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Mississippi Nocturnes

Characters: Marcus Perperna Seth Hedda Kara Nikola
Date: 2020-07-13
Summary: Nikola and Kara run into Perperna and Hedda. Seth stops by with some paperwork.
Disclaimers: Mild language

It's a warm and humid night this evening in New Orleans. But that's basically every night during the height of summer in the city. To those of a more mortal bent the heat and ick is undoubtedly bordering on unbearable - managed only by those with moneey to burn at the casino's entertainments. For those of the more 'No Pulse, No Sweat' variety, it's the ideal hunting season... so long as one doesn't mind their food a little salty. One such gentleman, Marcus T. Perperna, has just returned from his evening's meal and is having a traditional post-coi... post-feeding cigarette on the balcony of The Regas.

The tall Daeva's elbows are planted firmly on the railing of the balcony, his cigarette hanging insipid between the two fore fingers of his right hand is raised up slowly to his lips for a slow, long drag. "Well," he says to nobody in particular, "this all went to shit in a hurry."

Nikola Senjan, captain of the Regas and the floating eye at the center of this shit hurricane, appears to be focusing hard on enjoying himself this evening. The bearded Ventrue is dressed in a pale blue suit, double-breasted, with a French-cuffed dress shirt of cream cotton. The cufflinks and the studs are all plain silver, inset with onyx. His tie is the same shade of sky blue as his shirt, tied in a shocking informal half-Windsor knot.

As he escorts his companion out onto the balcony, hand resting lightly on the back of her arm, Nikola spots Perperna -- and that cigarette. His brow raises slightly and he does look a little uneasy at even that tiny flicker of heat. But there are other smokers, so perhaps it's the man himself. After all, how dare he take an evening off in this situation? Despite that tiny flicker of trepidation, he shifts course, guiding his companion right toward the tall Daeva without a word of explanation. "Marcus Perperna," he calls. "As I live and breathe." That joke never gets old.

Meals are easy to find for most Daeva. Luckily Hedda sorted that out before she came. Why ruin the slinky brown tee styled minidredd dress clinging to her muscled frame. Don't want blood getting on her tan boots. Solid four inch heels that can handle a couple hundred pounds of swaying or running foot steps can be annoying to replace.

regarding the two vampires with a smile of her own she playfully gets in to some of the jokes. "You know they cigarettes will kill ya." she adds playfully. "Boss. I sear I must have the worst timing in this city. Try to chase things up. Girl I wanted to talk to. Had to pick the one time she's closed. Trying again tomorrow. Probably not wise to kick in doors this time." she says keeping her voice from carrying further than the vampires' ears.

Being of the evidently mortal variety, the brunette accompanying the Sheriff this evening is suitably attired for the balmy heat that afflicts one whenever they dare venture beyond the sanctuary of aircon. A simple midi dress of creamy broderie anglaise shows off a suitable expanse of tan skin without bordering on the scandalous, the delicate straps over her shoulders allowing what breeze can be found to stir across her throat and collarbones. Having abandoned her towering stillettos tonight for something a touch more practical - somewhere in the kitten heel range - Kara reaches about shoulder-height to the man beside her, seeming mostly accepting of that hand at her arm.. though her expression does, to a keen eye, yet bear the lingering traces of disgruntlement. Or maybe she simply suffers with resting bitch face.

Either way, the young woman settles, smoothing her enigmatic features to a professional, polite mask of interest as Nikola addresses someone apparently familiar. Perperna is offered a smile that does appear genuinely warm. Well, he hasn't done anything to provoke her feminine ire. And manners cost nothing.

Drifting toward the railing, Kara momentarily affords the two men room to greet one another without her gaze upon them; resting her hands atop the bar and looking out over the dark waters of the Mississippi. No doubt pondering over just how large a splash certain Captains might make, were they to have a 'mishap'. Ahh, she can but dream.

"Captain Nikola Senjan," Perperna replies, with as much enthusiasm as is possible for a person with the emotional capacity of a driving teacher for senior citizens. For his part he's dressed up from his usual Elysium fare, in a neatly pressed white shirt, dark blue waistcoat and matching trousers. He's even wearing a tie, heaven forfend. "You like that line, don't you?" He half-turns from the water to gaze up at the dashing Ventrue captain and his subtly less-attractive companion, "I hope you're not interrupting dinner and dancing to say hello."

Perperna sucks on his teeth softly as his attention wavers towards Nikola's companion, and follows her gaze out over the river, "I prefer the Colorado, personally," he muses aloud, though definitely more to Kara than anyone else - particularly when Hedda makes her appearance and starts speaking of Things That Must Not Be Known. "Far more personality... and less soy and cotton trade." Someone's been doing his research. At that moment though he does glance over his shoulder towards Hedda, but pays the content of their conversation very little mind. Subtly less-attractive than Nikola is still worthy company, after all.

Nikola looks over at Kara as the Amazonian woman emerges as well, joining the trio at the balcony. He flashes a brief, sharp smile, idly shifting his hand from Kara's elbow to the small of her back as he responds. "No need to kick in doors for a baker. I'll text you her number and you can set something up after hours. She'll make time for you." That last is delivered with subtle authority, and for a moment, there is a glint of something steely as he looks at Hedda. "I'll send you the details of my order before the evening is out. Make certain that everything is prepared to our specifications, mm? I want this to go flawlessly."

He half-turns slightly, smiling at Perperna and -- for the first time -- acknowledging the woman he has guided over to the Daeva. "Mister Perperna, this is Kara Black. She is, in fact, my dinner companion this evening. But I wanted her to meet one of New Orleans' most charming gentlemen of leisure. She needs to get used to this lifestyle." Again, the faint hint of a whip in his voice as he glances aside at Kara. Perhaps he has caught that look of sullen contemplation in her eyes after all. "Kara, Marcus Perperna. A trusted friend of mine."

He gestures sweepingly with his open hand toward Hedda, smiling a little more easily. "And this is Hedda Bjornsdottir. She helps out with my work here aboard the Regas. Hedda, Kara is a personal friend. You will always be of assistance to her. I'm sure."

"Makes it easier when they're friendly." Hedda acknowledges with a nod of her head. Perperna hets a nod as well. "One time I should bring you along while I'm working. You might have some fun." she offers the other Daevaand widens her smile.

Turning her gaze to Kara, there's nothing but a smile for the darker haired woman. "Very charmed. Be a pleasure to be of service." she adds with maybe a little more flirtation in her voice.

Turning eyes of dark lashed golden hazel upon the smartly attired Daeva as he addresses her, Kara offers an endearingly guileless smile.. you know, the sort that's taken years of practise to perfect. Still, it's a striking effect, an expression that warms her subtly-less-attractive than Nikola features. "I'd be inclined to agree. Start near Vegas, party alll the way down to Mexico. Sounds good to me." It's probably the tequila that sounds best, given the source, but she refrains from saying so in unfamiliar and polite company.. especially as Niko's hand comes to rest at the small of her back. Straightening at the wordless behest, abandoning her nighttime sight-seeing, the brunette likewise turns to better face the others as introductions are made. Seeing as her name is already offered, she merely holds out her hand in a polite gesture of greeting, first toward Marcus, then to Hedda in turn, that smile unwavering. For them.

Noting the sidelong look cast her way by the Sheriff, she meets it for a splitsecond. The overly daring hint of idly contemplated mischief is banished, replaced with a calm, level gaze and a bold 'what?' in the quirk of one angular brow. Hm. A little more fire in this one than might be assumed upon first glance. But she doesn't linger in the moment, unhurriedly averting her eyes from his dark ones and smoothly regaining that blithe curve of lips. They twitch upward a fraction at the subtle nuance in the other woman's tone, quite unabashed. "Likewise.."

'When in Rome' is becoming a little overused, these past few nights, in her world. But still. It seems to apply once more.

"And when does this charming gentleman of leasure get here?" Perperna queries as he stands slightly more upright, taking the opportunity to flick his cigarette out into the water. It's full of dead bodies anyway, makes no nevermind to him how bad cigarette butts are to the environment. "I wasn't aware you allowed anyone on this ship that might outshine you." At first Perperna assumed that 'Kara' was a new word for 'lunch', but at the subtle crack of the verbal whip the Daeva nods ever so slowly, "Ah. Miss Black, a pleasure." He extends his hand outwards, not to shake but to accept a return hand for something arguably more dignified, "Any... companion of Captain Senjan" is probably delusional "is a friend of mine." His smile is warm, if one were to totally ignore the shark-like absense of... anything behind his eyes. Once that particular greeting is done he offers a light shrug of his shoulders, "Start at Grand Junction, sail down through the Canyon. Get off at Vegas, party like it's seventeen, er, nineteen ninety-nine. Make way down to Lake Havasu City to instantly be the most interesting thing there... then sail down to Mexico for cheap pharmaceuticals, a lovely little parcel from Bolivia-via-Colombia, back up to Vegas in time for New Year's."

Twisting slightly now that Hedda has begun to address him, Perperna frowns slightly, "You seem to be under somewhat of a misapprehension as to what I *do*." A pause. "I am not brought anywhere."

Nikola smiles, scarred lip turning the expression lopsided, as he watches Kara introduce herself to the pair. There is a proprietorial gleam in his eye, a hint of pride, at the apparent approval coming off Perperna. "It may be hard to believe," he says after a moment or two, "Given that I own a river boat, but I despise river sailing. Blue waters, my friends. That is where the true freedom lies. Down in the Caribbean, sailing between islands? Yes. But why be on the water, if you're simply going to be surrounded by land?"

His expression grows more amused still as Hedda acknowledges the brunette mortal, one brow rising slightly. He looks his Hound up and down in casual curiosity, then deliberately looks down at the woman his arm lightly encircles. As she looks away, he presses a fingernail into the small of Kara's back. A sharp little prod. "I will have some other work for you, soon, Hedda. Maybe more challenging for your capacities."

As he looks to Perperna in turn, as the other man makes his self-inflicted jibe, Nikola inclines his head gravely. "Well, I had thought I spotted him, this gentleman, but I found you instead." It's a fond tease, absolutely no barb in the tone. He does look briefly between Perperna and Hedda before, quite gently, offering to the Roman romantic, "Would you let me bring you?"

"I'm more a Monterrey girl myself, so if you end up skipping Nevada and head in from the east and San Antonio. Few lovely places to entertain a lady there." Hedda adds and nods her head encouragingly like any Tejana might espouse her homeland.

"But Vegas is a very difficult place to resist. So round trip there on the way back. Sometimes you gotta take as long as you need.

Again the Other Daeva gets a grin. "Well looking good in a suit does go a long way." she points out. Game does recognise game.

The three vampires and the wolfblood chat away on a balcony by it's railing. The very tall Hound in a little body hugging dress of brown, with some tan high heeled boots and her hair down. A faint thin chain attached to a small purse looped across one shoulkder with the purse itself bouncing against a hip.

While the delightful itinerary does appear to intrigue and entertain the brunette in equal measure, Kara doesn't miss the 'slip' when it comes to the date to emulate in the proposed debauchery. Seventeen ninety nine? Almost imperceptibly, and most certainly unbidden, the young woman leans just a little against Nikola's arm, venturing a swift glance up and aside toward him as if for confirmation of something, those big eyes conveying a hint of wariness now instead of provocation. More vampires..? Wisely, however - and presumably under some manner of strict instruction - she draws no untoward attention to the wordless enquiry, meeting that fathomless gaze from Perperna and ignoring the sharp press at her lower back, outwardly. "Sounds like you've got it all planned out, Mister Perperna.." Her voice is pleasant, with a naturally soothing lilt to the inflections, even engaged in idle conversation. Beyond this, however, she takes a mental step back, allowing room for those around her to continue their gilded discussions over her head. Or perhaps affording herself the opportunity to observe.. and learn.

Tonight, Seth is dressed simply: A black shirt with a red logo of Invader Zim, black cargo pants, and dark sandals. A pair of large headphones in an old-fashioned style cover his ears, black with bright yellow highlights, and music plays through them, drowning out the noise of the Regas. A dark messenger bag is slung by a strap diagonally across his boby. He strolls through the Dome of Sins without much consideration for the lively bustle of the place, casually weaving through towards its center. Once he arrives, he stops and raises up his head, one hand reaching up to pull the headphones down to hook around the base of his neck.

What Seth is looking for is the group standing out on the balcony, and once he spots them, he spares no time in strolling over. As Seth walks, his dark green eyes glance down to the messenger bag at his side, and he fishes a manilla folder out from it. A brief check of the paper contents is done with a flick of the thumb, and then Seth closes it again. He comes to a halt a few paces from Nikola, his voice a knife of ice as he speaks without preamble. "I've transferred my sole ownership of the Regas to an LLC that has nothing to do with my holdings. This puts you in command of my shares of said LLC, making the boat effectively yours."

Out of nowhere, a black jet fountain pen appears in Seth's hand, accompanying the manilla folder. These two things are offered to Nikola with a stretch of Seth's arm, just within reach. "Sign it."

"If you like the open ocean so much," Perperna says as he presses a finger gently against Nikola's chest, "Stay out of the Med. It's a sea, not an ocean." He does grin, though, with all the warmth of a space heater right before it trips the breaker because of course it does. He does turn slightly to glance out at the moonlight playing on the whorls and curves of the river behind him, "I'm not an immense fan of being on the water at all," he confides with a small shrug of his shoulders, "The land is a more sure thing. But this boat does offer more opportunity for fun than the usual haunt."

"I've never actually been to Texas," the Big Bad Daeva says with a purse to his lips, "Didn't seem worth the effort, honestly. Not much of... my kind of culture there, outside of Austin at least." He pauses to retrieve a small cigarette case from the pocket of his waistcoat. Flick, cigarette, snap, mouth. Swift movements clearly by rote as he watches the Seth-Niko interaction take place. Perperna's eyes flick towards Hedda for a moment, their rosey apparently sparring taking a back seat for the moment. He, notably, doesn't move to light his cigarette. Because he's not a blithering idiot.

When Kara sends that searching look up at him, the bearded Ventrue acknowledges her unspoken question with a faint dip of his chin. Yes, I do have vampire-friends -- and yes, you're meeting them now. He seems amused at the way she leans into him at the revelation, tightening his grip briefly on the small of her back. Nikola seems poised to defend his blue-water position to Hedda and Perperna, engaging in the -- at least apparently -- amiable debate with the verve of a true seafarer, when Seth appears.

Straightening subtly, turning to face the other man gravely, Nikola greets him somberly. "Hello, Seth." Whatever attempt at light-hearted good humor he'd been striving for this evening is clearly gone as he looks searchingly at the olive-complected man. "Certainly," he says simply. "If this is what you want."

Releasing Kara for a moment, he takes a step forward before reaching to accept the pen and the documents. He hesitates, looking from the paperwork up to Seth, and back again. It's rare for the Ventrue to hesitate at all, but he stands with the pen poised, watching the other man. "If this is what you want," he repeats. And then, finally, he signs and offers pen and documents back.

Whatever is going on between Seth and Nikola, that gets Hedda staying out of it. The barbs and jokes are saved for the Invictus Daeva but that's just things clan does. She does however offer the former Hound a courteous nod of her head while more pressing concerns pass.

"Don't worry too much about Texas. Austin is more fun than San Antonio. But definitely better of south of the border. East coast is much lovelier than west coast Mexico too. Only so many spring breaks full of college students before you just decide to lock yourself away through the whole thing. I feel sorry for the folks in Tijuana."

An abrupt and amused smirk curls Seth's lips, giving the lie to the tranquility of his resting expression as frost chills the depths of his eyes. His voice is smooth and steady, not quite deadpan in its delivery but with only subtle emphasis on syllabic accents. "Oh, no, I've had a clear flight of fancy in preparing all of this with exacting detail. Thanks to your discerning question about the origin of my desires, Nikola, I've snapped out of it," The smirk turns into a grin, briefly, as he reaches out to retrieve the pen and documents from Nikola and return them to his messenger back without even looking at the motion performed. "My hero, thank you."

At this point, Seth glances aside to meet Perperna's gaze evenly and offers a nod of greeting, before similarly giving a nod to Hedda, though he does not recognize her. "I'm going back to killing monsters on my own, it's what I'm good at," he says quietly as he does the clasp of his messenger bag up with a soft 'snick' to secure it closed. "Starting with the bitch." From the deep blizzard chill of Seth's voice, there's no need to distinguish which one. "I've had enough of shoveling this shit." A beat. A brief sideward glance of Seth's near-black eyes at the expanse of the Regas indicates which shit he's referring to, like a playwright eyeing stage props after the performance has ended. "If you find that wretched thing before I do, I'll show up for that. I'll even bring explosives." The layer of emotional frost on Seth's expression melts into a hot smile that drips with killing intent. "I've put in an order for plenty of explosives."

And then just like that, Seth's smile is gone again like the passing of a midday eclipse. Only that glacial anger remains, deep-set in his eyes.

"Not that I doubt your comittment, Master Lancaster," Perperna begins, calm and neutral, "Indeed I applaud it. But perhaps this is not the discussion to be had in mixed, and potentially further diluted, company." All of this is said with remarkable eloquence considering there's a Morlands stuffed between his too-cold lips. He falls silent, thus, and glances towards Kara with his best impression of a serene and comforting expression. It probably looks like constipation, to be honest. His attention is taken again by Hedda and the Daeva tilts his head ever so slightly, "I don't worry too much about this country in general, if I'm honest. The history of the... original peoples is far more interesting than anything more recently built."

"You're quite welcome." Nikola's own expression is blank neutrality as he watches Seth. He takes a step back, out of the other man's personal space, his own features composed and careful. As Seth continues on, however, speaking of explosives and murder, Nikola glances briefly around at their surroundings, then back to the Mediterranean features of his interlocutor. He shrugs faintly, shoulders moving beneath the fabric of his suit. "I wish you the best in your future endeavors. And I'll contact you," he says simply. "Of course I will. Please do the same." Inhaling deeply through his nose, exhaling, Nikola turns away from the conversation. He looks over at Perperna for a long moment.

Mustering a sudden, somewhat stilted, tone of joviality, he says "Modern history does lack a certain grandeur, doesn't it? But I know why you want me out of the Med for good. You really do bear a grudge, don't you?" Nikola walks past Kara and Hedda, leaning both hands on the rail and gazing out over the Mississippi. Features cast in shadow, he allows the facsimile of good humor to slip away, his own features vacant as he leans out over the water, staring down as it rushes alongside the hull of what is, suddenly, his own vessel.

There's really not much for Hedda to say beyond idle banter so she keeps those lips of her's shut and smiling softly. A shrug of her shoulders showing she's not too up on what's happened between the Sherrif and the former hound.

Shifting her stance so it's got one side of her hips pushed out and her arms folding beneath her chest she folows the ex-hound with her eyes before turning back to Nikola. Finally speaking up she keeps her smile cheerful and her voice actually sounding concerned. "Need me to do anything now. Like now now?" she asks with a little initiative. There is a lot after all, some stuck waiting on better hours.

Isn't ignorance blissful?

Catching the attempt at reassurance from Perperna, the brunette in the white dress allows some of the gathered tension to depart her shoulders, wrapping her arms comfortably low against her midsection as both conversations continue on. One, it appears, is a debate on the topics of history and geography. The other.. explosives and bitches. Gee, take your pick from that buffet... The unfamiliar figure in the t-shirt and cargo pants combo is offered a thoughtful look, though something about his manner, or perhaps the words themselves, has her refraining from either comment or counsel. Or, as it turns out, an overlong appraisal. When the taller Captain moves past she and Hedda, Kara offers an uncertain glance the latter's way, before partially following suit, a half step and a turn allowing her to rest against the railing at mid-back. All the better to keep a weather eye on all present.. even if the subtleties are entirely lost on her. Turning her face toward the breeze brought about by the steady forward momentum of the Regas, the balmy air stirring her dark hair back from her brow in lazy waves, she closes her eyes and inhales. Deeply.

There's a flick of Seth's eyes, pinpricks of frozen fire, towards Perperna at his observation. And then he follows the Daeva's eyes towards Kara. "Ah, Nikola, you've found another one?" he inquires with a half-smile quirking one corner of his mouth. "Sorry, I get the members of your harem confused." Seth's voice abruptly takes on a British accent, perhaps his native dialect judging by the ease of complete submersion into it, from the normal and carefully measured American tones he regularly speaks with as he looks towards Kara for a moment. He opens his mouth as if to address her, but then merely smiles and closes it again after a moment of regard.

Seth's eyes shift back towards Perperna, a brief but sincerely respectful nod of his head following. His voice has returned to its usual American inflections as he speaks again. "My apologies, Mister Perperna. You are correct, I am out of order. I will conclude my business then." A brief flick of Seth's eyes towards Hedda at her question and his eyes turn dangerous for a moment as he grasps the implications. "Ready to pounce on me already? Mmm. Impolite, dinner first is customary. Nevermind, I'll go enjoy my retirement." Then he smiles briefly, and turns on his heel to begin walking away back through the Dome of Sins.

"Dinner first is less a custom," Perperna says with a small smile, "Than a... safety precaution, in my experience. It's always best to be the only snack in the room." See, he's jive with the homies. Or whatever. He allows himself a small nod a Seth's other comment, though, and is apparently content to leave the matter there. The Daeva's eyes drift toward Hedda, a carefully cultivated expression of demure neutrality gracing his features as he pokes out his tongue at her for but a moment. A moment to show the actual Daeva seeping through the stylised Ventrue veneer. There is a small pause as Seth's exit happens as quickly as his entrance where everything in the world disappears in a haze of concentration, like that scene from every pointless 'coming of age' film in the last ten years. The moment passes, however, without comment from Perperna as he too turns away from the scene to stare out at the water. Silence, utter calm. "The river smells like piss."

"Yes, actually, Hedda. I need you to get in contact with a few people." Nikola turns slightly from the rail to address her, absently laying a hand across Kara's forearm as he does so, offering her a sidelong smile. He seems to be mustering his thoughts. "Introduce yourself, in the following order, to these people: a woman named Seven, who works security here. A man named Rafael Castillo. The baker we discussed. Conquista del Pan. Alabama Brand. Let each of them know that they may be hearing from us, and that I hope I can count on their attendance. Assure each that you are working on my behalf and that they are to share all information with you, as they would with me."

He looks over at Seth for a few moments, then shakes his head. Looking aside at Kara, he says "I apologize for that, Miss Black. Hustle, as they say, never dies." The hip phrasing is inelegant, coming from him. Stiff and awkward. He looks over at Perperna again at the Daeva's last comment, summoning up an almost-genuine smile. "It does, doesn't it? That's another problem with rivers. Things get jammed up in them. Dead bodies. Rotting limbs. Wouldn't find this out at sea. Nice and clean."

"Water, never tough the stuff. Peeing is like the least of what's going on in that river." Hedda points out and makes a grossed out face. Enhanced senses can be a real bother some times.

As for the other people added to the list, it's noted. By way of running the names over in her head, nodding it while she silently words each one in order. "Okay. Got it..." she runs the list in her head again. "Anyone else, let me know when you can. I should probably get moving then. Going to need to shuffle things about on my end for the priorities. Please try not to set any explosives off? At least until I'm around to watch the show. Pyrotechnics are pretty when done right." she adds.

To the men she smiles, Kara gets a wink as well. "We'll get on top of things. New jobs are always a pain to get used to. Y'all relax now." she says and turns on those very high heels and sways her muscled form towards the exits and onto solid land eventually.

"The Nile. Now there's a river," Perperna intones gently, trying to drive thoughts of... whatever the hell that all was away, "Regular flooding, providing penty of arable land. A lovely wide delta to drag trade from the gold-rich lands up south..." He sighs softly, a fragment of a memory of a wisp of an emotion long past escaping into the sickly humid night air. He flicks a glance towards Nikola and raises an eyebrow, "You're letting her meet Pan without an escort? Brave." And that's what he says to that. Push, push the bad thoughts away. "So, Miss Black. Other than making Captain Senjan look respectable what do you do?" Those dark, deep, dead eyes focus on her for a moment or two in quiet analysis - far beyond the lurid stares of most men, one would imagine, force in her direction. "You're far too... put together to still be in university."

Though he turns when Hedda moves to depart, Perperna says nothing to her receding back. He allows a moment of pause before, "I'm not sure about that one. Too eager." He casts his eyes around the area, noting the pleasant absense of people what have pulses before his attention shifts to Nikola. "So." His eyes flick quickly, knowingly, towards Kara before back to Nikola. "She in?"

Returning her attention to what remains of the gathering, following her own unperturbed inhalation of the admittedly rather 'ripe' night air, Kara settles her attention upon Perperna with a slow blink. It's swiftly accompanied by another of those serene smiles. It's Nikola that she addresses first however; albeit wordlessly - a gentle shake of her head dismissing the apology he offers on behalf of another. There's an answering quirk of her lips in Hedda's direction, in turn, before her gaze levels upon that of the Invictus. "Aside from that - which in itself appears to be rather more a full time position than expected - I'm a Police Social Worker for NOPD. And thank you." Seeming to appreciate the compliment, particularly in the absence of any questionable looks, the brunette glances down over her attire, straightening from her lean against the rail and smoothing her dark tresses back with a skim of one palm.

The question of whether she's 'in'? That is most certainly not for her. Kara's dark-lashed eyes drift sidelong, once more, toward the Pirate Lord beside her; perhaps a vague hint of calculation and curiosity in those golden depths.

"I think she'll do a good job, Marcus," says Nikola softly as he watches Hedda sway away. He does not comment further on Seth, but there is a glimmer of something in his dark eyes, hard to define. Perhaps pain. "If she and Pan get along, then I *know* she'll do well. And if not, then I won't need to worry overmuch about anything except finding a replacement. I trust Pan's judgement explicitly." Nikola considers for a few moments, glancing aside at Kara. He lets the young woman speak for herself as Perperna puts her, quite gently, to the question. There's a subtle pride, a faint straightening of his shoulders, at the way she answers.

"She's halfway through the door," he says quietly, in answer to that second question. He absently presses his thumb into Kara's forearm, then looks into her features musingly. "We've a lot to discuss." Looking to Perperna consideringly, he says "But I would appreciate your helping to keep an eye on her. An insult to her would be considered an insult to myself."

"Ah, social work," Perperna says with an air of knowing exactly what that is. "With the police department? Do you... have a particular specialty, or area of interest?" Lots of careers have specialties, right? Perfectly normal and agreeable question. "I imagine any work with a police department would be rewarding, if taxing at times. I trust you take ample time to wind down from such an engaging occupation." He still has absolutely no idea what she does, and is quite grateful when Nikola distracts him with plots, machinations, and the like. "Of course," he says with a small nod, "We cannot have that." He glances down at his pocket watch and frowns slighly, "Mmm. Far later than I had expected." He rolls his eyes slightly and purses his lips, "There will be a notice up in the regular spots soon enough, Captain. Keep an eye... then decide if you still want me on your side."