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Pest Control

Characters: Dustin, Adrienne
Date: 2020-06-12
Summary: The pack's Meninna is called to help solve a rat infestation.
Disclaimers: Violence


It's another wee hour meet-up call for Adrienne when Dustin's contact name flashes on her notifications. The text message is short and simple: 'meet me at traphouse, 3am sharp'. He keeps it vague unless asked for, and if he is, his own reply will just come up with the word 'hunt'. The streets are chokingly dark, barely any signs of a living person -- even the goons, the pimps & their working hookers have all gone to bed at this time. Spirits of darkness and fear are prominent, their influence can be felt amongst the urban maze in this part of the city. And the pack lords over them.

Dustin is sat up on his car's bonnet, a bottle of beer in his grasp as he overlooks the street block with an empty gaze, only occasionally sipping on his drink. A navy blue sweater hugs his torso, a bit loose, a silver belt peeking underneath the hems that's wrapped around his black cargos. A pair of Old Skool Vans is worn for his footwear. It's unsure how long he's been staying out here by himself.

She was doing whatever it is Rahus do when he had texted her. She'd grunted and rolled over to get a little more sleep, setting her alarm accordingly before she drags her little ass out of bed to head to the meeting place that is requested. Adrienne is wearing all black; a long-sleeved black shirt and a pair of leggings that are form-fitting, no swishy. She heads toward the car with her Alpha on the hood, prowling along more than anything. At exactly 3am, it's as if she materializes beside the car. "Hi."

Dustin can feel the presence of a lurking figure, tensing slightly out of reflexes and pure survival instinct, and relaxing again once he feels that familiar predatory nature. He turns around when she appears next to him, sizing her up with his usual grumpy expression that softens just the slightest. "Good, you're here," he greets her unremarkably, extending the beer over to her without a word, but an intentful stare at that, as if waiting for her to take it from him. "We've got something to take care of. I'll brief you once we hop in the car. Hope I didn't wake you up or anything, did I?" He probably did, but it's not like he did it for no reason at all.

She cracks a sharp, feral smile at the Iminir as he notes her -- her demeanor is well-rested, bright eyed. The buzz of lowkey excitement at the promise of possible action makes the Mennina almost vibrate with pure excitement. She keeps herself chill though, reaching over and taking the beer from him. She takes a deep drink of it, a little pouring from the corner of her mouth that she wipes off with her sleeve. "Nah, this is worth it. Sleep can wait." She muses quietly, and then glances back over at the car door. Eager.

"Right on, then," he recognizes her eagerness with those words and an approving nod, sliding himself off the hood of the Cadillac and snatching the beer out of Adrienne's hand on his way to the driver-side seat. Dustin knocks another mouthful of the beer while he rummages his pants for the key, unlocking the door with the push of a button, and smoothly gliding inside the vehicle. Its matte black color helps disguise the car's rather bulky frame in the pitch black darkness. He rests the bottle in his thigh gap as he starts up the car, the low humming of the engine helps clearing away the otherwise silent atmosphere once they're inside. "I think we have a rat problem in our hands," Dustin announces, seatbelt strapped and all.

"A rat problem?" She snorts. Her pupils dilate a little, feeling that little sliver of excitement crawl up through her spine. There's this anticipation in the Rahu, this growing feeling of raw energy that animates the usually grumpy Mennina. She pushes the window down, poking her face out of the window and scenting the air. She feels the wind in her face, the humidity in the air. She gives this little wiggle in her seat, impatient. Ready.

He shifts gear, and then the car is off as it drives away from the traphouse, the familiar two-story tall building slowly disappearing from view, and then completely so when Dustin turns the corner. "Uh-huh. The fuckers have been rending spots of the Gauntlet, pouring in every curious spirits that wanted a taste of human essence or whatever. It hasn't gotten too problematic or anything yet, but I'm not taking my chances." Dustin steps on the gas, speeding through the relatively empty streets of New Orleans as he talks. "I found a pattern. They've been frequenting places near our or loci -- maybe they're hoping the spirits will dry 'em up? Whatever the case, there's only one locus in mind they haven't visited yet, and that's where we're currently headed."

Adrienne shakes her head, "Nope -- if there's one there are like 85,000 of those motherfuckers hidden all over." She shakes her head, picturing their teeming masses as she reaches down and turns the radio up a little bit. It seems like getting hyped up before you go a-killin' is what she's into, her eyes on the world as it whisks by. Every night could be a Rahu's last night, and this one is moreso. Her knees are bouncing a little bit.. it just seems like she can't keep still. "I'm ready. I mean you can probably tell but I'm definitely ready."

Dustin sucks his teeth in. "We'll see about that. I've faced the shartha before on a few occasions, but most of them were a bunch of spiders that thought they could seal off our loci with their webs and shit, cut us off from the Shadow. You're the Meninna here," he gives the woman a side- long glance, still amused by her eagerness. He never thought a Rahu could be this adorable. The headlights of a car peeks out at an intersection, promptly startling the Iminir as he presses down on the horn, Dustin cursing at it in Spanish. The drink in his thighs almost spills. He breathes out. "The locus is, like, right on the edges of our turf, in an abandoned trailer park. You'll see when we get there."

"Cockroaches are like Beshilu, Dukes. They're insidious, you know? But guess what? We can do this." She's just waiting on the drive over, watching the headlights and the other car. She tilts her head at the Spanish cussing, and then clicks her tongue against the roof of her mouth as she waits for them to finally get to their destination.

Dustin cuts through another street corner, and they can see an expansive and empty patch of land to the right, the abandoned property separated from the street with rows of barbed fences. In the middle of it is a small RV park, with about a dozen or so trailer homes scattered around, grimy and devoid of life. It appears to be a half-finished housing project that was just forsaken and left without anybody else to care of it, though the place is known to attract squatters and the homeless to populate the trailers, and probably even act as the frequent haunt for the local hoodlums.

Dustin pulls the car up on the street right across, his eyes peering over from Adrienne and through the tinted window at the deserted land. The engine's hum fades away as it's shut off. Looking out, there's no signs of rat activity yet, which really only calls for them to investigate further into the park. "Stick with me," is all Dustin says as he disembarks, waiting for Adrienne to come out before he locks the car. His eyes are dead set on the rows of trailers as he saunters across the street, searching for an entrance through the fences.

There's a huge, busted part of the fences not far away from them. It could either be the work of the beshilu, or the local squatters/thugs.

Adrienne dips out of the Cadillac quietly. She clearly knows how to sneak -- her shoulders dropping, moving in such a way that means that she's not making too much of a sound at all. She looks across the trailer homes, eyes narrowing at urban decay with a little grunt. She keeps an eye on the streets, slinking toward the likes of the huge, busted part of the fence. She jumps the gun in that moment, fortifying herself with her moon's power perhaps in preparation for what she feels is inevitable. A fight. Teeth and claws. Maybe a little victory. She slips through the opening then, grinning.

Dustin watches as Adrienne steers away from him to approach the busted-up section of the fencing, following suit after, and patting her on the shoulder. "Good find," he murmurs to her, looking slightly hunchbacked as he keeps his profile low, striding across patches of dirt and dead grass. He's trusting that she's gonna follow him from behind now as they survey the deserted compound. Remains of broken glass, small piles of trash and litter, are all visible and dotting the land now. The Iminir stops in his tracks, ears perking high in the air like a pair of probing satellites, a reflexive sniff then.

"Shh. I heard something. Come follow me," Dustin turns and ducks around the pair of trailers in front of them that's obscuring their view from whatever's ahead. He stops right behind one of them, gesturing for his packmate to come closer. "The locus is just right around the corner, but I'ma need you to climb this trailer and tell me what you can see, OK?" He presses his back against the trailer, half-squatting and palms open over his thigh. "I'll boost you up."

Adrienne follows after Dustin quietly, picking her way quietly over the trash -- careful not to step on broken glass or kick any errant Pepsi cans. She stops behind the pair of trailers, frowning as she looks at him to boost her. She places one foot on his palm and uses her body weight to push herself onto the top of the trailer with a little grunt. She lays low on her belly, crawling over to get a much better look at what the Alpha wanted to observe. She hadn't even said anything, she just.. did it.

When she climbs up, what she'll see is just... more trailers. About three more rows or so ahead of her, like a maze of them. The trailer park looks small enough from outside, but it'll soon become apparent that there are dozens of trailers lined up extremely close to each other, like something or someone -- a whole group maybe? -- have taken the time to move them so close to each other, almost squeezing them. The gaps of empty space inbetween basically look like small tunnels, too small for more than an adult-sized person to stand shoulder-to-shoulder, although there is a much bigger empty space in the middle there, circular-looking, a few trailer rows away from where she's standing (proning?).

There's a hiss then, not quite cat-like, more high-pitched like that of a rat's. And then she can hear it; the chit-chatter of inhuman voices, speaking in the First Tongue. "I smell puppies. Search the damn place! Bring their HEADS and FANGS to ME!"

Meanwhile, Dustin is nowhere to be seen.

The sound of those rat bastards makes Adrienne's skin positively crawl -- it's the crawling that comes with the innate feeling to destroy, to cleanse something unclean. She grinds her teeth together as she hears the filthy Beshilu threat. She slides herself down off of the likes of the trailer, hitting her feet smoothly. In that moment, she is shifting and popping into the near-wolf form. A blonde, hulking thing waits at the ready -- it's only a matter of time before those rats find them. She sniffs the air, searching for where her Alpha had gone. Being alone seems like a terrible plan.


The shuffling of many clawed feet can be heard rushing through the maze of trailer tunnels, the occasional chatters and hisses ringing across the park as the beshilu barked out its command, and soon followed by the sharp noise of a whiplash. What the hell, is somebody carrying a whip now? Eitherway, her Alpha seems to be gone for the moment, and even his scent has faded away from the atmosphere. It looks like the Rahu has to fend for herself for now. As she sneaks through the labyrinth of trailers, the figure of a giant hunchbacked rat will emerge from the shadows, and then another, which might suggest that they're hunting the werewolves down in pairs. Both of them are baring wicked claws.

The hulking blonde wolf's ears are pulled back, pinned against her skull. She stalks toward the likes of the Beshilu -- that hunchbacked rat gets glowered at by the now hulking Rahu. Belly low to the ground, she skulks along -- sneaking a little more, sticking to the inky dark shadows as much as possible. She is trying to flank the pair, and she is able to get so close that the surprise of her attack is enough to make it so her bite is even more grievous. She's a blonde streak, darting toward her quarry. Her muzzle flashes with knife-like teeth and she's clamping jaws around the creature's shoulder and head. Flesh rends from bone and there's quite the meaty rip as she divests half of the thing's head from its body.

The beshilu's last words were just... a horrible hiss, and a muffled one at that, as its head is clamped down inside Urshul Adrienne's jaws before having it ripped right off of its body, an ichor of poisonous blood spurting out from the meaty log of its neck and into her slavering mouth. She can immediately feel the burning taste of it on her tongue, and even just a single drop of it can be venomous. Might've been a bad idea to bite them in the first place. To make things worse, she can feel a slight tremor on the ground underneath her, and a couple of seconds later two more beshilu will burrouw out of the ground behind her, flanking the Rahu and blocking her way out. She'll have to fight through them, and the burning sensation inside her stomach isn't gonna help during it.

Adrienne just thinks that these fucks are lucky she only has one set of jaws. She dodges and weaves away from a few of their attacks -- but she growls low, a deathly intimidating rattle. She turns her shaggy blonde head, golden eyes narrowing as she catches the likes of that flanking rat. Whirling around, she snatches the disgusting creature by the arm and with a wet ripping sound, separates its arm clean from its shoulder. She chuffs when she sees one of them hit the other one, growling as she feels the hot searing pain of rat claws tearing her flesh open.

The Rat-Hosts screech and hiss at the werewolf, though one of them may not have much else to say as Adrienne turns and pounces at it, and biting off a significant portion of the rat's body- its arm, to be more specific. The critter shrieks out in pain, a terrible high-pitched noise, before it bursts into a colony of smaller rats that scatter all over the place. Two of its friends are still in the fight however, one of them successfully wetting its claws with the Uratha's blood, rich in Essence. The other one tried to lunge at her, though it leaped a tad too far and almost hitting its own friend instead. These rats are a mess.

Meanwhile, Dustin is /still/ nowhere to be seen.

The Full Moon is in her element. Beshilu Slayers R Us (well, most of them) is taking care of shit and it's getting messy. In an explosion of violent rage, her body lunges at the other rat and her jaws find terrible purchase. There's a sloppy, wet /rip/ and the beshilu's body is partially dissected. She recognizes when something has been effectively murdered into paste and drops her head low -- ready for the next rat to try her. The defense of her territory is a thrilling feeling, the feeling of her face wetted with ichorous blood -- making a little (pretty fucking funny) eeeeuuughhhhh sound like a giant dog trying to throw up a few times. Ew beshilu guts yuck.

It's quite the gory display as sickly green ichor bursts out of yet another beshilu, its body completely torn open as Adrienne chomps down on it. The Rat-Hosts are no match for a Werewolf, true, though they make up for it in numbers, and it looks like their numbers are slowly depleted right now! One more giant rat left to kill, and as it witnesses its last compatriot's gruesome demise, it immediately turn-tails and flees! Cowardice is also one of their more well-known traits. The critter is headed back into the maze of trailers it seems, perhaps looking to alert more of its kind?

EEEEUGH. Beshilu are disgusting. The Rahu growls low, hunkering down and launching herself in a full speed pursuit after the bitch-ass cowardly-ass rat who is turning tail from her. She closes the distance in a few brutal strides. Leaping at it, her jaws find purchase and she takes another one of the most disgusting bites ever. She twists her head as she bites, snarling loudly, her fur painted with the ichor. She's probably going to have to walk home.

The rat desperately tries to skitter away, kicking dust into the she-wolf's face as it runs and cuts through the maze corners, bumping into trailers and screeching away. It shrieks terribly once Adrienne catches up because, sickly blood oozing out before exploding inside her clamping jaw, going limp and dead soon enough. There's no more rats to be seen, and her way further into the trailer labyrinth is clear, albeit very dark at the same time, with only Luna's moonlight gaze shining her way.

Once she reaches the center of the trailer-maze, a gigantic hunchbacked rat-man hybrid, seven feet tall and holding a whiplash, is whipping a couple more of giant rats into form, the smaller group of beshilu seemingly biting and gnawing at... nothing? Although she can definitely tell that they're tearing more holes into the local Gauntlet. A large dire wolf stalks behind before he pounces on the rat-hybrid, a swipe of his claws wounding its shoulder and coaxing a painful screech. That's Dustin, in his Urshul form, and he has spots of beshilu blood staining his white fur as well.


Adrienne stalks after the desperate, cowardly rat. The fucker has not a single chance as she slinks after it, breaking into an all out run. There's something about its fear that makes her heart absolutely sing -- the adrenaline rushes, the sickly feeling of that horrific blood in her mouth as she tears open that last rat. But then there's that trailer maze and what's at the end of it. She stalks toward Dustin andthe monstrous vermin, resisting the urge to grow low -- muzzle dripping.

That chunky beast of a rat-hybrid roars at Dustin! A few drops of green ichor ooze out of the nasty claw mark on its shoulder, its fangs drooling nastily as it regards the Urshul with an intense wrath. "Him! Him! Kill the wolf-shard NOW!" It points accusingly to the Iminir, commanding its beshilu minions to assault the wolf, and they do! Sort of. The first tries to leap and claw at him but it only rakes empty air, Dustin dashing away far before it can even get to him. The second one tries to do the same thing, but hey, what was it about doing the same thing over and over again only to fail that correlates madness? Ah, something along those lines, but the beshilu are certainly insane! It strikes at the Iminir, though missing by only a couple of inches flat. The Alpha has proven to be an agile wolf time and time again.

The hulking rat generates another throaty roar into the deafening night when Adrienne injures its leg, which seriously has the potential to attract any unwanted attention from passer-bys, even though this deserted part of the neighborhood is very known to be empty and devoid of life, especially at this hour too. "Her! Her! Kill the she-wolf now!" It jolts a finger at her now, and following the slaver-rat's command, its slaves jump to pounce at her. And they missed! Bet you didn't see that coming, did you?

Wait, where's Dustin again? Did he just disappear, like he always does? Oh well. Let's hope he's not ditching the Rahu by herself now.

Nipping at the heels of the chunky rat, Adrienne reaches out and snatches one of its legs savagely, ripping at a piece of hamstring. Killing Smile lowers her head then, absolutely in her element. She could die right now and it'd be with a smile on her face. The hulking blonde near-wolf's muzzle is stained black, parted as she continues this low, rattling growl that reverberates in her throat. She pivots, feeling the likes of that whip crash into her flesh -- whipping her flank and rending the flesh back. When Dustin disappears and leaves the Rahu bleeding, she spends a moment glancing around for him and is left wanting -- but still, it doesn't matter because there are rats to kill.

The rat-hybrid beast looks as if it's about to bellow another horrible roar, only to be 'cut' halfway when its other leg is maimed by a leaping Dustin. There he is! He literally came out of the shadows, /again/, and crippled the biggest beshilu's leg off. It falls to the ground with a THUD, dirt flying everywhere around the gigantic man-critter. Its minions shriek in fear, although its menacing gaze at them urges the lesser Rat-Hosts to jump and assail the two Werewolves, albeit to no avail whatsoever. They hiss out in frustration as the Iminir dashes and glides out of their claws' way, although he's caught by an unexpected whiplash that manages to tear off some of his flesh. Dustin growls loudly in pain, and pounces to finish the fallen shartha alongside his packmate. Adrienne steals the kill from him with a powerful bite of its head, the Rahu triumphing over its sacred prey, though bloody and mangled.

She's pretty beat up at the moment, but she's more unstoppable than anything when facing this foe. Her eyes glint bright, intense -- teeth bared as she leaps at the likes of the chonky rat. Terrible jaws find purchase around its head, clamping down and giving a wrenching tear. Ever eat fried chicken and pull the joints apart? She drops what's in her mouth -- making a plegh! plegh! sound and shaking her head since the foes lay vanquished.

The rest of the beshilu explode into smaller colonies of rats and skitter away into the dark , retreating away upon their leader's demise. The pack's gonna have to track down their nest soon enough. Urshul-Dustin has his own wounds, but they're slowly knitting away and closing up as Essence courses through his body. His near-wolf form ripples and shrinks, body standing upright, and fur fading away into fabric as he shapeshifts into Hishu. The Iminir stares at his packmate intently, proud that she's capable of showing her true combat prowess in the fight. "Well fought, Killing Smile. I expected no less of you," he says to her with a wolfish grin. Dustin regards the hulking corpse of the rat-beast for a moment, and soon after he's withdrawing his smartphone & punching in numbers.



"Yeah, we're gonna need some gasoline at the location."

"Burn the corpses down, get everything taken care of before sunrise."