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Mistaken Identity Corrected

Characters: Slip & Eva
Date: 2020-05-09
Summary: Eva and Slip reconnect after the darkling mistakes the wizened for her twin sister.

Eva makes her way through the dripping, grey day, not particularly bothered by the dampness - the again, most plants are not entirely averse to water. She's dressed in a deep red qipao, the fabric textured with a horizontal stripe, fastening along the right side; a pair of black heels buckle around the ankle, and she's carrying a cream, pagoda-style umbrella with thin black piping accents, hands covered in thin black gloves. Her hair is pulled up into a loose twist, strands curling about her face. She smiles and waves as she spies Slip, closing the distance between the two of them, but doesn't yet sit. "Thank you for meeting me," she says.

One of the ears mostly hidden by her dark hair turns toward the sound of heels on the approaching path, a subtle pivot of movement which precedes a shift of Slip's visual focus by several seconds. It gives her time to finish up whatever she was doing on her phone, enough so that by the time Eva's drawn up to the table, she has the gadget tucked away in a pocket. Her smile's warm, if a little uncertain, given how things went last time. "Of course. I'm glad you reached out. Figured it was probably best I give you some space after..." Well, misidentifying her in the middle of a larger group and babbling awkwardly about mistaken details. Best summarized with a vague wave of her hand. Alla that. That same hand tips toward a chair opposite her in invitation before she goes for her coffee. "Are you settling in alright?"

A shake of her head along with a graceful, deferring gesture of one hand greets the implied apology. "It wasn't your fault." A wry twist of her pink lips accompanies the words as Eva settles herself opposite Slip, lowering the umbrella and closing it before using the hooked handle to hang it off the edge of the table. "It's...been a long time since I've had someone confuse me with my sister." A frank look, expression a mixture of amusement and an old sort of pain. "It happened a lot, when we were younger, but..." A small, philosophical sort of shrug.

Slip might want to contest the suggestion that it wasn't her fault, certain she could cite a few rules of general etiquette and common courtesy which might have suggested she save some of the details for later, no matter how right she had thought herself, but it's those same guidelines which allow her to accept Eva's words without any actual objection. When the word sister is spoken, her eyes flash wide then unfocus as she filters through details for a couple of seconds before refocusing on the couturier. "You do look a lot like her, even still. Enough that, well..." Right. They've gone over that. "Have you made contact?"

Eva gives Slip a wry look as she folds her hands on the surface of the table; this close, the subtle embroidery on the backs of the gloves is visible, black on black in a stylized floral pattern. "Well, we're twins, so that doesn't surprise me." At that question, however, she shakes her head, lips thinning as her gaze drops to those gloved hands. "No. It's...complicated." As though being Lost ever isn't.

Another piece falls into place, not just sisters, but twins. It alleviates some bit of Slip's chatelaine-guilt over mishandling their initial meeting, allowing some of the tension which has gathered in her shoulders to dissipate. She plucks up her coffee, still steaming faintly, and sips at it, a nod issued for the note of complication. "Yeah." Quiet agreement, subtle acknowledgement of her own return-related difficulties. "I, uh. Didn't know her all that well? We just ran in intersecting circles for a while. A couple years ago. When I was living in Georgia. I wasn't there all that long. In the grand scheme of things."

Perhaps catching the moment when that particular piece falls into place, Eva smiles wryly again, those white-traced violet eyes glinting with humor. "Now you see why I wasn't entirely surprised at the mistake. It happened a lot, with people who didn't know us well - up until I was gone." A nod acknowledges that being the case with Slip. "I just wasn't expecting it here - although that's my fault. It may start to happen again so I shouldn't be surprised. It's...why I'm here. She's working at a local hospital. I'm hoping to meet with her, eventually. But that's...going to be challenging." The fragile-appearing woman wrinkles her nose, then shifts the subject a bit. "How did she seem, then? When you were in Georgia? Or was it not really well enough to say?"

"Seems a few of us from back then have ended up here," Slip murmurs. No news there, really. She'd mentioned a mutual acquaintance before. Her smile flattens sympathetically at the intention to meet with Anna, at the inherent difficulty in that sort of reconnection, but questions redirect comfortably before she can comment. "Alright, I guess? She was in her residency, then. A little stressed. But she was keeping good company, people who appreciated her grim humor, sharp wit. Grounded group. Good people."

Eva tilts her head at that remark, arching a thin eyebrow. "Odd coincidence," she says, then shakes her head, a smile quirking the corners of her lips. "Or maybe it's some entirely disturbing twist of fate, but either way, I'm certainly not planning on leaving, so we'll see what that brings." Her eyes twinkle at that, then her expression shifts to an attentive one as she watches the other Lost almost hungrily for news of her sibling. "That's good. I'm glad. I know she had a falling out with the rest of our family after I was gone." A rueful look. "She could tell something had happened, but no one believed her." Those oddly colored eyes flicker skywards, not /quite/ rolling, but amused. "Shocking, I realize." A small grin. "But I'm glad to hear she found people."

Slip mutters a quiet, "Shit," for how difficult that must have been for Anna. "Fetch?" Leaning forward, she swaps out coffee for beignet, though there's a delay before popping it past her lips as she notes, "I dunno who she might've kept in touch with, if anyone. Not me, obviously. Not Jean." Spoken as if it were french. "He was surprised to hear she--well, you. Uh. I mentioned that I thought I saw her. Don't think he knows she's working out here. But they were friends of friends, at best. And I was the girlfriend of the friend of friends." Finally, the donut goes in, shutting her up for the moment as fingers rub together to brush off powdered sugar.

A nod greets that question. "Yes. Granted, all of my information is secondhand, but everything has checked out thus far." Eva sighs, then shakes her head at Slip's words. "It's all right; I'm not expecting you to be able to tell me every little detail." A warm, if wan smile follows her statement. "It isn't as though you knew her well. And you can let Jean know that she's fine. Or, well, however fine she is. She looks well enough." The Wizened shrugs ruefully at that admission of light stalking, then says, "So what brought you to this area, then?"

"I will. I know Jean keeps contact with everyone back home." Slip's quick to clarify, "His home," without claiming any ownership of the place for herself. She takes up another donut and sits back, unafraid of the powder falling onto her white shirt, untroubled by how it breaks a black line here or there against the otherwise snowy white surface. "I've been heading west for a while. This just felt like the right place to stop next." An odd little smile curls her lips, slightly crooked, as she notes, "It's been a better fit than I expected. Closest I've come to feeling normal--like, actually normal and not just playing at it." She hesitates a second, like she could go on to speak at length on what she means by that, before finishing the thought. "Since getting back. Might be that everything here is so new, ya know? Feels like I can build and grow with the freehold, which is harder to do somewhere already established. Coming in as an outsider when you already feel outside of everything."

Eva nods at that remark about Jean, then her lips quirk at that clarification. "No, I understand. I don't know that I have a place that feels like home anymore. I haven't been back long - a year and a half or so - for all that I've been busy." She tilts her head at that description, gaze inquisitively bright, then smiles warmly. "That's good to hear. Maybe I'll be able to settle more." She hesitates a moment, then adds, "Some of that will depend on Anna, of course. So we'll see." A pause, then she asks, "Why /is/ that? Do you know? New, I mean."

The smile Slip wears easily when talking about the prospects of settling, finding comfort, even dependent on reconnecting with siblings, fades into something more pensive at the question at the end. "We don't know," is honest, a collective absence. "What I've heard is that there were no Lost at all in New Orleans until the fall. Round about November maybe?" Lips part to say something more, but a sound chimes from her pocket, from her phone. She reaches for it as she continues. "Mingzhu, on of our transplants from New York? She was brought here by visions. Something about doors opening or a contract broken?" The glance down at her phone earns a purse of her lips and a push to stand. "I've been meaning to urge people to look into it, but first priority is getting ourselves properly situated in the Accords, get our compliance out of the pledge for Summer." With a dip of her head, she murmurs, "I hate to cut this short, but I've gotta go see to this." Whatever business has popped up on her phone. "If you need anything, lemme know?"

A thin eyebrow arches at that revelation with regards to Mingzhu's visions. "Interesting," Eva murmurs. "Perhaps someone promised to stay out, and now that promise has been broken. Although that doesn't answer much." A wry laugh, then she nods. "Well, I have some time and I'm curious. I'll look into things a bit. I've been told I'm one of those people who should do less, but I like being busy." An amused shrug, then she nods. "Go. I can enjoy the day." Dripping and raining apparently suits the poisonpetal. "I will. I imagine I'll see you around." A warm smile and nod, accompanied by a friendly wave of farewell.