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Shotgun Full of Silver Part 2

Characters: Kenny, Pan as lordismyshephard69
Date: 2019-11-05
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Crimson Thorn - Your Carcass

"Fucking Christians," growls Kenny under his breath. "Fuck all of you assholes!" he actually yells, perhaps at the dead/dying dude in the bed of the truck. Excuse him for being cranky when he should be AT HOME and not driving into the swamp to dump a stupid body with silver inside of him. Zero stars, would not recommend. When he finally pulls over, it's the phone he goes fishing for. If it rings again, he'll even answer it with a, "Sup, bitches?" But otherwise he'll just see if there's anything relevant to his interests.

Hunter Gundolf has been dead for a good few minutes now. The phone has been ringing off and on the whole time, and as Kenny picks it up - yup. There it goes again. The name and picture flash on the touchscreen: lordismyshephard69, with an image of a large-breasted anime woman.

"Hunter? Hunter, is that you? Did you get him?" The voice is decidedly male-sounding.

"Oh, yeah. I got him. Fuck that guy in the ass, am I right?" Kenny glares at Hunter's corpse, then he's walking around to the other side of the truck to look through the glove box or anything else that might be interesting laying around the truck's cab. "So what am I supposed to do now again?"

There are a few moments of quiet on the other end. "Nah. Nah, you're that demon boy. The dancin' fella. You done -ate- Hunt, didn't you. Well, demon fella - I think you aught to know that there's a whole -army- of god just -waitin- to rain down fire and brimstone on you and all your degenerate kind. Hunt, he thought we was tainted by the devil, but some of us know the truth. -God- gave us what we got just to help us put you all down. And ain't no way you gonna see us comin'."

Ugh, fine, you got him. "Ew, no, I didn't fucking eat him, you sick fuck. I wouldn't even suck his dick if he wanted me to." You know, when he was alive. "He's right here. He doesn't want to talk to you, though." Because he's dead. "So are you going to send some other guys over? Should I wait here or can I go get some sleep first. I need to know how to plan my schedule."

"You tell us where you are and we'll send somebody -right- over, demon. Hunt, he wanted to take you on himself, said he needed to prove himself. But the rest of us? We know how you folks operate. We know that if you wanna take down a coven of demons you gotta work together. -Next- time, it won't just be one guy with a chip on his shoulder. It'll be -all- of us. And -God- on our side." There is, apparently, not even enough conviction in Kenny's voice to get lordismyshephard69 to ask to talk to Hunter.

"Fine, whatever." And Kenny hangs up on lordismyshephard69, growling at the phone but not losing his temper enough to throw it like he really wants to. Instead he punches the door of the truck with an emphatic, "FUCK," and gets back to work on getting rid of this body. "Take a side gig, Kenny. It'll be fun, Kenny," he grumbles to himself as he does a last sweep of the cab for anything that might be useful in the future.

Did Kenny bring the shotgun? If so, the box of hand-loaded shotgun shells filled with tiny silver ball bearings might be useful. At the very least, Kenny -could- always pawn the silver if he doesn't want to be seen by other wolves as carrying the Ultimate Weapon. There's a package of gum in the center console, a stuffed purple bear shoved under the seat, lots of fast food trash - bags and boxes and Happy Meal detritus, cups in adult and kid sizes, discarded little plastic bags from toys being ripped open. The back of the truck has a tool box built in with automotive tools and a set of knives for what looks like field butchering. There's a cooler in the back with ice and a bunch of Swamp Thing IPAs.

Fuck that, he's throwing it all into the swamp. Via putting the truck into neutral and pushing the whole thing into somewhere deep enough to drown the damned thing. But not before at least trying to secure the body to the bed. If he has to leave it floating, he will, it's been a long day and crazy people presumably know who he is already. There are giant reptiles to help with that, anyway.

There are plenty of bungee cords and things Kenny can use to affix the corpse to the truck, and tools and things that can be shoved into the pockets to weigh the body down. Shoving tools into said pockets will score Kenny Hunter's wallet, too, with all those middle-aged-man accoutrement - about $60 in cash, some credit cards, a driver's license, pictures of what can presumed to be a wife and a son.

And yes, there are giant reptiles - none visible -right now-, but Kenny's seen movement in the dark water that was too big to be a fish or a snake.

Kenny has no intention of sticking around to play with the giant reptiles. Once the truck is water-bound, the Cahalith is going to walk his skinny ass back to wherever he can get enough cell reception to text someone to pick him up and call it a day. Thank fucking god he's not wearing heels tonight. It would really clash with the shotgun wounds.

Speaking of: those wounds are -not- healing over. Werewolves do make blood very fast, but Kenny's clothes are full-on serial killered. It makes any possible hitchhiking very difficult as he hikes down the road. Thank god his phone -does- have reception out here. You don't have to actually go that far from the city to get to pretty wild swamp. If there wasn't reception, he couldn't have gotten a call from lordismyshephard69!