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Highway to Spooktown

Characters: Jeanie, Fawn (Bertram as ST)
Date: 2020-05-25
Summary: Driving back home isn't so easy when Jeanie and Fawn run into a ghost... literally!


It's dark out here at night. The road winds around the lake and there are lights in the distance, but this particular stretches it rather dark. It doesn't help that the moon just disappeared behind some clouds. There's no street lights in this neck of the woods, although what little moonlight makes it past the clouds glistens across the lake, lending some /very/ minimal light to the scene. And of course there's the car's headlights, following that road.

It's dark, there's no one else on the road at the moment, and the night blends into inky darkness beyond the headlights. Which is why it's so surprising when, suddenly, the same of a man appears /right/ in front of the car, in the middle of the road. The car seems to plough right through it. The vehicle's wheels hit something at the same moment, bouncing the car. And then it's gone. But whatever they hit obviously punctured one of the tires and the vehicle tries to careen off the road.

Jeanie's quick reflexes prevent that from happening, but it's clear they hit /something/. And that he car now has a flat. Thankfully, there seems to be some space to pull off the road if they need to. In the distance, the city's lights reflect against the dark, glassy surface of the lake.

A long day of family barbecue followed by a drive doesn't make Jeanie's reactions the quickest, but she certainly thought she was doing better than to ALMOST HIT A DUDE. She slams on the breaks just in time to hit... whatever that was and hear the puncturing sound and so the only thing left to do is pull off to the shoulder up ahead. "What the hell was that! Did you... did you see that?" Her knuckles are white from how tightly she's clenching the steering wheel as she pulls over, really, desperately hoping that she didn't just hit a dude. They make bigger bumps, right?

Fawn wasn't paying the -best- attention to the road and had been busy poking around trying to find some good music, but lucky for her she happened to glance up right as the 'man' was there! Just in time to scream! You know, before they hit something that popped the tire. Oh shit. As the car slows and they pull over, Fawn sits there staring forward for a moment, panting as she stares into the darkness beyond. It takes her a minute before she softly says, "I saw it.. and fuck that. It was a guy.. yeah? Like.. -right- in front.. Fuckkkk," she groans as she lifts her hands to cover her face. "You look!" Chickenshit, she be.

Was the bump a body? Bodies don't usually pop tires, but it's difficult to tell from where they are, in the car. In the dark. Except, Fawn can see into the dark a bit better than Jeanie. Should she look back, she'll see that part of the guard rail seems to be missing. There's some debris laying around, as well. Shapes of metal and wood that might have belonged to the guardrail. More than that, though. There's a fender sitting off in the grass. Broken glass. Pieces of plastic swept off the road. There have been several accidents here, it looks like, and sloppily cleaned up. There's no body that she can see, however, at least not from the car.

All is quiet around them. In fact, it's almost opressively silent. There's not even the hoot of an owl, or the wind in the trees. And there are no cars coming along the road.

Jeanie stares a Fawn, a look of pure betrayal for the chicken-y wolfblood, but it is Jeanie's car and she was the one driving so this is all kinda of her fault. With a sigh, she takes her hands of the wheel and digs around until she comes up with her flashlight, one of the sturdy police-issued maglights. She takes a deep breath and clicks the light on before stepping out. She certainly hasn't hit enough bodies to know if they tend to pop tires or not, but she's fully expecting the worst as she sweeps over the fender and recent wreckage. "Well, I know I didn't hit that... it looks like there's been a wreck? With another car that's not here?" That is called back to fawn in the car, should be easy enough to hear since she left the driver's door open. And another deep breath before she calls out into the woods. "Hello? Anybody there? Do you need help?"

With her face still covered, Fawn gives a soft, whimpery grunt and she hisses through clenched teeth, "Nhngg.. Is it just me or is it really fucking quiet out here?" Another whimper. "That's when craziness happens.." She hears the door opening and her hands come down, and she quickly says, "I didn't mean for you to get out, crazy! Just.. look over your shoulder or something!" She scowls, knowing what she now must do.

The brunette grunts a good bit and pushes her door open, hopping out and leaving it open, you know. In case they need to get in a few seconds faster later. With a slow look around the area she begins to move after Jeanie, and she slips her hands into her back pockets. "Looks like we're not the only one having trouble with the road.. That's really creepy.. You're sure you saw a man, right? And now he's not here? Leaves two options: Ghost or zombie, and.." she turns around, looking about quietly.

The debris seems to be mostly swept aside, and just debris, not the actual wrecks, indicating people at least attempted to clean it up. It also seems to come from different vehicles (there are several colors of chipped paint), and different times (some pieces are more overgrown than others). Nothing looks particularly old, however.

As they get out of the bar, it becomes clear that what punctured their tire was a piece of the guardrail itself that somehow tumbled back into the road after being brushed aside. It sits there, a chunk of rubber clinging to it.

Jeanie can feel him. She wasn't imagning things. He's close, standing in the shadows. For a moment, she catches the shape of him, but then he's gone again. She can hear the whisper, though. "Help... help help help. Before she... she she she." It grows jumbled together, the whispers hard to make out. There's something else nearby, someting interfering.

As for Fawn, the broken guardrail seems to stand out. Beyond it, a steep drop through tangled brush into the ravine below. Suddenly, she can see herself walking past it. She can see herself slipping down over those rocks and dropping herself down into the shadows below. She can see herself doing it as clearly as a memory, yet she hasn't moved a step.

"Well, I was gonna have to get out anyways to put on the spare. Didn't you feel the flat? Not gonna sit around and wait for AAA to come out..." Jeanie gives a bit of a shudder of the thought of waiting for who knows how long in the dark with a possible ghost or zombie prowling about, a shudder which just gets bigger when she hears that voice. She almost drops the flashlight in her surprise but manages to catch it before it falls. As fawn gets out of the car, she'll take a few steps back to reach out for the other girls arm and point over towards the shadows. "Something is definitely there... something not right... that needs help?"

Fawn lifts her right hand up to her ear and gives a shake of a tug at her earlobe before releasing, and as she looks around her eyes fall upon that broken guard rail again. She draws in a slow, steady breath, and as it's gently released she takes a few steps back. Better to be on the safe side and be as far away as possible! And for good measure she moves closer to Jeanie, meeting her in time to look to where her attention is directed.

"I felt it.. Was more concerned about the man, though. Mind.. preocupied! And terrified!" she says with a short-lived laugh. As she looks over towards the shadows she says, "Something strange definitely.. I saw myself dropping into the shadows over there. Hell. No," she says with a shake of her head as she considers. "Do you.. think it's just someone needing help or.. you think it's a bad one?" she whispers to her friend.

Jeanie can feel that presence, although she can no longer feel him. The presence seems weaker, somehow, but still present. Lingering. It's quiet, but there /is/ a hoot of an owl in the distance. They have a moment of peace, it seems. Yet there are still no cars coming by, no AAA.

The clouds pass by the moon for a moment an the road lights up. The missing guardrail is apparent, and the debris alongside it, but nothing looks particularly recent. A few weeks overgrown, at least. Springtime has a way of claiming things.

Then, the clouds drift back over, leaving them in darkness, other than the flashlight, once more. As for the flashlight, it flickers. It seems dropping it didn't help it. A moment later, the bulb pops and it goes out. One wouldn't think dropping a /maglight/ would hurt it. Either it was very unlucky, or something else is afoot.

Jeanie was also very pre-occupied by the whole possibly hitting a man thing. She's not rich enough to get away with possible vehichular manslaughter! But now she's got a whole other list of concerns to think about as she tries to shine her flashlight into the shadows only to have the bulb pop out. "Well, crap..." She glances back over to where she had seen the various fenders and other mismatched wreck debris and back to the missing guardrail. "I don't know what it is... Do you wanna try and look up any accidents around here lately on the Picayune's website while I try and change the spare?" Try being the operative word here seeing as she now has no light aside from the currently cloud-blocked moon.

"S-Sure!" Fawn is quick to pull her phone from her back pocket, and as she clicks the light on to shine it as best she can for Jeanie she moves closer over to the car and starts to research. It's not Jeanie-style research, but she can look on the website to check about recent accidents, and so she does! As she looks around the website she occasionally glances up and towards the rail, watching that darkness with a weary expression. "What if it.. What if it wants me to go and look? I saw myself going down there or.. do you think it was showing me something that happened to someone?" she asks, sounding worried.

It's a tragedy, really. Greek playrights would enjoy it immensely. Jeanie goes to change the tire, only to find an old fashioned jack which is really difficult to use, combined with really /anchored on/ lugnuts. She makes no progess and the jack itself seems to sink a couple inches into the mud. All is not lost, but it's definitely not going well.

As for Fawn, she's not faring any better. Crashes, crashes. Everything's coming up in New Orleans. Or even Atlanta. There's nothing about /this road/. Oh, and there's a New York Times article from 2016. Very helpful.

Then Fawn sees it again. Like a memory, she's walking over to the edge, where the broken railing is, and she's climbing down. Someone's screaming. She can feel the sharpness of the rock, smell the plants around her. She can smell something burning. It seems so real, but she hasn't taken a step, the phone still held in her hand with the latest failed search displayed.

Jeanie, meanwhile, hears a whisper. "... won't... leave... won't..." It fades off into a jumble of sounds. Sounds which grow louder and louder until it becomes clear that it's no longer whispers but a truck barrelling own the road. Lights glow as it slams on the lights, swerving to avoid them, and then it carries on into the darkness, uninterested in stopping.

Jeanie knows how to change a tire, she really does! It's just a lot harder to do when you're scared by a possible ghost and only have a phone flashlight to go off of and not to mention the whole issue with the jack and the mud and lugnuts that must have been tightened by the Incredible Hulk himself. As Jeanie fumbles and thwacks her hand real good on the wheel well, she gives a sigh. "Don't tell Axle." About her horrible, embarassing so far defeat by lugnuts. "Put want to see if you might have any better luck?" Her hand needs a break anyways to rest, so she'll keep her seat on the ground and turn on her own phone flashlight as she takes a stab at trying to figure out just how many crashes have been on this road lately anyways. She doesn't get very far before she hears those whispers and looks up just in time see the truck barrelling their way. "Watch out!!!" She'll jump up and try to get even further out of the way before reaching into the car to make sure the hazard lights are definitely turned on. "I'm starting to lean more and more to the bad kind..." But until they get the tire fixed, there's just about stuck. And so, she goes back to the thing she's REALLY good at and that's looking stuff up.

"I think.. it wants me to go down there and check something.." Fawn is saying in a distracted way as she stares at the guard rail nearby. She's lost in thought, but when Jeanie reacts to that truck she's moving back with her. She yeeps like a scaredy cat, then growls into the night air. "That's it. We live in a never-ending horror flick, Jean," she notes with a sigh as she pockets her phone and moves over to the car's busted tired. Fawn takes the tire iron and slips it onto one lug nut, pushing down wit her weight and getting it to turn. She manages to get them all loose, and she grins up to Jeanie, teasing, "Be sure to tell Axle." She rises up to go get the jack from the trunk and gets to work on removing that tire!

Things changed when the roles are reversed. Jeanie begins her search and she finds more then the scam pages Fawn was finding. It doesn't take long to learn that this is something that is /known/ about. There are records of three accidents on this corner in the last two weeks. The second thing she learns is that all the accidents mention a missing guardrail, yet there are no reports of an accient, or any other reason for a guardrail to be missing in the first place.

Meanwhile, Fawn manages to get that busted tire off without a problem. Does the vehicle they're in have a spare, however? That will soon be revealed.

Meanwhile, there are no more visible ghosts, but Jeanie can /feel/ it. There's at least one nearby. It could be a strong ghost. Or it could be several lesser ghosts. It's hard to tell, the sharpness of the intial blast fading by the moment. Those whispers are soon too faint to make out, although they continue faintly, fading in and out as the clouds pass over the moon.

"We're not going down there! Not at night! That sounds like a good way to break both our necks," Jeanie gives a quick shake of her head, very firmly against the plan of investigate dark scary ledges because a voice in the night is telling you to. "And so true... I'm half expecting a gator monster to jump out from behind a tree any second." As Fawn manages to heroically get the stupid tire free, Jeanie grins and gives a quiet golf clap. "I'll tell her about your tire changing deeds so mine can be ignored." Jeanie's car most definitely had a spare the last time she checked! hopefully nobody stole it for nefarious purposes. She's not really looking for it because she's too busy reading those articles. "There's been THREE wrecks at this very spot in the past two weeks. That's insane! This isn't even a very busy road..." She scans the road quickly again as if expecting the words to summon another close call with a truck like a jinx. She might not spot a truck, but she does get a shiver. "I'm pretty sure something's watching us..."

"Ya think!? I got that ringing in my ear like that time at the Waffle House.. and we saw a man.. and I'm seeing things and I'm sure you're feeling something, too.. Fuck. I'm glad we didn't swerve the wrong way," Fawn mentions with a glance back over to that rail she keeps being called to. She returns her attention to the car and gets it lifted enough to get the tire off, and it's back for the spare. It's there, hooray! And so it's taken and replaced, lug nuts soon twisted on tight. "You sure we can't go over and look? What if someone's down there and needs help?"

Once more, now that she's looked in the direction of the cliff, she can see it. From the first person, as if it were a memory, she sees herself walking over. Getting down, one foot over the other, climing down that cliff. She can feel the scale of the rock beneath her hands, feel the grit as it falls down on her as she climbs down Down and down, through the darkness. There's something she needs to see, below, but... but then she's standing there, with Jeanie and the tire she just tore off. They still need to dig out the spare.

Jeanie, in the meantime, never loses that feeling. She doesn't see the figure again, but she hears a faint whispering. When Fawn first speaks and the silence is broken, she hears a loud, 'She won't rest!' alongside it. And then, just like the initial silence-break, it's gone. All is quiet. But there is tension in the air. They are no alone.

Jeanie shivers again as she is definitely feeling something, or rather hearing it. As Fawn mentions going over to look she shakes her head quickly. "Nooo! The last of these wrecks was a couple days ago? Everything's been cleaned up for the most part... I don't think it's anything human and if it's not human I'd prefer not to go looking over cliffs in the dark... at least not without Ramsey or Stevie around in case it happens to be an angry car murder spirit or something out to Christine us...." But even as she stops to consider that, the voice doesn't stop. "Who is she???" She scrolls back through the news articles. "Elizabeth? But she wasn't the first one..."

Fawn's working at getting the spare on and settled so they won't need to pull over again on the way home, and as she takes a break to look back yet again.. well, she just stops. She watches the guard rail and then slowly looks to Jeanie, and as she eyes her she says, "It wants me to go down there, and I don't think it's a trick.. There's something down there," she notes softly, pausing to listen more. "Maybe they didn't find whoever it was and -she- is still down there.. Maybe I'll look just a bit, okay? I won't go down yet.."

She rises from where she'd been beside the car and she looks both ways before heading over to the guard rail. The girl walks nearby and slows to a stop, looking out into that darkness. She squats near the guard rail and grabs onto it so she can sloowwwlllyyyy look over the edge.

As Fawn moves to look over the ledge, that /sense/ that Jeanie has intensifies. For a moment, there's the flash of that figure, standing in the trees just feet from her, and then he's on. But she hears the whispering, still. "Beware... don't hurt her... beware beware BEWARE" The last comes with a blast of emphermal sound and then it's gone.

As Fawn approaches the edge, shell see that it doesn't look particularly stable. Shale and clay and weakness from water runoff. And below, foilage that even her ability to see through the darkness can't penetrate. And, through it all, a glint of metal. The clouded passed the moon at just the right time, while they were looking over, and they saw it. A glint of glass? Of metal? There's something down there, below the unstable shale and problematic vines.

Jeanie might be a giant chicken herself, but she's not chicken enough to let her friend go into danger all by her own. "Hey, wait for me!" She'll trot quickly to catch up and while she's not going to peek over herself, staying a few feet back instead, she will try to keep a hold onto Fawn just in case the other girl does end up toppling over. She gasps a bit as she spots the man again. "He's back, Fawn. And saying to beware... and not to hurt her. I hope that her is you."

"Well, shit.. I don't.. I'm not sure.. There's something down there, though," Fawn says while she sits upright again looks to Jeanie. "You have anything in the car that we could.. Maybe tie to my beltloop or something? A rope or anything? We could try and tie me to the car and I can see if there's some place it'll be easier to climb down at," she suggests as she begins to look around over the rail for any place where one might be able to climb down in a safer path.

The looking around pays off. Just on the other side of a piece of the guardail still intact is a game trail. It's not particularly safe - it's steap and overgrown - but it's there. And there's definitely something down below, buried in the spring growth. It's about twenty feet down down to the brush, another couple feet after that to whatever is glinting, but it will require some athletics. It's not an easy path.

Yet again Fawn can see it. Climbing down. She can feel the brambles teraing her skin. She can feel the tug a she cuts them away from a window. She can see hands, suddenly, pounding from the other side. And then she's back to where she is, climbing over that edge. They seem so real, those flashes.

There's an uneasy feeling in the air, their vehicle sitting off the the side. The phone in Jeanie's hand blips, informing them that it will be in the 60s and cloudy tonight.

Jeanie looks back to her CRV a little bit disappointed. "Really wishing we were in the truck right now..." Cause clearly the magical toolboxes would have rope or whatever else was needed. "Oh wait! I have my camping gear!" She goes and pulls a bag from the trunk and from out of it a slim rope. "We can tie you off to a tree..." And if the plan suffices, Jeanie will do her best to tie up with what knots she can remember from some scouting trip or another. "Do you see anything?" If the answer is yes, she'll cautiously follow after, keeping her own hand on the rope.

Fawn waits for Jeanie to get the rope and then tie it on to her pants, and when that's done she leads the way over to the pathway she could manage to find while looking about. She waits until that rope is secured, and then it's time to give it a shot! The girl is headed won slowly trying to make her path easy enough to follow.. and without going through as many briars as she saw in that vision! "I'm going to suggest we keep a machete in the trunk from now on, too.. A bunch of tools, some rope, machete.. and just hope we never get pulled over and questioned as to what it's all for." Fawn snickers, moving along slowly and being careful as she can be. "Don't see anything yet, but.. maybe soon. Maybe a car.."

The two of them manage to scramble down that overhang. It's not comfortable - there are brambles and rocks that slice and the ground itself threatens to give way at any moment, but the ropes help them past the worst of it. The two of them make it down to a ledge, however, and a little work with a machete would quickly reveal that they're actually standing on the back end of a car, a hatchback, which is caught up in some rocks. It's overgrown, but the spring growth that's covered it isn't old grownth. It's been here a month, give or take.

And then the first assault comes. The rock barely misses Jeanie's head, breaking apart as it hits a boulder behind her. Another follows, shattering apart behind Fawn, spraying her with stinging shards. A slab of shale comes a moment later, nearly taking Jeanie's head off. And, because enough is never enough, the 'ledge' they stand on shifts. Someone, or something, is very angry.

"I still have the Faternal Order of Police Auxilary sticker on the back of my car... I don't really get stopped much," Jeanie gives a shrug that can't really be seen as they're scrambling down the gamepath. There are advantages to having dad be a sherriff, even if it did make high school difficult at times as well. They survive the walk down, only to suddenly have rocks falling. Nobody dies or even really gets hit although it's a close call as Jeanie ducks out of the way. She stares at where the rocks originated and then glances about, looking for wherever that sense is coming from. "Now... there's no need for that! Someone was calling out for help and so we're just trying to help out. Good Samaritans and all that. If you don't need any help, you could just kindly ask us to leave... or have your friend ask."

Fawn yelps when those rocks begin coming their way, and she gives a little grunt after what Jeanie calls out, saying to her, "Maybe it's the ghost of whoever killed the other.. Maybe the one needs help and he's angry.." Because Fawn gets her lessons about ghosts from murder podcasts and other spoopy tales. As she looks into the darkness she blinks a few times and rubs her eyes a little, then glances back the way they came, checking things out again, but she's paying attention to the direction those rocks are coming from. While she looks about she kicks at some of the foliage, then gives a few stomps when something feels.. off. They're -on- the car?! Eep!

When Jeanie speaks out, the stones just drop. The clatter of them falling down the ravine reveal just how many there were. There's the presence, again, but this time it's different. This time, the voice that fills her head is female, and quite clear. "Leave me alone! I will not leave him!" A rather large rock lifts into the air above the car. "I /will not/ leave him!" Yet the boulder doesn't fall. He's hesitating, that presence shifting. "I will not."

Meanwhile, Fawn scrambling around, dodging the rocks. Only to realize where they actually are. She finds herself looking past some ivy, straight into the car itself. That ability to see into darkness allows her to see it in detail, through the grimy window. A man, dead, obviously killed on impact. And a woman, halfway out the window. As if she were almost there before the vehicle fell. The scene is preserved through that window.

"Murder-suicides, always a good idea," Jeanie mutters to Fawn her own guess for the situation before she turns towards the voice and holds her hands out in as non-threatening a manner as she can. "Leave who, ma'am? Really, we're just here cause we got a flat tire and then heard someone asking for help. Willing to bet you've been getting a couple other unwanted visitors the past couple weeks as well? Maybe... maybe we can help you take him with you? If he's willing to go with you?" And while she's talking, she's probably also very glad she CAN'T see the scene in the dark, although as the wind shifts, she does have to fight the urge to gag a bit, but Jeanie's got a mission now and she's stubborn enough not to give up on that. She can't... or risk death by landslide.

Fawn is looking around where she stomps, shifting this way and that, and soon enough she's pausing. Her hands lift to cover her mouth, and against them she says, "Jeanie.." She just stares down into that window at the scene inside. Her hands lower from covering her mouth to reveal a frown, and as she stares at the man inside she says, "We have to call someone.. They need to be.. laid to rest, right?" she says as she looks up to the other, now more focused on the bodies in the car than the rock.. above them. Might not be smart, but that's just how it is!

That boulder lifts in the air a Jeanie speaks, threatening to take them, a nd the car, out in one shot. But as Jeanie speaks, it hesitates, then drops. It clatters off the rock walls, the car, nearly dislodging it. There's a flicker of light, as if the ghost where trying to make itself known but unable to fully. A flash of light, of frustration.

Suddenly, Jeanie feels the anguish. It's a wave, almost an assault. If she weren't prepared for it, who knows where it might hvae took her. But that voice seems to be working. The rocks have fallen, banging against the stuck car.

That image of a shadowy man appears beside Jeanie, then. "Tell her... tell ehr I'm gone." With most of the static anger gone, his words are clear. Briefly, untill he disappears.

Unfortunately, as emotional as the moment is, the falling rocks have dislodged things. The car shifts with each step, metal creaking.

Jeanie glances back to Fawn and the bodies in the car that she can't really see, but the whole situation is very, very precarious especially with the anguished ghost flicking around bolders and the car shifting slightly. As the shadowy man appears and gives his message, she nods, but he disappears before she can ask any more questions and so she turns to where there had been that flash of light. "Ma'am... he wanted to let you know, that he's gone... but maybe you can follow him? They say that there's a light at the end. Or do you hear him anywhere?"

Fawn is too focused on that car once more, and as she feels it shifting beneath their feet she reaches out to gently take hold of Jeanie's arm, giving it a soft tug as she softly says, "We need to get off the car.. carefully.." She begins to move back the way they came, looking for something more sturdy to stand on. There's no need to have four bodies lost in the woods. Two was more than enough.

"He is... is is close. Now that you mention it, I can feel it." He form flickers, ghostly, above the site of the crash. "He is waiting for me. You are right. We cannot wait any longer." The image disappears, then. And suddenly, Jeanie doesn't feel the presence of that /other/. Suddenly, everything changes. There's night songbirds singing. They can hear the distant roar of the road.

And there is the sudden realization of the fact that the ghosts are gone. Along with everything holding them here. The vehicle they're standing on tips, as if it weren't the brambles holding it but sheer will alone. And that is not gone. It tips, and they find themselves falling.

They both manage to grasp onto branches and rocks, their feet dangling as that car, and the bodies inside, crash down into a the ravine below.

Jeanie is already taking Fawn's advice of slowly and carefully backing away from the car even as the lady ghost is still talking. She nods as the woman says she can't wait and holds her breath for a moment before the car starts to tip and then all her focus is on jumping away. Then on getting her feet back to solid ground. Once she trusts that she's not about to plummet to her death down with the car, she finally takes a breath. "Holy. Fucking. Shit. Did that really just happen???"

Fawn makes that jump a split second after Jeanie, and she scrambles against the rocks, hanging on tight as her feet press into them and try to find their footing. She glances to Jeanie to make sure she's not about to fall since she's the one with the rope tied to her jeans, and once she sees her friend is safe she focuses on pulling herself the rest of the way up. As her trembling legs carry her farther back onto the path she takes a moment to look out over where they -could- have fallen, and she says, "Yeah.. Really just happened.. Fuck." She frowns as she looks down after the car. "I wonder who they were.. That's so sad."

That's gonna make two of them trembling as they get up to the top of the path. Jeanie makes a beeline straight for her car once she's free of the rope. "We can figure that out later... and I'll call my dad and have him see if the Parish can send somebody out to get the car and actually... you know. But I'm pretty sure they're gone gone." Even as she's talking she's busy texting out a quick message on her phone before tossing it in the cupholder. "But let's get home now, right? Don't want any other monsters jumping out at us tonight."

"Yeah, but.. Don't you think their families should know? Somewhere out there somebody's wondering where their kid is.." Fawn says with one glance back into that darkness as she frowns softly again. She stares down that ravine as she unties the rope from her pants, and soon enough she's headed back over to the car. "That's so sad.." she murmurs again, frowning more as she kneels down to finish tightening the lug nuts and lowering the car for that final tightening. With the wheel changed she puts the tools away, then climbs back into the car, still trembling. "At least they're together again," she offers with a faint smile at that.