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Roach Motel California

Characters: Lita, Agatha, Saulot
Date: 2020-08-05
Summary: Lita does a favor for Agatha, and goes bug-squashing.


After the frog slaughter the other night and folks went their seperate ways Agatha fired off a text to Lita. <Need help. Bring gloves and be ready to fight. Downtown, west of Superdome, 10PM> That was all he gave, and any responses were met with silence throughout the day. Between the time of day and the epidemic this area of time is rather lifeless tonight. What few souls can be seen are the last morass of tourists leaving, the scant few homeless to be found, and those leaving and going to work.

Agatha can be found around a kilometer away from the big arena, westward as he had said. He's currently sitting on the curb with a bottle in one hand and a burger in the other while he waits. He's dressed in a simple t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers; although the faintest hints of last night's funk can still be smelled on him in barely there aura of ick most mortals couldn't pick up on.

Lita gets the message and actually manages to show up on time, pulling up on her crotch rocket of a motorcycle in less sewery clothes though she did have to eschew her jacket while riding which left her in just jeans and a tank top in matching black leaving mostly her arms bare. At least her boots managed to take a cleaning and a whole shit load of deoderizer to get the funk out.

"So I should have asked what sort of gloves. So I might have brought a few." she says and unslings a backpack, unzipping it to show a box of rubber surgical gloves, some hefty gardening gloves. A pair of padded motorcycle gloves on her hands already and even some fingerless MMA style gloves.

"Are we collecting frog samples again? Or setting up for creole dining. Never did get that jamabalaya."

As expected of a werewolf, Agatha heard the bike a mile away. Even still it does take a bit of adjusting to the sound when she comes to a stop. He shakes his head to claer his thoughts, and lifts his beer in mock cheer before taking a drink.

"Nothing like that," he answers in between sips. "I imagine it's somebody out there that can make you some that's good, but Cajun is outta my wheelhouse. Might wanna try Nia, this blooded girl that lives out in the sticks."

Another sip of beer and Agatah continues on. "You knwo about hosts and shit like that, right? Fuckers that were probably big as godzilla back in the olden days and got broken up by Wolf? Shit like that. I didn't so much find a nest of them, as I had it introduced to me as part of some info I got from a frog spirit late last night." Probably why that text came when it did. "You ever fought anything like 'em?"

"Yeah I've helped bring a few down. Some big some small. Not my normal game but a good fight is wherever you find it!" Lita states with a nod as she bounces up and down on the spot and limbers up while she has a moment to breath. "So I'm gonna guess we're looking at why all those frogs and stuff migrated to the sewers. Gotta love broken ecosystems." she states and grins.

"The frog stuff I've no idea on if I gotta tell you the truth." Agatha chuckles at that, and finishes off his beer in a few seconds. To his feet he goes, and stretches to his tip toes as he says, "That wasn't from our side of things so I'm still confused as all fucking shit by that. I'm guessing it's some faerie stuff since that kinda thing is still mind-boggling." He shakes his head. "Nah, this another kinda infestation. Roaches, if I gotta be specific about it."

Lita nods her head and makes an eww face. "Roaches? Those are gonna be some tough shells to crack. They start out as actual roaches or we got them taking over people. Ehh. Still gotta put them down fast." she states and looks around to make sure no one might have eyes on her and then lets herself shift, putting on even more mass and muscle as she grows into her Dalu form. Clothes strain before they start to keep up or at least try. And once done, clawed hands bind her hair up into a very haphazard bun at the base of her skull. "Gotta wonder if their eldritch shit is really as bad as you hear compared to ours." she states and gestures in a direction. "Lead on!" she suggests with a flash of fangs behind her lips.

When she started to get ready he started wolfing down the remainder of his burger. When she says to lead on he starts walkin, but doesn't pipe up just yet. When the last of his food is finished off he balls up the wrapper, and stows it in his hip pocket. "If they get strong enough? We're talking a whole ass pack'll be needed. If not that big or bad? It depends, I guess. One of those things I don't wanna experiment with first hand. Ya know? Anyway, I didn't hear anything about something too big from the King, but still. Better safe than sorry."

Even as she finishes her growth spurt, she further adds by channeling her essence, honing her instincts and enhancing her strength even further into the super human. "Well whatever we coming up on, we can find out. If we need more folks, then it might even be worth a Siskur Dar. Get the Cahailith's singing." she suggests as she steps forward. "We just gotta be careful. Was king frog all that trustworthy? I mean we did kill a bunch of frogs and stuff, even if they were fae stuff. It's all relative."

Agatha continues walking, taking a turn when they get to the end of the street. Further along and he points off to a warehouse. Unassuming and rather mundane. The lights are off, and there's not a single car to be found in the parking lot. The fence around it isn't in the best shape. It looks like it's been cut through at varying spots, and none of those holes are the same size. "That spirit's as trustworthy as everyone else on this rock is. So long as he gets what he wants he's fine. Lies of omission, maybe, but that's because some shit they just don't get."

"Plus however nasty a thing we might be walking toward, other spirits do sometimes get more scared of us so they think we can probably take it. Much as I like that idea, not always true. Even a monkey could bring us down if they get clever enough." Lita says with a nod and tries to keep an eye on her surroundings on their way to the warehouse. "That's hopefully going to be a good place for us. Plenty of solid walls, no one around. Nice and secluded." she states with a fanged grin to match her playfully growlly tone.

"Good? Place is infested with roaches. Shit ain't good for anybody with a nose." That stench is uminstakable. Flesh. Bone. Meat. Some of it smells fresh, but most of it is the stink of rotting meat left to cook out in the open sun. The scent of various offal and trash is strong in the air, and it only gets worse the closer they get. As they near the warehouse the faint sound of something skittering around can be heard. Some things most likely unless it has hundreds of legs.

Agatha keeps going along until they get to the fence. He goes through one of the larger holes, although the much larger Rahu will have to hunch down to get through it at her current height. "I didn't say, but The Frog-King of All He Surveys isn't here. He ain't no city boy like me. He's all the way out in the woods a good few miles up, but even he said this shit was a problem for him."

"All relative. It means it can possibly be contained. Bring the house down." Lita states and gestures a hand towards the wall. "Nothing like tonnage of debris to squash a bug." she adds with another grin and a big attempt at looking like the smell isn't grossing even her out as it hits her enhanced senses.

With the sounds of skittering, the woman slows her walking pace and starts looking a little more focussed. There's even a finger to lips in a shush gesture while she tries to track the "Bring the house down the wrong way, and it brings the wrong kinda shit on us. That's the lesson I always had bashed into my head, but it hasn't bitten me in the ass yet. Granted, I didn't bring houses down. Was just regular ol' arson." He barks a laugh at that, and then goes silent as they near the front of the warehouse. "Ladies first," he says while making a flourish to where they're going. "Unless you think you can Kool-Aid man through the walls."

"I'm an Iron Master. We're all about making sure the house comes down right. How many times I had to yell at a pup killing humans with fangs and claws in a city. All kinda shit can go wrong." Lita explains with a grin and a swipe of her hands at the air like she was going upside an invisible head. With the suggestion of Kool-aiding the wall, Lita grins and shakes her head. "I ain't got the claws for that. " she says softly and keeps her head turning to see where possible prey might have gone.

A chuckle escapes the Elodoth at that, and he shakes his head. "So noted. You might wanna teach that Gearhead from The Fixers some. Her being a cub and all, she could use the help from an experienced Iron Master." As they get closer Agatha soon falls to silence.

The door to the place is boared up and likely locked. However, something that goes to about knee height has ripped a hole at the door. Further still, they can see that several holes have been knocked out of the front of the long since abandoned building. If she looks hard enough she can make out the rough shapes of six-legged freeks scuttling along on the floor along with a few walking on two legs.

Lita frows as she sees holes in the door and some of the walls. Though even at her knee height, the six and a half foot woman probably isn't squeezing through. But there's a work around that comes from gloved hands reaching through to grab the top of the hole and the other getting purchase on the boards. With a flex of arms and thighs, the muscled mistress of Iron yanks hard and pulls the door further apart, creeating enough of a gap she can finally fit though. "You might want to get your game face on." she suggests to the Elodoth as she spies roach shaped things in the darkened warehouse.

Agatha simply watched as Lita went to work. The door initially creaks after that first pull. Slowly, but surely, giving way to her strength. After just a second they come flying open. With the Rahu's full might on display Agatha is left momentarily speechless. "What?" he asks before looking back inside. "Oh right. Game face. Speaking of game face I need you to run distraction. Big, loud distraction." He takes in a deep breath, and then drops down to all fours to take the form of a red wolf.

The place is as rancid inside as it smelled, but so much worse. The cause of the stench is somewhat obvious with the doors now open. Just as the roach hosts, the lack of light proves no problem for the Uratha. The place is littered with filth. Enough so that the floor of the warehouse can't at all be see. Flesh, food, and various bits of waste cover teh ground. Among those hosts walking around there are nearly a dozen on two-legs, perverted by the machinations of the spirit shards now controlling the meat puppets.

"Just once can we go somewhere and kill something that smells nice." Lita says "Distraction, yeah I can do that." She states and cracks her knuckles before she bounces on the spot and charges up at what is hopefully the biggest of the Unlcean hosts with a huge kick being wound up like she's going for a field goal. A big old roar coming from the woman as she moves.

The come from everywhere. The walls, the floor, and even the goddamned ceiling. Scores of those filthy wretches ready to throw themselves at the meatgrinder that is a Rahu. They're not as slimy as the frogs, but many of them are covered in a viscous, red fluid - especially on their underbellies. Their attacks and bites and scratches don't come close to drawing Lita's blood, but they sure enough are irritating.

Agatha was right behind Lita, although he doesn't launch into an attack. No, the Elodoth is darting around the current melee and doesn't make a peep. One of the roachmen he rushes by shrieks out, "For the queen," and ignores him for the much larger threat in the room.

That is a lot of roaches to stomp.

Even as she goes loud and overt like Agatha planned the words horribly, horribly right come to mind as. The bites and clawing come at all sides and Lita can be heard grunting and snarling as her arms and legs kick out and start tearing into the larger roachmen. Claws shred chittlin and boots stomp exoskeletons in went crunchy sounds while the swarms still make a very good effort to over whelm her.

Will she need to shift, that remains to be seen but even she has limits to her healing factor.

Just when it seems like there might be some respite, some form of reprieve, none comes. The Hosts keep on piling on. Literally. After a while it's difficult to even make out how many their actualyl might be. Their numbers seem endless, and their attacks innumerable. Their asault of the Rahu isn't especially potent, but their multitudes are starting to become a problem. Ever still is that fetid stench that sticks the air, and burns every breath taken in.

Hopefully Agatha's plan is coming along nicely, cause the continued swarming is really, realing starting to do a number on Lita. Flesh is torn, muscles being shredded. Head to toe it's not pretty under all that and it's soon clear to the Rahu that she's gonna need to step up if she hopes to survive. That's when Agatha can hear another roar from beneath the crawly mountain of cockroach monsters and some very, large furry arms flailing about at Roachmen. Bloodied yellow fur swings with claws as they rake and swipe at the roachmen. More viscera flies and creatures are rended apart but there's still a long way to go and beyond that it's just a matter of seeing how long the Spine Explosions can go when there's no vertebrae to destroy.

The onslaught of insects continues on. Despite how many the Rahu stamps out it's as if many, many more continue to finish what the last started. They rip and tear and chomp on whatever bit of meat they can get on. Fur and flesh are torn from the werewolf's flesh as quickly as it grows back. ~For the queen!~ It's echoed countless times in English and in First TOngue. Over and over and over again.

Lita is in a race to stay standing. Her healing factor against the sheer multitudes of insects attacking her. Claws swiping, legs kicking and even those jaws of her crunch down. That alone is going to keep the Rahu nice and pissed off and in serious need of mouthwash and aklcohol. Her own snarls back at the repeated war cries. <<Bitch no! I AM THE QUEEN!>> she roars as she keeps on taking all comers like a nearly beserk Kaiju in the middle of a city.

Some of them flee, fearing the Werewolf as much as they might the sun. They skitter and scamper, trying their damnedest to flee. The smeel of blood is in the air, animal and human. Likely prey before the Werewolf's assault. None of their earlier victims match up to the Werewolf that still stands mightily despite their numbers.

Those that remain still scream and screech for their queen, whatever that may be. Even as Lita waylays many of those that remain give no quarter as they tear away at the massive Gauru. The viscious filth that hangs on their shells is now as much on her as them, and it is beyond awful as they continue to bite away.

Lita grime and filth in fur and hair can be washed out but damn if it's gonna take as much of an effort to get the taste out her mouth as it does to kill all thise things. Rolling and stomping and swinging those claws as she bites and slashes her way through the remaining bugs. With her wounds still healing as fast as they're inflicted the fight is still mostly in the bugs favor. That's not even considering the possibility that there is actuall a queen roach and Lita's taunts didn't just drive the fleeing bugs to it.

The tornado of clawes and teeth that is Lita proves to be too much for the swarm of roach hosts. These unclean things continue attacking her, although their numbers are starting to shrink. However, the need to expel or destroy the outsider overrides everything else. It's as if their queen compels them from afar to continue attacking and they do just that.

That haze of bloodlust is growing as Lita keeps on fighting. The wolf getting closer and closer to that limit where it's about the fight and becomes about the need to kill. <<Imma kill that queen, gonna turn you all into smears under my feet! You gonna die filth!>> she again howls out in the first tongue to try and call the Queen roach out.

The swarms' numbers are falling, and hard at that. While the others have scattered and ran off the few that yet remain show no signs of stopping. They chew and claw through her flesh again, but then she just cuts down more than a dozen like a hot knife through butter. They panic, and start to scatter all around trying to both get away from the werewolf and not leave the hive.

There were more coming. There were supposed to be more. But then the walls shake as a sonorous boom echoes all around them. The noise is enough to send the roaches haywire as they start to panic even mroe.

Either Lita riled up the queen enough or Agatha been setting explosives for a controlled demolition. Either way, as the Rahu keeps tearing through roaches and bugs and starts making real headway on them she roars wordlessly as she makes progress. Almost worth tasting bug guts and filth but if it gets these things wiped out as best she can, then yeah worth it. This queen is totally on Lita's shit and hit lists. Even if she has to write it down in roach guts on the walls.

Lita it's getting close and some more of the roaches are starting to flee in the panic caused by werewolves and whatever might be shaking the building down. When the last one is stomped under a massive pawed hind foot, the momentum built has to slow and eventually Lita shrinks herself down to her Dalu form before Kuruth claims her and makes things way more difficult to deal. Especially since there is Agatha still around the place and it would be rude to attack him so being able to think and take him off any potential target lists is a good idea. When she's back in Dalu again, soaked in all that mess and her clothes little more than rags from the earlier fighting she tries to catch her breath a moment. At least she was able to heal before shifting but that trick is off the table now. "Okay, that should be a good enough distraction. What next." she smirks with some increasing tiredness in her voice and movements.

The source of the explosion is indeed Agatha, although not as controlled. He comes up, covered in that same red gunk that coated the shartha. He's drenched in that shit, but appears otherwise unharmed. The black wolf shifts up and out into that of the man that brought Lita around around. He's trying his damndest to get that plus the rot and dirt off of his body, but it's just too much.

Lita probably looks like a halfway point between Carrie on Prom Night and Peter Venkman in the hotell with all her mess. "Yeah, that was a good enough distraction." she says with a very worn out smirk. Though she does at least stay on guard. "You get your prey?" she asks and slowly steps over dead roaches and gunk. As much as shifting might save clothes it doesn't help when they're shredded before hand. Nor does it get gunk off when they return. The squelching between toes inside shoes won't be fun. "So we bail or we got more work?" she asks the man.

"I only brought enough for the tunnel, and that nearly tapped me out for the month," admits the Elodoth as he continues cleaning himself off. "For fuck's sake," he stops, gagging up and puking some of it up. His hands fall to his knees as he still tries to breathe. "Gonna torch this fucking piece of shit hole in the earth unless you got objections, Backbreaker."

"Do it. Hopefully the place ain't too soggy and it catches." Lita says and gives a thumbs up. "And then collapses in and buries anything else. Still got a queen down there though." she adds and tries to shrug her shoulders. "Might pay to watch the place in case they dig their weay out here or somewhere else. But I'd safely say nothings checking out here once your done."

He can't answer. Not yet at least. He's starts hacking up more of that gunk and what he ate on the way over. After he's emptied his stomach one last time he stands up. Agatha tries to wipe away his mouth with the back of his hand, but it only makes it worse. "The other side's being taken care of. Someone else is at the other end of the tunnel." He gags, but at least nothign comes up as he starts to make his departure.

Lita nods her head, and picks some carapace out of the bun. "Well hopefully they don't have as much of a fight. Fun but if I don't brush my damn teeth soon I'm gonna be hurling myself." she says and chuckles before dry heaving herself and making her own victorious exit.