ogre is accompanied by a much smaller Fairest. "See? Here." he rumbles to Serena. He knew where he was going. His destination should be clear. The food. There it is. There he is. The big man makes a very slow beeline right toward the food, grabbing a plate and grabbing as much meat as he thinks he can pile on there without either threatening the structural integrity of the plate or being chastised for taking a lot of pork and chicken. Content with his haul, Marshall turns about and looks around at mostly unfamiliar faces as he shovels food into his mouth. Someone grabs his attention and he sets into motion again almost as if in slow motion, heading toward another giant of a man lurking on the periphery and leaving Serena to either follow along or do her own thing. "Hello." he greets once he's close enough to size up the other ogre. It's not particularly aggressive. More curious. Aside from eating, this is an opportunity to meet new people, right?

There as the promise off BBQ. And goodie bags. But mostly the BBQ - that's why the Simin manages to drag himself away from the plantation to gravitate out fo the little shindig, or maybe he's here to offer support for Kai? Either way, the tall Persian is craning his head around as he makes his way in, slowly following his nose for the scent of chicken. Lovely, lovely chicken, though Stasya and Kai do both get little fingerwiggles of greeting when he happens to catch sight of them as discussion for sparring begins to happen.

Kiki must have heard about the BBQ, even though she's pretty new to the area. She's dressed up slightly, as in her jeanss aren't torn or falling apart, her tshirt seems somewhat clean. She's slow to enter the crowd, watching people. Careful to step around people, murmuring, "Excuse me," fairly often. Slowly slowly, she's getting closer to the food, taking a couple of deep breaths. She also has a bag slung around her shoulder, that looks as if it might be overfilled, and there's the occasional clink of bottles as she moves.

Just because someone shows up to a barbecue together doesn't mean they are tied at the hip, does it? Before Serena can answer Marshall, he's caught upon the rich tangy scent that wafts in their direction. Surely she isn't the only one who sees him virtually floating over to the food station. Passing on the feast for now, Serena gives the hungry man a wave, "Faire thee well, Ogre." As she snickers to herself and saunters about the open fields, taking it all in. "Of course I decide to wear white to a barbecue where there's a whole sprinkler section." She mutters to herself and the white tank dress she chose for the occasion. She is going through her goodie bag and can't help but smile at all the thoughtful items inside.

Kai smiles broadly at Simin as he hands over the goodie bag. "I'm so glad you made it!" he says. "I don't know where Lambert is. I think he had to go get something, but the food is all ready." To Stasya, he says, "It's a Summer party, all sparring is sanctioned. After everyone has a chance to chow down, I'm thinking of getting that tug-o-war rope out. Be sure to check out the carnival, too! It'll be a blast. I'm going to eat sno-cones til I die."

Tony's attention is pulled towards Marshall when his fellow Ogre approaches with a big plate of food. A towering plate really. It probably shouldn't be called a plate but a tray, or a platter. "Hey." He offers with a lift of his chin. "How is?" A bit of a greeting back to Marshall, but neutral and rather... well, drab. As he overhears Kai say something about 'sanctioned sparring' his head twists that way, "Sanctioned like... official?" He calls out loud enough for his voice to carry from where he and Marshall converse (Sort of converse). His ears practically perk forwards at that, and they do, beneath the mask for those who are looking at such things at the moment. A slow smile curves his broad lips and he says to Marshall more animatedly now, "Hear that? Sanctioned fights. This just got more fun."

Stasya raises an eyebrow to Kai. "Careful what you wish for when you say ALL sparring is sanctioned. Unless you're also going to be cleaning up the pieces." She may be the current Queen, but Kai's the ritualist so he's been sanctioned for all the party sanctioning. She'll give nods and waves to folks as they come in, juggling the chicken plate from hand to hand as she does so. "Snow cones seem... counter intuitive." That's said more to the crowd as a whole or maybe Kai's departing back.

Agatha was expecting booze, food, and the occasional strange look. The goody bag catches him wholly by surprise, and it has to make sure he gets one. He remarks to the Changeling he came with, "You want this chocolate? I gotta run later, and I don't wanna end up with he runs too." He chuckles, but it's clear the thought doesn't bring joy to the Werewolf.

For his attire the Elodoth wears a primarily orange Hawaiian shirt that opens to reveal a white tank top underneath, khaki-colored cargo shorts, and brand new red sandles that still have the tag on them. He doesn't try to stare at the various Lost too much, and instead continues rifling through the bag. "Hey, diamond eyes, how about a trade? My chocolate for a your graham crackers."

Gert spends quite a while in the grill section. Her little cane is hooked, unneeded, over an elbow. She requires both hands for this. Her appetite seems to rival Marshall's, despite the fact that she's as comically tiny as he is absurdly large - and, when the plate is finally piled high (mostly with meat, in large slabs), it's Marshall she follows, joining him over near Tony.

"Hullo, dearies," she says brightly. God, that grin is horrifying - but the warmth behind it does seem entirely genuine, at least, and she hasn't gone for anyone's throat. Yet. She does pick up a plastic fork, stab a huge hunk of beef with it, and make it disappear behind those terrifying chompers in one bite, though, but that's not /technically/ hostile.

"Looking to join in the sparring, hm?" she says, peering up at her fellow Ogres. "Well, I don't envy whoever ends up in the ring with either of you, but I'm sure it'll be a fine show regardless. The strongmen deserve their time to show off, too, and I'm sure you're not the only ones looking forward to the chance."

Serena squeals when she sees something in the gift bag that gets her attention. "Marsh!" She flits back towards him holding up the goods for s'mores and like a kid who shouldn't be eating chocolate, flashes him a freakishly wide toothed grin. "I love s'mores!" Sadly not vegan but she'll make an exception today. She had every plan to go do her own thing for a bit but this sidetracked her. That and everyone seems to be congregating by the food, naturally. She steps back when Kiki makes her way through with an 'excuse me' that warns of her arrival. "Hey there, need any help?" She asks of the woman hauling a large bag over her shoulder.

Savannah enters with Agatha, faceted sapphire eyes moving over the year, taking in all the little details and the people that are already gathered. She smiles, looking happy with the group, her attention eventually caught by the goodie bags and Agatha's comments about the chocolate, which earns a laugh from the tall Fairest. She stands close to him, wearing a black sundress that's dotted with flowers, sandals on her feet, her gem toned hair glittering as she moves, the diamond sheen on her skin always seeming to sparkle. After taking out the graham crackers, she hands them over to the man. "I will happily trade, Angelos. I'd rather have the chocolate, anyhow, to be honest." She nudges him lightly before looking around at the group again, her arm eventually slipping through his to hold onto it.

Simin acquires himself a little plate of BBQ chicken breast pieces, gravitating towards Kai as the an talks about snow cones, murmuring, "I knew I liked you and Lambert." idly sucking a taste of BBQ sauce off of one finger, Simin kinda stays out of the way for the moment, surveying who else is showing up before he considers what trouble there is to be had, "The tug of war...has to be over a very large muddy pit, right?"

"Good." comes the reply from one ogre to the other. Silence isn't a problem. Marshall fills the conversational space with eating. Grabbing a drumstick, he shoves the whole thing into his mouth and just rips all of the meat, fat, tendon, and cartilage from the bone, pulling out a clean chicken leg. Then he eats that too. Maybe there's some ogre gamesmanship here or big man gamesmanship, but Marshall remains fairly non-aggressive. Still curious. And hungry, as he follows up the bone with some barbecued pork. The man eats fast but without looking like he's desperately shoving food into his face. "Yeah." he agrees with Tony's sentiment regarding fighting. The conversation is interrupted by Gert, who already has much more to say. Marshall turns and looks down to the horrifying clown and gives a lift of his chin in an upnod, "Hey." he greets succinctly. "Yeah." is all he has to say, though that along with his nod is an encouraging sign that he agrees with Gert. "Marshall Healy." hey, she and Tony get a name too, part of which Serena calls out, causing him to turn to try and find her. "Can you grab mine!?" he booms far too loudly back at her before turning to his two new ogre buddies.

"Hey." Tony says down to Gert, looking down at the much smaller Ogre. See they do come in all sizes! Not just obscenely big. He sniffs at the various odors coming from the twin meat plates that Gert and Marshall have but he doesn't reach for any because that would likely start a fight. Not a spar. A fight. "Tony. Just Tony. Only name I've got anymore." He introduces himself to the two. "Nice to meet yah both." There's an unspoken 'so far' there in his tone, but at least it wasn't spoken. "Might join the sparring, sure, Sanctioned and all. Have to hear the rules first." He answers Gert's question with a bit of a broad smile. Not her kind of broad, but wide enough. "It just seems... I don't know, every Summer festival I been to since gettin' out was... less springy?"

Kai pauses at what Stasya says, and he looks briefly concerned. Hrm. To Simin, he says, "You should thank Lambert when you see him. He arranged all the food. His forte is Greek, but he embraced Southern barbecue like he was born to it. I got to taste test the vegan sides, and they're delicious." With a grin, he adds, "Oh yes, I've had the sprinkler on for awhile, getting the ground all nice and muddy. We're going to get dirty today."

He then heads over to the PA system and picks up the microphone, muting the music, and he announces, "Hello and welcome to the Summer 2020 barbecue! Please help yourself to food crafted by our very own Chef Lambert, and take some time to enjoy the carnival! I just want to say a few words about sparring. Rule One is that every participant must consent to the sparring. Rule Two is that the sparring will be limited to the sparring area, muddy or dry, your choice. Rule Three is that the last individual standing will win a fancy blue ribbon that says 'Boss of Everything' on it. Rule Four, when your opponent relents, stop hitting them. The match is over. You won. Don't kill anyone. We're all friends here. Rule Five, don't get into a match if you don't want the tar beaten out of you. We're all friends here, but this is a Summer party. In any case, we have Springs standing by." He pauses to think, then says, "I think that's it for now. Have fun!"

Kiki stops as Serena speaks to her, offering a big smile to the other woman. She's a bit hesitant, as she offers, "I can probably help repair pieces, in case anyone needs a sparring medic. Hopefully no one would get too hurt. But things happen." Then she grins, and points to her bag, stating, "I brought beer. It's got an ice pack, but could definitely be improved in some ice somewhere before people start drinking it. Any ideas?"

"Gertrude Wexley, dear," Gert says, after Marshall introduces himself. "Call me Gert. Everyone does. I've not introduced myself to too many people since getting into town just yet - a clown's work is never done, you know - but I did get called in to help make sure the little boardwalk over there was ready for a real audience."

She points towards the game booths with her fork, smiling faintly. It's odd, listening to her talk. Her voice is as viscerally horrifying as the rest of her. It sounds like every nightmare about every wicked witch every child ever had - but the tone is actually quite warm and friendly, once you stop to listen. And, while the sight of that unnaturally large maw devouring slabs of roast pig whole, in ridiculously outsized bits, is just as terrifying, she herself just seems to be genuinely enjoying the food.

"Well, I'm pleased as punch to meet you, dear," she adds, to Tony. "Last name or no last name." A grin spreads across her face as Kai makes his announcement about the rules, and she tilts her head towards the other two Ogres. "Well, there's your rules, loveys, if you were waitin' on 'em. I'd expect this party to get properly Summer very soon."

"I will certainly do so," Stasya gives a nod. Unfortunately for Lambert she probably won't be Thanking the Chef with a Kiss no matter what the satyr's apron probably says. As for Simin's suggestion, she gives a nod. "Indeed. That way the losers end up with faces full of mud so everybody will know their shame. And also face full of mud is better than a face full of dirt." And half of that is probably a joke judging by the smile. Her ears do pick up the words 'improve something' and she wanders closer towards Kiki and Serena. "There are some coolers at the end of the drink lines but if that won't suffice... I'm sure we could arrange something..." She is already eyeing that ice pack as if possiblities are playing out in her head.

"Appreciated," he replies while fishing his chocolate out of his bag to off load it into Savannah's bag. "I'm not sure what I was expecting when you invted me here, but this is somethign else. Probably the most of your lot that I've ever seen all at once. Not sure how you all don't have minor freakouts everytime you meet a new group."

Simin chuckles softly as he listens to Kai's announcements, casually shovelling more little pieces of chicken breast into his mouth while he watches others mill around. When Kiki mentions being a repairing type, he takes a step closer and ducks his head, adding, "She does very well at it. Can barely tell a toad tried to chew my foot off."

After a few more minutes of standing there with Gert and Tony, Marshall has finished his plate of food. All gone. Just a paper plate smeared with the remnants of barbecue sauce and meat grease. To his credit, he neither licks the plate clean nor eats the thing. Phew. He does crumple the plate into a ball before he realizes he could reuse it. For more meet. Looking down at his hand, he frowns almost accusatorily. Kai's announcement has him turning again, looking over toward a speaker rather than the speaker, at least at first. There he is. Rules heard and understood, his attention slowly shifts over toward Gert, brows furrowing as she says a clown's work is never done. He obviously doesn't know what that means but he doesn't say so. Just peers quizically at her. He's not entirely unperturbed by her Pennywise look, but he's polite. And horribly large mouths are kind of normal for him, so.

"Oh nice!" Serena tells Kiki about being able to help mend and then about the beer. "I'm not good at fixing people up but could certainly help however I can. Maybe try a hand at resetting a bone?" Why not. As for the beer, she glances around the food station for maybe coolers of ice. "They've got to have some extra ice on hand. They've really thought of everything." She finger waggles over to Marshall like 'look at me, sociailzing!'

Savannah happily accepts the chocolate before swinging her bag by the handles as she tugs Agatha further into the area, a smile given to everyone that she passes. "I wouldn't think to insult Summer by saying that Spring parties are better, but I'm extremely biased. But this, yes. They've really outdone themselves. This is amazing." She turns a bit, while still holding his arm, so that she can obvserve someone else. "I need to meet more people. I've only met a few so far, so I don't know most of the faces here." Looking back to Agatha, she laughs. "Fireworks don't always happen when we gather. You should like the sparring, though."

"No mention of weapons, or contracts. Sounds like he wants a free for all grand melee instead of individual sparring matches." Tony rumbles with a shake of his head then turns his attention to Marshall, and his lack of meat. Gert also doesn't seem to bother Tony all that much, there is more curiosity about her appearance judging by the way he studies it, rather than any revulsion. It's not like he is pretty either. "How is it?" He head nods over towards the Carnival, "Worth doing or is it sort of just... part of being here." He looks around and says seriously. "This is weird. All of this." One large hand sweeps the area and he just looks confused.

Kiki's smile turns to Simin, and she shakes her head. "It was just a wee bite, nothing too horrific. Except for the actual toads." A pause, as she glances over towards the table, starting to undo the satchel. "Thank you," she says to Serena, "I'll drop these off then we can see about finding someone with a broken bone! Or arranging one? Either way!" Heading towards the table, and those coolers, she finds somewhere to stick in the bottles from her bag, bringing a couple of plastic cups, and a bottleback with her after emptying about a dozen into the ice. She's curious, gazing around at people politely, but seems a bit overwhelmed by the size of the gathering.

Gert's plate of grilled delectables doesn't last much longer than Marshall's. Towards the end, about the last quarter of the titanic pile that was originally present, she seems to decide that eating with a fork is simply too slow - and then she just...

Well. It's not pretty. No human jaw should ever open that wide. It's like watching a shark that can unhinge its mouth like a snake, and all at once, all that food is just... gone. The teeth snap shut, and that's that. Vanished forever, into the stomach of a woman who looks like she shouldn't be able to eat even a quarter of that.

"Certainly sounds like the old Summer style, don't it?" she says cheerfully, as if nothing had happened. A napkin is produced from some inner pocket, and she mops at her grotesque lips for a moment. A grin is flashed in answer to the stares from both of her companions. She doesn't seem to mind the looks. She just sets her plate aside on a nearby table, sets her cane on the ground, and folds both hands atop of it as she turns to peer at the other attendees.

"Oh, the carnival's absolutely worth your attention, love," she says, with a nod towards Tony. "Always is. Wonderful thing, a proper carnival. This one's small, but made with love. A grand little show we're puttin' on here and no mistake."

Simin tilts his head with some curiosity when Stasya has to take a step back and rumbles softly at Kiki, offering her a small smile, "Well, if it IS the Summer party, I suppose I can at least offer to join in the free for all even if there's a good chance Im going to have my ass handed to me." He flashes Kai an amused look, sucking a bit of BBQ sauce off of one long finger.

As Kiki settles her things down and agrees to possibly setting some bones in place, Serena extends her radiant smile to Simin. "Oh, I'm such a dope. I'm Serena Marlowe. Very new transplant to New Orleans and the South in general." As can be noted by her North East accent by way of Manhattan. Mention of brawling has the glimmering blonde flashing a look back to Marshall who is probably still stuffing his face with food. She communicates with him via hand gestures and waggles of brows. For some reason he seems to understand her or at least pretend. Chances are he'd reply with 'OK'. "Now if there was some sort of like verbal bashing, I'd sign up for that without a doubt. Sadly, by the looks of those folks over there, I'd get crushed."

What's not to love about a BBQ-slash-carnival-slash-Kai-thrown shindig? Charity makes her way onto the grounds with a fanged smile on her face, and a pair of dark cateye sunglasses covering those fox-bright eyes of hers. The wolf-eared Autumn is wearing a pair of black jean shorts and a flowing, cropped tanktop of moss green. Little converse sneakers, and a bounce to her step. She already has her bag filled with provided goodies, and a plate of food in hand.

Right here. This moment. Tony shows just how he is the dimmest lightbulb amongst the bunch. He looks at Gert curiously for a few moments and then rubs his chin, appraisingly. "Love? But we have just met. Is this love at first sight? I've heard of that." He continues to rub his jaw as he looks at Gert with a thoughtful expression. Clearly he hasn't come to a decision about what to think about Gert's declaration of 'love', nor run across anyone that uses that kind of casual affectation!

Marshall gets it. The why and how of Gert's decision to just unhinge and dump food in. He nods at her. Gristlegrinder respect. Not pretty but no problem at all. "Whats weird?" he asks Tony, looking around as if he's missed something being out of the ordinary in the field. Out of the ordinary as far as the Lost are concerned. The carnival is there, but that seems like fairly standard fair fare. The big man turns back with a lift of his broad shoulders, catching Charity in the process and lifting a massive hand to wave over in her direction. When he finds Serena, he tries to non-verbally get her attention and wave her over to the ogre trio. "She doesn't love you. Maybe she's British. You want to arm wrestle? We can use a table." that's the most he's said in succession so far tonight, so that's probably a good sign.

Kai's ear swivels toward the ogres, though it's difficult to pick up on conversations with the ambient noise. There's something niggling at the back of his mind about the sparring, but his brain is too full of deer thoughts to really think about it. It'll be fine. He gets a plate of food for himself, and with all the meat on offer, he has a plate full of plants. Granted, Chef Lambert has provided some excellent vegetarian options, but most of what's on Kai's plate is leaves. He eats them one at a time, munching happily as he watches people.

Gert spots Charity arriving and lifts one of her hands from her cane to waggle her gloved fingers at her fellow Autumn. Whether or not this is actually visible, considering the crowds and her comically short stature, is another matter entirely, but she doesn't seem particularly concerned about it.

When Tony gives her that look, though, she stares back for a moment - and then laughs. Or something like a laugh, anyway. Something... very slightly sort of like a laugh. It's more of a cackle than anything, a high, shrieking, insane sound that, like the eating, exposes far too many teeth. It is, however, mercifully short, and she claps her hands together brightly, smiling at Tony, when it ends.

"Oh, I love all of my freaks, dear," she says brightly. "I'm your old Auntie Gert. But it's not /that/ sort of love. And British? Me?" She turns that grin on Marshall. "You're a flatterer, you, but no. Old country gal, me. A bit older'n most, but all the same. I'm from Kentucky, tell the truth, as much as I'm from anywhere these days. I'd ask howsabout you, but you two seem to know your business." She nods towards a nearby table. "If you're looking to square up, there's some seats available."

"But she called me love." Tony tells Marshall, looking even more confused for a moment, "British..." Then Gert is doing that thing that she do and he frowns even deeper. He rubs at his brow again with his fingertips, "So confusing." But he is drawn back to Marshall's comment, "What's the stakes?" He asks, focusing on the table that Gert suggested to them. He looks at Gert again for a few moments, then back to Marshall, then to the table once more. "I need a drink." He says to himself before nodding. "If the stakes are good, we can armwrestle." He starts over towards the table and then pauses, asking Gert, "What is protecting us from the Hunters? This is a lot of us in one spot." He looks off into the surrounding swamp with a wary eye. "Wish I had my sword and armor." Another mutter to himself.

With Agatha off looking around, Savannah wanders around, herself, smiling when she catches sight of Charity and giving the other woman a wave of greeting. She's swinging her bag in her hand, while holding onto a smaller one, keeping it close as she slowly makes her way in Kai's direction, waiting until he's not busy so that she can take a moment to talk to him.

A hand that size waves at you, and you notice it. Charity lifts her own much smaller hand to waggle fingers towards Marshall. She may not be a gristlegrinder, but the girl can put away the bbq. Which she does, as she wanders towards the gathering. With her eyes searching as they are, she does notice the wave from Gert as well, flashing a grin towards everyone's favorite nightmare clown-slash-auntie. And then Savannah. So much waving. Her gaze moves towards the carnival, and all those little games, with little prizes. Those are some happy wolf ears.

Serena grabs a plate and starts to make her own vegan selection. She takes her fill of the rainbow and makes sure there is a good selection of protein and if gluten free even better! Everything smells so good and there is a look of pure bliss painted on her face. She makes little boats out of long sleeves of romaine and drizzles them with some oil and vinegar, a sprinkle of salt and pepper on top to taste. "Oh, vegan cheese shreds, too?!" Yes indeed she sprinkles those on top before slipping over to Marshall and the congregation he's surrounded himself with. "Hey, Charity!" She greets the one other familiar face just as she takes a nice big bite. Tony is greeted with a closed mouth grin that stretches ear to ear and then there's Gert. Serena's eyes widen like saucers and she swallows, does her best to just be 'chill' "H-hi! I'm Serena.." She tells them all.

The mere presence of Gert and her face is an acceptable level of disturbing. The laugh is not. Brows furrow and while he tries not to stare, he can't help it for a little while. Then he wishes he didn't stare. Tony's confusion is helpful in that he can look at the ogre and pay attention to him. Nice. "I don't know. I didn't think of stakes. I just want to win." fair enough. Serena provides the next distraction from the horror clown and he starts speaking just as she introduces herself, "This is Serena..." and she's already done that, "This is Tony. Just Tony. And Gert." his face turned away from the Autumn ogre, he gives Serena a wide-eyed stare like oh my god, but it only lasts a few seconds. "Tony wants a wager to arm wrestle. I don't have anything to wager."

"As a matter of fact, me," Gert says brightly, in response to Tony's question. "Don't you worry your little head about it, dear. Your old Auntie's got everyone keeping their eyes open. Everything's Jake. Just relax, get yourself properly zozzled, and have some fun."

She starts to walk her funny little ambling walk over towards the table she indicated, reaching into a pocket of her jacket with one hand to withdraw a cigar case and a lighter. She chomps the end off of one just as Serena arrives, and grins hugely as she spits it into the grass and lights up.

"Hello, lovey," she says cheerfully. The mildly horrified expression seems to fill her with a strange kind of pride - though, perhaps, not such a strange kind for an Autumn. She obviously enjoys being the object of terror, just a bit, though there's no venom in it. Like a friendly haunted house attraction come to life. "Pleased as punch to meet you. Care for a gasper?" She pauses for a second, then adds, "Smoke?" and holds out the cigar case towards Serena in offering.

Kai finishes his leaves, and he grabs himself a beer. He doesn't use the PA this time to announce, he just says it loudly, "Who wants to tug-o-war? You get bragging rights and to see your opponents eat mud!" He takes a swig of beer. Losing at tug-o-war will go down easier with a beer. He knows his odds of winning aren't great. He slips off his flipflops and walks barefoot over to the rope, trying to uncoil it while drinking. What, he's a Spring.

Charity hears her name being called out, and then alters course. Heading towards Serena, lured away from the games. For now. It's only a matter of time before she tries to win herself something cheap-but-shiny. "Marshall, Serena," she greets with an amused sort of warmth. "Glad the two of you made it. Didn't I tell you that Kai throws one hellva shindig?" The clown may not be a Brit, but Charity? She definitely is. "Gert, dear. Always a..." Pleasure. That's not the right word. Delight? "Experience to see you."

The bottle of beer in hand is opened, and Kiki takes a deep drink, before giving a little sigh. She's pretty tense, watching the stuff happening, but she's already moving off to the sidelines, not saying much. It seems she's a bit shy, and in crowds like this, prefers to just be a wallflower, since she's doing a pretty good impression of such. Another sip of beer, and she's even further, it looks like she might even be trying to make an escape.

"Actually," Serena starts to say to Gert. She gives Marshall her plate of 'grass' knowing he won't eat it and flits over to see where the bottles of alcohol are kept. Her good friend Jack is in attendance and she swipes the bottle and a couple of red solo cups before heading back towards Gert and the others. "I would love to join you. He doesn't smoke with me. In his defense, it was a blunt and not just a cigar. But semantics." She starts pouring cups. "Alright, now -this- is a barbecue." Mention of tug of war from Kai gets her attention and she looks to her white dress again. "Maybe after a smoke and a drink or two, but, I will gladly watch and cheer for my favorite ogre." She sits down, crossing her legs at the knees and flashes a brilliant smile at Charity. "Drink o'Jack, m'lady?" Did someone tell her this was not a RenFaire?

"Deal." Tony says to Marshall, moving towards the table he looks at it and then crouches down beside it to balance on his hooves, tail flick flicking behind him briefly. "You think it will hold up?" He thumps one large hand on the table hard to jar it and see how it responds. Then he blinks, remembering, "Hey." He offers a wave towards Serena and Charity, "Tony." He agrees when Marshall introduces him. "We're going to arm wrestle." He nods his head at Marshall before he hears tug of war, "After we armwrestle, wanna do us vs anyone and everyone in tug-o-war?"

Savannah is not going to try tug-o-war against two Ogres, seeing as how she avoids that area. She's listening to everyone talk, following the various conversations as she fixes up a plate for herself, grabs a drink, then heads off to wherever Agatha has gotten himself off to as he wandered around. She's happy enough to people watch for the moment, enjoying the sunshine and lazy afternoon.

"Charity." he greets yet another Autumn. "How's it going?" he asks. Now that he doesn't have a plate of food in his hand, Marshall doesn't know what to do with them so he just crosses his arms over his chest. That works. But then Serena wants him to hold something and, assuming it's for him he starts to grab some food to eat. But it's not Marshall food. It's Serena good and, as she knew, was safe with him. "Hey." he holds the plate toward Serena when it's time to throw down with Tony, but she's busy and Marshall just sets the food down on a nearby table before lumbering over toward the site of the arm wrestling. Taking a seat without caring to try out the table, he shifts until he's comfortable and then nods at Tony, "Yup." that was easy.

"I try, love, I try." Gert grins hugely at Charity for a moment, then hands over a cigar to Serena as she returns with her alcohol. A moment is spent lighting it, and then the cigar case vanishes back into her little jacket, prompting a series of odd noises. Something like a muffled bicycle horn, perhaps. When the hand appears again, it's holding a little pocket flask.

"Shame," she says, to Serena. "I don't light up often, but I do enjoy a good cigar every once in a while. Keeps the pipes clear, you know." And she exhales a huge smoke ring up towards the sky, before sending another one upward, right through its center. "Everybody ought to be able to enjoy the finer things in life once in a while. What about you, dear?" This, to Charity. "Want one?"

She unscrews the top of her flask, propping herself up on her cane as she watches Marshall and Tony setting up for their competition. "So," she says amiably. "What's the bettin', do you think?"

There are few things more beautiful than bounties of beautifully roasted, free meat. Juniper wouldn't miss this for the world, and so she heads into the field where the festivities are taking place. With a backpack slung over her back, the glowmoth approaches -- wandering by to grab herself a plate of roasted pork and a beer from the keg. She's tiny and technicolor, glowing from within -- the ephemerally fluffy antennae on her head perked up inquisitively. Juniper's attention is caught by the table and the brutal assault it might be about to take, interest drawn in that direction. Wearing a black tanktop and a pair of short black cotton shorts, she's dressed for mud. She sets her beer down on the table, content to eat macaroni and cheese and roast pork like she's starving while she spectates.

Does Charity mind that Serena is using renfaire speak? Not when there's alcohol being offered. "Don't mind if I do, love." That bright, fanged smile is flashed towards Tony, as he offers his name. "Charity. Good to meet you." A pause, a consideration to Gert's offer. Do you take a cigar from a nightmare clown? "Been a while since I've had a cigar. I'd love one, Auntie." She sizes the two ogres up, and murmurs to those nearby, "Shite. I'm not sure who I'd put my money on." Finishing off the meat she had piled on her plate, licking sauce off of her fingers before she takes that drink from Serena. "I've not seen either of them in action. But I'll keep things honest - I'll say Tony, this round of the Feats of Strength." Lifting her sunglasses from her eyes, to show that vulpine amusement.

Digitigrade legs make sitting and bracing a bit hard, which is why the big bull is not sitting, but instead crouching beside the table that has been chosen as sacrifice to an Ogre arm wrestling match. "No contracts yeah?" Tony asks Marshall, "Or goin' all out?" Which... might... be... bad. That thought doesn't cross Tony's mind though obviously. He looks over at Charity and Serena again, then back to Marshall, then to Gert, "I will have a cigar after tug o' war." He tells her plainly with a slow but wide and friendly smile. For all Gert's obvious creepyness, he takes her at face value. Then it's a thump of an elbow, or a clank, as he holds out one hand to Marshall. "When yah ready."

Kai manages to uncoil the rope one-handed, though he gets it wrapped around one leg, and he has to do a little hopping dance of sorts to free himself. He teeters, but he doesn't spill his beer. Then he glances around to see who saw that. His fluffy deer tail, which is poking from a hole in his shorts, swishes furtively. Ahem. He lays out the rope so it's ready for the tug-o-war, and his toes squish in the mud as he walks about barefoot. It's getting pretty soggy out there with the sprinkler.

Simin looks a little lost as he watches the tug of war mud put form up, chuckling softly under his breath, "I have a feeling that's going to be a comedy of whoever is caught between two ogres there. Though..." He trails off there and finally moves, slipping by one of the refreshment tables to grab a cup of something that might be alcoholic, might not, but angles his way towards some of the Autumns, like namely Gert and Charity, though the foxgirl gets the forehead rubed across her back in passing, first, "Hey you."

"Pleasure, Tony. And Best of luck to you. My money is on Marshall because, well he lives with me. I hope you understand." Serena graciously accepts the cigar from Gert and takes a puff before handing Charity her solo cup of the barbecue's finest whiskey. "I've only seen Marshall in action and to be perfectly honest with you, this is really my first foray into the new world; our new reality. We're kind of ... fresh." The blonde narrows her eyes and purses her lips a touch. "Not sure if that's even the right way to address it. It's only been about six months." She catches Kai preparing for the tug of war. "I guess we're going to have to go up against the brutes after they arm wrestle. Well, this was a nice dress. RIP."

Lambert is, indeed, wearing an apron that says 'Kiss the Cook!' He is also wearing a pair of short shorts - who wears them? He does. It's hot working in the kitchen, and he's a satyr - he has absolutely no shame. His generous belly is covered by a tanktop with text on the back that has a 'cute baphomet' picture and 'Fuck around and find out'. The curly headed man is busy at the BBQ pit, examining, tasting, spicing, and otherwise fussing over food.

Marshall shakes his head at Tony, "Just strength." he agrees with the very barebones terms of their contest of strength. Nice and simple. He adjusts himself again, shifting enough so that he lines up appropriately with the crouching Tony. Setting his elbow in a good place relative to the other ogre's, Marshall settles and then slowly moves his hand to interlock with Tony's. There's not enough bulging veiny muscles or sweat and oil for this to be Over the Top, but at least one of the ogres is energized by some subdued excitement at the chance to try and defeat a foe. "Winner gets to be the tug of war anchor." there, that's a little bit of a wager. "Someone tell us when to go." hands locked, everything in place, Marshall looks across the short distance to Tony. Rather than try to psych out his opponent he just smiles.

"Well, welcome to the freak show, then, dear," Gert says, with a surprisingly warm smile towards Serena. "You'll do just fine, don't you worry." She hands a cigar over to Charity, grinning again, and looks back towards the table. "Sure you will, love," she says with a nod towards Tony. "Long as I'm givin' 'em out, eh?"

She makes a noise like she might be about to do that terrible cackle again, but stops herself. And she does glance over towards the barbecue pit again, her tiny eyes gleaming as she stares longingly at the roast pig. But she doesn't go for it. Instead, she nods and says, "On three, then, boys. One... two... three!"

Charity's attention, for a moment, is caught by the swishing of a furry deer tail. Wolves gonna wolf. But when she looks up past the rear, and realizes that it's a tail that belongs to the host? Well, she admires it in more of a 'nice backside' way rather than 'possible second lunch'. She's brought back to things by the rubbing of a familiar forehead against her, and nostrils flare to take in the scent in the air that comes with Simin. Reaching back, fingers brushing over his hip. "Hey, love," she rumbles up to him. "You've met Marshall and Gert, this is Serena and Tony. I saw Savannah around here somewhere too - she's the one that made your gift." Soft, murmured words. Her free hand lifting her red solo cup for a sip, as she chuckles. "It is a lovely dress, but a lil mud can be a gamechanger." Brows waggle. The cigar is taken from Gert, and she glances back to the dragon once more. "Do you smoke? I've never asked."

Simin hovers a litt...oh lets face it, he LOOMS over Charity's shoulder for a moment when she introduces him to the other faces, a bright, friendly smile given to Serena and Tony along with a wiggle of the fingers of one hand in greeting, along with a murmured, "Hello. I'm mostly here for the BBQ and to see who ends up in the mud at the end of the day." The mention of Savannah ebing present is enough to make the dragon look up and around, trying to find the person he needs to be expressing his appreciation to. However, the question about smoking is enough to draw his attention back with a small negative shake of his head and a completely deadpan, "No, We...." then trails off, chuckles and leans in to kiss Charity's shoulder aiming himself towards the table of lovely, lovely meat.

Serena blushes some when Gert welcomes her to the 'freak show'. She does a little bow of her head and rolls her hand holding the cigar outwards with a bit of a flourish. "It is an honor to be here." She says sincerely. "And thank you for the cigar. I don't always smoke, either, but it does cut some of the nerves down, and reminds me of my precarious youth when my friends and I would sneak into cigar bars and think we were just so cool for being so 'mature'." There's a wistful sound to her voice as if she misses the camaraderie with her old friends from her old life. Whatever feelings begin to rise to the surface are quickly drowned by the Jack in her cup. Serena is also reeled back into the moment when she's introduced to Simin. "Mm, a pleasure, Simin." Her eyes flit to Charity who mentions something about mud on her dress. "Tie dye is really in this season." The sunny woman snerks. "Cheers, to barbecues and muddy tug of war." Serena lifts her glass in a small toast.

When Gert says 'Three!' Tony's 'muscles' if they can even be called that at this point, lock up and the minotaur throws his strength into the other ogre's. Fingers clench against as the titanic forces put into play by the two Ogre's threaten to crush each other's hands. At first it looks like they aren't going to move at all. The table trembling under the power of the two Ogre's elbows and a puff of steam blows out of Tony's bovine nostrils as his inner workings start to really gear up and fight for control of the table. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be enough. Tony's arm starts to be slowly cranked backwards towards the table top. Millimeter after millimeter. It looks like Marshall's got him on the ropes and is going to press Tony's arm to the table for a victory. But...

There's always a but in these stories. Tony manages to forestall the downward slide, holding on as heat starts to radiate off him from those gears and pistons inside his frame beginning to heat up into optimum performance. His arm stills but to the rest of the picnic? There is no world. Just Marshall and that contest of strength. He didn't even really have time to respond to Serena saying she was betting against him.

"There are carnival games," Charity points out to Simin. "With *prizes*." IS that a hint? It might be a hint. But then her shoulder is getting a kissed, and there's a soft peal of laughter from the wolf-eared woman. She reaches back with her not-cigar holding hand, giving Simin's rear a light swat as he walks away. Watching him walk away, because it's a good view. But there's arm wrestling, and that's a show too. One hand for the cigar, another for her whiskey. "Ooh, this is a good match. C'mon, Tony. Don't let me down!"

Time to be social, it would seem. Savannah leads the plate and drink with Agatha as she starts toward the various groups, mainly Gert, Charity, Simin and those they're standing around (because the player can't remember who is all there). The glitters as she walks, the sunlight doing lovely things to her hair and skin, meaning that she's always noticeable if it's bright enough out. Once close enough, a hand reaches out to tap Charity, but she stops just short when she catches sight of Simin and something that's familiar on him. "Ah, so you're who I made it for." She looks pleased, those icy sapphire eyes lighting up.

Lambert comes back out with a brace of spatchcocked chickens, golden brown from a butter-and-miso glaze. Stuffed with cherries to offset the salt of the miso, they are popped onto a table, and he puts things down and dusts off his hands. Next are crisped, honeyed carrots on sticks, dipped in paprika and served with white hot pepper, like a vicious bite of sweetness. The chef does take a break to lean against one of the tables, and he peers around, ears flicking this way and that "Where's the beer?" he calls out "I'm hot. And also - thirsty!" And then there is a tug of war to watch. Lambert scritches his chin, curiously, as he regards them with goatish, golden eyes.

The looming Simin is met with the decidedly unpleasant sight of Gert's freakish clown face peering up at him as he looks over Charity's shoulder. "Charmed, dearie," she says, waggling her fingers at him before taking a pull from her little pocket flask.

"Ahh," she says, after she finishes. "Wonderful. And yes, dearie. Everyone ought to get to live a little." She nods approvingly towards Serena, but then there's the arm-wrestling match, and her beady eyes briefly gleam in light that doesn't seem to quite be real as she watches.

"That's the stuff," she says brightly. "Proper strongmen, these two. Ooh, and /that's/ a real show, right there." She points towards the table with one finger when Tony starts mounting a comeback. "Come on, big man, flatten 'im!" Which of the two she's cheering for is a bit difficult to determine, but she certainly seems enthusiastic about it.

"My my..." Serena suddenly becomes locked on the arm wrestling. She nibbles down onto her lower lip but keeps the cigar somewhat close to her mouth as if she might take a puff in a moment, but, she can't tear her eyes away. Yes, it's kinda HOT to watch, but also something else sparks within her; the feeling of living vicariously in the moment. She laughs at Gert's words but doesn't take her eyes off the action. "Well, I'm a silly woman, I forgot my fan at home." She says in her best Southern accent.

Kai, unaware of his near-prey status, but always kind of expecting it, wanders back over to the crowd around the picnic table. "Yes! A proper contest!" he says. Lambert gets a wave, and he gestures to the beer kegs. "Knock yourself out," he says. He's almost done with his own beer, so he goes to refill it. Even in the bright sunshine, he glows golden like the sun. There's definitely no missing Kai.

Marshall is a far more organic sort. Just plain old muscle without the steam and mechanical parts. Jaw set, the tusked Summer focuses entirely on the competition at hand, his upper body hunched over as the match begins and he makes every attempt to go over the top and slam Tony's hand to the table as fast as possible. But it's not that easy. Of course. The pair seem fairly evenly matched for strength and Marshall turns it up as best he can, neck straining as the first bead of sweat trickles down his forehead and he pulls hard on his opponent's hand. Progress is made but then lost, only a small movement at a time, the tide shifting one way and then the other. The bullish Lost halts his forward progress and then starts to fight back until the pair are neutral again, Marshall losing ground and then losing more. It's close but he is being pushed back. Slowly but surely losing control of the situation and facing defeat. But he holds on, stopping Tony's progress for a time as he strains against him, trying to fight back at least to neutral again.

Simin does take a moment to acquire himself a bit more of that lovely BBQ chicken, slipping back in time for the introduction to Savannah, offering the woman a bright smile and a low murmur, tilting his head a little to show off where the charm she made for him has been woven into his braided hair, "It's gorgeous. Thank you very very much. To be honest, I was afraid I was going to damage it but its a little sturdier than I thought. You do very good work."

Lambert heaves himself up, and shoots an eye at Kai. Tch. A Fairest having to get his _own_ beer? The satyr shakes his head sadly. What has the world come to? Still, he heads over to the kegs and gets himself a good size mug, blowing the foam off the top when he is done. Then he takes several healthy swallows before watching the two Summers struggle with an _intensely_ thoughtful expression. For the moment? They have his entire focus.

It's always a struggle! Not always, but it is this time. Steam puffs more noticeably from Tony's nostrils as he fights to maintain his position in the arm wrestling contest. Yet still his arm continues to rise back towards a neutral position. Red eyes practically glow as the pistons and gears work behind the scenes. There is a slight hissing sound and a quiet grinding sound as his shoulder starts to give and more ground is lost to the other Ogre. All the while Tony is grinning wildly and his sharp teeth clench together, the grin showing the extended ripping fings hadden in his muzzle as he struggles and strains.

Before they get back to Neutral though, Tony expends a sudden surge of energy, driving Marshall's hand towards the table where it stops for a moment as flesh and blood struggles against machine. Another inch is lost as Tony's arm is forced back a moment before it ends suddenly, Tony's hand slamming Marshall's into the top of the table! The minotaur practically steams from his joints as heat radiates off him and his grin turns more warm and welcoming at Marshall, "Good!" He uses his free hand to smack Marshall on the shoulder. "Good. You can be anchor still."

Such a shiny deer. Maybe if she was qu...No. Charity's wandering gaze goes back to the arm wrestling at hand, and there's a quick grin towards the two other women - as different as the three of them are, they're both appreciating the show in their own way. A puff of her cigar, and a gleeful laugh as Tony starts gaining the upper hand over Marshall. One ear turns, catching the conversation between Savannah and Simin, and it makes her grin. Happyfoxwolfgirl. "Always carry a fan in this sort of weather, love," is mused towards Serena. Holding her cigar between her lips, she rummages into her bag and, yes. Pulls out a fan. If Serena opens it up? It's black with the word DADDY writ across it in red.

A dozen or so breaths before his hand slams into the tabletop, Marshall knows he's lost. But he doesn't give up the fight, straining and struggling until he's been bested by Tony. As the back of one hand slaps the table, so does the palm of his other hand, accompanied by a growled, "Dammit!" that's the only annoyance he shows, accepting Tony's slaps on the shoulder with a nod. "Nice. Good match." he means it too. You compete. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Marshall does exhale another faint grunt as he stands nods at Tony, "Let's go drag everyone through the mud." the prospect of tugging a whole bunch of people into a mudpit has him in a good mood again. Also, he's going to get some more food. Just a moderate pile of pork to help reenergize him in between contests. "OK, who is tugging?"

"Ha /ha/!" It isn't a laugh, really. It's more of an excited exhalation, Gert punching the air with one gloved hand as Marshall's hand finally hits the tabletop. "/That's/ how it's done, boys! Absolute sockdollager."

It's /almost/ a gibberish sound, but she clearly doesn't care much if it confuses anyone. She just chomps down on her cigar, rolling it from side to side in her mouth, and tosses two cigars down onto the table beside Tony and Marshall, apparently forgetting that the latter doesn't smoke. "I do love to see some quality strongmen," she says happily. "Wouldn't want to be on the other side of /that/ tug-o'-war, I can tell you that much."

She puffs on the cigar like a locomotive, grinning almost literally from ear to ear. "But, if you'll excuse me, a hospital clown's budget doesn't stretch to cover more dry cleaning than is strictly necessary," she says, turning away slightly and stepping off towards Lambert. "Good luck to the rest of ya."

The satyr gets an appreciative grin, a nod, and a touch to the brim of her bowler hat in greeting. "Afternoon, lovey," she says. "I hear you're the one to thank for all the grub."

Kai tips back his red solo cup and drinks all his beer down, glug glug glug. Then he wipes foam from his lips, sets the cup aside, and says, "Okay, let's get muddy." He has failed to retrieve his flipfops and put them back on, so he's barefoot and just tempting yellowjackets to sting him. "Come on, Lambert! Let's go play tug-o-war. We need you on our side. These guys are big." He claps the satyr on the arm, then heads over to the rope, knotted to give people handholds and prevent flayed palms. He strips off his tank top, and his golden fur has traces of lines of old scars. This deer has been hunted before, and he's survived. He has absolutely no chance against these ogres, though. Even so, he's right up in the front, clutching the rope in both hands, digging his heels into the mud. "Challenge me to tug-o-war if you dare!" he calls toward the ogres.

If she's disappointed, Serena doesn't show it. She schools her features and cheers for Tony and Marshall, applauding their performance. "Well done, well done! Congratulations, Tony." Maybe she gives Marshall a little wink. Maybe she just has something in her eye. The fan from Charity however steals her attention. "Duly noted. I'm learning a lot. I thought the heat was oppressive in the city with the exhaust from all the taxies and buses. The Hamptons were always the perfect retreat." Careful, Serena's Fairest is showing. "I just watched Jennifer Garner give a demonstration on how to use a fan on Insta the other day." She does her best to emulate it. She doesn't notice the words at first but fans herself and immediately enjoys the breeze. "Oh, what's this?" She twirls the fan around to read it and bursts out laughing. "Mm, there's a story behind this, I just know it." Fan in one hand, cigar and solo cup in the other. This isn't her first rodeo... err barbecue. She takes a sip just as Marshall inquires of tugging and chokes on the possible double entendre. "Mm, I think we all are. I mean, it's going to take all of us to handle the two of you." She doesn't make an immediate move to rise, but Gert seems to be exiting stage left. "Was a pleasure, Gert. Look forward to next time. Thank you again for the smoke."

Savannah smiles at Simin, "I'm really glad that you like it. Charity told me exactly what she wanted, so it's really her design. I simply made it for her." She gives them both a smile before craning her head toward the two Ogres, catching the end of the arm wrestling match. "I'm Savannah Duvall, by the way." The greeting is offered up to those close by, her Southern drawl more noticeable when she says her name.

Tony takes the cigar as it's offered, or rather rolled across the table to him, and then snags Marshall's before it rolls off the edge of the table, "You don't want?" He asks Marshall as the man walks away to prepare for the tug of war. He bites off the end of his cigar with a /snip/ of extremely sharp teeth then spits the end out. Planting the cigar between his lips and teeth Tony tilts it up by sticking his chin out and then takes a deep breath, holding it, he exhales a bit of flame from his nostrils in a long slow breath to light the tip of the cigar and take a puff. "Nice Aunti Gert! Thank yah." He smiles and puffs, smoke mixing with steam as his pistons cool a bit after that contest. After a moment while Marshall gets up to get meat and eat it, Tony relaxes then stands to his hooves from his crouched position. "Yes. Drag through mud." He agrees happily and walks over to Kai and the mud. Clomp Clomp.

Lambert says "Hang on, hang on!" to Tony and Marshall. The diminutive satyr holds up a finger, and then goes and gets two large mugs of beer - the size _he_ drinks "Summers. Get this down you first, please. It'd be a tragedy to die of thirst on such a day." He offers them the cold foamers - if they'll have them, then turns to spot a Gert "Why, hello beautiful," he says, in answer to lovey.

"Indeed, indeed! I am Playmate Lambert, relatively new to this fine and entirely _swampy_ area!" He is not a tall man, and a little soft around the belly, but he has the easy self confidence and pure presence of a Fairest. He also has bloody great big shadows under his eyes, just a lingering hint of something not...quite right or happy there. He adds "Can I compliment you on your sartorial elegence, madame. Truly, I mean truly, stunning. A nice suit does wonders." For...being...a horrific clown? He is about to say something else, but Kai is calling to him, and Lambert tells her, one of his broad fingers held up "Want to join our side? I'll make you something special if you grin at the opposition in a disturbing way. I mean, forgive me, but you'd make a smashing cheerleader if you don't feel like getting those threads dirty. I'll be back after we've thrashed the opposition." Lambert goes to join Kai. He's short, and he looks like he's built for indolence.

Simin grins at Savannah, offering the woman a bow of his head at the introduction, though indeed the struggling going on and the call for the tug oof ware are doing a good job of distracting the dragon's attention, eyeing the mud pit, "Oh, this isn't going to end well. Not at all. I...Lambert? Kai? Are you WANTING to go swimming in mud? I mean, we DO have a pool now, but..."

Marshall gives a shake of his head to Tony, declining the cigar. He's too busy shoving food into his mouth with his hand. Then he realizes that having a greasy hand for a tug of war might be a bad idea. But he's hungry. And forks are over there. And he's already all greasy anyhow, so why not finish? That's what paper towels are for. The food is soon gone and then he's scrubbing his hands on some paper towels, turning as Lambert calls toward him and Tony. Beer, he'll take. Nodding his thanks, he accepts the giant mug from Lambert and takes a long pull, downing about half of the brew before coming up for air. "Thanks." he rumbles, giving Lambert another nod of his big head. Rather than crumple up this plate, he sets it down nearby and drops his mug of beer on top of it so it doesn't blow away. There is a thunderous sound as he claps his hands together, rubbing them briskly together as he lumbers on over toward the rope and the mud. "Get on the other side of the rope!" he booms all of a sudden, raising his voice as he jabs a finger toward one side of the rope. No more indecision on the part of those that want to stay clean. "It's Summer! You're gonna compete. Get over there!" he's not the loudest man but when he wants to be it's usually fairly effective. Usually.

Charity's reply to Serena's comment about the fan? It's only a wide, bright grin. She lowers her sunglasses once more, rising to her feet. Downing the last of her whiskey in her cup, keeping the cigar and using it to salute to Gert. "I'll give a little tug before I head off," she decides. As if Simin didn't have enough people to caution against getting dragged through mud, there she goes. "Half the fun is cleaning up afterwards," she calls towards the dragon and Savannah.

Gert is, perhaps, the only person at the barbecue even shorter than Lambert. She's a deceptively tiny thing; the teeth, the eyes, the general aura of Clown that she projects makes it easy to forget that she doesn't, physically speaking, take up much space at all. Still, she at least doesn't have to crane her neck to look up at him the way she does with Marshall or Tony.

The "beautiful" gets her to wave her cigar dismissively through the air. "Oh, you flatter this old woman, dear," she says, not looking particularly old. "But thanks all the same. It takes a lot of effort to work this terrible, you know." And she exposes those vicious snaggleteeth again as she flashes a grin at him.

When he invites her to join in the tug-o'-war, she shakes her head, smiling wryly. "Oh, no," she says. "Not me. That's for the augustes, love. Not my bit at all. But I'm happy to cheerlead all you like. I do love a good slapstick routine, and this one looks to be just darb."

This said, she follows him over towards the tug-o'-war field, stopping just at the edge of the mud pit and propping herself up on her cane again. She puffs on her cigar, beetly eyes gleaming as she watches the lineup. When it becomes clear that the non-Ogre side is looking a bit overwhelmed, she glances over towards the carnival area, removes her cigar from between her teeth, and gives a high-pitched whistle. Immediately, a handful of hobs and booth-workers come scrambling over.

"Feel like you need some backup, loves?" she calls to Lambert, Kai, and the rest of their side. "I'm sure my little freaks here would be happy to lend a hand." A pause, and a thoughtful expression. "Or a paw, as may be. Got to make it a good show, haven't we?"

Serena tosses back the last of her drink and takes a final puff of her cigar for now, putting out effectively so that she can spark it up later. The fan won't come with her. She won't risk getting it dirty. As for her dress, she pretends to weep a moment and slips her feet out of her designer sandals to walk barefoot across the lawn. "Cleaning up afterwards?" As if she didn't realize the sprinklers were for that purpose. The whistle brings her to attention and she watches, in awe, at the formation of the hobs. "Things you don't see every day." She eyes up Marshall and gives him that gesture of 'I'm watching you,' pointing to her eyes then to his. The Sunny Fairest is somewhere in the vicinity of Charity, Simin, and Savannah. "Hi there, I'm Serena," She tells the the woman with faceted eyes.

Kai beams at the people coming over to his side of the rope. He might even look a little relieved. He sizes up Tony and Marshall. "There's a hose," he tells the others, "just over there, in case someone gets muddy." In case. He put towels and a clean t-shirt in the goodie bags. He knew this was going to happen. "Winner gets bragging rights," he says, "and the satisfaction of having gotten the other guys muddy." He digs his heels in further, getting his golden-furred feet filthy.

Simin watches the way the Ogres are sizing up and just seems overly amused at the idea of how this is going to turn out. He blows a kiss at Charity and starts towards Lambert and Kai, giving them both an amused look, "Someone else is buying the alcohol as we're picking mud out of our socks later..." With a toss of his head to throw that braid of hair behind him, he reaches for the rope to check how slick it is and how he's going to have to help hold on.

Tony shakes his head at the beer, "Need at least 80 proof." He tells Lambert with a happy smile and a wave of one hand that bears a cigar, for the moment. Clomping over to the rope on the Ogre side, Tony crouches down and picks up the knotted rope in the middle. "Hi Rope. I'm Tony." He then starts to whisper quietly to the rope, holding it near to his mouth and covering it with his other hand like he was telling the knotted rope a secret. A moment later he lifts the rope up to his ear and nods, "Good trade rope. Thank you." He stands up and grins at Marshall widely, "Rope will help." then he looks across the way at Kai and Lambert, frowning, "More!" He also shouts, "Need more to honor Summer!" The /other/ super large ogre is now bellowing for more challengers!

Savannah had been watching those heading off to the tug-o-war, but her attention is pulled back to Serena at her introduction. "It's nice to meet you, Serena. I'm Savannah." Her brown furrows, "If you didn't hear that earlier. There's a lot going on here. That, though," she gestures toward the mud pit with a long fingered hand, "Is not something that I want to be doing. I think I'll leave that to the others." Looking back to Serena again, she grins. "Trying to get mud out of your hair is a bitch."

Lambert waves a hand at Simin "Sorry, this magnificent rack comes with a requirement to defend my purity." He adds "I am as innocent as driven snow." And he takes off his chef's apron, putting it carefully where it will stay clean. He gets into position - bare footed, it has to be said. If he were _not_ fairest, the fact that his feet are gradually becoming hooves might be rather horrific. But, just as Gert radiates 'terrifying', _he_ radiates 'let's cause trouble!' He says to Gert "Aye, cheerlead! Just see if you can chill their bones a bit for us. That'd do well! And beauty has nothin' to do with age, eh?" He is going to use everything he can, and he says "Ehhh, mud. I've rolled in blood and worse before, mud is fine. I have you Kai. And others, too." He sets himself tightly and half-lowers his head, snorting out through his nostrils. There are a few herbivore-looking people out here today, but only Kai appears to actually be vegetarian. And then he squints at Tony as he talks to the rope "Oh, are we playin' like _that_?" asks the satyr "Are we? Heh heh heh." And he calls out, his voice lazy and delighted and sensual "Come on. Come play with me, to honour Summer! Who wants to come play?"

Charity does similar with her cigar, saving it for later. She ends up behind Simin, and in front of Serena, in the line of the rope. "Well-wishes and cheers are appreciated," she offers towards Savannah. Wrapping her hands around the rope, and digging her feet into the ground. "Let's go!" Her head tilts back, and the wolf-eared autumn *howls* out her challenge to the two ogres. That sound shouldn't come from a throat so pretty.

Marshall manages not to look at Tony as if he's insane for talking to a rope. In fact, he's nodding as the bullish Lost does so, apparently feeling like this a normal way to behave. "Good." he continues bobbing his head in a nod as Tony enlists the aid of the rope. Since he's been offered the role of anchor, he moves to the end of the rope and loops it about his waist, gripping on either side of his waist and holding on tight. Getting ready for the pull. He stands still, though, patient. The howl from Charity has him arching a brow, but that tracks. He shakes his head and gives a shrug. "Let's go!" he bellows again. This time he means it.

Kai shivers a little at the howl. He's got bad memories of wolves howling, okay? He pauses, then says, "Lambert, you get in front of me. You'll soak up most of the mud." He relenquishes the lead position, taking up the second. "You better watch who you betray, rope," he says. "I'll use you for kindling." He doesn't put any oomph behind it. Alas, all of his fairy magic is geared toward goring, headbutting, or running. Nothing for tugging.

"You heard the man, boys," Gert calls to the arriving booth-staff. "Up you get, and be sure to give it your all. You'll need it." She claps her gloved hands together twice, and two persons - one Lost man sporting rather porcine features, and a hob that looks like him in miniature - leap to join the back of the line. Another hands back, and Gert eyeballs him sternly for a moment.

"Now, now, Johnny boy," she says. "Don't go turnin' down the man's invitation. It's only polite." And she jerks her head towards the rope. The man staggers forward as though yanked on strings, and steps up towards the back of the line. "That's better," Gert says, warmly. "Now."

She straightens up to her full, utterly unimpressive height, pushes back the brim of her bowler hat, and cups her hands around her mouth. "All tuggers at the ready? Right. Brace up, all. On three! One! Aaaand... two!"

And, after a deep breath, the clown calls, "/Three/! Tug for your lives, loves! Or at least your clothes!"

Lambert spits on his hands and he gets down in front and - something _happens_ when Lambert leads a group. His golden eyes glow, and he puts his shoulder down. The energy of everyone crackles up behind in a long line and goes straight into him, and glamour lights up his horns and dances around them. Lambert was right - he really loves to play with others. Somehow through him whatever they produce multiplies, and his muscles bulge from under the layer of beer-given fat. Lambert is actually an athletic little guy, and he gives everything his all. Whatever shadowy misery is making him unhappy temporarially fades as he grunts and _heaves_. Hey. If their team were against mortals, they would be airborne!

But. They aren't.

Kai pulls behind Lambert, his face scrunched up with concentration as he gives it his all. Well, not //all// his all, but he still tries hard! And he's no slouch. He's just... not very big. And unlike Lambert, he doesn't have hidden muscles. He's all lean, made for escape, not confrontation. "AAAAHHHHHHHH!" he cries out, his fearsome battle howl. Team Weenie gives it a good effort. They do. But eventually Kai's battle cry ends in a squeak as he's thrown ass over teakettle into the mud.

It's Marshall that wins this one for team Giant Hot Guy. Tony helps a bit for sure, and maybe he actually was what put them over the top, but it was all Marshall's refusing to budge and not go sliding in the mood. Hooves and mud do not go together the best all things considered but at least Tony has weight and mass to help give him purchase. He slides forwards a bit as the other side yanks on the rope until Marshall catches the slack and Tony's hooves sink deep enough into the mud to finally catch. He grins around his cigar at the other team and wraps his wrist in the rope just for extra grabbing power. Sucking in a lung full of smoke, Tony exhales smoke and steam, "On yer three." He tells Marshall, letting the anchor lead the return pull that will likely be very, very messy.

Oh, the howling sounds lovely. One might even think Team Weenie had a chance? Oh nonono. They queue up, Simin sounds amused, they brace, and...did he even plant his feet? Dragon slips, falling to one knee almost immediately as he gets *yanked* off of his feet, stumbles over Lambert's feet, and goes sprawling face first into that lovely huge pile of mud. The question really is...who's he landing on, and who might be landing on HIM?

They're doing so well! For a half a heartbeat, Charity thinks that they might actually defeat Team Ogre. But then, well. The ogres actually start to tug. "Shite," she exclaims with a laugh, as she's tugged forward. She tries to dig her heels in. Fails. Goes to her knees. And draaaaaaaaaaaaaags through the mud. Handily, there's a dragon to slither across on her way across.

It's not that Serena gets distracted easily, there's so much going on that steals her attention. The little hobs, Gert orchestrating some stuff, feet becoming hooves, people glowing, chat about jewelry... But it's Savannah talking about how it takes forever to get mud out of hair that takes one of Serena's hands off the rope to glide through her long, shimmering locks. She isn't a narcissist, but Fairest all the way! Distracted by the way the sunlight kisses her long shimmering tresses, Serena forgets to grab onto the rope. She trips over her own feet, stumbling forward with the tug. Mud splashes onto her dress and she feels it coating her feet and legs. Just when she gets a hold of herself or thinks she does because there's some mud that's flicked onto her eyes, she reaches for the rope again but misses but a hair. There's no rope in sight but Serena eats mud. An epic face down belly flop into the pit has her eventually rising like Swamp Thing!

Agatha had snuck off to get a beer, and wound up chatting with a Changeling in the mean time. Thet two were waxing poetic about causality before the tug-o-war began. He crept back up to the crowd, sidling beside Savannah to watch the contest of might. He opened his mouth to say something, but the howling drew his attention for a beat. "Having fun?" he asks the Fairest.

Savannah was standing just far enough away that she's not inadvertently dragged into the mud, but she does laugh when the group on the losing side is pulled into it, careful to dance back a few steps so that she's not splashed by any of it. She knew how that was going to go down, it would seem. When Agatha returns, she turns toward the man and smiles, "I am. There was no way I was going to do that, but it looks like everyone is enjoying themselves."

Lambert has his feet firmly planted - and he has the Fairest's will To Not Move. But being a stubborn goat does not help - as the deer hits him, sliding in the mud, Lambert is yanked up and into the air. Gert's porcine assistant at the end probably goes flying somewhere too! Poor Serena. There goes her lovely clothing. Lambert tries to yell something to the dragon - surely breathing fire would be cheating, Lambert - but then he is going up and clonking horn to horn hard with Tony.


Even the three extra pairs of hands Gert brought in to save Team Weenie turn out to be no use at all. Johnny is a weedy little thing, and the two piglike ones don't have Lambert's muscle under all that pudge. Not that it would save them if they did, really. The disparity is just too big. When the tugging finally starts, those three go piling into the mud as well, sprawling over their unfortunate teammates and rolling to find purchase in the muck, trying in vain to keep their faces above the surface.

And, as the unfortunate losers try their best to pick themselves up again, there's that sound again. Gert is bent double by the side of the mud pit, one hand on her cane and the other clutching her stomach as she cackles like a madwoman. The mad peals of it echo around the clearing, and this time it actually goes on for a while before she straightens up, rubbing at her eyes with the heel of one gloved hand and putting her cigar back between her grotesque lips.

"Oh, my," she says, wiping away a few tears of laughter. "Oh, me. Now /that/ is what I call a slapstick routine. Well done, loves. You're killing me." She snickers, snorting through her red nose, for a few seconds as she gains control of herself again - just in time to see Lambert come down like a missile and collide with Tony.

This time, she actually spits out the cigar as the cackling starts again.

Let's face it, bull horns are made for goring. Goat horns are made for ramming. One thing Tony wasn't expecting was to get a face full of got. The ogre lets go of the rope and his arms windmill around wildly as his center of balance is utterly and completely lost. He /was/ pulling that way to begin with. He falls backwards into the mud with a SPLORCH! Sending it spraying in all directions. The real crime is Tony's cigar got broke and sent flying when he ate a facefull of Ram-horn.

The winner of the Tug o War? MARSHALL!! The last man standing.

Kai picks himself up out of the mud just in time to hear horns knock against horns. It... stirs something within Kai, that sound. He is a stag, and a mighty one (never mind that he's got mud dripping off his antlers), and there are fine honeys around here to be sure. In the back of his Beast brain, Kai gets it into his head that those are //his// fine honeys, and horn-on-horn means there's a fight for them! He stomps the mud, and when Lambert, who has tumbled atop Tony, turns, Kai runs up to him, head bent down. Tock! His antlers connect with horns. Take that! > Fri Aug 07 21:32:51 2020 <

<OOC> Kai says, "This is where Kai perishes." <OOC> Kai says, "Surely his good friend Lambert won't mind." <OOC> Charity says, "brb, dying laughing." <OOC> Gert says, "Well, it is Summer. If you're going to settle differences over the pretty ones present, this is the way to do it." <OOC> Kai says, "It's all right, fine honeys. I'll protect you." <OOC> Charity says, "My hero!" <OOC> Serena dies. <OOC> Simin is just ded. <OOC> Kai says, "Lambert's gonna fold my laundry while I'm still in it."

> Lambert (#974) < Fortunately, Lambert was not trying to hurt anyone, which is good because - those horns of his, probably like Tony's, are able to injure magical creatures let alone normal. Still, now he is muddy and on top of a giant bull man. Lambert's expression is startled, but not displeased "Haha, hey big guy," he says to him "Don't suppose you've ever decided to find out what the 'Pan' part of 'Pansexual' is about, because I have that _thoroughly_ covered-"


...but not the kind Lambert favours "KAI! THESE ARE NOT YOUR BABES!"

Tony is the real loser here. When Lambert gets up enough he just goes, "What's pansexu-" And then he's got a face full of Kai crotch. By all that is holy... that is not what the bull wanted. At all. He doesn't even want to breathe. He doesn't want to /see/. He will need to get new eyes. His arms start flailing about wildly, "Get off!" He roars... which was likely not the best word choice. Gert, meanwhile, is just having the time of her life. The cackling has subsided somewhat. She's past that point now, out into the lake of tranquility that accompanies the artistic appreciation of true comedy. She admires the routine unfolding with a craftswoman's approving smile, puffing steadily on her cigar and taking the occasional swig from her flask.

"Might want to watch yourselves, loves," she calls out, leaning sideways on her cane. "I know it's Summer and all, but I do think hitting below the belt might leave a few of you with some regrets that Spring might not be able to fix. There are some places Horns Should Not Go, y'know." Serena can't see anything. Nothing. "What's going on? What is that wretched sound?" She wipes her face and only gets ... more mud. Simin is, well, is grungy after that, and he doesn't seem to mind TOO much, helping Charity out of the mud while trying to avoid getting caught by Lambert and Kai in their headbutting, though there's some amusement with how he slungs mud off of his hands and smirks at Charity, "Okay, Im going to be wearing most of this place home, but Im pretty sure I need to actually bring home one of those stuffed unicorns before I do..." "YOU DON'T KNOW THAT!" Kai bellows. Shouts, really. He's not much of a bellower. That's an awfully muddy crotch, too. He backs up a few steps to have another go at Lambert, but it's Tony's roar that snaps him out of it. He looks at Tony, and... yeah. He's the biggest buck in the forest, in Kai's mind. He backs away, clears his throat, and says delicately, "I'll just get the ribbon, then." Savannah is trying not to laugh. Really, she is. But it's not working. A hand comes up, fingers covering her mouth as she watches. "Oh, my." After digging around in her bag, she pulls out her towel and hands it off to Serena once she moves close enough to the other woman. "Here, Serena. Try this."

Out of the mud, Charity has managed to get with the help of the dragon. There's amusement writ on her features when she sees her friends also mud-covered, and Marshall is the last man standing. But it's that clack of horns against horns, and the following exclaimed words from both Lambert and Tony that have her cackling with laughter. "We are totally Kai's babes!," she calls back, as she wipes her muddy hands...on the back of Simin's shirt. Then helps Serena out. "Kai thinks Lambert and Tony were going to rut his babes. This is the best Summer party ever." She re-wipes her hands on Simin, then links arms with him. "That sounds like a plan. Cotton candy, too?"

Lambert flops to the side. He lies on his back, for a moment, and then he says to Kai "I could fold you like a pretzel, deer-boy. You want to headbutt me again and I'm going to turn you into origami, best friend or not." Lambert pulls himself up, completely covered in mud now. He sighs, and he reaches out for a piece of cloth - Tony's shirt? Kai's? To wipe mud out of his face. Lambert says "I would never!" to Charity. He pauses "I would totally!" he says "But not so he found _out_!" And then he rubs his neck "Owwww. Okay! Haha. Uhhh. Oh man. This pair of shorts ain't gonna recover. Er, I guess the big guys win!" He points at Tony "FOR THIS TIME." And then heads back and says to Gert "Welp, it would have been more embarassing without a cheer squad." Because...an audience is less embarassing?"

Agatha was watching silently. He was going to sip his beer, but as the contest unfolded he was left speechless. When things slightly start to settle down he mumbles, "Holy shit." To no one in particular and everyone he asks, "Is this the normal stuff for faeries? Maybe we been doing it wrong this whole time..."

Tony finally pulls himself out of the mud with a squelching sound and looks down at what's left of his shirt after Lambert tore it up for a rag. He snorts fire and steam before powering himself up on his hooves. Stomp Stomp Stomp. Mud splatters as he walks out of the mud pit and over towards the sprinklers. Picking it up he tears what's left of his shirt off and takes the sprinkler head off the hose and begins to spray himself down. There's a lot of steam. It's almost like a shower scene. Except without the glass or a flash of boob and ass.

"Whose babes?" Serena still sounds confused when Savannah, the angel that she is hands over a towel. The Fairest looks somewhat defeated. "This is a whole new meaning to mud baths." She wipes her face clean..ish. At least she can see now. "Why are they all on top of each other> She points to the horned trio. "Is this a Summer thing I'm missing out on? I have so much to learn." She turns to Savannah now with a warm smile of gratitude. "Thank you. life saver." Then she looks to Charity in horror. "Wait, did you say... Rut? I'm going to need a stronger drink and another towel." > Fri Aug 07 21:50:19 2020 <

Savannah settles back in at Agatha's side, giving the man a grin as he watches everyone else. "I promise you, it's not always like this. Then again, this is my first time around this group, so maybe it is?" She gestures after Charity and Simin, "I really only have met Charity, Gilles and Jacob so far. And now Serena and Simin. But I'll get to know the others soon enough, I think."

Kai levels a finger at Lambert and says, "You will treat these fine women like the ladies they are, or we'll see who folds who. Whom. You know what I mean." He goes over to the hose, not the one Tony's using, and hoses himself off, head to toe. He's lost his shirt. He's lost his shoes. He soaks his shorts, just drenches them to get as much mud out as he can. Around him, he makes more mud. "I'm going to have a sno-cone," he says with dignity, "and then maybe play a game. Maybe start the bonfire. We have raffle prizes to give away."

Simin laughs brightly when Charity mentions Kai's babes and scrunches his nose, slinging a little more mud off of his arm before offering a hand to Charity and nodding, "AND Cotton Candy. Though you might have to feed it to me or I'll get more mud in my mouth than actual sugar. Lets go find something fluffy to spend way too much money on trying to win. Thats how this works, right??" He winks at Serena as he moves to cart the fox girl off for a carnival type game.

"Embarrassing?" Gert snorts again, but manages to not /quite/ break out into another of those horrible cackles. "Dear, that was /art/. Nothing to be embarrassed about in a prat well falled. You did splendidly."

She holds out the cigar towards him, offering it wordlessly, and glances past the satyr towards Kai, Tony, and Marshall. "Besides," she adds, "you're not the auguste here. Got out pretty clean, all things considered. Not like young Johnny-me-boy- Johnny!" She raises her voice to call out to the man still wallowing in the mud. "Got to lean /into/ the fall, love! You spread out! Get a bigger splash that way!"

She snorts, rolls her eyes, and looks back to Lambert, just as Kai points at him. "Thank you, dear," she calls, "but we can take care of ourselves, I assure you. Now..." A glance towards Simin. "Cotton candy sounds wonderful, about now. Though I wouldn't say no to a bit more of that roast pig and a good beer, either."

"Oh, man, I sure will," says Lambert to Kai, sounding as if he's going to ask those fine ladies at any moment if they have a pool that needs cleaning - 'coz he's come to clean it. Still, he waits his turn for a hose. He is handling the food, more or less, and while he's never going to turn down fun, food and safety is good. While waiting, he gives Gert a lopsided grin, and then he reaches out to take the cigar. He's careful not to get filth on her good suit, however. Autumns can be patient, but even Lambert knows that patience has a limit "Whoof," he says, taking a draw, and he waits, blowing smoke rings, for his own turn to wash up "Thanks," he says to Gert "So, unless you are the reincarnation of a feminine Buster Keaton or some such, what's your name?"

"I'll gladly feed you cotton candy, love," Charity murmurs towards Simin. Is he covered in mud? Yes. But she still stays sidled close to him. Because she is, too. Minus the hands. Detouring him only slightly to get her bag and that red solo cup to fill with whiskey, she lets him lead her off to the games. Winking to Kai in passing, and blowing a kiss to the deer. At least she doesn't look like she's going to snack on him anymore, right? "This has been fantastic."

The hose Tony was using eventually gets dropped to the ground and he makes his way back to the arm wrestling table where he has a beer, and a cigar waiting. While others pair off and wander off to do other things the big bull sits down, leans against the table, and stretches his legs out. A few breathes later and he is drying his hands off with a paper towel so he can light Marshall's cigar, cuz he didn't want it. Puff. Smoke. Steam.

Kai frowns at Lambert's naughty tone. He hands the hose over to him and says, "You be good." Then he catches Charity blowing a kiss, and he grins sheepishly. His golden glow beams a little brighter. Bashful, but pleased. "Come on, Lambits, let's have a sno-cone and watch people play games."

"The name's Gertrude Wexley, dearie," Gert says, after another pull on her flask. The thing must be getting pretty near to empty now. "Call me Gert. Everyone does. I helped wrangle all of that." She waves a hand towards the carnival section.

"And you'd be Lambert, I'm guessing," she says. "Met a man a few weeks ago who mentioned you. Said he knew a satyr who cooks like a fiend, which, if I'm honest, was all I needed to know, really."

She grins and slips her flask back into her jacket, then waggles her fingers at Kai as the hose is handed over. "I don't believe he's capable of being good," she says, sounding amused. "But it's all right, love. I can always bite him if I have to. Mind a third for the game-watching? I'd be pleased as punch to get to see somebody taking advantage of all the prep work. Nothing like a fairground running smoothly."

There's nothing sadder than a single guy walking through a carnival on their own. Or creepy. Depending on if it's full of kids but thankfully this one isn't, and Tony isn't wandering through a carnival on his own. Rising to his hooves as people pair off or trio off and start to do things, the huge steampunk minotaur clamps his cigar between his teeth and starts to meander out back towards town.

Simin does lean over to steal a sip of Charity's whiskey, cause, well, its whiskey and the dragon is SO having a drink after he just got a face full of mud. When they approach the ring toss, he pauses to survey the game, then the prizes, then gives Charity an appraising look, flpping the rings over in one hand before he warns her, "Just so you know. We might be here for a while."

Immediately after winning the tug of war, Marshall again went to refuel. The ogre keeps to himself save for a brief conversation with a muddy Serena before the Fairest departs. The big man remains and once he's eaten a chicken or three and some desserts, he wanders back over to the group of people, having paid no attention to what they were doing until now. His path takes him past Tony, "You leaving?" he asks, "You should come hang out with me and Serena." and then since Tony appears to be leaving, he keeps on walking and ends up by Charity. "Why are you muddy?" he asks her innocently. His gaze shifts to Simin and he gives the man a nod, "Hey."

"Jacob?" Agatha asks, brow quirking. "If he's like y'all then I've met the same cat. Paid him for a job and all that." His gaze then moves to Charity and Simin. "I see. I think. Still this has been a lot to take in."

Lambert says to Kai "Not possible." He washes himself - but Kai is lucky! Gert handed him a cigar, so he cannot perform the sexy-wash version of things. He keeps the cigar clamped in his teeth as he strips his tanktop off and washes up thoroughly. Then he is left only in shorts, with his long, fluff-tipped tail still dripping "Mn. Food safety," he mutters, casting aroung for his apron "Gertrude Wexley - that's a more historical name?" He does not quite _ask_ the creature if she was kidnapped a century ago "Ah! You're the one who helped Kai out. Oh, thankyou!" Lambert blows a wobbly smoke ring out to settle around Kai's antlers "That's me - Lambert Petropolous. Not at all - come with us. I want to compete - maybe not against ogres, I've been used as a broom once today." Lambert has the apron on and his shorts, and is soaked - his tail keeps fanning him to try to dry him off "Do we have a ring toss?"

Savannah nods to Agatha, "And you mentioned that you met Stasya. She was here a bit ago." The Fairest looks around, her gaze wandering the group. "Want to meet some other people, or get some food? We can stay for the bonfire and stuff, too."

Charity's wolf ears flick, slinging some mud off of them. Looking pleased at the glowdeer's reaction. She shares her drink gladly, chuckling at the words from the dragon. Doing her best to look pretty, and worth winning a carnival prize for, despite being covered in mud. A glance towards Marshall, and a smirk. She hip-bumps the big ogre, sharing some of that mud with him. "I have faith in you, Simin."

Kai says, "We'd love to have you, Gert." He shakes his head to dispel the smoke ring around his antler. "We'll play a game," he says, "then I'll do the raffle and hand out the ribbon." First, he gets a sno-cone. Cherry-flavored. Mmm, syrupy. It turns his lips bright red as he nibbles at the shaved ice. He meanders to Lambert and Gert's side. "There's a ring toss," he says. "Win me something nice, okay?"

"Oh, probably," Gert says, without apparent concern, when Lambert asks his veiled question. "Had a different one when I was a younger thing, of course, but I was a different person then. I don't bother with it these days."

She grins and nods when Kai confirms her invitation, and falls into step between the two men, strolling along towards the carnival games with her cane swinging lazily through the air. She doesn't need it, obviously, but the movements are as natural as though it was simply another limb for her.

"Afraid you're still in Ogre-ish company, love," she says brightly, as they near the games. "And if you're looking to have any chance at all, best not to challenge little old me to carnival games. Easier than breathing, for an old clown like me. Besides-" she grins toothily at the little hob in a nearby booth, who gives a nervous, but not entirely unhappy, wave in return "-this is a carnival, loves. /My/ turf. I don't play unless I'm asked. That'd be bad manners. Besides, the house always wins in the end."

She glances around, watching the other attendees, and offers a little wave to Agatha and Savannah and Marshall. "Come join the fun, loveys," she calls. "There's more than enough room."

Marshall has grabbed his half full but giant mug of beer along the way and is taking a sip as Charity bumps him. It's unlikely he even moved at all so his drinking wasn't interrupted by the jostling. Phew. The container is empty when he lowers it and he wipes the back of his forearms against his mouth. Classy. "I thought your team pulled very well. It was close." it's unlikely he's teasing or lording a two-ogre victory over Charity. He probably really means it. Catching Gert's invitation, he sets his empty mug down and gives Charity a hip check back. Only fair. Fortunately he takes a lot off of it before stepping forward and heading on over to the carnival area.

"I don't mind losing, if it wins something else - good will, a good time, a light heart," says Lambert to Gert "The problem is that without a little bit of cheating, I'm not sure I'd give you much of a challenge. I'm more...mmn. I'm better at. Focusing a group's abilities, and honing that. One on one, well..." He blows another smoke ring, pleasantly "...it's not much of a Wild Hunt with just _one_ horny fellow." Then he says to Kai "Ring toss, awesome - hey. You guys!" he calls out to the others "Come and play this with me!" Lambert fronts up to the booth, and pats his pockets for a token or coin - or feather, or rock - to hand the Hob "Rings, please," he tells the little goblinish creature with it's greenish face "I want to win me one of those fluffy toys for my deer buddy here."

Simin chuckles softly at Charity and leans in to steal a kiss from the foxgirl's cheek which, well, at least noone cares that its just getting them both dirtier. Mud will be found in places they had no idea for tomorrow and he doesn't care. So with a a laugh, the first couple of rings are tossed and plink off laughably badly, as in off of the table with a soft 'whoops...'

Savannah gives Agatha's arm a light tug before leading him over to Gert and those that she's speaking to. "Hello," The greeting is given cheerfully, the Fairest glittering like a jewel as she moves. "I haven't met any of you yet, but I'm Savannah. This is Agatha." She smiles at the man at her side, "He was kind enough to be my date for the afternoon."

Charity, hip bumped by Marshall, stumbles to the side with a chuckle. "It was a good effort," she agrees with the big guy. "Most importantly, it was fun." Grinning after him when he leaves, and then absolutely beaming when Simin kisses her muddy cheek. She slides behind him, arms wrapping around his waist. "A little more to the left," she murmurs, ear twitching. "See how they're slightly unlevel?" Leave it to a fox-eyed girl to pick up on some carnival tricks. Tricksters. She has three of them, wrapped up inside of her.

Kai beams as he looks around and people seem to be having a good time. "Hello," he saays to Agatha and Savannah. "I'm Kai." He tells Lambert, "You can just play. The carnival doesn't cost any money." At least none of Lambert's money. The crown gets the bill today. To Marshall, he says, "You were the last one standing, so you get the ribbon. Congratulations!"

The fearsome little thing that is Gert gets Agatha's attention, and a brief moment of confusion follows. Maybe it was meant for someone else, but then Savannah's pulling him along. To the Changelings he gives a wave and a brief smile. "Agathangelos if you wanna be good and proper, but Agatha's what I usually get."

The goblin-hobgoblin in the booth, a tiny creature with an upturned nose and huge, batlike ears, grins a bit sheepishly at Lambert, with occasional glances towards Gert. Not /precisely/ abject terror, but... the sort of expression a performer might wear knowing that they're putting on the most important performance of their lives, in front of the most exacting of critics. "Ah, yes," it squeaks. "A prize for your pretty friend? Like his?" And a brief glance to where Charity is hanging off of Marshall.

Gert just grins, leaning against the side of the booth. "I'm sure you'll do fine, dear," she says, as the goblin starts sliding the rings across the counter. "Besides, it's not me you have to impress. Not at the moment, anyway."

She glances up as Savannah and Agatha approach, and lifts one gloved hand to touch the brim of her bowler hat in greeting. "It's a pleasure, Aggie," she says brightly. "And you, Savannah dear. Name's Gert. Welcome to the carnival."

Lambert looks horrified at himself for a moment - he nearly offered a hob a free trade. He knuckles the side of his head, muttering. Idiot! Don't look for bargains where you don't have to have them. He glances sideways to Agatha "...are you Greek?" asks the Athenian satyr curiously, and then he picks up the rings, and he laughs "No, Kai isn't mine," he says to the goblin "He's his own Beast." Not that he seems remotely offended. Lambert eyes and then throws. Flick, flick, flick. One bounces off - rather hard - but two more hang on the high numbers. He's an athletic creature. It helps with running down prey "Oh, cool!"

Savannah smiles a little more, "It's lovely to meet you both." She shifts a bit, unwinding her arm from Agatha's so that she can move her good bag, then holds out a smaller one to Kai. "As the host of the party, one should be given some form of gift in thanks. So, here." She lets him take the back from her before she puts her arms through Agatha's again. "I was happy to hear about the BBQ, to be honest. I've only met a few people so far and I thought htis would be a good way to get to know some more."

Simin errs softly when Charity leans in, allowing her arm to correct his aim and giving her a soft questioning 'are you sure?' look that lets her know he feels this is off, but ends up trusting ehr judgement with a murmured, "They really are rigged a bit?" and *flings* again. This time with a few bounces and help with her aim the dragon manages to actually catch one of the rings before it bounces off.

"All games are rigged, love. In one way or another. The house always wins." Beat. "But I really want that blue dragon up there." It even has shiny wings. Charity helps Simin adjust a bit more, then shifts away from him - so as not to be too much of a distraction. Looking around at all the others, and grinning. More whiskey sipping. "I wonder what time of year the full carnival comes around," she murmurs, softly.

Kai takes the gift carefully and says, "Oh, you didn't need to do that!" He sounds pleased, though. His tail swishes with excitement. His emotions are tough to hide with that thing attached to his butt. He opens the box, and his eyes widen. "Oh, this is lovely! Lambert, look." Never mind that Lambert is trying to play a game. Kai takes a bracelet from the box and says, "Help me put it on." It's made of deep green threads, kind of like embroidery thread, with perfectly formed circles spaced out along it, all in colors associated with summer. If one looks really close at them, it loks like the various seasons, or what would represent them, are carved into four of the spheres.

For the newcomer, Kai is shirtless, shoeless, and dripping wet. Absolutely soaked, and his lips are bright red from his sno-cone. His curls are splayed everywhere, and there will be frizzing. He looks delighted.

Marek is something beyond fashionably late, but he shows up anyway. He's dressed in a pair of slacks, pretty nice leather shoes and a pink button down. He's muttering darkly to himself, but brightens when he sees the collection of people still lingering. He's all waves and smiles then, greeting those he knows.

Agatha tilts his head at Lambert's question, and slowly shakes his head. "I can't say, but I don't think so? My family's in Arkansas, and I only know a bit o' Greek. Most of it's from a few spirits here and there, and that have ties to taht kinda stuff. Ya know like gorgans and all that Some of it ain't even from Greece, but that's it."

Lambert wins a mid-sized fluffy unicorn toy from the Hob, and turns to see Kai's gift "Oh, lovely!" he says "Was it given freely? Hahaha!" Oh, mortals. But there is a pause, and then he offers the unicorn across "Are those seasonal symbols? That's amazing. How lovely." Lambert is just wearing soaked, muddy short-shorts. He looks pretty happy though. And he says "Marek! Over there is an entire roast pig. Feel free to eat as much as you like...hey, now folks are leaving a little, maybe I should say - my name is Lambert Petropolous. I'm a chef at the plantation. Kai is sort of chief supply officer there." Then he says to Agatha "Oh, no worries." He gives an easy smile "Oh, wh...spirits?" Blinkblink.

Savannah reaches forward, long fingers helping Kai to tie the bracelet on, making sure it's tight enough not to come loose. "Mmhmm. I thought the four seasons was a nice touch." She spins a sphere that's in the palest of greens, "Spring is mine." That's obvious to those that can sense it, though. As Marek is greeted, she glances up and over toward the young man, gaze followig him a moment before she looks back to those she's standing with. "I'm Savannah Duval. It's nice to meet you."

Kai tells Savannah, "I love it. It's lovely. Spring is mine, too. And Lambert." Like that isn't abundantly clear. He perks up when he sees Marek. He waves him over and holds out his arms, holding his stuffed unicorn, fully expecting a hug. "You made it! You missed the tug-o-war. We could've used you." That's right, he would have condemned Marek too to the mud. "The meat smells really meaty, and people have said they like it, so pile some on. The mac and cheese is amazing. I don't know what Lambert did with it, but it's heavenly. I can't make a decent cheese sauce without it being at least a little grainy. He does such a good job with things like that. Everyone! This is Marek. He's my very good friend."

Marek is starting to beeline for Kai and Lambert. Kai gets that expected hug and a smooch on his cheek for good measure. Then Lambert saves the day by pointing out an awful lot of meat that is just waiting to be devoured. Kai is released and Marek makes a beeline for the food. He also adds, "An awesome chef!" onto Lambert's claim of chefdom. He fixes a plate of various pieces of the roasted pork, making something werewolf-style salad out of it and dressing it with some handy sauces and some of that mac and cheese. It's a breakfast of champions!. He's already chewing a bit of crispy skin by the time he meanders back to where everyone is chatting, sharing gifts and introducing themselves. He stands a bit away a moment, watching the dynamics before just Kool-Aide manning his way into the conversations. He gives an nod to Agatha and Savannah, the unfamiliar faces.

"Yeah. Invisible things, but not really invisible. They-" Agatha stops. "How much time you got because it can be a long time to explain some of this. Easy answer is that they're these invisible litte forces that you usually won't see on this side of the world," he explains as if that makes any sense at all. "Some of 'em are as small as the nail on your thumb and a few others are bigger than the whole of this building. Like the spirits out by their lonesome in far away places can be pretty fucking huge." To Marek he offers a nod and a bow.

"Oh, I use one of the New York recipes," says Lambert to Kai "Use lardons of speck rather than bacon, dry white wine - I'm using a saucy Oregon number - and imported Dijon. Fresh herbs from the bayou, and pouring cream, but only _smoked_ paprika, and vintage Gruyere from...well. Gruyere." That's right, people. You may as well spend several hundred dollars making the world's most exquisite macaroni. Lambert fusses around now with a duck-and-numbers game, and scoops himself up a big black wolf toy. He beams, holding it, and he says "I'm so glad to see you Marek - thanks for the other night. Hello Savannah! And Mr...Agatha. Oh, erm. I've got a problem with spirits right now. Haha, let's NOT TALK ABOUT THAT and instead just. Just have fun." The faint shadows under his eyes are still there, but he is determined to enjoy what he can "Savannah, Agatha, what do you two like to do? And yes, I'm Spring."

Savannah smiles at Kai and Lambert, "I'm always happy to meet more Spring." Marek making his way toward the group catches her attention again, her jewel toned hair shifting as she moves, sparkling in the light as much as the diamond sheen on her skin. "Well, Angelos and I only just started seeing each other." Her head turns so that she can smile at Agatha, the gesture growing a little more after a moment. But then she turns her attention back to the others. "I, obviously, make jewelery for a living. So I spend a fair amount of my time doing that. Oh! And I bought a house. So that's being worked on. It's a little run down, but it's lovely and has huge rooms, with lots of windows, which is what I've wanted for awhile now. And I'm having a heated pool put in the backyard, so I can swim no matter the time of year."

Kai says, "I'm Jacob's personal assistant. I manage his house. Lambert cooks there. I also take care of one of the dairy goats named Daisy. She's mine. She had three babies, and they're getting huge. But I get fresh milk every day and Lambert makes cheese out of it." He gives Marek a quick squeeze around the shoulders. "Marek helps me plan parties. He has great ideas. And he usually wins good prizes at them. Which reminds me! I should do the prizes! Before too many people wander off."

Marek returns Agatha's nod, flashing the other wolf a smile. He doesn't comment on his description of spirits, although it does get a wry smirk from the Crescent. He then is distracted by the satyr's explanation of his mac and cheese recipe. He nods a little, like all those requirements are totally reasonable. He moves over to give Lambert's shoulder a squeeze when thanked. "Anytime, dude," he says earnestly. Then he moves back to Kai, enjoying the squeeze. He takes another bite of his mound of food, chewing as he listens to Savannah talk about her house. He beams and nods excitedly as she talks about her new digs, genuinely happy for her. He blushes a little as Kai compliments his ideas and shrugs. He does point out for Agatha and Savannah, "Prizes are always at the very end. And spin the bottle too." He grins wickedly.

"That all sounds very confusing," Agatha remarks to Lambert. "Y'all make it work from the sound of it. But, if you cook there like you do here I might have to sneak by one of these days. Because damn." The werewolf pats at his stomach and barks out a laugh. "But seriously, this was a great thing y'all put together. So kudos to all of that."

"I, ah. Do free meals in return for favours," says the fairy, by which he means - they are not free. But he says "They are not serious favours. Help someone. Grow community. _Play_ with others. Maybe stab a jerk?" He then says to Savannah "Where do you hail from?" And he says to Marek "Thanks. Things are being bad for me, but they will improve. I am going to talk to my..." He glances between all of them, but there are no mortals here "My, er, King and see if I can get some help. Now - prizes!" He says to Kai cheerily "A night with you?" Big blink.

Kai grins at Agatha. "You don't have to sneak. Lambert will feed you any time. He usually cooks with a Greek flair, and it's to die for. The only rule is don't chase the deer. Especially the glowing ones. I may chase the deer. If they're being naughty." He clears his throat, then says, "All right, let's do this..."

Already, there are volunteers starting up the bonfire as evening is starting to descend. Now is a great time to break out the mosquito repelent that was in the goodie bags. Kai pads over to the PA and picks up the microphone. He's still wearing only his damp shorts, but he's every bit of a host as he says, "Remember to congratulate Marshall when you see him for winning the Last One Standing title! There's still plenty of pig and chicken and sides, so if you're thinking about dinner, swing back around." He gives Lambert a Look. Then says, "Yes." Then he takes a jar with raffle tickets in it and says, "But the first prize is a mini-fridge you can put in your room to store anything you want, but most likely beer." He looks at his ticket. "And the winner is Lambert!"

"Woo!" says Lambert at 'a night with Kai' being successful. He adds "Thankyou - thank...oh, I get a fridge?" He brightens. Yes, the Satyr is totally a midnight snacker. No surprises there "Ooh, awesome - I'll just go pick it up!" And off he heads!

Marek says drolly, "Dibs on cutting a bitch!" He stabs a piece of pork and munches it with authority. "God this is good," he breathes mostly to himself. He flits his gaze back to Lambert and looks concerned over the satyr's issues, but wolves can't help with dreams that well. He'll cut a bitch later though. Rawr. He flits his attention to Kai and almost says something about The Chase, but then the deer boy is headed for the stage. He contents himself with munching and watching the prizes getting handed out.

Savannah grins as she listens, "First party I've been to like this. I've enjoyed it, though." She looks back to Agatha, "Once Kai is done with the raffle, do you want to go? Looks like things are starting to quiet down here and all." Head tips, her gaze moving to Marek, "It's nice to meet you, by the way."

"I want to maybe still a few more snacks, but we can go after that, yeah." Agath leans over to give her waist a squeeze before turning his attention back to Lambert. "You all seem to be much more sociable, but I think I can get why. At least guess why anyway."

Kai shakes his head at Lambert's antics. "See what I live with, people?" he says. "All right, our next prize is a lovely back yard fire pit made by a local artist, and the design is lovely, even if it is silhouettes of wolves chasing deer through the woods." He pulls a ticket, and he reads the name. "Savannah! Congratulations! It'll look great in your new back yard!"

Marek offers Savannah a toothy smile and nods. "Nice to meet you too, Miss Duvall," he says. "Marek Vasily," he introduces more formally. He smiles again and then flits his attention to Agatha, asking, "Did he make desserts? His desserts are to die for!" He mm's to himself and takes another mouthful of food, chomping away with gusto. He swallows and hoots and cheers as the fire pit is described. "Woo! Savannah can host BBQ's now too!"

Kai announces the rest of the prizes. Among them, Agatha wins a backyard barbecue setup, and Marek wins a catered dinner from Lambert! There are other prizes that other people win, and when it's wrapped up, Kai heads over to the bonfire, waving at Marek to come with him. He's ready to roast some marshmallows. Given how much sugar he's eaten today, he's going to crash hard when he finally crashes.

Marek grins as he's invited to roast marshmallows and make s'mores with his goody bag. He brings his meat with him, the wolf being perfectly ok with combining the sweet and savory. He grabs a stick for himself and one for Kai on his way, offering it up as he sits beside the Changeling. He bumps his shoulder against Kai's chummily and asks, "How'd it all turn out? Didja have a good time, dude?"

Kai nods and says, "Yeah, I had a great time." He jabs a marshmallow with the stick and holds it out near the fire, toasting it slowly to ensure a nice golden brown. "Everyone seemed to have a good time, so I'm happy. That's the thrill I get, you know. Seeing people enjoying themselves."

Marek bobs his head as he listens. He stabs his stick into one of his marshmallows and holds it between his knees to toast by the fire. He lays out some graham crackers and lays some chocolate out too, ready to receive the gooey goodness while it's supremely hot. Once his crackers and chocolate are ready, he holds the stick with his hand instead, leaning a little against the Lost. "That's cool. I'm glad it was a success." He thinks a moment and then asks, "Is that a common spring thing? Watching people enjoy themselves?"

Kai thinks about it, then says, "I don't know. I mean it can be. Springs are more driven by desire. Sometimes that desire is lust, sometimes it's a desire to create artistically, sometimes it's a desire to see people happy. I like to see people happy. For some, it's about a desire for control, a desire for love, a desire for safety. Hell, the other day I saw a kid talking to his mom about how he really wanted an ice cream cone, and I connected with that. He really wanted that ice cream."

Marek listens and absorbs what Kai explains, worrying his lower lip and weighing it with what he thinks he knows. He turns his stick slowly, keeping the toasting rather even. "My buddy Roi is a desire spirit. He always says that desire is everythings basic desire to find happyness. Everything else is just a way to fill in that void and emptiness. Sounds like he isn't as full of it as I thought." He shrugs and huhs, before glancing over and flashing a smile.