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Meeting Hawthorne

Characters: Hawthorne and Wesson
Date: 2020-07-13
Summary: After being directed by Odette to meet the Lieutenant, Wesson seeks him out.
Disclaimers: Not much

Hawthorne is in the back yard, seated against the fence with his back straight, an old paperback on his lifted knee and held with a finger on either side of the page fold. Many of the fallen leaves of the yard have rustled up and gathered around him and float a bit, absently with his mind not fully on them.

Stepping out onto the backyard, Wesson takes a moment to look over the area. A mug of hot coffee is in one hand while the other reaches behind her to pull out a pack of cigarettes from her back pocket. Flipping it open, she reaches down with her lips to pluck one out as she walks across the backyard. She makes a beeline for Hawthorne, the pack still in hand until she reaches him and silently offers the pack to him; to get his attention and to see if he would like a smoke himself.

Hawthorne's eyes keep on the page as he finishes a paragraph, eyebrows lifting a little to acknowledge that he's caught the motion and presence, and then after slipping a crumpled and straightened old receipt with all the printing faded to nothing into the book, the closes it and sets it in the grass before pulling his other knee up, resting his wrists against his legs and one palm waving a little. "Hi there. No thanks, not for me." He then squints slightly against the glare and inspects the figure standing there.

She may seem taller than she actually is as she stands above Hawthorne, but the Elemental takes a step back as she repockets the pack and pulls out a lighter. She lights up the end and moves a few steps downwind of Hawthorne in order to make sure the smoke doesn't hit him. Leaning against the fence herself, she slowly slides down to a crouch as well. Taking a deep drag, she blows the smoke away before turning to face Hawthorne. Her skin is blued steel and the fire that flows up her veins glows in subdued waves. "Are you Hawthorne?" She asks simply. "Lieutenant of the Militia?"

"That'd be me," he says in a low, slightly deeper than expected voice, and he uses his ring finger to push up the bridge of his glasses on his nose. Closer, the embers hiding in the blackness of his burnt charcoal edges are clearer, matching his eyes, and the way the leaves that shed off of him catch and crumble or burn up harmlessly. "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

Seeing the embers now that she is closer, Wesson takes a moment to study his features curiously before she finally nods in satisfication. "I asked around in there to look for you." she jerks her thumb to the Community Center, her own voice rather monotoned but husky and deep. "I'm Wesson," she murmurs before taking a sip from her mug of coffee. It isn't until after she takes a sip that she realizes she should offer some to him, a touch awkwardly. "I met up with Odette the other day, about joining the Militia. She told me before I could I should meet you."

Taking another sip from her coffee, Wesson looks back over the backyard, the fire within her hair briefly lighting up as she considers her next words. "That is a rather loaded question," she returns in that husky voice. Another long drag from her cigarette and she leans her head back until it hits the fence. "I'm good with a gun and a blade," she extends her arm to show him the metallic flesh of her wirst and forearm, with her veins pumping up that fire within. "Though I don't have Little Harry with me at the moment. I work as a private investigator out there, and um..." She pauses awkwardly yet again. "I suck at interactions. What about you?"

"Well. I do a bit of detective work myself though uusually of the type that runs toward the occult. Things to help people get some sort of payback or closure. I'm a diviner. Used to be one of those oracular trees," he explains, and then watches the other elemental for a moment. "So what did you and the Commander talk about? She is fairly focused." One way of putting it anyway!

"Yea?" Wesson quirks her eyebrows at him before killing her cigarette against the heel of her boot. She shoves the spent stub into the pocket of her skinny jeans. "And here all I discover is who is cheating on whom and how I can help them get majority share of their divorce." She lets out a dismissive snort at that before tilting her head in his direction. "About my original plans, and how I had to...reorient them to better fit in the Freehold, in a manner," she answers finally as she places her head against the fence once more. "She gave me thorough talking to about not putting anyone in danger or else she'd string me up herself, to put it mildly." Though her voice is monotoned, there is the faintest tinge of amusement.

Folding the fingers of both hands together into a bridge, Hawthorne says "Ahh, the old death threats. I imagine it was something that could affect the freehold pretty significantly then. You going to be okay with that being put to the wayside or is this something that's going to come back up later?"

"I see you've met her too," Wesson returns at the mention of the death threat - if that is her attempt at humor, her deadpan voice doesn't even change, but that amusement is still there. "Its one of the reasons I wanted to join. I wanted to take...Them on," the way she says it the capitalized T can practically be felt. "But I was told it was a foolish plan, something that we may be able to do at least once then show our hands. Something that is a one trick pony that can ruin the Freehold," she waves her hand as if to say 'and so on and so forth.' "Yea, so I realized being pulled by the Summer's fire is perhaps not the best way with which to approach that goal. All that balls of steel and guns a-blazing can only take me so far. If I truly wanted to help, especially with the Freehold in mind, I should use my talents and my...tenacious desires, in a more useful direction."

The leaves rustle around by an unfelt wind and Hawthorne listens, then says "Yeah, that tracks. She's very committed to protecting what's being built. The Freehold is young, and our position here is still tenuous as we investigate just exactly -why- this city was... basically a no-zone since forever. And truthfully, the people are... Tired. They need to heal more than take on a new fight right now, so... That all makes sense. I'm glad you've decided you want to help out. We can use more people putting in the work to get this thing where it ought to be."

"Yea, it makes sense," she admits rather reluctantly before grabbing her cup to finish off her now-cooled coffee. Placing the mug between them, Wesson sits up and sits cross-legged before turning to face Hawthorne fully. "You Autumns have a sense of...awareness I don't possess," she admits. "It's incredibly useful," she muses. "I heard about the no-zone situation. It is kind of odd, but you're right. We are still too new to just go stomping around, declaring war." At his comment about her helping out, Wesson reaches up to rub the back of her neck, a touch awkwardly. "Here is hoping I am useful. I mean as useful as a gun can be. I am pretty good about tracking but I am not sure I have a decent handle of the Hedge. I may need to go check it out more. Maybe see about getting something from there."

"Maybe go along with one of the other militia members into the Hedge? Start with the trods then branch out. Buddy system and all that." Hawthorne studies the awkward motions of the gunlamental and says "But maybe take some time to get to know the people around the Freehold too, before you start on trying to.. work. I find it's easier if I know who and what I'm trying to fight for." His mantle is definitely Autumn, and strongly Autumn, but there are parts of it that seem... Summer, and not just a little. If it weren't for the stronger Autumn mantle he'd definitely parse that way. "There's a virtue in managing fears and anxieties, and turning them outward against our enemies, but to get to that point, we need to make sure that we as a people are strong, and taken care of. Then we can have the luxury of moving against our enemies. Every step a brick that builds our kingdom, as it were."

As she studies him intently, she can see the Summer influence in him amongst the Autumn. "Yea, you're right. I am, attempting to." Wesson responds as she looks over her shoulder towards the Community Center. "I just, don't find it easy to," she hesitates before moving her hand between them to show connection. "Maybe I need more practice in that and the Hedge as well. Buddy system," she murmurs the last bit to herself before looking back at him with quirked brows. "Hey, want to be my buddy?" Well that's one way to do it; the amusement rises to the surface ever so faintly before it is quickly wiped away. "I feel like a fucking Kindergartner. Wish things were more straight forward. Just say what you want, I say what I want, boom. Done. Some people don't like that though, don't even trust that."

Hawthorne chuckles softly and he lifts one hand, fingers rubbing along his jaw, working it back and forth and he says "Sure. I've been clearing a trod, we can start with going that way, get you more used to navigating the hedge, then go from there." Tilting his head back against the fence, he thinks. "Sometimes ambiguity is how we protect ourselves. The Wyrd is so literal, but we find ourselves cornered and trapped by the nuance of that, since we are accustomed to interpreting things. It can be hard not to look at what is blunt from all sides, sometimes."

At his agreement, the metal and fire Elemental actually relaxes her shoulders as the tension she doesn't realize she was holding finally slips out. "I'd appreciate it. I'll even pay you back for it. I have some idea but I kind of...avoided the Hedge when I could. Can't do that anymore," she nods solemently before Wesson flicks her fiery eyes towards his; flame to embers. "I think its all the complications of what is real and what isn't that makes me want to be blunt. Reality is confusing enough without the Wyrd shoving itself in. So I try to make is as blunt as obvious. It helps that we take our words so seriously too," she trails off absent-mindedly.

Hawthorne shakes his head and picks up his book, and stands up, his long limbs giving a stretch and the leaves swirling in time with his motions. "Paying me back isn't necessary. It helps us all to have folks able to do things for the rest. The Hedge is... Troubling in a lot of ways, but it's not impossible, you can learn to bend it. Survive it. Being able to keep the hedgeways of the Freehold clear is going to allow us to operate much more ably in the coming months. And, I mean, it's summer. Maybe a fun scrape or two along the way." He flashes a small smile at the corners of his taciturn expression. "I'll take what you say at face value, then. Often I start at the end, though, when I try, though I do attempt to be transparent. Futures are strange."

At the mention of fun scrapes, Wesson actually perks up, the light in her eyes flaring up in excitement. "One can only hope." At his words she shakes her head before rising up as well, brushing the dirt and grass off her back and butt. "No, you do you. I do me. Best way to learn is to adapt. But, thank you Hawthorne. This, this is good." She nods her head again and moves to pull out her back of cigarettes in order to light another one as she takes it that he might be leaving. "I appreciate it."