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Night Brunch

Characters: Ramsey, Rafael, Dustin, Jeanie
Date: 2020-06-14
Summary: When Night Brunch Goes Wrong and Dishes Attack, the Diners Fight Back



Who says waffles are just for breakfast? Certainly not Jeanie as it was her turn to pick dinner and she chose... waffles. Not Waffle House as much as their hashbrowns may be beloved, but a local institution that has seemed to been around for forever known appropriately enough as The Greasy Spoon. Sunday's special of All You Can Eat chicken and waffles normally has a brunch line out the door, but it's well past brunch hours and into the evening now. There are plenty of tables available and still plenty of fried chicken for those that might want it. It looks like Jeanie and Ramsey might be well into testing just how much they can eat as there are several empty plates covering the table along with the current plates they're working on.

Night Brunch is a perfectly legitimate thing. Ramsey dabs at his beard with a napkin, dealing with an unexpected syrup situation after the structural integrity of a waffle became compromised by its butter-to-syrup ratio and disintegrated while trying to make a taco with it. He hangs his elbow back on the booth divider and sniffs just slightly like he might sneeze but then scrunches his face slightly, realizing maybe it's just a false alarm or something else.

This is the time of day that Rafael's most often up and about. His sort of work usually requires night hours, after all. The little bell above the door jangles as he pushes his way through it and into the diner, catching sight of the pair at a booth before approachin with a chuckle, "Jeanie, Ramsey. Didn't expect to see you two here."

And entering the establishment is someone who looks like he could fit in much better in a dive bar somewhere rather than a friendly institution such as this. He's punching in texts and numbers into his smartphone rather grumpily, like he's on the edge of bursting out in anger and cursing at whoever's on the other side of the phone. Dustin heaves out a sigh and tucks his phone away, surveying the interior before he makes his way further with this reluctant look. Gosh, does he really have to be here? The presence of another Uratha does catch his attention however, and he darts his eyes to Ramsey immediately.

Jeanie is making some serious work on those waffle stacks. Perk of vegetarianism, the all you can eat waffles is cheaper than the all you can eat chicken and waffles. She is also having a little better luck getting her syrup soaked food to face without getting it on her face, but snickers as Ramsey's own waffle's structural integrity fails him. The familiar voice has her turning and giving a wave with her fork holding hand. "Rafael! And why wouldn't we be at all you can eat chicken and waffles? The waffles at least are delicious. I can't speak for the chicken." Having no werewolf senses, Dustin's arrival is met with just a normal quick glance back at the sound of muttering. And maybe another glance towards the kitchen. Is it getting louder over there?

Ramsey lifts a hand when Raf puts in an appearance and after he's chewed, he says "Hey, bud. I mean, it's not our usual waffle spot, but after I had to fight like... Several people in the parking lot, I've been laying low until Waffle House corporate lifts the bounty." It's not impossible that that's a thing. When he smells another uratha in the building though his head jerks up a little more and he glances behind the constable to regard Dustin. He doesn't know him, but he's kind of vaguely smelled something like him on Axle once or twice so he's using his context clues, and gives a relatively chilled out upnod and a "Hey," of acknowledgement. What was that sound?

"I... do not doubt that for a moment," Rafael's lips tug up in a grin at Ramsey's words, and he shakes his head, "And I can't say no to chicken and waffles, that's true. Best ideas since some genius came up with peanut butter and jelly. I'll-- " A glance back to Dustin as Ramsey greets him, then back to the pair, "Leave you two to your dinner, though, just wanted to say hello since you were already here."

If it can clue the Werewolf any better, Dustin smells mostly of vanilla cologne and weed. Maybe a bit of alcohol in there, too. That nod is mirrored with his own, a flick of his chin as he regards the other Uratha with a deadpan look, though a friendly enough tone to his response. "Yo. What's up?" It's a relief to know that there's someone in the building that he can relate to, but also tenses him knowing that there's no clear of way of figuring whether this one Uratha is friendly or not. You'll never know when you meet one of the enemies, namely the Pure, amongst your own kind until it's too late. Dustin goes to take up a table nearby to them, but doesn't do much interaction beside.

"If that cook hadn't been just a little bit possessed," Jeanie gives a bit of a shrug. A little fighting, a little exorcisim, a little permanent banning from that particular Waffle House establishment unless they try going in disguises. "Unless you're meeting someone, pull up a seat? There's plenty of room, or can be." The human makes to consolidate some of the empty plates into a single pile to find more room. The sounds from the back are getting louder, like the somewhat distressing cry of 'Where are all these dishes coming from??? Our plates aren't even that color!' Jeanie just tilts her head a bit and looks to Ramsey and Rafael as if silently asking if they also heard that.

Ramsey gives an acknowledging nod to Jeanie after he seems about to reiterate her invitation. "Huh. Well, that could just be anyth..." He looks at the dwindling chicken and waffle supplies. They're going to need more. And something could be disrupting that. A hand placed on the table and Ramsey asks "Think... We should check?"

"I just didn't want to interrupt, if you two were on a date or something," Rafael draws out a chair and slides into it all the same, before there's that call from the back - and he glances up to the counter, eyebrows lifting. "Dishes?"

Dustin looks like he could not give a single fuck about whatever's happening back there. They may have to coax him into helping out later on. But hey, he came here for one reason only, and checking up on kitchen disturbances ain't exactly it. He's got his phone in his hands again, dark eyes reflecting the light illuminated from his phone screen as they're focused entirely on it. He hasn't even ordered anything yet.

"Just a regular dinner," Jeanie assures Rafael even if those very words might be a curse because the kitchen doesn't seem like it's having any amount of regular anything going on. There's the sound of some breaking dishes, someone screaming. Someone crying and Jeanie quickly nods at the suggestion that they check. "That definitely doesn't seem right." The next sound might be more than enough to even get Dustin's attention, a loud but screechy voice calls out in words that should be clear enough to the Uratha as First Tongue. Something along the lines of 'Who dares to clean me away????' and the sound of a cascade of silverware hitting the floor, some of which is now streaming out the door to the kitchen.

"Whelp. That... Doesn't sound super." Ramsey's mouth draws into a thin line and he places a hand on the table, filling in the two humans, "Uhhh.. Something's there. Doesn't sound pleased." That something definitely is implied to be something of the spooky variety. He glances toward where Dustin sits and asks "You good to go?"

Okay, now that definitely should catch Dustin's attention now. Some screams and sobbing and crying probably won't, but when he can make it certain that a loose spirit is at work here? The Uratha is bound to do some ass-kicking it back to the Hisil. He immediately looks up to the other Werewolf in the room, phone tucked away before he glances over his shoulder towards the kitchen, and then back to Ramsey again, nodding his head. "Looks like I'm here for a fucking reason after all," he blurts out to them.

It's the strange words shrieked from the back - and the clattering of silverware all over the floor - that gets Rafael up on his feet and staring at that kitchen door. "What in the name of God...?" A glance to the others, then the door, "Not pleased? You think?"

Filth spirits, all power and very little finesse. Probably why the thing has been so busy multiply a literal mountain of dirty dishes and yelling it's presence this side of the Gauntlet without even a care to the fact there might be Forsaken very close by that might want to kick it's butt back to where it came from. Jeanie gives a nod of confirmation when Ramsey says that there's something there. "I heard it." She didn't know what the heck it was saying, but definitely heard it. "Thinks are about to get real weird. Like probably weirder than that house with the freaking talking shadows and the frogs. I think I'm just gonna..." Be real quiet for a moment as a she draws some sparks from the nearest wall outlet which seem to settle around the woman. "Just in case."

Ramsey gives a nod and then he stands as everyone else is gearing up and he wanders toward the diner counter and hops up to sit on it and swings his feet over in order to get to the other side, only knocking over a napkin holder and a bottle of ketchup. "Well. Let's see." He heads for the kitchen door to push it open.

Dustin rises up and follows suit behind the other Uratha. He's all pumped up and still heated from getting ghosted by a client, intent on lashing his anger out at the manifested spirit. He sees Ramsey leaping over that counter and tries to do the same, but whoops! Either he's one too excited or it's just his shortness causing the complication, but he accidentally trips his leg and falls on the other side of the floor, accidentally busting his chin open. He immediately rises up anyway, blood slowly trickling out and staining some of his hair, though he keeps it cool and just wipes the wound with his hand. That must've hurt.

"I don't know about that." Rafael slips a hand into his pocket, fingers flexing there before coming out with a pair of brass knuckles - antique, from the looks of them - settled around his fingers. It's not bestial claws or magical spells, but it'll have to do. He steps more cautiously towards the counter, giving Jeanie a startled glance at the blue-white crackle-spark of electricity, then he's looking back to the doors, "What d'you think is in there? A real angry sink? A gate to the elemental plane of dirty dish--" Then Dustin topples over the counter, and he steps over to peer across it, "...you all right, man?"

Jeanie winces as Dustin swings and a misses with his attempt to get over the counter smoothly, but she's not saying anything, instead focusing on the other human present. "Seeing how riled up they are... guessing that was a spirit yelling out something..." She gives a shrug, but she also has a few more magic spells tucked up her sleeve. One of which she'll use as soon as she spots those brass knuckles. "And just in case," She reaches out for knuckle wielding hand and mutters a few phrases in latin and... something happens as a brief glowing solidifies for a moment around Jeanie and the brass knuckles but it's gone in almost a blink of an eye. "I think we're ready." And pretty much in the knick of time since looks like Ramsey's already to the door.

Ramsey hears the crack and looks back over his shoulder and he observes Dustin, then tells Rafael, "That'll buff out." He then lifts his foot and kicks open the door, even though it is a swinging kind and doesn't need it. It's just better this way. "Stop this tomfuckery right now," he demands. Evil spirits are RUINING NIGHT BRUNCH.

As dramatic as Ramsey's door kick might be, the fact that it then almost comedically swings right back kind of ruins the effect, but it DOES get the spirits attention. From out of the sink, a horror has arisen! Body made of an giant mass of assorted plates and bowls all crusted with sticky mess of syrup and layers of chicken grease. The dinner plate eyes turn to stare at the Rahu and there's a hissing of displeasure and a rattling of the cutlery. Apparently too mad for words!

The busted flesh of his chin knits back up soon enough, causing a slight wince from Dustin but nothing else. Dustin stays low behind the much taller Ramsey, using the man's dramatic entrance and size to mask his presence for now as he discretely shapeshifts behind him, taking on the form of a giant wolf. It's curious how the spirit couldn't even notice him, but if you know Dustin, then you will know how he excels at this kind of thing. He growls, and as that throaty noise reverberates into the air, he's already leaping and bouncing against the wall, using his body-weight to come back around and rend the spirit with nasty claws.

Ramsey steps in toward the monster and cracks his neck side to side, essence flowing through his body as he rears back and gives a big ol haymaker toward the thing, connecting with a crunchy clank on his knucklebones.

And with the blink of an eye, and a gush of wind, that giant wolf is no longer there. It's as if he never even appeared in the first place, but those broken plates and that prominent hole on the spirit's structure of dirty plates should indicate that it was real, at least. Just, where did Dustin go?

The dish monster hasn't really had much chance to do more than howl in surprise, anger and then pain as first the Rahu kicks in the door, causing it to turn from where it had been tormenting those poor dishwashers that hadn't been able to flee with their coworkers either out of the kitchen or to the relative safety of the walk in. When Dustin hits with the first attack, it takes a good solid chunk of the spirits manifested corpus with it, although Ramsey's haymaker does little more than tickle and drop off a few of the saucers from it's shoulder. While the spirit might not know where Dustin has vanished to, there's still another Forsaken right in front of him and so it's Ramsey that the tail of dishes swings out at. And completely misses. It's missing a lot the dishes it had only moments ago after all.

For the humans that had been cornered, one has seemed to sunk completely into a fetal position, rocking back and forth. But the other seems even more livid when yet another supernatural thing comes hurling into the kitchen, the man picking up whatever comes to hand (mostly cups and a few plates) and is hurling them, mostly at the dish monster that's right in front of him, but a few are being hurled at the retreating wolf. "I JUST WANTED TO GET THROUGH MY SHIFT. IS THAT TOO HARD TO ASK???"

The sudden appearance of a giant wolf in the midst of the diner causes a momentary rift between Rafael's conscious and unconscious mind's-- and the third presence that lurks somewhere in his muscle, his sinew, and his blood. He drops back a startled step, fingers tightening white-knuckled around the consecrated frame of brass in his hand for a moment and cheeks flushing as he gathers himself despite the primal shock to his system. Giving his head a shake to try and clear it, to focus on the... animate heap of sticky, clattering ceramic bowls dishes that's rising up from the sink.

The flush fades from his skin to instead pale, but not all of it, leaving an unpleasant rashy hue spread oddly down the side of his face and mouth. Did he always have a cold sore on his lip, swelling it slightly? Hard to say. He charges in after Ramsey, bringing a fist back and driving it forward to crash into the dishes, shouting as ceramic shatters, "RESPECT THE DISHWASHERS, DAMN IT! THEIR JOB IS HARD ENOUGH!"

Jeanie is not a fighter, but it seems like the guys have the whole fighting thing under control. There's innocent and maybe one not so innocent bystanders around and Jeanie focuses on them, mostly the person that's unwisely hurling mugs at a werewolf that was TRYING to rip apart the spirit that had previously been trying to take over the kitchen. She lets out a loud whistle and once she has the attention of the mug-thrower, she waves both the dishwashers towards her. "Look, the door is right there. You said it yourself. You just want to get done with your shift. Pretty sure your manager is GONE. All you gotta do is run out the door..."

Sometimes you hit a wall, or in this case, some flatware, and you bounce back. Most people might adopt a different tack. Grow stronger? Change shape? Use a different tactic? Ramsey gets stubborn. Ramsey tries what he tried, but HARDER. With a shake of his head, remaining in Hishu form, no claws, no problem. He just hauls off and gives that stack what for like its some ice slabs in a Karate Kid sequel and his bare fist crashes through the lead plate and keeps going, ceramic cracking and shattering allll the way down until he runs out of track. And then he shakes his fist. Ouch.

And with that final punch the manifestation crumbles, dishes becoming just normal dishes once more and crashing down in a practical tidal wave of cheap and frankly filthy ceramic around the Rahu. For the werewolves, what remains of the spirit's unmanifested form lingers for just a second a flash of hatred in it's eyes, but the spirit has a stronger sense of self-preservation than one of vengeance and disappears back across the gauntlet. As for the restaurant staff? Jeanie presented them a door and they have FLED, leaving just the four of them among the destroyed kitchen.

And Dustin is still nowhere to be seen, the only hints of his presence being the shards of plates mixed in with even more ceramic shards that he clawed from the spirit. Just like a ghost, he's gone from the scene. In truth, he has been listening from outside the kitchen, and once he's sure that the spirit has taken enough of a beating and crossed back into the Gauntlet, the Werewolf will slowly make a quiet leave. He has no plans to make some acquaintances tonight, and his job here's finished.

"...now..." Still a little shaken thanks to the ancient part of his brain shrieking about seeing a werewolf, Rafael draws in a shuddering breath, "What the hell was that thing?" He slips the brass knuckles off, not noticing as a fingernail falls to the ground with a brief splat of blood to the floor, leaving a jagged shard of glass sticking out from that finger again.

As the final clatter and clash dies down, Ramsey shakes his fist a bit and his eyes track where the interloping spirit fled before the might of the Uratha and a dude with a magic punchthing. Seeing that all the staff have fled as well, however, Ramsey frowns. "Something that should have known better than to be here. Son of a bitch ruined Night Brunch." Well. They're here -now-. He goes to the sink and washes off his hands, then heads to the waffle station and starts adding toppings from the omelette station into it to create some sort of cheesy jalapeno waffle as the batter pours on and closes the iron. Three minutes to perfection. And glorious it is. Pretty glorious. Pretty tasty too. When he's done, he reaches for a plate from the pass. Sees that it's dirty, and just tosses it back over one shoulder. One more for the pile. He just takes the waffle as it is, and tears off half to hand to Jeanie before wandering out the back door to have a smoke.

"That was a manifested spirit I believe. And you punched it, which is kind of cool I guess? It's gone now though," Jeanie's somehow perfectly calm and composed through ALL of this. Nerves of Steel. Or else she's already seen a dozen things more terrifying. But with the spirit gone, they bystanders gone, the other werewolf gone, Jeanie's focusing most her attention on the shaken Rafael. "You'll feel better with some coffee. From anywhere else." While Ramsey might be getting a final round at waffles, she hesitantly accepts the half handed to her but doesn't actually eat it. "You need any help getting home?"

"No, I'll... I'll be fine," Rafael says with a shake of his head, reaching to pull the brass knuckles from his other hand. He pauses, then, noticing the missing nail and the jagged spike of glass that's replaced it. "Damn it," he mutters, bringing a hand up to his lips and with a tug pulling out a tooth, grimacing down at it. If she happens to glimpse his teeth she might notice that one of them's been replaced with the spike of a nail. "I'm gonna have to stay in for a few days now. I'll be fine, Jeanie, you should-- catch up with Ramsey."

"Call if you need help. And no matter what it seems like, things are going to be fine, really," Jeanie is all smiles despite the craziness they just witnessed in the past five minutes as she reaches out to give a hopefully comforting pat to his shoulder. "But yeah, I'm gonna head home and you should too... And I'm serious. Just call if you need anything."