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Power of Trust

Characters: Delphine and Emma
Date: 2019-11-07
Summary: Mid-afternoon, Emma comes by Delphine's current LAME Law Office, to review a contract
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The Law Firm that Delphine presently works at is not... the most elite of law firms. It looks like it might keel over any day now, and the way that the staff reacts to her, or even warrily looks at the door to her office, is probably an indicator that she's dragging them along and keeping the dying firm afloat... and that they know it. Maybe resentful being forced to continue to fight the good fight when they really just want to roll over and give up. It's gonna suck when she just up and abandons them for greener pastures. Or maybe they'll finally be content at being allowed to just... quit.

Emma has called in advance, she takes a look around the place while she waits for her appointment, and when the time comes, she goes. "Good morning, miss Laurent." She offers, getting out a folder of paperwork, "I just want you to take a look over this employment contract. Just in case there's anything weird I should be worried about. Employer's a few centuries old, so you know, just want to be sure." She gets straight to the point explaining why she's here.

Delphine glances up from her desk. "Accorded, then?" she asks, the previous bored expression on her face now replaced with one of interested curiosity. "Is this going to be a standard legal contract, or are you also looking to have it be supported by the Accords?" She holds her hand out to take the folder, after she sliiiides a bunch of suddenly unimportant work out of the way.

"I think it's just a normal legal contract, but if there's Accords relevant stuff in there I figure you would notice." Emma answers, handing over a copy of the paperwork. It's somewhat extensive, clearly drafted by a lawyer. But mostly a standard employment contract for a personal assistant kind of deal, with two notable exceptions. The first being that Emma's compensation is left blank, and the second is that she's to be given power of attorney over the majority of her employer to be's assets. She's blanked out identifying data on her employer. "So, what do you think?"

Delphine takes a moment to skim the contract, frowning when she sees the blank spots. Curious... Given THOSE little tidbits, she decides to sit down and comb through it. "Yes, it's pretty standard liability, list of expected duties..." She nods. "You'll want to get it notorized, which... shit, what's his name." She leans over and looks through the window on the door. "Fuck if I remember. One of them ought to be able to notorize it for you." A pause. "Who is the moron who is signing away what looks like damn-near all their assets to you?"

Emma blinks. "Wait, what?" She asks at the last, clearly not expecting that. "I'll tell them to get it notarized if you think that's necessary, but..."

Delphine flips back to the page with the pertinent legalese. "Yeah. Right there," she says, turning the paper and pointing to the relevant sentence/paragraph. "Unless there's some invisible wording bullshit somewhere, that's the gist." A pause. "Okay, so it's really just the majority of everything listed here. You're in control of all these," she flips to another page... three pages. "As the assistant, you've got access to all that. You have power of attorney for all THAT," flip flip, another two and a half pages. "Some of it you don't have the rights to fuck with. But most of what's listed here... yeah."

Emma blinks. "I'm going to have a talk." She mutters, but nonetheless doesn't seem too bothered, "But there's no catches I need to worry about beyond a whole lot 'wow that's a lot of trust'?"

Delphine shakes her head. "No, not really. Your pay is shit," she adds with a chuckle, tap-tapping the BLANK money line. "And yeah, with this sort of level of... 'trust', you'll definitely want to get it notorized," she says. "Am I telling whats-his-nuts to stay late? Past sundown, maybe?"

"Oh, the pay is blank because he told me to pick a number and I haven't yet." Emma explains, "He threatened to double it if he thinks I'm lowballing." She nods, "Definitely past sundown."

Delphine nods. "Alright. Not much to do until then," she says, pushing her chair back, standing up, and streeeeetching. She checks her watch. "We've got time. Late lunch until he's good to come and sign his life away, or you have plans?"

"I got some homework to do. I'll send him a text to tell him to come meet, and then we can arrange a time to meet and sign everything." Emma suggests, "Unless you have any objections?"

Delphine shakes her head. "No objections," she says. "I AM going to see if he knows anyone else who'd be this insane to sign over a bunch of shit to me, though." Her lips draw back, teeth bared in a grin. "Hell, maybe he's got you coming to me because he's pissed at whoever used to handle his legal shit. Might give me something to track down."

"I think I just got lucky." Emma answers as though that explains everything, "I'll let you know once I've worked things out. Thanks." She picks the papers back up and stands up. "Thanks."

Delphine gives Emma an up-nod. "Of course. I look forward to meeting your new employer."