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Not Just Knee Deep

Characters: Ramsey, Hudson, Seven, Saulot
Date: 2020-05-09
Summary: A pack of werewolves arrived earlier in the week, and are doing nothing but causing trouble. They've (figuratively) spat on the Accords, attacked any envoy sent by the Protectorate, and now welcoming all challengers. Things have gone on long enough, and now they're claiming part of Little Woods as their territory: Protectorate and the Accord be damned. It's about time they get their eviction papers.

It was fairly cool all things considered. Especially for the beginning of May. The day was overcast, and the sun's light was filted away by the sea of grey above. Down below things were relatively quiet in part due to the pandemic. However, as much credit is due to the pack that'd come through. Dead Man's Hand, they call themselves. Supposedly somewhere in number between three and five. They patrolled what they called their territory one at a time, and each of them seemed to be on edge when seen.

By night and at the borders of the invader's territory came the usual. Howls at night, long and loud and clearly not jus someone's dog having a go at the moon. From what folks can gleam from the umias surrounding their turf the pack was originally from somewhere out West that supposedly came here to "tame" the urban wildlands to be their hunting grounds, although they haven't been too successful in any of their sacred hunts as of late.

This fine overcast Saturday finds Ramsey dressed for business, which is to say, about how he ever is. A pair of beat-up Wranglers with the hems stained green and brown, a pair of chunky work boots, a white undershirt underneath a blue-gray mechanic's shirt with the stitched patch that says Leger on it. The warehouse that serves as the headquarters for the unorthodox pack known as the Fixers worked as a meeting place with the others sent by the protectorate and various representatives of the accords, and found him out front with lawn chairs and a big 'ol pitcher of sweet tea. To anyone who has ever met him before, in this case Hudson, he is conspicuously not smoking and sober, which might bode ill, depending, since there's a lot more of that tense energy about him that it usually defrays, but for now it's simmering and damped by a refreshing beverage in a red solo cup. "Whenever y'all ready, we can walk, or I can drive. Ain't far."

The call had gone up and Hudson had met up with Ramsey at Fixer HQ, since it's pretty local to where they're going. He's sort of hopeful that things won't end in a lot of bloodshed, but going by everything he's heard about this rogue pack...that doesn't seem likely. As such, he's come pretty kitted out today, with a variety of guns and gear stashed about his person and a thin kevlar vest worn under his tshirt. Aside form that, he's wearing skinny black jeans and a pair of running sneakers, with a black tanktop with a picture of a zombie bunny rabbit eating candy floss on the front of it. He's worked with Ramsey before, and relations are reasonably good between the fixers and the zombies, and he gives the Rahu a respectful dip of his chin when he arrives.

The trio is rounded out by a young, unassuming looking mortal. Seven wears a hoodie with the hood pulled over her head, denim jeans, and sneakers. Although there are some stains, tears here and there on her clothing, she appears cleaned and somewhat groomed. Not /too/ homeless looking. Hands are situated in the pouch of her hoodie as she approaches the others that have gathered. Werewolves aren't usually her business but she's decided to respond to the call for aid for her own reasons. Hudson is eyed more curiously of the pair of werewolves at first, her gaze drifting over the weaponry. Looking over to Ramsey, she ponders for a brief moment before responding. "Which method of arrival would appear best for a more... peaceful resolution?" she questions with a raised brow.

Hudson gets a little grin and a "Hey, bud," and then Seven gets a "Hi there." He motions, holding the pitcher by the handle, offering a drink with a nod to the cups, while they organize. "Well, most times, you'd come to the edge of what they claim as their turf, yell real loud and wait for someone to come to the door. Depends what kind of statement you wanna make. Anyone got like, officious stuff to read off from the... Government or whatever? Or we just gonna ask nicely?" He does not seem to think that will do a whole lot of good, from his expression though. "We can put Hud up somewhere high beforehand, and I can stand in front. I'm better in close anyway. You have an angle we should know about? Control ghost rhinos with your mind or something?"

"Aggressive negotiations" Hudson agrees with a nod of his head and a grin that soon becomes a quiet laugh at his little Star Wars reference. Ramsey gets a nod of agreement with his plan. "Sounds good" he agrees, then suggesting "If we have any time I can do a pass over the area with my drone and see if I can spot anything, then we can get in position" he suggests. Seven gets a curious look, that smile blossoming once more at the suggestion that she controls Ghost Rhinos. "That'd be fucking badass" Hudson agrees, before introducing himself with a touch of his hand to his chest. "I'm Hudson Jones, Hud" he offers amicably.

A serious, focused expression rests on Seven's face as she listens to the other's. Even if she can't really tell, she figures at least /one/ of them is a werewolf. Their suggestions and expertise comes before her own and she knows when to listen. Ramsey is given a quick arch of her brow before she shakes her head. "No," she answers him. The young woman studies over the proclaimed brawler for a couple of seconds, sizing him up but not in a challenging way. "Tell me your target and I can hold them down for you," she explains, though she doesn't looking physically imposing in any way. There's a pause before she adds, "Good with fire, too." Which may be an understatement.

She gives a thought to what other information about herself might be useful, but it seems what other talents she might have are already covered by the other two. Looking over to Hudson, she gives a small tilt of her head. "Seven," she introduces herself in return, possibly mimicking him as she gestures to herself as well.

Ramsey nods and chugs the rest of his cup of tea and then gives one of those big cartoony "Ahhhhhh..." moments after, then cracks his neck in a way that would make a chiropractor wince and says "Right on. Might be a numbers game, so if we can keep things nice and orderly with your neutralizing effects, and Hud can keep things pinned down and busy, we can work pretty methodically." When names are tossed, he adds, "Oh, sorry, Ramsey. So. Speaking of methodical. Sometimes shit gets out of hand. If something happens and one of us or them frenzies, you run, alright? And I don't mean run and look over your shoulder. The signal word is 'Papaya'." With that, Ram grabs the keys to the beat up looking old Ford Ranger in the drive and says to Hudson "You wanna ride in back and do your drone recon while we head over, we can get this show on the road."

"Good t'meetcha Seven" Hudson grins at the woman in response to her introduction, then adding "Fire's always handy!" with an enthusiastic nod of his head. He listens carefully to the rest what she has to say, and then gives the same attention to Ramsey, a more serious side of the young wolf coming to the forefront as they plan their approach. The suggestion of him riding in the back and doing some recon while they drive over gets an affirmative nod, and Hudson grabs his gear and heads on over to sling it in the back of the truck. He works pretty quickly, and is soon in the process of booting his laptop and getting the drone ready for take off.

Seven has heard of the madness that can be caused by the sight of a werewolf, as well as the dangers of a mad one itself. So, Ramsey's order is responded with a simple nod. "Understood," she replies, her lips pursing slightly for a moment. Once they're loaded up in the truck and on their way, Ramsey is given the mortal's attention again. "Backup plan in case I need to run from the actual fight?" she questions with a raise of her brow. "Decent at not being seen in case Hudson finds something that requires... destruction by fire."

As they saddle up, Ramsey gets into the driver's seat and twirls the fuzzy dice for luck. Once underway, he says "Yeah, if you need to get out, get out, we can rendezvous later. Same place. Fire will work well enough, but unless it's not like fire I know, it's probably not gonna stop a charge, which means you will need to make -sure- you aren't seen, or do it from somewhere they can't reach you. Don't take risks you don't have to, and if you need help, say so. I ain't got any earpieces like in the movies or nothing, but a good old fashioned yell should do aight." He chews fitfully on the end of a piece of a weed that he picked up, and then squints a little to make sure he doesn't cross any twilight markings as he makes his way toward the territory marker, stopping half a block away by a multi-story building with an exterior staircase and fire escape for Hudson. "This work, boss?"

The view from above is mostly what's to be expected. A rather quiet neighborhood save those still awake at night. A few folks wandering around here and there. A couple on a corner, waiting for something as they chat about the day before. Further along a man hiding in an alley, trying to fish something out of his pockets. Nearest the water a small crowd's gathering while another stands far off to the side. In the middle of the neighborhood a lone man sits, his attention going back and forth to something off to the west and then back to the house inside.

Hudson is quiet in the back of the truck during the short drive over, his attention mostly focused on the video feed coming back from his drone as he makes several quick passes over the area the new arrivals have claimed as their territory. It's not enough for a reall detailed survey, but he manages to get a few key details and the drone is ready to come into land by the time Ramsey slows down for him to get out at a convenient vantage point. "Okay, so it seems prett quiet, a few people about but difficult to tell who's a wolf or not...There's one suspicious looking guy dead centre, and a small group down by the water. Nothing but a few stragglers other than that. I'd say those were the humans." he explains rapidly as he shuts off the drone and sets it down in the back seat next to him. "Good luck!" he nods to Ramsey and Seven, snatching up the rest of his gear and hopping out to make a dash for the fire escape.

Seven gives Hudson an appreciative nod at the information given, watching him for a few moments as he zips up the fire escape. Whether or not they're driving somewhere else to park the truck, the mortal waits until Ramsey opens his door before she steps out of the vehicle herself. She tugs a bit on her hoodie, pulling it just a tad further over her head. It's not too much but it does help to conceal her features some. Sliding her hands back into her pockets, she again waits for the wolf to move before she does. This is their show, she's just here to help. Cautiously she surveys their immediate surroundings, keeping an eye out for any suspicious figures beyond those that Hudson already pointed out. Anyone that seems interested in the pair is given a look back as well. "I will let you knock on their door," she suggests as they make their way to the edge of the territory.

Ramsey gives a thumbs up to Hud, and once the Irraka has debarked the old farm truck, he crawls it further along the block until finding a decent spot to park it, and climbs out. To Seven, he says "Alright. You go find your spot. I'm gonna go do that, see what that flushes out. Give 'em the good fences talk. Then we'll see what's what." He reaches into the truck console and finds a pack of Big Red gum, which he offers a stick of before he puts his boots on the pavement and rolls his neck on his shoulders, striding forward and letting out a howl into the night, high and yowling, the sound of a red wolf.

The howl is met with another, louder and from the northen part of Little Woods. Aftera quarter of an hour, initially. A woman nearly two meters tall comes from down the block, making a bee line right to the Uratha and the Mortal. She holds her head high as her wild hair flows with her movements. Slowly behind her comes a man just a bit shorter, although much more round and muscular. Then another, a mouse of a man whose gaze goes to and fro as he approaches. Behind him groups of ephemeral beings follow his wake, although they remain just out of sight amid the darkness. The larger man lifts a hand, signalling them all to stop. "Who the fuck are you?" he asks while sniffing at the air between the lot of them. "Come to join, or get your asses kicked?" The question comes with a smug smile that speaks of his prior victories.

Hudson is pretty quick on his feet, and right now he's got a bit of a fire under his ass to boot. The Irraka tears up the external fire escape until he end up on the roof of the building, about a half a block down from where Ramsey eventually came to a halt and he and Seven disembarked. He takes a quick glance around the area and soon finds a decent spot where he will have a good view of Ramsey and Seven to provide covering fire, while also having a little bit of cover himself in case things turn really ugly. He takes plenty of time to set up, mounting his laser sight on hisassault rifle and then checking everytihng over before setting it off carefully to one side. He's far enough back that he can't hear what's being said, though he watches from a distance as the trio come into view.

At Ramsey's command, Seven had found a spot nearby to stand. It's not too far from him, to the werewolves it's clear that she's with him, but it's far enough that she's not in direct harm's way. Bright green eyes scan over the few figures that come out of the woodwork from the howl. Although the apparent alpha is given her attention first, the others are more carefully looked over. Seven remains quiet for now, a slight frown on her lips forms.

Ramsey stands there, purportedly alone, in the middle of the street facing the three, his thumbs tucked into the belt loops of his jeans, feet apart, shoulders square, and his gaze... Well. He seems calm and collected outwardly but there's that Rahu something something bubbling intensely under the surface, that hint of the lunatic just behind his slightly squinted eyes. "Me? Call me Road House." He says his Deed Name in English, rather than First Tongue, but the spirits will whisper that he is Sik-Ga. He doesn't cross the threshold yet, instead saying "My territory isn't far from here. Came to see if y'all were the neighborly sorts, 'cause I heard some pretty disparaging things and reckoned it was time to see for myself. The Protectorate wants you out. And I am assuming you aren't gonna comply. But thought I'd give you a chance at refusing to my face. Once y'all know me." There's a breath through him as his Uratha physiology channels essence to it and the spirit part of him flares, his human shape slowly changing up to Dalu, as is appropriate for introducing oneself, as blinding silver light comes off of his skin in jagged tears, telling the story of a wolf who has given much to the Oath of the Moon, even the least and earliest of his brands of fighting and sparing the life of one of the Pure, quiet and competent pruning and tending of territory, and implacable hunts that have never turned away from their quarry. He stands, in the same pose, still.

The man laughs, and in the shape of near-human it's far too easy to smell the stank on his breath. Shrimp, beef, and something that smells like raw fish. He shifts up and out to match up with Ramsey, although the man is much shorter even still. "Let me cut 'em," the woman growls, and he shakes his head. He lifts his hand, flashing two fingers, and then one. Far off in the distance, the pair can spot something that glints from the windows of a house. "We don't care if your Jesus fucking Christ coming back to bring me salvation or some otehr shit. We ain't moving a damned spot anywhere." He then brings that raised hand around, and gives the middle finger to the Rahu. BHis own brands speak of Glory and Cunning, although there clearly isn't a lick of Wisdom there. The woman's gaze moves from Ramsey to Seven as she licks her lip. "Just one little bite won't hurt. Promise..."

All that distance back, Hudson watches the scene unfolding in the street below keenly, dark eyes flitting from figure to figure, and then to the glint in the windows even further back again. The sight of first Ramsey and then the unknown werewolf flaring their brand at one another is enough to produce a low growl that rumbles in the base of the more lightly built Irraka's chest. He shifts almost unconsciously to Dalu to match the other two, his suden bulk straining against his clothes a little. He's not even nearly as impressively massive as Ramsey, but still pretty big for Hudson! He chews thoughtfully on his bottom lip, watching the scene unfolding below with intense concentration.

Seven /clearly/ does not like being looked at like prey. Although the woman doesn't get a strong reaction, the mortal is unable to help but frown and narrow her brows. The air around the gathered group gets a little warmer for a few moments but settles as Seven keeps her emotions in check. For now. The mortal looks briefly to Ramsey, then over to the invader's alpha with a small tilt of her head. "Why not sign the Accords?" she wonders, her brows more furrowing now with a curious expression. "Keeps you safe. Your pack safe," she points out. Perhaps she's trying her hand at mediation or perhaps she's just curious and nosy.

Ramsey makes a little gesture like a finger-gun toward what glinted in the window, in view of Hudson, perhaps signalling to check it out but they have not really agreed on hand signs or anything. When the middle finger is given, both verbally and literally, the Rahu doesn't lunge or anything, but his posture does shift, saying all that it needs to say. They can't even properly hunt the turf they're claiming to hold. His chin lifts and stays there, head slightly cocked and he spits out the end of the weed that he's been chewing on, the effect being spitting on the ground without doing it. That's werewolf for 'come at me, bro.'

Ramsey squints his eyes. He's still until he sees the posture of the pack that's about to break into assault. When it's clear to him that the other Full Moon is about to charge right at Seven, he takes a step, then two, and his right hand flashes out. It's like a choke-slam but just picking someone up by their upper chest in a brutal gouge of short, rough claws and a bone-shattering slam into concrete that would break a human, and most other things, and actually does kind of crack the asphalt a little. He's on the warpath, and when the cahalith comes in from the flank he's knocked to the street, though doesn't seem especially harmed by it, but that's not where you want to be.

Big Betty goes down, and there's already a pained roar from the Rahu. Almost immediately after she's knocked on her ass and bloodied something snaps. Where the woman lay she grows, and her already massive size becomes even bigger. Muscle, fur, and raging frenzy all in one hellish package.

"No," shouts the Cahalith. Already moving towards Ramsey. After that blow, though, even he takes a step back. However, he doesn't escape, and instead shifts down into the body of the dire wolf. He pounces, his teeth just barely being felt as he nips at Ramsey's backside.

Hudson is pretty quick off the mark when the combat starts. Ramsey is already two on one against the wolves, and he'd rather it didn't become three with what seems to be the third - a mousy looking man - possibly a wolfblood, but hard to tell at this distance. Lifting his fifle to his eye, he aims down the sight and lets off a chatter of several bullets in quick succession. It becomes apparent all too quickly that it was indeed a blooded by the way the man crumples to the ground and begind bleeding profusely all over the place. This gets a slight wince from Hudson, though it's quickly followed by a shrug as he lines up for his next shot.

The start of the fight doesn't seem to phase the mortal, at least not initially. Seven sees the woman charge her and readies herself for a moment. Until she gets knocked by Ramsey. Then starts spazzing out, to put lightly. The rage of the werewolf throws off her concentration, though. Seven does her best to focus on the one attacking Ramsey, her hand reaching out, grasping out with her telekinesis to grab the wolf. But her invisible grip slips and doesn't take hold, not even stopping him for a second.

That glint in the window is gone, but there's something still there. The clies aren't showing signs of a storm, but they hall hear it. Everyone in the goddamned area will hear it. An overwhelming thunderclap that comes from the north, and sends a bullet dizzyingly fast right to the Rahu's midsection.

There's only one thing that is gonna stop a frenzied rahu that's just shifted into Gauru, and that does not involve holding back. Ramsey Reels as a bullet from afar slams into him, piercing him in the gut, doubling him over though seems to do less than it really should. His eyes widen, pupils starting to quake and he says in a loud voice, "This is getting real close to a Papaya sort of situation." Then his voice isn't human anymore, not even a little, and he isn't either. He's not a bulked out monster like some others, his limbs long and powerful but more on the long side, body lean and tight, fur in cream and gray and red, and eyes of pure madness and rage as his teeth flash toward the other werewolf in the killing form, claws following to latch on, to grapple it, contain the frenzy as he goes for the throat.

Things are turning further and further shit for Dead Man's Hand. The Rahu is a raging ball of fury. She doesn't do much else when down. Before she has a chance to get to her feet Ramsey is arleady on top of her. Try as she might to break free, the Rahu is locked in his painful grasp. She howls in pain, and in turn something else howls with her.

~Volle! Help! Now!~ the dire wolf howls. Initially there is nothing but silence, but then the air changes. It was a relatively cool night, but the air around the melee chills. Freezes even as the Totem is shunted to the world of flesh and bone. Their totem, a massive thing ofa bear covered in partly flayed skin. The deer rack above its head shakes when it lifts its head to roar. That roar soon shifts into a howl as the spirit grows big, meaner, and much more hairy until its visage is similar enough to the raging Rahu save its white fur. It doesn't take more than a second for the beast to lunge at the only thing it doesn't know.

Hudson looks up suddenly, eyes flashing with concern whe that other shot rings out and he realises they're not th only ones with a hidden sniper in place. "Fuck..." he growls to himself, unable to see the shooter from his current position. He dashes across the roof as quickly as he can, peering down the street to try and get an eye on the other shooter, but he comes up blank. "Seven!" he yells, waving at the woman and then pointing at the house the shot came from. "Burn that one! Burn it!" he points frantically, before taking aim at the Rahu that Ramsey is grappling and firing off another quick flurry of shots. It's a hit, but not in anything vital. There's a sigh of frustration and a muttered curse from Hudson.

Seven is starting to become overwhelmed by all the chaos going on. Frenzying vampires she's used to. Werewolves, though? That tugs at her very core through no fault of her own. Although she has plenty of strengths with the supernatural, she's still very much mortal. Hearing Hudson's yell cuts through everything else, gives her focus and purpose. Looking over toward the building, she concentrates, reaching her hand out as she focuses. It's subtle at first but only for a few seconds. The floor that the glint had previously been spotted starts to smoke, then /burn/. Flames start to rise up, slowly but taking over the building. That's all she really has the gall for. The Lunacy gets tp her though and she turns to run off to escape the madness!

He makes his apperance known, although only for a heartbeat. As the two Gauru rage, Rahu and Valle the totem, there is an opening. The crack of one shot reverberates in the air, and almost immediately after another rings out. The figure's seen, at least for a moment. He comes from the bottom left window, still hard to make out. Howver, that big ass rifle nor the thundering shot heard around the neighborhood are as easy to miss.

The raging totem is still just as angry and lost in the throes of its madness. It stay on the Rahu, biting at the flanks of the other lupine beast .

Ramsey remains in the killing-form, wrestling with the other rahu on the ground, keeping his grip and tearing with his jaws in just the meanest way you can imagine, utterly ignoring the assault of the enemy totem on his hide, though a golden, bloodshot eye is cast toward it, warning perhaps, or selecting his next target as he wracks his foe.

Another shot's fired, and again at the Rahu. This draws the alpha's attention away from the melee. He lifts his head and howls mightily. As he does so the rifle in the irraka's hands falls to pieces as in the space between heartbeats by until all that remains are whatever Hudson kept hold of.

There's a roar of pain from the Irraka as a bullet from the other shooter catches him in the side. He starts bleeding, his tshort quickly turning red, though before he has a chance to pay it much attention there is a louder shout of "FUCKFUCKFUCK" as his rifle fucking disintegrates in his hands. Dropping it to the floor, Hudson casts a faintly panicked look about the place and makes a dash for a better position. As he does, there's a shimmer of essence around that wound, and the wolf's body physically ejects the bullet with a bloody pop as his flesh begins to knit together once more. Hudson dips into his knees as her gets into coverm uslinging his *other* rifle from over his shoulder and taking a deep breath to try and get his head back together.

With Ramsey now off of her the Rahu is able to do what Rahu typically do. She howls, a vicious sound that's set anything that ain't preternatural in nature on edge. It even leaves the Totem a bit shaken, but that ally isn't her target. Yet. Instead she leaps right at Ramsey. He's in clawing range, but she instead takes a bite of the easiest thing she can get a hold off, and plants her teeth right in his backside.

The house remains silent. Relatively silent. The fire set by Seven grows, and it only worsens as the seconds pass by. There's shouting from inside and something heavy hits the ground. The man inside doesn't make himself seen, but they can hear him shouting something as he starts making his way downstairs. "Truce! Truce!"

Don't bite Ramsey in the butt! That's mean! Ramsey is upset by this. That's his only butt! Ramsey is also thinking reeeeal hard about how to deal with this situation, but that just makes his reflexes kick in and he turns and grabs the other rahu, the one in death rage and full gauru, and picks her up with the force of a claw that makes an uppercut into the other beast's solar plexus and just carries through, arcing the other werewolf into a full rainbow arc to slam into the ground on the other side of him, letting out a bloodcurdling howl of battle rage as he makes a goddamn statement, his gaze cast at totem and cahalith and empty window alike, challenging, as he sets their heavy hitter up for his irraka friend.

Despite the noise coming from the house the Cahalith doesn't stop. Such is the way of ego and pride. He lifts his fanged maw once more, and lets loose another howl. This time there's something else behind it, a command of presence loud enough for everyone to hear.

Hudson is really pissed off now! His expensive new Assault Rifle is in pieces on the floor, he's BLEEDING and it HURTS and these fuckers just aren't sying and it is making him MAD! THere's a low growl that rumbles deep in his chest as he peeks out from above the half wall that runs around the flt roof of the building he's stood on. He waits until he spots Ramsey absolutely *clobber* the deathraging Rahu and then while she's still stunned he pops to his feet and with a loud yell of "FUCK YOUUUUUUU!" he fires off a single shot from his rifle. This is a hunting rifle now, so only one shot at a time, though it's surprisingly accurate given how angry Hudson is right now, and it punctures right about where the Rahu's lung ought to be. She hits the floor with a heavy thud right afterwards.

The man who was in the house is now outside, still running to the melee. He's the shortest of the group, it appears. He has a rifle slung around his back, and it doesn't look like the mundane kind from the designs over that long barrel. He holds one hand up, waving around a white t-shirt. In the other he holds a child that's still coughing as the house behind them burns. The closer he gets he keeps yelling, "Truce!"

The massive form of the standing gauru in red wolf colors whips its head toward the figure coming toward them, calling for truce, and then he looks at the totem, driven mad by the cahalith and in the throes of kuruth. It won't understand. In the first tongue, the raging beast-man growls ~=Be quiet, little brother. Rest.=~ as the spirit given mad flesh rends at him, and he starts to turn, pivoting fully and grasping the thing by the head and keeping going, his shoulder checking its body as the two separate in a crackle and crunch of essence and corpus as he rips it in two, and takes steps forward, his stride starting to bound as his shape actually begins to shrink, moving down toward a more manageable man-size, or at least a really big one, as he says curtly to the irraka who shot him earlier, "How many?" already moving toward the building.

The man shouts again. The alpha was still standing there, ready to face and fight the opposition. Eventually even he stops when he hears the coughing of the small child. He shifts up to two legs again, expression still hateful. It breaks for a moment, and he darts off to the still burning.

"Just Babs," says the Irraka as he looks up to Ramsey. "That ain't the problem, and-" He doesn't continue on. Instead he motions off to the departing alpha while he goes over to the Blooded while stepping over the Rahu in the process.

Hudson rises to his feet whe Ramsey manages to send the pack's enraged spirit back into twilight, though he doesn't immediately rush to help like his companion. He hangs back a little and keeps the cahalith and the Irraka (and hell even the kid) firmly in his sights until it's clear that hostilities have de-escalated, at least for now. Hudson nods his head once it becomes clear that the main focus is now on evacuating the burning building, and he lowers his weapon and takes a step back. He takes a few moments to head back across the roof and carefully gather every last piece of his disassembled rifle in the hopes of being able to rebuild it. Because priorities. It will be a couple of minutes later before he's coming down the fire escape to join back up with Ramsey.

Ramsey heads in, but pauses, calling back to the irraka, "Talk fast. What is?" He's just off a fight, maybe still in one, and the adrenaline is up, but he's keeping his head as best he can, and if there's something he needs to know...

Inside, the house is already cooking. Whether it was with gas or grease remains to be seen. The rotund alpha was moving up to the stairs despite the smoke already coming from there. The alpha doesn't respond to the Rahu, and keeps on climbing until he's at the top of the stairs.

The blooded is alive, barely. The only thing to have saved most of his hide appears to be the brown fur poking out from the shot from Hudson that laid him out. After checking the man over he moves over to the Rahu. She's already healing up, and the man kicks her while hodling the toddler. "C'mon, Bertha." Another poke with his toe. "Bitch, wake your ass up."

Ramsey lets out a frustrated growl but looks in individual rooms then heads up the stairs, keeping an eye on the smoke and fire and pulling off his overshirt to wrap around his lower face as a precaution, staying alert and trying to listen.

The smoke was already making it hard to breath, but he was going to go through that room. "Either help or get out," he growls before heading into one of the burning rooms. "Need to find Melody's key," is all he says before disappearing behind the flames.

"Sure, why not. Fuck you." The building's already on fire, he's not too worried about breaking things as he starts ransacking the place, looking for anything that looks like a key. "This a literal key?"