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New Pup Who Dis

Characters: Delphine, Rain, and Sabine
Date: 2019-10-24
Summary: The 'Ines meet River
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So Rain's first change wasn't super long ago, and the gift to become female didn't come to him right away either, but he's gone out as River a few times at least, and makes a habit of being her whenever he has a free moment and feels particularly...well, not male. It comes and goes. Right now, River is dressed in a simple denim knee-length skirt and a plaid shirt, but her nails and make-up is done--thank god for youtube tutorials right? She's sitting in the park, on a bench, reading and people-watching. Just being out as her is a big step, actually making friends as her is...difficult. But that's the issue with social anxiety, and it's not like Rain hasn't always had that problem. River is no different--and might actually be worse due to internalized shame and all that. So the result is a woman looking simultaneously comfortable and uncomfortable, people-watching while reading Harry Potter. She bites her nails a little, but tries to force herself to stop--she just painted them, and it'll ruin it.

Luckily werewolves tend to be able to spot each other well enough and there's been a few fresh pups in town. Makes it easy for Sabine then, herself to spot River looking awkward and uncomfortable. Luckily the neigh thirty year old redhead has been at things a while so. Not to mention the dark skinned woman beside her that has to listen to one of Sabine's more violent rants.

"So yeah, I twist just hard enough on his shoulder thinking it'll dislocate, but turns out I kinda snapped it off at the shoulder. He just ended up making this adorably pathetic little squeak. It was kinda hot. Not him, but just straight up destroying him." she beams rather viciously before her green eyes fall on the young woman reading Harry Potter and turns her view back and forth, adding an elbow to Delphine's waist before turning back on River. "Honey, you look ready to frenzy right now. You okay? No one making you hunt alone right now I hope?" The redhead says moving from sadism to concern easily enough, sounding almost Mom-ish. Even if she looks a bit more bikerish in a black leather jacket, way too tight black Levi's with a brown leather belt and some old brown hiking boots that have each seen too much mud over the years on them. The woman's hand brushing red hai9r from her eyes as it fights between being curled and into loose ringlets and exploding into a full Merida.

Delphine is 'dressed down', out of her typical power-suit and in something a touch more casual - an unbuttoned blazer over a low-cut shirt, with pants and flats in lieu of a skirt and pumps. She's got a juicy - if undercooked - burger in hand from some street vendor, the wrapper still holding part of the meat lest she get the grease on any of her snazzy outfit. To Sabine, she simply nods along to the story. "Uuu godda-" she starts. Pauses. Finishes chewing her bite. Swallows. And continues. "You've gotta bring me along next time. As great as it is tearing little shits a new asshole in court, it's not got the same exhileration as a proper hunt."

She stops walking at the elbow-nudge, and turns to eye the cub. Her brow furrows, and she glances around to see if there are any evesdroppers. ALWAYS a threat in the city, but Delphine is a city-wolf. She's good at this sorta thing. Satisfied, her attention returns to Rain. "If not a hunt, have you at least eaten? Keep chewing away at yourself, you're liable to lose a finger," she notes, tilting her head towards the freshly painted nails.

River notices the wolves coming of course, but after catching the tail end of Sabine's story about violence she looks very deer in the headlights when Sabine talks to her. "I...Yeah I guess I do hunt alone. Little troublesome spirits." She says softly, avoiding eye contact. Don't challenge Rahu. Her body language is tense. No doubt she's fairly new. And given that she hunts alone, she likely doesn't have a pack to feel secure with. "I'm...I'm not going to frenzy." She says, in what she hopes is a reassuring voice, but comes out fairly small. The book is closed, and placed in a small purse beside her--carrying just the basics. Women's clothing don't have pockets and it's honestly like the worst part of being female, necessitating additional storage from purses, bags, etc. "Sorry. I'm River." She offers her hand. Still tense but desperately trying to remain calm, even if she's looking a little flush with embarassment. "River Mitchell. I'm..." He sighs. "Relatively..." inexperienced? "My first change was...a few months ago. Still kinda getting the hang of everything. I've had the basic talk and all, but. I don't have a pack, yet." She swallows. That could get her killed, admitting to being a lone wolf. But really, there's so much about this werewolf situation that could get her killed. One angry spirit and she's basically done for. A fact she's acutely aware of every time she interacts with them. She shrugs. "I ate earlier, but I'm basically always hungry now. Part of the fun I guess." She looks at her hand. "Ruining my nails, I know. Bad habit."

"She's right, and regrowing bits is such a pain. Literally. And if you do Frenzy here we'll make sure it doesn't get out of hand." the redhead adds with a kind of playful tone as she turns her eyes to Delphine then back to the much younger werewolf. The offered hand is taken when it's aimed at her. the Rahu's own nails generally looked after but rather lacking in any coloring. "I'm Sabine, this is my sister in law Delphine." the ginger offers in introductions. "So greener than my eyes. Seems to be a spate of them." two so far, hardly a spate. "Don't worry too much, we all had our learning curves. Some harsher than others. But long as you ain't breaking the rules you're fine. And there's plenty a coaching to be had when you need it. And space, we got a whole bunch a folks need to get out of sight at times." the Blood Talon adds. Turning back to delphine, she lightly elbows again. "I'll buy you another." she adds. Again sounding more mom like. Comes from having actually been a parent.

"Hunting alone is dangerous," Delphine chides. "Especially for a pup. You should find someone to watch your back, if nothing else." More like do the whole hunt for you, she DOES NOT SAY. That would be a jerk thing to say. It'll be about a week before the Elodoth is cranky enough to be a jerk to everyone.

Or maybe sooner, if Sabine keeps offering to give her food away. Brown eyes narrow dangerously, but Delphine complies with a curt nod. About half of the burger is left, and offered to River/Rain. "It's not just your metabolism that's making you hungry all the time," she explains. "You're more carnivore than omnivore now. You can get away with eating people-food for a while, still, but you're eventually going to need to switch to an all-meat diet."

River happily has never had to regrow anything. The thought actually bothers her a moment. "It...Sounds painful, I admit." The green comment has her more or less nodding. "Ithaeur I've met have been very impressive...hopefully I'll grow into the role. For now everything seems pretty overwhelming, to be honest, although I do what I can with the spirits in my territory. Weed out the ones that I don't like--I don't want negative spirits taking hold in my home or around it. But I avoid the scarier ones. Fairly sure if they wanted to they could rip my head off. Although I'm quite sure that's true of you too. So I hope we can be friends. I don't want to think too hard about the alternative." She would laugh, but it's really not a joke. She's deadly serious.

"I negotiated with a spirit the other day. A Raven. Maybe a spirit of secrets, because it traded a secret for a promise. It doesn't sound...very impressive...But it was a somewhat dangerous spirit, and it could have gone the other way. I find I'm...always very acutely aware of the danger I'm in. Especially alone. So I'll take all the friends and help I can get. I'd be a fool not to." A pause. "And I need a pack. I'm not sure...how to even go about finding one, or how it works. But I was told that if I wanted to survive, I need a pack. And I can see why." A pause. "This...isn't me asking to join yours...but there isn't a like...facebook for Uratha. I have to do my werewolf social networking the old fashioned way. I can't post an add for 'Ithaeur ritualist in search of pack for protection and sacred hunts.'"

She really shouldn't take food from strangers and all, but honestly she's starving. Just. All the time now. And she doesn't want to refuse them, in any case. She takes the burger, and takes a huge bite from it--she's honestly ravenous. "Fuck so that's why." She says, food in her mouth still. "How did they not mention that?" The burger is polished off quickly, and she wipes her mouth with the back of her hand. It's not very feminine--but she is a werewolf so perhaps that's excusable. "I guess it got lost in all the other stuff about spirits."

Sabine might still be a little sadistic by now, forcing Delphine to give up a part of that burger. At least the redhead isn't swiping it herself "Yeah, it can creep up on you, and it gets stricter. I mean you can still kinda eat the stuff, but you don't really get nutrition from it. However good it might taste, you just feel hungry and bloated." Sabine places hands on her own abdoment to indicate.

"On the upside, you won't have to fear carbs, if your ass is gonna get big it's gonna be purely on genetics. Or squats,. Just try not to show the bros up too badly. I do but I'm a Rahu and a Blood Talon. I bite enough heads off as it is." she playfully teases as the expense of said gymrats.

As for packs Sabine hmms then looks again at Delphine, hands moving to her hips, slight tilt. "Well the lack of an online presence is kinda needed. We might be apex hunters of our chosen prey. But we make enough of a mess it kinda brings in a world of shit. Anshega." The Pure, "Human Hunters, it shits off the Vampires and makes a mess of the accords so we get enforcers on our tail. Luckily the vamps live by some of the same rules as us." she adds with a bouncy shrug of her shoulders.

"Technically Delphine and I ain't pack. Family enough." she says with a squint of green eyes at the black woman with half a burger. They don't really see eye to eye on why Sabine is even in the city. "There was a time but we both kinda left. So no totems or other bonds. That said, you got questions River, just lay them out. And don't be afraid to ask us to hunt as well. Spirits might not be our tribes normal prey but a hunt is a hunt and you don't diss the prey."

"The scarier spirits are why pack is important," Delphine notes at River's worry. "The pack-bond is stronger than anything you knew before your First Change, forged by a totem spirit. It is an odd Urdaga who pulls away from it." Like a wolf who abandoned her wife... or a wolf who ignored her pack's refusal to come to Accorded land, and investigate missing family. "You are Elodoth, and will learn." A pause. "Your dealings with spirits speaks to more than just being Itheur... you pay them each in kind?" She hints at the Bone Shadow Oath. MISCHEVIOUSLY.

"We don't have a Facebook, no, but my fellow Iron Masters keep our ears to the ground, so to speak, and can spread the word easy enough. In fact..." She pulls out a business card, and offers it to River. "If you get on the wrong side of the law, I'll come and break heads. Humans have too-long relied on their false laws to protect them from their betters. I use their law against them, to protect Uratha from them." Her lips draw back in a half smile, half snarl. "It has the benefit of giving us plenty of prey who step out of line."

She makes a chopping motion with her hand. "Family first. We find her, and sort out anything to do with a totem later." Easier that way.

River, having more or less gotten past the initial anxiety and having a slight mood boost from having eaten, nods to Sabine. "Blood Talons didn't fit me." She considers how to explain. "After my first change I sorta got scooped up for like. Werewolf boot camp. A wolf spotted me, and I ended up living with this pack up north for a month or so. That's the only reason I know any of this. But they didn't want new members and I have my life down here after all. Their Ithaeur was this really wise man who...Well, did what he could with me, but in the end he said the path before me is my own to walk, which is fairly bland advice but that doesn't make it untrue. So now I'm kinda just..." She shrugs. "Bumbling my way through all this. I know some rites though. He taught me the Sacred Hunt. So if you wanted to hunt together, I could sort of make it official. I also know how to make fetishes. Although I don't have any. I think he wanted my first fetish to be one I made for myself."

She pauses to consider. "Rahu Blood Talon...Maybe you can show me how to fight. I mean. If you have time at some point. I'm honestly just. Bad at it. And suddenly I find myself needing it. I can't count on anyone else being around to protect me, so I need to learn." She looks at Delphine, then back to Sabine. "You're both lone wolves?" A pause. "Bone Shadow, yeah. These days I spend more time in the Hisil than the real world. Although that's the wrong way to speak of the Hisil. In many ways it's more real than this one." She takes the card, and reads it, before putting it in her bag. "I hope I don't run into any trouble with the law, but I can't exactly help that I now live a life I can't explain to people who aren't in the know about all this. So if I ever DO get into trouble, I'm sure you'll be a lifesaver."

"I can train you sure. I am not going to be easy on you though." Sabine warns. "Delphine could use a little more time in the ring too. That angry look only gets you so far. Especially when who knows what will end up our prey." she states and places a hand on the black woman's shoulder with a squeeze. Sure, maybe it's a case of right reason, wrong thing but at least somewhere under that ginger fur the Rahu cares. "Also, if you did break the rules. It's not Delphine who'd come after you. Probably me, but I'm not so hard ass to bite heads off on the smallest excuse."

"Lone, in that neither of us pack-bonded," Delphine confirms with a nod. She shifts her weight the teeniest bit, leaning into the hand on her shoulder. Her lips draw back again in that not-quite-normal grin. "But as you can see, we aren't at eachother's throats, or fighting over prey or territory. Honestly, it's because Sabine would murder me in a strait-fight, while I'd have half the city come down on her to chip away at her while I wait for the opportune strike." She shakes her head. "It's not worth the trouble, when the benefits of working together outweigh the problems of violating the Oath, as well as the Accords."

She eyes the ginger. "There's the law, and then there's the Law. I can help with both, but one is a lot more trouble than the other. But it keeps the bills paid and the penthouse paid for, so. I deal with it." She rolls her neck, taking another moment to look around for any would-be evesdroppers out there. Still safe, as far as she can tell. "Speaking of paid for. Have you given any thought to getting out of the swamp and into one of the RV parks in-town? I'm sure I can make a phone call..."

River crosses her arms. "It's fine. I heal anyway, and I'm not...unaccustomed to..." She trails off. Nope. Let's not go there. "It'll be fine." She says softly, adjusting her shirt and straightening out her hair a little. Tense again. "I just can't really rely on anyone but myself at the moment, so I need to improve myself because honestly, I'm not good enough to be relied on for much." She pulls out her phone from her purse, and opens up contacts, handing her phone to Sabine. "Please, add your number. And Delphine, you too. I'd appreciate it. I won't call except in emergencies or for scheduling a session, I know you're both very busy." She clears her throat a little. "One day when I'm in your position I'll pay it forward to someone else in need I'm sure. If I survive that long." A genuine concern. She seems fairly sure death waits just around the corner for her. She shakes her head though. "I won't be violating laws of any kind if I can avoid it. Scouts honor." She raises three fingers jokingly in a boy scout salute. Odd that it's boy scouts perhaps, but she's being facetious after all.

"Maybe Del, but then I gotta step up on Nutria bounties. Five bucks a tail means a lotta tails. Sometimes it really makes be consider stripping but screw that." Sabine says and does a rather deliberate hip roll as she mentions that kind of dancing.

The phone offered up gets a number punched in. Then just to help, the redhead holds up the phone does her best to not frizz her hair with a shake and then there is that particular sound of a her jacket being unzipped just enough to let her low cut tank top release some cleavage and a camera shutter.

She totally just took a selfie.

Linking the picture to the contact entry, she takes another pic, this time of Delphine right when she's mid chomp of her burger, then inputs her contact details. The phone is then handed back.

"You'd be suprised how much free time you can have when all you do is hunt and work out. I spend more time driving my pickup in and out of the swamp. Besides, between you and the other pup Eric, my mom slash big sister instincts are kicking and at least you two aren't so squishy. Depending on what gets squished."

The number for Delphine that gets put in is TOTALLY different from the business card, too. Direct line, maybe? All that the caramel-skinned woman can do is shoot a glare at the redhead for the unflattering photo.

Revenge is being planned. The gears can almost be seen turning!

The final bite finished and enough of it swallowed so that she can be understood, Delphine offers some more warnings to River. "The laws of man are designed to be violated unintentionally, as often as not," she says. "They were pissed that they weren't the top of the food chain, and so decided to make rules that put some of them higher up on the chain than others. It's bullshit, and I fuck the system as hard as I can to teach people a lesson. But I can't be everywhere. Lucky for you, I MAKE time for Forsaken and Leeches." FOR A PRICE. It's not spoken out loud, but her tone? The look in her eye? There is a price, alright.

"TOO much time driving in and out, if you ask me. Pick up stripping, and you'll have more time on your hands just by not having to drive to bum-fuck nowhere every day."

"Plus, it opens up hunting opportunities."

When Sabine exposes some cleavage for her selfie, there's a definite blush from River. When she gets back her phone, she puts it away immediately so as not to ogle the picture too much. "Free time sounds nice. I don't have a lot of that. But apparently enough to sit in a park reading Harry Potter. I just thought it'd be nice to be outside, and I've made friends with some of the squirrels around here..." She pauses. "That makes me sound insane." She raises a finger. "But I can speak to them, it isn't like just...random. I mean. They can speak to me too, I can understand them. I don't just...talk to squirrels..." She's losing confidence in her justification. "Let's just forget the squirrel thing." She finally decides, blushing and looking away. She does sound a little crazy.

"It's one of the reasons we really, really get all tight assed about making sure humans don't know about us. They might not be top of the food chain, but even a while pig is a killer. Getting shot hurts and it can be expensive. No I'm not stripping Delphine. I'd be killing so many humans I'd have to change tribes. And at least wild pigs I can eat." she adds.

The cleavage isn't zipped back up so it's there still. "Talking to squirrels ain't crazy when you can grow fur and tails. It's a trick I'd like to learn one day. But then I'd probably not wanna hear what pigs and nutria talk about before I kill them. It'd be totally all talking about their days or did you catch the game." Sabine says with a roll of her eyes. "Mood killing. And I speak like four languages already."

"Free time is... complicated," Delphine admits. "The trick is to make sure whatever it is you're doing has a side benefit of helping with other things. Or, learn to enjoy the big stuff, so you don't have to unwind as much." It's simple, if... not actually simple. But she says it so matter-of-fact-ly!

She gets that look of mischief at Sabine once more. "You say switching tribes as though it would be a bad thing," she teases. "You can't get the swamp out of the girl, but I sure as shit can get the girl out of the swamp. One of these days. Besides, boar aren't exactly your preferred prey, and you know it. You might have a better time tracking Anshega down from inside the city." And then there's that almost-snarl-looking-smile. "Plus, the night-life is better."

River is trying not to ogle the real life cleavage as well, of course. "Honestly you wouldn't think animals would have much to say, and they mostly don't but occasionally I can get some really strange information to follow up on and it ends up being weird spirit stuff to deal with. Cats are particularly great for that, for some reason. They're nosy, curious creatures. Although they're also liars, occasionally." She sighs. "If they think they're getting food they'll tell you literally anything they think you might wanna hear. Better to just give them the food first and then talk. Dogs are, on the whole, a lot more trustworthy. Not that you need the advice, I guess." She smiles in spite of herself, talking about animals. She's got a soft spot for them, clearly. She stands. "I'd better get going." She considers a moment. "I have a shift. I'm a med student. Doing my residency. Hence the lack of free time I mentioned." Technically Rain is the resident. But she doesn't want to risk lying outright to cover her tracks about being two people. This way if they find out about Rain, River can say she wasn't lying. She really did have to go do a shift at the hospital. She just didn't mention she had to shift back to a man first. "Thank you for your time, and advice. And any future help."