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It Turned into a Ballroom Blitz

Characters: Axle, Ramsey, Way, Fawn, Fen, Felipe and Seraphine as ST
Date: 2020-02-04
Summary: The Fixers and Friends all met up to enjoy a night of karaoke competition for a big cash prize, but instead were accosted by the Party Boyz and the spirit of Upgrade.
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Limp Bizkit -- Break Stuff(

Seraphine has excitedly texted everyone she can think of that she figures might be near their phones; Axle, check! Ramsey, check! Way, check! Fawn, check and check! She's invited them all down to the Bayou Roadhouse just outside of New Orleans. And why has she invited them all out? Karaoke! The Bayou Roadhouse offers a big time party every Tuesday night with 50 cent pitchers and a karaoke contest hosted by the bar with several prizes include a $1,000 grand prize winner at the end of the night. Seraphine has saved a table out for everyone and sprung for several pitchers (hey, big spender!) as well as tequila shots all the way around. She figures if they're going to sing, they better well be liquored up. Now she nurses her own glass of beer and watches for her pack mates.

The door swings open and in strolls Ramsey, in costume for the night. Pair of tight jeans that are less beat up than his usual ones and a dark blue collared shirt with the snapover sleeves rolled up above his elbows, tucked in all neat, but with the top buttons undone, white woven stetson on. He scans the place, and the magical wolf sniffer makes note that something from the kitchen smells good before he makes his way toward the table where Sera has set up shop and he grins, "Bonsoir, catin." Pulling out a stool, he stands in front of it but doesn't sit on it yet.

Fawn is pretty early, or on time, whichever you pick. And why? Karaoke! Or maybe it's the beer! Maybe both! Whatever the case may be, Fawn arrives soon enough and she steps into the building, her guitar slung over her shoulder and across her chest. Must be the karaoke. The redhead takes a quick look about, spies the backside of Ramsey and the front of Seraphine and she starts heading over to the girl. "Hey!" she says, smile bright.

The door opens a little while after the arrival of "Dalton" over there, and admits Waxle; that is to say, Axle and Way have arrived together in a little red two seater MG convertible that she borrowed from one of Emmet's M.C. The first time she has driven a car lately that wasn't either stolen or Ramsey's pick-up. She's dressed in her thrift store best; black tee with a large Megadeath album cover on it; red suspenders clipped to her button-fly jeans. Her old motorcycle boots? Thought she was going to sacrifice those to Stray Dog. At any rate, she's holding hands with Way and chewing some bubble gum, blowing a bubble as she pauses in the doorway to look around, pointing over to the table. "North by northwest, my good man," she tells the Gremlin.

OMG if you didn't know any better, it would almost appear as if Way was her kid if Axle birthed when she was seriously young...like negative ten. Still, it doesn't seem as if the Gremlin minds one little bit as he enters with Axle and takes a quick look around. Oh, she saw them first; not that it's a huge surprise with three extra feet on him, give or take. He swings the wolf-blooded girl's arm as they head over to the others and he beams, "Fancy meeting you all here."

Seraphine greats everyone individually. "Hey Fawn, good to see you. I see you brought your guitar -- You don't even need karaoke! You can be our designated singer for the night. God knows it won't be me." Nope. She ain't no singer, just a cryer. "Hey Ramsey; beer? shot? let's take the edge off, it's Tuesday night, after all." And then she spots Waxle. "Well well well, don't you two look adorable together." Seraphine smirks and then settles into her chair at the table. "Fawn, you could sign up over there I think?"

There is indeed a sign up table for those interested in competing in the night's festivities. And there happens to be a long line of people waiting to get their chance to sign up. In order to line up you have to stand near the bar where a handful of guys and girls are standing, most of which look to be in some sort of MC themselves. Letters spelling out 'THE PARTY BOYZ', and are hand painted on the backs of their leather jackets. They are generally in white t-shirts, blue jeans and black motorcycle boots. They look anything like they want to throw a sociable shindig. Indeed they all look to be sour and dour and out to spoil everyone's good times. One reaches out with his boot and trips one of the girls making their way through the line. The Party Boyz all laugh and clink their beers all around. Such a stereotype. Such bad news.

Fawn is still grinning ear-to-ear as she heads over towards Seraphine, a little swing in her step. She glances back over her shoulder to catch Way and Axle, and she waves to them before saying towards Seraphine, "I invited a friend of mine. I hope ya'll don't mind. She's pretty cool," she says before nodding and looking towards the line. Oh fun. She shifts her guitar and makes her way on over towards the line, keeping an eye on the douchebags that found their way over tonight as she settles in and waits her turn.

After briefly ducking over to sign up for a song, Ramsey comes back to his spot at the table and a grin crosses Ramsey's face as everyone shows up and he says "Well, well. Now we have a party. Or.. A quorum? I think?" He's pouring beers from the pitcher though, and half-turns to lean an elbow on the table so that he can see everybody. "I think this is your mutant power, Fee. You text people and they appear." Pausing as the mean-spirited laughter breaks out, beer an inch from his lips and pausing, Ramsey eyes the Tunnel Snakes over there with a slow squint. "Well."

Axle arrives at the table with Way, towering over her little baby boy like the giant 5'4" monster she is! Rarr. It's around that time that the little commotion happens with the girl being tripped by the seeming wanna-be motorcycle gang. They don't even have proper cuts! An angry line appears between her brows. "Oh, wow. Those turds must have *enormous* wieners," she scoffs, making no attempt to lower her voice, though neither does she shout it.

It's a vampire. Okay, to back that up, there's this teenage-looking creature in pink hair. She's wearing faded black jeans, Converse knock-offs, a camo tee shirt, pink cat's collar and mirror shades. It's a look. She's also tiny, and clearly did not successfully make if past the doorman - if there is one - because someone's put a big black X on the back of her hand with a marker as some sort of ward against alcohol. The tiny deal makes her hard to see in a crowd, but she's gone and stood on a free chair to get a look around. There's lots of parties here to see, looking for her's specific. Ah. There we go. So she approaches the group - noting Way - but up-noding Fawn on account of her being her guest ticket to all this. Upnod. But yeah she's a vampire, for those that can tell. Is that awkward? M'be she's a vegetarian. "S'up," sez Fen to the table.

At mention of mutant powers, Wayfarer begins to hum the X-men theme from the old 90s cartoon, while grabbing for a beer that looks ridiculous in his little grubby paws. "To...a quorum!" the Gremlin says, holding his glass up. "Fee you just poor 'em. We'll spend the night on the floor 'em!" His attention is drawn to the MC tripping that woman as well and his brows arch. Uh oh. The gears turning in his head can almost be heard. He casts a glance at Fen, a looooong silent one. Suddenly he asks, "Hey, anybody have some glitter...or ashes, maybe flour? Baking soda? No? I bet they have some in the kitchen. I'll be right back." Then he slides off the stool and dashes for the door leading into the kitchen to find some 'materials' he can work with.

Seraphine laughs at Ramsey's observation. "Maybe it's my Stupid Lost trick; getting people to show up in once place." She too eyes the douchebags in the leather jackets as every else seems to be. There are five of them. Three guys and two girls, and as they move around toasting and high-fiving each other, one of the guys notices Ramsey, who is hard not to notice, as well as the inordinate amount of tiny people at Ramsey's table. Now they point and laugh, rolling their eyes and making it pretty obvious that several have guns in their waistbands and who knows what else on their persons. How did they get in here with those!? It's pretty obvious people are doing what they can to avoid the group of them, but it's loud in the bar and they manage to continue their festivities, or anti-festivities by 'accidentally' running into people and even taking beers off other peoples' tables and commandeering them for themselves. The biggest one points again towards our heroes' table and the five of them start to walk over.

Fawn is trying to ignore the jackasses nearby as she patiently waits for her turn to sign up. Her eyes flick to the side and back, looking to see how many people are before her. Ugh. It's when she looks back that she notices Fen, and the girl gives an enthusiastic wave when she spots her. "I'll sign you up!" she says, with an evil grin that follows. She starts to laugh a little, too, but that stops when she sees the group of jerks heading towards their table. Fawn's brows furrow and she grunts lightly under her breath, keeping an eye on it.

"Quorum!" Ramsey declares, killing his beer, and then sets his hat on the table. He's keeping his cool but keeping an eye out on the assholes, and is starting to get a little agitated as they apparently decide that the cool kids table is next, and does a cool guy neck crack and loosens his fingers by lacing them and pushing outward with a big, toothy yawn. He's not looking directly at them, and instead picks up his tequila shot, eyes cast toward the vampire, clearly recognizing a fellow predator but Fawn seems cool with her and that's good enough for the lone tall person of the group. Looking over the rim of his shot glass, he queries his compatriots. "This gonna be a thing?" his left eyebrow raised just slightly, and there's just that unsettling bit of eagerness through his mellow exterior that betrays what is basically bloodthirsty violent madness lurking in there.

Axle reaches for one of the beers on the table, holding the mug in her hand without yet bringing it to her lips for a sip -- all while watching that crew come over to their table. She hasn't even had a chance to sit down yet. She's not very subtle, and she's not impressed by the show of weapons and assholery in a bar full of people just trying to have a good time. Once the group gets close enough, she greets the one who tripped the girl in line, softly husking, "Hey, baby." A moment before she chucks the full mug of beer in his face.

Well it seems as if Way has noped out of this conflict. He went right for the kitchen! Missing the first little bit of the scene, the Gremlin returns a minute later with a bag full of things as if he just went grocery shopping. God knows how he got his paws on all of the stuff. He gets back just in time to notice Axle splashing a whole mug of beer in the face of one while heading back to the table. While in route, he walks close to said MC tough guy and makes a grab for something on his person, or perhaps he was just copping a feel...yeah most likely that, right? Must be that, because Wayfarer winces a bit and continues walking with his bag of goodies, straight for the other side of the table.

Fen just got here. Like, literally. In the real actual book-def none of this common usage literally. She's not even introduced. And there's a fight breaking out. Is Fawn here? Can we glare at Fawn? WTF. She is, of course, a vampire, so general concerns about her physical well-being are probably just ceremonial at best but Jesus Christ at least get her a drink first... Of water. Er. Something contextually appropriate but not amoral. To her credit she doesn't flinch as the beer goes flying. She just turns to track it on its arc towards the open-carry assholes. Shoulders sink a little. Mutters "Fuck" in a Masshole accent. Is she in the way? She's probably in the way. This is how her night's going to go, isn't it.

A bright, sunny blonde who seems to be organizing the participants finally gets to Fawn. "Alright Sugar, you're up first. We're going in reverse order. Y'all want to pick a song from the list? Or did you plan to play your own music?" The woman eyes Fawn's guitar.

In the meantime, what might have been a peaceful greeting and collaboration of groups in a bar (hahahaha) Axle faces off with the trippin' douche and throws the full mug of beer in his face. Not a happy camper! He immediately pulls a knife on Axle (the one Way was trying to snag!) and hold it up at her. "Your night is going to end badly, bitch." He spits through the beer soaking his face and shirt. The other draw near to back him up.

There's a cracking sound as Ramsey knocks back his shot glass and slams it onto the table with the force that is apparently enough to shatter the bottom of the glass and send it straight through the wood onto the floor, taking a chunk out of the table, and when the knife is leveled, he says "You ain't know it yet, but somebody just shit your pants."

Just seconds before Fawn is being addressed by the blonde woman, she looks like she's about to lose her shit. Waiting patiently in line while her friends are working on finishing the shit that got started is hard to do! She barely even realizes she's being asked about songs, and she then says a quick, "I'll be playing one." Her gaze shoots back to the table, then to sunny lady. "Ah-Mind if I go third? Gotta take care of something real quick." She darts out of that line and back towards their table, making a move to grab at Fen's arm and tug her a bit closer as she gives a quick, "Hi! Sorry!" She looks to Ramsey and the jerks, then shivers with antici----pation.

As soon as the beer is dumped Darcy has of course pulled his knife on Axle. Raleigh and his girl Kasey pull out their guns, brandishing them dangerously in the crowded bar. Rex /tries/ to do the same but find his gun is missing. "What the fuck?!" And Cherylyn pulls a knife too. Of course this all happens as Ramsey offers his display of fucking crazy power and they all step back and look much less confident than they did before.

Being the little human person beta for her whole life has put a bit of a chip in her shoulder. Being undead now has put a Vampire's arrogance into her step about dealing with mortals. Being street punker she really isn't fond of bikers. There's also a rational 'ohnoes assholes have a knife and/or guns' voice very clear and loud in her head, but it's already being drowned out by her Beast, which is countering the argument with a thoughtful 'AAARGGGGH' so clearly Fen is of two minds about this situation. Also she hardly knows any of these people. Also people are drawing guns. Also Fawn has pulled Fen out of the way, because she was fairly just standing there between groups like an idiot who couldn't decide how she was supposed to react to all this. Fen lets it happen. It seems the right decision for the moment. She's here for karaoke.

The hand that tugged Fen closer is now squeezing that arm, and Fawn stares at what's going down with a 'oh fuck' expression. Maybe she and Ramsey should have practiced what to do when people pull out guns and knives instead of making her run like it was P.E. Fawn looks to her smaller friend, Fen, and takes another few steps to the side. She's trying to get out of the way, but not run off like she's not going to stick around to help. Oh, and the way she's inching? There's a pool table nearby. You know what that means! Pool sticks, fuck yeah.

"All my nights end badly you dumb cunt!" Axle cheerfully replies, just before she swings that empty mug in an arc toward the hand holding a knife on her, moving to whack it out of the wanna-be biker's hand.

Where did Rex's gun go? He sure did draw as if he had one, and that expression of confusion is almost priceless. Climbing on a stool at the table where everybody WAS just seated, Way has the gun. Already the little Gremlin is pulling the pin and starting to dismantle the firearm with a speed that would make a seasoned veteran proud. Not that he knows much about guns, just that breaking things is kind of his thing. While the others are dealing with the thugs, he is having a good ol time rapidly turning the gun into a pile of metal parts. "Be careful..." he remarks without even looking up from his play time.

Sometimes you think you're a bad dude, and you wind up that haymaker and you just slip on the proverbial banana peel and just BEEF IT. Ol' Ramsey the Rahu put everything he had behind that punch aimed at Raleigh the gunman and just does. not. connect. It's bad y'all. It was not even close. It -does- obliterate a bar stool in an improbable way, but fuck. Just... Embarrassing. Also maybe he gets shot or something, it'd serve him right.

And he's on the floor!

Seraphine is about to do something spectacular, but in the end she chickens out and hides under the table where she thinks she'll be safest. She is /never/ going to hear the end of this!

Rex was disarmed by way, and he suddenly seems to think this is not a fight worth fighting. He heads for the door like a little bitch. Maybe he and Seraphine should get together for coffee. In the mean time though, Raleigh aims at Axle, misses, but hits Fen who is pretty much an innocent bystander. Oops. He hits her square in the chest.

"Goddamn Kenner bruhs!" A voice grouses in the back, behind the bar. "I swear if I lose my job over this shit I..." Whoever says that doesn't finish the thought. Instead, Felipe focuses on looking around under the table for something, anything that he might be able to palm in case trouble went looking for him behind the bar, somehow.

The little teenager is killed! It's a murder and this will be in the news because teenage white girl shot in bar brawl oh wait no she's getting up. Because she's a Gangrel and THAT'S WHAT THEY DO. She looks very nonplussed. Everyone close enough to see - including Fen - clearly saw her thrown hard to the ground by the gunshot. And everyone - including Fen - is probably surprised she got up. Rationalizing a miss, perhaps. Okay sure some of the studio audience know how this works but they've been around longer than the teen has and this is a fairly alarming way to grow as a person. Bullets are now /irritating/. Surprise hardens into anger, she grabs a pool cue from Fawn and charges in because you SHOT me motherfucker.

That shot rings out and.. Fen is down and up again like one of those fucking clown-shaped, air-filled punching bags. Fawn flinched at the sound of the shot, but with her friend up so fast she can't even give a good cry! All she can do is stare wide-eyed at Fen, shocked at the move just made. That's a meth-addict or bath salt induced move right there! Fawn stands perfectly still, even when the pool cue is taken as her little mind tries to absorb just what happened. Her eyes slowly shift to the karaoke area and back to see if someone is singing, because we hope not. Though Fawn ain't leaving till she wins that cash.

The magic mug is no longer magic for her. Axle is treated to a stabbing in the gut in the wake of throwing beer in the wanna-be biker's face. And of course that little bitch ran off and left his bimbo to do his fighting for him. And bimbo is better than the wolf-blood, who lashes out with the mug and ends up on the floor, putting a hand to her stomach where her Megadeath tee shirt has been gouged. "Aggh. You whore!" Gabargle!

Kasey takes a point blank shot at poor Ramsey who is down on the ground currently and does some damage. But probably only enough to really piss him off.

Was... Ramsey always that ugly or did the bullet just make him look all gnarly, like the projectile form of the ugly stick? He's more brutish, maybe, hairier, but really hard to say what's all going on as he's on the floor and there's gunfire. His nails got real mean though as he reaches up toward the woman who shot him and rakes them along the back of her hamstring, tearing away meat and tendon as he starts to let that facade slip a little at a time, and he.. Looks like that gunshot hurts, but in kind of a John Cougar Melencamp kind of 'hurts so good' kind of way.

Felipe, the alt-guy bartender who not long ago was in the back dealing with inventory, is now sitting hunched behind the bar with a long-suffering and genuinely distressed look on his face. "I do not need this shit right now," he hisses to himself. He fumbles around under the bar, where his hand brushes up against a rusty oyster shucking knife. He grabs the implement, then lets the Blood deny his presence to the world. He hops over the bar thus hidden, making his way towards the woman with the gun in her hand who is currently shooting up the bar.

With the gun in pieces on the table, Way looks up to the shot ringing out. Eyes go wide at the chaos, people running, some falling down, others shooting, while one Pirate girl is getting a gunshot to the chest...and shrugs it off like a bee sting. Oh interesting. Jumping up on the table with a wide grin, that little man picks up the nearest mug and empties it (guzzling the contents) before winging at Cherylyn shouting at her, "Hey! Is that your nose or did a horse drop a steaming turd on your face, you filthy troll lover!" He is obviously trying to catch her attention and maybe even the woman's ire. It almost seems as if the Gremlin is enjoying himself, even if others may not be! It may be lost in the noise of the music and the bar fight, but he is once again humming the 1990s X-men cartoon theme.

ZIIIIIING! There goes a big heavy beer mug across the room. CLUNK! DIRECT HIT! The mug bounces off her head with a nasty sound that others are certain to hear. FEAR THE MUG!

Raleigh growls as Ramsey attacks his gf Kasey, who is currently petrified by what she's seen, and aims again at Ramsey. It only grazes him however and Raleigh is starting to look worried.

Cherylyn gets absolutely clocked by Way's Mug-O-Death and she's had enough. She runs towards the door at the front of the bar, holding her head in pain.

Being shot is highly motivating. Fen doesn't have any real depth perception or martial skill, but whatever, it's a pool cue, swing it at things as hard as you can. Hopefully her shooter Raleigh is distracted enough by his murder victim angrily trying to beat him with a varnished stick to bother keep trying to put more bullets in/through her. Because she's small and there's probably limited returns on how many times Fen can keep getting up again before she loses a limb or something. No one wants that. Least of all Fen. Nevermind the general populace here who might overlook ONE shot as a miss, some 80lb waif of a thing toughing through multiple gunshots is going to defy rationalization. But she's angry and screaming obscenities at him at the moment and probably not doing a whole lot of damage.

Fawn is starting to snap out of it soon enough, and with one friend up and going and another on the floor, Fawn decides to go and try to help the one who didn't bounce right back up. She finally rushes over to Axle then, getting down onto her knees and scooting in close (with guitar still on her back), and she leans over the other, saying, "Don't move and don't close your eyes, got it!?" She slips her guitar off and puts it by her side where we hope it will stay safe, and then she's slipping her scarf off, shifting it around and wrapping it around Axle's side to press over where the stab wound is. She then applies pressure and does her best to not panick.

Axle looks up when Fawn hunkers down to tend to her, raising a hand to curl her fingers around the other girl's arm. "If I don't make it... You can have all my Playgirls," she tells Fawn, unable to suppress the urge to make jokes. Even when she's bleeding; especially when she's bleeding. It takes the mind off things more serious.

Ramsey has just scared the living crap out of Kasey. She becomes terrified and she tries to shoot, but simply doesn't have the nerve to do so. She too looks as if she is about ready to bolt.

There's a part of Ramsey that just wanted a barroom tussle, and doesn't think mutilation should figure into that, but there's guns, his packmate is stabbed, the others are in a very vulnerable spot and he just... Kinda snaps. He's still on the ground, but he's... Bigger now. So much bigger. A massive trunk-like arm shoots up from behind a table and reaches for the gunman, who starts to bolt. There's a reach, a scramble and then he is dragged down. There's VERY unpleasant sounds happening. His jaw is somewhere else now. There are teeth ripping a throat out and a madness-inducing howl from bloody jaws as the massive killing form downs its prey, the Uratha a surprisingly elegant engine of violence, pure efficiency.

Felipe hops over the bar, advancing on the woman with the gun... and then looks down to see a wolf-man rake her leg meat open. He then looks to the other guy with the gun, gets ready to raise the oyster knife and huck it at him, but then he watches this wolf-man become huge and scary. No one will ever hear him cry, "Holy shit!" No one will see as he cringes in horror and makes straight for the door. "/Now/ where am I supposed to work Tuesday nights?!"

Oh good, Fawn is taking care of Axle. That really is great because Wayfarer couldn't really be bothered by it right now, not with all of the fun he is having! He just clunked one chick in the noggin wit a beer mug. Now he is like a super hero! Reaching into the bag of 'materials' he pulled out of the kitchen earlier, he produces a five pound bag of flour. The Gremlin is looking for a new target. Kasey looks scared to death, and Rambo is... WTF?! Rambo just turned into a WEREWOLF!

Way had heard all of the Werewolf stuff going around, and he accepted it, but he hadn't actually SEEN it yet. This just got even better! He gawks just a second before turning back at Kasey and throwing the bag of flour at her as hard as he can.

Fawn stares down at Axle as worry starts to fill her eyes. "Don't you dare.." she hisses at the girl while keeping pressure on the wound. "And joke's on you," she says, laughing once down at the other, "I'm gay." She laughs even more then. If Axle's going to die, then at least she can die hearing laughter, right? Fawn gives Axle her best half-smile then, doing her best to look upbeat and worry free, even if the look in her eyes shows she's terrified. And if that wasn't bad enough, now she's looking towards those awful sounds to see what Ramsey's become. Holy shit is right! Her eyes widen and she looks back to Axle. Just stare at Axle and everything will be ok!

Yes, Fen is a vampire. Gangrel, even. Capable of withstanding incredible damage to her person without inconvenience. Dishing it out, on the other hand, not so much. She's a young vampire and fresh in her Disciplines enough that she's limited by size and regular boring old physics when it comes to wanting to wanting to, as they say, fuck shit up. So when a giant wolfbeast suddenly slaps the living shit out of Raleigh's mortal coil, she's... HOLD UP WHAT. No we're done here. Fuck this. Fuck all of this. She scarpers.

Axle slides her hand along Fawn's arm in a reassuring manner, wincing often; just about every time she moves or takes a breath, really. She doesn't have a whole lot of stamina, but then again, the wound that *that* bad. "Are you coming on to me?" she teases, trying to take Fawn's mind off whatever has gotten her looking so scared. From her position on the floor, although she can hear Ramsey wreaking havoc, she can't see a whole lot.

There's a flickering from the TV and a face that looks kind of like Dwayne Wayne mixed with Max Headroom peeks in, glitching about before saying "OH DAMN. Thought I'd peek in but looks like this situation can not be escalated forward, no need for Upgrades!" The spirit influencing the screen is a little nervous about the gauru werewolf that is currently rampaging, and which picks up a table and with two quick smashes shatters it over the body of the unconscious aggressor on the floor, the one that stabbed Axle and was knocked out by the mug, and the bloody pulped wreckage is basically just thrown through the dazed one that Way just beaned with the flour bag. There is ZERO CHILL in that wolfbeast now and the form turns, seeing that all its other prey has fled, feeling the rage coming in at all corners and seems about to launch itself out the door before falling to one knee and slowly shrinking back down. Not the instantaneous fluid shift from before but a crunchy, uncomfortable American Werewolf in London kinda thing, though he's got clothes when he gets back down to his man-form.

"Damn, I wasted that bag of flour..." he mutters and Way is concerned over it just a bit. He is still standing on the table, walking over to look down at the mess. "Yeah, maybe the whole dead thing was a bit too far." the Gremlin remarks, glancing from the gore to Werewolf Rambo and back. "Yeah oh well. I guess they were going to shoot us. If we were just people they may have shot us." Shrugging his shoulders a bit careless, Wayfarer grabs the gun pieces and stuffs them in the bag, "Should we get out of here before the Po Po shows up?"

The jokes are working, and Fawn looks surprised by the question. It makes her laugh again as she asks, "Do you want me to?" She wiggles her brows at Axle, trying not to crack a grin until it's too late. Hey, this is serious! No smiling! Fawn looks down to the wound then to check and make sure the bleeding isn't getting out of hand, and she adds a little bit more pressure just for good measure. A quick glance about lets her see where everyone has gone to, and once the situation is assessed, Fawn says to Way, "Please!"

Axle hisses when her wound is checked -- whether it is touched or not. She's a big baby when she is stabbed. "This is not helping with my PMS," the wolf-blood complains to Fawn. "I think I'm laying in beer," she adds, starting to get up off the floor finally, holding her side as she starts to get up, so as to make sure she doesn't bleed all over or whatevs.