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Primogen Helms

Characters: Willard and Nicolo at ST
Date: 2020-06-30
Summary: Nicolo has the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Helms to the Ordo Dracul primogen position

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Dr. Willard J. Helms receives a letter from one of the Triumvirate’s no-name ghouls who seems to have quite the knack for writing these types of things, and especially for making use of all the fancy calligraphy. The letter indicates that Dr. Helms is being invited to take the Ordo Dracul primogen seat and that he should report to the Crown Pleasure Club at midnight on July 1, which is to say the evening of June 30, just so no one is confused.

The private rooms at the CPC are -very- private, quiet little affairs off of a gorgeous marble hallway. Done in wood and warm brown earth-tones, the room has a fake fireplace and bookshelves filled with hedonist philosophy and the diaries of past members of the CPC. And the letter mentions Dr. Helms will be met by a fellow primogen member, and when he arrives it’s someone he’s never met before. A tall, thin, dark-haired Lord who seems to be of Italian descent, sits sprawled out on the couch in a black suit and shiny shoes. He rises when Dr. Helm knocks or makes his way in.

The man that enters is dressed in a nice, but not extravagant power suit (professorial salary, after all). He looks like he stepped out of an Ivy League recruiting poster, but, without the ridiculously good looks such people tend to have. He looks, for all intents and purposes like, well, a professor working towards a Deanship.

"Good evening," he says, offering a polite inclination of his head, and, by way of introduction, "I am Dr. Willard Helms." His voice is both pleasant and polite without being unctuous.

"Good evening Dr. Helms, just the man I wanted to see." Nicolo politely offers him his hand. "I'm Primogen Nicolo de Vercelis, Lord of the Church Eternal. So nice to meet you." And for his part, Nicolo seems fairly warm and friendly toward the doctor. "Have a seat please." The Lord takes a seat himself on the couch which sits in front of a comfortable chair with arms, apparently put out for the doctor's use. "So good news, bad news. Good news: you're officially in as Primogen of the Ordo Dracul. Bad news is, there is a catch. But aren't there always catches in life." He laughs lightly. "You ready to hear what you have to do?"

"I am pleased to find it so," Willard replies, extending his hand in return. "And it is good to make your acquaintance," he offers, politely, moving to take the appropriate seat. "Ah, yes. Catches. A reality I find myself more and more aware of as time progresses," he says, one leg crossing the other at the ankle. He tilts his hand towards Nicolo in a 'do go on' gesture, a small hint of amusement on his lips.

“Alright then.” The Inquisitor smirks and reaches into an interior pocket, drawing out a little glass vial, then tosses it, casually, over to Dr. Helms to catch. "That’s for you to drink. The mingled blood of all three of the Triumvirate. You prove your loyalty, your willingness to bind yourself to them, and you're in. Otherwise? You're out. I text the vampire obfuscated in the hallway. He comes in, and looks you in the eyes, and you walk away thinking you turned the job down for some other reason, but you know that you'll never be able to take the seat after this. You drink, and then I answer any questions you have about your new job."

While hardly athletic, it is still apropos of everything that he doesn't fumble the vial. Looking at it for a moment, Willard doesn't even seem to hesitate. Open. Chug. Swallow. Set aside. Omnomnom goes the blood down the gullet. He tosses it back to the Inquisitor. After a moment. There's the usual sigh at delicious Vitae. "So, out of curiosity, besides the rather more expected positional characteristics, is there anything I should know?"

“Is there anything you should know... let’s see...” The question amuses the Lord seemingly quite a bit. “...Four members of the primogen council were killed and a fifth was executed for the murder though that was before my time. Primogen Conquista del Pan has had several attempts on their life, so it would seem everyone is a little wary who sits on the council you’re now a part of.” He considers then, some of the more mundane aspects of the job.

”You’ll be expected to watch over your covenant, decide who gets to embrace new childer, hand out territory, mete out punishment for those who break the rules... that sort of thing. We’re not technically allowed to call blood hunts but then there is technically no laws against murder, so, you know...” Nicolo offers the primogen a toothy, fangy smile. “What else? Anything else that you’re curious about?”

"Ah, yes," Willard says, nodding in regards to the murders and associated executions. He nods in regards to Pan and the attempts on their, his lips pursing slightly in consideration. "Those facets I was aware of prior to... mmm, arriving." A bland smile rests on his lips, his gaze distant for a moment. The 'meting' of punishment receives a nod and a tilt of his head.

"The responsibilities as they remain there are. Expected. As a point of clarity regarding embracing new childer, as of my most recent reading of the interpretation of the Second Tradition, the Triumverate had not delegated such privilege. Or do you mean in the context of submitting a request on the behalf of another to the Triumverate?"

He raises a brow in question there.

"Fair. Fair question. The Triumvirate can ALWAYS overrule a Primogen should they not agree with, say, giving permssion to embrace. But they delegate MOST of their responsibilities to the Primogen. So, a Primogen can indeed grant permission for such. Just do it responsibly, I suppose is the best way I can advise on that." Nicolo grins. "Anything else that comes to mind that you were wondering about or need clarification on?"

"Understandable," Willard replies, a faint smile resting on his lips. "... well, ambiguity is a matter we all must get used to over time. Law being flexible. Until it isn't." For whatever reason, this seems to amuse him. "Oh, does the Council have behind-doors deliberations on any regular cadence?" This is followed by a raise of a brow.

"Closed door meetings are probably more the rule than the exception. If you had open council meeting, it would be Court of sorts, after all. It is interesting to note, however, as far as I understand, any primogen council member can hold Court. So if that interests you, keep it in mind. I beleive the last time Court was held, someone was executed, so, you know, it's about time we had a pleasant Court, don't you think?" The Lord gives Primogen Helms a smirk.

"Indeed," Willard says, inclining his head in the Lord's direction. "Hence the question regarding cadence, simply to make certain that I am aware of such things if necessary." His lips quirk at the mention of 'executions' and he offers another of those ambiguous, open-handed gestures. "That point aside, I do believe that answers the remaining questions that I have on the subject."

"I fully understand. It's a good question really. Well then, now that we've met, Primogen Helms, I hope you won't be a stranger. Feel free to call on me anytime and if I don't know the answer, I will get it for you. Even if you just need a friend. Or, I'm sure you've met Conquista del Pan -- they did this little 'thing' with me and they were surprisingly helpful, considering how badly we started out our uneasy friendship. Hmmm... maybe they would react badly to me calling it 'friendship'." He laughs. "Uneasy acquaintanceship, rather." He laughs more. "Anyway, if you need me, I can be around."

"Thank you," Willard says, with a tilt of his head in acknowledgement. "It has been a pleasure, Primogen de Vercelis and I do look forward to speaking in the future." He rises, a faint smile toying his lips at the mention of the interactions between the Nicolo and Pan. He does reach into his jacket to draw out a business card for Nicolo. "Be well," he says and, should there be no further business, departs.