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Que Suerte

Characters: Dustin, Luna
Date: 2020-06-07
Summary: Luna is lucky enough to find herself saved from two difficult situations, in a single evening. Seriously, how does she keep getting herself caught up in these?
Disclaimers: Violence

Soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jv67vNa0ebY

It's like 11pm and Luna had been out in the streets doing whatever it was she had to do to survive. Now, she was minding her own business and walking down the street. She's wearing all black -- a black tanktop, black denim shorts, and a pair of black low-top chucks. Her long hair is in two braids to her waist and she's wearing no makeup, low key as she slinks down the street with her arms full of groceries. She is hauling ass, knowing she's out a little bit late.

She hears a shrill whistle from an alley, and those three figures that had been skulking around outside the house come edging out from it. The streetlight illuminates them, none of them looking kind. "Ayo, come here." Luna ignores the gruff request, and picks up pace -- hauling ass toward her little apartment duplex. She looks over her shoulder at them. They're excited by the chase and pick up pace to follow her. "I said AY. YO. BITCH. Come here!" The guy practically barks in his low voice, fists clenched in anger as what he sees as a little punching bag ignores him. The tall, lanky one moves smoothly toward Luna and races to stop in front of her, and she pivots on her heel. For all of her luck, her sneakers squeak and she takes a pretty bad spill that should have skinned her knees and spilled her groceries. For the grace of luck, she doesn't do any of that but she does fall heavily on her butt. Que suerte!

It's the time that calls for his nightly patrolling routine around his turf, and Dustin has been riding in his fancy sedan, a matte black Cadillac XTS that draws eyes and attention whenever it cuts through a street corner. A lot of people by know have already known who the driver is however, and it'd be a fool's errand to try anything funny with him. Turning to a corner of the street nearby where Luna lives, he might be having ideas to try and give her a quick visit or whatever, but as the thought crosses his mind his headlights manage to illuminate the little Latina as she's stumbled down on the ground ass-first, screened by what looks to be a group of street goons. The car pulls up right next to them, window rolling down as a voice yells out. "Ay!" It's Dustin, his voice a familiar one, though his face is hidden under the brim of his hat. "Luna, is that you? I've been looking everywhere for yo ass. Hop in!" He's trying to get her out of the shitty situation, of course, and hopefully without having to break some noses in the process.

Luna hits the ground ass first. The tiny Latina wastes not a beat hopping up to her feet. The groceries be damned, she rolls away from the gangbangers and ends up kicking at one of them in the jaw and knocking him the fuck out just because it's one of those completely lucky lights out smacks to the face. BONK.

Luna leaves groceries behind, not about to get fucked up by grown men over food. She sees Dustin's car stumbles into the street and pulls the door open. Falling into it, she shuts the car door and then leans herself out the window a little with two middle fingers raised to the three of them who are absolutely not about to approach her while she's in his car. They know he leads his gang and they're not about to start shit over any ass. She cusses out the window at them, her eyes flared with anger as she watches her Ben and Jerry's roll across the sidewalk. "Que te la pique un pollo! Hijo de las mil putas!" Breathing hard, she sits back into his car, her eyes welling with angry frustrated tears.

Meanwhile, the short Uratha has this look of slight confusion on his face. He isn't tense or anything, cause he knows if she can knock the lights out of one of them that easily, then he can tear their heads off just the same. He's currently bumping some underground hip-hop music, most likely those from the New Orleans scene, inside the car. Dustin tilts his head to regard the others, the ones who's not on the floor unconscious, and hops out of the car. Depending on their reaction, whether or not they're gonna confront him for messing with their fun, he might have to knock a few shitheads himself, but he's not leaving those groceries of hers behind. He walks around the car over to the curb, nodding his head up to them. "Run along now," he says to them as he bends to collect her groceries.

The guy isn't knocked out too bad -- it's one of those lights out for a few seconds because you got your light switch flipped just so. The short stocky fucker pushes himself upright and takes one look at Dustin. His eyes get big at the Uratha, "Ay man, we was just playin' -- no trouble," He puts his hands up, both reputation and vibe driving the goons down the street for Dustin to grab those groceries without incident. Luna wipes her cheeks with the backs of her hands, having avoided being injured by falling just right. She seems to avoid injury a lot. When he bends to collect her groceries, she's not in a huge rush to go over and hop out of the car. "Thank you," she says out the window, grateful clearly. That'd been scary.

Dustin isn't in any rush either, taking his time to properly gather her scattered into the bags, finally stretching himself up and heaving out a sigh. "Course you were, homie," his tone isn't threatful in any way, but it's dry and bare, like he can't quite give a shit about them or any of their little games. That predatory aura is sure to drive them away, and it helps that he's well- known in his own neighborhood as well. He's not feeling like exerting himself over some nobodies apparently, and so he won't escalate the conflict any further, content enough that the girl is safe and uninjured if not a bit shocked and frustrated by the incident. He turns and winks at Luna on his way back to the car, popping the driver side open and jumping in, passing the grocery bags over to her. At least they'll know that she's a friend of a reputable gang leader the next time they see her.

Luna watches him in awe. The way he stretches languidly and wanders around like he owns the place, driving off some people she just thought were going to hurt her or make her life pretty shitty like it was nothing. She chews her bottom lip as he approaches the car, catching his wink. The little doll rubs the back of her neck, looking sheepish when he gets in the car. Taking the two plastic bags in her hands, she shifts and wiggles a bit on the seat to get more comfortable. She looks around the nice ass Caddy, eyebrow furrowed curiously as she sets the bags on the floorboard. She's thankful for him running them off; they've already disappeared into the night. She looks over at him, searching his face -- flushed, a little embarrassed.

The doors are locked with a pop, his hands settling on the steering wheel once he passes the groceries. Dustin has his sight set forward at the street for a moment, turning his head to consider Luna there, before he quickly shuffles and leans into her, a hand nestled on the back of her hair and pressing deep into her hair as he pulls her in for a kiss. It's sloppy and hungry, the same familiar kiss they've been sharing since that one night; his tongue finding hers, a bit of saliva being exchanged, and some nibbling and biting of lips before he pulls away in a hot low moan. He shifts the gear and peels away from the street, eyes once again set on the road as if nothing just happened.

Luna had just been watching her with those big, dark pretty eyes. When he leans into her and grabs the back of her head so they can share a crushing kiss, she squeaks and then just melts into it. She kisses him in return; the expression of lust is intense and sloppy and greedy in return with her soft lips before she leans back away from him when he stops the nibbling, biting kiss that makes her make a sweet sound against his lips. When he leans away, she looks forward but her eyes are wide and her lips are glossy and parted with a little surprise. She also pretends nothing happened beside a little squirm.

"Where were you headed? Your apartment?" He promptly asks her as the car drives across the road, mostly void of other vehicles and people in general besides the occasional car or two. The neighborhood's gone quiet at this time of the night, and that's to be expected; the only people brave enough to roam the streets are the ones who depend their life on it. Hookers, pimps, drug pushers, and all sorts of the bad breed, the outcasts and unwanted of society. Dustin throws her a brief glance, brows furrowing. "You really just gon stay silent? At least tell me what the fuck happened back there, who those guys were?"

"My apartment, yeah. I just needed some stuff and so when I was walking back, I was just walking by those dudes and they told me to come over to them so I started walking faster. One of them tried to cut me off and they called me a bitch," she says with her shoulders raising in a little bounce. "I just see them in the hood all the time and finally they said some shit and tried some shit." She looks over at him with her eyes searching his face before she cracks a dimpled smile at him. "I was quiet because that kiss had me all goofy and I forgot what I was gonna say, I'm sorry." She says softly, trying to mollify him.

Dustin turns the volume of the bumping music lower so that they can actually hold a conversation, the beat and bass of the trap music overpowering. He's figured that she was headed for her apartment anyway, and had directed his car there. Dustin is currently wearing a purple Pelicans jersey with NOLA emblazoned on the front, and Davis on the back, both bearing the famous basketball player's 23 number. Black basketball shorts, and a pair of black Old Skool Vans shoes complete his outfit for tonight. He darts his eyes over to her for a second, gaze lingering on her before he just nods. There's no real reaction when she mentioned about how that kiss had her speechless back there. "You're lucky I was in the area," is his only response to her. There's no more doubt that she really is 'lucky', even though this 'luck' has always dragged Dustin together with her.

"It was dumb of me to do that but I was hungry as fuck and I thought the coast was clear but those little putos sit in the alley sucking eachothers dicks off waiting for little girls to come down the street." She folds her arms, grumpy about the situation. She crosses her sleek legs, wearing that plain black tank top and little black shorts with lowtop black and white Vans sneakers. She gives him a little side eye with her eyebrow furrowed perhaps because of his lack of reaction. She is frowning from what had occurred, staring out the window with her lip poked out.

"How you been anyway? Haven't heard from you since," Dustin is at least trying to maintain the conversation, if only to avoid any awkward silence between them while they drive to her apartment. He's still got that mean expression on his look as he drives, which at first glance might indicate that he's annoyed over something, though Luna should be acquainted with it enough now to know that that's just his usual grumpiness. They arrive to her apartment complex soon enough, cutting a corner and pulling up to the street, his Cadillac being safely parked right on the spot. He's trusting that no bum's gonna pull any stunts on it while he's away- I mean, he's never had any incidents in his own turf that involves having his car jacked anyway. Dustin disembarks, waiting up on Luna before strolling inside the building alongside her.

"I've been okay. I was just trying to find a legit job or something and I -- I don't know, I felt kind of shy because I didn't want to be clingy or like bug you," the little lucky thing says to him with her eyebrow furrowed. She doesn't seem to take him mugging nothing personally at all. That's just his adorable grumpy face. She hops out of the Cadillac with her grocery bags in hand on her way to her first floor door. There are no creeps as she takes out her keys and slips into the house after unlocking her door. She flips the lights on to her clean little place, heading to the kitchenette to set the bags down. She doesn't seem nervous, just more casual.

"Right. Women, always overthinking, don't they?" He retorts in response to her claim about not wanting to bother him or anything, blurting out those words as they walk into the building. Dustin has his eyes looking around the place once they've gotten inside, a bit wary that there might be more of those troublemakers who he's assuming to have been bugging the Latina for sometime now considering what she spoke about them moments ago. Dustin makes it sure that he's behind her as they walk, and that she's the first one to enter her room, though following suit soon enough. "Look, you don't gotta worry, OK? If you ever need me for something, even if it's just to help you with some company, just hit me up. I'll see what I can do if I ain't busy." He plops himself onto a couch, probably the same one that they've had sex on.

She bites her lip when he mentions overthinking, grinning a little bit as she glances over at him when he walks behind her to keep an eye on her. The tiny, curvy Latina doesn't realize what he's doing but when she comes into her apartment, she notices the bathroom light is on. She opens the bathroom door and flips it off. It's clear that Luna can feel things are out of place and he might smell something like intruders have been in the place if he can smell such things. Nobody seems to have actively been there at the moment, however. Interesting! Luna stows the icecream, milk, and cereal away before she heads over toward him. "Okay. I like texting you anyway," she admits, despite sounding kind of grudging about admitting it.

He immediately perks up from the couch once that unfamiliar smell hits. He's been in her apartment once, and he should know by now how she smells like- they had sex, for God's sake, he can probably think up every last detail of her if someone ever asked; this stinky odor ain't it though, chief. Dustin rises up, his nuzzle held high in the air as he sniffs about the place until he can locate the source. He narrows his eyes suspiciously at the bathroom, ambling his way over, though not before pulling Luna close with an arm and dropping yet another kiss like it's a usual thing. "Stay here," he barks the order before he goes to sneak his way inside the shower room, his steps hushed in silence, lurking dangerously close to the curtains.

Luna has no good nose, no extra senses. It's becoming more apparent that she's mortal just in that she can't smell or hear things. This doesn't smell like Luna at all; this is some sweaty dude who smells like cheap weed and who breathes only from his mouth. The grubby fucker makes an outlight in the illuminated bathroom, having not been able to make it to the light to turn it off since they were in view of everything. Luna kisses Dustin in return with a little widening of her eyes and does what she's told. She knows when to do things for safety. The dude is an idiot and his tactic is to sneak out hopefully when they leave the house. He's drenched in nervous sweat and unawareness.

.oO( Dustin rolls 7 Dice )Oo......................................................................o.

 Roll: Strength + Brawl + 3 - 2
 Result: Success (2) -- (7 3 7 9 1 7 9)

.o.........................................................................oO( success (public) )Oo.

.oO( Luna rolls 1 Dice )Oo........................................................................o.

 Roll: 1
 Result: Failure -- (1)

.o.........................................................................oO( failure (public) )Oo.

Dustin doesn't say a single word. The curtains are yanked open, almost tearing the whole damn thing down, and the cowering dude is pulled by the collar. He stumbles out of the bath, hitting his foot at the edge and falling to one knee as he struggles to free himself from Dustin's grasp. If someone were to look at the Uratha, though? They can figure out, easily enough, that he's royally /pissed/, although he's trying to reign in any outbursts for Luna's sake. He wouldn't want her to watch his violent side burst out, at least not yet. Sounds of shuffling, thumping, and a lot of resisting can definitely be heard from inside the bathroom, until at last Dustin can be seen dragging a random man out. He's thrown to the middle of the living room, laying there on the carpet, Dustin dropping a soccer-kick to his ribs for good measure afterwards. He glances over to Luna, then. "You know this guy?"

Dustin has successfully flushed a pretty dangerous person out of Luna's house. She is sitting on the couch with her arms wrapped over her shins protectively, watching him head over to the bathroom. She hears the commotion inside and her stomach sinks, looking over at the cracked open window that he hadnt slid closed on his way in. Luna looks alarmed, her big pretty dark eyes wide as saucers as she sees the random dude being pulled from her bathroom. He's about 6'2" but that obviously doesn't mean anything because he's getting his ass beat. He had tripped when he tried to swing on Dustin. Now, he groans and rolls into a fetal position. A knife is in his waistband and he's wearing gloves. Luna shakes her head briskly, "I don't know that puto," she says with a sneer, her eyes narrowing. Teeth clenched.

.oO( Dustin rolls 7 Dice )Oo......................................................................o.

 Roll: Strength + Intimidation
 Result: Success (1) -- (2 8 6 2 5 4 1)

.o.........................................................................oO( success (public) )Oo.

.oO( Luna rolls 4 Dice )Oo........................................................................o.

 Roll: 4
 Result: Success (1) -- (10 7 7 5 7)

.o.........................................................................oO( success (public) )Oo.

It's like he's a bullfighter, and this 6'2" dude is the giant bull that's being brought out to the arena, with Luna as their lone audience. A matador of claw and fang, dragging his bull out for the slaughter. Dustin only needs to hear that confirmation from her, that the man is just a random intruder that she couldn't give a fuck about if anything ever happened to him, because something bad -is- about to happen to this dude when Dustin promptly cracks his knuckles there. He bends and sucker-punches him right in the smeller, fist clenching at his collar as he pulls him close. "You better have a damned good reason for me to not beat your ass into a pulp here," Dustin murmurs those threatening words to him.

The 6'2" dude is performing beautifully by being led out and kicked in the gut before being punched in the nose. It starts bleeding and he cries out, recognizing Dustin in that moment finally and cowering with his arms over his head since trying to injure him had not gone very well at all. "I came into the wrong apartment! It was an accident!" Says the creepy weird due wearing all black with the knife hiding in the shower. "Pinche mentiroso!" Luna exclaims about the intruder with her arms tossed in the air, getting all annoyed that he would dare. He holds his nose, obviously the dude.. doesn't have a good reason at all. Luna's face is all flushed and her eyes are bright with annoyance.

.oO( Dustin rolls 7 Dice )Oo......................................................................o.

 Roll: Strength + Intimidation
 Result: Success (2) -- (3 7 7 8 2 8 3)

.o.........................................................................oO( success (public) )Oo.

.oO( Luna rolls 4 Dice )Oo........................................................................o.

 Roll: 4
 Result: Success (1) -- (8 6 7 4)

.o.........................................................................oO( success (public) )Oo.

Another punch lands across his face, and it hits harder this time. It should stagger this dude's brains enough for him to start speaking up. Dustin's obviously not satisfied by his answer. He shoots a look to the knife sticking out of his waistband there, yanking it away and inching it dangerously close to the man's throat, the sharp tip digging into his skin. "You're gonna need to come up with something better than that, motherfucker. I'm not playing around, fool." The glint in those mad, feral eyes, really suggest that he's not gonna hold himself back from slitting the man's throat if he has to. He definitely has 'killer' written all over those wild eyes.

When he punches the guy in the face, he goes dazed for a moment as his head rocks. When he starts threatening him with the knife, the bloody faced goon cries out and then goes still. "Alright! Me and my boys are sick of this little bitch thinking she's all that and that she's too good for us so we were just gonna scare her! They were gonna take her in here and we were just gonna make her afraid because she gotta big mouth, homie," the guy says to her as if trying to appeal to him, like 'haha no harm right'. Luna looks pissed, folding her arms tight over her chest as the mortal dude bleeds from his face on his knees and quivers like a scared baby.

Unfortunately for him, whatever his answer's gonna be, he's still gonna find himself beat the fuck up tonight apparently. He basically broke into her room- if it were up to Dustin, and Luna wasn't here, he'd find himself in a much worse situation than just getting his shit thrashed into a bloody mess. Dustin sits on top of the dude, hands and arms rearing back, before a thunder of blows rain down upon him. A strike from his left rocks dude's head aside, the strike from his right almost putting him to sleep. Dustin rises up and drops a kick to his side, bending over to pick him up by his collar and dragging him over to the door. "Get the fuck outta here. If I ever hear you, or any of your friends messing with her again, you're all fucking done with. Hell, you don't even get to - LOOK- at her from this point on, you understand me? Fucking lowlifes. Now scram," he says as he opens the door, shoving the beat-up dude outside.

The answer is a terrible one. He's going to be battered and bruised with a split lip and two black eyes. Having gotten his shit rocked by the Werewolf pretty bad. Dude can't fight but he had all of his friends come to mess with Luna because she cussed at them on her way from home. Luna doesn't even remember the dude. Luna has no fear or turned stomach for the violence, viewing it coolly as a lesson that needed to be taught in that moment. The guy doesn't even argue, he just gets up and stumbles away after being tossed out the door. He had bled a little on her floor, but Luna seems very satisfied with the exchange if not a little shaken that there was just.. someone there. She just watches Dukes, her eyes wide like saucers once he's done.

He gets a middle finger once he's tossed out of the room, and the door is shut, locking it with a latch if there's one. Dustin turns, wiping his slightly bloody knuckles on the back of his shorts, sucking his teeth in when he sees Luna. "We need to talk, mija. You either gotta bail the fuck outta here, or you gotta learn to keep your mouth shut. I swear, if I wasn't around here? You would've gotten beat up on that street, if not /worse/, AND be greeted by someone with a knife once you get home. Fucking imagine that shit," he chuffs some air out and shakes his head, walking over to Luna and plopping down next to her. "I'm not gonna sugarcoat any fucking thing, but there's two situations where you could've gotten yourself assaulted there, and in one fucking evening."

Luna cringes when he sucks his teeth. She kind of knows what's coming because she knows she's reckless even when she's being reckless and stupid. Luna averts her eyes and looks at her hands clasped in her lap, looking properly chagrined when she peeks back up at him finally once he's chuffed and sitting next to her. She pushes her hands over her front, playing with the hem of her tanktop -- staring at it while she tries to find words to say. "I don't know what to say, I'm a dumb ass and I don't like being touched and chased down the street so I cussed at them. But guess what? You were here. That was it -- that was somethin' looking out for me like usual," She's pretty sure it it, the little Atariya. "I know that sounds crazy but it's true." She frowns a little, rubbing her cheek. "I'm sorry to be all this trouble."

Dustin raises his hands up to the back of his head as he rests against them, reclining deep into the couch then. He lets out a sigh, dark brown eyes staring at the ceiling in contemplation. Bad shit happens all the time, and in this part of the neighborhood especially, as it's known for one of those 'bad side of the city' during talks. It's slummy and ghetto after all, full of thugs and gangsters that patrol the streets at night-time, and he's beginning to worry for her safety. "Look, you're not a fucking dumbass, OK? You just gotta be more aware of your surroundings. Stop starting up shit with the wrong kinds of people." He lifts an eyebrow as she mentions that statement of hers. "Something looking out for you? What do you mean, like luck or some shit?" He does recall that 'Que Suerte' that she had tagged up on the alleywall. Maybe it has something to do with it?

She looks at him then, and then inches closer and closer. She leans in and then she kisses him on his cheek with her soft mouth, nudging him with a nuzzle of her cute pierced nose. "I'm sorry, boo, but it's hard to just keep your mouth shut when people are grabbin' at you and shit," she says with a frown, the tiny thing is very proud and she tilts her chin up to prove it. "My abuela was a bruja and taught me a few things. Ever since I was sixteen, when something bad is about to happen -- like bad bad and I'm alone and nobody can help, I can see my abuela.. but it's not her, not the old shriveled lady I knew, she's only 4'9" and grew up in Mexico -- where I was born, but I came here when I was four." She raises her fingers to her temples, her hands shaking a little because she's about to confide in someone for the first time and it sounds insane out loud.


"My abuela is beautiful like... but she's painted up like La Calavera Catrina, but I've seen old pictures of her and that's her yo.. anyway." She pauses. "She points me to where I need to go to be safe. I've also died twice like.. I wrecked off a cliff and into a lake and I swear to god everyone else drowned but me. And the other time-- anyway I can't get hurt unless someone really fucking tries. The reason she didn't show up is because you showed up, fate smiled on me because I paid for some lady's formula and groceries at the store. Tsss." She sucks her teeth.

"Que suerte, as my abuela used to say." She finally shuts up after telling her tale.

An arm is tossed around her when she pecks him on the cheek, which manages to coax a smirk from him at that tosses away the nasty expression that's so prominent on his face. He nuzzles his head in return, giving her quick kisses on her cheek and lips, then down to her neck. "Boo? What, are we officially a couple now or something?" He jerks his head away and furrows his brows, chuckling, though he doesn't speak any further of that. Dustin massages her back and her shoulders as she begins talking, making her as comfortable as possible as she tells him her story. He's a good listener though, his eyes set on her like he's taking in everything she's saying open mindedly, nodding his head here and there. Can't say that he's surprised by any of it, though; he's already more than familiar of the supernatural, especially with the Accords in place too where all of the Accorded supernaturals basically have their names written down on a list.

But he's also still unsure whether she's truly blessed by this 'luck', or if they were just some pure coincidences that she believes have something to do with luck, so he has his doubts. "Damn, that sounds dope as hell though, not gonna lie. I'm glad that you're trusting me to open up with all this though, I think I'm gonna wifey you up or some shit." He playfully nuzzles his nose up against her, grinning and giggling meanwhile. "So you're like got this Luck superpowers or some shit? Like that Domino girl from Marvel Comics? You know, Deadpool 2 and all?

"That's not even what that means," her cheeks flush hotly when he says that bit about the boo thing. She pushes his shoulder playfully and looks away with an indignant little snort even though she offers her neck to him to kiss. She had melted as she told her story to backrubs.

"I know this shit sounds crazy but I've been in too many situations. I'm not invincible or any shit but for real there's something going on. I've never told anyone and I'm telling you because you just beat that dude's ass and you deserve to know why I act why I act -- even when we were in the alley, I knew if you were hiding because you wanted to kill me that Abuela wouldn't let you do that. Anyway, sorry, I'm just.. running my mouth."She searches hi s face when he mentions wifing her up, snorting softly with a little grin that's fond but clearly skeptical. "Don't play with my emotions," is all. she says before a little laugh.

"I can appreciate that," he says in response to her saying the reason why she's telling him this. Dustin grins impishly when he sees her flushing and grinning, dropping another kiss on her cheek. His rubbing hands move to settle on her hips now, and he lifts her up to let her straddle his thighs while he's leaning against the couch, poking her cute little nose with a finger. "Hey, look, depending on how shit goes, I might just tell you my own story. But for now, just know that I can understand things form your perspective. I'm a lot more aware of the supernatural than you might think I am." Her tale does suggest a hint of the supernatural anyhow. Apparitions of a long-dead grandmother that looks like La Catrina? How supernatural can it get than that? He pulls her into him, lips planting and kissing her. "Let's just put all of your stress away, OK? You wanna fuck? I didn't bring any condoms, but you know pull-out game is strong. Unless you're on birth control right now," he declares rather boldly. He's saying it so coolly like they've done it a dozen times already.

She relaxes, feeling him shift her and pull her into his lap. She straddles him, perched right there in his lap. She nods along with him, thick thighs framing his -- her legs are smooth and soft, having kicked off her shoes. When he mentions being familiar with the supernatural, she doesn't try to pry into his business. She just nods, tucking that away for later. "I knew you were special," she says playfully. Then, she's flushing hotly when he beings up stress relief. She licks her lips, locking eyes with him with a little tilt of her head. She kisses him, never seeming to shy away from that. Luna is eager for affection. "I have the implant, I convinced my doctor in LA that I shouldn't be having no babies til I'm like 40." She explains of her impeccable birth control game, her heart rate picking up. She presses a little closer to him, "We don't need them."