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Shotgun Full of Silver Pt. 1

Characters: Kenny, Pan as ST.
Date: 2019-11-04
Summary: A confused Wolfblooded werewolf hunter hunts a werewolf.
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NSFW for graphic body horror/injuries!

Impending Doom - Murderer

The Banana Hammock is not a high-class strip club. It is a sleazy place, but it'll pay Kenny an honest wage. He -does-, however, have to buy a speedo with a banana on the front to perform there, and they way overcharge - it's $30. That said, the clientelle isn't too rowdy and they tip well. The weird part of tonight, though, was the face in the crowd that stared at Kenny angrily through his whole show.

Male, mid-forties, brown hair, well-groomed full beard, flannel shirt, short hair. Pure anger the whole time he stared at Kenny. Constantly scratching at angry red rashes on both palms through the whole show. Didn't tip, didn't drink, snarled at anyone who came close. And, by the time Kenny's set was over? Gone from the room, thank god.

Less thank god, though, when Kenny heads out the back door to go home - because there he is, standing next to his pickup truck, staring at that back door. His gaze hardens when Kenny exits, and he reaches into the bed of the truck to grab a duffle bag and start to stalk toward the newly off-duty stripper. (Among other things.)

It's been a long night, and all Kenny really wants is to go home, or anywhere not here honestly, to get high AF and do his favorite thing. It's nothing. The angry dude is eyed with his own measure of agitation, but Kenny pauses to light a cigarette and watch the guy approach. "Hey, man, the show's over. What're you doing back here?" Maybe he needs a good blowjob or something, Kenny doesn't judge. But there are better ways to go about it, man.

As the man comes forward, Kenny can -smell- him. Wolfblood. There's more to his scent - cocaine and blood and anxious sweat. But that's what sticks out -most-. He is visibly shaking as he comes closer, one fist clenched around the straps of the duffle, the other hand's fingers flexing open and closed as his jaw works.

"You're one of them," he says, quietly, determinedly. "Don't lie to me, boy. Don't pretend. You're one of them. I just want you to tell me. If you were ever human. Were you born a man before the devil got into you? Or did you crawl out of hell like this?"

Kenny pauses when he realizes what the man is, but a wolfblood doesn't set off any particular alarms. The rest, though? Well, it's not his favorite line of questioning, and he's surely heard it in a variety of creative ways about a variety of creative things over the course of his life. "Honey, you were watching me close enough during the show, you should know well enough I'm all man." He even grabs his crotch suggestively in case his meaning isn't obvious enough.

"I want to show you something," the man says. He hauls that duffle bag in front of himself and unzips it. Kenny will have time to react before he's got the shotgun all the way out, but if he -doesn't- stop him, the man is going to haul the double-barreled affair up and swing it to point at the stripper. "Can you smell the silver? Can you sense it? I can't, but -touching- it burns my fucking skin now, ever since one of you crawled underneath and started growing there. Ever since one of you crawled into my flesh and started giving me these -feelings-. I need you to tell me. Tell me you crawled out of fucking hell and I am not going to turn into one of -you-, that I'm not going to infect anyone -else-. That I can get it -out- of me."

Cigarette still between his middle and index finger, Kenny lifts up his hands in that classic 'don't fucking shoot' sort of way. "Hey! Hey now, man, you don't know what you're doing. It doesn't have to be like this. We could go get a coffee and fucking talk or some shit. It ain't any infection and you won't be anything, okay? Just put the gun down and everything'll be okay, yeah?"

When the angry dude is not immediately assuaged by Kenny's amazing offer, the Cahalith growls and gives him the HELL SPAWN that he's looking for. Apparently it really has been a long day, and Kenny just doesn't have the patience for this bullshit. If it's not a homophobe, it's some asshole werewolf hunter, and it's not cool, guys. Cute little Kenny turns into fabulous Gauru Kenny, and he's suddenly all up in Mr. OhnoI'mawolfblood's face with claws and teeth.

The screaming starts, and doesn't stop. It's crazed, horrific screaming - he drew the gun, he tried to fire, but Kenny was just so much -faster-. He really expected that the transformation would be slow, painful - that Kenny would roll around on the ground like something out of The Howling to transform, not just change in mid-step and rip off most of his jaw with his teeth. The lower half of the man's face hangs by a strip of flesh, his tongue lolling around in the ruined mass that was his mouth, his throat spurting blood rather violently - but still he manages to get the gun up, to fire off one of the barrels and send burning silver into Kenny's flesh, driving him into Wasu-Im.

Screaming doesn't bother the werewolf in his war form. In fact, it's kind of exciting. Being shot with silver, however, bothers him a lot. Kenny roars in pain as the silver burns through his flesh, and he lashes out reflexively with a clawed hand at the wolfblood who shot it into him. Seriously, fuck this guy! Who the hell does he think he is!

That swipe of a claw takes out what's left of his throat, and the man falls to the ground. His body twists and writhes in pain, breath still bubbling blood out of the ruined mass of his flesh. The gun has fallen from clutching fingers. Blood is pooling. He'll be dead rather soon even if Kenny doesn't put him out of his memory. Of course, the -werewolf- might not care about all that screaming, but between that and the gunshot? -Someone's- attention has been drawn. The back door flies open and Victor Newman, manager of the Banana Hammock, starts to stomp outward.

"What the hell is--"

Werewolf. Werewolf the hell is. Victor turns and runs back inside. The door swings closed after him.

The rarwolf growls at the door when it opens and someone DARES to speak at him, but once they've disappeared again, Kenny's full attention shifts back to the piece of shit who SHOT him. He drags the bleeding soon-to-be corpse and his gun, to the truck he'd gotten out of, and throws him into the bed. When he shifts back to hishu, his wounds are a bit more of a bitch, and he's gonna be super pissed off if he has to go rummaging around in pockets for the keys to the stupid truck so he can ditch it in a swamp somewhere.

The truck's keys are in the ignition - the man with the gun wanted to be able to escape soon. It's hard to keep his cool, but Kenny manages it on the drive out of the city. Eventually, he's even able to catch his breath enough to drop from Dalu into Hishu form as Wasu-Im passes without going full death rage. He's been on the road about fifteen minutes when something pricks at his ears from behind him, in the back of the truck. Something is vibrating against the metal of the truck's bed. He hears it, a moment later: "You're my courage when I worry in the dead of night//You're my strength 'cause I'm not strong enough to win this fight // You are greater than the raging battle in my mind // I will trust You, Lord! // I will fear no more!"

It's...a ringtone. A super, DUPER Christian ringtone.