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Characters: Sage, Ramsey, Bishop, Hudson and Jeanie as Storyteller
Date: 2020-04-19
Summary: Territory don't really matter when curious wolves wanna get a look at a possibly radioactive mutant alligator!


Early evening and the area around Waterford Nuclear Generating Station is predicatbly quiet. Combination of pandemic going on and folks not wanting to spend more time around a nuclear power station than they have to despite all the EPA's attestations that it is perfectly safe. Around the cooling ponds, it seems like the landscaping crew might have been deemed non-essential because while there's not a bird or small animal to be seen there is certainly plenty of vines and other overgrowth around the banks of the warm water that... has it always been that color?

Sage has heard scuttlebutt about something going down at the Waterford Nuclear Generating Station, that the nature spirits are all out of sorts, and it seems to be linked to environmental fuckery, so Sage is on it. But Sage can't fight worth a damn, so he's hassled Hudson into coming with him. As they approach the area, Sage tells Hudson, "I just want to take a look around and see if the claim of there being a giant mutant gator are true. I don't want to fight it, but just in case, I'm glad you're here."

Ramsey's old farm truck rattles up the road, a small skiff of galvanized steel from what is probably sheet metal and buckets, and a whole mess of welds, is in the bed, strapped down securely, while the fella himself is driving with his window down, a blue baseball cap on, and a work shirt that says Apopka Snake Farm on it, as well as some good old fashioned waders rolling into the lair of what might be the beast? He's heard things, and he's come armed. Cajun style. Also Ramsey style because he's on the back half of an excessively fat blunt, and not giving any of the damns if someone gives him a look. "Hey, y'all," he calls as the truck rattles to rest nearish to those he remembers from Karaoke Night.

The power plant isn't part of Bishop's territory. It's not part of a territory adjacent to his, nor part of or adjacent to the territory of other wolves he knows or is somehow indebted to.

There's absolutely no good reason for him to be here, really -- it's not his business, and others will handle it. He has troubles of his own to manage on the homefront. Nevertheless, there's a yearning in his blood that transcends the boundaries of territory -- would Urfarah have abandoned a potential threat, merely because he didn't think it was his responsibility?

And so Bishop has been here in the area, disconnected from the others, in the form of a black wolf, stalking the area. He's a normal black wolf, albeit particularly healthy-sized, with a smattering of silver-white along his chest and striped near his back.

Gray hairs, man. Aging is a pain.

Hudson doesn't really take too much convincing to head out to the Nuclear plant to hunt monster gators. He's been grumbling for a few days about wanting to kill something, and this seems like the perfect opportunity. He seems rather less commited than Sage to the idea of 'just looking around' and he's broughtalong his fancy new rifle, as well as his handgun stuffed into the waistband of his jeans. He's a modern sort of werewolf! "This'll be pretty cool!" Hudson enthuses to Sage as they head on down towards the ponds, before adding "Just get behind me if things go crazy" with a confident little smirk. There's a strut in his step as they head on down -- no shortage of self confidence here -- though Hudson does look pleased when that old truck rattles up and he spots the somewhat familiar face of Ramsey behind the wheel. He gives him a broad grin and a wave when he spots him. As for Bishop? Hudson hasn't met him, and the strange scent will likely set Hud's nostrils twitching if the unknown wolf gets close enough.

As Ramsey's truck rattles near to Hudson and Sage, the observant may hear a slight increase to the beeping of the borrowed geiger counter in the truck. Not like Jaws music increase, but definitely more than putting it too close to some bananas or something. Otherwise, things are still perhaps eerily calm aside from the sudden congregation of so many unrelated wolves in one place.

Sage waves to Ramsey, happy to see a familiar face, and to the black wolf, he gives a respectful nod. "Are you here because of the gator?" he asks them. Then he nods to Hudson and adds, "He and I thought we'd take a look around, see if the rumors were true." He has a taser in hand, because //that's// going to stop a giant mutant gator.

"What's up, fellas? Yeah, heard the grumblings." He glances toward the wolf a bit away and sniffs slightly, seeming to recognize at least part of that, but doesn't comment. "Brought naval support if we need it. Who can resist a good old fashioned gator fight. Or a mutant hunt." His was an interesting childhood. "Been here long?" He produces a small carry-along cooler, offering beers, because what else would you do? It looks like he's ready to go fishing, honestly.

It must be Luna's caprice that guided Bishop to this particular stretch of nuclear swamp -- a stretch devoid of all natural life, in both the Flesh and the Shadow, as his senses demonstrate. The wolf chuffs, and rises to its back legs, fur receding into skin as bone snaps and muscles, tendons, and organs rearrange, leaving the figure of Bishop standing in its place. He's dressed in blue jeans, an open denim vest, and forgot his boots at home, toes wriggling in the moist dirt.

"The hisil has been stripped bare," he mentions. "without a hursih in sight." He doesn't know a single one of these people, but if they're here, best to get on even footing quick. <shift> Bishop returns back to his human (Hishu) form.

"Jewanna Tazeme?" Hudson laughs to himself, bumping Sage with his shoulder in a friendly sort of way as he turns to face Ramsey when he gets down from his truck. Then there is the offer of beer and Hudson breaks into a crowing laugh. "Sweet!" he enthuses, stepping forward to score one with a grateful smile to the other wolf and even the offer of a fistbump if such is accepted! Bishop gets a long, long look when he transforms from a wolf back into a man. The young wolf's brow furrows thouhtfully for a moment, though he nods i understanding when Bishop explains the state of the local Hisil. "Something's probably been getting big and fat then" he concludes with a nod of his head. The cap of the beer is popped off, and Hudson takes a long drink as he turns his back to the group to peer curiously into the swampland around them.

In the bayou, the mighty bayou, a gator sleeps tonight! A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh.... And given Bishop's revelation of the state of the local Hisil, it might not be too surprising to find that there are some clear signs of gator slides nearby. Very, very big gator slides. Almost as wide as that little skiff Ramsey has in his truck.

Sage eyes Hudson blandly and says, "You wanna get on Jewanna's bad side, you just say so, bub." And he waves the taser at his packmate in a vaguely threatening manner. Only vaguely because he's distracted by Bishop's transformation. His eyes widen, and he says, "Mein Fury, Mein Fuhrer! Holy shit, you're Bishop Hurt!" He looks at Hudson. "It's Bishop Hurt!" He takes an offered beer from Ramsey and says, "Thanks, man." Then he says to Bishop, "I'm a huge fan."

Ramsey taps his blunt against his ring finger using his thumb and forefinger, looking down and says "We're maybe gonna need a bigger boat." Cy's fishing skiff ain't gonna do much here. "Or, I mean.. Trap and bait. Not much food around, it's gonna have to range out, unless it like... Eats radiation or something. Which would be badass, and bad for us." He takes one of the beers for himself and cracks it open, taking a sip, and when Sage recognizes the newcomer, he says "I think maybe that's just the guy that works at the roller rink."

Bishop stares at Sage, and despite the thrill of the hunt, a fan's a fan -- and a celebrity has an obligation to fans. The sullen-looking wolf warms enough to crack a smile, nodding to the man. "Yeah, a fan? Didn't think I'd be recognized out here. Glad to hear it, man -- tell you what, let's kick this thing's ass, and I'll autograph whatever you want me to." At the mention of the roller rink he chuckles. "Filling a shift for a pack mate," he clarifies, though that's all he offers on the matter. "If it's been consuming on both sides of the Gauntlet.. a Claimed, maybe. A spirit grown fat on the radiation's resonance, twisted and hungry." He rolls his shoulders. "Or it's just intimidating, and everything fled. Who knows?" He reaches down to the meat of his palm and bites into it, ripping a piece out until blood drips from his hand.

"Either way, let's see if it can smell blood in the... anything." He drips into the water as he walks.

Hudson looks like he's about to respond to Sage's sass, when his packmate recognises Bishop and starts gushing over him, which causes Hudson to burst into a happy laugh. "Dude! I thought you looked familiar! Bishop Hurt! I gotta get you to sign something for my mom. She had the *biggest* crush on you when I was a kid!" he chatters happily away, taking another long drink from his beer as the small group makes their way down to the water. Hudson isn't as good a tracker as Ramsey, but He's really more of a city wolf. Still, the gator slides are pretty hard to miss and Hudson lets out a low whistle when they find them. "Hooooooly shit! That's a big old gator!" he cheers, apparently more enthusiastic than wise. His accent comes out a bit more when he gets excited and it becomes more obvious that he's local. He looks pretty swestruck when Bishop just rips a chunk out of his palm like that. "What a guy!" he grins at Sage.

Gator-zilla might also be part shark as a drop of blood in the water is all it takes to rouse him out of whatever passes for the Horror's slumber. Off in the distance what might have once looked like a log suddenly disappears under the water. Dun dun. Dun Dun. Or click click click click click if anybody is listening to the geiger counter in the truck.

Sage tells Bishop, "I'd like that a lot, man. Thanks." He's grinning until he sees the size of the 'log' that disappears under water. He's a city boy. He's only seen normal gators a few times at a distance. So this? This makes him falter. He doesn't wet himself, though, so there's that. He says, quietly, "Hudson, I think we're going to need your gun." So much for eco-friendly observation with a respect for all life. He sidles behind the armed werewolf.

Rapid escalation is the name of the game these days, Ramsey decides, and as he chugs his beer, he grows, taking Dalu form as if Popeye attaining the spinach of power. The can is crushed down into the dirt and mud to flatten for consciencious recycling later and he takes a long, long drag on the last of his joint, flicking the roach away with his middle finger and he turns his senses toward the water. "Boys, I'd recommend we step back a little ways. Easier if none of us gets dragged in too soon." <shift> Ramsey changes to his near-man (dalu) form.

Sometimes, the simplest plans are the most effective, and Bishop is nothing if not simple. As his blood stains the water and arouses the monster's hunger, he flashes teeth. "Hey," he mentions to Sage, watching the bubbling water as the log disappears beneath it. "Keep near that truck. If things go wrong, don't wait up for us. Just drive."

When things go wrong for werewolves, it's more dangerous for the non-Uratha around them. There's no chance of Sage outrunning them on foot should kuruth fall upon the group or this beast proves their superior, but slamming a lead foot on the gas has better odds.

He shifts back down into the form of a regular wolf, and lingers near the water's edge, where his blood swirls. They still needed bait, after all. <shift> Bishop changes to his wolf (urhan) form.

Hudson reaches into the waistband of his pants and produces a small semi-automatic pistol, which he offers in Sage's direction. "You might want this..." Hudson suggests, his tone getting a little more serious, and he nods in agreement with Bishop "...and yeah, keep well back from the edge. They're kinda slow when they're out of the water" he nods. Looking then to Ramsey and Bishop, Hudson explains "I'm going to see if I can get a better angle on it" before literally running straight at the nearest tree and vaulting easily into the lower branches. It's pretty impressive actually! He more or less runs vertically up the trunk until he's far enough up that he can get a good jump onto one of the lower boughs, well out of the reach of the gator. With the benefit of an advantageous angle, he starts to unsling the rifle from over his shoulder.

Sage nods to Bishop, and again to Hudson, and he bolts for the truck. He takes a swig of his beer and stands by, with the door open, ready to spring inside and get the hell out of dodge. He looks at the gun he holds, the one that Hudson gave him. He really needs to learn how to use one of these someday. He points it toward the gator, just trying out the concept of maybe shooting something.

Slow might be optimistic because Gator-zilla certainly doesn't seem slow as he explodes out of the murky depths of the pool to wear Bishop had tossed that piece of flesh. Massive jaws and countless teeth chomp down on the itty bitty morsel and his head slams back down into the water seemingly in irritation. But the gator has had a taste and he's got eyes on a certain currently four-legged friend. Once more under the water, but only briefly before the gator lunges out and after Bishop teeth ready for a-chomping.

Hudson winces when the gator erupts from the water and runs straight toward Bishop, getting a good bite on the wolf. A look of concern is given over his shoulder in the direction of the truck, making sure that Sage is at a (relatively) safe distance, before he turns his attnetion back to the unfolding drama on the grond below. The Irraka takes careful aim with his rifle and makes what should have been a relatively devastating shot. Except...it just isn't! The hide on the best is just so thick that the bullet just kind of embeds itself in it without doing much visible damage. Hudson's mouth falls open slightly as he mouths "Holy fuck" to himself several times over.

When high powered rifles fail, and a gator has radiation chomped one of your hunting party, there's only one thing to do. Let your cajun show. Hip waders and all, Ramsey charges, dropping to a leg-forward baseball slide to the frankly ridiculous beast out on the bank now, leg going underneath its thing alligators have that looks liker a dulap and his arms spread out, wrangling on one side as he slides under to the other side, letting out a growl as he cinches those jaws with his beefy werewolf arms, pushing his bicep back against its eyes and applying force to keep its jaws shut and neutralized. Gators, man. Terrifying downforce, very little opening power.

As the mighty gator's mighty jaws rip into the tender meat of the black wolf, it lets out a yelp of pain, managing to pull itself free of those grasping jaws as Ramsey slides in to brute-force its jaws shut, nearly trapping his leg if not for a quick, last-minute pull. That Ramsey is such a strapping hero, getting in the mud with the gator -- the irradiated gator, if the strange queasiness Bishop feels is any indication.

He shakes his head to clear it, though, and with a sudden and dramatic explosion in size, the wolf has become a pillar of fuck-you muscle, fur, and fangs like butcher's knives, ten feet and a thousand pounds of death. There's a snarl as the Gauru descends on the alligator, ripping scales and flesh from its body in bloody heaving chunks while it's still alive.

"Holy shit," is Sage's truckside commentary. He makes a rather fetching damsel, if from a distance. He gets a thoughtful look, then upends his taser and pulls the batteries out of it. They're nickel-cadnium. He comes closer, holding the batteries like he's about to do a softball underhand serve, but he has to get closer, and he has to catch the gator with its mouth open...

Gator-zilla is probably really wishing he was something like a were-gator at the moment as his mouth is pinned shut for the moment by one wolf and the one he just got a bite of turns the tables and nearly eviscerated the reptile. Despite all the damage, he's still got some fight left in him and it even appears a little bit of the damage starts to knit together before their eyes, but not nearly enough to repair all the damage Bishop's claws had wrought. Reflex tells Gator-zilla to try a good ol'fashion death roll to try and free himself from that choke hold. A task that would be a hell of a lot easier without two Rahu all up in his face.

As the other rahu in gauru form just goes completely sick house on the massive beast, Ramsey tightens his grip, holding onto its jaws and hooking a leg to hold on for dear life as it begins to thrash and roll, and he gets dragged through the mud, bruised about a bit, but his arm forces down, around the thing's meaty neck, and with one arm wrapped around its snout and the other it's neck, he pulls his own 90s movie cliche and just lets 'er rip, the injured creature not having enough fight to resist having its spine twisted far past its limit, making a quick, wet SCRUUUCK, and putting paid to it. The humane way, really. It was going to have a bad time with those claw wounds.

Hudson is well out of the way of the scuffle down on the ground, perched as he is on the branch of an overhanging tree. He looks somewhat miffed about his first shot on the beast not really seeming to have had any effect, and he's just lining up for his second when first Bishop and then Ramsey go completely apeshit on the monster gator, making it all somewhat uneccessary. Still, he perhes on that branch until he's good and sure the thing is well and truly dead before drpping back down, landing softly on the balls of his feet. "Whew!" he cheers, rising back to his feet and taking a moment to dust some tree debris off of himself. "Nice job guys" he offers genuinely, before wandering nearer to deliver a good solid kick to the now very dead beastie. "Can I have one of it's teeth?" he asks hopefully.

The immense, black wolf-monster continues to savage the alligator past the point it had died, ignorant of Ramsey's merciful execution. Those claws rip open its stomach to let the insides spill, before the Gauru tilts back his head and lets out a blood-curdling roar, his terrible teeth stained red. Before the eyes of the crowd, the gaping wound ripped in his side has healed itself, the regeneration a violent and unsettling sight -- the skin on either side of the bite pulls tight and stretches out like a thing alive, whipping through the air like the breeze has caught it until they touch their opposite, whereupon like loose, fur-covered tendrils they curl together and then sizzle, the meat self-cauterizing.

And then.. the Gauru lifts himself to his full height, and stares at the others, breathing heavily. The Rage boils his blood, and none of these people are Pack. That wolf-blood, especially, looks tender, so easily ripped apart --

Bishop stops, exhales, his spittle drooling down onto the ground like molten lead, and shifts down to human. For a quiet moment, he pays his respect to the gator, and kicks a bit of dirt over its body symbolically.

"Nice moves," he tells Ramsey, and then looks to Hudson. With a grunt, he leans over, and, in Dalu, rips a handful of teeth out one by one. "If you want," he tells Hudson, offering him all but one of them. "But if it gives you cancer, I don't want to hear you bitch. Now, about those autographs.."

Sage winces at the sound of the gator's back breaking, and he just stares for a moment. Then he puts the batteries back in his taser, because suddenly he doesn't want to have to explain his plan. It's based off a love of monster movies. "Wow," he says. "Wait, Hudson, let's check that tooth with a Geiger counter before you bring it home. I'm too young to die of something painfully preventable."

Ramsey rolls to his side, then climbs to his feet, shrinking back down to Hishu, though not as dramatically, and wipes his face with the only slightly grubby inner forearm of his left arm, then whips his hands clean and thinks better of washing them in the slightly glowing pond. "Got one of those in the truck, actually," he says regarding geiger counters, then adds "Thanks." He rolls his neck back on his neck, cracking it, which might be just a little too much for comfort after what happened to poor Zilla over there, then he walks to his little roll-over top igloo, plops himself down on the bank, and cracks open another beer.


Hudson reaches over to grab one of the teeth. A really big, sharp looking one, and then thinks better of it when Bishop mentions it giving him cancer. He hesitates a moment, though when Sage protests slightly he pulls his hand back with a slightly nervous laugh. "Nah, it's good actually" he nods, though he does aim one more good solid kick at the stupid radioactive gator for good measure, the toe of his sneaker connectiong solidly and spraying a little spatter of gore up the leg of his jeans. "SEriously though, that was fucking sick" he repeats in a way that is obviously intended to be complimentary to both of the Rahu. Looking over the way toward Sage, the Irraka slings his rifle back over his shoulder and alters course to go meet up with the blooded. "You alright?" Hudson asks on getting nearer.

"I live in Cypress Grove," Bishop tells the group, though he's directing it toward Sage and Hudson. "Down near Tullis and Tall Spruce. You still want an autograph, come by sometime, ask for.. Bishop."

Duh. Of course ask for Bishop. The Uratha seems a little on-edge after the kill, and increasingly uncomfortable around the group. He's tensed, walking around, working his jaw and spitting out a hunk of bloody gator skin.

He shifts back to his wolf form and runs off. Look, he's anti-social, it's on the wiki.

Sage hands Hudson back the pistol and says, "Yeah, I'm okay, but I wonder how we got a mutant giant radioactive alligator. Has anyone inspected this facility recently? Are they dumping waste into the waterway? Actually, get one of those teeth out and get the Geiger counter." He pauses, then adds, "Please. I want to get a photo for proof without showing you know, an entire wolf-mangled gator. Someone needs to do something about this."

"Not it, I dragged the last mutant," comes Ramsey's reply, and when the other rahu wolfs off into the dark, he waves with his beer can and takes a sip, climbing to his feet and wandering to his truck, getting that old timey looking geiger counter, and walking it over to the carcass, turning it on and wincing at the drum line that it reads.

"Sure" Hudson shrugs, and returns to collect one of the (assumedly) discarded teeth, since Bishop has absented himself so abruptly! He scowls at the gator once more when he draws near and picks out a couple of good ones, including the *big sharp one* just in case they turn out not to be deathly radioactive. He heads back over towards Ramsey when he returns with his Geiger Counter, peering at the instrument with obvious interest. "That's way cool" he enthuses, looking at the screen ,and then to Ramsey before asking "So, err, how radioactive is it?" with a still *slightly* hopeful air.

Sage frowns as the Geiger counter doesn't show the count he's looking for. "Okay, bring the counter to its head. I'll just get a picture of its head. It doesn't look too chewed up on its face. I'm going to show this to our environmental office and get someone to do something about this." He may not be good in a fight, but damn, get him entrenched in some government bureaucracy and he's your boy.

"Uhhh, the needle's just protruding out onto a piece of masking tape that's got "FUCK" written on it in sharpie. So. You know. It's fine." Ramsey holds the tool out at arm's length for Sage to get that photo. Just to be safe.

Hudson on the other hand, is DELIGHTED that the teeth aren't radioactive and goes to round up as many as he can, shoving them in his pockets with an excitable cheer. "We can all have cool *gator tooth* necklaces!" he explains with a broad grin, picking a little shred of bloody meat (whether gator or gator's final meal in unknown - it might even be a bit of Bishop!) off of it and wiping it on his jeans before stuffing it into his pocket with the others. Trophy collecting accomplished, he wanders back to watch Sage and Ramsey as they take their readings.

Sage gets pictures on his camera, and he nods to Ramsey as he says, "Thank you." He's gotten shots of the alligator's head from an angle where no werewolf damage can be seen, and he's got a shot of the teeth as well as a Geiger counter reading. "We should shove this ugly bastard back into the water in case Fish and Wildlife comes out to take a look. Let the rot cover how it died."