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Hunting For More Information

Characters: Way, Jeanie, Ramsey, MacKenzie, Wesson, and Baxter)
Date: 2020-06-05
Summary: Wesson visits Way in order to seek out more help for her plan; ends up meeting most of his Mackley
Disclaimers: Some talk of those who must not be named.

It is already late morning and there is the loud sound of grinding heard at least a block away from the warehouse. Luckily the warehouse is set off in a slightly secluded area. Especially because when the grinding stops, the cussing begins! Way tosses out a string of colorful explicatives and then, "Are you kidding me?!" Then there are pounding sounds of metal on metal. An irritated groal escapes the Gremlin and he can be found beating the HELL out of a machine.

Whatever worries Wesson may have had about the finding the place was put to rest. Following the sounds of the grinding then the cussing, she soon finds herself face to face with the fence before the warehouse. Her jacket is off and draped over her arm, with heaviness within one of the pockets giving it weight. The Elemental Lost seems unbothered by the summer's heat, in fact she relishes it. She doesn't enter past the fence just yet, but calls out towards the cussing Gremlin with a voice she hopes would carry over his cussing. "I was once told that if you kick it hard enough, you can make anything work."

Ears fold back as the voice carries over his hammering and cussing sounds. Slowly Wayfarer turns his gaze on the stranger, the simmer of summer coming off him like waves from asphalt at 110 degrees. "I'm not trying to make it work." he explains as if speaking to an errant child. "I'm taking it apart and this steel is seriously fucking hard." Of course he doesn't mention the fact he is also only three feet tall and barely stronger than a child. "I'm about to use more -drastic- measures." he warns the machine with a side glance back at it.

Then he peers back at Wesson and eyes her a moment. "Are you new? I don't think I've met you. Not that I know everybody..." he remarks stepping over toward the fence, slinging the hammer of his shoulder. He stares at her through the fence and looks the Elemental up and down, "Whatcha doing here?"

"You can say that," Wesson answers him lightly enough, slipping her free hand into her back pocket as she peers down at Way. "When they said look for the racoon..." she trails off. Her voice is deep and husky, and though there might be a hint of amusement, it is rather deadpan. "I just pop out every now and then for the Oath then go back in to my...hovel if you will. But lets just say I plan on coming out a lot more often now." Her fiery eyes then flick over to try and figure out the machine he was working on. "I'm looking for you. I heard you tend to be very good with explosives and are the current Quartermaster. Lets just say I'm wondering if you can help out with a plan I'm putting together."

Did she just call him a racoon? For a moment it looks as if he might just go off, but the Gremlin holds his cool and just glares at her for a few seconds. He isn't a very good summer. "Yeah, well maybe you should climb back under your rock." he mutters at her and seems about to head back to his 'work' when she mentions explosives. That seems to catch his attention. Slowly he turns back to Wesson and after a few seconds Way asks, "Is this something for the Freehold or for you?"

His reaction to the word raccoon is enough for the Elemental to cock her head to the side curiously. Even when he tells her off there is no immediate reaction. Wesson's eyes are glued to Way though, and seeing that she piqued his interest is enough for her to pull out her hand out of her pocket as she steps closer to the fence in order to lower her voice. "For me, maybe at first, but it would help with the Freehold if I can get it done right." A glance over her shoulder to ensure that they are alone then she looks back to the Gremlin as her eyes seem to fire up a bit more at the prospect. "I was wondering if you know how to take down one of our...Wardens, if you will. Or perhaps make me something that will." Her blued steel skin darkens in contrast the slight flames that ride up her veins, hinting at the inner excitement of the thought despite her monotoned voice.

As he stands there listening, Way tilts his head at her just a bit. "You mean..." he begins, lowering his voice. "Like one of the huntsmen?" He glances back and forth, and all around to make sure nobody heard them, especially some lurking unseen Huntsman that got summoned by just talking about them. "what do you mean by Warden?" the Gremlin wonders and gives her a shrug, "I can make things that go boom, and things that stun or well just about anything. I guess I need more specifics." So with that he walks over and opens the gate for her. "Come in... we should talk inside about this.

She gives a quick, "More than that," at the word Huntsman, but even their name is enough to set her on edge. Wesson nods at his offer and finally steps in past the fence, breaking her gaze from him in order to look around. "Nice place," she says honestly. As she moves, she shakes her head slowly, her firelit streaked hair dimming just the slightest as she whispers just loud enough for Way to hear her. "More than just them," and with that she gives him a knowing look. She means their boss of course, and she hopes the point gets through without having her needing to voice their names. "I am done sitting around, always looking over my shoulder. I am sick of being wary of every word I say."

"Shhhhhhhhhhh!" he hushes her, putting a finger to his lips. Looking around again, Wayfarer grabs her hand and begins to tug the Elemental with him. He tosses down the hammer and if she will go along, he pulls Wesson inside the warehouse where it might be a modicum safer for them to talk.

From outside, Way is pulling the lady along and tugs her inside before slamming the door closed. "Are you kidding me?" he grumps at Wesson once inside the 'safety' of the warehouse. He gives a sigh of exasperation and glances around. Spotting others he motions to them, "This is Jeanie and Ramsey." A glance goes back to the Elemental and he mutters, "This is uhhh...new girl. I dunno what her name is yet. What is your name?" Of course for those who can see it, Wesson is obviously Lost like Way.

Jeanie is not really seeing much besides coffee at the moment after the late night of drinking and exploding things, as is the American Way (coincidentally also probably the Way Way too). She turns slowly as she hears her name and raises a coffee cup in a wave. "Hey... want some?" Cause she's already there at the pot, the human might as well offer.

Look at this morose motherfucker right here. Ramsey sits at the table, waiting on coffee and pulls a piece of firecracker wrapping out of his hair while he munches on some of the extra mini corndogs. His eyes are half open, and he is just displeased that the world has taken this rude physical form around him that he must exist in.

When he grabs her hand and pulls her in, Wesson blinks, her eyes widening in surprise as she flinches, trying to keep herself from reacting. She is tugged easily along, and takes his angered words easily enough. Its the other two who have snagged her attention. She glances at Jeanie first, but its Ramsey and his predatory aura that catches her off guard. Wesson stares at him, her amber-yellow eyes (or fire, depending on how you see her) widens before she looks down towards Way. Her eyebrows quirk upwards as if to ask if this is really safer, but well, she isn't one to question him at the moment. It's only then that she realizes she hasn't introduced herself fully yet. "Wesson," she offers, her voice deep and husky. "Wesson N. Smith." If there is a joke there, she doesn't seem to see it. At Jeanie's offer, Wesson glances at her once more to take her in. "No, I'm fine. Do you guys mind if I light up a cigarette though? This is going to be a bit tougher than I had expected." She reaches into her back pocket to pull out a pack and a lighter, gesturing for all three in case they may want some too.

"Well it was Jeanie and Ramsey last night. Not sure if they still are this morning or if they are something else..." he remarks after a glance at his friends. "Didn't lose anything you needed last night did you, Rambo?" he questions with a smirk, then gives Jeanie a small head shake, "No thanks. I had a pot earlier." Returning his attention to Wesson he hmms, "Yeah it's all good. They are part of my Mackley. So what exactly are you wanting? I mean, do you have any idea what you are asking?"

As both the Lost decline, Jeanie gives a little shrug of her shoulders and brings two cups and the whole pot over to the table before pouring a mug for both her and Ramsey. She gives a little snort at Way's joke. "Such thanks for the inventors of Pizza Pinatas? And also exploding corndog pinatas?" She lets out a mock disappointed tsk before taking a sip of her still hot coffee, which at least gets her awake enough to catch a bit of the conversation. "Something's tough? Trouble tough?"

Mackley? Its obvious the Lost woman is not used to such a variety of people in one group, and the idea of it seems to impress her greatly. At Way's question however, Wesson glances once more towards Jeanie and Ramsey before she finally nods. "I know, it's not easy. But we have to try, and if we don't..." She trails off before glancing back down at Way. "It might be the Summer heat, but I am tired of sitting on my ass. If I could figure out the weak points, if I could hit it just right, well..." Finally her lips crack into the faintest little grin as her eyes light up. "It would be /glorious/. I have been asking around, but more importantly I need weapons. I need traps." She pulls out a cigarette at Ramsey's a-okay and places it between her lips. Lighting it up with a cup of her hand and the lighter, she quickly places both into her pocket while taking the deepest drag. She nods sharply at Jeanie's question. "You can say that. The worst trouble though. Trouble with a capital T. Trouble with whipped cream and a cherry on top." Her voice is monotoned despite her words.

"There is only Zuul." he off-handed responds to Ramsey's comment, just because he can't help it. Wayfarer gives a glance to Jeanie and nods a bit. "That is the understatement of the century." The Gremlin doesn't really answer one way or another about her smoking. Listening to her speak for a moment, he finally hmms and shakes his head at her, "You understand it would take an army? Even WITH weapons and traps and all the goodies."

"There is only Zuul." he off-handed responds to Ramsey's comment, just because he can't help it. Wayfarer gives a glance to Jeanie and nods a bit. "That is the understatement of the century." The Gremlin doesn't really answer one way or another about her smoking. Listening to her speak for a moment, he finally hmms and shakes his head at her, "You understand it would take an army? Even WITH weapons and traps and all the goodies."

Then he goes on to explain a little to the non-Lost inthe room. "See...okay so sometimes the uh, well Fae for lack of a better word, well they come across from where it is they reside as all powerful beings, like gods with a little G. Well in our world they are vulnerable, but they are still like gods with a little G." He glares at Wesson and continues, "She wants to pick a fight with one. She wants me to build the weapons and stuff to do it."

"Okay, Zuul," Jeanie gives Rams a friendly nudge of her elbow to the non-coffee holding arm, just about the same time as Way quips as well, but then she blinks over at Wesson's Trouble confirmation. "You're gonna have to be more descriptive... There's all kinds of trouble." Her eyes widen a little bit as Way does add the description, glancing between the two Lost and Ramsey and then back to Way. "And it's big enough a problem that even //you// don't think you can build a big enough gizmo to take it on." She gives a little bit a shudder.

You know what gets rahu out of their malaise? Telling them there's something that's hard to kill. Ramsey's eyebrows go up and he says "Sounds like a good time, all things considered." He has not considered all the things. "Lots of stuff gets labeled gods though. Where on that curve are we talking? Cause that's probably important."

The word 'Fae' from Way's lips causes Wesson to flinch as her lips twitch in a mix of anger and paranoia. Jeanie's comment about Way's gizmo is enough to brighten that fire in her however, and she looks back towards the Gremlin. "Yes, maybe, or something big enough that we can compensate. Hurt it, maim it, I want it to feel what we felt. If I can take down mine, we can take down yours," she points out. Ramsey's words pull Wesson's eyes towards him as she takes another drag from her cigarette. "I like how you think," she comments, smoke escaping with every word. "You can take down everything if you plan for it right. We can't just sit and wait like little ducklings until They decide its time to play." At the question of scope, Wesson pauses in thought before looking back at Way. "I am not sure what they consider dangerous."

Pausing as the conversation goes on around him, Wayfarer is muttering to himself. He grabs his backpack and goes fishing around inside to come up with his dark tinted welding goggles. They go on his head. They make him feel better. "Yeah but we can't prepare enough for them...you never really know what they are going to do." he reminds Wesson, but then decides to answer Ramsey's question. "Okay so...remember that really nasty spirit you told us about? If you ever met it's great great great grand-daddy and it was on steroids with a flame-thrower rocket launcher? Yeah like that. So to speak." A pause, "In their own place, they are ALL POWERFUL. In our world, not quite so much, but close."

He glances back at Wesson and hmms, "Maybe....but we will need more help. Maybe we should talk to Stasya, the Summer Queen."

"Gods?" Jeanie drains her first mug of coffee rapidly and pours the second. Definitely a conversation that requires at LEAST two mugs of coffee considering it's happening before breakfast. "I'm already dealing with a potential serial killing Angel... or Warding some stuff for the ones who are...." But even so, she seems a bit overwhelmed by the description.

Getting up from his chair and creaking slightly, Ramsey takes another drink of coffee and heads over to the fridge, rooting around. "Look. I don't want to minimize your concerns. But lots of things present themselves as nigh-omnipotent. There's usually a catch. I don't think this sounds like a job for a big cartoon cannon, though. Maybe lure it to a place of vulnerability and have things with more powerful influences over the earth-realm render it... Ineffective?" The rahu shrugs. Its a very un-rahu answer when presented with the option to fight and die.

Wesson nods gravely at Way's description of flame-thrower rocket launcher. The mention of the Summer Queen is enough for Wesson to curl the corner of her lips upwards in amusement. "Already done," she offers in her husky voice. "She is intrigued by the idea. Says I can look into it. I even have permission for iron if necessary as long as it is used against Them. She even suggested contracts may be a better method, but I want all bases covered for this. Way, if we can do it. If we had our strengths with the knowledge of the other Courts to help, well, you have to admit, there might be a chance, and just the thought of the chance makes me hungry." For those who can see her Mien, the light in her veins, the fire in her eyes, even the fire lit strands of her hair, seem to glow brighter at the prospect. She takes another drag from her cigarette before quirking her eyebrows at Jeanie. "Wait, what? Serial killing Angel?" As Ramsey speaks however, Wesson considers him more carefully, tilting her head in thought before she points her cigarette at Ramsey. "You, I like you." She looks towards Way and repeats to the Wizened. "I like him. If what he says is true, some Autumn or Winter people may know more."

Jeanie nods simply in confirmation about the angel. "They had a kinda great PR campaign going on for centuries. Everybody seems to forget the whole 'BE NOT AFRAID' is the first thing even the nice ones seem to say. And this one's not nice. And been doing it's thing since Jamestown apparently..." She gives a little shrug of her shoulders. "But it definitely sounds like a situation where you need to make sure you have all your ducks in a row... contingency plan upon contingency plan upon contingency plan.”

Ramsey's brow furrows and he says "That sounds... Fucked." He then finds what he was looking for, some left over pie from the day before, setting it on the table. Cherry, looks like, and gets some forks for people what want it. Breakfast of champions. "Just, you know, make sure your plans don't get all your friends killed. That's usually the thing about trying to make those plans."

At Jeanie's contingency plan point, Wesson nods sharply in agreement. "Yes, exactly. Which is why I am here. I am not really...built for contingency plans," she mutters, annoyance tainting her voice. "That giant cartoon cannon would be closer to what I usually go for. That's why I need him," she jerks her thumb at Way before taking the last drag of her cigarette. Her eyes scan the room for an ashtray to stub it out in as she continues, "and why I need someone with a penchant for Autumn weather." The mention of Angels and PR service draws Wesson's attention as it sinks in what Jeanie was saying. "Like 'Angels' angels? Halo? Wings?"

Jeanie shakes her head slowly. "I don't think so... I haven't actually seen it. Just helping out some friends. But they're working with some vampires who thought it was another vampire at first. Angels are a lot more like Big, Scary Ghosts or Spirits than the whole Hallmark card thing." She gives a bit of a shrug before grabbing one of the forks and digging into the breakfast-pie. "But I will also second the whole 'don't get your friends killed' thing. That should always be Step One of any plan. And what does Autumn weather have to do with fighting a Faerie God?"

MacKenzie wanders in, stiffling a yawn. A beagle follows her, padding along, though those who see beyond the mask will see the pup is made of scrap metal and gears, the middle of its back being a large toaster. Ignoring most on her way to the kitchen, she stops by the fridge and pulls out a rootbeer, uncapping it with the inside of her elbow and chugging about a third. Steam hisses from her shoulders as if a safety value has opened. Looking a good deal more awake and alert, she looks around and blinks. People. "Oh hey, rad night last night." Fingers comb through her copper hair as she gives a smile to those gathered and shuffles up next to Way, scritching behind his ear. "Hows it going?"

While listening to the entire thing, Way just shakes his head more about it all, "Yeah see? That is the thing. I won't do anything to endanger my family...my Mackley." When Mack comes in with the robo-beagel he flashes a smile. "Hey there, Mack. This is Wesson. She wants to take on the Fae."

"The plan is no one gets killed, or anyone must I will be glad to do what needs to be done," Wesson agrees. Her deep voice doesn't sound like she is saying something noble, just a matter of fact, as if offering to go to the store for a party she's planning. The blue-steeled and fire Elemental was just about to continue when MacKenzie and the beagle walk in. Wesson freezes, her eyes widening in surprise before she mutters under her breath, "Should have wished for a million dollars." A glance to Way, "You should have been my first stop." The mention of his Mackley, Wesson nods yet again, "Of course. It is not their fight, and I would worry if they were caught in the middle of it." She flashes a solid look at Jeanie. "I don't want to be responsible for a new prisoner." Wesson then offers MacKenzie a little wave as she finally looks around. "Hey, here's hoping you can help me out too."

"Hey, Mack! Want some pie?" Jeanie gives a wave to the Maker entering, but it's really Baxter that gets most of her attention as she tries to lure the robo-beagel over with a few finger waves and mutters of 'whose a good boy?' and if that doesn't work, a generous offering of pie crumbs to the floor for him to eat/vaccuum up. As Wesson focuses on her and mentions of possible prisoners, she straightens up. "You'd be surprised what trouble I can work my way out of."

MacKenzie offers a wave to the other metallic woman,"MacKenzie, pleased to meet you. " Leaning a bit on Way as she sips her rootbeer. "Ah you need something built or repaired, then? Im sorta an inventor...definitely a Fixer. " This adds a smirk before looking over to Jeanie,"Pie? Rad...yeah Ill have a piece, thanks!" Baxter, ruled by his belly, rushes over to Jeanie and this suction sound kicks in as he starts to hoover the crumbs off the floor happily, nuzzling against Jeanie as if saying thanks. With a grin at Mack, the Gremlin points out, "Yeah She kind of fixes things and I break them." Then back to Wesson he continues, "This is going to be a serious undertaking and will need a good deal of planning. But maybe...just maybe we can pull it off." Wayfarer glances between the others and hmms, "thing is, my Mackley would have to agree. Cause they would be involved if I'm involved. You know once we start this, they aren't safe."

"You can probably handle yourself better than most people in this room, but lets just say they *really* like humans," Wesson murmurs towards Jeanie. "And it isn't your fight to risk yourself for it. If you're taken, well, there is no gaurantee you'll ever come back. And if you *do* escape, you will never be the same." Wesson turns her fiery eyes towards MacKenzie as she tilts her head thoughtfully. "You can say that. I was wondering if you know how to take down a...Keeper," she says the last word with a little snarl, the only emotion that slips out of her monotoned husky voice. "Or make something that can help me take own down." At Way's words, the Elemental considers him carefully before she nods in agreement. "I understand. It doesn't have to be your fight. They might be safer here anyways. But if that ends up the case, I hope you can help me prepare at least. I will gladly pay you for whatever services you can provide."

"Everything seems to really like humans... mostly to eat it seems," Jeanie mutters as she rather viciously stabs at her piece of pie, before looking up at all three of the Lost, focusing extra long on her Mackley mates. "As long as the Keepers are out there somewhere, there is really nothing keeping them from just swooping in and stealing off unsuspecting humans, is there? Aside from taking them out first? So while we're not exactly safe fighting the thing, we wouldn't be safe not fighting it either but it's more just a nebulous, problem over there that may or may not come destroy us one day?"

Wesson nods gravely at Jeanie as she offers a quick, "I like how you think too. You're right, most of us were not exactly taken with consent." At MacKenzie's words Wesson's fiery eyes brighten though her expression hardly changes. Damn Elementals. "I am hoping it won't come to that. There has to be a way around this. A weakness we might not know, a power or token we haven't found. If you can look into this, I would be in your debt. Yours as well," she adds towards Way. At the mention of getting involved even in helping with weapons causes the Lost to pause. She reaches up to rub the back of her own neck. "This won't be any time soon, so discuss as long as you wish. I just want to get a feel of what we can be up against and how strong we have to be. I also do not want you and yours to risk your lives for a fight you don’t believe in being worth the risk."

"What about Axle and Fawn?" Jeanie points out, she's not the only human in the Mackley, depending on definition of human. "I don't think any of us want to be taken. This is home. So seems like the answer is simple enough, if you're gonna do this, you can't lose. And you have time enough to plan your strategy and strike when the time is right." She gives a very firm nod as she says it as if saying really is as easy as doing.

MacKenzie bites her lip,"Making things and doing research by itself will not stir the ire of Them. So, we can look into it to see what sort of chance of success we have. Then, if we get a plan that is good enough, we get agreement to participate. We have numerous projects and things we are aimed at, but this does feel significant. " Resting a hand between Way's ears and scritching still. "Have you met many others here...like other Lost? This should be brought to the Court, most definitely. "

"Yeah, we still have to make sure Axle and Fawn are on board." he notes with a nod of his head. "Cause I won't let anything happen to my family." the Gremlin tells Wesson with a tip of his head. Seems they are his first concern. "Still, we can prepare. We can research and get some things ready for it." Wayfarer adds, leaning into Mack a bit when she scritches. "We could even use the Airship once it is finished..."

"I'll leave you guys to discuss it as you see fit. It is completely up to you. I realize it is my fight and I don't want to force someone into dealing with those Nightmares. I have enough guilt to last me a few life times." Wesson murmurs with a nod in Jeanie's direction. "Especially if humans are involved." At MacKenzie's assurance about research, Wesson's lips quirk upwards as she straightens. "Yes, that is it exactly. I have brought it up with the Queen of Summer. She is interested but before I go forward I wanted to be sure. As hot-headed as I am," she tilts her head as her fiery streaks light up, "this is one thing I can't do too boldly. Which is why I am seeking others." At Wayfarer's words, Wesson tilts her head in acceptance. "That is completely understandable," even though her words seem right, there is a bit of confusion tinged in her voice. The mention of the Airship has definitely piqued her interest, but the Elemental remains quiet about it. A quick glance over those gathered, she stands up straighter, looking as if she is gathering to leave. "Thank you for hearing me out. I'll be around in case you wish to discuss it more."