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Some Werewolves Walk Into A Bar

Characters: Delphine, Emma, Fred, and Kalina
Date: 2019-10-24
Summary: Wolves meet, a hunt is planned, and Emma gets LUCKY!
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It's late at night. So late at night that it's actually early in the morning, but most of the people in the Night Shift got here before midnight. At a corner of the bar - with a view of the door - is someone who isn't a local. Red-brown hair and a Caucasian skin tone hint at that fact, at least. But he isn't causing trouble, he's just existing quietly and garnering the odd side-eye from the people around him, which he seems to be ignoring with the help of the half-full glass of beer in front of him.

Delphine slips into the bar. Wearing a pantsuit (the jacket is unbuttoned and hangs open) and sensible flats, her demeanor is relaxed enough. Oddly so, given the nature of the bar. Neutral ground, and that woolfish scent floating about her gives away her more primal nature, but one might imagine anyone coming in to be on-edge, if only a little.

And is that blood on one of her well-manicured nails?

She nods to the bar-tender, pulls out a decently sized wad of bills - which stink of cheap aftershave and cheaper booze - and slams it down on the counter. "Drinks are on me. Whatever triple that-" she points to the cash "- will cover." A black card is set on the counter next to the stack of dollah-dollah billz. Presumable to cover the rest of her promised tab.

Fred blinks at the arrival of Delphine, then grins when it turns out she's buying. He taps his glass with a nod to the bartender - another one of these, please - then looks to Delphine. He too has something of the wolf about him, almost tangible in the air. He salutes Delphine with his glass, and adds a, "Thanks," to the woman who's buying. "Mind if I ask what you're celebrating?"

A bottle of the house brew is brought over, and Delphine expertly pops the lid off with her thumb. She lifts the bottle to take a pull, but stops just before the rim meets her lips. All the while, her lips are drawn back in a somewhat feral grin. Most humans might just see it as a snarl, but it's more mirthful than malicious, to the trained eye.

"Successful hunt," she replies before downing... probably half the damn bottle. "Always puts me in a generous mood, so don't mention it." A pause. "You're new. Or if not new, you sure as shit keep to yourself." Another pause as she considers... something, before she gives the faintest shrug, and finishes the second half of her bottle.

"New in town," replies Fred. "Was kinda hoping to make contact with some locals, so I came here. Congratulations on your success." He lifts his glass again, this time toasting the success of the hunt by downing what's left. "Fred Green," he says, on setting the glass down. "Pleased to meet you."

A new bottle is brought on out as Delphine looks the man over. JUDGING. A hand drifts inside her jacket, and comes back out with a card that she offers to him. "New means you're probably going to trip somewhere, whether it's with the Accords or with the local laws. Either way, I can probably help you sort your shit out," she says with that bottle in hand before taking a more modest size pull from this one. "Delphine Laurent, Esquire. Or Nuigim Nihhina, if you prefer." Blind Justice isn't the strangest deed name, but it's also not the most strait forward, either. "Likewise."

Fred gets judged. He doesn't seem to mind too much, meeting that look with just the hint of a smile; he takes the card with a nod and a, "Thanks." He glances down at the card, then vanishes it into his jacket's inside pocket. He gives his own deedname, which loosely translates to 'Colours-the-Prey'. There has to be a story there. "Definitely pleased to meet you, Ms. Laurent." The bartender brings him the new drink he asked for and he nods a polite thanks to the man, swapping out the old, empty glass for the new, full one. "So what's happening in this town, anything fun and interesting?"

Sometimes you go places in uniform, sometimes you just have a badge in your pocket and the gun under your jacket. Kalina had only been in this place twice over the last year, once signing the Accords, the second time meeting a Lodgemate. Combat boots, jeans, a black long sleeved button up, the sleeves folded neatly up to her elbows, hands in her back pockets. The windbreaker over the outfit zipped just a quarter of the way, enough that most of the time the piece isn't visible. She hears something about a free round as she's making her way to the bar and shrugs, "Lucky day I guess." She mutters out loud to no one in particular as she leans on the bar an empty stool away from Delphine and Fred. Glancing over at them she sniffs, then dips her chin lightly as she waits her turn for the free drink.

"Same shit, different city, most like," Delphine replies with an almost-grunt around the lip of the bottle. Another pull, even shorter than the last, and the bottle is set down as she thinks over her reply. "Maybe not same shit. The Accords only go so far beyond the city's limits. So I don't know if you're up to speed on THOSE." She lifts her shoulders in an almost unseen shrug.

It's so late at night that it's really early in the morning, and someone just said 'free drinks'. Fred's nostrils flare as someone takes a seat nearby; he glances over at them and offers a polite nod, then looks to Delphine again. "Fair," he replies. "As for the Accords - I signed 'em when I got here, so about three hours back." He's at the bar, a fresh glass of beer in one hand, talking with Delphine and with Kalina just arrived nearby.

Kalina takes a fresher look over Fred at his words, waiting for the moment as a beer is slid up in front of her and the next patron in line along the crowded bar. Free drinks sure brings a surge forward, maybe a bit too close but Kalina just hunches her shoulders and leans more onto the bar with her elbows as she grabs the glass.

Emma walks in casually, heading for the bar when she spies Delphine and claims a seat at the bar. "You forgot this the other day." She states, placing a suitcase on top of the bar, and overhearing talk of the accords adds, "Name's Emma York. I signed the day before classes began." She's wearing black jeans, a dark green tee and a black leather jacket.

Delphine offers Fred another soft grunt and a nod at the mention of signing the Accords. "Extra-fresh to the city, then." There are almost dollar-signs in her eyes as she thinks about the billing hours she can claim massaging any mortal or accorded laws to keep Fred out of trouble. Her attention MIGHT have turned to the new wolf who's nearish by, but instead she laser-focuses on the college kid with the missing work briefcase in hand. This time the lips drawing back aren't just a dangerous looking smile. It's an actual almost-snarl. But Neutral Ground and all that. She keeps herself in check. "Yes. I did." The strain in her voice is evident. "Thank you."

Fred offers Kalina a very faint smile, then looks to Emma with a lift of his eyebrows, then to Delphine with a nod. "So fresh I'm still wet behind the ears and green around the horns," he agrees - and then his focus turns back towards Emma, with an intensity almost laser-like. Not actually /doing/ anything, just monitoring the situation.

Kalina wrinkles her nose as she scents the air with the arrival and speech of Emma, then waits until Fred is finished speaking before leaning a little closer towards the group, "You probably shouldn't mention things like that. Act like you know enough without seeming arrogant, otherwise they smell the weakness." Question is, is she talking about Wolves, or Lawyers? She smiles a little and then turns her soft blue eyes to Delphine, "Most folks don't venture beyond the city limits except when on official or sanctified business." Back to Fred, "It's just safer that way mister green horns." She then lifts the glass to her mouth and takes a generous sip of the free alcohol.

Emma raises her eyebrows, "What the heck did I do to make you that upset?" She doesn't seem too bothered though. She orders herself a diet coke, and takes a good look at the others. "There's so much to do within the city, why would you even want to leave?"

The briefcase - monogrammed DBL - is set on the bar and inspected. The two combination locks appear un-touched, so that's something at least, right? Delphine DOES visibly calm down after confirming that everything at least looks to be in-order. She even starts to spin one of the numbers, but thinks better of opening it in the bar. Neutral ground or no, there's probably some less-than-savory signatory who would love to get a look at what's inside.

"You did nothing," she replies, a touch calmer now. SOMEONE doesn't like others' touching her things, it seems. She picks up her new bottle and just... downs the rest. It had to have been 3/4 full when she picked it up a second ago. Huh.

Fred hehs at Kalina's words. "So much for a sense of humour," he says, then lifts his glass in salute and downs a mouthful of the contents. When he sets the glass back down he's back to focusing on Emma. "I'm hoping there is a lot to do in the city, otherwise I'm going to get real bored real fast." He watches Delphine take re-possession of the briefcase, then nods. "So, since I'm surrounded by people who know the place, what is there to do in this town? Other than the jazz and the ghost walks, anyway."

Kalina frowns for a moment, but shrugs in response and looks over Delphine and Emma, watching Delphine chug the bottle of liquor with a tilt to her head then shrugging as she takes another sip of her beverage. "Well depends what you like. Most of it can be found here in the French Quarter, but depending on the... distraction of your choice you might have to go into Ninth Ward or up into the Venetian Isles."

"I admit I don't know the surface of the city too well, mostly familiar with the rooftops." Emma answers Fred, "I do parkour." The woman is tiny, which no doubt adds some challenge, then asides to Delphine. "Would've been easier if you told me your name. I had to rely on luck coming through for me to find you again. And I don't mind relying on luck, but it means I've been dragging the suitcase along with me every time I went out for the last week."

Delphine waves in Kalina's general direction in answer to Fred's question. "Nailed it in one. Lots to do, depending on your preferences," she says. She waves another bottle over, because of course she does. That sweet, sweet hyper-regeneration metabolism isn't going to fuel itself. She doesn't pop the cap off just yet, though. "Luck is what brought you here with the case before I got the free time to come track you down, myself," she agrees. "The roofs... are alright, as far as roofs go."

"Dragging a suitcase all over the rooftops sounds a bit like hard work to me," opines Fred. Apparently he doesn't just look like someone's dad, he /is/ someone's dad, or at least is capable of producing dad jokes. "To each their own, I guess." He nods to Kalina. "I enjoy anything that gets the heartbeat up." His gaze flicks to Delphine, then back to Emma. "I've never really looked at this Parkour stuff before. It's where you go bouncing about like a regular circus acrobat, right? All that Errol Flynn sh...tuff?"

Kalina glances over at Delphine and her second bottle, but instead of commenting chugs down the rest of her beer as others talk (It takes a few swallows she's no professional). Gently placing the glass down she hunkers back onto her elbows sliding a bit closer to Fred while eyeing Delphine with those unfocused blues of hers. "Well you might like the Ninth Ward then, they like to hold drag races and laps, if you're down for that kinda heart beating fun." She winks then then fishes into the back pocket of her jeans to produce a blank white business card, pushing it to Fred. On the back, a hand written number with no name. "If you find yourself in a situation where you don't need the cops in your business, give me a call. Kalina, I mentioned that right?"

Emma glances towards the booze with a bit of clear envy, but takes another sip from her diet coke rather than say anything. Fred gets a roll of her eyes, "Nah, circus acrobats have nets for safety. If I fall," a mild shrug, "Well, I better hope I'm lucky." She doesn't sound at all bothered by it. Then, to Delphine, "Oh I don't think that would've been a problem." She smiles, "So did you find the guy? I'm terribly sorry, I didn't realize you were doing the professional stalking thing instead of the romantic stalking thing."

"Well.. my offer still stands," Delphine replies to Fred. "Anything that gets your heartbeat up that lands you in trouble with the Accords or the cops..." She lets the rest of the offer hand as she takes a more conservative pull from the bottle, what with being calm once more. She tips the bottle in Kalina's direction, agreeing with the ideas there. "Hunting is a thing, too. Plenty of folks around who would probably be inclined to work with you, there." At Emma, her lips draw back in that snarl-esque smile. "Oh, I found the fucker alright," she says, and then just kind of gestures at all the free drinks going around. "That's what the free rounds are for. Celebrating."

Fred shakes his head. "I'd prefer driving off-road," he says, with the contempt of the man who thinks tarmac is for wimps. He takes the card with a nod. "Thanks. Name's Fred." He nods to Emma, then looks to Delphine. "Hunting is something I'm always up for," he says. "But then that shouldn't be a surprise." His smile broadens, but the warmth drains out of it.

Kalina's eyes follow the conversation but mostly out of habit more so than interest. "Its been awhile for me personally, I should sanctify one, also another thing I can do. Maybe tomorrow night, what say you Esquire? Feel like shaking the suit and the tag along tomorrow night for some hiking?"

"Hiking? Where to?" Emma seems curious, taking another sip from her drink. "Congrats on getting your mark, then." She tells Delphine, "Glad to hear I didn't entirely ruin your work."

Delphine gives an up-nod to Fred, knowingly. She rolls her shoulders and considers Kalina's offer. "Hmm... maybe," she allows. "I don't really feel the need, but since I'm between cases and haven't weaseled my way into a lawfirm just yet..." She takes a quick pull from the bottle. "With luck, there'll be a place to dro pit off if it ends up in your hands again," she notes to Emma.

"I could use the chance to get out and about, start learning the area," admits Fred, stretching and rolling his shoulders at the bar before relaxing again. "Where do you want to meet? Assuming I'm invited, of course."

Kalina rolls her unfocused gaze onto Emma, "You're the tag-along. Parkour is great and all, but where we're going, that's not useful." Her smile is hollow and a bit too full of teeth in such a small delicate face. Then she drops the gaze and the visage, turning her attention back to Fred and Delphine, "I don't have wheels, not that we really need them but we could meet up at Maurepas to the west, or Salvador to the south? Depends what you wanna track down."

"I wasn't asking to join. Hiking is for people who like the outdoors. Give me the city any day of the week, I was just curious." Emma clarifies with a half-shrug, adding. "And besides, I'm not stupid enough to think going along with accorded people I barely know is a good idea. I do have some survival instincts."

"I'm more a city-girl, so anything outside of it..." Delphine waves off that train of thought and casually... distractedly sets down her half-finished bottle. She even gestures at Emma, like it makes perfect sense. Hunting INSIDE the city. The most dangerous game! "I've got family who is great out there, though, if you really want to have some fun out on a, ah... hike."

Fred shrugs in answer to Kalina's question, then nods to Emma. "Wise," he says, perhaps cryptically. Then again, he's apparently thinking of going along with Accorded people he only just met, so wisdom is apparently not his strong suit. "I'm happy with either," he says, once Delphine has finished - then downs half his pint in one go, giving the impression that he stopped at half because he felt like it. "Doesn't bother me where we go - it's all just names on a map, right now."

Kalina eyes Delphine, "Being in the city isn't very fun, unless you want to be in some cramped up abandoned building or stalking down smelly alleys." Her nose crinkles heavily with a taste of disgust in the features. Then her eyes roll to Emma, head tilted as the expression on her face becomes curious, "Are you signed? If you're not you probably should, ain't nothing to it."

"As I said, I signed the day before classes began." Emma answers, "Anthropology, focus on folklore. On my spare time, I'm an occultist." She smiles, "But besides curious, extremely harmless. I do think my employer would be quite upset if something were to happen to me, however."

Delphine raises a finger to call over one final bottle o' booze (and get her blackcard back), popping the cap and pulling a fair bit. "Hunting in the city /is/ hard-mode," she allows. "Especially with all the people. But the challenge is part of the fun. Farsil Luhal gonna Red Wolf, and all that." A pause. "Yeah, alleys are smelly, and who knows what's in that building. But that's what the rooftops are for," she teases, downing some more of her final bottle.

Fred smiles. "I gotta agree with the woman with the briefcase," he says. "The city's where it's hardest, and that's fine by me. But when it comes down to it, I'm an equal-opportunity hunter, I'll hunt anywhere." His smile turns toothy as his focus turns back to Emma and his accent flicks from indeterminate Americana to BBC English. "People who claim to be extremely harmless generally aren't."

Kalina straightens up, palms flat on the bar, rolling her eyes a little, "Fine, I'll get ahold of some of the boys and get a neighborhood blue free for the night, or at least as free as I can. But one of you has to provide the target." She turns her attention to Emma, nose wrinkling as she takes a deep sniff from her petite nose. "If you're signed, and you didn't provoke it, be a whole lot more than your employer upset. The fact ya'll can even sign still makes me wriggle, but it ain't gonna be me to break my oath." She steps away from the bar and stuffs her hands into the back pockets of her jeans, "Ya'll take care now."

"Y'all? Making quite a few assumptions there, are you?" Emma answers Kalina but she smiles, "Have fun, though. Good luck with your hunting or hiking, or whatever." She shrugs, and squints at Delphine's words, tilting her head a little, but not asking any questions. Fred simple gets a giggle, "Well, you can believe me or not; I don't particularly care."

Delphine gives a tiny shake of her head, dismissing a bunch of the things, as her card makes it's way back from the till to her hand, and then to her wallet. "I mean... I offered to go out into whatever hellish swamp, but city it is," she says. "Sabine will be pissed she can't wrestle a gator. Probably." She finishes her fourth bottle, setting it next to the still-half-full third bottle she definitely forgot existed. So careless, and perhaps, lucky, for the college student who kept on eyeing the alcohol enviously. The Elodoth nudges Fred's shoulder. "Not a lot of a tour I can give at this hour, but it's not useless, either," she offers.

Fred inclines his head to Kalina, then smiles at Emma. "I didn't expect you to care," he says, flicking back to the accent he'd started with. "Just thought it was worth saying, is all." He turns that smile on Delphine. "I'd be obliged," he says, then downs what's left in his glass like a professional - or at least, like a well-practiced amateur.

Emma gets a call on her cell, "Hello?" She asks, then listens and makes a few 'uh-huhs' and 'oks' before ending with, "See you soon." She puts her phone down, "Got to run. Was nice meeting you, though."

Delphine nod-nods to Ford. "Like I said, not a lot, but enough for the next... however-the-fuck-long it will be before I need to go pass out." She glances to Emma, giving an up-nod as a way of waving good-bye while she's on the phone... picks up the briefcase, and moves over towards the door. Definitely leaving that bottle to sate Emma's Lucky Envy for booze.

"Likewise," says Fred to Emma, before setting his glass down and getting off his bar stool. "Have fun." He doesn't have even the slightest wobble in his step as he follows Delphine out.

Emma picks up the bottle on the way out, score.