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Malicious Matrimony

Characters: Howard, Cassadee and Alabama
Date: 2020-05-31
Summary: A mysterious man sues Hailey for alimony by way of a marriage that everyone is convinced is fake. So, it’s up to band manager Howard Spinrad to fix the problem!


A Clockwork Orange -- Singing in the Rain

It's been a lonnnnnng, lovely, lazy Sunday afternoon. Alabama just got home from a trip around the Quarter bar hopping and is pleasantly... buzzed. She slides down into the couch in the common room and suddenly cries out, "Hellloooooo! Anybody home?!?" Maybe she just wants to see if she is alone, or if the house if full of band mates.

Howard is sitting on the sofa with a stack of papers in his hand, looking them over, a glass of scotch sitting on the coffee table by him and he's pushing up his glasses and running a hand through his mop of dark hair. Not startled whin Alabama enters, instead pausing before the call registers, then he looks up and over his shoulder, flashing a quick smile that is more in the eyes than any motion of his mouth, maybe focused or troubled by the papers or something. In any case, he waves with the pipe in his other hand and says "Afternoon, Bam."

Cassadee was coming out of her and Howard's room, wearing one of his t-shirts and her thigh high stockings. "Hey BamBam," is sleepily said as she stretches, almost flashing everyone but not quite before her arms lower as she murmurs, "I could make foods? Or we could eat cookies or brownies. Or... I am pretty sure I also made weed ice cream? Or was that a dream..." She grabs a plate of each of the known treats and makes her way over towards the sofa, placing the treats down. Her fingers grabbing a brownie and a sugar cookie as she plops down on Howard's lap, "Want one Howie?" Papers be dashed!

"Oh! You're right here!" Alabama laughs as she realises Spin is in the same room. She waves lazily at him, and then there is a Cassidee joining them. "Hey Cass... doesn't he let you wear any clothes? You're almost naked!" Bam teases the girl and starts wondering if there is any food in the fridge. "Did anybody order something for delivery last night? Or do take out? I'm hungry." She complains, nearly fully admitting she is going to steal one of her roommate's food items when there is a knock at the door...

Howard holds up the papers so that they don't get knockes around when he gains a Cassie in his lap, and leans in to take a bite off of a corner of the brownie and mumbles 'thanks' with his mouth full. He then gives a bit of a dry look toward Bama but adds "There's some leftover lamb korma in the little silver thing, but I think all the rice got eaten." Looking up though, he cranes his neck toward the door. Curious.

Cassadee gigglesnorts as she muses, "I just threw this on and I usually sleep naked." Her tone teasing back as Bam. "Also you can totally...." then there is a knocking at the door. "Um... is anyone expecting a delivery?" She kisses Howard on the cheek after he steals a bite of the brownie, clearly not minding. She begins to move slowly towards the door, grabbing her step ladder on the way so she can look out the peep hole.

"YES! Lamb korma. I love lamb korma!" Bam immediately gets up, ignoring the dry look she gets from Spin and heads for the fridge, seeming completely uninterested in the door. Cassie though, should she peek through the hole sees a decent looking man in a polo shirt and khakis with a legal sized folder in his hand. He knocks again, this time more insistently and calls out loudly. "Is Hailey Rockefeller or Howard Spinrad there? I need to talk to one of them please." Maybe he saw she was peeking out the little hole.

Howard watches Cassie go, and then is glancing toward BamBam at the fridge and about to speak before he hears the voice comes through, and mutters. "Sounds like a cop or a process server..."

Cassadee groans softly as she sees that probable summons. At least she hopes that is all it is! "FUck me silly.." is murmured softly before she says, "One second." She looks around for pants? Then looks to herself and just tugs on the t-shirt some more to make it at least be a little longer for a few moment as she just barely opens the door as she inquires, "And.. what is this in regards to. Most mail just goes in the slot." Her hand gesturing to mail p.o.-like boxes on the wall.

"I'm sorry miss. Are you Hailey Rockefeller? I need to speak directly with her or Howard Spinrad." The gentleman gives her an easy smile that might 'almost' be taken as warm and friendly, but there is something a little stand offish about him. "Please miss, just let me know."

Howard's teeth click irritably around his pipe and he stands up, his feet bare for the moment, deciding to get this taken care of rather than duck it. He passes Bama and makes a small, low indicating gesture, like maybe she should hang back, and then comes up behind Cassie and places a hand against her lower back, rubbing a little in a soothing fashion before he says, "I'm Howard Spinrad." He knows what this is. His hand does not lift up to be handed anything, his eyes placid but defiant with that little twitch of a sneer at the corner of his mouth almost imperceptible.

Cassadee was about to get snippy with whoever was at the door before Howard come up. She offers him a worried smile before she softly responds, "I am not Hailey Rockefeller no." She grows worried and seems intent to stand between Howard and whoever it is at their door.

"These are for you." The gentleman in the polo shirt hands the envelope over to Howard, even if he has to go around Cassidee, his little watchdog. You're being sued in conjunction with Hailey Rockefeller, these are for you." The man smiles happily, his work being done just as soon as Howard takes possession of the envelope.

Howard simply kind of... Does not. His hand doesn't come up. He doesn't shove it away. Just... Is uncompliant, his eyes narrowing slightly, and watching coolly. No refusal, no acknowledgement, no nothing. Just a brick wall of white upper middle class apathy.

Cassadee smiles fondly as Howie doesn't take the envelope and looks back to the man. Her arms fold over her chest as she just starts up at him with a 'what are you going to do now' sort of look.

The man gives Howard a knowing smirk. He's played this game before. He holds the envelope out a moment or two longer, just to see if Howard will take it from him. When he doesn't, the man simply drops it at his feet. "Howard Spinrad, you've been served. Hailey Rockefeller's paperwork is also inside." He manages to resist saying something smart ass to Howard as he smiles at Cassidee. "Have a lovely day." Then turns on his heels and leaves.

Howard clicks his tongue a little and takes a puff on his pipe, muttering "Prick." as the door closes and he bends down to pick up the envelope. No use in not looking at this point. He looks off absently, then gives Cassadee's hip a little squeeze before tapping the envelope against his leg and the gears all moving around. He starts to meander back to the sofa.

Cassadee screams out after the guys, "Dickbag, go choke on a biscotti!" She slams the door, well as much as her petite self can before locking it as she murmurs, "And... just what is this about Howie? What did you and Hails do now? Should I start looking up lawyers.

Alabama, at this point, has walked up behind the pair and is witness to the envelope being uncerimoniously left. "Wow. Douchebag." She chimes in, her mouth still full of lamb korma. If Spin should open and glance through the paperwork he'll be advised that a Mr. Jerald T. Williams is suing a Mrs. Hailey Rockefeller-Williams for divorce, and asking for alimony in some massive amount. Howard Spinrad has been copied on the lawsuit as they'd tried to serve Hailey before but couldn't find a correct address for her. Howard was findable.

Alabama tries briefly to read over his shoulder until she just gives up. "What does it day?"

Howard's eyes are looking into the middle distance as he flops down onto the couch, but he's actually reading, his eyes filled with the readouts he is pulling up on whether this is an actually filed suit, who this Jerry Williams is, and whether Hailey is actually married to be able to be divorced. Finding the magic 8-ball coming back unclear on some of that he frowns a little. "Someone's after Hailey's money, or money they think she has. It's too convenient otherwise," he muses and picks up his glass of scotch, taking a sip. His tongue runs over his teeth as he tries to get an address on this joker, and he stretches his arms across the back of the sofa. "No lawyers. Not yet. If we have to, I'll use the one we have on retainer for the band. That said... Maybe we don't let it get to that point."

Cassadee shakes her head softly before she comments, "Of course. Just what we need." She wasn't awake enough for this yet given she makes her way back to the couch and cuddles up against Howard's side as she picks back up the cookie and brownie. She takes a small bite of each and begins to chew. "I take it, this isn't the first time something like this as occured?"

Spin will easily be able to find the address for Jerry and his lawyer. Alabama nearly spews beer through her nose though as soon as she hears that news... "Hailey is MARRIED??! To some chump named Jerry Williams? Jesus, she will never live this down. Hailey Williams?" Bam just about loses it as she collapses next to Cassidee onto the couch in a fit of giggles. "Wait. What's he trying to sue her for? An album that hasn't even been written yet? That's... dumb." The girl shakes her dread locks and stares at Howard in disbelief. "He can't come after something that doesn't exist... right?"

Howard puffs on his pipe and sets his glass down, scratching at Cassie's back a little, then says "Not sure about the past, but Hailey's currently named the beneficiary of a... Sizeable estate. She hasn't claimed it, though. Whoever is doing this must have seen that she's elligable and would assume she'd take it. But she hasn't. The suit is for divorce and alimony in an amount that would only make sense if she did, and they knew exactly how much." Howard's tone is mild, but he's looking... Irked. Motherfucker names -him- in the suit too? He then gives Cassadee a quick kiss on the forehead and says "Get your clothes on, girls," well, only one of them is missing any but you don't pass up a chance to say that, "I think maybe it's time to nip this in the bud." He starts to rise up and sets his pipe down.

Cassadee chokes on her cookie brownie mixture, taking a few seconds before she says, "Wait! What! She's?!?!? Nonnonno there's no way she is seriously married... right just.. noo" She is going with denial as she goes to clean up and groans, "But I don't wanna change..." She will though, though it really just means putting on a pair of her baggy jeans and jacking on of Howie's hoodies, and putting on her own shoes. Eventually she comes out though without her sunglasses. "I am bringing the snacks for the road and I don't want to drive my SUV, someone else can drive her." Her hand holding out her keys to be grabbed as she is in the process if putting both sweets into a tupperware for traveling!

"Ooooooooh! ROAD TRIP!" Bam grabs her leather jacket, despite the oppressive New Orleans heat and grins as Cass makes sure to pack snacks! "Have I told you how much I adore you Cassidee? MARRY ME!" She laughs and gets down on one knee. Then quickly rises before Cassidee has to declare her love one way or the other, potentially . "When was this sham marriage suppose to have taken place?" AS she asks, she's making her way out the door and toward the SUV. "Where we headed? Do I need to bring a bat?" She jokes. She's joking... right?

Howard filters through some information, pupils moving rapidly, and he says "Two years... I don't think it's real, marriage certificate is from Vegas. They're notoriously easy to get made up." Howard gives Cassie a hug around the shoulders, then a grin toward Alabama's antics. "Not the SUV. I've got a van." Wait.. Nobody... Has seen this van. He then reaches into his jacket, producing nine milimeter pistol, checking the magazine, and replaces, also checking the old film canister of acid he carries around. "Bat? Maybe! If you have one. Otherwise we can use the tire iron." Then he is headded out as well, to lead them to the covered parking nearby, and a simple black van. That does have a variety of zip ties and stuff inside, and a few black bags and... Why do you have this, Howie?

Cassadee giggles a bit as she sweetly murmurs to Bam, "So silly BamBam." She ruffles her hair before she says, "Bring what you think we need." She looks relieved at Howard's words and responds, "Van works too but I got shotgun." Her hands hugging the tupperware of the weed infused goodies to her chest. "Oh and some coke, please someone bring coke with us."

"Bring what we need? or what we got? I got a handgun... how crazy is this going to get?" She seems delighted with the idea of it getting rough as she tucks her hangun in the waistband of her jeans like some gangsta-thug and hops in the van as if she does this all the time. "Does he live far away?" She considers that and then to Cassidee. "I have some smack, no coke. Sorry. The H is really good though ad you can snort it if you don't want to shoot it..." She offer helpfully.

Climbing into the driver's seat, Spin looks back and says "No horse on the covert ops. That's just not safe." A flash of a grin, then he starts up the engine and is already mapping the route in his robot-brain. "Alright. Looks like he's... North of us.. West side of town." He begins to drive and the radio pops on, giving him some soothing driving music. It's Rancid. That tracks.

Cassadee shakes her head before she murmurs, "I'll just stick to the cookies. No H for me BamBam but thank you lovely." She leans over to kiss Bam on the cheek before she gets comfortable in the front seat. She smiles at the music as it comes on the radio, lighting tapping her thighs to the music.

Howard is right. North of them, West side of town. He of course has his address so Jerald T. Williams is really just a sitting target... as long as he's at home. Traffic is remarkably light, considering its usual lethargy in the city, so it doesn't take them long to get to Jerald's house. There is a truck parked in the driveway of this ratty old suburban house on a quiet cul de sac. "He probably lives with his mom!" Alabama cries out after receiving Cass's kiss and returning it. "Hailey married a momma's boy!" Bam is joyfully sarcastic discovering this revelation. At least "discovering" it in her wild and unfounded assumptions. "Should we go up to the door Spin?"

Howard parks the van in front of the house one over and across the street, and looks out the window at the place, squinting. "We could. I've got some new tricks I've been meaning to try out anyway. I'll see if I can get him to come with us. If not? Stick-up style. If he tries to yell or get away, clock him. Hails would rip his guts out, but I don't really want this blowing back right as we're trying to get the new album together. So no murders right now if we can help it." Then he turns in his seat to give Cassie a kiss for luck, and gives Bama one too, then straightens his tie, climbs out of the van, and starts walking.

Cassadee unbuckles her seatbelt and totally had stuffed her cute face with soooo many sugar cookies on the way there. She happily returns Howard's kiss and begins to brush off any crumbs that might on herself. She begins to climb out of the van before she responds, "Should I get my rope?" She is already digging around in her satchel for it.

Alabama smirks as she gets the little good luck kiss too. "Nice!!" She laughs and then nods. "No murders. Got it. Not that kidnapping and torture are any better but..." She /really/ doesn't care, and is just sort of talking to hear herself talk. "Let's go!"

Up at the door, Spin knocks and they wait a long time. A long time. Finally someone turns the light on the front porch and peers through the peep hole. "Yesssss? What isss it?" It sounds like some ancient lady's voice.

"Hi there! Names Chester Mangosteen, I'm from Crescent City Coach and Charter, tried calling a few times but I think it's probably an old number or turned off. Anyway, one of our drivers found a bag on board, and well, had the name J. Williams in it, with this address. Was hoping to see if that was you, or what. Didn't want it just sitting in the lost and found, you know?" Spin just lies his ass off with an almost stentorian shift in tone and demeanor, projecting a friendliness that is nothing like his usual understated personality, his shoulders forward, more aggressively presented, but in the way that salespeople learn makes them seem trustworthy.

Cassadee was small enough she could just hide behind Howard, so that is exactly what she is doing.

The woman, bless her heart, totally buys into the entire story. Hook. Line. Sinker. She opens the door, almost eagerly and looks at the group of them with hopeful features. Until she actuslly /sees/ the group of hoodlums. "Who are you? You don't look like the.." And just then one can only assume Jerald T. Haliey's Husband shows up behind the woman. "What's going on? What happened mom? Let me handle this." Jerry steps forward protectively between the group and his mom. "What can I help you with tonight?"

Standing there, Spin sees the figure appears and keeps on his gregarious smile before saying "Ohh, hey there, pardner." His eyes meet Jerry's and there is something... Crazy? Unkind? Utterly compelling behind them as his words creep into the man's brain, insinuating themselves like kudzu seeds, or planting bamboo in someone's yard. "Why don't you tell this nice lady how everything is just fine and go get in the van, eh?" Then he turns toward the old lady and says "Sorry to have disturbed you, ma'am," and turns around to bend down and lift the awkwardly not actually hiding Cassie back up to standing with a little grin and starts back toward the vehicle.

Cassadee is attempting to hide the rope in her hoodie pocket as she peeks from around Howard to look at this... Jerry guy. She nose wrinkling up as she looks over him but says nothing. Her gaze then looks to Howard with a fond smile and begins to easily move back towards the van, not using the rope, not yet anyway.

You say, “What? No! I don't want to get in a van with you. Are you insane?" Jerald definitely tells the truth on that one but his resolve is not enough to save him from this. "Don't hurt my mom, just... don't hurt my mom." He sighs and then heads out to follow he group of three to the van. He sighs one more time before finally stepping up and in. He's in.”

Howard snaps his fingers a little bit, like maybe his mind whammy is a little on the fritz, but compliance is achieved, and he says "Thanks for your time, ma'am," and heads back toward the van, letting one or the other be in charge of securing the captive and getting the bag on his head, while Howard focuses on getting the van going, and away once they've gotten secure.

Once Jerald is in the van Cassadee is pouching him and beginning to tie him up in a hog tie as she angrily says, "Why the fuck would you lie about my Hailey!" She's one pissed off blooded and wailing her little fists on his chest in frustration. This asshat is why she had to put on fucking pants!

Alabama laughs at the little Cassidee losing her shit over this loser. Which is fun to watch but then they have to think about what's next for poor Jerald W., now that he's tied up and they're moving. "Where we taking him?"

"Hood on him, please?" Spin says as they get him subdued back there, then holds up his lips to Bama, so that the QUARRY doesn't know where they're going. It's a boat storage unit though, out in Metairie. An old one, with just a couple of shitty boats nobody wants, and an enclosure, which he pulls the back of the van up to it.

Cassadee giggles like a maniac as she happily hoods Jerald before she returns to beating on him. Soon she begins to even kick at the punkass. And by the time they get to where they are going, she has tuckered herself out a little bit. "I... I tendersized... him... I want a trophy..."

Bam helps Cassadee get the hood on Jerald T. Williams, and figures out where they are going, careful not to convey that to their prisoner. Jerald is freaking out, especially when they put the hood on him. He cries out, pulling at the ropes that Cass has bound him with, telling them he's going to sue them all until they're homeless and penniless. Alabama helps the situation by rigging up a duct tape gag so he can't talk or scream anymore. "That should help til we get to where we're going at least." She offers helpfully. "If not I'm going to brain him myself with that shovel." She smiles at Jerald helpfully. Fortunately he can't see... he's hooded.

Howard gets the van pulled up to the dry storage dock with its measley collection of derelict boats, and he kills the engine, whistling a little and saying "Heeere we are." Opening the door of the van, he climbs out and goes around to open the back to let them out.

Cassadee slowly draws herself up as she munches on a brownie now, commenting between bites, "Saadly... as much as I wanna see you do that... we have to wait for just the /right/ time." As they arrive as giggles, "ooohhh can we bury him alive or can I light him on fire! Human smore would be fun and... oooohhh I should text taht to her!"

Alabama gets out with Cassadee and then afterward helps their 'prisoner' out, steadying him on his feet so he doesn't fall and brain himself. Because really, what would be the point of dragging him all the way out there to brain him if he is just going to fall and do it himself!?

She actually wonders if Cass means all the stuff she's suggesting or if it's all for his listening pleasure to scare him. Fortunately his fate is in Spin's hands, not Cassadee's, so Alabama feels a little less apprehensive about the entire situation. And she can't ask Spin out loud what he wants to do with Jerry, so she tries to do it telepathically. But she doesn't think he's opened up a connection with her yet. "This good here?" She asks, unable to ask anything else more meaningful in case it will ruin the whole thing!

Howard nods to Alabama, then says "Yeah, here," reaching and finding an old stool by the entrance they use, "Put him on this. Now. You're going to sit still, Jerry, and we're going to talk, alright? Now I'm not gonna let you get lit on fire, alright? But you're gonna have to work with me here. Capice?" Go ahead and take that bag off, if you would?" he asks of Cassie.

Cassadee roughly guides Jerry onto the stool and removes the bag for his head as she begrudgingly utters, "RUining my fun. I bet crispy Jackass would smell delicious in the air." She looks to Bam as she comments, "Like bacon or something," When she is sure that Jerry can't see her, she winks at Bam to signal she is just playing a part.

Alabama helps the man find the stool and balance enought to sit on it. Shes actually quite grateful that Cass has signaled to her that she's just play acting because for all Bam's bravado, she's sort of a softy at heart. Okay a big softy. She looks to the captain of this ship to direct them further at this point.

Howard stands there, leaning over the captive, a curious expression on his face. "So. Hi. You don't know me, but you have significantly angered me, and I'm quite put out by it. That said, I'm in a forgiving mood, and I'm willing to let bygones be bygones if we can come to an.. Understanding. Now. Understandings go both ways. You can walk away from this with something for the trouble, but you're going to have to work with me, Jer. That sound like something you can do?"

Cassadee just remains quiet for now, fondly watching Howard as he verbally belittles Jerry. Her fingers lightly curling around some of the strands of her hair.

"Oh, we're going to have an understanding alright. You fucking KIDNAPPED ME!!! I demand to be freed this instance or the three of you are going to jail for a long... LONG TIME! So let's come to that understanding right now. You let me go immediately and I won't have you arrested! I can only imagine my wife has sent you here to harass me... NOT COOL HAILEY!" He shouts out suddenly. presumably because he thinks Hailey is in the van or something. So far he's doing a pretty decent job keeping the story up. Or at least acting like he's actually married.

Howard lets out a sigh, then shakes his head. "Alright, buddy. Alright." He reaches into his pocket, producing his little Kodak film canister, then as the man shouts, Howard just kind of sprinkles little tabs in like from a salt shaker, not too many. But, you know, way more than the -one- that he generally recommends. "Here. Shut up. You're about to go on a little trip. And I can make sure that it is very pleasant, or I can leave you to your own devices. I'd say we have about two minutes to make a deal before you start tripping balls so hard that you try to eat a cop after stealing lotto scratch offs from a Circle K, in which case nobody is going to care about your little lawsuit. Understand? Now what the fuck do you want?"

Cassadee lets out a wistful sigh as he begins to dose the lying asshole. She jumps up and down as she lightly claps, "oooohhhh this is going to become sooo much fun. Oooh please be stupid so I can fuck you up..." She was lightly bouncing on her toes, to add to her acting. Truly she just wants to see is the trip would be like truth serum.

The man looks horrified as the acid makes it into his mouth. He tries to spit it out but it's too late really... that stuff just bleeds into you the moment it touches your mouth. "Holy fuck! What did you just do? Did you poison me? If I die, they're going to come looking for your asses, I swear to fucking god!" Jerald is absolutely screaming at Howard at this point, convinced he's been given something deadly. "What do I want?? I want my wife to take care of me in the manner in which she promised me she would. I know all about the inheritance too, so you can't fucking fool me! I know my rights! She is a zillionaire and she owes it to me to take care of me. Untie me now!"

Howard pushes his glasses up and sighs. "She's not your wife, Jerry. And you are not poisoned. That, my friend, is lysergic acid diethylamide, more commonly known as LSD, or by it's street name, acid. It is going to start affecting your brain, using your serotonin system to produce hallucinations. 20 micrograms is enough to begin the process. You.. Have had a bit more than that, let's say. It is going to be in your best interest to calm down. Now. Understand that while there is an -estate-, there is no inheritance unless she accepts. And she will not be doing so. Which means that your suit is calling for alimony in an amount that would reflect her having those funds, and yet... That is not a circumstance which exists. In point of fact, the details of that estate are currently confidential and currently sealed, meaning that you obtained knowledge of these accounts illegally in order to determine the amount of your little blackmail scheme. Which will look very suspicious in court. You would lose. However." His voice turns hard. "I don't want you to lose in court. I don't want it in court, not because it would be some sort of embarrassment to miss Rockefeller or the band, but because I want to make a point to you, and anyone else who decides to come around." He reaches into his jacket, producing a slightly modified CZ-75 B, examining it, then racks the slide to chamber a round. "You do not -FUCK- with them. You do not -FUCK- with me. Hailey is not yours. Her money, if she even had it, would not -be- yours. You are a fucking embarrassment, Jerry, and I'm disappointed." He doesn't level the gun, instead lifts his foot with an agility that belies the fact that he walks with a cane some days and plants his foot straight in the man's chest and kicks him backward off the stool.

Before Alabama or Cass can catch him, Jerald T. Williams gets a boot to the chest and recoils backwards off the stool. His hands have been bound so he has no way to brace his fall... he just falls with a sickening sort of thud. Fortunately he doesn't hit his head, but the wind is knocked from his body and he is having trouble breathing or talking as he desperately tries to take any breath at all. Is the acid starting to work? He can is starting to feel weird - it must be! But he's in no position to negotiate now. He can't even breath!

Howard steps over the stool with one leg swinging over the seat and perches on the other side of it, looking down at young Jerald, his knee of his right arm drawn up and the heel of his shoe hooked in the crossbar of the stool. That hand holds the gun and he considers it, then he considers the helpless man on the ground. "Let's play a game, Jerry. I'm going to ask you one question. It'll be the same each time, so you have plenty of time to study and get your answers straight. And you're going to tell me your answer. And, get this? You have as many free retries as you have knees. Understand? Now. I'm going to give you a moment to try and fail to get your shit together, and then I'm going to ask you. Deal? Deal." He casually aims the muzzle of his handgun toward the man's left knee, saying "It's actually kind of harder to go up stairs without this one, oddly."

Cassadee silently swoons in utter joy at Howard's protective nature, lightly fanning herself as she chews softly on her bottom lip. Her eyes going wide with sheer excitement as she watches that handgun be held at Jerry's knees.

Once Jerald has he breath back, he's panting frantically, trying to squirm away, even as the gun is held at his left knee. "What is /wrong/ with you? You freakin' nut job?!" Fear oozes from ever words he says as Jerry demonstrates that he is confident this man will pull the trigger. "Please! I'm sorry! Leave me alone! Let me go! I'm SORRY!!!" He's screaming the words as he looks desperately to the two girls for any sort of help they might offer. None is being offered. Though Alabama does seem a little pale as if this is bothering her more than she wants to let on.

Howard slips down from the stool and plants his hand on Jerry's thigh, the muzzle of his gun digging into the kneecap. "Okay, Jerry. I will accept your apology, but riddle me this.. What are you going to do about that lawsuit in the morning? And are you ever going to bother miss Rockefeller, who is not now nor has ever been your legal wife, ever again? Tick tock, Jerry."

Cassadee was hyperfocused on Howie being awesome. Should she be more worried about that they are torturing this poor bloke? Probably! But she is just in a lovesick dazed as she singsongs, "Thank before you answer Jerry..."

"Jesus! You're all fucking insane!" Jerald wheezes breaths rapidly in and out as his knee cap is about to be blown into fun-sized bits. "Please! I need to walk, please! I'll handle the lawsuit. Consider it withdrawn. And I'll never bother Hailey again, who was never my wife. I swear it! Just please, let me go!"

Howard leans forward and says "Good. See, I knew you were smart. Not like, -that- smart? But enough to know what's good for you in this kind of situation. Now..." Spin slowly uncocks the gun and flips the safety back on, sliding it back into his jacket. Then he whispers softly, "Boom.." wiggling his fingers. To the distraught and now acided up fellow, he seems... Dreamlike, as if Spin hadn't risen and stood down, and there's a chaotically loud sound as that knee explodes in... Pain? Certainly sensation, but there's so much dissonance that it's just static. A horrific moment that will stick with him, wondering if it really happened, and yet... To everyone else? No harm. "Now... Let's get him up, get some booze in him, and drop him off at that roadhouse back a ways without his pants. Can always use more pants these days." And then he straightens the stool bacck to where he found it, and is on his way to open the van back up.

Cassadee giggles in delight as she utters, "Whatever you want Howie~" She is, without really much guidance, is stripping the pants off of the Jerry Guy and she asks, "What kinda booze you wanna ply him with?"

Jerald screams out as he is /sure/ his knee ws just shot and exploded into a million different excruciatingly painful pieces. And yet he's not positive that is what happened, and he can't really check for himself bbecause he is still tied up. So he just lays there and sobs. Then sobs some more when he's put back in the van. He is sobbing when Cassidee tries to drown him in alcohol. He can't help himself. He can't stop.

Meanwhile, Alabama is quite grateful that it was all an allusion and they aren't really going to do something so horrific to someone, no matter how much he deserved it. "Come on, let's dump him and get out of here before someone sees us here with him!"

Once they're underway, Spin looks back over his shoulder, sayig "Quit your bellyaching, you'll be fine. You're going to have an interesting night. I'd tell you that it's going to be a good one to tell your grand kids, but we both know that nobody will ever love you." He then makes a turn into a nearby parking lot for some place called The Lazy Bass, which has seen fit to hand draw a bass guitar, instead of deal with people thinking they are a bait shop. "Alright, kemosabe. This is your stop. My lovely assistant there is going to untie you, and then... You're free to go. Don't forget about what we talked about though. I'll be following up. Now. I expect you are about to start peaking on the hallucinations as your body realizes you are probably not going to die and starts pumping out the endorphins that will make you feel better. But remember how I said that stuff changes how your serotonin works? Yeah. Allllll trippy shit, just pumped out like your life depends on it. So get at it. And don't make me ever see your stupid fucking face again."