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Just Silver

Characters: Fen, Ramsey, Jeanie
Date: 2020-07-23
Summary: When the Fixers stumble across a Greed Spirit up to no good in their neighborhood, Fen finds out that werewolves might not be the only ones with problems with silver.

Pawn shop.jpg

You could probably bet your bottom dollar that Top Dollar Pawn Shop's allusions of grandeur are only in the name. This particular corner of Little Woods isn't the nicest in town but there IS a bar with karaoke and an All You Can Eat Chili Night going down which is surely enough to lure some Fixers down the shady street this night. A lot of the non-bar businesses have already closed up for the day, including Top Dollar Pawn, but one particular man seems to have not gotten the message as he angrily shakes at the front door. Could be the worst break in ever, but coins and a few pieces of cheap jewellry are falling out of his pockets as the dude keeps getting more and more aggressive with that very sturdy door.

Jeanie pauses midstride and makes a quick glance around for anything else out of the usual. "Should we like... call 911 or something about that?"

Ramsey blinks a little bit as the guy starts shedding money and goods trying to get -in-. "Uhhh. I mean, I don't -think- so but... I wonder what his hurry is. Nobody's there to buy stuff from him and he doesn't look like he can rip a safe open." He shrugs slightly, then glances over at the Chili Karaoke Extravaganza down the strip mall. "I.. Guess we can check it out." Okay, Eeyore.

Pawn shops are purvayors of misery. Fen is not sympathetic. Jeanie gets a shrug about the cops involvement. People have insurance. Don't care. "If you want." Fen doesn't want. She is not sounding at all convincing. Check it out? M'be. They could always help loot the place. They might have some guitars. Or guns. Guns and guitars. She prefers instruments, but tiny teens have other practical concerns too.

The guy definitely does look pretty scrawny, but amazingly manages to get the door open with sheer determination. Or maybe PCP strength? And even odder... there's not a security alarm to be heard going off as the door is yanked open.

Jeanie makes sure to stick close behind Ramsey but defintely behind the werewolf. One of them is much better at taking gun shots if there does happen to be guns involved, even if she is wearing the magic blazer. The hair on the back of her neck pricks as the wind picks up. "I... think he's meeting something in there? Think I can hear it?" Not close enough for any words carried across the parking lot to be clear yet... at least not for the human ears.

Ramsey's eyebrows draw in and he says "I.. Hrm. That's not great." He glances over his shoulder, and listens, but then again it's probably a silent alarm. "That's... Yeah, that's probably a spirit. Alright.." He grimaces and starts approaching the door, moving to the side a little bit rather than just barging in, trying to hear a little better.

Yes, Fen is probably as good at taking gunshots as Ramsey is, if history is any evidence, though trying to hide behind her is a wasted effort. But she's paying a lot more attention since spirits are mentioned. Her last run with spirits did not go quite the way she had anticipated.

"Spirits making folks break into pawn shops?" Jeanie sounds a little bit bewildered at the whole why... but clearly something is going on over there. She takes a deep breath, focusing for a moment as a bit of electricity from the street light flickers and then blows out, leaving them in a little bit more darkness and NOT the electricl shield she had intended. "Well... crap." She whispers under her breath as she creeps a little closer.

Once folks are near the open door, it's easy to overhear the begging of the man that had just broken in. There's a strange flickering orange glow that casts his shadow long while he holds out the handful of whatever he had been stuffing in his pockets. The offering doesn't seem to appease the glow however as there's a growl and a clattering of small metal objects go flying, even a few states collector quarters shooting out into the parking lot.

"Maybe there's some kind of... I don't know.. Relics? By accident?" He glances over his shoulder at the light going out, then toward Jeanie. When the quarters fly through, he sighs a little and then says "We... Should probably handle this..." Don't worry chief, I'm always on duty. He then squares up his shoulders and walks in through the open door.

Hopefully no boars. Fen has had enough of boars. "Soo... what?" She is hesitant. But if Ramsey is going to stomp on forward, what's she to do. Anyway, looting. Promise of some looting in the future. "I guess m'be a little look..."

Inside the doorway, a spirit seems to have started calling this little pawn shop home, materialized as a brassy orange figure that bares an uncanny resemblance to the portrait of the pawn shop proprietor on the wall, complete with excessive amounts of tacky chains and medallions around his neck. The spirit stands near the cash register, looming across the counter towards the man that had just broken in, currently kneeling and trying to hold up hands full of what really is junk even by this not-fancy establishment's standards. The human is focused solely on the spirit, seemingly mesmerized, but the arrival of werewolf and vampire gets the spirits attention with a sniff of the air. "Forsaken... you have no business here," the spirit isn't even attempting to bother with English.

Jeanie might not understand First Tongue, but she can at least recognize it when walking into an almost certainly spirit situation. She nudges at Fen. "Grab something." No, that's not looting instructions although it might also end up that as well even if what the psychic was intending was more a weapon to be consecrated.

Being crunched like a bug the other night gave Fen a little more respect for the spirit realm. That was a lot more solid than she had anticipated. Not that she had given it any thought. This is more thought. So she is very attentive. And looking around for others. If the thing is focused on Ramsey? That's fine, that's cool. She'd rather not have to readjust her own ribcage again, thanks. Do they have guitars in here? They have to...

Ramsey cracks his neck when the spirit sniffs him out, and responds in English rather than Uremehir as he rounds the corner into the shop, cracking his neck side to side and letting Essence flow into activating a Spirit Gift, his eyes on the figure the spirit chooses to project. He looks at the man making his offerings and saying, "Beat it. You're in over your head here."

The human turns his head as Ramsey approaches, seemign to break at least a little out of whatever trance led him to this point if not completely as he shakily raises to his feet. "I'll... I'll do better. I'll find something!" And off he stumbles.

There is indeed a row of guitars, some drums and a few other assorted instruments mostly of the used and abused category. Unfortunately... the music section it over past the dazed human and the manifested spirit to the left of the door. The athletic equipment section is pretty close at hand to the entrance though and Jeanie doesn't waste much time searching, grabbing the first suitable whacky thing she can think to find which happens to be a golf club. Before she can actually do anything with said club, the spirit raises a hand and with it the lid on the jewellery display case flies up the rings inside swarm out like the shiniest, angriest hive of bees, reaching for all three intruders. 
Despite those rings pelting her back and face, Jeanie's able to grit out a little prayer in Latin before she's thrusting the nine-iron Fen-wards. "Here, take this!"

Fen has to admire Ramsey just flexing people away. This is perhaps why she needs a gun. The girl is singularly unintimidating. And vampiring at people (what does that even mean, anyway?) can cause more problems than it solves. And now I have a golf club. Fen looks over at Jeanie, with a shrugged sort of 'what am I supposed to do with this?' sort of expression. Hit the spirit with it. This is the assumed context. Well. Sure. I guess. She'll watch what Ramsey does. THis is his gig. Coins and rings flung at her? Whatever. Will look at them later. Might look good on her.

One of the flying rings hits Ramsey, well a lot of them do. Most bounce off. One was silver, though, and there's a painful sizzle, igniting a look of abject rage in the Rahu's eyes, burning off any good-natured calm in the wolf. He doesn't shift. He doesn't do anything but sprint forward to deck the thing. However, it's not so much a decking that occurs as a FAAALCOOOOON PUUUUUUUUUUUNCH! as his fist connects with the spirit and just... Does things you don't want to look at.

Rule number one about attacking a werewolf with silver: If you're gonna do it, you better make sure the attack counts. Clearly the greed spirit was too busy trying to suck up essence from those despairing for more material goods to actual bothering with learning such valuable fighting tips as that since he gets so easily ripped to shreds just from the Rahu's human hands. Without a corpus, the spirit FLEEEEEES back to the Shadow where he belongs without so much as a backwards glance.

Jeanie's got plenty of glances though. "Ramsey, are you okay?" She searches around to try and spot Fen just in case this is a papaya situation brewing up.

Well then, that's the end of the spirit. Ramsey One-Punch-Mans the fuck out of it. There we go, no drama. Easy-peasy. The little vampire has already moved on, yep, she's looking into the shattered jewelry display case. Ooh, necklaces. She can fence these. Does she know how to fence things? Ish. This is rhetorical question still, though puts down the golf club and she reaches into the case to hold it up to her neck to show her friends, "Hey how does this lookOWFUCK" and the necklace is dropped to the floor, her fingers smoking like singed. Fen looks utterly bewildered. Like. How. What? She toes the necklace with her shoe. What. The heck.

Ramsey brushes himself off and gives a little shrug of his left shoulder, glancing down at himself and the blistering burn on his skin, and he gives a little growl. "Fucking silver." When Fen reacts similarly he glances over at her. "Well. First time I've seen that happen on a vampire. You sure you're undead?" Though there's gears turning, wondering if that's the weird smell he always gets off of her.

Jeanie winces sympathetically as Ramsey reveals the reason for the sudden escalation to Fists of Overwhelming Fury. But then Fen's also recoiling away from some jewellery and her head swivels peering at the necklace. "Silver's not really a vampire problem, right? Could he have cursed it or something?" Maybe not the brightest decision, but sheer curiosity compels her to reach out for the necklace which perfectly normal human hands seem to handle no problem. "Or just silver." She glances at both of her friends before placing the necklace back on the counter.

This is bullshit. She's rubbing her fingers. That stung like fuck. Like electrical-shock unpleasant. Actually she didn't know werewolves were /actually/ weak to silver because she's fine with garlic and that's the same thing right? Kinda? "Whatever," Fen snaps, dismissively. No that was an accident. She was... accidentally burned by the necklace. She reaches to the counter to grab it and it inevitably does the same thing again and she pulls her hand away like burned because that's pretty much exactly how this is playing out. "FUCK." YOU BOTH GET GLARED AT. "Ow." The little vampire does not like this at all. Daylight? Fine. It's a trope, she gets it. The fire thing? Deeply uncomfortable with the fire thing. Silver? This is pretty fucking arbitrary right here. "This is bullshit. What the fuck silver? It's just /silver/." Looks over at the werewolf. Okay fine it's not /just/ silver. But it is to her. Or is supposed to be.

Ramsey squints a little at Fen's glare, and gives a sound that's almost a growl except coming from a fully human body. No, that's still a growl. Pulling the neck of his shirt to cover the burn, Ramsey says "Maybe you're like in Underworld where you're both." This seems to be a joke, but he then shakes fragmented corpus off of his fist and wipes his hand on his jeans. "This story is true. Wolves can't touch silver because of the curse Luna placed on us after the killing of Urfarah, Father Wolf. She forgave us, but silver remains our bane." And the madness, but he doesn't really think of it like that.

"Can that like, really happen?" Jeanie's taking the joke as not a joking matter at all, peering between werewolf and vampire. Not like there's a whole lot of similarities for visual observation at the moment aside from the whole 'Take Way More Damage Than One Would Think Possible' and then the whole 'Silver OWWWWWW' situation. "I guess we have some researching to do later? Cause even if you're calling bullshit, the silver clearly disagrees and so maybe there is a why we can find out." She gives a shrug in face of that glare as she steps over to Ramsey and places a hand on his back. "I think we probably have all the chili stuff at the warehouse?" Karaoke night seems like it might be a bust again. The True Tragedy of the evening.

The teenager looks super grumpy about this. Teenagers, of course, don't like restrictions. Gangrel teenagers less so. And even if this is a wildly academic problem for her most of the time - she could probably count the times she's handled true silver in her life time on one hand - it is irksome for existing. But it is not her friends' fault. Just... grrr. Glare. "I'm taking a guitar," Fen states. To change the topic. Since we're here. It'll make her feel better. And before the cops turn up. Or the owners with guns. One of the other. So of course this isn't something she can spend time over being choose, so she'll dart over and grab... uh... okay looks like she's grabbing a bass, too. Two-fisted thief, this Fen. She looks expectant, like why aren't you guys taking something too?

Ramsey glances around the place, not really seeing anything that he feels like needs to come with them. "Come on. I don't think the camera stores to anywhere, but I don't really want to get questioned either." He grunts a little bit and then says "I don't -think- that is an actual thing. I have heard of a bloodline of vampires that are all wolf-blooded humans before they get fanged up, though. Call themselves Bloody Wolves or some shit." He seems.. Troubled by that concept.

Petty theft isn't even crossing Jeanie's mind, although she does give a quick glance at the camera which doesn't even seem to have a light on it but just for good measure she points over towards the camera and a jolt of sparks fly at it, giving a sizzle as the device overloads. "And if it was recording... hopefully that destroyed something?" She gives a shrug not knowing how security systems might actually work. "But let's get home..." There's an eye for Fen and the guitar and bass but she's not going to stop her at the moment, just giving a little head shake. "But wolfbloods don't have the same reaction to silver as full wolves do? Although... guess it would make as much sense as anything else..." She'll start walking out the door even as continuing theorizing along the way.

Fen doesn't want to think about silver. It pisses her off. "It's stupid," she'll mutter. Because. She wants to think about getting these guitars in tune and seeing what they sound like. Or hearing rather. Anyway. Best be out of here. Crime scenes are best not lingered at.

Ramsey absconds into the night. Not with anything. But Fen's theft is enough to make it a caper. "Let's cheese it and figure that out later."