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Scout? Nah just fuck 'em up!

Characters: Luisa Dustin Sabine Dale
Date: 2020-06-05
Summary: Two new allies help the Aces track down and get the trial of the new monsters, with hopes of finding the source.
Disclaimers: Violence, Some Language

xxxxxIt sits off an empty stretch of 2 lane highway, and seems like it hasn’t been opened in years. There is an overhang covering the two gas pumps, and the weather has torn away at the paint leaving patches of rust coating it at the seams of the panels. The pumps themselves are mostly intact, bags over the handles and the hoses worn from the wind and sun, cracks in the plastic and dents in the steel, but still all there. The parking lot itself has seen better days. The shoulder of the road has asphalt in and out lanes, but that soon gives way to gravel with patches of dirt and grass where erosion has taken its toll, and then the front of the store portion up to the pumps has sun-bleached concrete with numerous cracks and stains. The painted lines of the parking spaces are long gone, but the curb and sidewalk remain, an abandoned dumpster still beside the building in a closed in concrete wall with a chain link gate.

xxxxxThe building butts up to the wilderness beyond. There is a small grassy area behind that used to be used for breaks. A stone trash can with an ashtray on the top is settled in between two concrete picnic tables. The umbrellas that used to cover them are long gone, but the holes remain where new ones could be added. There is a gentle sloping back to the swamp, and a wall of underbrush seems near impenetrable and blocking most of the sight of the actual woods beyond. There is a shed in the corner of this lot, an old wooden one that wouldn’t keep anyone out that cared to see what was inside, and a larger turn around where gas trucks or semis would park and unload when needed. The building itself is made of cinder blocks, emphasized by the paint wearing through to bear cement in places. The windows have all been covered with plywood and have slatted storm shutters closed down and locked. The front door was also barred, but the grimy glass can still be seen through to glimpse the bared shelves and trash still found within.


xxxxxThe slender brunette's a carbon copy of those few night previous; stained Nirvana tee-shirt, tattered jeans (not the paid for sort, just long past their 'use by' date). She leans back against one of the disused gas pumps, possibly risking tetanus if her skin wasn't significantly tougher than it appears. It only takes her a few minutes alone before the hip flask is retrieved. The Witch sips. Waits.

xxxxxSo while she may actually have a pack these days, sometimes Sabine, Rahu, Hunter, Swamp Chick still occasionally likes to get out into the swamps. She has yet to have much success in getting the wolves she runs with to get their feet wet, or muddy, but there's always a next time. The redhead left her mud-caked old pickup at the gas station. Ready to trudge out and about in some old dark blue jeans, brown belt looped through them and the cuffs tucked into some worn and sturdy brown knee high boots. A black tee tucking into the waistband while freckled arms are left bare mud Stains and swamp muck even starting to cake on in places. Spotting some of the others gathering and once close enough people can make out each others’ features the Rahu grins. "So everyone ready to rock?" she asks with green eyes roaming over the others.

xxxxxThat fancy matte black Cadillac is nowhere to be seen when a silhouette appears out of the shadows, Dustin's short stature coming into full view once he's illuminated by whatever light is left standing around the area, if not by the brilliant moonlight of Mother Luna herself. He's dressed more out of comfort right now really, reflecting the previous all-black ensemble, though this time he's wearing men's shorts and flip flops instead. The cold doesn't seem to bother him, it looks like. He waggles his hand at the pair once he approaches them, ambling his way out of the darkness. "Where's Dale again?" He looks to Luisa for confirmation.

xxxxx"Dealing with other things." Luisa murmurs in response. "I'd rather he were here too" -- not a dig, just honesty; "...but stuff happens. He showed you the last place we tracked it, yes?" she asks, one well kept brown quirked at Dukes. "So you lead and I keep watch, I guess." She nods toward the redhead, then, not unfriendly, more just... 'Who are you, then?' Granted, smells wolf all over her. "I know Dale threw the net wide. Especially when he realized he couldn't be here." A brief pause as Luisa's hard hazel eyes give Sabine the traditional down-up look. "Luisa. Witch. You are?"

xxxxxThe redhead eyes Dustin's choice of footwear and rolls her eyes. "You know you might as well go barefoot. All kinds of smaller stuff can bite. And they're usually the real dangers, snakes, spiders.. All that venom. Not fun dealing with it even as a werewolf." she points out. "Sabine, Rahu, Talon, Currently the muscle." She answers Luisa despite not appearing to be all that much different in build to the brunette woman. "Haven't seen Dale since that thing with the Fixers. So where's the last sighting of the thing or things we're after? Cold trails suck ass of all kinds." she says with a shrug.

xxxxxDustin fiddles with the smartphone that he drew out of his shorts, thumbing down on the gadget for a bit in frustration, before he just shuts the thing off and tucks it away. "'Course there's no fucking signal, you idiot," he mutters to himself, lifting his head up to the brunette. "Yes, yes he did. I'll be your guide for the evening, then! Even though I'm the least qualified for this shit," he clasps his hands at first, then lets out a sigh. Sure, trust the city boy to lead the way, right? Not that there's two other swamp-dwellers in here. Dustin rolls his eyes in return when Sabine educates him on the dangers of a lack of footwear when traversing the swamps. "Yeah, we've got worse things to care about than snakes and spiders now, do we? Plus I ain't about to wet all my good clothes for nothing. Nuh-uh." He shakes his head. "Dale and I last tracked 'em deep in the swamps, think I can still memorize the trail. C'mon then, follow me," he reluctantly exclaims, his sandals squeaking as he turns and beckons them to follow.

xxxxx'Currently the muscle.' Yeah, the dusky-skinned woman doesn't seem to have an issue with that. She nods appreciatively. "It's a sort of hybrid spirit. Hunger and rage. If it bites you with its creepy-ass long chameleon lamprey tongue your organs will revolt, turn to battery acid, and begin their campaign to fall out on the floor...." the starts to explain, ever-helpful as they traverse the god-knows-what. "So don't get bit!" This is only the first of many such helpful bits of advice.

xxxxx"Change from the devourer hogs we occasionally get. One nasty bite instead of several all at once." Sabine says with a shrug. "Long ass tongue, extra venom. Gotcha." she says with a nod of her head. There's a roll of her shoulders and soon, the otherwise muddied ginger is packing on some mass and muscle, looking less like a runway model and more like a shaggy fitness model instead once she tops over the six feet mark in her Dalu form.

xxxxxThe swamp to the back of the gas station looks nearly impenetrable at first glance, but knowing where to look shows a few different trails tucked into the underbrush and trees, and once through the first half mile or so it opens up into easier to manage, if wetter terrain. This is where things get trickier. The more solid ground up higher gives way to patches of muck at first, and then before long the muck becomes the norm and there are patches of shallow, standing water. All throughout there is enough mostly solid ground to keep things from being too rough going. The underbrush pulls at hair and clothing, but little more than an annoyance. The water tries to soak into everything it can reach, and critters and pests make themselves known with the buzzing of mosquitoes and the lurking forms of leeches in the water.
xxxxxDukes makes a pretty good show of himself as he maneuvers through the swamp, and familiar landmarks seem to stand out in the light of the moon. A fallen tree with a large gash in it, A trio of palms that seem to fan out from each other, and a small copse of mangroves is all it takes for him to find the right spot, and he is able to lead the three to where Dale showed him the sign of the larger monster he had been hunting.

xxxxxAs they travel deeper into the swamps, what was once the figure of a dusky-skinned young male adult shifts and turns into that of a wolf, his clothing merging into the brilliant white fur that coats the wolf's lithe and agile frame. Urhan-Dustin mostly keeps his mouth shut, mainly because he can't properly communicate while in this particular form, and instead works on leading the group towards their objective ahead. He's a fairly good tracker as it seems, capable of easily tracing the trail he and Dale went through, up until the memorable landmarks finally indicate that they're at the correct spot. His wolfish forms ripples and churns as it increases in size and, his fur turning a bit darker in hue now, some marred skin on small patches of fur now visible. "Stay here, but be weary. This is where we last saw the monster. I'll scout up ahead, and depending on whether I find something or not, I'll return. You hear a howl? Please arrive quickly," he yelps, growls, and snaps to them in the First Tongue, before he's off to do some reconnaissance work.

xxxxxFor once Luisa is bigger... and it's not because Dukes is short. It's cause the Witch is going full fucking Dire... as is her way. At least twice the size of any true-blooded wolf to walk in the last several hundred years, Luisa might be tiny in the greater scheme of things, but around here? Nothing natural is coming for her. Smaller creatures scatter at every step, the undergrowth clearing.

xxxxxSabine follows with the others, and once Dukes gets on track, it gives her a chance to start working on picking up what the wolf is chasing. Staying in her Dalu form she might not quite have the raw foot speed or the agile nose but tracking is sometimes a slower, deliberate, job. But hands are kinda handy in avoiding long chameleon-like lamprey xenomorph tongues. "And that's where the plucky females end up getting pounced by the monster." Sabine jokes in a more growly voice, trying to enunciate with fangs. Leaving off with a grin for the bigger wolf staying back with her while the Rahu keeps her senses peeled.

xxxxxAs Dukes heads out on his own the swamp seems to settle in, like he belongs. No sense of the intruding city that others might get from the Irraka. Here, it is like he belongs, like he is no different than the trees around him or the mud resting beneath the surface of the water. Silent steps manage to avoid all things that would make him announce his presence, and instead the sounds of the creatures come back to life, helping to hide his presence even more. It is as if he isn't even there.
Template:BreakAs Dukes looks around the sign of the beast can be seen. Long sloughs through the mud, clawed prints too big for a normal gator, and broken limbs and displaced earth leading a pretty convincing trail. It isn't straight, but it is definitely followable. As he does, he can tell that he is actually looping back around slightly, as if this thing were wandering the area without much direction.
xxxxxBack where the ladies are things are quiet. With the presence of the two Uratha the critters and animals are keeping their distance, the primal fear still embedded in their subconscious. The lack of sound from the other animals actually helps as well, the sound of sloshing and muddy steps able to be picked out in the distance.

xxxxxThe funk hits Sabine's nose hard. "Yeah fuck. Like a gator and a monkey went at it." she says in a soft muttered tone and scrunches up her features in a grossed out snarl. "See if we can find some more tracks of some dead shit it's killed." she considers. Finding physical evidence doesn't seem to be much of an issue. "Or maybe we should think about bringing it to us. Be our own bait?" Sabine might have a wolf beside her but she might also just be talking to herself while she adds a little essence to further prepare herself for a fight, adding strength and a better sense of how a fight might go.

xxxxxSticking to the shadows is definitely his thing, and the pitch darkness of the swamps helps make sure that the one thing he has a deep affinity with does not betray him. Hell, even Luna's light is barely noticeable amongst the shadows, as heretical as that might sound! Dustin (AKA Dukes) sticks his nuzzle to the beast's trail while his pony-sized form ducks and paws around the mud, determined enough to follow its tracks until he can find the beast's location.

xxxxxWhat would be a soft chuckle from Luisa is just distressing in her dire wolf form; the throat clearly isn't meant for such. "Stay focused." the Witch hisses, punctuating this with a quick side-swipe -- an obvious, bodily shove that would be completely unacceptable to humans but here is just a gentle 'hey, watch it' among half-story-tall wolves. Maybe a little heavier than most. Luisa is relatively small, bodily, but she moves with the self-assurance of an alpha. Everyone knows Rude is head of the Aces, in a very big way. Anyone who's ever met her knows she doesn't care. "

xxxxxDukes has no trouble tracking the monster. As he continues on he even sees and smells the signs that he is closing on it. Things are more fresh, and it has been through here recently. By now he would be heading back almost the way he came, just a few hundred feet off further than the exact path he had taken, almost as if they had walked past each other in the swamp and neither new the other was even there.
xxxxxBack with the ladies the sound of footsteps and splashing ends, and there is more silence, then a distinct shift as the steps start heading closer to them. Off to the side there is a light crashing sound as an animal, likely a deer, bounds away, spooked by something.

xxxxxThe bump gets a grin and a hip check back against the furrier female. Sabine chuckling with amusement. Softly as it might be. When it gets more obvious they're getting closer to their prey behind Dukes scouting ahead. The mostly woman shaped werewolf starts actually focusing. Green eyes kind of squint while she tilts her head to the sound of whatever spooked critter bolts. Clawed hands flex while an eager expression starts to sneak onto the Rahu's face.

xxxxxUrshul-Dustin takes careful, more deliberate steps as the tracks become gradually fresher. He does wonder how the fuck the party of three Uratha did /not/ catch scent of this thing when they passed through here before, however. He's on alert-mode now as he scours around the area of the tracks, looking to find if there's any more similar tracks that could indicate if there's more than one of these things, though to no avail. He proceeds to follow the tracks he's already onto though, still under the cover of darkness.

xxxxxUnreasonable-large-wolf Luisa finally catches up with Dukes. But there's /something/ in the strip of swamp between them. It's not crashing through the trees or pushing the water around... it's smart. Waiting. <<BACK HERE.>> she hisses, loud as physiology will allow. Bristling now she looks back to Sabine in a wordless 'hope you're fuckin' ready'. As for Luisa? No fighter, no, but she braces, bares her sizable fangs, and gets ready to get shit done.

xxxxxWith where the three Uratha are there is definitely something between them all, and they would all be aware of it by now. Dukes gets close enough to hear the sounds, and more importantly the voice of Luisa breaking through the silence as she speaks out to him. They are still apart, but within ear-shot now. This spurs the thing approaching them on, and it is now a charge. The effect is that of a gorilla rampaging through the jungle with how it moves through the water and underbrush, and there is a roar let out that seems to pierce the night air. It comes into view and the smell makes sense. The thing is tall, close to 8 feet, and has the full head of an alligator. The top is furred, and there is a neck like an ape that leads into powerful arms and legs. The back is covered in hard scales, a long, powerful tail, and the hands and feet have sharp claws. It is running on all fours, the posture again similar to a gorilla as it levels amber eyes at the two she-wolves.


xxxxxLuisa hisses through dagger-sized teeth as the alien-mouth-tongue grazes her again, this time along her right side (cause two weird scars you can't explain are better than one, apparently.) She turns on the thing and fucks it up in turn. "They're coming for you, once each!" She's clearly tied up in combat herself, and the source may or may not be evident depending on her compatriots' skills.

xxxxxDustin's Urshul form is still hidden under the night's shadowy blanket it seems, because as soon as Luisa snaps up to say something to him, and before he could even get a chance to reply, that gargantuan of a reptile monster is already charging head-on towards Sabine and Luisa on the other side of the swamp! The Irraka is sneaking up behind in the meanwhile, ducking while galloping towards the croc monster. And then he pounces, right from the shadows, teeth parted into a mean snarl and claws jutting out as they threaten to rake down on the monster's form. And they do! The white dire wolf lunges its menacing claws right into the armored shell of the beast, dealing a significant amount of damage as the claws are retracted back, and Dustin retreats back into the darkness.

xxxxxThere's another grin at Luisa. "I could cut glass right now Hon'!" The Rahu says, having a perfectly normal conversation between a human shape and a wolf. When the prey does make an appearance, in all it's eight feet of ugly Alligatorilla. "You have no idea how ready!" she says, and when Luisa tells her there's more the Rahu squees like she met a dream date and beams before she charges at the one she can currently get at, already reeling from Dukes’ surprise attack. Sabine with her smaller size latches onto the mutated creature thing and starts tanking hard on limbs and jumping to jam a knee hard into it's gator maw to try and bend it back before she sets feet on the ground. As one of the spirits bites at her she growls and hisses before turning and spinning the Alligatorilla into a solid enough tree head first. Freeing up her hands to fight and maybe avoid fresher wounds. Bad enough the venom in her system is gonna kick around soon enough. But right now when she continues the fight she's going to fight through any problems the venom might cause.

xxxxxThe gator-man is crazed as it charges headlong, eyes seeing only something it could eat, potential relief. So blinded by that hunger it doesn't even try to see anything else, and that bites it in the ass, or claws it in the back. The scales there hold well, but there are gaps in them, and claws rend through, tearing flesh and causing blood to spill out into the water below. Before it can even react there is a little she-wolf against it, closing the distance where so many would flee. There is a growl of pain as she twists and turns, and as it tries to struggle against her there is a moment of change in its eyes, perhaps fear? Then it is hurling into a tree and there is a loud snap as bark and fibers give and bones crack.
xxxxxThe spirits materialize into the real world, and the little fucks each find a suitable target. They are pale white, gaunt things that have mouths full of teeth and those long tongues. Too large eyes glow red and three fingered hands are tipped with long talons. The one going for Dustin misses with its tongue, and there is a skittering motions as it seems to struggle to even keep up with him. It drops low, letting the water rise up to cover over half its body. The one going for Luisa makes contact, and it lets out a clicking sound of joy as it tastes her blood, circling her to try for another taste of the grey Dire wolf. The final one gains similar success on Sabine, and as excited as she is it mirrors that, wanting more of the Rahu's juices.

xxxxx"To me!" Luisa /screams/ this. She knows her moment. This is it. Assuming they have the sense to follow orders in the moment, both have the last remains of a bait animal pushed into their palm of jaws, whatever gripping implement is relevant. "Shove it in their fucking mouths. Forget the gator for now." she hisses. The Witch has been waiting.


xxxxxDustin doesn't even care that there's a stupid little spirit trying to stick its tongue up his bum-hole or whatever, he knows that his enhanced reflexes should be more than enough to avoid a world of pain. He does see that the Aces' Witch is struggling quite a bit with the gaunt-like spirit, however, and his massive jaws snarl and snap at the sight. He leaps and pounces at the hunger spirit, taking its head off clean with one swipe of his claws, milky white Essence spurting and spewing everywhere. He turns, and shrieks in pain when the only spirit left standing manages to graze his side with its tongue. "You fucking maggot!" He yells at it in First Tongue.

xxxxxThe venom in her system is a time bomb waiting to go off. So Sabine just speeds things up as she turns on her second attempted assailant. leaving the gator a mess on the ground to be finished off later thanks to Luisa's advice the spirit manifested and biting finds itself staring down at first a rather muscled woman before she's replaced by a very large, and very, very angry wolf monster thing. A loud roar leaves the ginger beast's maw as it grabs the spirit rather effortlessly, using it;s own hand to slap itself in the mouth before Sabine uses the same tree to slam the spirit into it, even as the wounded gator she steps over tries to still bite at her.

xxxxxThe spirits quickly diminish under the combined fury of the Uratha. Cold from Dustin, Hot from Sabine, and a little crazed from Luisa. The bodies of the two little spirits melt away, the milky liquid almost glowing under the light of the full moon as it mixes with the swamp water. The remaining spirit is emboldened as it tastes the blood of Dustin, but as the fellows fall it too begins to back away, turning to head back behind the Alligator beast. As if on queue the large monster rears out, closing jaws on Sabine as it tries to rip a chunk from her, managing only some minor wounds before fur and mud causes its grip to loosen.

xxxxxThere's one more spirit and while still in Gauru Sabine has to keep the kill streak going. The last of the spirits finds itself grabbed, clawed and shredded and then lifted and jammed hard down against the Gatorilla still trying to fight. The impact hits hard as if the werewolf is trying for a twofer, letting the spirit go after driving it down in a power bomb whether it's alive or not, leaving the mud soaked monster in red fur growling and eyeballing her first victim, the Gatorilla.

xxxxxEven with that pesky spirit still running about the place, Dustin's eyes are set on finishing the gator off. It may be heavily wounded, sure, but that thing is still alive and clamping its jaws down on the closest thing it sees. Razor sharp claws find themselves raking at the hard reptilian carapace again, flicking away some of its scales but doing little to almost no damage to it. Dustin shrieks out a howl at the gator, pre-empting the creature's inevitable demise at their hands.

xxxxxAs the last of the spirits is crushed against the very gator it had been riding, the body crumples, leaking from numerous places that same milky substance. The gator-beast is rocked by the blow, falling backward as it catches itself. Still propped up on both feet and one arm it shakes its head, a low groaning leaving the throat of it as it pushes back up to a standing position. It is wobbly, and looks around to the wolves. Green eyes that almost glow in the moonlight shine as it regards them, limping backward and looking around as if to find out where it is.

xxxxxRight up in the gator's face. Sabine, also known as Ki'I Ningla, Below the Belt if anyone asks has one last shot. and with a snarl, the wolf is charging and scooping up the Alligatorilla and with claws already tearing into the creature, she's throwing it hard into the pointest part of the tree that's already had everything thrown at it. A howl of determination rings through the swamp and once the tree makes a loud cracking sound the wolf lets the other creature go and turns back, shifting down to her Hishu form while she still has enough focus. A giddy grin on her features as she turns around again to first look at her handy work and make sure it stays down then checks on the others. "You guys okay?" she calls out curiously.

xxxxxThe swamp is silent as the grave as the final blow is dealt to the swamp monster. It's body slumps against the broken tree, blood mingling with the water as it runs down the trunk. There is an electricity in the air, the post battle din of realized potential and the fading lifeforce of multiple beings. Slowly, as it always does, nature returns to a sense of normalcy. First the insects, chirping and buzzing, followed by the frogs, the night birds, the sound of bats finding their evening meal. As it was, so it will be, despite the impressive show of fury and rage that just took place. Only the remains of the fallen prey marks the event, and the lingering sensations of adrenaline and joy that the hearts of the Uratha continue to pump.

xxxxx"Impressive." Luisa murmurs, finally shifting back in to human form as the sizable wound on her side closes up. Sabine's hauling-about of the crocodile-thing's corpse does not go unnoticed. "I'm alright." she's quick to reassure, her skin pretty much knitting itself back together in the same moment. She locks eyes with the redhead and says simply, "Come back. Next time. This isn't over."


xxxxxThe redhead offers a hand to help Luisa onto her feat once she's healed enough to walk. "There's always something out here. You think there's more of either? Fuck yeah I'm down." the Rahu says with more of that eagerness to fight. "Good call on switching up prey too Hon." she states with some clear pride. "Even got a few good bites in. I can help you get better at that if you're game. But C'mon. Let's get our asses back to civilization. Gator monkey stink is gonna take a while to wash out." she adds and takes a whiff of her armpit. Between that and the swamp it's probably going to be burning nostrils.

xxxxx"Both." Luisa murmurs as she rises, her certainty absolute. "...and we'll need help." The Witch then leans in, pressing against Sabine in a decidedly wolf-life fashion as she moves away, pressing bodily into the other woman only to walk off without another word. The offer is acknowledged but not yet taken up. "Another time, perhaps." the little brunette offers as she steps away, moving off into the swamp, toward god knows what. Soon gone.